The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, April 13, 1924, CITY EDITION, PART THREE, Page 6-C, Image 30

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    Store of Sjmcinlty Simps Announces
Stock in Readiness for KasterShopiier*
A Place to Find tho New_|
GW l • >*♦*'*■*••
i f»> ill* ***** H»ila» *lmf p*» »M ••tmlallr M*i »i«l in rail •!»**
«•* ** •****•, *»*)• **4 *■ •*•*• I* Him f! • *• >*• |*M* lilt*
•n4 III 14, I* II** *♦***!*>* !*<*» l"a*t »*ti f***4 %*»•**•* <>f iii»* *•*>*
mininm MiMiiiirii i mt Miinn i M in it urn » imiii
PNilMI \ 11*1
□4»HKWi K PAXTIiN *>Mn M *♦ • *»• nMfl***** * %*pm»n 11*1 ■>• '(* ******
floor, I.** )»** f*t«tn>*4 I*«m *i* ***** p** I !o**rr * «ti in* lr*|* *« N*o
Tor*. ••*io**ir* i* M*4*m •*»*• ptottonn il**l hn * »»*rr r*«*»* >i
!* •*•* *11**1* lit* **•* *««d Mat ***'<»•• rt*»ll. *1* i | ‘ • **•*'
fl*» II I* III
MW rim? CVNMIM4N pxqiinrr I im r mini aim* nr
*HJtv nM*H mrii* mi mim m*hi*11 Ji in i in* Miim.
Oil I Ml tttl»T AMI Nil KIN Mills
prallK Nn**' Akop, i*i>M floor. Onl<t***ln I'hopm*" km* lot*** 1*1*1*
I whit* *tili* of *llh* finlth poplin fnr f*t»i MMHMlM Nr*U| at] M
at* nff*r*d In III*** Norfolk h*ll*^ run* *lv1**, lit* *v*r rlmrnHn*
• >1l**r Twl*t *n4 ll*tk*n two4»l*. In ***** I *n i§ y**t*. Il fj'i* pr*. *,1 •*
• I II an4 l« II.
• oRMirr shop scormsTs thr ii»e% or corset fitting nr mail
TIK Ooldstelni'haptnan Corset Shop, eerimd floor, Putnn Block, t»ih
and Farnanv have an unusually complete line of spring c»r*#t model*
and anggaai corset fining by mall by moana of meaauretnents and
splendidly Illustrated fnldert. A lovely line of these well known cor sets la
shown: Modarta, Stylish Stouts, Thomson’s Glove Killing. Iw-ib-e. Also the
Dorothy Hickman brassieres, so delightful In styling.
GOLDSTEIN CHAPMANS Shop of Intimate Wear on the main floor
presents wholly adorable new robes, gift suggestions for the Easter
tide. Two toned ealln, cerise snd blue. eiVchld and blue or blue nnd
. erlss are exquisite gift offerings, their price, $27.50. Generously full,
Ihey’v* the new puff" edge with French daintiness In every line. Long
iralght lines has s black satin robe with coral bund on sleeves ap-’ down
the front, $25. Delightfully Chinese Is a gold and flame with bit of bright
blue for contrast, this a truly regal robe, $35. On very plain, straight lines
are the little brocaded affairs of dainty orchid, flame, black, blue and pur
ple, these with gerfrgette edges for dslntiness, $15 and $22,50. Tea coats
with whorls of and exquisite flowers are delightful gift suggestion.--. $25.
GOLDSTEIN-CHAPMAN'S Shoe shop, main floor, announce the arrival
of two new sandnls for Easter stylefulness: a chic little black satin
with quaint cut-out banding of gray alligator nrross the Instep under
a narrow buckled strap of the same leather. Cut tfn the same lines Is a
brown leather with a brown alligator trim and heel. Unusunl these, and
meet moderately priced, $5.85.
Easter Dinner Plans Made in Big
Downtown Dining Room—Dinner
Hours Continuous From 12
O'Clock Noon Till 9 at Night
THE Metropolitan Dining Room, Hotel Keen, Eighteenth nnd Harney,
Jackson 8808, are making plans for your entertainment on Waiter
day. First and foremost they’re planning to have dinner from 12
o’clock noon until • o’clock at night. Everything that the spring market
can supply to make an Easter dinner a success will be served st the Metro
politan on Sunday—and you’re all Invited to come nnd bring your families
and friend*. Dinner served at $1.50 a plate.
