The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, April 13, 1924, CITY EDITION, Page 5-A, Image 5

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    dapper Seen as
doolidjje Mate
to Appease West
SrntJment Favoring K a n • a a
Senator for Vice President
Nominee Growing in
br r. c. nmitix.
VYashlactna (tnoponlnl Tire Omaha Hr*.
Washington. April. It.—With the
nomination of Calvin Coolldire at the
Cleveland convention practically ns
aured the question of a vice presl
ientlal candidate la causing consider
able comment and all signs point to a
western man. Senator Capper of
Kansas, continue* to be the man
talked of most, with Senator Borah
• if Idaho receiving much mention In
eastern newspaper*. However, It is
not believed Borah would consent to
the nomination.
In Capper's case there apparently
Is every reason to believe he will ac
cept. He Is geographically in the
center of the mldweatern trouble zone.
HI* publications reach more farmers
than any In the country. He la look
ed upon as sufficiently progressive to
keep a majority of the middle western
radicals In line In the election.
Kansas contains a number of In
fluentlal public men who desire to
get into the senate and undoubtedly
will ace to It that a Capper hootn
fdr vlee president will be launched at
Cleveland In order to clear the track
for their candidacies.
This demand of tlie middle west for
representation on the notional ticket
Is being carried to Washington dally.
The most recent message of this de
scription was taken to the White)
Mouse by Stanley Washburn of
Fargo, N. D. Mis ideas of the west
ern s.tuation as quoted in newspapers
“The people in the west feel that
Coolldgc is on the square and will not
play polities with big questions.
“The time to hand carbon monoxide
to. the menacing third party move
ment Is now and not in November.
The vice presidential candidate should
be a man from the west. I expressed
the same views to the president to
•pedal Dlipatrh to The Omaha Bee.
Beatrice, Neb., April 12.—People in
every walk of life gathered at the
home of Adam McMullen Friday eve
ning to congratulate him over hie
success in winning the republican
nomination for governor.
Ex-Jteprcsentative D. S. Dalbey
presided. The Beatrice municipal
band furnished the music.
Attorney John Dclehant spoke
briefly and pointed out that McMullen
was Gage county's candidate irre
spective of party.
Miss lkiltie Hummers, bead of the
Beatrice Woman's club, spoke on be
half of tlie women voters of the
McMullen thanked his friends for
their bum ort and stated t'nat if elect
ed he would serve Nebraska to the
best of hifi ability.
Tho Fontcuello Celebration oasocla
tton announced that It will start n
new drive Monday to ralae 15,900 for
the big Fourth of July celebration In
Fontenelle |firk this year. The fol
lowing mnounts have already been re.
Previous!v . »2«*.oo
W. A flsbcrslrsh A Hon.• 0'»!
Wm. Ward .;. *•»<* j
•lades .
New Ormihtt iiiiprwetuent club .. ;• "<>
Clyd* Koru** . 7 m I
A. MlercfifJorn . 1.00 ,
W. A. Uevras .
Tetel .IJJH*
Checks may l<e wnt to C. It. II.
Timme, president, Merchants Nation
al bank, Omaha.
•pedal OI«poti-li to The Omaha Bee.
Stromsbirg, Neb.. April 12.—Mr*.
W, J. Marquis of this city was In
stantly killed in an automobile acci
dent near-ftocheater, Minn., Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Marquis left here by
auto this week for Rochester to spend
fi year with their son. Dr. James
Marquis, who Is with the Mayo hos
pital. Mrs. Marquis will be brought
here for burial.
Banks to Help Farmers.
Special Dispatch to The Omaha Bcc
Fremont. Neb., April 12 —Plans for
lending aid to fanners of the stat'1
were drawn up by a committee of
hankers named by the state associa
tion at a meeting in Fremont Thurs
day. The report will be submitted to
the various district meetings within
the next two months.
The rcriort contains proposal*
whereby the hanker will lend co
operation in buying and selling cattle
and produce.
Wood Resignation 0. K.
Washington, April 12.—President
Coolidge has accepted the resignation
from the army of Lieutenant Oeborno
C. Wood, eon of Governor Cenernl
Leonard Wood of the Philippines, the
War department announced today.
Wood Is reputed to have made nearly
a million dollars In stock market
operations while serving with Ws
father In Manila. He la now traveling
in Europe.
Two Women Injured.
Special Dispatch to The Oaaalia Bea
Fremont, Neb.. April 12.—Mrs C.
M. Duff. Lincoln, wife of a Uni
versity of Nebraska Instructor, suf
fered a broken shoulder, snd Mrs. 3.
B, Aeschbaeher, Arlington, an In
jured foot when they were struck by
an automobile driven by Mrs. Harold
Bailey, Fremont.
Tbe two women were crossing the
street when hit.
$10 Commencement Dresses.
