The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, April 13, 1924, CITY EDITION, Page 6-A, Image 6

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    Samson to Close
Ak Mcmliership
Books at 5.000
Brawling Iron to <.o Back on
lt« Boyal Hook After
Mav 1, King
Kvaty go.wt knight ef Ak Bar Hen
«hti »anl> l« remain a knight
throughout tha coming year must
hun y and renew lila meinhaf■ hlg•
gin h la the warning of Bameon
Tha Hmll of members line lean eel
at too*. Thai la all that egg b«
• at *<1 for at I ha Ak-Snr-Uen ball nest
fall. Already more Ilian 1,400 hava te
naweil th*lr memberships and more
ar* sending In (hair appllcallona ev
ery dsy.
Business houses have hrgun lo Join
aa unlta. In South Omaha tha I nlon
Stockynrds company haa urged every
employ* to become n knight. Tha
company has agreed to pay half the
Initiation rust. But tha company's
half la forthcoming only after a. prom
ise haa been mail* by I ha new mem
her that h* will attend every den
show possible Ihrouyh Ilia summer.
Roundup Committee.
Everett. Buckingham, K. R. Orlmes.
H. L. Van Amburgh and Boy Rich
ardson form the committee for mem
hershlpa at the Union Stockyards
company. They are working diligent
ly every day explaining the aims of
the organization. And with every at
tempv they land a new member.
The branding Iron, well remembered
from other years. has been taken
from 1*8 hook In Samson's closet.
King Ak-Sar-Ben by royal decree has
signified his approval of using It to
round tip delinquent members after
May 1.
But the king, In his decree, ex
pressed a hope that this year the
iron would not be necessary and fur
ther ordered that immediately upon
the 8,000th member signing his check
the iron is to be cooled, returned to
its hook In the royal closet and the
membership books closed.
“Ak-Sar-Ben Is Omaha.”
Everett Buckingham is enthusiastic
about the work that Ak Sar-Ben has
done and will do.
"Why Ak Sar-Ben la Omaha.” he
tells candidates, "ycu live in Omaha,
want to see Omaha progress so why
not be part of Us very life?
"Only while the residents of Ne
braska are boosting Omaha will we
grow as rapidly as we have in the
laat few years. Ak-Sar-Ben helps keep
the boosting spirit alive.”
Several other concerns 1n Omaha
have Joined the organization during
the last week, and more are expected
(his week.
The pre-Easter evangellstlo ser
vices being conducted at the First
Christian church by Dr. TV. A. Shull
enberger of Des Moines, have been
successful during the last week and
will be continued each evening next
week. Dr. Shullenberger la on# of
Dee Moines’ most prominent and suc
cessful preachers. He la president of
the Kiwanls ciub of that city and
uuite active In civic and welfare work.
A week of pre-Easter services will
be conducted In the tabernacle be
ginning Sunday, and closing Easter
Sunday evening. Rev. Mr. Mason
will apeak Sunday afternoon, preced
ing Mr. Brown, and Monday and
Tuesday evenings Bev. Mr. Brown
will continue from Wednesday eve
ning through Easter.
Pre Easier services will begin Sun
day evening at the Mary Mann mis
sion. Twentieth and Grace etreets.
They will be conducted by Rev. F. G.
Rogers of Missouri.
Indianapolis, Ind., April 12.—Four
teen indictments in the criminal court
and two in the federal court, faced
Governor Warren T. McCray today,
following disagreement of a jury, after
trial on charges of embezzlement and
larceny of $155,000 Indiana board of
agriculture funds.
Trial on two indictments charging
violation of the postal and national
I tanking laws will be started In federal
-’ourt April 21.
The jury In the first trial of the
governor was unable to agree on a
verdict in 27 hours of balloting.
During tlie first week of their
honeymoon Frank Frahm threw
glasses at liis bride, Marguerlle, she
alleges In a petition for divorce filed
in district court. They were married
last. May.
After that be slapped her on an
average of twice a. month and In
creased the number of slaps aa time
went on, says ahe. I,*et Monday, she
alleges, hes truck her and drove her
from h»r home and grocery store at
4202 Anies avenue.
Two Wiven Divorced.
Mrs. Myrtle Poland waa granted a
divorce from George Poland in Coun
cil Bluffs district court Friday. She
l testified that shs kissed her husband
I only to "keep peace In the family.”
