The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, April 13, 1924, CITY EDITION, PART THREE, Page 4-C, Image 28

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    I found! Bluffs
V -_ , ■■ , ->
la | iw*w ti >th wi
Hhm'M M *wd M*# T # +■+*'
mlm Nw*rti ti*## \n li »■ d W»Ht
lit fft* m • p it. Itatnw *♦*#•
tx - a || dv*t*»t f #w riitM' liwat
taM M llwlt txMM >f I f'fc
to H i# Mum
«hfit iit*i How »h *># i *iiM
■ . atin* IMi nail ii# ##'*!. Ii#
F-M* N" 1* P**1 >4 lar* ***# **
( tM *.«i>iao'»*-'** •**<• an# t#
Mr# fit##* ,#f ixmlM |M* • l»o«*h
• ..■% ii i|s* tinutoi i+*<ii«f#nt on
Wrdorada! to* # * F'»l#r #h# w#a
lit# , ,.n p*ln*«1*<*d |IM*i pin# Mr#
M I Rob tor onunaHtod »! # t«Hr*i
fix of Hi iw *■## #i ih# o»»iii <l«f
i# Ft <•#)
Mi# «h tmroig#n I nl«1n*«
Mi* K.lward I*, Hoho*l»tg*n ##*
I, n*l*## Ml TUMhi' #1 • hm< h#on for
ih* < Surd on 11 iib. att*r * hr h th#y
had I ii. lr op*nlng m**l log of Ih# #*•
Mrioti*i»hl|i In thl# .r*«nlr#llon 111
■ luit#< Mowlam*# I. P, ll#n*h*ll, John
II. Woodward, H**l*r Moon. 3. II.
Kini/, K p H*ho*nt«*n, K. A Uruv
tr, F Mrvrr*. llmry Cutl*r, F W
I<*#n. F 11 Mill, W, E Mann. C. T
fifth'*!*, I*. S l.rffrrl*. Andr*w .lark
mn. J. R I!**.!. I., C. Mull*. H*nry
llarrlton, John Calvin. E. II. Bvlvaot
rr, and Mix* N*U Moor*. Th* honor
ary inrmt>< ta are Moadamaa Sarah
ll*nton Knapp. Carla! on Woodward,
Drayton Buahn«ll, W, A. Maur*r,
John N. Baldwin, I<*)ti* Montgomary,
Thoma* D. Mrtralf. K.*E. Cox and
Mlaa Adah Dnllrv.
Celebrate* Hlrlhdsy at School.
Kleven college friend* of Miss Car
oline Thelnhardt, who la at DoPauw
In Greeneaatle, lnd , helped eelebrate
her nineteenth blrthduv last Sunday
at a dinner which was prepared and
milt hy this young atodent'a mother
and her grandmother, .Mrs, M. K.
From the dainty place card* and
other appointments for the table, to
the candle lighted birthday cake,
everything waa sent spectal delivery
from Council filuff*.
Mrs. Kintz Writes Playetie.
This year the Garden club in arrnng
Ing their program seemed particularly
anxious to have something original,
and Mrs. ,T. If. Kintz, at the sugges
tion of some of the members, con
sented to supply material for one of
the meetings which will he held late In
ihe aeason.
When but a girl of 16, Mrs. Kintz,
at the home of her parents In Dresden,
wrote a sketch entitled. "The Return
from Boarding School," and to her
great delight the little story, which
has much to do with a bouquet of
(lowers, appeared In one of the leading
magazines published nt thnt time In
Germany. Thin she has Just rear
ranged In a playette "Say Tt AVIth
Flowers" which will be presented by
live of the Garden club member*.
Although this charming ami talent
ed matron devotes hut little time to
literary work since her marriage
brought her to this country, she
achieved honors along those llnea
In Germany and enjoya reminiscing
over her girlhood days. Laughingly
she tells of her desire to have a four
set play "The Game of Chance" which
she had written, presented to the pub
lic, and knowing of the great interest
which a coualn of Queen A’lctorla, the
duke of Saxon-Coburg Oodha took In
young people ambitiously Inclined,
wrote a letter asking permission to
; have her play read to him, hoping to
. st least receive a word of encourage
ment. To thin he consented, and so
delighted waa he upon henring It that
he Immediately arranged to have It
, produced In the Royal theater, by the
best actorn of the country.
