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    Omaha Bee Sports^
I—New York. #—SI. I .mil*.
!— Cleveland. «—Clilrago.
1—Detroit. 7—Washington.
I—1‘hllndi'lphlit. R—Itostnn.
SW YORK, April
11. — No t> no.
within tho mem
ory of mortal
man not even tho
aontleman who
spend* hi* tune
removing from
his hair vagrant
strands ot cotton
. from the padded
) cell, ever select
ed a world’s
champion hall
club to flnieh
worse than firRt,
I the next time,
and the writer
can do no loss. The Now York Yan
kees, even with three consevutive
pennants and a world's title behind
i hem, should and probably will, can
ter Id the wire in the American
league race this season.
We might dope it one way and
hunch it another, thus arriving at
Hie conclusion that the Yankees
will be over-confident leaving the
field open for a sensational rush to
the front by some outsider. Hut
the fact Is ever preferable over fic
tion, and the fact of the matter Is
that the New York Yankees are
distinctly the class.
They have the pitching, they have
i he hitting, they have everything. In
brief, a foster-father couldn't look
better to an orphan.
It Is possible that Everett Scott,
our slightly spavined shortstop, msy
not stand up through the season, but
i he chances are that he will. If not
(he Yankees might find the going
none too smooth, even with their
laudable pitching.
If any club is to beat them, It Is
the Cleveland Indians, with their
punch, speed and improved pitching.
Speaker has revamped his passe
champions of 1920 with commendable
dispatch, and now has a white man's
— - —
chnnee for the pennant, Hide should
hnvs another great yenr. t'ovelsllll
Is said to have rome hark, and several
young pitcher* ar# about due. Ainu
th« hitting of Burns and Stephenson,
now a regular. Is certain to win many
games. Watch the Indian*.
The Tigers have Impressive lilt
ting, as always, and their pitching
has become Increasingly effective
with every season Cobh lias had the
club. Bill lie has sprung a leak al
second base and it Is our belief flint
|)cl Pratt Is not the man to stop it.
Voting Kignry at shortstop is also
said to he In a bud way. The Tigers
will not go (ar without any sus
picion of weakness around the all*
important keystone sector.
Anything may happen In the case
of the Athletics, a young club that
does not know it* strength or weak
ness. Tha pitching should be good
for the first time since 1314. and
Mack undoubtedly has nddeil a punch
to tha outfield by the addition of
Simmons and Strand, yet it is not a
championship club and only a fluke
will make It one. The Athletics need
more strength in the infield, mote
pep and hustle.
Much of the Browns' success de
pends on the ahllty of'Sisler to return
to his 1322 speed, and the develop
ment of a few pitchers to help
Shocker Otherwise the club is fool
proof. Wo cannot say the same for
the White Sox. They are short of
pitching, hlttlnK and outfield defense
The team has been weakened offen
slvely and defensively by the intro
auction of young outfielders, but the
general speed of the club has been
increased. The punch is not there,
The Senator* are an old hall rluh
with a young manager, Stanley
Harris. He is one of the few young
men in the outfit, .fudge, Rire,
Pecklnpaugh and others being be
yond their prime. The team needs
pitching and a third baseman. It
will do well to finish out of the
__. . -
M< Kee*|lort. fn,—CmMr ri«* Mnrko «it
Charleroi, Pa . outpointed Johnny Hor
vath of >!anafi«-M, O, 10 round*, at
Allentown, Pa ; Joey Gam of Allentown.
Pa. won deciai'-n nvrr Andy "Kid ’ l’alm- l
cr of Dayt-rn, <>., 10 rounds. j
Chess Champion
Increases I^ead
New York, April 11.—Jose Capa
1.1anea of Cuba, world’s chess (-ham j
pion, gained half game (luring the
18th round of the International chess
tournament and Dr. Emanuel Lasker
of Germany now holds a lead of one
game with four rounds to play. Frank
Marshal of New York strengthened
his claim to fifth position and the
last of the prize money. The 19th
round will be played Saturday and
two adjourned matches will he the
only contests of today.
Capablanca defeated Ed Lasker of
Chicago in 60 moves. Dr. I-asker was
forced to draw with Alexander Alek
hine of Russia in 30 moves. Marshall
entered his 37-n»ove victory over
Kldflne Bogoljubow of T'krania for a
brilliancy prize.
Preparing for
The St. Joseph Country club of St.