They were married in 1994.
Mrs. Tlllla Justice wsa given a de
cree from Harve Justice on grounds
of ciuelfy. They were married in
October. 1922.
Sacred Cantata.
A eecred cantata, "The rriiclflx
lon,” by Stainer, will be given by the
Zion Lutheran church choir, Thlrty
alxth and Lafayette, Palm Sunday, at
I, assisted by Harry Dlsbrow, bari
tone: Lawrence Dodds, tenor; F. A.
E. Hanson, baas; Mrs. Hershel TV omi
ts, soprano; Eva Nelson, organist;
Bernard Johnston, choirmaster.
Blast at Filling Station.
George Engelke, 2719 South Six
teenth street, narrowly escaped death
When his clothing was ignited by an
exploding oil stove in the Nicholas
filling atatJon, Twelfth and Douglas
afreet. Engelke's hair and eyebrows
war* singed and his hands burned,
twit he extinguished the flames on
kia clothing
Stockyards Men “Lassoedm for Samson Den
Ill Himth Omaha where hramteit aleera are areii every liny the thought «f a while hot Iron I* iw*l appealing,j
a rratilt, KtrrHI Itm kinxalim, K. h. lirtnioa. II. I.. \ an tmhnrih and K«t» Kh Itardaoit hato nirl with
Hirmt In Ilit-lr <»iti|>aian for itiotnlwra to Alt-NarHon
Tito |MioloGi H|tli allow« Kir "btiiit It" frttnt lltr I ttion Slot hi ftrd« .•otti|t«n> who Iih\o -•ih.,1 tt|> j
Here's Good News
for the Ixidv Who
Lost Her Hairpin
Gallant Gentleman W ho
Foil ml It Offers It Bark
by Way of Favorite
That a maid has lost a hairpin
la no rmiae to plgh or grieve.
Sore, ihey'v'e all been losing halrplna
Since the flnppar flaya of Kval
Bui chap itaaarvaa a medal.
Which time ne’er may tarnish Mack.
Who has found an errant hairpin
And dares give the darn thing baekl
Of course, if he’s giving it back to
the girl he helped lose It—well, that’s
different! But just imagine stumbling
upon a peculiar design of hairpin
(there are such things, they say), and
announce to Omaha’s multitudinous
mass of femininity: "You may have
this hairpin, madam, when you have
proved conclusively that It is yours!"
It. takes courage to do a thing like
that. As far as I know, Oeasar,
Richard the Lion Hearted, and Na
poleon never dared undertake such a
thing. The chances sre that If they
had they never would have become fa
mous as generals, for armies and hair
pins don’t mix very well, except in
domestic cases.
But here is r person of a different
caliber than ever the renowned man
who had a Brutus. Tills modern
Caesar Is not haffled hy a hairpin. In
stead, he makes bold to state in black
In white In today's classified adver
tisement columns of The Bee that he
has found a fancy hairpin and will
restore the same to that woman who
can prove it is her property. It is
very possible that our hero has an
arduous and nerve-racking month's
work ahead of him. We hope only
those who wear aristocratic Marie
Antoinette hairpins will apply.
But Mr. Aesop would not let this
opportunity go by. He would pull his
whiskers reflectively and say: "You
can find anything, from a husband or
a home to a hairpin, In the classified
ads!" If you’re from Missouri read
The Omaha Bee classified columns
and be convinced.
tty Associated Press.
Chicago, April 12.—Unofficial com
plete returns from all hut 13 precincts
in the state tonight Indicated the nomi
nation of former Governor Charles 8
Deneen over Medlll McCormick, In
cumbent, In the republican race for
United States senator, by a plurality
of 4,01* votes.
The vote for 8,72* of the state's
5,744 precincts Is: Deneen, *63,333;
McCormick, 361,383.
A recapitulation of returns at Chi
cago was atarted today and ths offi
cial count will get under way next
week. McCormick aupportera were re
ported to be preparing to ask for a
Judicial recount aa aoon as the formal
canvass Is completed, asserting that a
comparison of the vote polled fer gov
ernor end senator In a number of Chi
cago wards snd soma dnwnstate
counties revealed discrepancies.
Cooperation between the sheriff's
office and Council Rluffs police de
partment was promised Friday In an
exchange of notea betw-een Sheriff P.
