The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, April 13, 1924, CITY EDITION, ALCOGRAVURE SECTION, Image 39

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    ■a 1 rNI a UK M *ti I ratlMlt* tM
1 Ml•*•**," ••• tiiwil iMt* tut IM iMki^l
mI *■*>».«■» w# *<(f*» h* a jati r*f iMrit («•♦»•<►*«
i* Mr Ufln rr» a aril M» »*i Nrlti iM
Imiili tmtrl a* #• a Hylflnt f »*r> fkgrrtr »Mrli
irMMrwi |M- »><r»l t.f man fr**m iM » tit
Gray Hair Quickly Goes
Before the Touch of this
Clean, Color lean Liquid
rh* Ortfma/ l'n/»i f*9tf9t f/> NmiltnmJ
It #wm« iImm) >*nt»l*n that a Injwul
,, l, ti<o* mu fit* fit) ha*t ita raatt
•u *f mat raht
nut Hi K"hit Itah rN lM r l»> mo at |aft
oil* h a lu|uut *M thrtntfh it» irmaft *M*
hawtffuta i*f thouaM* ff t wiW>i
(* Hi
t* »t ‘ fi 'ii t* i i ■ t«;
it 1 Mat I ■ I Itiia ' I
it «u!to tit a auk _
N« matter what tin tot
iw t iwlnt was, h**tor Hak
will feature it, and it will
(iir the hair a briullful
natural irlow*. renewuHT'ltf#"
amt lustre, and make it wilt,
tieautiful. "younir ' aifain
It givea a (‘•ad, ft'fresh III a
sensation In the aralp
makes it clean and make* it
feel clean. It la not atieky.
greasy, mossy or unpleasant
to use It la lust a clean,
colorless liquid which is a
proved substitute for the
natural pigmentation It is
aa eaay to uae aa water
Kolor liak ia actually a
scalp and hair tonie because
of ita cleansing, stimulating
qualities which promote
health and strength thus
Nature to bring about
vnormalconditionof the hair
No need to furnish sam
ples of your hair. The one
clean, colorless liquid is for
all hair. Several people
whose hair was originally of
different colors could use the
same bottle of Kolor-Bak
with equally satiafactory
fi'ro-foo *U fm* Ik* j*k!
Hanwhm Gray Hair
Mr Hair Wa«
Quit* Grar
Hr fctir *•• »»•?
II • rr full.*-* ■«*
H< .-rl* M.+..I rint
I.-4r»* IflMtU
* tr* »!>*»*•
i <*<• t.1 H*l
'«»* «Wl *'»’•
)• »va>n ita «»r*#»r«al
#*»4*»r I »«* Itr^ra
lA typuvi Utter)
Send for Trial Offer
Write for Trial Of* satisfactory. Address
fer, and Free Book on Hygienic Laborato
care of the hair. You ries. 204 S. Peoria St.,
pay nothing for Kolor- Dept 4JI 'k - Chicago,
Bak if results are not Illinois.
Dealers everywhere sell Kolor-Bak.
I . r,„ -
HOARD, a new Pacific
coast aquatic sports de
vice, is a cross between an
aquaplane and a life pre
server. Peggy Burke, of
San Diego, is shown with
the board, to the bottom
of which is fastened an
inflated section of rubber
tubing. • F. * A.
^Hmji as ijou choose
Vausing here hurrying there
shading from loud to soft.
picking out the melodg at will ~
ana ohlainiMj sniloniito effects all at one
ana the same lime, only on ihe Jjefiw Phruso/
With the Repro-Phraso you play as your
moods and fancies dictate, putting into
the playing your own personality, mak
ing your piano respond to your interpre
tation of me music’s meaning and appeal.
A Demonstration will he a Revelation »
i •
_ . , and Freight added—Convenient
Price only *Ojv up Terms arranged 11 desired
trf- - — —
Why each day should now have
its “washing hour”
IT used to be so easy and so harm
less to toss one’s soiled garments
into the hamper to await washday.
But crepe de chine and georgette have
taken the place of muslin, silk has
replaced lisle—the whole character
of your wardrobe has completely
You cannot leave delicate silk or
woolen things rumpled and soiled
for days at a time! They suffer. Per
spiration fades their colors and injures
the fabric.
So we offer this suggestion:
Find, each day, a few moments to
wash quickly with Ivory suds your
soiled silk and woolen garments. If
they need ironing, and you cannot at
once spare the time, dry them and lay
them away clean until ironing day.
You will soon notice a difference in
the appearance and in the life of your
precious things, and it takes so little
time, really—just a few moments of
squeezing the pure Ivory suds through
the delicate fabric, one or two rins
ings that is all.
This is the modern method of caring
for the delicate garments that fashion
has brought to every woman. And
with Ivory suds, quickly made from
either Ivory Flakes or Ivory cake soap,
you can be sure of safety for fabrics
and colors, as well as for your hands.
Ivory, you know, is so mild and gentle
that millions of women use it every
day to protect their complexions.
An Interesting Comment: Many women
use Ivory Soap for their general weekly
washing. It costs very little more.
A conclusive safety test for
garment soaps
lr is easy to determine whether or not a
soap is gentle enough to be used for deli
cate garments.'
Simply ask yourself this question
" Would I use this
soup on m j face ’ ”
In the case of Ivory and Ivory Flakes your
answer is instantly. ''Yes,'’ because you
know that for forty-five years women have
frotected lovely complexions by the use of
vory Soap.
Let us send you a Free Sample
It will give us great pleasure to send you a
generous sample of Ivory Flakes without
charge, and our beautifully illustrated
Look let. "The Care of Lovely Garments.”
a veritable encyclopaedia of laundering
information. A request by mail will bring
a prompt response.
Address Procter &c Gamble, Dept. 205
Cincinnati, Ohio
GUeSt j0 protect face and hands
it t /^v ta -m r Guest Ivory, the dainty, new cake of Ivory, wrapped charm
I \ / I 1 IV ni||ly in blur and whirr, has been made especially tor your
A Y V-VAV. A toilet soap holder. It i» truly a» tine as soap van be. yet its
modest price is only *> cents.
Five Cents
II f/«, »'J He l*r. t. t m liawMs I'. Iiss. Wwhui ___ ______