The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, December 03, 1922, SOCIETY WOMEN'S FEATURES, Image 34

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    10 c
''Dance and Stay
Young," Famous
, Ballet Girl Says
.' o Other Way t keep So
Fit, .Wert Lytlia Lnpo
, kova, l'rrtnirr Russian
i Ballet I)an-ur.
I.ondou, Dee. 2. Imc yur way
through life ft rul forestall old age.
I.ydla Lopokovo, premier dunsouss
; of the liusslan bullet, give thli ml
Men to all of her .
"There I no olhr way to keep
: im no young: nd tit mm dancing
i th 111 1 1 sparkling dancer suld. "It
In art and athletic at trie mine
i time."
j I.ydla tin gone a long way since
i l r flrat mill lust iierformunce In
iiierien, Hume eight year ago olie
wnt to America, un unknown, bullet
dancer Willi delr! to become u
famous actress. Hhe liud her first
ojijx'i t null y a an actress with a r
riiiineiit mock company In J'lttsfleld,
Mass., but. Iier luck of knnwlcdg of
th language wn a great drawback
to her mimI ah returned to her danc
Inir, to win grout fume along Uroad
wy. Then sh cume back to Kurope
Willi li -r American laurel and lift
Steadily pushed forwurd until to. lay
I.oriilnn, at least, acknowledge her
aa the greatest ballet dancer In tha
World, ijihI wherever and whenever
she appear thcutcr la stormed
ly those, wlio wish to (iilmlre her art.
"Von link tut! if I would advise bal
let dancing un a career for girls,"
JydU suld. "I say yes, providing the
arli I la well niud has a certain
ainotirit of talent itnd la determined to
work nurd.
"Hut few people realize how hard
a. bullet ilunori's life la, Him muat
give all of her time ami energy, Kor
yeuia, from the axe of 9, If possible,
ehe rniiHt an through n long and cltffl -i
ult. induing.
"If the aspiring dancer dor not
love, mincing for It own sak there
.r iminy obstacle to keep her buck
from perfect Ion mill success, There
1m no much experience and tradition
behind It that, In spite of it tx
banking activity, It la In no way
Tin infill to the female, body."
You have proven "Seventy
seven" for Colds and Grip,
Influenza, Catarrh, Pains and
Soreness in Head and Chest,
Cough, Sore Throat and
General Prostration, and
Fever, now try Dr. Hum
phreys' Remedies for other
diseases, ranging from
infancy to old age from
Sprue to Gout. -Doctoring
Book mailed free.
Price, 0e and ft at Drug Btorea, or
tent an remittance or C O D. Parrel Pot.
Humphrey' Homeo. Medicine Company,
1st William Htreet, New York.
Take a glass of Salts to Flush
Kidneys if bladder bothers
Katluii too much mutt may produce
kid, ley trouble In some form or other
any a well known authority, because
the uric arid excite the kidneya, they
become overworked; get sluggish;
clog up and cause all aorta of dla
iih, particularly buckache and mie
pry in the kidney region; theumatlc
twlnaea, aevere hendnchea, acid atom
cli, conatipntion, torpid liver, -aleep-ktifineaa,
bladder and urlimry Irrita
tion. The moment your back hurts or
k.Jueya aren't acting right, or if
bladder bothera you, get about four
nunoea of Jud pinlta from tiny good
t harinnoy; take a tableapxinful In
lnaa of water before hrtakfust for a
few daya and your kidneya may then
net ttue. Thla famoua aalta la made
from the acid ff grapea and lemon
juice, combined with lithin, and lute
been uad for generationa to flush
i togged kidneya and atlmuUte them
M iioriiiul activity; also to neutrallie
the acuta in the urine so that It no
lotiger Irritates, thus often ending
Madder disorders.
Jad Salts ran it Injure anyone;
it. ikes a delightful effervescent llthla
w.i(er drink hloh inllllona of men
a nl min take now and then to help
keep the k!ditee and urinry organa
lean, thus often avoiding Serloua kid
ii.y ritsnrdeis.