Joseph, Mo., Is making big plans for
he staging of the annual Transmissis
tlppl Golf aasoclation tournament at
its course the week of June 23.
A new $150,000 clubhouse has Just
ieen completed and reports received
rom St. Joseph state that the course
nd greens are in perfect condition.
A large number of Omaha and out
(tat# golfers will represent Nebraska
it the annual tournament.
I.os AJigele.s, April 11.—Covering a
.tactic# lap over the five-eighths mile
\srot speedway trsrk yesterday in
!X 2 5 seconds, Slg Haugdahl. Norwe
gian automobile racer, established a
new track record. The only record
of 10 seconds wss held Jointly by
Haugdahl and Ralph de Palma.
Fred Knight Win*
Amateur Golf Title
Plnehurst. N. C.. April 11.—The,
north and south amateur golf cham
pionship was won her# Thursday by
Fred IV. Knight of Philadelphia after
a stirring 16-hole match with B. P.
Verrlman of Waterbury. Conn.
Knight came from behind and took
the match 1 up after being 4 down
to his opponent at the end of the
morning round.
' —m—--\
Exhibition Games.
- j
\*w York. <&■) \ \ J
< (A) .• * * * * ’ * • 4
Bstttrfaa: B*ntl#jr and dowdy. HlinK
n»h)p and Bcbalk.
Memphis, Tsnn., April 11— «. It K
Pittsburgh GO . * * \
Msmphls (6 ) . ■ 4 1* 2
Battarlts: Cooper. 8t«lnd«r and
Schmidt Warmoutb, Hyt, Sodgwlck «ad
Philadelphia. April 11— * T! r*
Phlladalphla (N ) . 4 J ®
Phlladalphla (A) ...
Battirlti: Burn*. Walbarg and ulbaon.
Ring, Couch and ifenllna.
Kanaaa Clfy. April 11 — * JT. K.;
Kanaaa City. (AA.) . * u 1
Battarlca”11 Kaufman, Buah and O Far
*•11, Zinn and
Houston. T«*aa. April 11— 11 ,r 1 ,
l*«a Molnaa (W.) . ® } i
Houafon. <T*a ) •#••••. in,!*,*"
Rattri tea W Maori Juhnaon and Muna
ling. KirUiar. liar fool and !>i»m*nd. M*
Muakoica. Okl . April II - H 11 •1
p*tn*r i Wl. i *
>lnakn**e, (WA I ■ * 1' .
Mi» '*»!#• Hall. m’"1 *8
$.**!». A deck and H J,P'1
Will Bar Steel I
Shafted Clubs in j
Big Tournaments
New York, April 11.—No change
in the size or wplglit of golf hall*
will be legislated the present sea
son, an official of the l.'. S. Golf
association announced today. Steel
shafted clubs will be barred from ;
use in tournaments officially sanc
tioned by the l . S. G. A., he said.
Kvperintents with golf balls will
be continued, file official added
with a probable change forecast
for nest year.
Many Entries
in Kaw Relays
J,awr*nee, K*n., April 11.—More
than 1,000 athlete*, representing 95
universities, college*, military acad
emies and high schools in all part*
cf the country will compete in the
second annual Kansa* relays, the
first major outdoor me*»t of the year,
here April 19. Twenty institutions
will ha represented this year that did
not take part In the 1923 relays.
Th* tinlv«r«lty clnm *ntrl*«: Crelrhton.
Dartmouth. Drak»\ cjrinnell. Iowa State,
KuniM, Kanaa* Atfgleii. Minnesota, Nnrth
Notre Darne, Oklahoma. Oreifcn
Ascie*. Oklahoma Aggl***. T**xar. Wash
ington. Wiaconatn, Denver univeraity *n<!
foliage rlaea entrie* Include: Smith
Dakota State. Keuna Viata, Storm. I.ake
Dakota State, Buena Viata, Storm J.ahe,
Ta.; Cornell roll***. Mount Vernon,
la.; Dee Molnea umv relty, Dea Molnea.
la.: Peru Normal fNeb.), I'enn rollege,
Oakaloosa. la . Occlde»tal, Boa Angela*.
Murphy Did-Its closed the Gate
City l»apiic season Thursday, night
with a series of 3.07S against the
Omaha Towel Supply quintet. Al
Mayer was the high man with n
wore of Bail. Moore was a close
second with *20 pins to his credit. The
Towel Supply team rolled 2.93*.
