The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, April 13, 1924, CITY EDITION, Page 4-A, Image 4

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    New and Most Attractive
for Spring and Summer
Ruffled Chamber Curtains
SO inches by 2U yards lonp, with tie
backs, in barred or dotted Marqui
sette, per pair—
Fine, Sheer Marquisette Curtains
In dots, cluster dots and tiny figures,
30 inches by 2>4 yards long, with tie
backs, per pair—
Curtains for Formal Rooms
" New and very attractive designs in
fringed, figured Filet Curtains for living
room or dining room; per pair—
Fringed Punto Tirato
* A figured Casement Net Curtain of C50
great beauty; per pair— j =
^scola Net Curtains
!A plain or figured net similar in style
to the popular Tuscans of last year.
Shown with fringes; per pair—
Fringed Broiderligne Curtains
Reminding one of old-fashioned embroi
r dery. Especially suitable for casements.
I Per pair—
Dutchess Curtains
£.50 Curtains .-3.25
f.00 Curtains . .3.75
$.00 Curtains ..4.50
10-00 Curtains . .5.00
lf.75 Curtains ..6.50
15.00 Curtains ..8.75
18.75 Curtains ..9.75
20.00 Curtains, 10.00
25.00 Curtains, 12.50
28.75 Curtains, 14.50
35.00 Curtains, 17.95
37.50 Curtains, 19.75
Odd Pairs of Curtains
JVtonday it is possible to pur- T T If
chase odd pairs of curtain* 1 —I It
in a large variety of style* A Jl C\IL
aV about—
Bigelon-Hartford ^
4 Floor Coverings 4
Floor Coverings
that will appeal to the woman who has
resolved to have floors that invite and
Heavy Seamless Velvet Rugs
In the latest patterns delivered from the mill this spring.
All wool yarns are used in the pile and colors are rich
and harmonious.
5x9.32.50 ' 8.3x10.6-,.45.00
Inexpensive but Good Axminsters
Excellent Seamless Axminsters in very good designs and
colors are offered at 6x9 .24.50
8.3x10.6 .38.50 9x12 .12.50
’ine Worsted Wilton Rugs
From America’s world-famous mills Including Anglo-Per
sians, French Wiltons, Anglo-Kermans and Oakdale Wilton.
,9x12 size offered in the above qualities at
150.00 132.50 110.00 05.00
Chinese Rugs
Our latest shipment of these fine rugs affords our cu
'turners exceptionally heavy fabrics and truly wonderful
{colorings—the best we have ever seen, while prices art*
very low Indeed fur such qualities.
6x4 .75.00 9x6 ... 150.00
10x8 ,...250.00 9x12 ...300.00
Qarpets in Wide Assortment
Broadloom or 27-in’ch goods; plain colors or figured de
signs arc shown in most excellent variety; this together
with our ample workroom facilities will enable you to get
just the floor covering you need at prices you’ll vote aaost
reasonable. •
r iKiiren velvet and Axnriin
«tor Carpets. 1!7 inches wide
»t, per van"
1.50 2.00 3.00 3.25
wuieloom—feet nmi iz
feet wide, in plain colors,
per square yard,
5.00 7.75 9.50
Plain Velvets and W iltons, 'll inches wide, per yard,
3*25 4.35 4.H5
Armstrong: and Nairn’s
Printed Linoleum
In *mart tile nnd module
pattern*. done in the heat
of color* nnd in n range
wide piiourR to euit every
ri'oro. Sale price, UC .
bar aguar# yard.
Armstrong and Nairn’s
Inlaid Linoleum
Through to the lim k tile nml
new carpet pattern* in guoil
color*; n ipinlity that will
give wonderful arrrica and
*ati*fnrtinn. Hale price,
per aqtiare I >(t
yard.. ' '
SPRING, the time for home rejuvenation,
finds this store with wonderful, new, attractive stocks in
every department—as fresh and delightful as if we were
just starting in business, yet every item is carefully in
cluded in the light of thirty-one years of business in
Main Floor
Record Dept.
will feature all
this week on
Margaret Young
At Orpheum
Coffee Tables
Exactly as pictured in
Antique Brown Mahog
any. A special value.
Radio Tables
in Walnut or
Exactly as pictured
- with roomy drawer
and cabinet for stor
l’lain tables for radio
in brown mahogany
with drawer .. 6.50
for European or Ameri
can travel. Splendid con
struction with stout
straps and smart fittings.
24, 26, 28 and 30-inch.
11.50 12.50
13.50 14.50
o - o
Bed Spreads
New and exceed
inj?ly"J»eautiful, at
prices that are
very low for such
fine merchandise.
100 beautiful, fancy Bed
Spreads, any one of
which will add a delight
ful touch of color io your
bedroom. Made of splen
did quality unbloarhed
Steneiled Appliqued —
Candlewick and Crewell
Embroidery in practically
all colors or combina
tions of colors, suitable
for bedroom use.
* * SlnirJ* «r Twin Fit*
Steneiled, 3 6 ... T>. 12T»
Appliqued, 3-0 . . 7.r»0
('andlewiek, 3-6 . M.77*
Crewell Embroidery,
3 6. I«.75
4 i» Donltle or Full H**«l hi»«
4 ft ..... 5.75
til . M.OO
•I rt . 10.00
4-0 11 • • • i • •.. • 1 1.7«»
8-Pc. Italian DiningSuite
This is a particularly good looking, substantial suite, consist
ing of 60-inch Buffet, 45x60-inch Ob
long Table, five Chairs and one Arm
Chair upholstered in tapestry.
