Bellevue gazette. (Bellevue City, N.T. [i.e. Neb.]) 1856-1858, February 19, 1857, Image 3

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TIIl'HSDAV, IT.MvUAUV IS), is.-,?.
Square (1J lines or less) 1st i us-'it in -.
F.ach siihscipicnt iuscr'inn
One arpiaro, one month
" three, months
' " six "
" " o.iP yeir
ftiishics cards (ti li:r s or loir) I yc?r
One colimin, one y c ;i r
One-half column, one year
" fourth " " ' "
" eighth " " "
" column, six months
half column, six months
" fourth '
eighth " " "
column, three months
half eolntnn, three months
fourth " "
h eighth w " u
Announcing candidates for office
$1 Oil
V ;V
4 on
0 (Mi
ID 0(1
.") till
:!. on
JO 00
10 IM
35 (III
10 (10
8 (ID
J!) (HI
n on
ID Oil
li (Ml
5 (10
j on WORK.
For eighth sheet hills, per 1(H) $3 00
For quarter " " " 4 00
For half " " " 8 Oil
For whole " " " " il oo
For colored sheet. per KM!.. r on
For blanks, per quire, first quire 'J 00
F.ech 8iihseiient quire 1 00
Cards, per park 1 50
r.acn subsequent pack 1 oo
For Hall Tickets, fancy paper per hun'd (' 00
"Fach subsequent hundred 4 00
Persons having any law business to transact
with the firm of llowr.y &, SrititKr.ANn, for
the next sixty days, will please wait upon C.
T. Hoi.i.oway, F.sq., who will give th"iu any
advice or legal assistance required.
ivotic r..
Letters directed to me wilhiii the next sixty
days, v i 1 1 reach me sooiiest nt Albion, Or
Wns county, X. Y.
mm: co-TnTXFitsnip heretofore eX-
JL isting under the name ami firm of SA R I'V
& KIN X !. Y, i i this da v diss lived hymn'tial
consent, L. II. K1XXKY having purchased
out. the entire interest or P. A. SARPY. Will
settle all claims that he has contracted for
the benefit of said firm, and nil rliims due
said firm nro to be paid to no one except the
undersigned. L. Ii. KIN XL Y.
Inforiiiatioii Wanted.
Who gave a certain Dutchman a hnit of
clothes? nnd for what dkl he got them ?
ltailroail ytvvt inp.
Pursuant to a former notice given, the
citizens of ll.'llevuo nii'l vicinity met at
the Kellevue Iloiise on Saturday evening:,
the 14th, and on motion of Hon. S, A.
Strickland, lion. Jaa. S. Allan was called
to the Chair, and J. P. Kot lectcd Sec
retary. On motion, Jas. S. Allan was excused,
and A. Lock woo J called to the Chair,
after which, Mr. Alian Mated the olject
of the meeting, which was to enter into
arrangements and consult as to the hest
policy to secure the western terminus of
the Ilurlington and Missouri River Rail
road at a point opposite the city of lklle
vne. The meeting was then ahly addressed
, ly Mesr. Allan, Strickland, Ilolloway,
Beech, Gvvyre, Lock wood, Town and
others, after which, on motion of II. T.
Clarke, amended by Strickland and
(jwyre, a Railroad Committee of five
was appointed I y the Chair to solicit Mib
tcnplions, confer Railroad Com
panies, call meetings, and attend to Rail
road matters in general. The Chair then
appointed Hon. Ja S. Allan, on part of
the Mis;ion, J. J. Town, on jart of the
Old Town Company, and II. T. Clarke,
Hon. C. T. Ilolloway and Win. I). Rovvles
on part of the citueias.
On motion of II. T. Clarke, the meet
ing adjourned, sine. die.
J. P. Kost, Stcrelary.
In her life of George Washing
ton, just publislied, Mrs. KitklanJ gives
us a little closer view of that blalely My,
Mrs. Martha Washington, than other wri
ters have done :
"If we were to give our private opin
ion," says Mrs. Kirkland, "we should
say that Mrs. Martha Curtis Washington,
with her large fortuna, her strong domes
tic tastes and affections and dutiful com
mon sense character, exercised her full
share of influence over the Commander-in-chief
of the armies of the United States
of America. She had a very decided way
of speaking, and as she never in
public affairs, we can easily imagine the
General letting her have her own way in
pretty much everything A guest at
Mount Vernon happened to sleep in a
room adjoining that occupied by the Pres
ident anJ his lady. Late in the evening,
when people had retired to their various
chambers, he heard iho lady delivering a
Vt'ry animuted lecture to h r lord and mas
ter upon soul! thing which he had done,
that she thought ought to lc done diller
ently. To all this ho listened m the pro
roundest silence, and when she, too, was
Silent, he Oliened his lliu mid snul.p. noiv
1 I ' - I I '
blc'C n to Vim mv ili iir' Tlnj nn.x.
...T -. ... . ... i .-
uiite of the crat mini in his niht-cap is
'P'tte charai (eristic of him, but it isetjually
s' of most lords and masters, who, we iui
ngine, all receive rurtuiti lectures ns Mr.