There’s a very pretty new beaded chain Irj lacy design which Is most
effective worn with the little light frocks of the new season. These taka
five hunches of bead* at lOo a bunch to make, and are finished with two
big Venetian glass bead* at 10c each. It takes two spools of silk twist at
*c a spool, and you can make them yourself In one of the Omaha art shops
or hire them made for $2 In addition to the materials.
The Easter Chapeau of Assured
Becomingness If Selection Is Made
From This Showing of Versatile
BELLE HATCH'S Millinery Shop, 19th and Farnnm, offers much to Inter
sat madam at mademoiselle In aearrh of becomlngriesa In her Kaater
chapeau, Whether aha feels an urge for blue, that rarely lovely new
French green, the ruat color of adorable effectiveness, a chic llttlo black
or Parlaian Inspiration dr a flower hat of true loveliness, she la sure to
b# delighted with a Belle Hatch aelectlon. Prices moat moderate.
Special Facials Featured in New
Beauty Shop Promise Dainty
Skin Texture
MRS. MACK’S Beauty Shoppe, 177 Aqulla Court, lath and Howard, At
lantic 9166, has a special facial pack which la an assurance of satin
•kin texture, for It Involve* a thorough cleaning of the face pores
with a moat affective feeding of the tissues. Marl* Caffee, a well-known mar
color, will he found In this new ahop. Interesting! And It I* Interesting too,
to note that the Franco-Amerlean toilet requisite* are carried In their en
tirety h«re.
April, Month of Diamonds, Offers
Many Suggestions for Gift Offerings
APRIL, mohth of diamond!, la •specially delightful as a time In which
to make birthday gift offering or the Raster gift. The C. B. Brown
Jewel Shop, 220 South Sixteenth street, presents a rare assemblage
of diamond gift Jewelry. Perhaps the moat Interesting nr# tbs ring# In the
newest mounting conceptions In 18-karat white gold which are grouped for
easy aelectlon at the following prlcea: 9I7JSO, $22.50, $27.50, $25, $40, $5*
$78, $100 and $128. The graduation diamond ring certain #f de
lighted appreciation from the girlish recipient. Many of the daintily
> xecuted mountings are especially suited to glrllah loveliness. I/*t your
April gift be a diamond gift. '
Mall Order Hoee Npeial Price Plan
PANY, Sixteenth unit Karnam,
have a special price to mall or
der customers—the $1.85 special hose
featured In this shop will be sent to
mall order customers for $1.5*. A
finely woven hose, this "Karae*
Hpeclal" a delicately fine chiffon
which may be ordered In all colors
Most opportune Just before Easter,
this special Is It not?
.luat Before F.aater Milady Conaldera
the Finding Of Many llalnty fllftn.
□ND you ran find beautiful
aarheta, artlatle llttl* bowa for
th* lingerie or baby dreaaeg
among tha exqulaltrlea on dlaplay at
Imdy Davld'a In th* new Hamilton
Hhop, Aqulla Court, Sixteenth and
Howard. An excellent thing to re
member th* deft rleyerneaa of J.ndy
Davld'a finger* when one la Invited
to attend trouaarau or Jayett* (howar
for If tha Ideal offering I* not In
evidence In the *hop—It la hut th*
work of an hour or ao for a mad# to
order gift. I,ady David I* a paat
maater In auggeatlona for th* arrnng
Ing of th* wedding veil. A auggea
tlon! # # •
Neckline* for daytime are aa varied
a* they are for evening, Th# V neck
line la often need. Ho la the cloa*
neckline with a ahallow Kton collar.
A new equate neckline hua I men In
troduced, The Dlractolre collar and
Jabot la good. The ararf and hand
kerchief are tied about th* throat In
new and Intereating way*.
• • •
Announcing Rale of llalr Rwlleliea
and (thing a Word Concerning llalr
THK Tm nijou Beauty Shop, 2*7
South eighteenth atreet, Atlantic
0991, announced a aal* of hair
ewltrbe*—value* to |lf> at fa, dur
ing the coming week. Priidle of tlila
•hop hn* Juat returned from New
York, wtiere all* took epeclul training
at tb* Inecto IIair I've Hhop and
dernonatrntlnn room*. If In doubt In
any way In regard to result* of Inecto
llalr Dye, conaull Uar.
