The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, December 03, 1922, SOCIETY WOMEN'S FEATURES, Image 30

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Benson Society
- Benton Correspondent Call Walnut 530."
Benson Thanksgltlnf.
Benson people hegsn the Thanks
ivlnf celebration with a union sacrad
service Wedneeday evening In iha
I'resbyterlan church, ttev. V. II. Van
Horn, of tha Methodist church, de
livering lh addreae. Tha Iinmanuel
Lutheran Congregation held a spe
cial eervlr In H church Thursday
Turkey Dinner rartle.
Mr. and Mri. I'aul Wll.o enter
telned at a lurkey dinner party
Thureday when their guest were lr.
and Mra. W. A. Wiliox and Mini
Tfaxel Wilnoa an1 Mr. Harlo Wilcox,
Mr. ami Mr. B. II Comb and family
arwl Mm. Belle llawa and daughter.
Donna Jlawea, Mr. an'! Mra, J. W.
Fll'h end Mra. Ibw Coleman enter
tained complimentary lo Mr. end
Mra. O. C Hubert, Mr, and Mr,
lawrenc llonirts, Mr. arid Mra, t-ea-tar
Whlta and daughter, and Hue
Carol Kllllon of Arlington: Mr. -ind
Mra. Axd Kasnntaaen of Weahlngton
and MIm Dora Web, rul Klllhm and
Myrtla Kllllon of Omaha.
Mr. and Mra. J, T. I'li-kari iind win.
TSugane, wrt gueats tit Mr snd Mra.
P. M. Wyrkoff,
Mra. II. B. Wright and eon, llirnl.l,
low cluh and aoon Iha farm land
will ha converted Into club grounds,
lr. and Mr. Graham will reside In
U. H. (haplrr. P. K. O. Siaterhood.
Mr. N. II. Tyeon, Hoi Hurt atraat,
will ha hoeiees, Monday, December 4,
to Iha members of tha U. M. Chapter
tt tha V. 11. O. slsterhi!. Mra. Ilulrd,
tat president, 'will ha tha gueat of
iha chapter. Mr, J. W. Welch la
ledr for tha prograift and will arlvn
pereonnl rritiliilM-f nca) of travels
through Canada and tha northwest.
Woman's flub ChrUfinaa Program,
Tha Christum cantata. "Tha Angel
and tha Htur," by Wllaon, will b
rendered hy tha mualu deirtment of
Iha lienaon Woman' Hub Thursday,
at 2.30 at Iha hm of Mra. W. II.
lul, 2KI1 North Fifty-eighth tret.
Mr. O. W. Mulalrom of Omuha will
furnlah Christina reading. Thla la
tha Ian! program of tha year and
tha annual membership t will he
Iha (orbit feature of tha afternoon.
Tha club baxar diiies'are December
20 and 21, tha plnr I tha rotunda of
tha county court bouse, ,
Orpheus Club,
Tha Orpheus club of Iha Benson
i... . . . ...111 -t ..I. ...I...,
.n,r.(. .t h. horn, at Mr. I ' wl" "-" -
"li m'XSX ";v,n. Ar. Tjinn.- and a,,,
. , .,i, .,,.i. in. rad m hi tlon Monday avnlnt, !
"lud,d Mr. and Mra A. N. How. nd ! , I" h. bUb nhwrf am
family of I?naon, Mr. aand Mr, Wil
liam Cukx, Mr. and Mr. II. C. hum
ham aned aon Arthur; Mr, and Mr
0, R Child, Mr. and Mr. I', T. I1kt
man and Mr. ami Mr Kdwerd Thlld
Mr, and Mr. II, V. Taylor of I'orr
Art and Mr, and Mra, Olrn Murray
of Llnroln wra au-ta of lr, and
Mra, r, J, Murray,
Mr, and Mra. A. J, "ngrr of Aab
land aponl Iha day with Dr. and Mr.
W. II. Loethnor,
Graham fillaainan.
Tha fnarrlMKa of Mlaa Orela Ollaa
man, duuhtr of Mr, and Mr. H.