The same suite with blue leather seats on .
chairs . 187.00
Swings for Porch or Lawn
As pictured, complete with rust-proof chains and hooks for
hanging, size 3 ft., 6 inches. This is not a very
large swing, hut certainly a very hospitable
one, and a wonderful bargain at—
Heavier type in larcrr sizes—1.50, 5.50, 6.75,
, 7.85, 8.75.
Complete Suite for Porch
In oak finished nut brown fumed. Considerably above the average lor
a suite at this price. Carefully constructed and built of selected stock.
Including Torch Swine, 3 feet. 6 inches long, com
plete with rust-proof chains. Turned Oak Rocker
as pictured. Arm (.'hair as pictured.
3 Pieces Comjilete
Smart Canvas Hammocks
in a pleasing variety of dependable styles and new colorings
A splendid hammock in plain hrown
duck, complete with mattress and
chains for hanRinR—
More elaborate style* at 21.50, 25.00,
27.50, 20.75. 32.00, 30.50 and 12.50.
Standards, 5.00, 0.50, H.50 Aunin■« to match 0.50 to 12.50
Simmons Poster
Med Outfits
Full or twin *i/e Rt d m n. It
American wnli.ut fimUt.-^y "it
exactly it* pictured — ft.*”"
Our Simmon* Tubular Frame,
Sanitary Fabric “ -7 “
Steel Spring T*. //>
Our Ilex l/' pound, All belt, Hull
Kdge MattiVa* IT 1 |i t
at..... I »’•' M '
Outfit euntplete, jy\ it ”
uti tut In Monday.Oy.OD
A Large Tennessee Red
Cedar Colonial Chest
Thoroughly well built throughout,
)-< - a lit i f ul I y fiM'had ami clogantly
trimmrd in fnpper, 44 inrhn long,
Jl iurhr* high, 'JO inehrx lid)1.
\ «ii|piiiliil vnltio nn
Smaller a Ur* at —
17.50 ami 21.00
Out o’ Door
Ballbearing Roller Skates
for girls or boys. . .2.50
Pedal Car with rubber
tires and ballbearing
wheels .6.00
13x32 All-Steel Coaster
Wagon, guaranteed disc
wheel with one-inch rub
ber tire; no bolts nor nuts
are used on this wagon;
all parts are riveted o
gether throughout; price
i* .9.00
Bicycle Wheel Scooters
with inch rubber tires;
price .5.50
Disc Wheel Scooter 5.00
9.50 to 15.00
/s /-v
In maple, finished nat
ural or walnut with hand
woven, double cane seats,
each, as pictured—
Others at 4.75, 5.00,
6.00 and 8.50
o — o
Lloyd Loom Fibre
Arm Rocker
A large comfortable type
exactly aa pictured. The
continuous strands of
closely woven fibre run
from front completely
around chair to front
again. Regular price
23.50. Special—
A limited number of set
tee* to match, fi fert
long, while 7C
they last.• / *■'
/ limed Oak
Porch Table
Ivactlv as pictured, just
the thing for porch nr
veranda. Sold in thrra
s,*n .
3<Mnch Q Un
40 inch 1 Zil
One of the com
bi nations in group
No. 3—
Ono of the com*
binations in croup
No. 2—
One of the com
binations in grroun
No. 5—
One of the com
binations in jrroup
No. 4—
One of the com
binations in group
No. 1 at—
One of the com
binations in group
' No. 2—
You can secure almost any good
Bridge or Junior style in this
Sale of Lamps
at a most substantial saving
One hundred combinations are in the sale. The
pictures show bridge and junior types with gilded
antique metal and turned walnut bases, fitted
with silk shades, lined, interlined and overlaid
with georgette. Unlighted these shades har
monize perfectly with modern draperies and fur
nishings; lighted they effuse hospitality and
warmth. The choice of colors is wide, trimmings
are rich and varied, but in no instance is there
any attempt at providing pretentious elaborations
at the expense of real quality and good work
manship. All lamps are weighted and piped,
Lamps Arranged In Seven Big Lots
in the Center Aisle of Our Main Floor
Lot No. 1 Lot No. 2 Lot No. 3 Lot No. i
17.50 22.50 29.50 32.50
Lot No. 5 Lot No. 6 Lot No. 7
39.50 47.50 57.50
Table Lamp
With Shade 21 Inches
This lamp has a Haeger pot
tery base with gathered and
ruehed shade in any color;
finished with metal finial.
Price complete—
a A
A wonderful Washing principle: The
Lincoln Ring-Vac uses only soap, water,
and air in cleaning your clothes and
linens. And yet, these elements are s>
utilized that 5 to 10 minutes per load i< ^
saved over other washers.
The sheerest, most delicate fabrics ar>
washed with no possibility of the slight
est wear or tear.
Electric Washer, Motor,
Heater, Electric Wringer,
Special Terms
The Lincoln RINH-Y AO will he delivered to your home for
next week's washing NO DOWN l’AYMKN’T ju*t a gerr.
me FRKK TRIAL for THIRTY PAYS. If it doesn’t do all
we sav it will do. we’ll bring it hack. If you keep it, con
'orient monthly payment* will he arranged.
o — - --o
The Porcelain Top Table FRKK
with Kven lVtroit dowel Hi O\on Gas Range or
Rotl Star Oven Oil Range. H e hare secured suf
ficient tables to continue this offer through the
awning week,
• *