The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, April 13, 1924, CITY EDITION, PART TWO, Page 12-B, Image 24

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< muin Cake Per
in your
oven the
baking utensils
(jet coupon from ua
Pre-Ea»tcr Sale of
flood quality English Needles,
regular 10c value, special, re
package .5*
Kick-Hack, white and colors, pet
yard ..Ur
flrippons Fbctra quality Shears,
o' • -inch length, regular lie val
ues, for. .50*
Rubberized Kitchen Aprons, as
sorted color", fiOr value, special
•it .39r
Pure Rubber Baby Pants, 49c
values, at .... .25*
Bloomer Elastic, 6 yards to a
bolt, special for.25*
A good quality Dress Shield,
sizes 2, 3, 4, 25c value, special
for .- • 10*
We have a complete line of
Klunert Shields at., per
pair . . . .35c 40* 45*
0. N. T, Crochet, Thread, white
.and coiners, in all numbers; reg
ular 10c value, at.7 40
50-yard spool Silk in all colors,
per spool . 5<*
Elastic Sanitary Belt, 50c value
special at .39*
0-yard bolts bins tape, white,
striped and plain colors, regular
15c values, special.10*
r New Draperies
Floor Coverings
In Monday's Offerings
New Cretonne*.
New Cretonne* in bright soring
colors for all rooms; special, per
yard .371*
Terry Cloth
Terry Cloth, high grade all new
colorings and patterns; special,
per yard.80C
Casement Net*.
Large showing of filet and case
ment nets, 38 to 45-inch, width,
color ivory and ecru, special,
per yard . «9<*
Senmlea* Rug*.
7.6 :'i Best quality Seamless Vel
vet rnd y\xminster Rug*, Blue
Taupe, Rose and Tans, $30.83
Seamless Regs.
0x12 Heavy Seamin'* Velvet
Rugs, fringed ends, hir,h grade
patterns .i* JO.85
Inlaid Linoleums.
Heavy Inlaid Linoleum, suit
able for kitchen and bathrodms,
Blue, Ivory and Taupe; special,
^square yard. $1.35y
' New Wash ^
Honeydew Voile*, 36-in. wide,
lace check, hemstitch effects;
plain shade* of Orchid, Honny
dew. Blue, Pink and White. New
fabrics specially priced at, ner
,f.infest .Suitings—The thread is
exactly like the higher priced
linen fabric; shades are Pink,
Rose, Hrlio, Navy, Black, Grey
and Green. Strictly fast colon*
and 36 inches wide. Specially
priced, per yard.4f)(l>
Bagdad Pongee, 36 inches wide,
made with hemstitched border
effects; split in half makes n
beautiful curtain drape; colors,
Gold, Delft Blue, Rose and Tar.
^Specially priced, yard ,...70«^
Just for Monday
Dinner Sets, $19.50
100 piece*. American semi-por
celain, gold border, neat plain
shape. .Service for 12. Reg
ular, $25.
$0.00, 42-nlece Dinner Set, blue
and gold line or decorated, ser
vice for 6 person*.fHH.ffo
fn.OH. 22-niece Rrcn!cfn»f Met
and Grape Juice Glasses, for
Monday only, 6 for. .. $11,20
^ Fourth floor ^
S’' ' ' -—...
[ Easter Lilies
*4/ Healthy
Bud or
Easter Candy Beauty Parlor
M*4ai| m) Mmi, M Mf fMMMl Iti.. K..II ti I •••
(pmmiMn i »• «Hk Hu* i
The Most Charming Array of Beautiful Easter Frocks
The Most Fashionable Effects
To Be Had in These New Frocks
s""' —;——->
High tirade Spring
Of EgpeciaUy
tllractive !Seiv
Style*- - Smartly
Model.% for Daytime
and Evening -
Decidedly New
Seldom are frock* offered at
$25 that possess such unur
ual merit as these. You
will appreciate them when
^you see the exquisite fabrics^
Til* mail litkiMiU* effort*
are all la he kid ta tkan
fmki *l»lai ter afteraenn,
dianar aad eaenfag.
t># Mt»4»|| aalr
tail af tka atttartUa at* !#•
**« mull aaa tfc* *«t*l<tv af
lalktlrl and aftrltmaMHipl
Wa ara JuMly proud of (hi*
• ala—tha atylee ara »o extrema.