4Ut e llt tr.
Mints f tljihtr, a fitttaal reMn,
i aieh. sea l he I aa a Mt la trri
' et ee I.Mieia vut via .i that
. .-er. ,! a' ir .HtUe,
? la e-i dse V.lh.e v.NJu
(wry ae, utw mm ei- Ijly, at e
a i4 alia) apen tai
Jm n ! IS e .iirair lar
ta la p?Uet a iiekmg slue as4
flat t let ttteene etikl4tev, ihm
awl ! . M ike Mia a
t-,eliifvil t enweil. Iilf
en . k a t
H iSwt the s e.ia I Hat
ike - h Ha.a -
ivresmt M-eeM Vi ajay
4 kit r Hwit " i
no putt aal at a 4 .v
Married Life of Helen
and Warren
Their Trip to the lale) of Mm ken Is
Defeated by Warren's Hearty
"Iear. we haven't wen fence In
Holland!" gaxing out on the flat,
marshy meodowa em lnxed only by
th narrow canals. "Wouldn't you
think the cattle could wade across
those ditches?"
Warren, atill grouchy over his re
luctant consent to this Humlay sight-
snelng" trip, was glumly unrespon
sive. "The fattest cows', And all bin
ml white. What breed la thut7" per
sisted Helen anxious to divert him,
Tint even an appeal to his knowl
edge fulled to elicit a response.
"1 love the way they paint the wind
nllls. Oh, look at those cunning cot
tagea bhu and white with red roofs
Like doll houses."
Why don't they heat these dinky
traina? I'm alxiut fror.e," ha arum
Mad, "How much ' further' thla
Moomln' place?"
"It's not far to Monnlckendaii),1
opening her guide, book. "W get th
boat here to Marken. Dear, don't be
grumpy It' the on place we ought
to see."
Huh, Juet show place fixed up
for tourists. You always fall for thut
buri'(. And all those letters I've got
to write!"
"Vou can do thein tonight we'll be
back In time. Itere'a what It saya
iibout Marken," reading from a turned
down luf:
' 'Tha- isle of Marken Is the nios
picturrsuue fishing vlllflgn on the
Zulder SCee. The quaint native cos
tumi'i and the tluy splckundspan
houses are well worth seeing.
'"Visitors will be Interested in the
spotless cowshed which adjoins each
cottage. Delft plates decorate the
shelve and the window are gay with
muslin curtain and potted flowers
The sl'-ek cow, In thla -do luxe shed
has her tail tied up to a pulley sus
pended from the rafters,' "
"That's a lot of hokum for tour
1st," scoffed Warren, "They all fall
for It hard!"
"That modern bonnet on top of her
old lace cap!" nudging him.
The headgear of the old lady who
had Just bourded the train moved even
Warren to a reluctant grin. On her
white fluted cup, with the gold head
band, was ludicrously perched a black
satin bonnet!
Helen doubted the old lady's sanity,
until at the next station another wo
man entered with the same grotesque
combination of cup and bonnet.
"Look like Comanche Indians with
all those gewgaws," grunted Wurren.
"Yes, they wear a lot of Jewelry.
And lt'a not cheap lt' all good," ap
prais'ng the heavy neckluces, breast
pins and pendant, earrings.
"This MonnlckendamT" he scowled
out at the trim ml-and-whlta houses.
It must be It says the train run
through the main street, Doesn' It
look Ilk the ada of "Spotless Town?"
Oh, there' an antique shop and If
open!" excitedly. "A table of thlnga
"Bait for Sunday suckers. These
Dutchmen never mlsa a trick."
Further on the car stopped and the
few passenger got off.
"Where do we get the boat for
Mnrken?" asked Warren.
The guard, who spoke a Hltle Eng
llsh, said It did not leave until 1.
"One!" explosively. We got to hang
'round here an hour and a half? Any
hotel? Any place to get lunch?"
The only tavern wa down the main
treet through which they had come.
