The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, April 13, 1924, CITY EDITION, PART FOUR, Page 3-D, Image 35

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    H«i» H Mk Wo**.
i»«4 #»»#•* w it k-| iv« nt.ii,
*f |i'»*'l»* |Ki> | k< t week. Ik #
#«***§ ee-nt*e *••*"■* la tea M l
»**«*« r*><* MAh Mat ii*m
•k» CHI •>*•* *f«#i*t Wlo«*<«l **•!
’•♦a ii in1** *tnnrhee damn
viral rmikW fn# IM W*#l <k*
» am# map H* fieiad
WMmI**|m hnlilfd**
n * ilitt *f lha WHMM*t*h hN
* tsrten rhnrvdi MM pieeewt lb# cwn
■*'#, Th* Mmhii Phh Ik* i
Mac Fatten#, »* Sunday after*
. « *1 « K'rlwk, *l tb* abiirib,
ii ii» Mtk Mini and Wsnl worth
Hay Se*« In* Mttrhth Pfi»lrtn*«,
pi»»>i«t, and lamina Krhnanher, *♦«
hi, win a**i*t with lha pr«gt*tp
I" n Kama Neleon la ntgentet amt
It mi nit# Memorial.
T.*lay, Palm Sunday, lha thnlr of
Hi* KonnlM Memorial I.titheran
iliuirh will glv* "Til# Seven lA*l
M ni d* of Chrlal,” by Th. ltiihol*, at
1 p. in.: th# solo parts wilt ha taken by
M *a lluth McHrlt!# Win#, aoprano;
Mr. John A. McCreary, tenor; Mr.
IustIn Helgren, baritone.
On Good Friday evening at *
o'clock the earn# choir will give
Strainer'* wonderful cantata, “The
Crucifixion," with Mr, John A. Me
Cieary, tenor and Mr Gua P. Swan
eon, bass, as soloists.
Albert Sand Is orginlst amt John
S. Helgren, director.
Dundee Ptrsbylerlan.
Special Palm Sunday music will l>e
i endered at both morning and eve
ning services next Sunday, at the
Dundee Presbyteritn church.
On Easter Sunday, April 20, the
musical feature will be the rendition
of the eecond part of Handel's “Mes
siah,” by a choir of 45 people. Solo
ists will Inrlude Lena Ellsworth Dale,
soprano and director; Myrtle France*
Wyatt and Miss Gladys Moore, so
pranos; Gertrude Aiken Slahaugh end
Marjorie M. Forgan, contraltos; Law
rence S. Dodds and Will S. CcCune.
tenors; Carl Smith and Dr. John
Dlndinger, bassea.
Other aolotsts In the oratorio will
be Mabel Edwards Price. Glena Biel
Heath, Mrs. Edward Williams, Mr*.
John Bergqulst, Mark V. Johnson,
Emerson Westgate, Harry V. Burk
l*y, J. J. Dodda and Edward F. Wil
liams. Vernon C. Bennett at the
nrgan, Lela Turner at the piano.
Zion Lutheran.
A earred cantata, "The Crucifix
ion," by Stainer, will be given by the
Zion Lutheran church choir at the
church, Thlrty-aixth and I^ifayette
Jtreets on Palm Sunday evening at
I. They will be aaafated by Harry
Dlabrow, baritone; Lawrence Dodda,
>nor; F. A. K. Hanaon, baaa; Mra.
ilerahel Woodla, anprano; Kva Nat
ron, orgnnlat, and Bernard Johnaton,
hofr maater.
Central High Srhool.
Thuraday evening, April 17, the
senior glee clube of Central High
•chon!, under the direction of Mra.
