The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, April 13, 1924, CITY EDITION, PART THREE, Page 1-C, Image 25

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    •om'nmin ) THE OMAHA SUNDAY DEE . i'.Tin
c/6, ^Al^“^7oI7dtt d
Not Good
IT'S all very well to ehlne In re
flected glory, but Gabby often con
template* on the reaponelblllty
which wlvee of prominent men muet
And to be their*. If huiband happen*
to be th* head of a hank dealing large
ly with atockmen, of cotirae the faith
ful apnuM graclou*ly give* a lea for
th* wlvng when men of that noble
calling hold convention In town.
If th# lord, liege and maeter of the
liouao happen* to be a. nerve expert,
th# wife and mother muet bring up
th* family according to hi* Idea* orp
dliclplln* *nd food.
Only thl* we*K have we corn* to
* real I r.e what the re*trtctlona are upon
a wife who*# hueband I* known for
hi* perfect KnglUh.
' Her acute dl*tr#»» earn# about over
me of th* expree*lon, "Eaater Bun
"Ob, I *houldn't *ay that," *he
wtfTled. "My hu*band ha* told me *o
many time* that the word ‘Sunday’ I*
luperfluou*. 'Baiter' I* enough. It *
Ilk* laying " a widow lady. , • I
rnuit he more careful."
And *h* departed with a worried
look leaving flabby wondering how
many time* during the coming week
*he will read or hear, !'Ea*ter Hun
ACIdOVER hit of Rebecca We*F»
repartee trlrkled through to
dubby’* ear* tbl* w»rk.
An expert peychologlet of Omaha
chatted with Mlae Weat a moment,
complimenting her book. "The
judge " "Vou are a etudent of Freud,
[ preaurne? '
"Sii," the authored* replied
"Vour Idea* couldn’t l«- loon- ullke,'*
lie defended.
"(••aid for Freud!’* n turned Mia*
— -db ■ ■
Till; aenreh for old wulnut furni
ture go** merrily on, and flabby
bear* that In the Interval* of
the brenthl'M ehaae nntl<|lle entliua
'■* nata are collecting print* from ”(!o
dey’* hndiea Book*’’ to adorn wall*
which will ahortiy hotmn prlcep **
highboy* and commode*
There I* a eharm about three lovely
ladle* of bygone yi-nr*. with tlolr by
font almper* oid Muppbant mein
jrMafc can hardly lie denied. That
they are ladlea la undoubted, though
in one picture found In n volume
from 1849 by Mlss*Emlly Keller.,we
see an Invalid half fainting hy a table
on which alt* a Cup With a Spoon
In It..
Gabby wishes she could believe the
lady was swooning at this offense
to Btiquette, but the title "Sorry
you Can’t Go," a false commisera
tion from her luckier companion
gowned In a smattly hooped trotteur,
tells us It Is more a swoon of chagrin
than of propriety.
The Iron horse plays Its part In Mr.
Godey's thrilling plcturlzatlon of high
life ’’befc’ do wall," Just as rolling
chairs, tumbled sands, with a fringe,
of pulrn trees and foreign made cars
do In today's fashion periodicals.
We see two maidens, In liefluted
and ber allied taffetas, one with a
collapsible spyglass in her band,
which she Is preparing to wield, as
she searches for a small choo-ehoo
whose four-wheeled coaches creak
along In the wake of a tlny-boyered,
heavily smokestacked engine.
Miss Keller is creating a lamp
shade from four prints wfilch she has
colored, end will make a panel of four
Mrs. Henry Johnson has mounted
several of these prints most success
fully, using a wide band of black on
tho white of the background. Mrs.
Bdwln Davis Is having prints framed
In like fashion to go with the old
walnut of her bedroom.
Mrs. Frank Campbell and Miss
Alice Mary Turney also use these
quaint plates a* boudoir pictures'
Mrs. Prank Johnson has a most
completed collection of Godey's mngn
sines bound In a year's folio. Mrs.
John Llonberger also has a group
ami It is said that Charles Deuel has
Ihese magazines dating hack lo their
earliest Issue.
Mrs. G. W. Hughes, who will leave
soon villi lieutenant Hughes for an
other post, will take with her a tray
In whh h a group of four of Godey's
ladles are framed. Mrs. Bdward J.
Connor and Mrs. Charles Goss also
have one of these tray* with the old
fashion pistes ns a motif.
— <*,
POINT of View la everythin*. In
her talk before the Omaha
Drama len*ue, Mm. Anthony
Krem h Merrill told n ntory which
, ould well Im applied to many altua
A group waa touring an art gallery.