"Then we'll pas that antique shop
again!" exulted Helen,
"Now you needn't have your eye
peeled for antiquea. We're going to
get something to eat."
It was an Interesting walk back
through the sleepy old town. A In
many Dutch villages, there were no
Sidewalks. Only a well-swept path led
ty the front doors gayly painted and
agleam with polished knobs and
Through the starched curtains, tied
back with red ribbons, could he seen
the inevitable window-table with the
family treasures of old pewter and
The street wa deserted save for a
fat cat basking on a doorstep.
"Not very lively. Deadest place
we've strusk yet!"
"That' what they cal these vil
lages the 'Dead Cities' of Holland.
They were prosperous ports once,"
quoting her guide book. "But now
everything goes to Amsterdam. Oh,
look down there! We ought to've
brought the camera."
Down a side road, an old stone
bridge crumbling and moss grown,
crossed a rush fringed CHnal. The air
was pungent with the rotting autumn
leavea that scummed the languid
"They leave them outside to keep
their floors clean," Helen paused be
fore a pair of wooden shoes on one of
the doorsteps. "Don't they look
heavyf '
"Yes, and darned hard on your
rorn and bunions.
Th antique shop with Its outdoor
eurio littered table seemed an Incon
gruous commercial not In that
drowsy drserted street.
"Pear, let' go ii w needn't stop
long. We'll have plenty of time."
Lovely Htilthy Skia
Kept 3 By Cuticurt
tm9 at af saweat Ika)
Im Nskj 4 ekaat. kia tihaa
ed Ut Ofsael aw t4 mm
M ai letaesasa
tavwass. Ua j aJ a . IM
M4UM! ! a Camea
ka ywaa a4kM ye af net fa i.
t 1 m wm aa- wmm mm
The small dusky room was fill
with th usual litter of bras and
I elftware andirons, scones, and tan
The ruddy old man could speak only
Dutch, but eager for an American cus
tomer, he brought forth many treas
"I'd love to have that old brass-
bound work box."
"ro, you don t: we're loaded up
with enough Junk now. Come on, no
time to fool here. I'm not going to
take that trip on an empty stomach!'
With a wistful glance at the uneg
plored shelve and cuphourils, Helen
wa forced to follow him out.
A llttle.further on was the low slop
ing-roofed tavern, festive with green
paint and a gullded cock sign that
glittered In the sun.
Through the white hallway, they en
tered a long raftered room a com
iiinatiou dining room, biniard room
and bar.
"Everyliody asleep herc7" Warren
pounded on a red-clothed table,
from the rear appeared a stout
genlul man smoking the black fat
pipe, without which a Hollander I
rarely seen.
He could not speak English and
there w.'is no menu, but he made them
understand thut he would give them
the regular lunch.
A thick soup was followed by a dish
of which Helen was dubious, but
which Warren decided was "stewed
eels and durned good,"
"Dear, we won't have time for any
thing more,"
"Now I'm not going to hurry
through this meal. There's always
time to eat."
With maddening lcllberivtlon, ho
disposed of the hearty lunch.
By the brass faced clock over the
bar, It was a quarter of ono when
he finished the glpss of "Hchledum,"
a favorite Dutch cordial, and paid the
You'd better ask lilm the way to
the wharf," nnxloused Helen, as they
came out on the still deserted Htreet.
"I'll find It, all right. Got 15 min
utes. Kind anything In this burg In
thut time.
Again up the main street to where
the train had stopped, then to the
right past gardens that dipped Into
leaf -strewn canals. An alluring walk
but for Helen' growing fear thut
they had taken the wrong turn.
"Dear, usk htm!" as a man In
bloomer trousers, wooden shoos, and
silver-buttoned coat came out of
one of the cottages.
"He "wouldn't apeak English," al
ways loathe to nsk directions. "Now
don't worry, we'll make It. Nothing
around this morgue starts on time,
I've- a hunch lt'a down thl way."
But Warren' "hunch" was wrong.