Sky where I hr u hi tr rlmrdn nlnnd iff gru0er,
I uminoun. lurml Hunter nky!
tinnier fieldn irilh their lieid finer
Of wind-tnnnrd Mmommn Ihnt die
Only In Mnnnom ngnin nome dny!
%lnkr un remember lie're Ihnt wny,
Hrni't little Mnnimmn, mini nnd guy!
Wciitr un remember we nhnll, too.
hnow, nn you know the nun nnd dew
0»<er *§*i* knmi *11 thr wrrl
Of I* in* nil it oyoio, ooif wt #f
4 a yon mrrf f4r Mnaanma Hr*r,
Thni* it hn t* Ni irrrr oror omf ifror
NAy, iHfA ynwr Aoafrr nMfr Mur.
7r*rh Ha, Mt yon, fo yrny.’
ff/naanma nf #ioafrr, wnllf Ha, foo,
4 a f*roir <ia you omf na yoy.'
kMn, Hr MaiI tai«4;n INilM
Millinery Designer of Note Comes to Omaha to
Open Shop of Individual Chapeau Models Rarely Beautiful
TUB Hamilton Shop, Aqulla Court, Sixteenth and Howard, la quits th# moat Interesting departure In shops aeen for many a season—for Ita dec
orations have been planned and carried out In each lovely detail by Mia* Hamilton, who la a designer of not#, having been responsible for many
millinery mode# launched In paat year*. Hamilton chnpeaug will be to Omaha fashion follower# a revelation of exquisite creative achievement and
there's a fascination In viewing th# different models on exhibition they're all so different and ao differently Intended, each Intended for the suiting
of a certain and distinct personality, from th* gay Insouciance of the little sports model* to the stately significance of Sweeping brimmed matron's
bat. .Fuat a few note* Jotted down during my own very enjoyable viewing of the models In a salon of French green, gray and black, with dashing
draped background of orange hung from wrought Iron grilles. Impressive!
Many felt* In gloriously gay hues—swagger affairs for th# motorist, th# golf enthusiast. tTnusual model* from Hyland these! Kpeclally
smart In line are the brightly banded and scarfed Hybels, the hats which rome down well on th# neck of the one whose hair le bobl>ed, this due to
an unusually long ovnl hendslxe. An adaptation from Ludl* Is a wide brimmed hat covered on brim top by soft, dull moire, the front brim caught
In the center by chopped feathers their blue delicately touched by gold paint. From Marla CJuy, the navy blue, Its line achieved by mean* of dull
blue corded rlbhon. Flower hats of dlatlngulshed grace, feather hata of charm, these In vivid colors as well as conservative tailored coloring and
line, and the Infinitely lovely little Ascher ribbon hats for wear with tub allk frocks which promise such a vngua for early summer. A shop to
supply the fashion demand of a fashion season at horn# or abroad with m odele of moderat# price#—$12 to 122 60, *
Swagger New Coat of Silken Weave, the Inside of the
Collar Furred for Summer Smartness—A White Dress
for the Junior League Frolic Glitters With Rhinestones
Which Hold in Place the Tiny Ostrich Frond Clusters
of Flared Side Drapes—A Chic Little White Sailor
Has a Pencil Roll Round Its Crepe-Bound Edge With
_Flame and White Scarf to Match Its Banding_
THERB'S a treat in store to tha visitor to the La Hosohln atora, Hotal Knntenell*, Eighteenth and Douglas, for thers's much new in tha way of
swagger smartness In thla haunt of faahlon, and thara ara offered foibles of tha uljramodlah to gratify whlrna and fnnclas of tha most luxuri
ously Inclined. Lovely new coats ara arriving dally, unusual In etylaful details auch aa summer ermine on the Inalila of the collar of a silken
wMp model—a distinction you'll agreel Oracloualy exquisite la chiffon when It fashions such dresaea aa a white with artful decorative motif In
terpreted In terms of brilliants and pearls with a fnint fluttering of oatrlch fronds across the surface! of flared side panels, or a heavenly Hue model
with Intricately folded aMe panela, each edged In four Inch oatrlch thread to match, thla a lilt reminiscent of tha far aaatern magnificence. Then
thare are thure aeventy-flv# new hat modela—theae typically La Boachln selections—each a marvel of tailored simplicity, each a triumph of becom
Ingneaa. And the prices on thaae trig llttlg hat*— made a not* from a lovely llttl* bankok, Just $10. Almqgt unbelievably low—la It not?