Leaving one of the large room* they
commented, "We don’t like theae pic
"Madame," *nld the attendant re
(Turn to !'**• T»«. Column One.)
Richest Woman’s Club in
the World
■ ' — 1 ■ ■' " • »
Started ^as a Reading Circle at Miami. Florida-Re
cently Sold Property for
The rich* ft < luh In the world Is
the Miami Woman'* club, according
to Mr*. H. J. Halley, who returned
Inst week after spending the winter
In Florida. The following facts are
Mrs. Bailey’s story of their origin and
The club's library of more tbsn If),
1)00 volumes, the only library In the
city, had a humble beginning. During
the summer of 1600 a few friends
started meeting together to «ew and
read. Later they organised the
"Ladles’ Afternoon club." Book* were
bought by the members, read and ex
changed until, finding themselves
with a goodly number, the Idea of
starting a library occurred. The re
sult was a supply of books and no
place to keep them.
An appeal was made to Henry K.
Flagler, builder and owner of the
Florida Fast Coast railroad, In 1609
Mr. Flagler gave them the northwest
corner of his Hoyal Palm park. A
building coating $12,000 was erected
to house the library and the club.
Both were soon Inadequate. The
property, however, had become very
valuable, ltestrlctlons In the deed pre
vented the club from selling, renting
or mortgaging, nnd since making the
gift, Henry Flagler bad passed out of
this life.
Kilter Itntti Bryan Owen.
At tlila trying period In tfie iluli'n
history, It lit h Hrynn Owen beoime
president with tile avowed purpose of
having those restrictions lifted. Hh"
succeeded. Ily negotiating Willi the
offlelula of the F. Is. I', lull loud, tin
deed wns changed to give the club
the right to sell, but with the provlx
Ion ihni the new building should be
known ns "the Flagler Memorial Id
brnry and Woman's Club,"
The chili recently sold Its properly
for more than I.Kih.oiiO and Is now
seeking a building site
The greatest thing Hie woman'a
clubs of Florida have done has been
to secure from tho slots legislature
n tract of land comprising about 4.nun
acres, known ns the lloyal Palm Htate
park. It la located to miles south of
Miami, Is a natural park, wonderful
In It* vegetation, possnming plant*
found no other plaeo oil the globe, It
I* wild. The park I* prihlat orlc In In
The word*, "Die cathedral* of the
Almighty,'' ram* In me with alich
force 11* I walked IllViitlgh that nniaa
of vegetation, a veritable jungle* ho
denae that Ihe ami penetrate* It but
feebly, making a twilight effect. The
etlllnea* wu* nlmogt oppressive, an
much *o th*t when one of our party
spoke It sounded like a about. Alum
were the iiih*»Ivb like oak tree*
stretching llielr brunches 200 feet In
any direction with the gray moaa
having Ita featoona from them. huiI In
the inldat, a great giant rey^l palm
reaching up to the aky. At my feet
were fern* of every description, muk
Ing a carpet of green. This wonder
ful Idl of nature him become the po*
session of the federation of Florida
that they may maintain It and pre
serve It In It* natural state for the
enjoyment of the public There la no
fw of any sort to enter. Just a re
uueat for registration In the office.
The toleration linn built a lodge for
Ihe i ninfurt of vlaltnin where In n
largo mreened iHirrli, tahlen and
ehalre are plared fur Ihe rnnvenlenn
nf plrnltkere with lunrhee. There l«
nleo a dining room for lhn»‘ who w lull
to be aerveil. They have opened a
train through Ihe park ntul poeteil
the nninee nf Ireie anil plniitn. No
flailing nr Inintlng nr oilier ileeer riu
Hon Ih allowed.
The park l« a bird regervr There
me many benulIfid niton having no
fear of i.til*
May Hrcakfaet.
Min J II I’nrter unit Mr», K. H
Mm iIn nre milking arrangement! fm
the nnniial May Mi«-ukfii»t of North
Dundee dlvlalun of the Klrat Conan
K»t li'tml i hun h to lie given thia year
on VVeitni eihi), May 31.
(ritmiiia I’lii Hrla Hriilfft*.
At her home, Mia* Clara Dutton,
ami Mr*. .1 It VVhe|»n unit Ml**
(Hatty* Dufforil enlartalned at lirldge
Itini'heon today for flamme I'In Del*
Sc U>JS (’B-ur$c ss .
|( ns* generally rounded that the Mah Jong ball to be given by the •
•milor hagim> on April Jft anil 25 at the Brandete restaurant# would he a
• ucrees, from a scenlr standpoint at leaat, when the rhotre of Mrs. Vale
Holland for rostuniea chairman was made known.