They should have taken the road to
the left. When they finally reached
the wharf, the boat had Just drawn
'I knew we'd miss It," bewailed
Helen. "You would linger over that
lunch! And you wouldn't ask any
"That' right, start chewing the
rag. If you hadn't nosed around that
untlque shop, we'd have had plenty
of time."
"Do you want to go to Marken?"
one of the men, who spoke English,
had detached himself from, the group
of villagers. "That boat will take
you," pointing with his pipe to a sail
far out In the bay.
Helen thanked him glowingly. But
Warren's scowl deepened as In chilled
discomfort they waited on the wind-
wept quay.
'Dear, these must be Marken chil
Ah! Pain is gone! St. Jacob Oil
acts almost like magic.
Quickly? Ye. Almost instant re
lief from soreness, stiffness, lameness
nd pain follows a gentle rubbing with
St. Jacobs Oil.
Rub thl soothing, penetrating oil
right on your painful back, ad relief
comes, at. Jacob Oil Is a harmless
backache.v lumbago and sciatica cure
which never disappoints and doesn't
burn the skin.
Straighten up! Quit complaining!
Stop those torturous stitches. In a
moment you will forget that you ever
had a weak back, because it won't
hurt or be stiff or lame. Don't suffer!
et a small trial bottle of old, honest
St. Jacob Oil from your druggist now
nd get thl lasting relief.
Imurr Blood
It U fact that viUt the Inrrtaa ef
r4t! In year WW. Impurities art !
wy4 It is a fad that S. S, S. tm!J
4 bKsjJ t il aaj esrvta U d tref Im
(untie cauat ftlnpltt, l.ii!, tv
tma aaj ?kumtl trul?e! It la fa. t
tkal S. f. & t f tha Must rmari
tU aerv pvwer tut!jer vr prJjc.J
t Ktl4 p tmfti ra aljwa ir..j
audi , It It
AM M. Im twM r.Se . ..Am. ,
wini m . awW ai. e-J .aiii wm
e l, ee-e
I Swd iimiii aa e J
4 e..e ea ea i I
aeewa tM.e I wt i
dren," a two little girl In quaint
Dutch costume came running to
ward them.
The older one, about 11, planted
herself before Helen to how off her
dress. Krom a pocket In her red pet
ticoat, she produced two chlnl. cups,
"I suppose we'll have to buy one,"
murmured Helen.
"Not much! We'll not be held up
by thut brazen youngster."
From another pocket came a string
of beads, cheap glass beads, thut she
wanted to sell for u guilder.
Him stared, giggled, preened her
winged cap. gay petticoat and cm
broldered waist, showed off her wood
en shoes und begged with bold per-
"All right, you win," Warron threw
her some change. "Now bent It,"
Ji.en ho glowered out at the sail
that had mudu but little, heudwuy
against the heavy wind. .
"He another hour In-fore that boat
gets here and It' getting colder v
ery minute. Conm on, hern's Where
w take the train buck to Amstcr
'Wurren, wait," pieadingly, pulllnn
at his arm, "After we've come this
far wo can't go hock without set-lug
hy can't we? What In 1ila
you so crazy to see there, Those
luce -curtained stable and more beg
glng brats?"
leu dldu t want to go when we
started," flamed Helen recklessly.
You lingered over that lunch on pur
pose. You Just tried to mis that bout
and now yyj won't tuke this one,"
You Lf T won t," grimly, "Would
n't get buck in a week in that gnle,
Now stir your slumps. We're going to
make the first train out of here!"
It's always like this," rebelled
Helen, as once more they turned
back to tbo main street. "You never
want to go to any place of interest,"
"Hoe here, I rumo to Holland on
business. Got enough to do without
being drugged 'round to these tourist
bow places. Huh," with a snort,
'that Isle of Marken' got a good
publicity scout- That' fine line of
bait I hey ha nd out comic, opera cos-
times and cows In luce-curtained sta
bles with their tall tied to the coll
tiii)rllil, 1t'!.
Next Week A Dinner of Forced
Beans Big Florida Crop.
