The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, March 22, 1923, Page 4, Image 4

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    Morals Squad
Finds Dry I ,aw
Is Unpopular
Frank \\ illiains, Quitting Ser
\ ice, Says Juries Often Ig
nore Straight Kvidenec of
Guilt Presented.
Prohibition can never be enforced i
in Omaha unit's a great change is 1
wrought in public sentiment. That
is the opinion of Flank Williams, who
resigned yesterday as head of the
polit e morals squad.
"With the exception of the times
Frank Pineen and Charles Foster
were on the bench,’ he said, "pro
hibition enforcement officers have
not had satisfactory support from
municipal court.
"In district court wo also were
severely handicapped, not by' the
judges but by the juries. i have
caught nu n in a tunnel actively m
gaged in nmonshining and have pre
sented convincing evidence to court,
only to have the jury vote to free
the defendants.
Many Homes Have Liquor.
"In at least 50 per cent of Omaha
homes there is liquor. More than 50
per cent of the people are opposed
to enforcement of the ’dry’ laws,
many of them to the extent of op
posing officers anti lipping off or
otherwise aiding offenders. If a
holdup were committed, pa per cent
of the people would favor t itching
and punishing the criminal, ami
would help, yet holdups continue to
take place. 1 see no way to over
come opinion so heavily prejudiced
in favor of the rum dealers."
The former sergeant has never
kept it secret that he did not de
stroy the w'ine supplies found by him
in foreign quarters if there was no
evidence of "liquor selling or dis
tilling.’ The coming of a new morals
squad head, he said, and a posible
change of attituile toward homo wine
supplies, "creates a situation filled
with dynamite."
Bloodshed Is Possibility ■
"Many of the foreigners have been
reared on wine.’ lie said, “and regard
its use os a God-given right above
the influence ef man to molest. T
:an confident bloodshed would follow
any attempt to deprive them of it.
Shot3 recently were fired at federal
officers, and the animus can lie traced
back to wine destruction. Two of
my men recently on a booze raid were
attacked by women in the belief they
were federal authorities. I/earning Of
their mistake, the women apologized
and saiil they liad believ'd raideis
to be ‘federal wine destroyers
Central College Makes
Record Winning Debates
Special KUpatrh ti> The Omlha I*ee.
Central City, Neb., March 21.—Ne
braska Central college debaters won
a unanimous decision here over tho
Hastings college negative teani. Cen
tral. a member of the Intercollegiate
Debating league r>f the state for the
first time this year, lias won seven
of tlie 10 debates engaged hi. Mrs.
Golda (>. Carrell, member of tin- fac
ulty, has had charge of the coaching
of both negative and affirmative
Items for the college.
Do Your
Spring Sewing
on the
Martha 1
White Electric
It is positively the
greatest machine ever
It is a beautiful piece
of furniture* as well as a
practical s e w i n g ma
All you need do—is
connect it with a light
socket, raise the lid and
you’ll find “Sewing by
Wire” is a real rlream
Easy Payments, Too
15th and Harney
Municipal Klcctric Light
Plant Urged in Aurora
Speiul l)i«[inldi to The Oniulin ISee.
Auroi a, Neb., March til—Tlio fit- |
izens party in annual caucus nnirtl- J
nated Kmil 8. Johnson, clarence
8eo\ill and Cllcnn Anawalt for conn
clltnen, and Hr. J. P. Pole and W. 8.
Shaneyfelt for members of the school
The commute of the party appoint
ed lHst year to investigate anil report
on the electric littht situation tec
unintended municipal ownership for
Aurora and was inclined to favor a
municipally owned distribution sys
leni with the idea of purchasing cur
rent from transmission lines. The
report was approved and ordered
transmitted to the mayor and city
council. Tentative plans are already
being made to hold an election for a
bond issue for the new municipal
Ranch Owner and Banker
Dies in Omaha Hospital
John Biemer, 02, who followed
ranching In western Nebraska since
1M»5, died Tuesday at St. Joseph hos
pital. lie was owner of the Bar Circle
ranch in Grant county and director of
the Bank of Hyannis, Neb., and of
the Nebraska Stock Growers* asso
Besides his widow and a step
daughter. he is survived hy Ins step
mother and half-brother, Kd of Nan
von, III.; two sisters, Mrs. Rosanna
Sehlade, Fort Madison. la., and Mrs.
Dena Dieters. St. Paul, Minn., and
two half-sisters, Mrs. Margaret Ran
dall and Mrs. Catherine Grabe of
Lansing. Mich.
Funeral services will he held Friday
afternoon tit 2:30 at the Brailey <S‘
Dorranco chapel. Burial will be In
Forest Lawn cemetery.
Jail Term and l ine for
Former City Commissioner
Spet hil Dispatch to The Oniuhii Hr**.
Mason (*ity, Nob . March 21.—
Walter Yeech, former commissioner
f public safety here, w.i- sent i* ♦ I
to 60 days in jail and wan fined $->00
in a decision handed down hy Judge
<\ 11. Kelley after overruling a mo
tion for a new trial.
Veech was found guilty of irregula
ties in his office last fall. A petit.on
signed hy 600 citizens asking for
leniency is behoved to have bail the
effect of reducing the jail term.
Furnas (lounH I* arm I ami
Sold at $212.00 Per Acre
Special Dispatch to The Omnlia Dec.
Cambridge, Neb.. March 21.—Mr. E.
L. Nelms, purchased a 40-acre farm
two and one-half miles southwest of
Cambridge from John Hicks, for which
lie paid 0.500. This was a cash sale
Mr. Nelms who had been running the
Midget eating house, will make the
farm his home, moving to it about
the first of April.
Long Irrigation
V c
Tunnel Planned
Third I nil in North Platte
\ alley Project Now I"
He Built.