Younger rolled the best for the
towel team toppling *04 pins. The
Md Its ns a team rolled 1,0*5 In ibe
flrat game, and came back with 1.05*
in the second eontest and fell off to
955 In the final game. The Towel
Supply five rolled 1.040 for its heal
f '|
New Iowa Coach
Kurl IniutiM'ii.
Thr jiIh.m iihoto allow* Hurt liitf
w**riK»r, format ciklimn ronrh of th*
I'nlvrrslty of Jllmot* fr#*ahni*'ti, who
t*» truln UHiV'i'itty
^ f^-L r^og OUJL<5 S i
VAJWAT pcrr ? ] /tae week emp,
Mo I’fK MOT / / -0OV I'M 601 MG
Guarantee Funds
Beat Sanfords
Hunt Rolls Three High Games
of Contest—AI Wartrhow
Howls High Individual
IIK till a ran tee
Fund Ufa bowl
in c team last
n I cli t defeated
the Hanford Cafe
quintet, 2,098 to
2.O.V.T. whereby it
broke a tie that
enisted between
inn inn i' uni-’
and rarrlrd off
I lie season honors
in (lie tireater
Omaha league.
Th« insurance
team won the
first two games
nl the set hr 51
pins. The fate flv« rim* back in
the final game, winning it by six pins.
Guarantee Fund Life -team started
off the night's play with a bang, get'
ting 1.0A1 pins in Its Initial game. Al
Wartchow rolled the high game of
the evening In this game, when he
toppled 241 pins. While the Insur-*
am o men were getting their 1,001
pins the restaurant men were crash
ing the maples for a count of l,0ii7
Coleman and Wills both rolled 221 In
this game for the Sanford quintet.
Ham of the Sanford team rolled the
three high games of the evening, top
pling a total of 6fi0 pins. Ken Sclple
rolled the high set of games for the
Insurance five, crashing the maples
for a count of 6f-0, The score;
Onarantrr Fund I.lfe.
Olson . 1*0 202 HI— ***
Moore .>11 1*3 l»l— Ml
K Kelpie 3AA 70S 173— AA*
Al. Worlrlinw 24* 271 ISA— Mi
k ticii.l- .337 tit IA2— AAA
Totals .. I«*l l»AO AA7—29AA
Sanford r’sfe.
Coleman .. 221 IAA IAS AAA
Mam .2tA 2SA 214— AAA
w ilts .221 I All mil— AAI
Wooiilinrr . ttA 20# I7A— ASA
Toeals .1AA7 »A3 313—2953
Illini Tracksters
to Go to Berkeley
1' TIL, April 11.—Coach Harry
Gill named 21 ITnlversIty of Illinois
track men who will make th» trip
to Berkeley. Cal., for the duat meet
with the I'nlverslty of California.
April 1A. Two more athletes, prnhahly
Aprlnters o:- weight men, will he se
lected before the squad leaves Satur
day afternoon.
H. It. Finns Is the only daah man
on the list so far, slthough Bob
Ayrea, who has been on the invalid
list, Is going as manager of the team
and may compete. The other mem
bers of the squad are Capt. "Pitch"
Johnson; Don Kinsey nnd A. C. Hchm.
hurdh rs; Dale Carter. Douglas Fes
eeiujfn nnd J. I*. Koone. quarter
mileis; OsorgA Graham, halfmller:
■life Makeever, Mel Hall, C K. Ponzer,
S. C. Msrzulo and Kddie Mleher.
mllers and two milers; Marshall
Siveeney and H. P. Wnllaee, broail
Jumpers: Ted Flint and Laurie
Wright, high jumpers; Fieri Schtld
hauer, weight man; Milton Angler,
javelin; and hem Brownell, Joe Me
lloz anil It. L. llunaley, pole vaulters.
Michigan Aggies \\ it hr! raw
From Drake Kelay Meet
Ka*t M.*ch . April 10 Ha
rnujii* of allrgrd dlacrlmlnatlnn on th*
part of l>rakr rHav nfTMal* who havp
plarod thf* athlatft* from th* Mlrhlgin
agrb tiltui.t 1 college In th«* unlveraltv
chiani Heat Ion. Coach Ralph If. Young
bn* derided not to pond entrlc* to the
meet. 1n*tmd. the aggie* tram will t*p
enttred In the Ohio atate linlveralty
iday gtiliu'i April 17, Coach Young
*n Id
I lioiiiati Defeats Jakwav.