Iv «mart and dealrahle and ihc
«ilk» ara *o aoft and ri^h w*
know you will ha delighted
with avary ona.
Smart Slandariaing Medal*
Ara la Be Had ia
Theia Pricing*—
$18 $25 $39.75
A Wonderful Assemblage of
Dresses at This Astonishing Price
Spring’* Very Neweit
Beaded (ieorgettes, Faille
Silk. Flat Crepe, Poiret
Twill, Canton and Lace,
Satin-Face Canton Crepes,
Jacquard Crepe, Silk
Laces and Canton Crepp.
Styles In Presses-Sleeves,
\ pleated, bouffant, basque,
y mandarin, paneled, circu
lar skirt, straightline.
You must see this great pur
chase of dresses—the values
are next to sensational. We
eould not duplicate them again
at double the sale price.
C FufinoleAfternoon
I a*hionetl in
Frock« Thai
Are Superior
in (Quality ami Style
Thoao droaaoa—fashionod of
ailka of now and dolijjhtful
ro!or«~-will dolijrht Iho moat
faatidioua taatos—thoy an*
ao faarinatinir. ,
Wonderfully Attractive
Values Up to $39.50
.The suits which we show for tomorrow at
$29.50 have an individuality not often seen
in garments at such a low price. They’re
made of Poiret twills and hairline and
cord twills.
Slagle and doubla>brea*ted medal*, baa
and longer length coat*, lined with tllk
erase. The skirt* la every way conform
with tho coat*.
Man tailored and well finished In every
detail, In tan, navy and black; sizes for
women and misses; regular values up to
$39.80; choice for Monday at 929.00.
Second Fleer
r 'N
Hats for Easter I
Especially airy and
Springlike are these
delightful new Easter
Hat. .t
Wonderful selections of
the "Andrea" patterns.
Stylish, Serviceable
$9Q5° a
Values Up to $39.50
Handsome new Easter Coat* made of
Poiret Twill, Fluffette, the fashion
able Strook novelty camels hair and
imported English fabrics.
Corded, tucked, stitched, embroi
dered and fancy braid and fur
trimmed; cut on lonf, straifht,
fraeeful liner; now, (nappy modelt.
With many a clever idea in collar,
cuffs and pockets. In tan, badger,
navy, gray and black; all silk lined;
sizes 34 to 44 for women, and sizes
14, 16 and IS years for misses. The
values range to $39.50; choice for
Monday at $29.80.
^ Second Floor
r a
Dress Up Your Walls for Easter
with New Spring Wall Paper
REDUCED for This Happy Holiday of Green
Grass and Sunshine, of New Frocks and Gay
Bonnets, of Happy Homes Whose Newly
Decorated Walls Reflect the "Dressed-Up”
Spirit of the Easter Season.
Floral aat.ln and plain itripca,
»l*o chlnt* pattern*. Fold
with border* to match.
8c per roll
For tKe LIVTNe-ffggRf
Emho**ed Tapeatrie* in all
wonted color* ond design*
For porlor, living and dining
24c per roll
Harmonellaa, Blended Oatmeal
in all the new shade*. Bold
only with border*.
i 16c per roll
Kitchen Block* *nd Granlt* Border* to
match, per roll, aold only with border* "C
H| H. L. on th* margin mean* SATIB
• La* FACTION on th# wall. Thor#'* *n
attractive, durable, Inaxpenelv# H. L. paper for
every room,
fj*_ -i_„ Find* our department dfened up
EeASlCl with hundred* of new pattern*,
mo*t of which are ahown on larie wlnge—ju»t
a* they will appear on the wall* of your room*.