At the first presentation he sp
‘ peered In his box, with a number of
other celebrities, and knowing that
the young writer was In the audience
With her mother sent word that he
would like an Interview with her after
the second act. Over this she was
most enthusiastic and being familiar
with court etiquette expected to greet
him very formally but he received her
In a most democratic manner, ex
pressing surprise at her ability and
A Gleamy Mass of Hair
15c "Danderine" does Wonders
for Any Girl's Hair
• W
Oli 1*! Try I HI*' When < mulling and
di'-aalng your hull, |unt molatni your
hull hruah wit It h lit11« "IJitnderln#”
mid hruah It through your liulr. The
'yffn t la atarlllng! Vuu can do your
liulr up Irnmeilliilcly and It will np
penr l wire na thick and heavy- a
*maaa of gleamy liulr, aparkllng with
life and poaaeanlnK that Inrompurnhle
•oftnea fn 'hrieaa and luxuriance.
While hcaiitlfylng the liulr "l>an
define" la nlao toning tind alltnuUil
Ing each Mingle hair to grow thlrk.
,lopg and Mining liulr atupM fulling
out and dandruff tlloappenra: (lei a
Nit lie of delightful, reft lulling "Hun
detjine" at any drug nr toilet runnier
.unil )UMt «ee how healthy and youth
ful your hair beconfca.
Mr* Wallun% Shoparrf a i\uvs\ 1
— Pfcoto by M#fi».
Mm. Wallace Sheoard.
Numbered among the spring visit
ors In Council Bluffs is Mrs. Wallace
Shepard who came from Cleveland,
O., to adtenil the wedding of her son,
Whllnce, Jr., and Miss Dorothy Jud
son, which will be solemnized in (lira
ha on April 30.
Mr*. Shepard I* visItlnR at the
home of her slater and brother In law.
M*. and Mrs. William Pypor, and will
also spend some time with her |>nr
ent., Mr. and Mrs. .John 1. I.lit*.
tni Wednesday of this week Mrs,
Frank Judson of Omaha will (five a
let fir Mrs. Shepard.
hopes thnt sfie would continue her
literary pursuits.
Because of her deep gratitude for
the help he had given her, she later
wrote a sonnet, dedicating It to hint
which he personally acknowledged In
a very lovely letter which »he now
prizes highly.
Before reaching the age of 21, Mrs.
Klntz, published a novel entitled.
"Pawned" and also contributed a
series of ai th ick to various publics
In addition to her literary work
Mrs. Klntz plays the violin anil Is
most talented along artistic lines ns
was evinced last week when the
Garden cluh memhers received origin
al and attractive yenr books wlgch
were entirely her work. The pages
were rut In the shape of baskets and
what appeared to he a bouquet on the
cover design were really little hook
marks of vari colored blossoms which
may be easily slipped from their
Interesting Summer Plans.
Among the passengers sailing from
New York on the S. H. Adriatic, June
7, will he Mr. and Mrs. John Galvin
of this city who have planned an in
teresting trip for the summer.
After* a stay of a month or more
In Ireland, a country In which the
Galvins are deeply Interested, they
will go to London for the American
Bar association meeting when shout
1,000 or more Americans and their
wives will he guesls of the Kngllsh,
Canadian and Australian attorneys.
During August Mr. and Mrs. Gal
vin will probably Journey Into Krann
and Italy hut have not as yet planned
a definite Itinerary.
Four talile* were filled with play
era when Mr*, Clarence Kmpkle en
tertalned at * bridge-tea ln*t Wed
n**day at her hom# on I^ifayette.
Spring Recital.
More than 20 puplla of Ml** Mlnnl*
hell* Roblnaon appealed In a very at
tractive dancing recital recently In
the K. of P, hall and in-eaented a
very pretty picture In their aoln
and enaembl* work,
Mr*. Wolfe anil Son Sot Coining.
Mr*. Clifford Wolfe and *nn, Cl If
ford, Jr., have given up their plan
to vlnlt Mr*. Wolfe'* parent*, Dr.
and Mr*. Donald Macrae, Jr., till*
aprlng, but the Macrae* expect to go
eaat during the coming ainnmer and
will apemt aoriie time with their
daughter amt inn Ih law In Rockland,
Mr*. Stewart lloalea*.
Lunching with Mr*. Charle* Teat
Stewart laat Monday were the im-m
her* of her bridge club who aperit
the afternoon with card*.
An additional gueat Wa* Mr*
tleorge Htewarl of Kort Leavenworlh,
Kan,, wlio departed Krlddy for hi i
home after a, vlalt of about la day*
In Connell Jiiiiff*.
Celebrate Natal Day.
Mr. and Mi*. Henry H. denning*
had a family dinner at their home
laat Monday, the oecaalon being the
fourth birthday annlveraary of their
»on, Henry Jr.