Thomaa w«»n from .lukwnv In Thura
day night‘* rnmt\ 700 to 13.1 In the
14.3 billiard tournament bring plug
rd at the Metropolitan billiard parlor.
\\ 'dl-M ** inrHs Thoptua tonight,
r~ ~
Newcomers to Central Track Squad
Causing Veterans Plenty Worry
With many new track candidates
under the coaching of Noble this week
at Central High S' hool coming to the.
front, veterans look forward to strung
competition In the lnterclsss meet to
be held at Creighton field April 1S.
Wilbur Pope, brother of Wayne
Pope, captain and star track athlete
of last year's squad, Is running the
low and high hurdles Ilk# a veteran.
Bud Richards also looks good In the
low hurdles this year. Muxon. foot
ball player, is a flash In tha dashes
and track fans look forward to him
winning the hundred yard dash In the
interclass meet.
More than 10 candidates are try
ing out for the distance this year,
with the Ketterman brother* ap
pearing to he the choice of the
Oliver, Marrow and Kinsey look
best in the discus, but It Is rumored
around Central campus that. Thomas,
who hold* the state record for this
event, will be out heforo th# Inter
class meet Is reeled off.
In the high Jump Msrrow. Pope
snd Kettermsn sre likely to he the
rlinlre of Coach Schmidt. Pole vanit
ers seem to be scarce, but Cheek,
and Kgan are clearing the bar In
fine style.
With this material on hand Central
high school will make a hard bid to
carry off the honors In the city snd
itate meets.
London, April lt.~Tha Greenham
Plate rsre of the opening day of the
S'ewbery Port Spring meeting was
won Friday by J. B. Joel s three-year
old chestnut colt. Green Fire, by Sun
star, out of Green Cloth, who heat the
favorite, A. R. Cox's bay colt Caravel,
by a head Sixteen ran.
Green Fire was nuoted at 10ft to 7
against and Caravel, 3ft to 1 against.
Steven Ronairhue, leading Jockey
over the flat for nme veara, had the
mount on Green Fire, scoring hit first
success of the. season.
The Greenham Plate is for 3 year
olds snd Is run.over one mile straight
course. The rsre has a ' slue of 1.000
High grads diamonds have been
scarce in Kurope the p*«t year.
Wants to Meet Schlaifer in Omaha
EDIHK BURN BROOK, welterweight champion of the I lilted States
army and one of the leading welters of the country, wants to meet
Morrle fschlalfer In an Omaha ring, according to word received
from his manager, Jimmy Bronson, former manager of Bob Martin.
Kurnbrook has returned to active service in the ring after being out for
two months with a dislocated ankle. He defended his army championship
last week by knocking out Krnest Hale In two rounds at Fortress Mon
roe, Va.
- - -- ^
Kinsey Coast Net Champ.
Honolulu. April 11.—Robert Kinsey
of California Is mid Pacific tennla
champion by virtue of his victory
Thursday over Harold flodshall in tha
finals of the Invitational tourney here.
*4. 7 5, f. 2.
(toll Oratory,
lit I hate I aatil when I lopped a shot
Winds that I fiinlMthty ortrr not,
\nd nfl In I he future will I say
The same old wold* In the same old
"What," ask* It. It. 0., "do thay
mean by 'the gentler sex’ when Mlea
Olenna Collett play* a 650-yard hole
In 5? It's a good thing we atlll have j
a Jack Eempsey and a Strangler
l,ewls to keep the modern woman
temporarily curbed or restrained,”
2,000,009 .Strokes.
Chirk Evans ha* figured out an
other way to play good golf. The ex
open and ex-amateur champion, trail
ing the bounding atntlatlc to He lair,
says ho has played 2,000,000 golf
strokes In practice and In play, all a*
close as possible to the game pattern
or standard.
With certain patterns to work
on lie has hammered away for nearly
20 years to get the stroke grooved.
There are quite a few golfers who
are certain they have played that
many strokes in bunkers and traps,
but their only pattern was a pas
sionate eagerness to get out as
quickly as possible.
To play good golf, or consistent
golf, one has first to learn the
stroke—and then forget It. Forget
It while the swing instinctively goes
upon its natural way.
Thoee starting out again this April
who *tlll believe they can hit s golf
tall and think about seven or nine
important details at the same mo
ment, will spend most of their sum
mer under giound, flogging away at
the sand.
