The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, April 13, 1924, CITY EDITION, PART TWO, Page 11-B, Image 23

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    [This Week’s Choice Real Estate Values
(trading bring don# on n*w I
4J»th nvrnu# and Pihknry
dml, A now addition t<i
t Talroiout and Citfton Hill.
Jitut off Control'll# Hlvd ,
Ju#t aouth of Kont#n#H#
park, lbgh and vrry wight
If, Romw now homo* to
•how you now. Sow thi* a*
you drivn through tho |»ark
today. Howtrictod,
f WA 4873,
! WA 7082, WA 119(».
B or Of He#. AT 1882
AT 1882 AT 1882 |
I —/
A beautiful 7-room brick and
frame Colonial home. Con
struction first-class—having
been built by owner for a
home. Location Slut and
Farnam •— one of the best
residence districts in the*
city. Center hall Colonial «''■
raripernent downstairs and
three bedrooms, rewlnj? room
and hath up. Oak and birch
finish. Onc*car parates and
cement, drive. F*ire and
terms riplit. Askinp $13,000.
323 Karlins BU(.
JA 507 l
| -- -■*
3716 Cuming—9 rooms,
oak floors anil finish,
steam heat, double ga
rage, solid drive; in ex
cellent condition.
3620 Lincoln Llvil.—10
rooms, oak floors and
finish, single garage,
hot water heat, tw'o anil
a half lots. Owner says
3S16 De^sy Ave.—6
rooms, two-story, brick
foundation. Priced
right. (Jan give imme
diate possession.
First Trust Co.
400 Pint Nat. AT 0729
Attar Of fir. Hour. WA 0021
I ■■■ f
The Value
Is There
6 elegant Urge room* and b*th,
onk finish first floor, large living
! room, dining room and kitchen,
huilt-in features, ft large hadroum*.
sleeping porch end hath aeeond
floor, also attie, full has»»n»nt,
ftrr/t, shade trees, some fruit,
paved street. Yo» rnuld not put
up the buildings for the price
of the entire property. Too large
for the owner, *h i might eonaider
• good b-room bungalow on n
deal In the earn# location pear
Owner leaving city and must ha
9old quick, a dandy ruunii and
bath, oak finish, strictly modern,
garage, east front, corner lot,
bMh street* and alley aie paved,
fine hedge, close tp car I»«# and
Windsor school. Pflts has beets
reduced to 97.000. «Iu<j» rash
required. I/d a* show you theee
Igr rmes.
60(> Omaha Nat. Baak Bldf.
f ^
tn Omaha** m«ft9 deimhte
il*f4var* An aft
repttnnatlf nail bn*11 an ltd
I Mr* *9 lk»
»tiatk#vH r«%H*et nf ltd
and rMr»|i I'rrtU.
lino** ha# flat larn# room#
KM f!r«t floor, tnrledtnn n
ver* iHriHIvf «an wn,
four brdeiH.tns atnnnlnc
iHtrrlt ftnt IVi tiled bMh*
Mfl aerond finer, t we ms id**
room* and bath on third
floor. Whit# enamel ftni*H
ami oak flnera throughout.
Hot water hunting plant
with ell burner,
(•aran# for twe ear*. In*
finding eomplete n|*artm#*it
for rhauffvtir.
Si Company
City Nat'l Bank Bldg.
AT lantic 3024
f '
Just completed, five
rooms, large attic, full
cement basement with
floor drain and excel
lent furnace, oak floors
and finish, wall plug
in living and dining
rooms. All modern.
High, level, south front
lot overlooking Fonte
nelle park. A down
payment of only $350
takes this and you can
move in at once.
Should you want some
other location, let us
show you what we have
to offer in a home that
fits your taste' and
pocket book. Call Mr.
Hamilton & Co.