Easter Flowers in Exquisite Profusion at Omaha
Flower Shop
TO APPIIKCIATK fully the very marvelous beauty of Ilia lies* A Rwohoda Flower Rlmti'ii Master flower abo>v It Is nwennury to view them at the shop,
IROfi Kar|inrp. An unusually wonderful assemblage of 41I1#*m. hvdratige ns. rose bushes, glnlstla, that pretty flowering ahrub whose branches are laden
by blossom* of purest gold; bulbous plants of all kinds who*« loveliness s esm* particularly appropriwi* for the Master flower gifting purposes. and
baskets arid corsage* arranged as the artist* of this great shop know so well how to do them, and rut flowers of nil description*. Out of the city customers
should place their order* ns • trly as possible Being members of,the Florists' Telegmph association this shop is able to fill order* on short notice in all
pattg oX the United btutcs and Canada
A|>|>ointmenU Made Kven Now for the
Permanent Wave—Don’t Wait Until
Hot Weather to Havt
M'■ AWf IW’tM iwt* •»** ►> »k # *i* »« t.»« *'• ll t
pi mum « • # • »■ ' ' •
**#%, Mlrnt I* »■*' **•' **■# I ‘ I" * 1 •*! *"'“♦< ‘
•ait* Mr H<MH> >-* IM MMM *M »Mr H-r- R ■*>«*« M»*
lr • tail MtMM r4 IM »rt pWaMMlil •*»*•'* *’ I I la 4**4 wMM MM
H* pairnM. MW tta Mia M pat <«tr PM Ml pirrtl Htw w«* »'- •
la »M Mr RwMH* try IM > f IM •t»n*rifni *
wnMwn w im Ri.wi ir m*M T*» wm mm *« im **.«p im* •*♦*
•n« i ait pail parwnm«i **ir IM » *Mmi* KlKM M4 IM • »>*
lira w | prrfr iir Mriri'M r '(fit* IM wIMr t rlMl»M »tt IM h •
r»tmr>*l aaia *m|i » fintfirtp *4 IM Mta a*! la IM M*> w*«a M
Mr M«Mrl» •tptalaM, IM Mlnrw WmM • 4tff*r*wl IiAImmI Mat
nanlapaaM IM walMaanl la iMt a* >* rtllH #4 Mr ft'Mrt** *»Ma«at
When One Prepares for Easter
Promenade—She Selects a Tailored
Waistcoat—Hosiery of Finest Texture
With a Swagger Walking Stick That
She Mav Be “Different”
Thompson HSItDKN'l muirll'iii* much of inurtuMi to tnadam «
Hatter matuma. Her* It I* that aha make* selection of a trlfty
tailored little waistcoat for superlative etyle corqyctnee* of the
tallteur. In white or ecru linen, plcqu* or organdie, ah# chooeae a rounded
Peter Pen or V shape neckllnw—thea# in price range from tl.St lo II **.
dear and lovely chiffon hoelery at $1 *9—"th##e without flaw of any kind"
to quote a little girl who !• converaant with the stock. And surely on# a
gey Easter enaemble will he Incomplete without a swagger etlck, quite the
rawest coetoms not#, th»#e In color to harmonize with eult, hat, ehoee and
glcyae, fl 7*.
Jade Gold Tile and Gray Band Loose
Sleeves and Hem of Spring Coat Model
—The Collar Finished by Ermine Roll %
LAMOND'H. Seventeenth and Farnam, prea»nt wholly charming new
coat modela—a decidedly pretty trimming favored by on* le a band
ing of many colore, the high etandlng collar finished "by a roll of
cocoa dyed ermine which nicely harmonize* with the tile and gold of the
multi tinted band. Tan charmeen 1* a wrap with wide braided design of
navy blue, the braiding extending below the hem In clever way. covering
the high or low collar and extending down upon the body of the coat,
lively. A clever ehowfng etf dreaa coat* from $49.50 to $69 50.
a a a
Roearle* are gift* of **peclal significance at Easter time—a lovely
gift when enclosed In dainty little box of gold or ellvar. A local gift shop
ha# made a feature of them thl* spring and thsy’r# offered In a price rang*
of from $5 to $50. I
Hy-Tex Brick Favored by Architects
and Home Builders, Who Demand
Artistic Effects in Addition to
Longevity of Material
HY TEX BRIfTC !• th# choice today of architects and home builders
who ere alike In their demand that building materials present an
artlstle appearanca aa wall as an embodiment of longevity of cor
■tructlon. Now la the time to select the brick for your new home—Hy-Tex
to be eure and the heat pnaalble place to make the selection !e from the
beautiful display In the Hydraullo Praa# Brick company'# showroom* on
the main floor of the Woodmen of the World building. Fourteenth end
Karnam. Purely not difficult to And aomethlng eminently suited to the
type of home you're planning for It la your privilege to make selection
from more than J00 color combinations and ttxtures. In the exhibit room
you will And salesmen who will be glad to help you on your brick prob
lem#, estimating rnmparatlv* costs on various types of construction. If
unable to call, a postal card request will bring to you on# of ths new beok*
which contain half ton# and color plates of Hy Tex brick.