Caudle and Wa.-,hinjton did, in profound
silence. I'xperience, probably, teaches
hem that is the better way.
m tttitir.ii.
Oil Th li!ty, t!i 1 -! Ii i::sl., hv the , . '
Win., ,1()IIN S. S V N DFRSt t. o' i'. r (',.. N. T t Miss ,i )S'P N F. :
M. KO'il'.M'l.r ll, .-vne. ;
May li.iiin--t he ever theirs,
With no dirk stormv to clou. I tin ir morrow, !
May (ill In' p-are l endless love,
Atnl sinihg iintrnd of tears ami sorrow.
Il.v.vever mill h John may liavo roved
heretofore, it is fit i r to pre.siitne that In
ii nt l .-t Konxriii ii.
Written for the Ibdlevne tiiette.
Marnier Xol.
Oh! slander nut your neighbor,
Altho i-h they say ami d.i
Things that to yo i lo.ik very s'r lne
Xo matter, let it a;.i j
' Tis n '! yn i t i j i le them,
Fur ti.i.l will jndi;e us all.
Let (hem live in peace and happiness,
And do not eause their fall.
Oh! slander not the aed one,
Fas! journeying; to the prave.
To brins dbrrraoe ou his pray hairs,
De'.fer lend thine aid to save
Him from the wily slanderer's tongue,
And let him live in peace
I'ntil his work on earth is do ie,
And life within him cease.
Oil! slam! er not th it fair youni; iil.
She has euouuh to boar,
Wilhoat vile slander's wilh'riuj c.irse
To break her heart with rare ;
Oh ! raiae the drooping stiiri's.
Cheer up the orphan's heart,
And do not pr.ibe aTresh the wo amis
To cause another smart.
Ilcadi of Marshal Ilailetzkj.
The oldest military chieftain of diMiuc
tion in tin; world has just died in Italy.
Count Joseph Radell,y, Commander of
tie? Austrian Army in Italy, was born nt
Trebniiz, in Dohemia, in 1 ((, and was
thus over ninety years of age. His mili
tary life began in 17M, when he wasnp
pointcd a cadet in a cavalry regiment, anil
he has taken part in every war in which
Austria has been engaged, from that time
wine present, it" ngurcd under the
Archduke Charles in all his battles with
Napoleon. His commission as Major Gen
eral dates from the year 1S01, fifty-six
years ago. In ISO! t, after the battle of
Lrlingen, in winch he dislin'ruishetrtiiui
self, he was appointed field-marshal lieu
tenant and cliict of a regiment of lr.issars.
He has held successively the governorship
of Ofen, of Olmutz, and of Leinberg,
and in 1822 he was appointed comman
der general of the Lombardo-Venetian
kingdom. '
When the troubles of 1913 broke out
in Europe, the scenes nt Milan were par
ticularly violent, and Radetzky outlined
more lKtoriety than glory by his exces
sively severe measures in suppressing the
republican movement.. Although then
over eighty years of ago, he acted with
the vigor and energy of youth. The cam
paign of ISIS, against Charles Albert,
was carried on with great skill, and finally
the Atistrians overcame the Sardinians tit
Olengo. o.i the "21 of March, 1ST.), and
Radetzky had the satisfaction of announ
cing their retreat. Charles Albert then
abdicated, and his successor, the present
lung, icior-I.manuel, was compelled to
make terms dictated by the Marshal, and
highly advantageous to Austria. Since
that campaign Radetzky has received hon
ors and rewards without stint, from the
Au.-trian monarch. Helms, until within
a year, been able to ride and engage in
active pursuits. I'ut latterly lie has been
unfitted for this and s 'Idotn appeared
abroad except in his carriage. During
the recent visit of the 1'mperor Francis
Joseph to his Italian dominions, he went
out of his way to pay his respects to the
old veteran who bad done so much to sus
tain him. Radetzky was a rigid military
disciplinarian and yeildcd a blind obedi
ence to his sovereign. No ono was less
merciful than he, and with nil hisloyality
and his talent, he had but few of the vir
tues tliat can make his memory dear to
The Head of IS5U.
In the long catalogue of those wlio have
died during the past year, we find many
eminent nnd well known names of our
countrymen, among them John M. Uer
rien and Ex-Guv. Troupe, of Georgia ;
Rev. John O. Choules, I). 1).. of Rhode
Island ; Ex-Gov. Walker, of Louisiana ;
Com. Charles Morris; Coin. Dulany;
Joseph W. Eields, author and actor;
Caroline Lee Hcntz and husband, of
Florida ; Com. Joel Abbott ; Surgeon W.
P. C. IJarton; Lieut. Charles G. Hunter;
Major Robert 15. Harney; Com. David
Conner; Com. MiKeever; Commander
George Adams; Robert L. Stevens;
Ogden HiuTman; Percival, the Poet ; Dr.
John C. W arren, of lloston; Ex-Senator
Dawson, of Ga.; lion John M. Niles;
(Jen. Memuran Hunt, of Texas; Edward
Curtis, of New York; Hon. John G.