Mlaa June Pavla I* recovering anil*
factorll.v from a tnnall operation. J>avia of I’aMhdena, Cal,, waa
a recent vlaitor at tho John I'. Havl*
Mr. and Mr*, fliarit Corey expect
111 move about l week hence to
Hchetiectady, N. V.
Mr. and Mr*. Donald Annl* had a*
llu-ir gu**| fur a few day* laat week
Mia* Korfllu I'ue.ick of Creaton, la
Mr* Harvey Jackea I* hero from
Repina. 1'anada, for a aprlng vlalt
with her parents, Mr, and Mr*. K
M. Cady,
Mlaa l.llllan Hhabln of (he home
tl> inonatration department plana to
leave M il lull a fortnight to r< able In
Amea, la,
Mia* Allierta llrnivn and Mlaa Marie
Merrill of (lie llhinrv alaff me plan
ring lo leave during Hie enmipg
month fur a »lx-woek*‘ aojourn on
the Pacific coast. They will return
home by way of the Canadian flock lea,
spending some time at Lake Louise.
Mr. and Mrs. Heed Fllcklnger are
receiving congratulations on the Mrth
of a son, who will la* called Heed
Ahbot Fllcklnger, Jr.
Miss Caroline Thelnhaidt, who at
tends MePuuw university In clreen
rustle, Jnd., will spend the Faster va
cation In Louisville, Ky.
Betlv anil Winfield Muyne, children
of Mr. and Mrs. \V. V Muyne, left
•Saturday for Harlan, la., to spend
Master week with Ibeir grandmother.,
Mrs. Mon Waller and aons, Jimmie
and lmnald, Jr., who have been with
relatives In lies Moines sines Novem
ber, returned horns during ihs Iasi
Mrs. John Calvin returned Thurs
day from Mason City, whers on Tues
day afternoon she addressed the
Women's club at US general meeting
on ''Modern Poetry."
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hralnerd and
children, who have been In Moran,
Kan , for several months, returned
to Council Bluffs during the last week
and will reopen their home on Shrr
man avenue.
Mrs. Kmnift Tlnley left Friday
morning to spend about a week or
HI days at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.,
with Colonel and Mrs. (ieorga Htew
art. Mrs. Stewart was formerly Mias
IIIIsabelh Htelvart of Ibis city and
has been a recent visitor In Council
Mi** Until* lb,**, who attend*
Mmlrnwuod at HI. Churie*. Mo,, 1*
exported home next Willy for a
vl*lt with Her parent*. Mr. nnd Mr*.
Dillon Ho**. Ml** Amy ftohln*on,
who I* nl*o * itudent there, will not
return to round I Ulurf* for th* aprlng
vacation, but plan* to apemt Kaatei
with relative# In Ht, lamia.
Dr. and Mrs R. K. Werndorff. who
have been living on Franklin avenue
In the Walter llughea home line*
!a*t October, expect lo move during
the rowing week to 401 North Herond
atreet, th# home recently occupied by
dohn (lardner. Mr. and Mia. Hughe*,
who have been In Cored, Nab., are
planning to return to Council Hluffa
In the very near future.
Chriat Uiild Society.
The book* which nr* moat uaed In
»he library are fn*t going to piece#
A fnirchaae of Til new hooka waa
matin and the delight with which
they wet# received by the children
aeeined like the greeting of long #ep*
united friend*.
On Wednesday afternoon from 8
l# 4 n clilldren'M party wa* given al
the Omaha Copter,
A "movie" wa* shown for th# #n
terlalnment of the children and their
parenla on Friday evening
Following the practice of having
cm I| aewlng circle meet al the can
O r oil, ,, dm 111,: lent. Circle No, 1,
of w III, h Mr*. H II. |Hi} Ic |m chair
wfotnnn, met on Turadny ttioinlng
Hlncc tile aewlng circle* have been
meeting al the center, It Iota hern
found neceaaury to aectira a aewlng
machine The one »* hail waa dam
ogrd In the fire, Tf nnv frlenda hnx-e
one to donate the ancle! y will be
I he number of bablca brought to
the center during the month wa* R2
Four to w liable* were received and
two were diamiaaed,
<m Hunday afternoon the Melon
Ole*, a , luh coniptweil ,,f Italian
young l.idli * atleruled the I 'u “*|, ,n
Flay In a body.
The yearly report liua erne Tioin
tho pre*s and I* being mailed to
prevtoua member* of the t'lirlal
' hlld aoclcty Metnhcrahlp renewals
ate Invited, if you have not received
" ‘‘"VI "f this report, pleaac requeat
Al the Mouth Hlile (Vnlet, SHAH Q
“licet, oil Hal iirday Hflcinoon, ,,
I'oHj wii* given |o (he Hill, , hit
dren from A I,, X vein a old
Filial If 1 were you I think I'd
accept him.