303-4 N.vill. Blk. JA 0687
Em.—-KK 3140 or AT 0718
Get Out
Your “Ford”
And «ee thU dandy Clhlrmont bun
galow. only 81.770; with double
s garage; oak finish and floor*;
ouilh front, 46*186; paved afreet,
finite to ear line; thi* i* a *ngp;
remember only 8750 down, $4.
l*er month.
Get Out Your “Buick”
And *ee thi* elegant rant front
bungalow, with hand-puiDied exil
ing*, 8*0 built-in buffet, wun room
with French door* and V window* ,
built by owner; ha* double ga
rage alao, paving ail paid; priced
below eo*t, You mud *•« thin,
8 room* and bath.
Get Out Your 'Cadillac*
And «#e thie ft*n*onhur*t ea*t
front home, located on peettle*t
• treat ia iiernon, on a large lot,
83x221, with double garage, Oak
ftnieh and floor*, hot water heat.
'•Uirrn water a* well, (| (
poreh, extending on two xlde« ;
birch *hade treec, fruit aho; 4
room* and hath.
Phone Mr, Yfiid«on, WA 8124, or
Wood yard, WA 8777,
Corner 50th and
Charles Sts.
Large living room, two cor
ner bedroom*, full bath,
handy dining room and
kitchen. Dig attic, full baae
ment, enclosed coal bin with
coal chuta. Dundee i* build
ing north and west very
rapidly. Many high-clan?
home* within two block* of
thin pretty bungalow. Here
ix a real opportunity to buy
where value* will increase.
Priced now at $6,850. (.'all
u* about term*. Your* may
be juxt right. Phone todav,
WA 1232.
R. F. Clary Co.
508 Omaha Nat. AT 3075
Hornet Built]
to Last I
built house that Is mire (/. ■
tivp v««u IfniiMf. 1
'till' ti*«p Hwlll boxiM n I
Omaha an* *tr«ii"', <lu*nt.U I
mid pi i m it urn I K Xpert «k<|| I
fir»t flaw material j?
have made the** dwelling 1
fine exempli • of the hom< If
building art. I
A visit In a Kn*p lludt home I
will repay you if you are I
considering the ptirrhnsc nf ■
a new home. B
<•'111 N. 4^’d SI., faring Fon- I'
tenelle pnrk and new \orth I
Hik’h This and adjoining I
bungalow* are now finished B
and are open this p. ni. fur I
your inspection. You will hr I
surprised at our price* and k
terms. I
210-12-14 Keeline Bldg. «
^ AT Ian tie 0721 ^
Why Pay 1
when you can, with n j
small payment down, j
purchase this beautiful ji
bungalow built for a I
home? Has vestibule I?
with coat closet, large
living room, connecting I
to a cozy sunroom, with I
French doors between;
; dining room and kitch- I
en that are the very last I
word In completeness; I
two nice, airy bedrooms
and tile bath on first
floor; one large bed- I
; room on second floor, f
House finished in oak I
throughout. Has hot I
water heating plant, I?
double garage. Close |
to cathedral. And all I
for $8,500.00. I
Gallagher I Nelson I
520 Peter* Trust Bldg.
JA 33®2 HA 8258 I
Evans St.
THp prettiest closo-in dis
trict in Omaha, and the
house is especially atlrae
tive, The long living room
and aunroom and the south
front are special feature*
that are sure to please you.
:t fine bedrooms and bath on
3d floor, finished in white
enamel; then an unusually
large double garage and
wonderful neighborhood are
important. The terms can
he easily arranged; In fact,
the owner will take a good
first or second mortgage n*>
port payment u*d the bal
ance monthly. See the house
—then see us. WA hi80 or
KE 2840.
Edward F.
Williams Co.
805-8 Omaha Nat. Bk. Bldg.
JA 0420
W-.t "Q," $1,500
A real nic# rot lag# built about 1
years ago. Minims nr* a nln sir.-*
and have hardwood floors, goo I
big cellar. * lucken house and other
buildings. A few fruit free*. !/»•
rated in a fa»t. grow lag dhtriet,
one block to car line and pa.#
ment. 9400 will handle
524 ond MQ,M $3,300
The house la only a few peer*
old and la well built, baa good
aired rooms sod nine light fix
tures. fJuaranteed furnace, Large
stucco garage, chicken bouse and
other building*. Wonderful Inwu
and an nbundanre of grapes i nd
* fruit. Convenient location. Hose
to school, ear line and pavement.