Al A unu^ ucv
given in honor
of the Creighton
university bask
et hall team.
North Central
Intercolle g i a t e
C o n ference
rhamplona, and
members of the
athletic staff at
Hrandeis Restau
rant, last night.
"Johnnie" Traut
man was chosen
by bis team
mates as their
leaner anu cnpvam »ur ine cuuuu§ ora
■on In place of Captain Lovely who
ha* played hla full quota of years and
Is now ineligible for intercollegiate
Trautman began hie bajket ball
career in 191*. hla sophmore year In
high school, in Elktofl. South Dakota,
home of Jimmy Lovely and Chuck
Kearney. In the season# of 1919 and
1920 the Elkton squad captured the
state championship with Trautman
playing regularly In the forward posi
In the 1924 season, Just finished, he
was easily the most rnnrtstent player
on the entire squad and was again
high point man for the Bluejay squad.
Trautman is a Junior In the College
of Arts and Science and will receive
hla degree In Jun* of 1925. After that
he expects to enroll In the College of
Medicine at the University of Minne
MacDonald Smith
v Signs as “ProM
New V.M-k. April 11,—MacDonald
Smith of San Francisco, whose come
back was a sensation in professional
golf circles last year, has signed as
professional of the New Lakeville
Golf end Country club, whose course
Is tinder construction at Great Neck.
L. L. He will take up hia duties
there In 1925, but will represent tht
club this year In tournament play.
Smith's engagement adds another
etar to the galaxy of profesaional*
in the metropolitan district that al
ready includes Walter Hagen, Jim
Bamea. Gena Saraxen and Joe Kirk
Smith's most recent triumph was
in the California open championship.
«hi<h h« won from an International
field. Last sesson he sprang Into
prominence by finishing third In the
British open championship. two
strqkes behind Arthur Havers. He
plans another invasion of Britain
this year.
Intercity junior
April to. Mar 91, Jun* t*.
Floranca Tuba Vinton Tub*
Brown Park Merchant*-Swift Indapand
Mouth Onuhi Junior# Jamaa Corr IClac
April 97. Jun* 1. Jnty «.
F'oranr* Tub* Brown Park M*r<'h*nt*
Vinton Tuba-Mouth Omaha Junior*,
ftiwlft Yndap«*nd*nt*-Corr Klactrlc*.
Mar 4. Juno M. July 19.
Floranca Tuba Mwlft Tndapand*»nta
Brown Park Atari hanta South Omaha
Jun lor*.
Vision t’uba Torr Klactrlra.
May II. Jtin# 1A. Jntr ?M.
Floran 0 cub* >"*uth Omaha Junior*.
Blown Park M»r. hunii Torr Klsrirki, ,
A in ton Tub» Mwtft Indapandar »•.
Mar t*. bing I*. Jalt 99.
Floranca Cub# Oorr Klortrtca.
Hf"» n Ti k llan'htata Vtnina Tub#
pwift Independenta • Mouth Omaha
Milwaukee, AA la.. April It i-Fmlr
Ho«nm*n oaat faaTtarwalght. and
Uri'rc# llutcb •*( t*t 1-ouia tnaat h*re to
night In a 16 mund match, th* winner
of which ta a* haduiad to meat Battnl*
Baa* of Philadelphia her# April 24 *•
half of a double w mlup affair. In which ,
.toav Manger and t>anny Kramer of Phil*
•lalphia will mart in tha main avant.
ilmiiPinan and Butch hare mat pravtouatr.
Uanitiiiar winntn# n nawapwuer dacletot*
after a hard fight In Fa at Thicago, Ind
tan Hornurdlfio. « al April II—-Hilly
Papk* and Johnnr Wabar fought a fa#i
draw hat a Thundar night Both ara
tnt»K>* lightweight* In th* *#mi-wtndup
.loa Buti'* 'f I »»a Angela* knorkad out
ttaorga Tahrogat aftar ona mtnuta of
noting tn tha aace>'.i round with a right!
he ok to ih« taw '# ha> ara Junior ligh- i
ust.pttia Junior l‘*»wa|l. loa Angalra
Sunt "nwsuh* «to| pad Town* Oao***> of!
Manrafuanto tn tha ie> anil tout'd tha r*f I
ai«* aioppiiig VUa kvul to Mil tiaotga
Man Mart <ioiirt Arlion If
Franrhiar ami Tram laTakrn !