Chapman, of Md.; Copt, Patrick Hays;
Lorenzo U. Sheperd ; Dr. Rranch ; T.
Archer: George Steers; Hon. Samuel
Hoar; Elizabeth J. Fames; Hon. John
M. Clayton; Gen. James llankhead ;
Gen. John II. Eaton ; Samuel Swnrtvvout;
Rufus Welh; Hon. John H. Aycriirsr. of
N. J.; Robert May wood, Seth Sprague,
and many, many others.
SiipFbmrs.ick $ i 00 It utter. V"' f(
Wheat, per bu di. 1 Oil Shoulder, tin J )
Com, do 1 00 Hams, d 1 la
Oat do 7a Lard, do J
Po'atoe d.i t 00 F.ggs, per 1I07. M;l
Di ied Peaches, do 7a Salt, per sack 5 m
Apples, do 3 (Hi Hay, per ton 5 00
riir. I'lioi'Rir.rtut of tiii: aiioyf.
tho Public, and will render
iss:ii Ol s atti:tio
To t':c w,ii,h of HIS CfHSTS.
.1. T. ALLF.X.
r.elleviie, (VI. 21, IS.'Hi. 1-tr
n i; V S T () 1.1 K .
33ollo-VlTO, PsT. rX.
II V I (J rem iv e l i ilo oar I utre new store,
oil .Main street, we are mow enabled to oiler to
(lie t liizeil oi lin.ii.n rii'Mi' one (, ;jtc
Largest, Cheap, aa I b.-.,t S!ecti'.l Stock .r
(oods. ever ope:n d in this t i'v. t o aaisl ini; in
pari ol
Dry Goods,
Hats & Caps,
Provisions, &c
Thankful for the liberal patronage hereto
fore extended to tia, we earnestly iiolicit its
continnanee, feeling couli lent that the piality
and uiee of oar fr i, cannot Tail to please
r.elleviie, Oel. '.!, I sr,ti. 1 . r
i!i:.To. iioi si:.
(Jforgc JemiiiiKs, I'lopi i lor.
TIMS House is situated in the pleisantest
part or Uellevue, in a henntil'ul and healthy
location and commands a view of cumin-
which for beauty cannot be .excelled i.i thi t
Territory. It is filled up in (he liest manner,
and no pains will be spared to make nil who
may favor hiai wi'h their pal ronare, feel at
ill always he supplied with all the delicacies
the market allbrds.
Attached to this Hotel h an excellent
which we shall always have a'.tcnd '.l by com
petent and failbrul Ostlers.
Ihdlirvue, (Vt. 23, lyi. 1-lf .
I HI'. Subscriber respectfully invites th" at
tention of purchasers, to his l.trvreand .splendid
stock of floods, consist ini; of
drv coops, GRorrntiF.s,
siroFs. TouArro.
I'ATF.XT MF.nrriXFS, &.C.. ."tc.
All of which he warrants of t.h" best descrip
tion, and ItniitaV expressly for this market.
He has also a well selected s'ock of
Made after the LATI'.ST FASIMOX-!, of the
FNCFI) WORKMF.X. all of which he sell
Uellevue, Oct. 23, l.S.V.. 1-lf
S T 0 It 5 .
r M. IIARTAV, would respectfully r-'t
tlutiy r-'bi
ft , in!
irci the inli.ibitaiils of I
and vicinity, that be h is eouun
to Manufacture
Of all descriptions, from the finest finish to
the eosrs! make. Kmpluvi ii' none but the
best workman, be will be aide to warrant nil
work done nt his establishment.
' V1 The highest cash piien paid. In trade,
for all descriptions of RAW HIDFS.
ltellevue, Oct. HO, l-Cei. o-tf
YrAXTFD IMMF.niATI'.LY, by the sh-
T scrilK-r 111 liellevue, SIX GOOD
)D M V. i
SONS, to whom GOOD WAt.FS, nml COX -
SI'AXT i:mployme;.t, will be given.
ieiit'v.,e, uri. 2.1, i an. i-tr i
, T , - !
Glcnwoo , Iowa. j
TTAYING recently b-ased this vve!-k;inwn '
XL Hotel lor a number ..f ye us. ami fitted '
it up in a superior n' y!e, the" r in; actor
ters himself ili tt th pa'roua:- ' he heretofore
received from his fiiends and th public in
general will now be extended. My ta! le is
furnished wi 'i Hie choicest, delicacies of the
season. A Ijoii.iug th"
III. I ie i
. vs
stables, and good
be in
IS W:.l
attenit nice.
Come on, ye h ing T .-:.! '.Tist f,.r th
goo 1 of this world, a.-.d von will nl.vavi timi
Jesse on band to mi ister o yo t wa
'i:ssi: a. i'aixtf.i.
no S-.lin.