'I tils is e mtlntf of tl.MttP type.
hut in good condition. A pood lot
and plenty ot shade, fiarag# and
chicken boil e
MA 0000. Sunday C«ll
MA 3050 or 2I4«
*_ *
It Takes a Heap of
Living to Make a Home
Don’t waste all those
joys and little sorrows
putting atmosphere m
some one else s house.
Own your own home as
soon as possible and
make it express your
personality. Live into it
a n atmosphere that
spells you.
Square Homes
Southwest 7 Rooms
J.ooka Ilka a 16,808 homa, but
S fc,2f>0 buy a thia ap lend id anuth
front comer residence. Has four
dandy corner bedroom*, brick
foundation, full basement. Handy
for Southaldera also. Kaiy terms
on this biggest aouthwest bar
gain. Extra lot If needed i
3510 Charles St. '
Widow lady aelllng tbia fin# ft
room residence. Mont complete
with 2-rar garage. Is finished in
finest oak, most eonvenient to
car lin* and school and Technical
high SEE IT TODAY. Submit af
fer, cash or terroa. For particu
lars Sunday call Booth. WA 100*;
Minikus, WA 7734; C.ilbart, KK
Investment Co.
JA 32S1 704 K.aliaa BUf.
One Acre
West Dodge
$1,100—$110 Cash
Balance $11 Monthly
Only 10 hlorka west of Fairacres
A full acre, south front, eteeHent
locution near Dodga roa*l. Direetly :
west of Fair acres and Happy Hal
low. Reduced to I price pee lot,
this would l»a under $J00 for an
average lot, yet l! la directly in
ima of Omaha's best development.
An acre In the West Dodga dis
trict at ahftae price la certainly .
one of the beat speculative In
vestments that could ha made.
FOR EXAMPLE— Tn 1000 Ifeaeri.
Liebentritt and Trhlda purchased
a tract of Ti acres at Oilh and
Dodga streets from Mr. Claua j[
Hlevers for a consideration of j
111,000. About seven years later
these thrifty gardeners sold the j
tract to Mr. J. A. I.angen for
$26,000. If wa were appraising this
property today wa would val le It
*.• r.ct |e«s than $60,000. Don't
let this opportunity pass, ft pa/
never rome to yen again.
The Byron Reed
JA Mil ISIS Farina St.
Today’s Best
West Farnam
A roomy. ple**ant home place with
fine tree*, on aonth front lot, in
quiet, do*e*ln Weat Farnam lo
Home haa veatibule. coat efoaet,
large living room with French
door* to gleaaed porch. Wining
room, butler** pantry, kitchen on
firat floor. Four light and well
ventilated bedroom* and bath an
aecond. One room and bath on
Double garage and WHve. Baud
Heater, ahowar lie basement,
aereena and atorm window*.
In parfect eondltloa Inside and ant.
Male* an effer an eaav terms a*
property muat Ha *old Immediately.
Out of office hour*, call Mr. Burr,
HA *M«, er Mr. McDowell. KK
Tin Benson & Garrett
213 S. 19th St. AT 9640
Can You Imagine
$ff.250—$l,500 Ca*h
W« abitiluttlf rarommrnd thli
bum* as b*ing oaa of tha bast
bargains offarad.
f rooms and slaaplng porsh, Fng
tfah trpa h'-ms. Flraptara, ho* mad
sailing, bookmans. a\tra larga
living room, oak floors throusb
out. 17.50(1 bnma at M.JSO. Wilt
ha said Monday sura. ftjndfcy
rail JA 1754.