\*ay From Thrm by
Farrrll'a Ruling.
hall rluli an4 no
league to play In,
while Sioux Falla,
ft. D., haa a league
to play In but no
Kail ciuu.
Tla funny, but
'tla true, reader*.
At the meeting
of the Nebraska
State league
Thursday at which
time the new Trl
state circuit cam*
Into existence ant
the Nebraska loop maae iis e*.n, me
club owner*, all except Charlie Moon
and the Beltxer brother*, who own
the Lincoln club, voted the Lincoln
club and franchise over to 81oux Kalla.
When thia wa* accomplished Sioux
Falls agreed to enter the Tristate,
but not until.
Charlie Moon and the Belt re r*
bowled long and loud at this ac
tion. They declared they own the
franchise Mnroln held in the Nc
braaka St^te league and that no one
except them had any right to hand
it over to Sioux Falls or anyone
else. The IJneoln men also claim
they paid hard earned and mid ml.I
caah Inr Ihe player* on the I Ink
leant and no one had a right r*
take lliein away from IJnmln.
Moon and Beltaera offered lr> »
the players to (Hum Kalla for 1
and throw the franchise In for go
measure, but the South Dakota r*
sentatlves booked down^ For t
Hloux Falla would get the same Infl* d
that played with Uncoln last **>•
when the team won the Nebrs*
Follow Ing the action of the r'
owners In voting the Lin
franchise and club over to H
Falla, the Lincoln owner* declare
that they would take the matter
with Secretary Farrell of the Natmr
Federation of Minor elube. and if «
decision didn't suit them they would
start court action.
Sioux Fall* has no player* signed
It expect* to get the Uncoln club
Moon *aya Sioux Fall* wdl have to
pay. Sioux Fall* say* It will not
I nder the rule* of organized
baseball, the Uncoln players be
come free agent* soon if they are
not disposed of before that time
After the new Tri State league » i "V
organized, with Sioux Falls, Sice*
City, Beatrice, Hasting*. Norfolk ard
Grand Island as member*, the club
owners decided on a 120-game ache*',
ule. which opens May * and close,
Dick Grotte, who was president r*t
the Nebraska State league, will act ?,
president of the Tri-State circuit.
Takes Out $5,000
Rain Insurance on
Drake Relay Meet
Dm MoIiim, April 11 .—Athletic
Director K. I.. Wilson of Drake
■niverslty took out >5.000 rain in
surance in covering both days of
the 15th annual Drake relay meet.
April 55 and 56. The insurance will
indemnify the 1,500 atliletea ex
pected to compete for at least a
part of their expense* in case of
Inclement weather. AO receipt* are
pro rated among the visiting team*
to help defray expense*,
i J
Jack Ppffi ier
After Schlaifer
Jack Palmer, Philadelphia welter
weight, who has been hurling chal
enge* at Morrie Schlaifer. went one
■ung up the lender to the champion
ihip, when he decisively trounced A1
(Valters In eight rounds at Atlantic
rily, N. J.
Palmer charge* Schlaifer with be
ing afraid of him and is willing to
'cross-bat*" with Morrio on practical
y hi# (Schlaifer'*) conditions.
The most notable feat that Pal
mer has performed la to win over
Mickey Walker In five rounds. He
iccompliahed tbis in Philadelphia,
vfarch 14, 1S5J, several month# be
'ore the present kingpin of the wel
ierwwghta won the title from Brit
ion. He also defeated Pete Latzo,
Rocky Smith. Barney Adair. Johnny
nilma. Piet Hobln, Eurpean rham
>lon: Phil Bloom and a score of other
food boys.
Louisville. Ky.. April 11.—Candi
latee for the golden jubilee running
if the Kentucky derby quartered here
rave been unable to step out at top
ipeed in workouts this week, as local
racks were heavy from recent rains,
rhe oval at Churchill Downs Is dry
ng rapidly, however, and la expected
loon to be In the best condition.
Umpires Assigned to
Opening Day Games
Chicago, April 10.—President Bon
Johnson of the American league to
■tight announced the following assign
ment* of umpire* for the opening
fame* of the season next Tuesday:
At Boston—Connolly and Dlnneen.
At Washington—Evan*. Xallln and
At Chicago—Owen* and Holmes.
At Detrott—Morlarty, Hildebrand
ind Ormsby.
Today's Fairies.