Mrs. Holland, who Is a brunette of an exotic beauty, taione In whom
taste and originality are almost a talent. "It's been Interacting working
nut our Ideus for the different aongs, but I'ro hardly had the Moure to
plan my own spring costumes." she said ruefully, "We've had to give such
a lot of time and thought to the frock* the choruses will wear."
Mrs. l/ewla Burges* snatched 20 minutes from a buay day to have this
sketch drawn. Mr*. Burgess will lead two songs, a specialty, and the
"Itaddy" number, when her little girls will he Meadame* Bought Peter*.
Iteuman Konntic, Ifarkness Kountte, Charles Allison, Amos Thomas, Rob
ert Kdw arils, Richard Mallory and Mlsa Rulli W allace. Reservations for
the hall may he made either through the Braudels restaurant. Atlantic
5121, or through Mr. Muller's prhate office, Jackson 5553. Mr*, fllenn
Wharton I* chairman uf the rommltteo managing reservations._
Famous Woman Talks Today
Largo and Representative
Audience Will Greet
Judge Florence Allen
at Brandeis This
The law, th« Judiciary. Hip prea*.
school* and women'* rltilw ami the
airily, will b# represented In the audl
erne which will croet Judae Florence
Allen of the Ohio eupreme court thle
afternoon et 3 "d et the llrandel*
when ehe apeak* lo the public under
au*plce* of Hie local*ue of
Women Voter*.
t’atlcrx for the bo*e» will be Mleece
Kmlly Ilurke, Ituth McCoy, lioulae
Cotter, Gertrude Tndwell, Dorothy
Carmichael, Hard Furman and Kath
erine Llljenatolpe.
In the twi* with Mlee Helen Guue*
of the Social Settlement will !>a In
i lid Mr*. Harold Clifford, Mr. and
Mr*. Hnlloek Tin*# Ml Fteanor Hln
Cluent* of General and Mr*. George
H Duncan In the *<my box will be
Colonel and Mr*. Kyle Uurker,
Colonel and Mr* David Utone, Colonel
nnd Mr*. Carl Muller, Mre. Hewlett
Itoger* nnd Ml** Margaret Leonard.
Judge A. C. Wakeley will be hoat
for the bar; Dr. Amelin Hrnndl for the
Chamber of Commerce women, and
Mu. G. W. Co veil, the W C. T. U.
With Mn. Fblllp roller In the
Omaha Woman'* club bo* will be
Meedame* J. II Dumont, II. J.
Holme*, O. A. Nlckum, Charle* T.
Neal, N K. Hypo and W. A. Haldwln,
Thr llualneaa Woman's club headed
by Ml** Florence Hathaway will be
represented by Mien Kmma Wcarne.
Mia* Martha Shafer, Mlae Faye line
mueaen and Mr* Mnudo Adair.
Meadnme* M D Cameron, Charle*
McDonald and F, L llurk* will be
aenled In the V. W. C'.*A. ho*.
Rolling On Their Own
V-, ■■■■■ .
I minor aporta having l«*en P>'( In th*lr place hy tha weather, oritd.'
.porta have mini' Into thrlr own All the old favorite* arr hark again » If
riding, walking mid anothi i new o|<| one, roller akntlng ha* announced it
»,,ir ah a candidate for popularity honore At Palm Ile.ich II In. *.. >•
rage Ihla winter. Traveler* from there tell ua thal II wn* not an tinr nr
mon alghl to eee hnlhlng »olled young men roller akntlng In and out among
the *hop*.
I'omplacent Omahana wore nghaat to aer bohheri hair lieautlea anlllng
down Karnatn afreet luat week They were member* of the A1 Jolaon
(horua who found roller abating a moat exhilarating mod* of locomotion
The high aihool art took It up gayly (hi* week, while on vacation.
Among Ih# akater* are Ml**** lldle Howe Arey, ttuth Oordnn, Alice f-ealte,
Ilnrel Putman. Helen Pam "tat and Dorothy HuUierfoid.
Mia* I'orrlne Klllott and her alater Mira Kllxaheth have been out on
their rollera, and a doxen other* are planning lo Join them.
Mlaaea Virginia Barker, Joaephlnc Hrhurman anil Mr*. Ami* Thomas
are pfenning to skate after the Junior league Mali Jongg hall, April ind
III rirtly Iho rlak to life ami we muat ailmll It, llmh, ao all Important In
the i horua darning I Iron* availing*, prevent! their akaltng la-fore thoae dale*
* *1
Rare Volumes May Be" Had
Here at Low Costs
Omaha Collectotr Finds Woodcuts by Holbein and
Etchings by Whistler in Cheaply
Purchased Volumes.