Special Diapalt h la The Omaha Bra
Beatrice. Neh.. April 11.—At a
meeting at the high school girl mem
hers of the graduating rinse voted to
) troll the cost of commencement
disease to |I0. A resolution ip go*
tbs uterine of "simple white gowns."
Senator Walsh May
Run for President
Senator Thonius .1. UtUii "I Mon
tana, filler inquisitor of tlie senate’s
oil lease iuvrstiRntion, indicated when
Interviewed in New iinli eil.v that he
is a receptive candidate for the demo
cratic presidential nominatinn.
"Which Shall It Be?" is the title of
a photoplay by Mrs. Madeline Bran
deis, former wife of K. John Bran
deis of Omaha, which has opened at
the Cameo theater, Broadway and
Forty-aeeond street, New York, anil
is heralded by nil unique advertise
ment in the New York Times, which
"invites Morris (lest, genius of tlio
theater, to see a motion picture with
out a hero, villfan, cabaret, bathing
pool, jazz-crazed girl or a singlo sug
gestive thought.”
Jtevlewers have directed attention
to the fact that in some ways the
plot parallels Mrs. Braudels' life.
"After a daughter was born to her,
then came the great tragedy of tier
life," says The Times.
.Mrs. lirandeis Is reported to lie pre
paring another film, "Maud Muller,'
an adaptation of the poem by tliat
News of the marriage of Mrs.
Bcatrlee Heyn, divorced wife of Hester
Heyn, Omaha photographer, to James
Pray, stock nnd bond salesman, in
\jok Angeles was brought to Omaha
by Harry Moore who returned from
there Saturday. Mrs. Heyn was di
vorced In November, 1922.
“Airs. Heyn came to Bos Angeles
March 29 and they were married three
days later," said ?-fr. Afoore. "I was
one of the first to congratulate them.”
J^ester Heyn said lie had heard
nothing of the nuptials.
"I saw our daughter Friday and
she said nothing about her mother
going to California," he said.
John Kit* Robert* was elected
president of the Nebraska Audubon
society at the annual meeting at the
public, library Saturday afternoon.
Mira J. A. Stitt was elected vice
president, Llizaboth Larson, secre
tary. and M. K. (Arson, treasurer.
Mrs. W. K. Baxter was selected to
invite a noted ornithologist to Omaha
to speak sometime this year.
T'larvs for the annual field day May
10 were made.
Our Registered Optometrist
will make a thorough exami
nation of your eyes, and if
glasses are needed, will fit
you properly at a very moder
ate price.
Zylo Shell Spectacles, com
plete with large round lenses.
For near work only.
Mnianim Floor
Burgess-Nash Co.
Helps You To Have
Luxuriant Hair
The um of Cutkure Soap for
shampooing the hair, {preceded by
touches of Cutlcura Ointment to
spots of dandruff, itching or Irrita
tion, will keep tha scalp clean and
healthy and promote hair growth.
SumIm rm er MU! A4,< , ir aa*u*«r* U*’^
UMtwrxri •>. M*l«w«a ta' •*«.
rail Mi»i»aw ( r- .nil t - t.-amISi '
Ps* Ire a«r Ma tlarwi .* Ucii.
Kaater Kgga
Spr« tally Drroratnd
Ord*r« laltnti fur drr.
orated and wttawtwN Ydwu-r
a git*. Com In and aitlrh ««r
tli*eorntor on 1 hr main floor,
Burgess-Nash Cohfant
Everything to Assure the Success of the
Easter Outfit at Prices Exceptionally Low
I —
A Novelty Pump
for Easter Wear
Correctness, smartness and comfort
are all combined in this novelty pump
of jack rabbit gray suede. As a com
plement of the new Easter costume, no
other model could lend a more authentic
style touch.
Gracefully strapped, it is trimmed
with narrow strips of gray kid over the
vamp and quarters. Made with hand
turn soles and covered block heels.
Other dress pumps are of black satin
and airedale suede with Spanish, Louis
and low heels.
The New “Chin Chin” Sandal
One of the latest New York fads la a pe
tite little slipper in jack rabbit gray suede,
airedale suede, and patent. Regular $10
values. Included at this price are tailored
cutout satin strap slippers with low heels.
Main Floor
Women’s Sheer
Chitton Hose
Full fashioned, clear chiffon
hose, with Hale garter tops and
silk feet. These come in all
the latest shades such aa beige,
light fawn, blush, belgique,
mode, cinnamon, creme de
peache, dawn, gunmetal and
Mola Floor
Individual and Distinctive
Easter Frocks
$4J5° $o05O $p(05O
Frocks that are distinctive in their newness of materials as well as in style
and spring-like color. Ultra-modish models that portray the latest fashion
whimsies for Easter wear. All moderately priced.