Jtvv viii) Tavi.oii, in a it'i i;it l.-ttrr to
tlio New Voi li Trihttite, nJv ica travtli-rj
in I'uropu to iritike ncrpiaiiitanrcs iiniungr
the natives of tho country you visit ruthcr
tlian aiimiio; oilp-r tr-iveli-iv. ll ay that
nf the l'.no'.i.h oik? meets in Svvitorluti l
fur instance, ttt;-t.-iir!i may r.jv? nive-
uooT u. ijoniinuii' . i in ,,.1. : .iinL'iitui.s ami
Frencli one-fourth, and of tho (iennanj
In leu'anl to t!.:
i- , . , ,. .
I" .itenos l of l.ii'jli.-h 1
nuu Aineru'nn lailp's iv, enKipar
.1. . .. ,.r .1... t . . i . i. ..i t- ii
UIOSC Ol till- t Uillllll'lll IK! IlilS liie IllIIOW-
inS: '(;oi.,trt!ovvn.hevi,!Ieyc'f.h,Aar,L.
I ,aw approach , a (ierman (
man and lady, t.dlowe lnta hu!i (h-tanar ' th
ly ou l.iio!ih ivirtv. I 1-owe.l to the for -
mcr, and wa-s repaid l y a ra ly and jr ra
tions acl.ti'iw !"!.' in u t. I tlfii npt'ati'il
the i r
i In t;u
.i ii
V .1,1
-Cor -.
Wi'h a
I to f l l'
iv Rri'i-h
sr. mkv ,.nu:!Misi:ii:Ms.
WholoH tlo &; Kctuil ;Meivhiint,
tllltM.K OK .MMS AMI tiMlltiOllV l I Kit. IK,
H VS jimt received and novv'has for sale, n
liirije iissortineut of selected merchandise
adapted to the wants of all in this new and
thriving community, which be can si II use heap
as can be oll. i , . I eis.'vvhia e so hii;h upon the
Missouri river. His joods have been selected
by Hin experienced purchaser, with special
reference to (lie circumstances and wants or
nil classes of settlers in a new country. La
ities end s;eiit lenieii, 'chil lien and youth, ail
can b supplied. Cull and see for yourselves.
His slock consists oT the follow ill"', amoui; n
(Treat many oilier articles he cannot now tnu
ineiate : Anion;; his
May be found Woolen and Satinet Cloths,
Cassinels, 'tweeds, Cashmeres, Linseys,
Fl.iiou l, lied, While, (,i ay and lllue, Caspian
I'l l ids. Col Ion ( iooils, Slieel im;s and Sb ii I nil's,
Kleaclied and t'nble.lcbeil, l;lie nnd White,
llnllines Osnabni.;, Red-Tick iiiL'. Hickory
Checks, .c, c.
l ancy (.ootN.
Abc,lu::ful asaoiliuent oT fancy piiutsof
every ariely of st e and pattern, ( ! t iiIi.i in s.
Lawns, Figured Alp icca, leiiuba.ines, lloiu
biiyetts. Sh iw l t. Scarfs II m.lki rclnefs, c. k
ci(biefs, Crape, Muslin, I l iti-s, Rililinns.
A wi ll si lecled slock of Summer, Fall nml
Winter Clolhintr, ronsislin;; in part of line
Dress Coals, Pauls and Ycslsjnlso, eoud
Summer Cbithim; of all descriptions, and heavy
Clothine; for I'all and Winter use. Also, Shirt a.
Knit Flannel Hi t w res and t'ndersbil Is, Soi ks,
i'. Mens' and Roys Hals and Caps, of va
rious fash ions, qu i li. ies and prices. Hoots, V
Mines, thick and thin, polished and itnpolhhcd,
of every descioition, lor Men, Worn and
Children's use.
;i omits.
Crushed, Clarified. Loaf and Rrovvu Sutjar,
Molasses. Syrup Molasses, Golden Svrup,
Superior Tea, Rio and .lava Collee, Sassafras,
Ginger, Pepper, Cloves, Siee, Cinnamon,
irround (Jiirer, Nutmegs, Sinll'i, Tobacco,
Cigars, Pipes, So ap. Cnidies, Vinegar, Pickh s
Pepper-Sauce, c., .Ve.
A lare-e a tsorlineiil of I'loar, of various
qualities and prices ; Corn M ai and nil the
various products of the Farm and Gnden;
II icon, Fish. Kiln illicit Apples, Peaches,
Currants, Raising, ,.c.
Stoves of various pattern i, for Cookim; and
Henliie; rooms, S'ove-pipe ,and F.lbovvs, lie.';
an. I small Iron Kettlc.i. I't viic; Pans, Skillets
Hand-Irons, Shov els and Tongues, M.inui e a n I
II iv Forks, Scythes. Shovels ami Spades, Lot
and Trace Chains, Axi s, Hummers, Pii is
Loll ntld S'eel, Nails, Horse-Rasps, Files
Saws, Knives and Forks, Pocket Knives, ta
zors, Huttsnnd Screws, D ior Handles, Kno
Locks, &c, &.(.
A ceneral assorlmeut kept for bousehok
Mood w.i io.
Wash-tubs, Shaken Pails, Wood and Zinc
Lea I Iter.