'arol Marhoff Pitta, will preaent the
"Seven J-nat Worda of Chrlat," by
Duhola, at tha high achool auditorium
at 8 p. m. Sololata will be Kenneth
e-*api t|'i Hh#* Fw#e
|M |H M ew-# UMl ti‘#4Hi,
AIM# lift I MSihlH IM Af»**#r
Mil twfNino# |#wim|it>
•at Iff M M|tt| I'hit# AH #*♦#*# let
#'# |f# i«rf(#4 (i |tt#e|
MmA HnI |*i *if# #m
4 #’*i#M*-*f ef mv## #f#
»-# »f pi#*t#M i>M#f (M t*#pD#tt*fi
4 (Hi (K» IVbftH #d«li ftd lit# pH
•#M#*eg if NIN'll ftmik* iMl •«
lift? I I# I* TH# p MAiiI# f«H I Hi
• ##l #m f#r ii ii ii t##Af i# I t in
ntiir«4 #| pr»n#t>|t t# |«tli(M M««
i 1 h# rllmil if Ip# wean will l*e I Ha
'nfaaiii iimcatl »*f tHa (HniM Hinm
I Htaftp PfiHaMi# aft Ft day |t|4lh|
(HhnH»», Mat f,
i* pitaaifiaa a *mm
I dire* iad fep l»i MMfi SiM*|
at Mar? Magdalen rbatcfe, i|« a) #ta
|t»'« eir»ngt-4 fe» Men** M k
Ft ret |*t safer tart an ■ fe >»»• h ptftf»em af
I Hi |i#pl mil folk lari !»#■«, directed If
(4Mt»ae 3ansen Wylie
Firat Central i r,ngret anneal thur«fe
rioitam prepared bi Mart a iiu# iad
tea ii. Itliia.
I’tvmeMfli Congregational, mua<«el
•#*■*!»# prevented by Mis, F O line*
1 ample laraal, mneitei fe-ur by pupils
and nrrheatf# fnliewing Sunda> •« h»»i
Trinity Cathedral, math al gift l< # di
rafted fey Man iMibley
Htaitdaii theater, free pregrtm at n(gh(
under the eupnp-et of tha nmahe Dally
Niff a and th- Nebraska Authors Hub. ar
rsnged by Mrs Margaret Hadotlef Shat,
well and sponsored fey Mias Maty Mum fe
hoff. •
Monday. May 1.
Schmoller Mualiar auditorium recital
*>>' PU»U| of Miaa Edith Ms- Miller
WOAW radio station, radio program
broadr sated by Mrs. K. O. A met
inhibit of old concert and r e 111 a I pro*
Rrama. lasting all week, opens at the
eistr bonk atoia, ai ranged by llaniy
Inhibit of old song books at Matthews
hook store, arranged by IPt s Merguret
Shot well.
Tuesday, May d.
Schmoller Mueller auditorium, recital
by piano pupils of August M Borglutn
Fortnightly dub. musical at iha home
of Mr. and bTrm. F. J. Farrington. Every
member of the club will participate.
WOAW radio station program by the
Seventeenth Infantry hand from Fort
I’hrlat Child center, program by chil
dren e chorus.
Wednesday. May ?.
Schmoller Mueller auditorium, "Second
Symphony." hy Oustave .Mahler, arranged
for two p!nnos. given by Mra. A. O.
Dunn and Mrs Karl Werndorff. A rhorua
of 4tl volets will accompany th* fourth
movement, with Harriet Clark Helgran
and Mrs. E. O. Ames an soloists
University of Omaha, song recital hy
students and private pupils of APrs. Louisa
•Jansen Wylie.
Real Parent-Tearher’a association, con
cert In charge of Mrs. Stephen .Tons*
South Omaha Christ Child cantar, glee
club concert.
Thursday, May R.
Association male chorua, concert at the
Biandela theater, with Florence Mac
Beth, soprano, aa aololat. Frank Van
Owndy. chorua director; Dr. A. A. (Juta
mor. f president.
Schindler Mueller auditorium, piano pn
plla of Jean P. Duffleld will appear In
ret tta 1.
Friday, May 9.