Tampa, Flu,., Dec. 2, The hind of
the lemon, the orange, the grapefruit,
the cocoanut, the avocado and lot of
other things. Is also the homo of
something else, It has been discovered,
And the lowly heun is It.
Peninsular bean fields are a sea of
blossoms. Expert estimate thnt
somewhere around 60,000 crates of
army and navy diet Will be plucked
and marketed In Florida thl year.
Jensen county I a big ylelder.
Marvelous Treatment
With No Diet
A real dlaeorery for dlabetaa without
aletlng has at but been rerognlied. ami
reaulta proeen without a doubt la knn
rireiia of cases throughout tu country
To Dr. Hteln-CalleDrel'a, the eminent
Kuropean eiioclallst goes th. credit for
tbls great gift to anfforlng mankind.
Prominent among thine who have been
iicceeafully trealea by ttna discovery
ire Mr. V. W. Weakley or tha roatai
Jeleg rapn Co., and Mr. v. F, tiesaao or
tha St. Paul I'lre Insurance Co.
A valuable book entitled, "Eat and Get
Well," haa been written and copyrighted
Ef Matthew Klcharti on dlabetea, which
ally einlalna thla uiarreloua dlaeorery.
Ir. Rii-hartj will mall a limited number
of hl hooks free to diabetica who writ.
to220W.42SL,,Y77 New York.
Thousand of other have gotten rid of their WITHOUT
DIETING OR EXERCISING often at the rate of over a pound
a day and WITHOUT PAYMENT until reduction has
taken place.
If you are overstout do not postpone but sit down right now and
send for my FREE TRIAL TREATMENT and my plan whereby I am
to oe ivuu u.-nl,! Arir.K h&ducuuiM has TAKEN rLACE if you
oo uesire.
UK. K. IN LW MAIN, Licensed Physician Stat of New York
286 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Desk H-330
m i ai sx
Nature U sending blootl either gooil or bad to pver' part
of your liotly. Feci your pulse and think about your blood t
fa't let 8.1JL
tit'' Itta arp.
l.U. fulUt"rl. k ef
ta tm U th
f kevlta. give. er,
S. S S mahttyoujrdHi yvuntjf ogiht ,
U.S. Dirigibles
Will Use Helium
Gas in Future
iNoii-lnflummuIue (u to
Make Walloons Much Safer
Hipper Envelope Ife
quired, However.
Washington, Dec, Z. Secretary of
War Weeks Is planning to make bul
loons sufe for hullootiers.
Although tlm army air service has
been working for many months upon
the problem of producing helium gas
In large quantities, the destruction re
cetitly of the army dirigible ('2 fit
Han Antonio bus aroused tho War de
partment to Inci-euseil effort Im- thl
direction, anil It In hoped that within
Ii-ms than n yeur I tin army will luiv.
a sufficient quantity of the notiluflum-
uiabla gas for nil Its needs.
At tho present time the army has
iibout 1.1100,000 ruble feet of helium
This amount Is considerably less than
sufficient to fly un airship of the dl
menslotis of the glunt dirigible Kotos
wnicn imrneii tit Norfolk more than a
year ago with terrlbln loss of life.
The report of tlm board of officer
which Investigated the Itoma cuius-
rophe declared tlu loss of II fn would
have been much less if the Itomu's
rent envelope hud been filled with
helium Instead of tho highly Inflnm-
nu Mo hydrogen, but since the army
did not Iihvo tho helium the accident
i.uld not have been avoided.
Fortunately there was no loss of
life when the 0-2 burned at Hun An
onlo. And since the envelopo of the
like most of the other dirigibles
now In existence, is unsulted for the
use of helium, It is perhaps just a
well that she burned under thoso cir
cumstance before there had been an
other such catastrophe, as that of the
Roma to the record of the fdr service.
The Joint army and navy helium
plant at Fort Worth. Tex., I now In
operation. It Is from this plant that
both tli army and navy expect to
obtain their future upplle of non
InHiimniable gas. It I estimuted thut
Frequent Coughs
Many do not realize the
significance of the all too
I frequent cold or cough. Care
should be taken to build up
the powers of resistance.