Sole Leather, Harness Leather, Cowhide,
Kip Skins, Calf Skins, Linings and Morocco,
Sad lies. Ilridlcs, Hal'ers. Lariats, Circiii",.H,
Rcllv-bands. Jlriiinjr-lines. Collars, Rack-
straps, Girths, lilind-bi idles, &.C., .
A general assortment of Medicines, for
Fevers, Fever and Ague, nnd the common
complaints of the country. Cook's, Lee's,
Sappeny ton's, Rragg's and Juvucs' Pills, (Qui
nine, Tonics, and various kinds of Stimulants,
Anodynes, Liniments, and other articles neces
tiary for ths sick and the invalid-. -tf
Qreene, Wo iro & Benton,
iaxki:rs, df.alf.rsix i:ciiangf,
lJ (did Land Agent a, Council Rbill'a, Iowa.
Xotes and Rills collected and remitted to any
part of the I'ni'ed States. Moaey receiv ed 011
il'poiif, nml Interest allowed.'.eni or
Siutheni Drafts furnished In sam i to suit pur-
j co.isris. i.atm tiiiice I 1 11H pant Tor Currency
1 or bills of F.xchange. L'lam rlP-cteil on good
security Taxes p ii , (ji,M examined, and
! Real Ksiale bought and sold on Commission.
) La-ids entered for sellers and time given for
I payment. Olllcn opposite the Pacific House,
I in west lower room of Land Olllce.
I Rrrr.KEVtrs: S. .lesup & C. ; U J.
Harney ,t Co., Hankers. 1) ibuoue. low. 1 : Conk
Sargent, 1! 11 ker, Davenpoil, Leva ; Cul-i
liei tou Sc Reno, Rankers, Iowa Cily, Iowa j
People's Rank, New York City ; Ketcheiii,
Rogers .V. Rennet, Rankers, Xevv' York City;'
St Ikon, Withers Co., Washington, D. C. j :
II 11. ( has. Mason, Com. of Patents, Wash- 1
ing'on. 1). C. ! Hon. A. C. Dodge, S. I'. S. i
li n lnigtnn, Iowa ; Dm. (;. W. Jones, S. V. ;
S, 1) ihi'iie, Iowa 1 Hon. Joienli Williams. I
Josepii William.
Chief Juatice, Mascatine, Iowa.
Council IHull's, Oct. i t, ls.):ll-tr
Tootlo & Jackson,
''J. CJI AN'PS, Council R!ut.s city, Iowa.
j II niug a Inge and Comm.idioas Wan ho ue
i - o'i tin Levee at the Co ined Jllutts landing,
flr' nicy prepareil to receive a:.d store, all
kind of ii" ivhandise and pro l ice, will receive
and i.ay rh .ig.s o:i all kin li of frcie-;!,, sr.
that S'caui lioits will not he detained as they
l,av h-ret'ifore, in getting same one to
re,','ne '"'igut, when thecoasiguec are absent.
ll -i:s : l.iv eriuoore .V. Cooley, S. (.'.
Davo. ,V Co. and II nujdirey, Pn't Tory, St.
Louis, Mo.; Tootle At Fai'rleigh, St. Joseph,
Mo. ; J. S. Chene worth Co., Ciacinnati Oliio;
W. F. Coiitho agh, Riiiiingtoii, Imyi. 1-tf
rilHI' undersigned hiving recently taken
.L a',d refitted the above well-kno'ivn and
popular Public House. In tras's by the strict I
s .u. nous at'e.ition i tiie waiit of Ins guesls,
I i merit a liber il wliarn of public Tavair, eonfi.
deuce and pi'ronage. His table will be
spread wi'h the best the ma rket a ff iris, a nd
r.o pii:,s will be spnred to make hit guv its
agree,t!,y at hams and roinfor'aMe.
Council muffs, Iowa. aViv FJ-tf.
K I M U ALL, I laving ii.n ch jsed ibis well known I
ana popular hiloon, in
respectfully inform the i
Oi.'VtliH s it v. would
that tin y are
now prepare.! to r.iiii.sli then-customers, at
all hoiri. with HOT MFALS. OVSIT.ItS.
a ii no ir i, w
s R 1)1 N I'.S,
pigs i i:;: f. i'ilklfdi
TOXGFF. GAMF, and o .her
AP'-'.X and ye shall be i;'!c..
i' - tf ,(;Si:r..V.; KIM HALT.
ON the c ir.n r ' Nineteenth Aven.i" an 1
Filt' s ic'', (occipie.l hy Dr. Rice.)
The ;;'miV' liiHMl".! e sold low, if im
iio'liaic afdica; io i is in ide to M s irs V,....,,-,
.V !i.vl. , M tin
l.o '.'-'.f.