Musle memory contest of Omaha puhlle
schools. city Auditorium In the morning
The pierce will he played by the new
Omaha Symphony orchestra.
Omaha Symphony orchestra, first con
cert in the evening at the city auditorium,
conducted by Kngelbert Roentgen, Nflnne
Temple Israel, musical aarvlca aarly Frl
dsv evening, directed by Mra. Dollla Pol
lock Klgutter and Vernon I*. Dennett.
Alfred Fnrland. virtuoso hanjolst, Prl
dav night at the Y. W. C. A auditorium
•indar tha auspice* of tha Omaha Plactral
Symphony orchestra
»’hriat rhild center, patriotic concert.
WOtW radio atatlon, program by mu«lc
department of Tabor college. Iowa. Satur
day. Mav 1ft
D A. R. and Children nf tha American
Revolution. May breakfast followed by a
special mush'*I *t thf' Burgees• Nash tea
room. The children will give a mualral
i' *1 p. m. the same day at tha homa
of Mr* tieorge K Mlckel.
American legion drum rorpa parade on
wo A W radio atatlon will broadcast a
orogram bv the Monday Musical club
SnOt'-de-' night.
“chmoller Mueller auditorium, regular
Saturday evening concert.
Tn nrtdltlnn. pr'iarama ara bainur
planned by tha T. W. C. A., tha Clef
K whirl of coined?,
•iagiag, dancing
and novelties on
B»nH!nnji MHjnTwniiiiniiw thi> week** bin.
Matinee 2:20—WEEK COMMENCING TODAY'S MATINEE—Even la ■ *:20
Vocal Charactorlata and Favorite
Phonofraph Artiato
Howard Jackaon at tha Plow*
Spoclal Malarial by
Jack Yallan and Milton Afar
•ad HI*
Jack Elkin* at tka Plaaa
A One-Act V ere lea at tfca Original New Yerk Caaetf Fane laeeaea
TWIN BEDS w“ "'“"c"*™0"0
Martinet and Hi* Famous Crow
Ciw«e PaatMilmk Nmllf
la a Rcfruhliag latarvlaw af
Song aaa Daaca
iarMjr Zaania at the Plaaa
I .yioj’i*.F.*£1**.---------------jiivi
I 713 April 20 Mil.
UiflfTTnT iC< Easter Sun. 4 Nithls Wed.
WOWD'J fUHWES\ COflEDV '* 11 I j '§TmS2
nvt wonochtul. months' i! i /\
in Chicago
(HkoiMivto* tN Naw >6hnJ ur
And tha brilliant company that de
lighted 180,000 fun lovtra this
aaaaoa in Chicago.
Night*' SOc, $1, $1.80, $2 and $2.80—10% »a«.
Pop. Prica Matinee Wed., Beat Seel*, $1.80 CPIua Tea.)
Ticket* a* Sale Tomorrow, 10 A. M, j
r1 * " 1 ' r'r 'i ifiT- —i ~ %
Reese String Quartet
Til* Rre** Hiring i|iitirt<*| will *«»M III** member* i>f Ih* I'nnriirdl* rlufc
In |n**rnllng Ihrlr innreri on Ihr altri 1111011 of Kaaler, April JO, *1 Ih* Her
man lionir. It* member* are Mr*. I*:rnr*| lire**. violin: Ml** I'rlda l'aii«tlan,
**<mid violin: Ml** Ann Coughlan, viola, and Ml»* Marlin llonlon, rrllo.
club. Central High School Parent
Teacher*' association, amt by most
of the moving picture house*. Includ
ing the Rialto, the Strand, the World
and the Hoaelanri.
Fortnightly Musical
The next meeting of the Fortnight
ly Musical club will he held at the
home of Mrs. Walter pale Clark,
5J22 Davenport afreet, To»*day after
noon, April IT,, at 2 o'clock. Mra.
(’lark will ha hoalaaa. a**l*ted by Mr*.