14*110 Ve*, |'m am e \ oil would.
Newt York Hun and Pilot,*
j[ Ubrtry Chftti f
M’ti MbP ***411 M • |
»«**-***«*• •"( ■ !»»»>»*♦»«♦*
«l»flti< «f W-M l**» *«•*■
hH|M M«Ml h* IP* •*»«*♦ N W»
• MPil MkM< **•! W»* * ** Mi* I*
»Wi> «*f *P* l*H*l ***~**lH***-« **•*•*
.»* Ml MPt **«P MP I
»ir •*•«• MM HP ■ «*»* p»P' u*
Mllrn M •** PPM** iPPP • '**•*
*.* *M. M*<i f -MM iP4 !*>««• |
Mil iPlwiiPtuP M* Mm
PttttlP P4* llupt* rtiiMhUM Mfl
Mil inilif IPi »*M*l Ip ** M*’ '
• Ml* M IPi M*Pm4 *•*«• **•*
*<».« IPi MmP PW* Mull «*W
wiip IP* **«*«*>» •*•****»
TP# rPIMl **i > h*** PP'iP *"•
twin **l*Ml*tlM Ml I pi PlM «*W 1*
**,i*Mnt PHP *IM**i» *M**»n»l »••'*
liPt-it v f*f*Mn>* 4 *''>l * Pin* W*M
Man it* ***i(.M*iiM l.«»i mP IPi** j
i Inin fr*»t" IP* |w*PWr •< po«l* *m*>*
ft** iBilfllrtlM* IP ItPlil* MH
South Side Women • club It’* d > |
natrd til fat lha (tuntuw nf I** «
of a fdHure for tht Sttilh Sid*
(.ran- It Tht* gift wa* •">' In !»• «*
nil ion nf enucleate* received In III*
South Side library Ity 1h* Woman »
■ lob of South Omaha
The 1 *nlyarally nf Wl*< onaln II
hrarv arhool r*«JU*etcd *« onple* of
tha .lanuafv Uhrary bulletin, which I*
t-omnUed bv Mia* Tobltt and staff
Thl* bullet In contain* a very romttr#
henaive Hat of periodical* tinder sub
feel claaalflcBfIon.
Via* I.ultl Myers, aaalatant In the
referenre flaps rt men t *nd In the hoa
pllal llhrarlea. ha* resigned to *o to
Oallfnrnta. Ml*a Ituth Mcllvalne ha*
been appointed In nil her place.
"None So Blind." hy Albert Parker
Filch. I* the atorv of Dick Hlaladell’a
year* at Harvard. Dr. Fitch ha*
drawn the Harvard background «o
faithfully, hi* characters are such
very human hoy*, hi* theine so vital
and hi* treatment so refreshingly
Idealistic that the book will he a wel
come aui'prlse tn those who have
complained that there I* no Inspira
tion to he found In the novel* of the
hour. *
Kxcavat ions near Washington, !> |
C\. have unearthed n leaden plate
hearing the inscription, "Virgin
Pare.” and not far from the same
spot a mould encrusted leaden casket
containing aonje crudelv fashioned
heads and a document which was
taken to New York to he deciphered
When that Is effected, light may he
thrown on n mystery that has hith
erto baffled all res# arch the #>f
Sir Walter Raleigh's lost colony on
Roanoke Island, Va. Virginia Pare
was the first Knglish child to he born
on American wojI. She Is the heroine
of Mary .Johnston’s romantic novel,
'Vrontnn,** which purports to give an
account of what became the rnysteri
ously lost colony.
The library of the New Ym k hot.m
leal garden, Bronx parks, has a<
qulred what Plrectnr Nathaniel A.
Britton calls the most Important ml I
lection of books on botany and horti
culture which has ever passed from
the old worjd to the rt< w The pur
chase of this collection is cited ns the {
most noteworthy Incident of the,
year In Pr. Britton's report for the]
year ending .January It. 1&24 the
collection comprises ahoiit R.OOoj
bound volumes and a still larger i
number of pamphlet* and ttnlsiund
volumes. They were bought from the
botanical garden of ihe city of Ren
eva. Switzerland, wh» h offered it for
sale In Ms entirety for 72,000 Swiss
francs, about $12,000.
Social Settlement Note*.
Twalva mu ale pupil* ara *tudylng
nt tha Sattlemant.