5p*rlall.t. In Dund** Hon.i
JA 1734 Kill Flnor City Nnt.
f '
On 54th Street
South of Dodge
We have a 'J room tapestry brii k and stucco boose with wide front
porch end cement floor, vestibule entrance, reception hall, largo
living room with fireplace and built-in bookcases, pleasant dining
room, kitchen, breakfast nook and refrigerator vestibule. Second
floor has four bedrooms and enclosed sleeping porrh, good-sired
closets with mirror door*. Third floor ha* largo finished room
with storage closet*. House nicely finished Itr hardwood, o*k
floors throughout, enamel flni*h upstairs, ('orutmctlon of this
home is excellent and It hn* been beautified with more than $100
worth of shrubbery. We will he glad to show this on appointment.
Near Dundee School
v. »
Two story brick and stucco home, having a living room SOxlfi
with fireplace and ninny windows; dining room bus panelled
walls; kitchen lias built-in features and extra toilet and lavatory.
4 excellent bedroom* on second. White enamel woodwork, with
birch doors, muhogantzed, tile bath, pedestal lavatory. This home
wss designed by one of -r- —.. . .
Omnlm's best architects and
the construction is splendid. I _ W • ■
Fnliro building is lined with LP4^LlLLeJL*BykJ
flaxlinum. There is n hot wa
ter heating plant. I'. S. oil /
burner. I’ermanent tubs In 1*,*VJ8*J J
laundry. One-car garage. A '- *< . .ft? .Wtfrr.t Me *t732i
U for appointment to *how. ~ —
Good Hums
Pried Right,
Easy Term
*f *«*.* an IN •♦♦♦** $***
, . .
irtiipil, r** t^e t*4 aaa* K>>«-li
H# naW>t Hmm» ft "• * tftl
. ... |g *td np t I *
naUa linoleva»4. e**Mih of
• * " ft ift4
Mtnid pi'Met* H*t
heat. Very #**|f faemj.
$7,000 ]
Sit mnmi, f*ill f»*t»*tnr0 h««*a,
in clone »n 4utrtit,
finer Yetee achetnl. Tlirte ntea W4•*
r’nwg a«4 *innftn| perrh on itc
«n4 fliff; a*M« tei f|®nea4, Heart \
*r# miner etirenfhe ffiteree, In
,4*n* frrfr'^n hilt, t-uttar a
pinery • n4 he*»t4 iififi.
Ifara *p# thrat hnmaa it rail
vilit-fiviif price*. Lot **• *H*>w ®
you your choice. Sunday* rail
HA l«t».
C. T. Spier & Co.
Ranker* Reaarve BI4f. M- 4887
k __>
( Build
I Finance
I Loan
1 Insure
I B°y
I Sell
JA 422* Kostins Bid..
J. A. Shopoi) W. R.ZInk
Prs». Sot.
C. F. Shoptn, M.r, of Sals*
Ber.lund,, Rabor
We have a special liat of
paved at reet lota at from
9700 to $1,200 which must
, be sold. One a half block
east of Dundee rut to 11,100 ji
—A corner in Clairmont dia- i!
trict, $1,200. Some near the
West Side Park car lina only
$700. Get this list Easy pay
6-ronm cottage, all modern
with hot water heating plant, 1
needs aome repairing and
decorating. Located on S3d i
street, between th# West
Fnrnam district and the new
Technical High school,
t room*, imilr M*. a block
from tbo Wei* Side Park rar line.
In Windsor school district, tl.SSS.
On paved ha« aara*a. D»n
•r lr»fi»f$rr$d. Quirk poaaoaoion.
(••room hotita and larf# § round*,
nf#rlookli»f Hiiurnm park, hat
waftr h'atlnf plant, v»hit# cak
finltk. opariallf built for pr#«#n$ |
ow»«r. C*all for partlaukra and i
appolntntant to im Not much rath
wad ad.
Harrison A Mortis
Howe. HA aatMi WA HIT
• IS Omaha Nattanal Bb. JA. S.1I4
111 11
ONCP MORI! -Tka Standard Hat#
bungalow advartlaad on tkta MV*
last Sunday waa oold W ado radar.