J. H. Cain. Jr. Mr*. Rodney Bit**
will be leader of th* pro»rani to be
atven hy Mr* K. O. Arne*, Mr*. A.
R. Rnrnlte. Mr*. Walter Rale Clark,
Mr*. A. O. Klllck, Mr*. Fred C. IUII,
Mr*. R. R- Ryan and Mr*. Harry
M »lt»*« I H(tl tt I
« * »*• ft iMH) #9*4 j
y-» !*»♦• Miw*M f***A«, * HI (f
)*•> III l*H|«l iiklM IM »«*♦*• *
• I IM fw»w»»|*k*tl >1 *> • *<| *t IlmlM
19*94*9 9WW.IM 4|9it I* *1 I M
III 1*4 f*Hn«y,I'M *| |.*M I*
iM AMftM Ml'AN«t. #1* 9»**l*i l*#M
Mi lk *l«9*i f%* I .IlMkk*
ft< •**■* "9%* IN**rt*i4 H*i J Mft
9*1*1 I «»#*•*
"Villi II It* 9|ll , .
. MMM f 1*9*13 H 1*9*1
I *•• I k* * ►*■ i**i *♦ * i i* *f
******* I -*■* i*iii t n f* * W< ;
Nlim<rlM „ ***** IM*** .*»** 1
rs«r nim * >•> I*i»* fn»i#*
. . , , * *
**♦.#* *i ** *** fkvfkl Ml
* »• fk* kin*** >** wi|*t *
** *»«4» MmMI* ** V*ll* , .
f'lkfi* I t* 9 9 »•«<*• ’Ilk*
1191 W9**11911 * 9*31*111**99*
IK l*.*l»(U I* I* *lt**l ft9*9l*!**,*9<t
11*9*11*9 * M«**A
* **iiM H***i * *I9*NW*1JM**
ft,* M»>* <V» W"
M*.**IM 4*1*9* IM ft**!**
Ik* 1119*1 A»*k*****'* **»*♦ ft'*****
Smetana I
The centennial iwlwMrif nf Ihe j
hltlh of Ih» (rtilNI Onhethian t ■»«« 1
poeet. Htdrirh Smelana, which ia he
It ( .elehralrd title year thrntteltniil
lha moel* al world, will be retnewbeegd
on Sunil*v evening In the Tel led
Sokol hell, Thltieenth end Marlha
el re* t a, l>y a program arranged by
educational coinmllteea of lha local
Sokol organlrattnna Smetana torn
pnaed *om# nf hla baat work* while
completely deaf and hla comical opera,
lha "Bartered III lite," la being played
by operatic organisation* In New
York, Cleveland and Chicago and a
large number nf hie oompoaltlone are
well known and plaved by varlou*
eymphonlo orrhealrae and concert
muairiana throughout the world. The
program given by lha Sokol organlxa
tlona will comprise the following:
Plano Mldctlona from ' ‘Bartered Bride**
..pfantey Jan Letoagky
Addteaa. “Ufa and Work of Prnatana"
.IVr. r. (1. Pmofa
Violin. flonta from Homi".
.Mte* riara flrhnelder
Aria from "Hertared Bride" . .....
. Mlea .llrnvac
Conctri Polka .Pianlay .fan Lefnvtky
"My S»*i*'.Vocal Quart#!
No admfaalon 1« b#!ng charged to ;
(hi* program. All public la Jnvltad.
-.— ■■ ■
\ Ending Friday evening
| A Gripping
* Story of a
Great Love
More charming than avar in
"to Woman”
A Glad Girl in the Mad Whirl of
the Moulin Rouge
Actually filmed in the gilded palace* that have made Pari* a plaee to wink at.
Because It Is a Woman’s Story-A Woman’s Bat«lo-A Woman’s Picture
_ _i
looks forward with great gleaatira
in being able to prcaent to Omaha
for a period of two week*
in her erownin* achievement—
From the «torv by F. Marion Crawford.