With Easter Starts the Entertaining
of Spring and Summer—Preparations
for the Festive Wedding Events
THE Brandel* Wall Paper department, fifth Aoor, offer much of Inter
est to tha spring and summer hoatea* for their wan covarlngs are
particularly adapted to the changing of Inald# decorating so daslrabi#
to the planner of many functions. Especially Interesting are the following
price offerings: bedroom papers, lie a roll; dining room paper*. 17o a roll:
paper* tor living room and hall*. !4o a roll. The*# In sxqulslts new dec
orative conception# represent worth while wall coverings. Me* I stake
your eelectlone?
Season of Wedding and Anniversary
Gift Occasions Draws Near
THE Jdhn Henrlckeon Jewel Shop, llth and Capitol, offers muck of Inter
eat as the season of wedding and anniversary gift occasions draws n*a:
In this stor* will b± found an unusually larg* assemblags of Seth
Thomas clocks, starling service piece# In both quality plate and sterling
watches and diamond presentations of worthy values. This store has a a#r\
Ice especially planned for those who are unable to visit th# store—a service
which Involves th* sanding of Illustrated book*, even the mailing of msrchsr
dlse for selection, uppn presentation of hank references. Th# Henrlckeon
slock Is very Ane—th* values well worth while.
• • •
Slave bracelets are quit* th# newest note In Jewel whim*—and thev'r*
offered In white gold and silver and *o lovely are they that tom# more
luxuriouely Inclined persona have even had them made up In platinum.
The allver linked chain* of charm are »J.50, those In white gold are $t;
Airedale, Gray and Black Suede Chosen
Favorites for Spring Footwear
THK Kinney Shoe Store, Hliteenth end Capitol, are featuring for Baeter
footwear the choeen auede In Airedale, gray and black In fiutov
atrapa and tlea In both medium and high heela at the very low Prwi
of f4 91. Chiffon hoee to match, all ahadee are J1 59 a pair
• • • . . .
Coal* and Sulla For Eaater Wear
Embody Mm h Style I leverneaa
With Sunwlalngly lew Prlcea.
HA THEN BROS., Sixteenth and
Douataa. hava an unuaually
pretty line of eoata In dlatlnc
tlv# atylea, embodiment* of lovely
new line* and trimming detail*
which proclaim their newnea* Coata
which era Intended for both aporta
and draaa wear and are priced from
til 76 to |36 50. Hairline ilrlpea In
aoft aergea and flannel* and I’olrat
twill* In the ae.vaon'a popular color
ing* ar* the atilt* In boytah type
atyllng* which are priced for Immc
dlat* buying. 616 75 to 14130.
a a a
The houffiynt gown ta at 111 made by
»ome houaea that alwnyg make pic
ttireaqiie gowna, but It I* tha In
dividual exception, not the mod#.
a a a
tall the Meaner* Today-f-lwat Warn
Ing Before Eaater.
THERB'S a rerlaln aatUfartlon lit
having one'# ward role in clean
ly readlnra* for Eaater donning
of light colored tallleur, glove*,
dalnly wrap, acarf and yell, Preaher
Hro*, Twenty aecond and Farnam,
have tsaued the laat warning beforg
Eaater—-call them up tomorrow for
early delivery of cleaned wardrobe
lovfllnen* before Eaater.
a a a
Th* circular flounce or clever s-lafl*
n* often naed for flounce# now'**
the lower par; of Uie aku; fiv*t»
Sometime* the tub* frock !#
widened in th* lower part of th*
eklrt by only an Inconspicuous plait
or two. *o that th* effect Is of a
perfectly straight tub* until th#
wearer moves.
•— *tvl ~**m*mrr\mrk H»**»*:*r#4 1* C
I'm-* nt Office
<ffl»WW«4 or r»o 1-94