Wa knva anotkar now bungalow
naming (ompUtkin in Standard
all modarn bungalow. o*V
floor* and finUh, fraMira*,
#*r#l!rut condition. darnrttfd
♦ hrnufhnut, brink foundation, not
'fnrfrrd. built for a bum*. %*•
ragf to matrh kiuir, ? Iota, float
to far. fchnnlt and park.
Only $4,500
With $750 Cash
flmwla) pknno 1 «lt**y (lahria, KIC
10.10. W altar Itowtaf, KK 020 i.
Our Bt»t Vtluri
1k» »»•••»• I*** ***•
• "4 Ih t **«d
• HI *•••*»*» »•••'*
Mil. h **4 R«»4 M *«•.
I^fmi i rtk N Him!
•wrol l«l»«#a»nw, **»*»
Itiyk mil Mmewdlk l’**k
>i knot*, t Mwk In f •*.
riir.1 •iff#' f-min* poM
Ttrr-d t« *#ll; owner need*
CilMiil 1*500
*1,?»0fl i i*h, toorle new. 5
nmwi, 1 iy Mnry •emi-h«n>
*nlnw, Inn* H*in# room, 2
t»r*e bedroom*. |»ni|»
Silk end F*«n»- I*.*00.
11,50% r»»h. 6 mown. two
•<»ry; n**w denoratinna, fin
est of ***lrrlr<l oak floor*
and fininh; iilra*«nt nei*k
hnrkniul; u ri>*i cnmfortable
h on\r. romp)**# in every
Mr. Wkelen. HA 27271 Mr.
O'Donnell, AT 5419; Mr.
B*rrett. HA 5447.
J. J.
200 Brandeii Then. Bid*.
Let Us
and Build
T. H. Maenner Co.
018 Omaha Laaa BM|.
)Sth aad Dad (a AT 3862
Here Are Four
Real Boys
$*,»W—$1,000 Cash
5 rooms, in real food shape,
all one floor, paved street,
south front. Balance payablo
only $25 per month,
$4,050—$1,000 Cash .
On# year old, 6 rooms, first
floor all modem, oak floors
throughout. Paved street.
You must see this home to
appreciete it.
$8,000—$7 W
6 rooms, all modem, 3 rooms
first floor and 3 bedrooms
and bath second floor. East
front. Street paved, carafe,
$8.080—$1,000 Each
Dandy nearly new all mod
ern 5-room 1-floor bunca
low. oak throufhout, earner,
paved street, 1 block to car.
These homes are all well lo
cated and close to car lines
and schools.
JA 1880 1400 1st Net Bk
Sunday Call Mr. Reed. |CE
8611, or Mr. Restia, KE 4746
5010 liard Slraal
FRONT LOTS (97*115)
Thing r*v'm 14*3B. with han*. j|
•«a* flrwgta## muilf rn.*w iarf*
dining rimm. dan. kitrhan. panfrr,
»aiwwwad a da porrh Oak haa.-h |j
and Mteh w«»4i ti*ad.
fiv# aamfortahla hadrwAtwo. hath, yj
two aatra toilata and rhowar. Mat
• nar haat. (»*a haatar. On* tenant
laundry fnriJItina Vtatra good ?.
rar garaaa ArtiMie iawdatanina,
including ffrara aibwr wall tdaMad
Owner witt •f»i,l a amallar * man
In trad*.
Baautiful in Summir \
Cnmfarlabla in Winter
Tha !**•! la nr* hama wnlua yog |
ran find
E.H. Benner Co.
401* KmKm* BM,
)K M»»4
\- -d*
Oat-Hill Black
Elawtad Park
llo» t. noth si
17,000 00
Om acre of ground, or *n
M*; t rwi* n«*ti*e, <hirk' »
bn nee. Nit, well f attend,
thicken tigh<; on ear lino t
right in path of Omaha'*
moat rapid development.