A. Dainson and Chief of Police George
Gillaspy. former deputy of Ualnson.
Sheriff Lainion congratulated Gil
laspy on his appointment and assured
him that' the sheriff s office would he
available to him for any emergency.
Live Models to Display Corsets
for Seven Firms at Brandeis Store
Women's forms aren't what they
used to be, corset specialists de
clare, so In order to save the fig
tires and grace of youth seven big
corset manufacturers have co-op
erated with the Krandeis stores to
put on a fashion revue of corsets.
At this revue, which is to be
held April 15 to 19 on the eighth
floor of the store, the art of cor
rect corsetry will be demonstrated.
No more slouchy figures with
swaying hips. Twelve live models
will parade on the stage of the au
New Department Head
at Union Outfitting
Maurice Doichr*. former owner of
the New York
Sample store,
Omaha, has join
ed the Union Out
flttlnj? company
as head of the
women's, cloak
suit, millinery and
dress depart
Several Innova
tions will be In
troduced by Mr.
Detches, who Is In
close touch with
eastern fashion
centers and has experience in the re
quirement* of Omaha women as to
style, quality and price.
Crane Mortuary Sold.
W. W. Kerr, city freight agent for
tha Rock Island railroad has pur
rhsaed the Crane Mortuary company,
S1S-515 South Twentieth street, and
will tnke Immediate possession.
A. J. Spain, for the last 10 years
associated with other undertaking
establishments, will have charge of
the funeral arrangements end entire
operation trill be under hla super
ditnrlum which will seat 1,000, In
order to show the correct eoreet
for the hour.
Slim women, email wmtnen, aver
age, full and etout women will wear
corseta to ehow how to retard
advancing weight of years. Free
admlaeion tickets for women only
will be dletributed at the eoreet
department of the Brandeta atorea,
third floor.
The demonstrations will ba held
dally from 11:J0 a. m. to 1 p. m.
and from 2:30 to 4 p. m. In addi
tion to the fashion parade, health
lectures, music and a dancing act
will be given.
The original painting of a girl In
a well known corset which la val
ued at $2,000 will be on exhibition.
In thla painting Is shown the
curved line down to the waist and
over the hips that Is said to hold
the secret of a beautiful figure.
The show Is the first of Its kind
to he held In Omahs, according to
Karl I,ouls of Brandeis stores.
Formerly, single corset manufactur
ers sent out their models for special
showa, but on this occasion seven
manufacturers have co-operated In
sn effort to sava the figure of the
women who have cast aside their
■ “I
Call at tha St ora (or Tlckata
The MOST Typewriter
or Adding Machine
For the LEAST Money!
Investigate our prices. We have any
make. Quality and Service guaranteed.
Cash or Easy Terms. Our Rental Rates
All Makes Typewriter Company, Inc.
205 S. 18th St. Phone AT 2414
Live Easter Gifts
Surprise the kiddles on Faster morning
with a real live pet. Make them happy and
give them something to take care of and
that will he a companion to them.
Healthy, fat Banter wr
Buntilaa, each . WXaid
Pupplea. healthy, all A»e» ftft
klnda, up from.<pDaUU
Hold Flrh. fan tall, a A
ate., up from .
nnbjr Chlrka. Idral
gift, up from..
Bird Cat**, all alara and
klnda, ale.
"Mrlng Mualo Boa” rt*4 ra
Canarl. $1U
Come In Cerly In the Week While Stork Ie Complete
1«17 Farnam Phone JA. *174
Alkali in Shampoos
Bad for Washing Hair
Many soaps and prepared sham
poos contain too much free alkali,
which I* very injurloua, aa It drlea the
acalp and makea Ilia hair brittle.
The beat thing lo use la Mulalfled
cocoa nut oil ahampoo, for thle le
pure and enllrely greaseleae. It la
Inexpensive and heals anything else
all to pieces. You cun get this gt
any drug store, and a few ounces will
last the whole family for mnnllia.
Two or three teaapoonfule la gll
flint la required. Simply moisten your
hair wllh water and rub It In. It
makea an abundance of rich, creamy
lather, which cleanses thoroughly,
and rlnaea out easily. The hair drlea
quickly and evenly, and la soft, fresh
looking, bright, fluffy, wavy and easy
to manage. Hrslih *. It loosens and
lakes out »\er\ particle of dual, dirt
ami do ml t uft
Roys Will Trim
Store Windows
and Write \ds
Kimitiu Pittilimii in Ihiulu
lliuinra* House* and I'lilo
lie Uffire* to He Held
l*y Yontli*.