M ltflSMM m 1
r ,. 7v':.. i
IM! irr .'l'vv'i t in ti i voc. hi ii vvvit I
Vetak!b!s i
t ion ti a.inouiice to I .ii iii
its t ti rouihout. I lie connliv, that II is the In -
leiilioii ol- (he r. hlnr .and Proprietor nf the
- iciunnniown ici 'vra ci, not on v 10 con
tinue us heretofore the A'fi ictiltnra) Depart
ment of bis p iper, but sedulously to add to
its character nml value hy all the means al
ciiiuin Hid. All necestary space shall be pro
vided Tor a full record of' Aerie Details
nnd a full development of evry branch of the
l'irin"i's Pursuit. He will In future, as he
has always heretofore, aim to be piaclieal,
a .'id to I r real nnd advantage
lo husbandry. His course, also, w ill coul inue
lo he tlioinuehly independent , nnd wholly un
biassed by any other motives lb an Ihnie he
conceives lo be promotive i( the true Interest
or Agriculture in its bio idesl ineanin ';. Neither
individuals, cliipies, societies, or any o'lo r in
fluence shall swerve linn from the pa'h of
I 'ie'i' and d it y.
Fanners, Ihio 1 ,''i.a' the ciinliy, who de.
sire a Newspaper, istned weekly, and npial
to any other family news innl. literary u 11 nal
publislied, whicli A il ieult ure' a' speci
ality, will find (lie Genu inlow 1 Teles-rap!!"
In fulfill every condition, and lo render It en
tirely uniM ssary lor lln-in lo s .ibscribe for 11
pi iiodical I'tchnuvclv net icull ura I.
Practical I but icill! m e, Pomology ;ind i;,tr
deniiur, generally, will meet with p.iiticular
aueui ion.
As n Li'i'f.ary and News .foirnal it shall
not be surpassed by any in the country.
Neatly printed on (rood paper, of the largest
class, it shall continue to be one of (ho hand
somest tic'vnpupcrs of the day,
Fvery family. In town or country, whether
they lake other papers or not, will find Ihe
"Germ inlow 11 Telegraph" to be worlh. In lit
eral bene lit , I vv ice Ihe a mount of subscript Ion.
Xo subscription received without Ihe cash.
Price Two Dollars in advance. .Subscriptions:
not paid within Ihe year. If'J.aO. Mail sub
scribers will have the cash postage deducted
when not excee.lini; 'J els. per annum, pro
vided the subset dpi ion be paid strictly in ad
vance. Postage stamps to this nniount will
be returned (is change with the receipt.
Any person sending live new subscriber at
one time, v ill I I lie rush, will be cut il led In Ihe
paper for one year.
Specimen iiu nbi rs sea! 01 reipies'.
For 1057.
'Mill, Cheineit I'.i tn i 1 v Newspaper in the
.1. West! Til" Wick Iv Plain " al'T will
commence ps Sixteenth Volume on the 1 it day
of .laiiuary, lM,'i7. It will continue the name
Independent, Jocose, r'earless, I'iehlin;; Jour
nal il has ever been. Dealing Plainly b at kind
ly with nil. It will buttle J'or the Constil i-
tion and Ihe Fnion, as "Ihe world's best lin t.
sure and last hope." Il will oppose Fusion.
ism in every lorm, nml liaiiie pis-union 111
every disguise. Of il vigilance as n Sentinel
upon the watch-tower of Liberty, It Is sulfi
cielit to say, that it has never yet been found
napping ill us post.
The 7'ew Volume will cNiminetiec. with n
Xcvv Year, big with important events. A
new leaf in the hislory of this Republic vv
be entered, upon the Inauguration or n new
I'resnleiit. ami ice Presnlenl. Daring (he
coming year, the policy nf the Xcvv Adtnini
Iratiou will be fully unveiled in regard to the
following impoitaul nnd excifing National
topics: The Final Set I leinent of til" Ktn.ts
Ditlicull v, on vv hit h (be whole Slavery ipins
tio'i in (he Territories is pending The Final
Settlement, of the Central American (jncsl iou,
as iigainsl the claims of Fngland Our Right,
of Transit Across the Islhui is, and the recog
nition .a nd inainlainanee of the Walker Re
public in .Nicaragua The D.inish Sound Dues
The Act aisitioa of Cuba The Annexation
of the Sandwich Islands The Admission of
Minnesota as a S'afe Admission nf Oregon
Adiiiissi i.i i Fl.ah, with or without J'olv-
giniy Admitsion of Kansas, vviili or without
Slavery Probable Admission of Nebraska
and Washington Territories The Inaugural
j Message of Jamei Hm hunt. The Doings of
I the New Democratic Coagrest. These ;ire
s. ime 01 tiii' leaning events wh:cti will iliiti.i
gjiih tb? incoming ,duiiiiis'ritio 1, nnd most
of them will transpire during the earning year.
xow is tiii: timi: to sru-iCiiiuFi
Clev( land, from ils central loci' ion, and
fr.un its great coiicentr.tti'jii of Rail Holds,
I elegiaiili 1, and w.iker roiiiuiaiiicai iou with
'he world, is ndmilted to b the t.-nl News
Point in the West. It ran furnish intelligence
fi"in all parts of the woi Id, (lavs abend of the
Xevv York Papers, and the Plain Dealer, tie.
louring lo tiie New York Associalrd press, is
the fos1 to p ddisli tli Foreign and Dom 'slic
Markets, News, Disasters upon th Lake.