Naw York, Clilrafa, Datroit, *1. I.aull, Clavaland and 100
Olhar Cltlaa Prorlalmad Thi* Production a Maafarpiara
Ob ■ a a a b will join in tha natinn-wida praiaa and
Rfl i& H fa conaidnr " I hr Whlta Siatar" wall wnrth
**■ wwa ■ ■ " » ilia admiaaion priraa charfad ararywkara.
M»»t. .( I K*
tM M*»4t M*th>*t Mwfc «rti lt«H
*M*» *I**H ***#**«§ *1 <M H*-«n# *t
Mn A4<t»* Nl Hit *•<•••
M-»««4»* ******* Af>«<» M IH»
Mwm*w** t**»»• • ••■ »i t*
I nM Iti
WM| i 4 „ Mfl
«l»l tNit Ui** #■ t*
(»*«*•» »*• * « ** * *• *«
*•» •v:. ,. *r. .
M*t • 4* H -<#f tr-» • Ml* ’Mi I* I -»»•#«*
#. • t.t**#* *
#ftn i;«
'">M|wNkl4«N Hut ‘'W,,“
It M* k «<••*•»•
* #**§ attt M
"t* »**#•* _ . «»''»•
M.» litli* #1*#* III* • #«*♦ * >*• k<
t'nM't M**t
i1|ii 4 Mail* *t’4 *♦*♦*»*• *
*♦ tiinti pmtMfl ii^4f4 a ' I
|| *##»*• til *mi hnh't* '• I '*
Hill il «m I
• iMttMo #»**•♦»*«- tf"*
Hn «» I 14 hint* I |t«ik
MMli h»*« ¥««
|«|n i Mfiii lii'irt l*«* "*
kii**#*h U*H« itaii |*»»w4»M I***
iMm w**i, imii umiiiMt
ivimM tint1" M i|**t»i* twi’i
I Mil* Inn klHitiWiRlI, |H#l4f
fii* tlBinih) |*U.«*i*M
Ml VimniM Mm Nil
♦ Hil tin 11 Full |i|rmill Mill 14*
•iiiMi in • hUM* ••“till •< k*i
• inA'.i I ft* H*ife*t* M*>h ►‘ifinMIl
« s t«.*a * (M*• M 4|M I
I i lip** tW> H t «m #
III f•
Mi»t ll«i t>Km K« Mtl
M •• Mt*a*MI* l,tl»Af***»lp* *n
,'iwiiM »•« hi>«Kt» m *» m».
•-«*. «■ t« iitti •« ti*» hMw ## Tv**
(hr tr-M^iiy April •
Mai* T Ham a )i a*I»|~*i | *M»PM»
It 4»r iHt*A •• I-A tfcwil It #*>•» II •
Maim pM-tfA find
| AtXWEEK I friTcff^) | ALLWEEK
Yes, There Is & ,mething New In
Western Pictures •• and Here It Is
Th# story is so rirh in serf on
material that the producer* sent
the entire company to the heart
of the famous Painted D»*ert in
The resulting scenery is marve
lous, almost supernatural. Here
i*. by long odds, one of the most
beautiful and finest Western
photoplay* ever made.
The story i* human and natural.
The action is legitimate, logical,
thrilling. The cast Is perfect.
Then, too, the production was
under the personal supervision
of the author—7.ane Grey.
A Paramount Picture
A .
tfiCK Schnctt PtlSr*T^
Rutow*- a
“A Kiaa
to tko
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Lothrop—Omaha.Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Grand—Omaha .Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
Lyric—Omaha... .Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Rex—Albion, Neb.Monday and Tuesday
Empress—Central City, Neb. . Friday and Saturday
Favorite—Schuyler, Neb. . .Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
lowana—Red Oak, la.Monday and Tuesday
Electric—McCook, Neb.Friday and Saturday
Keith—North Platte, Neb.Tuesday
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