An Kngliah Haa* hue recently barn
organized to meet In private home*
A half tltna hoy'* worker. Mr. W
J, t’urran ha* hern aitileit to the staff.
On next Monday night a ftubacrlp
tlon supper will l*> given liy mine 25
or la senior Huh member*. The
giieai* will lie member* of the board
hiiiI their husbands, nl»o lie1 Hum
tier* of the ailvlaory rommlttee.
Two rlulifl In millinery hair tieen and have proved great
drawing eardn among Iha young
The month of Marrh end* with *
club and claaa raglalratlon of ap
proxlmnlaly *20, a volttnlear workara
raglalratlon of K4, ae\en new actlvl
lie* alerted during Ihe month, ahd
41 claaae* organized and functioning
The volunteer workara have been *■
cured from chinch** collage*, worn
en'a Hub*, Iha Junior l.eagna niol
from tha tank* of tha aanlor club
i inemhac*.
_Benson Society_
M -i* «M H *•»«» fc»f*
WmwI n<k tontrt I *bki«i
I p# tWflt ItiBlk*** df Ilk Add**
« MM* • iM Ml to MMIIMW* 1
ftHMtont, Apt II |t, •! t * *♦*■» III
rid H**' IPM4 tort A MmmI to*
imI miim, id* itodi AtonMWto *A i
Mn«**f **Hto. fotodtoA to Ito |
*.«d* tou'itokl »i ito «Ato *>«A** 1
•to At*** I tot *f R*# A d Ito *
1*# * pint 1*1 ml**Pi A 1*4* to 1
I Ik II AiwImI to M** I' I ♦**•• *4* j
did I# <to p*td*k«* P it to f»4to*Ho* !
Ito tow-ton* Tto f*H»d pH ptkl* I* ;
|l All #***•* t#Ho«* WtiiM I* Ik * • * j
!*l*t Ito* TtokAk* #•»**»«* l*|*to* :
Mi* I* If ktiAdiann IVlIkkI l!M
I tolnt tVdffddi, I <*moi trollI I mum
fkl rlnMkf ptof 1«to of III* Ito j
m unity itoiri **a glam fniii <**« ^
ntuf, April It, l* 'to |Wo*n hbratk '
h*ll ttnrtrr 1 hr *u*tii .* of M»* Mil ,
II* ft* Ikiknn Tto tollr* plo«lkoi)
»Hh lh* **.*pll..n if * lotnmuntly
I’yplrr i*lh *lv*« to II ft tlntl.
pioaiilrnl of kll lh* rwnlmidl'y i»l\
i*t* in Oiukh*. anri on* on "dwk
up" kwk by 1 *f, l* I*. Ilall of lh*
i.tnaha h*k!lh ri»p*rlfitonl, **« glv»n
Ity llott*on lalonl. Tho** taking pari
**n>; Holt* Smith, **tophon* koto;
ll*l.a I.**** rd khri dnil Yount
Plano dtirl ,l**n I'mfl, rwllnWott and
rfnnrr Rotort Yount, funding l>nr
othy Stratwa piano aoln; Mnllarr
rn i«.>n. flut* *olo, Krul I in v,». vt»>-at
nolo; Mr a .John hrltton, mailing
piano goto* l.y .Martha liolhairi and
I'M 11 It Adam* Ruth Smith, trading,
am) a group of Ronaon Nfltral tlr'a,
unrior th* dlmctlmi of Mr*. Young,
put nn a playlat. A doubt* danr* *»»
put on by Dorothy and Loula* Rrotv*
Cleanup and Beautify Week.
Th» week tieglnnlng Monday, April
14 la to he dealgnated aa "Cleanup
and Beautify Omaha" week. The
Henaon Commercial club and
Woman * club have been ret|ueated to
aaelat In the work In Henaon and
vicinity. Mra. F. IT. Young la chair
man of the civic committee for the
Woman'* club arid la planning an ex
tenalve campaign.
Narclaana Chapter O. K. S.
The regular Initiation aervlce of
the Narrlaaua chapter of the O. E.
H will he conducted Thuraday eve
ning, April IT, In the I. <>. F. hall.
Birthday Dinner.
Mr. and Mra. O. Arthur Melchei
entertained at dinner Wedneaday,
compllnienlary to their eldeat *on,
Willi*, who wa* celebrating hla 1.1th
hlrthdav. Cover* were epread for
Mra. Melcher'a parent*. Mr. and Mr*,
ft. O. Franclaco and Mr, anti Mr*.
Metcher and four aon*
Dinner ftiirat.
Mr. Arthur Bond wa* a Thuraday
dinner giu-at al the home of Mr anil
Mra. Paul Wilcox.