Boca will Bint th* talall ator* win
dowa, writ* I he advertisement and
art aa salesmen and floor walk»i* <>n
"hoys' «lav In Industry," one of lit*
day* of National Huy*' Week, April
2} to May 1, Ueora* Pray, chairman
of lha talallara' rtinimlllee, said Pat
"Boy* Will la < hoaen for I hair
place* accord lira to th* Mu* of study
they are pursuing In school wher
ever poaalbla," said Mr. Pray "Ad
varilsrinanla will !>e signed by the
names of th# boys who wrote them.
Card* In window* will Indicate what
boy* trimmed them."
K. IJ. Whits, general chairman for
thla day, estimated that l,t>00 to 1,900
boy* will hold executive position* in
Omaha business houses and public of
flees on that day. In banka the boys
will work betide presidents, cashiers
and tellers. In factories they will In
spect manufacturing and learn meth
ods of selling and distribution.
"Boy "city commissioners" for the
4»r •' • >•!■ » In hitk #»k#r>! j
It# Mon * mil ’ i.hi In'* • M t(|
nffvut* <• pMNk in iM
fWMI*k«M* IK#I <1# t
A ^rti«A of automaton** Will »art?
f»m«h« e#t*Mt*»thl* phyeletaea It the
annual » 'tuw‘h»n */ ih# Ante* lean
(NHti^aillile aa«n tatiun In KlrtevflU 1
Mo, hum* of Ihe founder In Mlo»pi
I he In Mar, liana were laid for the
trip at a meeting *f (ha Oreatet «unit
ha OiHeofMttitc *»a» ,i!|i»n r'tUtay
evening. The convention will be May
SI to 31.
nrpNilttrt front fhortlia will ftrob
ably lie early eitotigii to allow altend j
• me at the meeting of the o*oeo|»nt hlc
eye. ear, none :«n«t throat i|e<laliiti
•luring the week of May II,
Margaret Baker held tind< r a
$.'.<> bond on a charge of pent larceny
In Council Bluffs police court; llow
ard Knhler was held while owner
ship of an automobile he was driving
Is Investigated; and Mr*. Jack Slavln
cf Omaha was dismissed after a se
vere lecture.
Their arrest followed their appear
ance *t a grocery store where It Is
alleged they sought to charge $30
worth of groceries to a family living
at Seventh street and Broadway.
Astaant Merchandise
Manager at Brandeis
Omaha retail circle* are glad to wel
come L. 8. Hubbard a* assistant mer
chandise mane-er at the Brandela
store. He cornea from the Davi* Jrry
Oooda company (formerly Rothchlld
& Co.) of Chicago, where he was mer
NiMpr *4 tM
I**•*!***<• t<« tfcti Mr |t»ili|iiy4 til
m♦r**hnn4lt» %kM|tr •’<ft OHttMi
In ti+w Yntl CHf, iM It
**ff fei §etifi m mi rf iitndMM tM H
itfiiiltf tifri#* i)iin^#vl IM t* «n«
| r> r #» pc«i’r»* | | tr| iH • •
mttitftr f**r in*
pf* r ***** • t( !M ft or* * r d
mill •Mt*t Karl l^uti In lilt ftni tl
4 iititt,
John I' Him lair will addrana tha
A4t artlatnf ftrlline laafua at l>a
* «-«► Iv dlnnar Monday tn tha ft ,r
g*aa N‘m|| im rwtrtnn, ||a la an
tt f financial and taxation protitnira
and a nwt«d author and ipriktr on
than# »uiijr< t».
- ^
They don’t swap
sandwiches any more.
Jim Bright and Bill Reed are buddies. But,
as Jim says, “there is a limit to all good things.”
Yes, and there is a difference in bread,
which is very noticeable when the bread is used for
sandwiches. Ordinary bread dries quickly after slicing
—Peter Pan Bread, however, remains fresh and appe
tizing. And Jim’s sandwiches are made with Peter
Pan Bread.
Rich milk, rich shortening and good flour are three reasons uhy