Scott's Emulsion
abundant in health building
vitamine factors,
helps build np a re
serve of strength and
resistance. Be sure
and ask your drug'
tt - C ilf. V ..1.1 I
I ScotlftBowne. WoomnVld.W.. - I
Heals Old Sores
Peterson' Ointment
To the million of people who use
Peterson's ftlntment for piles, eczema,
salt rheum, pimply skin, sore feet
and challng, Peterson says, "Tell any
sufferer from old sores that It mighty
healing power I wonderful." All
druggists, 35c, 60c, $1.00, 2.60, $5.00.
I am a licensed practicing physician and personally
select the treatment for each individual case, thus
enabling me to choose remedies that will produce
not only a loss of weight harmlessly, but which will
also relieve you of all the troublesome symptoms of
oveTstoutness such as shortness of breath, palpita
tion, indigestion, rheumatism, gout, asthma, kidney
trouble and various other afflictions which often
accompany overstoutness.
My treatment will relieve that depressed, tired,
sleepy feeling, giving you renewed energy and
vigor, a result of the loss of your superfluous fat
You are not required to change in the slightest
from your regular mode of living There is no dieting
or exercising. It is simple, easy and pleasant to take.
you are no healthieit
titan your blood
an t In m.e f-.tft firm! It la a b, fa t that S, S. 21, aa flvtn Pew.
lhg f rgutten tlttfigtli tu older fe'r'
an j sai mal rcr.y c44 tnj fuag tl
year yeungtr. I'1-hI la life, It la
jrmr f -unj.itioei. Malta It tKa. Gtt
Howl ttrncta. Wa ail peei It, ipelsl.
ty IkeaimatW. Hag' tsalng 5. ff. !.,
nht away U4r, It Ul ettetf.
A. Jt. S. U taU at a'4 img tturt U t
Wta. Tkt Urgat !. bflllt I t
.) kral, Jf t taanot get IL S. 1L
V-.ur.lf, tKat feimefS. In yur
uuM-aJJ fti ll rt "U. KeJ Ul
'-4 U til fi! tfigat
by th end of next )ur the plant will
l.ave produced from 12.ouu,ooo In H,
000,000 cubic feet of helium, which la
expected to bo auitlcli-nl for the Im
mediate neiila of the two branches of
the service.
Not only doc helium require n dlf
ferent material In the dirigible en
velope, but It also requtn a bigger
envelope proortionutcly than that
necessary for airship Moated by
hydrogen. The proportion between
the lifting power of helium mid that
ofhyilrogen Is about as VZ to 100, ac
cording to the air servile rxiNrts.
rill mean that the envelope of the
Uoiiia or the C2 would lone had to
13 enlitrged If tha ship were to have
bud the suns buoyancy when hilliiiii
gus was used,
The four new dirigibles now being
built for the army air service all fire
to be equipiied with envelopes suit
able for using helium. This mean
that a different sort of material must
lie used In the construction of thl
bug. It has been estimuted that an
airship of the dimensions of tho C 2,
Thla Corn Remedy Is Guaranteed
No matter how tough or how tubborn
t may have been, the lorn or i-allue that
tuurlieil with a few droi of "liele-H"
doomed to a quirk, emv. aura and tialn-
leea end. Never airsln can It osln ou.
Moon you are holding In your fiiurere lie
ntire remaina a etnul. niece of,
hriveled akin that vou throw awav
forever. Hard rorna, auft eorne, nny rorn.