It 1* a plea*ure to aeleet paper the “Hayden way"
For Any Room in the House
Floral Rtrlpea and Kitchen Pattern*
Hold only with border*; per roll.
I Bargain Silks in Popular Colorings and Textures
All-Silk Printed Crepes
Beautiful denljm* and coloring! for dreaaea,
*earfa, combination!, etc. .. . SI.74
Genuine 12-Mommie Pongee
First quality selected stock. We reserve the
rijrht to limit quantity. .74c
Seasonable and
Desirable Silks
In thi* great collection
we have as*embl*d Print
ed Crepe*. Plain Colored
Pongee*, Natural Colored
Pongee with beautiful
Colored Overplaid*, Polka
Dot Foulard*, Marigold
Crepe and other de*irable
knit material*, wanh ra
dium*, etc.
Printed Georgette*
A aplendid quality of
Georgette printed in
many beautiful color*
and deaifna, for irarfa,
dreataa, etc.
84-inch, All-Wool
Poiret Twill, 92.79
Very deairabla for coat*
and dreasea. Tan, Grey,
Navy, Brown.
Nairobi Crepe Satin
The moat favored of the heavier crepe satin*. A
good range of color*, plain and 70
moired . Vd6e/2r
Crepe Satin* and
Satin Cantona, $2.95
W* har* assembled for
this price nothing but
superior qualities of Sat
in Canton and Crepe Sat
in in a large rang* of the
most desirable colors for
merly Bold from 13.80 to
Silk Ratine, 29c
In aporta eolora, alao
navy and blaek.
Luatre Spun With
Embroidered Over
plaid, $5.95
A Miftl fabrle of dia
Novelty Coatings, $2.89
All-Wool Novelty Coatings in many beautiful patterns.
_ J
r >
50,000 Bart Andrew Jergen’t
Toilet Soap
Tha graataat *ingl« ahipmant, of toilat »oap avar brought, to Omaha
by any ratail at.or#—that, will aat a naw rarord in aoap aalltng,
itarting Monday morning.
On Sale at About Half the Regular Price
6 Diffarant Kindi to Salaet From.
Front Room.
Make Up Your Own Assortment
10 Bars 69c
The Regular Retail Price, $1.00
Phona Ordara Will R«- Fillad Whila Quantitlaa I.aat.
I.iiy in a aupply aoap will not poll buy ai* month*' na»d*.
_—--jww/n. ■ ■ . —. ■■ ■ —
t i
.l*r|tn'i Violet Transparent
Contain* gdyeerlne and other
valuable Ingredients.
Jarfan'a Rota G«raniiim
fVrfum*'i| with tha fr*grnnr*
of raal flowara.
f Grover Shoes for Easter
31 new spring styles of Grover
Every pair of Grover Shoes
are hand-lasted and hand
^turned or welt sole.
Grover Shoes are only sold by Hayden’* in Omaha,
Council Bluffs, South Omaha.
Grover Z-atrap D r e a a
Pump, French kid, cutout
military heel, turn aolp,
niHCK or «rown Kin ox
ford, militnry heH, fin^
srlovr kid, welt oole or
SPECIAL-Tlayden’* Old-Tymc
Comfort Hou»c Shoe*, 1-atrnp
or 2-atrap. Regular $3,60 val.
For Monday—/
Main Moor Rnar
r ^
Easter Blooms for Boys
New Boys* Dept.—Third Floor
I.** Your Younyttort Bud Out In
On* of Thota Snappy Now Suilt
Boys’ All-Wool 2-Pant Suits
> $7.45 $8.95 $11.75
At whatever price you wi*h to pay
you will get more value for your
money her* than anywhere *l»*.
Finely tailored auita of bright new
fabric#, color# and atyle*. Two
pair full lined trnuaer*. many of
them with double *eat and knee.
Every auit a big value. Sire*. 7
to Ik year*.