■.p.-rbil IH«|)Rtrli l» The Ontuhii Hof.
Goring, Nob . Marrh 21.—The Uni-j
tod States reclamation service is ad
vertising f>>r bids for the construction j
of tunfml No. 3 on the Goring and
Fort Lnrimie unit of the Nort Ulatte j
valhv irrigation project. This tun-*
ml will pierce the hills southwest of.
(Icring about t ight miles, to can y the
water into the lower valley.
The immensity of this tunnel will
attract bids from contractors from all
sections It will be 6.500 fo»*t long with '
an 11 foot bore, and more than 10,000
cubic yards of concrete will be re- !
quired for the lining. The successful 1
bidder will have until December 31, j
1924, to complete the work and the!
contract will be let <m April 16, next. |
There are two other tunnels on this j
unit, one of 2.200 feet and another of ;
about 3,600 feet.
From the south end of tunnel No.
3 to the end of tho canal, some 15 (
miles southeast of Goring, tho con
struction work will be the easiest of]
of any portion of the unit, and Will
furnish water for irrigating mn\*c than !
40,000 acres within a few miles of the
city. The engineers in charge have
received order* to speed up construc
tion to the limit, and an ample sup
ply of money j- gur.intend to finish
the big job. The G ring-Fort I ramie
canal will Irrigate about 117,000 acres,
of which about 70.000 acres are in
MeottsMuff county, and all on the
south side of the Platte river.
Vi vinorr < ion pic Wed.
Special IHppntrli !*» Tbe Omulm Hff.
Wymore. Neb. March 21.—Clayton
Lasher. 25, son of i>. A. Lasher,
pioneer hardware merchant of
Wymore. and Miss Nina Tumblin.
24, da lighter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Tumblin, drove away from their
friends and were married by -Judge
Messmore at the Lea trice courthouse.
They will reside in Wymore.
Sure Relief
gpj! wwgy
6 Bell-ans
i Hot wa'ar
254 and 754 Packages Everywhera
\nonynioiis $10,0(10 (>ift
Donated New Hospital
Speeinl Piepntell to The Omaha llee.
Seottsbluff, Neb., March 21.—The
board of the West Nebraska Method
ist hospital, iu process i»f construction
hero, has announced a gift of $10,000
from one man unnamed, who is said
to live 300 miles front Seottsbluff.
Glassing in of the six story struc
ture has been finished and the work
or wiring and installing plumbing is
going on now. The hospital, with an
opening capacity of 100 beds, will he
ready for use the coming fall.
Round buckles arc worn on some
of the, new daytime shoes.
Professor Lauds
Capitol Design
Tells Architects Goodhue
Plans for Structure Express
Soul of State.
"A state i upitol is not a mere office
bulldlnfi; it is a public monument
unci duly conceived should suKKesU in
Us forms and adornmen* the ideal* of
the commonwealth and, if possible,
the cenius native to that earth and
air within which the life of the com
Daily Prune Recipe
Shake hand*
with health —
every day
Suns weet Prune Charlotte Russe:
Bake a sponge cake in a ring mold
or round pan. If latter is used,
hollow out center of cake when
cold to form a ring. Cover cake
with confectioners icing. Prepare
2 cups of prune pulp [cooked,
pitted Sunsweet Prunes, rubbed
through a sieve]; add V2 cup
chopped walnuts or pecans, 1
teaspoon vanilla. Whip 1 pint of
cream and fold into mixture. Pile
high in center of cake. Will serve
ten to twelve persons. For a small
cake use half of recipe.
California’s Nature-Flavored Prunes
at your grocer *—the new 2 lb. carton
Straight Line
Maid Linoleum
The edge shows you
the tile designs are built-in,
not printed. The colors go
through to the burlap back.
The linoleum tiles of the Straight Line pat
terns are pressed together and on to the tough
burlap backing under a pressure of thousands
of pounds per square inch.
Is it any wonder that Nairn Straight Line In
laid Linoleum wears for years and years ?
And it looks new till it wears through because
the colors go through to the burlap back.
Your dealer knows Nairn. Ask him to show
you this durable flooring today.
Largest Manufacturers of Inlaid Linoleum in America
W. & J. SLOANE, Wholesale: Sole Selling cAgents
575 Fifth Avr., Now York
216-228 Sutter St., S.m Francuco
monwealth is set," declared I’rof. H.
B. Alexander of the college of fine
Hi ts, I nlversity of Nebraska, Tuesday
night at the monthly dinner of tlie
Nebraska chapter of the American
Institute of architect in the Brandels
restaurant. Fifty members were
The address was illust; 'cd with
100 views of the new i ipltol under
construction i*t 1 Jn« oln arid scenes
of ancient and nicd!e\al edifice* to
whi' h tin capitul is comparable.
To avoid possible infection fiom
public toilets, a portable wash basin
has been invented, made of fabi>o on
i folding wire frame t' t • an bo plac I
< i) in a stationary bowl. •
Engagi ment ring . '115 to $8,000. T
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Platinum Solitaire
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Y our
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w ilI it 2
cost you .
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Easter Millinery
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wholesale or retail way. Now is your chance to fix up your home with new furniture at BED
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Dining Room
SI 31.00
Beautiful period dining
room suite, consisting of
66-inch buffet. 48x54-inch
oblong table, 5 chairs and
host chair. A regular S225
Beautiful Three Piece Living-Room Suite
Beautiful 3-Piece Living Room Suite in tapestry or velour HigK-frade spring !
construction A regulnr $225 value, priced for th:.* *alr at only ^ *
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Floor Lamp Comclete
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Lamp*, %»tih
cord and
• had#,
special at,
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apartment or a bungalow, here
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