I’arent Teacher Aaaoelatlon.
The Henaon Parent Teacher aaaocln
tlon will hold aeaalnn Monday, April
14. at 1 IS in the l!o*e HM achool.
After the hualneaa aeaalon Mlaa Eva
King, pupil of Mr* E. .t. Whlitler,
will give a mualcal reading and Ml**
Caroline Wolcott Collin*, from the Ne
braak* l.lghl and Power company,
will «|M*ak on "Itom* Elghtlng, the
Aid to Beauty." Mr*. M. Felerman
will rentier a group of vocal aelec
tlon* Mr*. Walter Relahaw ha*
charge of thla program
To Itanee the Minuet.
Klghi member* of the miixlc depott
Inert of the Renaon Woman a rlub
put on the "Minuet” at a program
given Thuraday afternoon at the
Hcnttlah nilea temple. Km h lady ap
peared In colonial ooatome.
Knlrrtaln* *1 Uachron,
Mra. R. V. Hyde entertained at
luncheon Monday, complimentary to
Mra. I>. Sturt a and Mra. Walter
Itelahaw and children, Walter Fred
erick and Kleanor, who are moving
next week to their new home on
Fowler avenue,
Kntertaina at Country llonte.
Memtrer* of the double five club
woie enteitalned at a luncheon Fri
day al the borne of Mra. Harvey
Soger near Valley, Neb.
\nnual f ongregational Hliinrr.
The annual congregational dinner
of the I'reehyterlan churrh waa
aetved In the church dining room.
After dinner, reporta of officer* and
committee chairman were received.
It waa voted by the congregation to
extend a call to Re*. Ferguson of
Alliance Neh , to the paatorate of the
Renaon church.
Kntertaina firand l.odge of the
I. O K.
Mra. .Innice Shield*, f>n2» Kmtnet
alreet, xxaa hoateaa Friday afternoon
AhrKMrtHr.MKMT. aiiwkii'hiknt.
Girls! Say Goodbye to
Dull Yellowish Teeth
New Safe Liquid and Special Paste Whitens
Stained Teeth—Instantly
Idvf i v man admii «** personal dainti
n«fM In flu* fiilr p#* 1. 'tilt mi a 111 fan
In Irtily dalntv and rhaiiultia with
dull ) p||nw|p|i tnet It lllmu Imdrni
l '«till III MH t Ion inp|* rml. i fi*W « ••III p
and whlfrn* |p*th inat'itilly, at honir
l,nnr« fprth flHMhlna whit*, hiPtintm
and rlpan Contain* nlld aafp liquid
which looapna and auft‘HI plain* and
ii apnciitl pnatn which unntiy remove*
them. Worka InaUntly Quicker,
wurer, wafer than old w< outing ninth
ndn which In,lured enamel. Money
Inwtamh i efuudrd If not delighted
with firm applied i Inn WARN! NCI
Mont' accept chrap li*i«iId Imitation*
Alwnvw Ineiwi on grfiyinn lllnm hodnnt
t’ornhlnatlon. tha SAI**K im.itnont
For «ali* h> all good dltigglnta.
t# tite erndPH IM ft*#*!
«4 i4i | «% |t f»# »fc| Mti
iftiit —ft f fif 4f* >ni 4 it tMt
if" i * in Mm iffil
1*1* t4»»*
Moitpft 4 ik« fwtt*s§ iMMO'f
MN ;.H| M«|| if IM tV*p*t*t p(fe4tt
*• f** = 4 * 41 MMfttltk it i lMd| |M* |
ff %ft* t tA, ift
i tmn | Aft ♦ft% ititi«f» * I i
it I* ft 4 if aft i mkiitM |e
ft I* if Mr in M*^fMf ftrttftf aift Mi tftted
Mrfft* dltf I AdW* 4*d
Ml* if IlMfi, till |g««4ift I In 1
i fftift fpfiftftt. ttlt hi hftteH M Mum
4m r iflftfftffoft April 1« to INI mm
larva rf the Methodud laid!** Aid
Mil Mtnr I’red *M M« t l
t,*od»n ft II IMIil IH* friliif i
I hiiHiltn Junior Utah f IimmiIi**
M •« Hetnice Cifkiln Pkiert4tkftl|
h**t junior high i iaeamat* * at a |ftih
•I he* hw In IteftPMfihMtftt Wednee
day afternoon fn>m 3 to 4, Pink 4id|
ft Hite ft nr tfftnf aa a c»dor a» Heine the r«*o»ni and i dainty,
pink and fthlte lumheon «m rrrved j
The afternoon hm et»ent in mimic
and gamer
May Pmihaar Mmle Machine.