Boy*’ High Grade
' Blouse*
Special 98c
Boy*, doll up in one of the*e
nifty blouxi'i New, dreaay
pattern* In atrip**, check*
and plain color*. Cuar/in
teed fa»t color*. Tailored
to fit. Strr* 6 to 16 vear*.
. - J
& JQc r
k pnr* ll»|
V _/
Sale of
Swiss Handkerchiefs
Ladies' Swi«s Handkerchiefs
with hand embroidered corner*,
in white and colored. Regular
25c value*, special. <ach,.19c
All-Linen Handkerchiefs
Ladies’ Fine All Linen Hand
Embroidered comers; regular
50c values; special 3 for $1.00
Novelty Embroidered. Hand Em
broidered Handkerchiefs, all col
ors; regular 35c values, special,
each.. .... 25e
Pure Linen
Ladies’ Pure Linen Handker
chiefs, white and colored; regu
lar 16c values; special, each lOf*
Men’s Handkerchiefs
Men’s All Linen Handkerchief*,
larger size, good quality; regular
25c values; special, each..l9C
Children’s Handkerchiefs
Children's Handkerchiefs, very
good value; regular 6c values;
3 for.lOr j
*— - y
Monday Sales
in the
Grocery and
10 ban Omaha Family soap 37*
Large package Automatic Soap
Flake* ..9*
8 can* Wilson Milk.27*
(3 to customer.)
Fancy Evergreen Corn, can 10c,
per dozen cans... .81.35
Tomatoes, size 24, solid pack.
per <•»" .15*
Beans, Otoe Red Kidney, can 10c,
per dozen .81.15
Baked Beans, dub House or
Murdock, esn 10c; dozen 81.15
100 Cases No. 10 Black Cher
ries, per can.65*
(Only 0 to customer.)
No. 10 Sliced Peaches, esn 85e;
P*r down . 87.50
(Not over dozen to customer)
10 hare P. A G. Soap and 1 large
Galvanized Pail .58* .
Hayden's Diamond Flour 81.65 I
Hayden's Health Flour..81,68
Hayden's xxxx Santos Coffee.
lb., 28c j 2 lbs. for.55*
Exeello Coffee, 85e lb., 8 lbs.
M. A J. Blend, 45c lb., 2 tbs.
Fancy Gunpowder Tea, lb., 60*
Tea Siftings, 2 lb*, for. .. .Mp
Fancy Navel Oranges,
dozen .174*
Fancy Ripe Grape Fruit,
e«h . 64*
Fancy Ripe Bananas, doz., 30c
Fresh Asparagus, lb.30*
Home grown Radishes, bund’ 5c
Fancy fresh Rhubarb, lb.. . JOc
Fancy Cucumbers, each... 25*
Fresh Carrots or Beets,
bunch . 74*
8 lbs. Caddies’ Graham Crack
er* fo r.45C
3 8-4 lbs. Iten's Fairy Sod*
Crackers for. 59*
Pure Pork Sausage, lb.15* j
Fresh Pig Sparerifcs, lb... Sc
Steer Shoulder Steak, lh. 124*
Sugar Cured, Morris Lean Ba
con, per lb....174*
Morris Supreme Bacon, sliced,
per lb. 28*
Strictly Fresh Country Egg*
per dozen. 20*
Choice tub Creamery Butter,
per !*». 40*
Rex or Gem Nut Oleomargarine,
2 lha. for .. J3r
Phoenix, Pimento or American
Club Cheese, lb. 33c
Fancy Wisconsin Cream rr Brick
'Cheese, lb. 24 4*j
^Jutt r#«ai*a4 far HOLY WEEIL^
1,000 lh». Salman, vary »p»
^ alal, par >h.lftf ,
Nur*ery Sales ^
Fruit Traa», IncIutHnf OP
charry .. <3uC
Rhubarb Roota, 8c I
A'piiragu* Root*, OP ,
2-yaar, <loirn . fciOC
Hririal Wraath. 10c
Pink Spin-a, 15c I
• anna, Dahlia, GtaHiola Bulh«,