Ki *t rue# II ,!0t, 2-yoar-olda. 4 fur
Italian ...10* flu>r«»4jr ... -10$
Rarnajr Googla 110 aKothar .... 113
Foobcap ....10» aRajoctcd ,...10$
Tha I'raola U$
at'arr and Cotdtn anlry
Hreond taca »1 200. claiming, lyoar
ilils and up. f'| furlongs:
l'rapair .Ill l.iatan Pfsr • ..110
Popp>a ..lot K.iuira Wigg na l“»
Arondal .Smp1i.iv '*«
VJu'rk Tima . .104 Rudduglc 1'4
Tiding* 101 Twt al Watnr 02
Third rara $1,200, 1 xear-oMa and up
aPunlln ..12* T***d *lr»n**a -
Tima* .114 Wilkes Bar-a 1'0
.la a F O'Hara 10$ Kid'n Jtoroll $>
a t'wad an anlry
Fourth ra e IVinfa Gacrga hand add ad t-yaar-olda ond up. mil#
i*»d a *?tt#anth
Reparation 120 Opporman .. 11
Rama .11$ patting Hun ..1«0
Tharwdala 10T Tony Raau .. 100
0 dan HiUowa 103 Kagar II
Mawallyn KJ Chlaf C\ttry 4«
Fifth raca Gtaimina t *
tida and up, ml la and half
Ruparhum ..104 Camni* Cl 102
Attixraay Muir 10f Nosua *»
1'it ,, tf Miui 91
l.ittia A mm 'a of
Rigth rat e ( laltnmg $1 too. 4 rear
>Ma anti up mil* and a half
Hobtar .10J Hickory 101
Annlxaraarx ..101 I'* Haa Of
Old Faithful - *• iluurmanxt Of
Tody .. 0J
sax rath race xTaimtng $i 200 t >aar
(|V* and up. milt and ' xaida
R If Rang 11) TtajAtma
1 ylty Wit, hat U. H - W !$«*» tu Mi
Tandaf Haf h 110 Th tphf 'n ,100
Anna 0|
|u‘ — —« .
Hoppe to Play
Jake Schaefer
Xcw York, April 11— Fresh from
the successful defense of his world «
18-2 balkline billard title, ending
Thursday night, IViUie Hoppe will en
gage tonight in an exhibition with
Jake Schaefer, former champion, at
a local club. Hoppe retained hie
championship against the challenge
of Edouard Horemans of Belgium,
iast night, by a score of 3 300 to *58.
The Belgium won the final block,
618 to 600.
Score by innings:
Hoppe. is. i< * ' i*. »* * ’■
4 0. TJ, 1. ( -Tom' it* rjn«. It1
77 . average. Jilt-14. .....
Hererr.ane. 4'. 3, f. I. 4 I 'I • * *-■
• X. 17. li—Total »l». High runs. it..
»?: average. SI U-18
Referee: A. C. Cutler.
OranA average. Hoppe. JltS-99, Here
ir.ana, II 11-79.
Zanfres to Substitute for
Carter in Boxing Show ___
Lincoln, April 10.—The managers
of the National guard boxing tourna
ment planned for next Tuesday night,
were notified today that Bay Carter,
fc-loux City boxer, who was on the
card to meet Chariey Long (colored!
df Omaha in sn eight round bout, had
broken hia ankle and that Ted Zan
frea. also of Sioux City, had been
events, comprising 30 rounds of bnx
The tournament w ill consist of four
ing in all, between men who ere de
clared to be well matched.
__— -
Pacific Coast League
Farrarnento. April 11.— F. H. K.
V#rtion ....\\ *
Batt*rte« Christian. Penner and Mur
phy; Prouph. Hofhra and Fchang.
Salt Teak# Cltr. April 11— F H F
Oak laud .... • J •
Salt Lak# . I*Jl l
Batter**# Krau#e. Arlett and Feed.
Singleton aod Cook.
Fan Franc'*#. April 1! — F K F
Portland . I ? 1
San Fran dec# ...> 1* 1
Batter!*# Wiatera and Paly. Qaarr;
Burger and Agnear. Telia.
Lo* Angelea. April 21 — F B T.
Feat tie ... . . * 1 J *
Loa Anrelea .. I 12 1
II rousers
[n fine worsted*, all
wool cassimcres. tweeds
and cheviots in a wide
range of suiting patterns
to match your suit and
All Siir» 28 to 50.
The greatest selections I
nti'l the gn^itest t allies. I
F.atlK l l.«