The Henenn Haptlat « hurrh la eon
teiTiplatltie ttie (itift'hnre of a moving
phftire mat bine to l»e need In the
portray ll of rellglout and educational
auhjecia. a trial picture entitled "The
Jack Knife Man," naa put on In the
church Friday evening Should the
committee decide to purchase the fna
chine. It will he need In the Hun*
day evening eervhea.
World Wide Onlld.
Mr* Sharp *nt*r»*lned at her
home Monday evening complimentary
to the young ladle* of th# Baptist
world wide guild organisation. Mr*.
Bowman. 5*20 Military avenue, will
I* host#** to the guild member* at
3.30 p. rn. Monday, April 21. The
young ladle* will sew for mission
hospital* at this meeting.
I'lits on Cantata at Bellevue Cliiireh.
Mr. O. Arthur Meleher, director of
music for the Bellevue Presbyterian
church, and hla choir will sing th*
cantata, "Paster Praise," by Carrie
B. Adams, Sunday evening, April 20
at th* Bellevue church.
Kiitertafhs at Puncheon.
Mis* Dorothy Horn entertained at
luncheon *t h*r home Friday, com
plimentary to the officer* of th*
Girls' Reserve
Charles Green, student In the state
university, spent a few- days with hi*
liarents, Mr and Mr*. W. D. Green.
Miss Klolxe VVrav spent h<-r spring
vacation with h*r unde, Mr. P K
Wray, and Mr*. Wr*y In Kearnej
Mrs. F. Warner Smith and son.
.Junior, of Beatrice, .N'eh.. are giu-sts
at the home of Mr. and Mrs J’aul
Mr. and Mr*. A. C Morton of Pin
cnln siient the week-end with Mr.
Morton s parent*, Mr. *nd Mr* B. It
Mr. snd Mr*. It. C. Sturt* snd Mr.
snd Mr*. W. F Retshsvv *nd family
wtll move th# early part of the week
Into their new home at 23<15 Fowler
Miss Dorothy Ttoth left Thursday
to spend th* week end with her
elster. Kunlre, who is attending achool
If Mm*»iP «.**•*#«*?* !*•«*••«*
n« .t mm>
Hit M * Wiim«« *M
VI .*,* AHM *M * **** N*rt* **♦
■> i , ...* •««* **■«»» »«**<» *'
«M hnM* r* Mr *M Ml* | M’-****1
M,» #**« <* Mw** *M **>*»>*>■
,4 tmt Si* *♦•**" *M ***« "*
*| iM 1mm *1 M* *M M * ) • **•*
*,»*» M»* >* * «**« **♦
Mi* M~r*»
Mr *M Mi* lit*
•rtwitN h***** !*>"*■! t* '*• *****
l«l »M** »M* ***** «**• •**"**
*n| tMM MM**** Mr* * I •** ’
•M Mr Nh* __
^ \ , P .11. ft, J
*(•**•• «»(•! «»•»■># ■<***•* **** 11
■ t ft tutfeai fltiiMP 4*
Mom w*r*t#*t *W1 Py«***^ *
****** «f HWl •**♦»*♦ fPftMMftftl "■*' H
P WMtH _ _
Ho*4«« «•*«♦*■ P*»#*V '%m* I
rt*M t 14 INnao* Mitt • •***»* P • '*♦
fUH | * Jmp. >| t#tfi P**H tM 4 g*4*?**
>f,*t*tfl* f*r .-§*»*!•* I •• f ^ i ' *
MaftfHn *» |*>«(« I (Hi 1 *
«f r|«t* Mh«M« Ih4 • ♦***••»
**t 1-ftntftM-* I ft*
t *»»«#(*• ! » *• P *. *^»»*
ff*« M«f h •* b»oi, I |l ftlifb ft fc ■« *
a** 4»p**r ft *ft I A M *• M-» * 1 ••
man ******* »AP JuWdt WtH **•*♦*••
fi»t*n*a manftt* ft •'* Pharma* irta**t*
' »-«*• «**
ip* Til Jar.-•!# «ftlfl M***»4** «»»•'/
|>. <lt* tfiahfta, iP'rat rfpnl»Ma» •**
ft lift l-.thf.t »r»an«»* ft IP
K*4ft»nftA of »|*b* « n»v»*M«* 4 * •
*»rtfi group Tl»* • m »j—• fe*r•
MiM Jot** Par*** K»*h* Prhmidi* and
FrjKMi PiftH*
tfct«r*daft i »*•«'♦• I btudant * tub roar
ing I'll Tacit Ah a I Mlbta * *»**
Junior*— Rdaraf.i fc*.***a»ar trianfl*. ‘
I'ttmanlp* 4 II
Tha Mnr* lb* Marrtar Hub m**t a* T
ftV r a MttftMtfir • ^ D fink f»t po- fbar
Knot* four Cltr trip
Tha I**rd !***»• * Atud*ot .Nuraa* A
Kathra Pariah h»»ua«- ' %A
»rtflm P"«»tb H • « i».