Price reduced fr<itn IT,#50
for quirk eaie. Want to »et.
tie an ««Uta. Term*.
Field C4*b Di.trict
1934 S. 34th St.
4 room* let floor. 3 had.
room* and bath 2d floor;
all modern; lot 50x134 feet,
ea*t front, paving paid; not
a new house, hut a good one.
Priced to cell and one of the
heat valuea to be found In
I Field Club diatrirt 40.500
Kaay terma. Fun, WA 50.32.
J. L. Hiatt Company
AT 9900
Dundee Homes
| SIS South Blst Art.
This U a substantial i-roore ell
modern home, well located with
4 good rooms first floor. Including
■on room : 4 corner bedrooms, tile
bsth room second floor; oak fin
ish and floors throughout with
white enamel upstair*, good hot
water beatinr plant. One-ear ga
rage and driveway. Price cut for
Immediate safe.
SIS South fist St.
A substantial brick Dutch Colonial,
buth for a h'uae, beet ef con
struction and finish. Eight room*
with sun room, breakfast room,
large living ro«m first floor, three
bedrooms second floor. Fireplies
and other built-in features Tile t
bathroom with beet rrsda plumb- I
Ing. Two-car garaga. A pleasure
to show this bout a
114 South Blst Ava.
Eight-room brick and stucco with
fine east front lot. in ena of the
best blocks In Dundee. Hot water
heat, srlth ell burner. Ruud In
stantaneous heater, large living
room with ftrspUre Three bed
rooms and sewing room second
floor and third floor flatbed
Easy terras arranged.
Look that# houaaa eear today,
them arrange With tu far tnspec
tlon. For Information today, cell
t If. Arey, WA 4211} O. H.
Shelly, KB fill, er J. B Spain.
HA 0119,
Glover & Spain
PIS-20 City Nat. B»l Bid,
JA 2M0
Be Your Own
>t«*« fata an* of that* »!o*o* and
•tart porln* rant fa panrtalf.
♦41 a Barker Are.—$4,160
Ob* and ano-haf Harr kaaaa.
Tkrao dandy mom* *a ftrot floor,
two tart* PodrootB* and both an
' - —A floor. Oak flaer*. Oak aad
*r*a>*t finish. In *ii*0*ot rosdl
tlo* out»!do and In.
636 N. 48tk St—$6,400
B mud n*w hunvolow *f fir# fin# {
room* on an* floor. Hu larva }
fVtorod nttlo and mm irrp hsa»
nri*nt. B**t of rnn*tra*ttoa and
finuh Cornplato with (ntartor do*,
omtio**, *h*d**a llfht fltitir**,
E4f#w*w4 Brick Bnagalotr,
Naarlp new. n*# alavaat room*
on on* floor. Bmuttfnlljr fl»t«h*d
and taotllr d**omtwl Ha* fir*,
pi***, til# kath. rrfHl t»h. krrnb- 5
foot nook. Ot*. Garofa drlro. FH«* ?
T* ln*p**t th**a t*d*». Call 6mal
B*n*oa, B'AInnt 1M*. ar t>. M.
8>o*n. WA Inm 1*11, *r
Benson &
AT laatit SMB Bdl Pajrtoa >Mr
Tlii« properly Is built for an
ideal home T arga reception
hall, music room, lixinf
room. dinl»g room, kitchen,
refr-rerator room a-«d ev*ra
toilet on firet floor Three
pleasant bedrooms w|*h 'arge
closets, sen ing room, tile
bath with elaborate fixture*
on second floor, fomented
basement, plastered ceiling,
eubdivided into laundry
room, fruit room and heat
inr room. Steam heating
plant. Where ran you dupli
cate thia home for M.750?
fall us for an appointment.
R. F. Kilgore. HA 5*27; f.
!\ Alien. KF 5744, or .1 H.
Payne, WA 705*.
Piynt & Sons Co.
BIB Oaa. Nafl Bk ,»A 101B