!n,l f Intelligence tretierally. II.
will bay.' Da il v Teleirr.t nliie Distia Idles from
v ashmgloii ilurt'ig the S -ssiouof (.'(ingress,
and Ins regular Correspondent in all the
principal ciiies of the Union.
In addition to a full ,t;1 fai'hful record of
passing events, we intend to ilevo'o a co i-id-er.tbb'
por'ion of our paper to "Polite Litera
ture." Fvery Paper will contain a Story,
fi ber original or selected, accoiiipatiied with
the choicest virie'y of Misci ll in", such s
Poetry, Discoveries, biographies, Jokes, O J.
tlities. A.C.. m iking lilto'et.hcr one of the
'"!4t Yalu aid
Family Journals is tho West I
'Prompt to improve nml to invite.
We'll id'-lid instruction with delight."
O :r Agri.-i.ltiiial, Comuiercia!, and
Telegraphic Department, will each be worth
(lie subscription price or Ihe paper.
I he llrm'li' o'i.
New York. R il; iui'ire, Cleve-.
a i M iikels vv ill be repi r'.e l
laini ami i inci.m a I ui nke;s vvitl tie re
h im my.
S' S itisci ibers, $
Clubs of Ten (to nn.' ntfiop) l.o.l
(!ii'.s of Twenty Co one Ollic i.... I .."
"y- ,""
I Pay l ivin ibly la ai.vanee. To the getter
, up cl a CI lb, o. copy gratis.
! 1 V" I,'-M ts'er are es'ierially rr, irjte.1
to act a Agent. They sho ild in Vverv case,
w'hre possible, sti'is'iin'e Western D-mi-l
cratic Pap-T for F'i'rn Fusion Pap"is.
j Tliose desiring the I'resideto'.i f and
o'li-r Pabli" Docunietit, ran b.eri'i" now,
. , n nn, llllir mint : r l-i M I.eil-ll e-. I
S ibscriber to the New Vol rne should
1 in their iniiicj aa "ir'v a' tn- aii.i Re of
December, go thn theymtvbe regts'.erel in 1
ime for the first numb t. AM fa ids receWe I , mn'trr, and is uoi idled up wit', an overdo
at current rates, mid if registered, luaib-d at. of rti"iv, '.vislie ..yoshv nil' fiom the hn
our risk. A I !res o' cact-br line . a n'.;r ."- !Jiio CMy li
J. W. Glt VY, Cleyelnul, O. 'p'ch.
... .. n . n . r... '" 'I'if il rrew'l he
HOUSE CARPENTER AND',V', i,,v' ,a ,f coi' !eu, ar
-r r s i.-r - -a I tertsi'.i.ig, truly d-lici-ms nd isil-aborl
J V-JLLJ JULBjL-t., j i ,...' LWilluinsV.rtr, V. GiMte.
VX. BRIGGS, Tske this tM-tho 1 ,if in. "'Per I room for just ui h ptir, a .
, fort.i'irg Ins friends, and the pub'ie I' h Is ec tr.f lw lr'i hil aiM lira-geii.-rslly,
that he is 'irepnred lo IH'If.') AND i con'ttd il col'm v s the li'erarr nnJ
FINISH, ia the - y mvi'ier I ciul wntld h ills." pVelUWutfir. . Ap
Dwelling Hrisci j t!,,."r- K , . . ,
j 1 !l so m h 'C.une a lradirg tnnr at t'
Of every I -set ip'i n or y ! nn I li ,is!i. tei tbr -s: le.vt ,;u ;te, Mt (;, v'rr.'
in ist reMo.i'.le te;m ,. ' T i i ikr .1 fu past) V , .11., ui ni.tusn northern papers, b
fnvori, I.-' solicit a con' i i.i i u-e ,f j i!d: in Ibis iust.ince we are forced to overcoat
p.itro i i ; '. t
l.e'l 'V ie
Oct. .!., !-"it. i-'.t
iiiui c. tAVcro
ixujil. vo ixnioLn,
Pt. Miry, Mills County Iowa.
WL Would respectfully nillioiinee to the
people of Mills and "ndjoliilnir rotitities,
' ' "
I .-"I. ii- it i.i- ,i-i ii ,1 1 inn reives ill mr iipw
- ' lliick storn mi I In. e.,m..r ..r 1......1 .ir..i
Ill-ll ... I..,... I. ...I .........I I.. fcl.-
, sire's Avenun, In S'. iMarv, nnd now have on
hand 11 lull nml well led ...I t ,.f
30"OA7V Oooas,
ndapleil lo,th" wants of UiJ comin anil y, con
sisting of
I' MN P,
SASH, Ac., ke.
We arn determined (u sell to cash cuslo-
mers lower lhannv n'Uij- eslablldin I It
this purl ion of the Stale. An examination of
our stock and prices will be nil that is neces
sary lo mariner oi of the fact. Look out
for the
C.'r" All Kinds of country produce taken In
exi hangr for Good,
iina-tr. K U II L k. KAYSKR.