H*r.tiat #hur»h J ft" Aiutnng* Huh dinner
and pr •pram * 6« J»inior*-Pa< ffir
ttungla. ft PP Vinton .HiPfl* 3 !*•
•»*turdat ■ Junior Olrt Kr**rt*« I 3P
tnangla Haa*
F*d«nllnti of rjul.a Eaafar party for
rh* Idran f Child Pa.lnr Inatltuta /‘or
mlttM, Mr* Fra m l % *man, r.thal
ftatranff and madra fftrawnaf._
EmntMHil* >*» I Mfii*
"tr» Vr
H iMOn h**m « »** * *
|t> *~'m «»» ,.«» *• *' * *» •=
• !*• »•►<** *»1 *•* *»
... » • •<». I 4m % '
I 1 * I l ( *w# » •
tkutMli k >1 >*• 1 *
P , ,-t . , . H *
it «**►* **■ V •*
I . - I II I Ik *M I
| IM«* * ** ’ • " •
p tH !*« » k*
| f* «'•»• »*• •
M.,k1 •M frwuln ••• •*» ”
**«t • **** •#'♦< t*H» r
tnitk ffc» (*«lh*k !• (*•! *•
HMM HikM *1*H • ft* * • f* >»
AIM I M 1*1 It M
Glftf* ,r
Kili'h ISoon! p#rkSK» *if I' •
Dyaa" contain* direction* *o sin
any *tmm can dya or tint an"
worn, faded thlrg new, even •
has never dyed before. choose »•
oolor at drug store.
Cleans Gloves and the Auto
Upholstery Which Soils Them
Cnbrgine, the perfect dry cleaner,
cleans white kid and all fabric
gloves and helps to keep them spot
less by cleaning velour, broadcloth
and leather automobile upholstery,
as well as all seat covers and the in
sides of tops. Carry a can in vourcar.
35<* All Drug Stores Leaves No Odor I
How I Regained Strength
< to do My Work
i No 4
t 11—
• it roiTRu eaaa RoCMn’li, „ V.
^JIRIjS work in mill*, offices, factories, stores and kitchen* all over
this land, often far beyond their strength.
Frequently such a girl is the only bread winner of the family, and
►he must toil on, even though her bark aches, she throbs with pain,
tin* headaches, diizy spells, i* all dragged out and utterly unfit
for work,
Lydia E. Pink!)am’* Vegetable Compound builds health and strength
for such women, a* is evidenced by the many grateful letters which ara
nvcivod, attesting to the value of this old fashioned root and herb
- How This Young Woman Got Relief
Rocmksteb, K. V.—"I uaexl Lvdia K. Pinkhatn'n A'egwtable Compound for weakneaa
and A dianlsiemcnt. Thin troubled me A lot when 1 walked and when l waa aitt ng
down iind I hid to alar away front work a great deal It made me weak and
nervoua too. I learned alwut Lydia X. t’inkham'a Vegetable Compound from one of
your hook it« and read about bow it bad helprd ao many. It baa done ao much for
me I mm recommend it to olliera I am able to work in the factory now and can
walk buck and forth to work and enjoy it. I am very glad to have v >u uet tbrao
fact- a> a testimonial.”—Mr*. C. M. tUino, 221 Central Park, Rivbrater, N*. Y.
Another Woman's Experience
T rniMiTov, Mirn "I antlered every month and waa very Irregular, had h- ad
*> lira all Itie time, waa thin and pate, with no appetite. I bad taken all kind* of
medicine* mid every doctor told me I would have to face an operation before 1
would be well again I waa only a working girl, doing factory work and I had *o
a toy at home ao much that I waa getting rather di aeon raged. My mother whined
me to fry Lydia Iv Pttikham'a \cgetahle Compound and I did ao w ilh g-xat reaultn.
1 am now- feeling fine. I have etartod to lie more regular and gaining in -trengih an t
weight alao, I have adviaed all mv girl friemla to take your wonderful jucdmne. ’
\Tr», IhmEska MflHiUt, t.’S S. Rath Avenue, l.iulington, Michigan.
The Standard Remedy for Woman's ills is
Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Ye detable Compound