' Canton Crepe Cashma Crepe Georgette
Flat Crepe Chinchilla Satin Crepe Elizabeth
Crepe Satin Romaine Crepe Satin Canton
In these groups there are styles for business, afternoon and dinner wear;
all with a touch of smartness, of clever trimness and of chic individuality that
is greatly coveted. In all the popular shades of green, blue, tan, cocoa, stucco,
brown, and black. .Women’s and Misses’ Sizes.
Third F*^*r
Suede Gauntlets
$goo and $595
One of the most attractive acces
sories of the new Easter costume is the
suede novelty gauntlet glove shown in
the prettiest of shades—gray, beaver,
mode and log cabin.
Silk gauntlets in gray, beige, pongee,
mauve, French gray and frA AP
white ...
12-button length silk gloves in PA
the same colors are priced at..
16-button Milanaise silk gloves ^A AA
with Paris Point stitching.'P&.UU
Chamoisette novelty gauntlets in desert
gray, camel, mastic, d*A PA *A AP
leather and beaver, $£ot)U to
Main Floor
The ‘New’in Handkerchiefs
The Mah Jongg, $1.75
The Chinese influence stops at nothing,
for it has now invaded the vogue of hand
kerchiefs. In bright Oriental colors, they
are very smart for wear with the tailored
dress or suit.
Linen Handkerchiefs, 59c
Colored linen handkerchiefs with hand
embroidered corners, or white with colored
woven borders. FI#or
Stamped for Embroidery
Cunning little rompers i
stamped on white ar A
weave, in two patterns 7
made up ready to em X
broider. Sires 1 to 3 "j
years. J
Made and ready for
your embroidery needle,
are these little dresses
stamped in two different
patterns on white art
weave. Sires 2 to 4 years
Second Floor
Toilet Goods
$1.00 Mary Garden
Face Powder.
75c Rubbing Alcohol, 39c
:10c Phcnolax “■ Q _
Wafers .
75c Fitrh Dandruff Rc- A Q —
mover Shampoo .•TvV
26c Mavis Talcum "t C _
Powder. Aa/V
$1.25 Mavis Perfume CQ/»
1-oz. individual bottle. . ”57V
50c Mary Garden Van- OQ _
i.-hing Cream.“vt
50c Palm Olive OC_
Shampoo .Oa7C
$1.00 Lilac Vegetal EQ_
Imported . *
00c Odorono for Per- OQ _
rpiration .057C
$1.75 Hair Clippers £« OQ
for Bobbed Hair-A .057
mm _ a f I "■
Attractive Wash Dresses
. _ ?
Lovely little wash dresses with an air of refinement and simplicity that
will meet with the instant approval of women who appreciate being well
dressed about the house.
Fashioned of the finest ginghams and trimmed with hand embroidery,
swiss emroidery, or two-tone pipings. All the bright, new spring colors
are represented. Sizes 16 to 44, 421 > to 62Vi.
Wuk Drone Section- Second Floor
Collar and
Cuff Sets
95 (0 $225
Val lace seta with round
collar and the large gaunt
let cuffs. Trimmed with
narrow black ribbons. This
set makes a very smart
complement to the long
sleeved spring frock.
_ Mail Flair *
Spring Dresses
For the Larger Women
The Easter season is a pe
culiarly fitting time to glorify
the smart, fresh, new styles of
spring. And the gowns for the
larger women aro especially
charming this year.
Models are no longer made
only for matrons or for the more
mature figures, but there are
most attractively fashioned
youthful frocks in sport styles,
coat dresses and more elaborate
creations for afternoon and eve
ning wear.
The fabrica are heavy quality
Roshanara Crepe. Canton ( repo
and Georgette Crepe in soft
Orchid dray Cocoa
Mack White Xaey
Powder Hlur
TMtrf Floor
Daintiest of Spring
Moderately Priced
SflMld P»«»
- - ------
The loveliest of novelty
voiles, dainty dimity and
nainsook sots are featured
in the spring stylos in un
derthing*. These eome in
the pastel shades- nile,
coral, flesh, light blue,
peaeh and orrhid, and are
beautifully trimmed with
hand embroidery, fine
lace edges, filet and Irish
medallions. T h e mn
terials are practical, daiu
ly and very ser\ ieeable.
The prices are within
each of even the most
modest purse.
.$1.25 »o $2.25
Step-in Drawers—
... $l.25*o $2.25
- .'Itemise—
$1.25 ‘o $2.25
N ightgowus—
$1.95**° $;{. 45
- : - __
Non-Lacing Corsets
4 * Lily of France” Spring Models
$5°° to $2750
Before selecting your
new apparel for spring,
it is most important
that you choose a cor
set which will give a i
proper foundation to
the slender lines of the
season’s modes. The i
“Lily of France” corset I
is especially fashioned
to slenderize the fig- f
lire, and the wearer is ,*
assured of perfect conn v