Col but s trifle -snd gusrsnteerf. Try
it. E. Lawrence A Co., Mfr,, Chlraco,
Out of Your System
Thousands of former Asthma suf
fercrs endorse Leav.n'a Asthma
Pretcrlptipn and say it positively
controls Asthma that it is differ
ent from anything else. Over 250,
000 bottles, already sent out. You
can try this wonderful remedy on
free trial by simply sending your
name today. Use it ten days and if
satisfied send me $1.25, otherwise
you owe nothing. C, LEAVEN
GOOD, 1363 S. W. Blvd., Ro.edale,
Kan. '
GoodfHealtk pfe
Good Results
Keep Efficie
QtimWland, Md.
t ompoimil wlirn
was coing to at nwi,
- ' . , t ,
rot have any more trouble after that until I was married, then I always was
troiiMed I in i my Ue while carrying a child and could not do mv work until
I look the yegetable Compound apain. I am utrnnjj, do all my wmtltiiig and
ironing and work for seven children and feel fine. I alwavs liavi. Hn eay
time at childbirth and what it did for me it ill do for other women. I am,
willing to i.ner any woman if h wish.- to write asking hat it Jul for
me." Mr. John- llraa, 53 Dilley St., Cumberland, M l.
'phi L iter i butonof a print nmuU-r rei iv. en rv ar fro-n ,.iu. ti.
1 y.mng and uld, and from alm...t every walk f life. 'liiei l.-tt. r toUv
to the merit of I vdia l rinkham Wget.iblrt Citi!Mniad.
Mr, licit r b a lark' famdv, and work v-rv bar I f.r tb.m, l;,it anv
ouun u willing to work lurd and to a,.rk bmsT hour if b.r I. i't
is geasl and the it able to Set . n.ttlu h,t j worku p f..r. Aa .' e .,
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rtn t..rtt iti tafity
yvur tmhh. So try
Vegetable Compound
eeeartao irinaiwi niwiklrtt , ,
equ'. ped with the sain sort of elite
lo, would hot m-i milled III ecp
of approximately 6,H'0 cuhie feet of
helium gas u day, while with th spe
cially adapted bg the luss I reduced
to almost nothing.
While there is it dlfrerence of opin
Ion among ulr service expert a to
the pisctli-ul military value of lb dl
rlglble, th" rii piirliiient hue no Inten
tion of abandoning this typ of air
craft. If the III filed ltom.-i had con
tlnurd In service it had Ix-cn Intended
to try the experiment of using her aa
un "airplane currier," front which air
planes might ls launched during
Eviry Woman Need a Tonic
at Some Period of Life
Ite-JMl Thla.
Oiiiuhu, Nebr. "In my young moth
erhood I hail a siege of Illness thut
iifleeted m so that none of the diges
tive organs were functioning properly.
I slso had hem-lug pnlns. Dr. I'lerce'
Oolden Medical Discovery and Kavor
He I'l'i'si-i lillnii are lhn medicines I
took und they cured m of these nil-
iiietils; uImi strengthened and built up
my general health, so that for years
my physical condition was perfect. I
oanm through tho crltlcul Hmo of life
In good shnpc, with no trouble at all,
and I feel euro tlirtt It wa hecuuse Dr.
I'lerce.' Kuvorlto Prescription and
S o I d n Medical I tlscovery had
strengthened mo during tho earlier
stage of I ir ii id weakness. I gliidly
recommend theso encellent remedies
of fir. Pierce's to all Women Who are
In III heullh." Mrs. Ma Orion, 20S',
Hprsguii Kt.
1'yur druggist wlll sell you Dr,
Plercn's medicine In Tablets or lliiild,
or send loo for trial pkg. to Dr.
Pierce' Invullds' Motel In liuffulo, N.
f., and write for free medical advice.
Mi r Hint Mr NT.
w -
Free Proof To You
All I want U your nam nd tddreaaso f esand yon a fre. trial J, C, HUTIf LL t. P.
treatment. 1 want you juat to trv thla treatment tbst't sll esuaaisr
luattrr It, That's my
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oniy argument.
Irs been In
a the detail llrna hueineea fort A
l-.i,.. T.-.., , i , . i .
n,i,-i,iuii,..,Wg, rnerinai-y en'i nwm
Nearly every one In Kurt Wavne knowe ma and knowa about my aiinceeeful
Over Twtnty-Flys Thousand Mas, Women snd Children onlaldeof
bee, accruing to liielrow aiatauitnu, been cured by tbta treatment tinea
rort Wavne I
I Drat made tlita offer public.