If h* noiti about enough tn Omaha,
th* lucky book collector can pick up
rare volume* her* at far lee* than
(hey would ooet him In th* European
market*, finds Mre. Walter Hlxen
tlaugh, Jr., who three month# ago
opened a ehop for excluelv# book#,
"The Book Peddler," In order to
further her own collecting hgbby.
Now I* the beet time In htatory for
th# book collector, claim* Mr*. Hlxen
baugh. Th* old llbrarle* In England
and Europe which are being broken
up to keep th# wolf from the door of
their one* rich and nobl* owner#,
have deluged th* market with a
stream of rare book* Many of thee*
are well within the reach of even a
modeet pooketbook. Yet becaue* th#
prairies are atlll virgin aoll eo far u
the collector la concerned, the naive
midlander oflan throw* away for
traah a volume at which th# more
sophisticated European would prick
up hla ear*.
Among the lucky find* which have
delighted the young proprletrea* of
"The Book Peddler" te a Herman Bible
dated 1*71, which after purrhaae
ahe discovered to contain a quantity
of woodcut* by Holbein, the Itimaui
engraver Each of thee# cute la algned
with the engraver'# peculiar nunn
stem. Other woodcut# la th# vol
ume are also algned. and Mr*. Hlxen
baugh la now making effort* to learn
who are the artists In th* other
In a collection of old hooka nought
for 1ft oonla apiece, Mr* Hixenhaugh
discovered a copy of "Hoyond the
Mississippi,” hy Richardson. which
bore th* name In writing. "I?, 8
ilianl ('omparlaon t»y a handwrit
ing export with a signature of tirant
known to he genuine, proves! that
this txiok must have com* from th*
library of th* hero of th* civil war.
As th* book wa* published In 1*87. It
Is a safe gm-as that the general was
wont to' console' himself for th* lack
of adventure during th* period of re
adjustment, hy losing himself in thl*
famous old account of the days when
the west w as really wild and woolly.
Kven th* Kuro|>ean book seller*
sometime* slip up on thing* discov
er* th* Omaha collector. In on*
rather cheaply purchased book front
Kngland she discovered two original
etching* by \\ histlei and on. by Mil
Infs She sold the volume for 114 aft
*r this dlaeovary and waa amuaad H
aaa It catalogued a few weeks latar by
another eollaator at 110.
Thar* la aa much fascination in
hunting for tha rare naw book aa for
tha antlqus. find* Hr*. Hlsanbaugh.
Many foreign publlahara ara now
making a apodal bid for the Amer
ican dollar, and ara getting out Eng
lish edition* Illustrated by nawly In
vented oolor prooaaaea which are se
cret. Part* and Berlin, Prague and
Toklo are rivals tn turning out
volumes with tha axotle ting*. Mr*.
Hlsanbaugh disregards the convan
ttonal Naw. Tork agendas and hunt*
out thaa* publlahara for haraalf, at a
ronddtrab!* saving In price and gain
In adventure.
The book peddler eras opened so
a meant to tnaraaao Mr*. Hisen
bough'* own library. The question,
"What would you Hko in your own
bookshelr*#?" 1* tho on* that gov- s*
ema th* young manager In the
order* mad* for th# tiny cubby hoi*
of a shop. Pan and Ink sketches,
etchings, latter* ^ul photographs of
celebrated persona are among th*
objects collected there as wall aa
Washington Girls’
Bridge Benefit
The parte benefit which the ash
Ington Glrla club of Nebraska mil
held Saturday afternoon, April J*.
will be etrlctly a bridge party. That
la, the mah Jong part of II has been
Everyone who ha» SO centa amt
who can play bridge la Invited to the
benefit, which will lie held at S
o'clock Saturday afternoon at the
Purge** Na*h tea room*. Playing is
open to both men and women and an
attractive line of prim* haa been ar
ranged, kites Elisabeth Orady ta In
charge of a candy axle in connection
with the party.
The object of thla Iwneflt la to raise
money to fumlah a ward at the Hal
Milton Army Rescue home. The club
baa already endowed two bed* in
lihla hospital.
Mi*» Mari'ella OVonnor t* pee* I
Ident of the Washington Olrls club,
Mias T. Daisy Kngter, chairman of
the bridge'swneflt. and Mr* i\ illvr
I Oelule, chairman of pus "bf