KI'IISI ItlltF. Knit
"Tho Nation,"
'Mill', most popular Weekly in America,
L which has Immediately upon it issue,
sprang into nn Immense Circulation. Thi
rapid success i unpi ecedenled Jn tho History
ir Journalism, and can only be Accounted for
by the fact that the Proprietors have employ,
ini, without regard to expense, the Star Wri
ter of America. The "Nation" is tho only
paper which contains the Witty, Humorous
and Side-Splilllng Sketches of that Comical
Genius, and Unrivalled Humorist, Knight Rush
Ockside, M. D., of which series, ono sketch
nloue is worth the whole years' Subscription.
The Nation is IMileil byS. M. Itigclow And
Mrs. I-:. D. I'. N. Southvvorth, who I well
known ns one of the Most Popular Writers In
America. In nd lit ion lo the shove, we have
engaged as Contributor!
Clara Moretoi,
Alice Cary,
Mrs. A. F. Law,
Mr. F. F. Filet,
Park lion jj in ,
ami n niieious others.
Hewry W. Herbert,
W. W. Fosdick,
C. A. Page,
Ren. Casseday,
W. P. Ilianna'ii,
We particularly commend our sheet. Their
department will bn Fdiled with the utmost
care, and no expense or labor spared to render
the column devote I to their especial bent lit,
unusually Rrilllan', Attractive, Instructlvo
and Ornamental,
Tho Farmers' and Planters' Corner
Will ront.iin Practicnl Suggestion and Agri
cultural Hints, contributed and culled from
sources tho most reliable, and containing In
formation which will prove to, them In tho
course of a single year, of almost incalculable
The other departments of our paper will re
ceive the attention they respectively demand,
each being especially ,'in l carefully prepared
to meet (he varied (n's'es of Hie several cla
e of lis readers. Among these we in.lf inrn
tio.i Oiigmal Stories and Poems, Fdilorial
Ramblingi and Sketchings, Siicy City News,
Washington tjo.sip, Now York Chit Chat,"
tho Latest Paris Fashions, Practical Receipt the lloisehold mil Toilet, "Tho Little
O.ies'' Department, (Jems from Proso ami
Poetry, Reader's Guide, His'orical Skctclie,
'I'ransl.itioiis, &.c., A.e.
Tim Nation ia issued In (juarto Form,
(eight, pages,) and each number will contain
at least two Original F.igravings, thus fur
nishing our S ibscriber at ttie end of tho year
with a volume containing did large size, beau
tifully printed page of Unsurpassed Novel
Ictts, Sketches, ic, 4.c, together with over
tod Original II! istrations.
'J'lie Nation is seat at the following rem-irk.
ably low Subscription and Clubbing Term:
invariably In n Ivjiice.
Single Copies, $i (,') per annum.
Two " (to one address,) $:i M
'J'hreo 5 (Kl
Six " 1) (Nl
Ten " 15 (x)
i'.'yf" And one copy free to tho potter nn of
the Club of TLX. ' 1
I'V All (hose sending ui sub icritions
from tho Rritish Provinces, must enclose in
addition to tho subscriritlu.i price. 23 cent for
each subscriber, as we are compelled to pro
pay the United S:ate postage.
All letters containing money should be retr
istered, and directed plainly, and thev will
come at mr rik, otherwise we'are liot re
sponsible for them.
?" !srfeiinen copies will be ent frea to
Post Mi tten., Agents, and all who wi-h to
gel up a rluh ; to all others, on receipt of four
cent Iti stamps. The expense of registering
is only 5 rents.
f J Dock S'.., I'liiladelphia, Pa.
Among the hundreds of complimentary no
tices we have received from newspaper in
every sretion of the country, we quote the
following ex'racts from:
'Cli V'lli.u. ttt.iaia i.. i. i.... ,
on snow white paper, an I w richly a.lorne (
wi'h illos' ration. " N. Y. K in.
"It wall attain to a high position In the li:.
erary world." Philadelphi i Daily New.
'It is oae of the best wecklic'now pub
li.he I. an I we take pleasure in bringing it t ,
the not ire of the raiding public." IHtrrit.
burg. Pa. H.-ralil.
-The tahnt and energy of Lie proprietor
, P origin il and interesting content, and th.
j ie.n,itv f the typograihy, cannot fail to se
cure f ir it a general circulation." Ti' ,
! ictubuig. Pa. lndpeii teut PreJ.
'"A a literary and family journal, we luv .
in h.'sita'ao i in pri uriicitiir it the bestamon
'ir exch uige. We advise the ladies to pn
'cars it without delay." Fnltoo, Pa. Repu'
. ....i. . i, .,i. Til .1 l.l UUIB, UIll '
"'is esse we are bo md to five way t 1'ieri .
l mmv l:v eo'.enioorarie, live Naib
is composed ind, nlistantial and nef
o ir te i.l'cr, and co n ti- i 1 the Nation to 0l
r-.ideis." T.ay, Ala. Ridb-Mn.