If vou have Frieitm lleh !) Dk..m T
m.nt haa eured the woretraiiea fever aaw-slvo
Send me Tour asms snd S'ldreat on theroiiiion below and the trial ireatnieut 1 want
to lead you FUGE
iba wonUera sceouipllabod
J. C. HUTZELL, Druggist, No. 4425
rieaee tend without coat or obllf alios to
Tout Oltlee.
Street snd No,.
. -TTr- II III
nt by Keeping Well J
Thi. Utter WU1 Tell You How q I
"Mj mother pave me I.jdia T. rinklmm's Vepoiable
1 was l.etwrfn thirteen and fourttrn year old and
rxvaiire I ufferl witli tiains am ivmld
. . -
iiit.ii,n.l ai li h,-t it .!! do f..r
('oit!v,.tn ,iti(4iii no lure.;., r tnrtt
bv nv wonuu. our lul.h.l
E. Pinkham's
flight of the airship. Thl Una of i
iwrlment piolutbly will be continued
In th future.
Use this to Stop
Neuritis Pain
N matter hre your pain la loraled.
fa the bark, ahnuldere, arme, Us er
luine you esn set relief oiihout taking
anything la deaden the nervee.
Muet peniile do nut know that eriailra.
rheumetlem, neuralsia, Iw4 teeth, roldi
and other silinenia uftrn end up lu nerul-
tie er Here.,
Th. uuiraeet way to reai-h th. dn-
eaeed nervee le by aluorntlun. That',
where Tyemul seta In He wurk, Tyemol la
.illed over the ( where you feej the
Pain, and Is taken mi thruuvh tl.e puree
f th akin. It eonlha snd heals th. Is
named nervee, helping tu reeliir. them t.
healthy condition.
Tyemol eontalna no dure . no pollen.
Aheolutely harmleee.
(,'et a sood euiily of Tremnl from Sher
man a Mi-l'onneM, or any reliable dnis
Kiel, I'rlr. II. Hie Tyemol Company, Mf.
Chemieta, 400 gutter HI., fan rrsnfl.en.
AIt t K1lshV .ST.
Kidney and Bladder
or Money Back
Fur 40 yean, eald llr. Carey, I have
been preecrihins my preerrltlnii No. 17 7 s
I know n for yeare aa Marehroott for kid
ney and bladder au-kneaa and now that
I have retired from active pmHIce I have
made srranaemvnle wllh leading drus
Sleta to dlepenia thla wonderful preemp
tion St s moderate price, os tha money
bark If dieeatUfled plan.
Ifeware of kidney dMeaee-thoiiiende die
of It every year who ousht to lie enoy
In the blenelns' of life and health, Walrh
the lympliimi, If you hav. eperka float
ing before tha eyee, puffy .yea, c lain me
feet or molut palma, backache or elile
ache, yon ousht to set s hut lie of llr.
Carey'a famoua preeerlption No. 777 right
It haa wonderfully benefited tena of
thoueanda of of kidney and bladder
troublea and la the mrillrlne you ran el.
ware depend upon, iteaulte are guaran
teed. NOTK-Dr. Daniel ft. Tarry aa s pre.-,
tletnar phyelclan for many yeare and lila
sreat I'reacrietlon No, 777 aided thou
ande of eutferere from kidney and blad
der troublea. Hereafter you ran alwaye
pet thla effective prearriptlnn In both
linufd and tablet form, for aal. by th.
five Hherman e McC'onnell Drug Hloree
and all reliable pharmaclete the country
weeee. 1 eeeved fotie eeee ee e M.mU, h
' .. . , . ' . . .
yeera a. rreaiuent 01 tn. neiau iJrusKiaia'
me ehines to Drove mvnlelm
la your own aaea will b. proof.
Weet Main St.. Fort W.vne. InJ
me your free Proof Treat meat.
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not r.,a f
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ful drug
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