C. Ollanman of Wat Oritur tr-t,
and Ir, A, C. (Jralwim of llloomlnx
ton, Nb will lia aularnnlwd Wrd
neadny, PwMntwr 4, at 2 p. in., in
tha lmmnnuel Lutheran churrh of
Uanaon, Itav, V. W, Hftnn orflrliil
InaT. Tha bridnarnald will ha Mlaa
Klln Hfrf of Omaha, and W, W.
(Jraham, brother of Iha aroom, will
1, a bt man. Mttle Mllilifd Von and
Fradf-rlrk Itoiink-r, coimln of th
brlda, will h th rln bt-arra. Tha
uthar will ba Mr. M. Lundln and
I,. Oriibiim. A recaption will be held
at the home of the hrld'a parent.
Mr. and Mr. GIlMamun and daughter,
Orrti, have Juat rturnd from an
extended European tour. Th family
home where the reception la to ba
held ha btn aold to th Happy Hoi-
! hly rocrrt
One ()'( ! k l,un hou,
Mr. C, C. J)ivcf wua on of lh
KUai at a 1 oVhxk lunchaon r!ai
urdiy at the home of Mr, and Mr
It. ( llavtr at thlr sountry horn
finr rivlind.
Rrbfltah Wet flffUrra.
At Iha r'ular mwtlna; of the Bll
Rabakah Mae tha following officer
war I'bi'tad, nohla grand, Jnala
Mprch"r vk (trand, I'ora Hurd;
rotary, M;iry L. Morion; trcnaur'r.
Ada Varc; truatea, Tbyrsai Horrnth.
Mr, Kmina Tallwd, grand Maoi'mtdy
m-rrHury, wh the gm-at of the order
and the rrtfiilar Inltiullon wu held.
Tliankaalvlng Dinner Our!.
Mr. and Mr. K. K. I'addotk and
aon, Hfirry, were Thfikalvln(f din
nr aueal at tha hoini of Mr. and
Mra, Churl'- Kcarr of HHIaviJP, Ni b,
Mr. and Mr, 'Jore MArdle bad
un lhelr Ku-t, Mr, McArdlo'a moth
tr, Mra,. Kldellt MrArdle and ler,
Mlaa lOUherln MoArdla and Mr.
Luther Dm Id win,
Ilenaon Coinm unity nlr,
Th literary and niual'ul progrsm
of the IJenaon'Cornmunlly Center will
be given Kri'lay vnlng, December
t, In tha auditorium of tha city hall,
Mra, L, J, Mpreeher la arrunalng a
vary auparlor group vt mualcul and
literary number tut thla date. The
publto la Invltad.
To Hay at (lub Program.
Mi Hnxvl Wllecl,' vlollnlat, will
randar a group of t'hrltma carola
and alao pUy tha obligate in the can
tata to be given before the Ittneon
Wonian'a club Thurily, liarember 7,
MetliodUt I-dlra Hold Haiar.
Th ladlre of the Method!! church
will hold their annual bnxar Wednea-
di)', Iiccamber f. In Ihe parlor of the
diurch, A noon dinner will ba aarvad
beginning at 1:30. Uood home cooked
fooda. teaming hot, and all blnda of
hand made artlrle will ba for aala.
Dinner Zi cant Iha plat.
NaluraJIallon I'rogram.
Ml. W, A. Wllio. Will re.reetil
tha Omaha War Moihera at the
Ameilranlzatlon program ITilday eve
filng, D-mbr t, at the auditorium
One hundred and thirty men will re-
reive their naturalization paper glv
lug them th full prlvilegag of 'ltlu
h i p. Twenty different natlonnlltlea
will be rpreented.
To King at Itrnaon llapllai ( liurcli.
Mr. If. Kannelt of th Klrat Chrla
tlau churrh will be the ololt Munday
availing at tha Ilnptlat Chun h, Thea
ervlea are balng held In the I, O,
U. V. hull until the new church will
he ready for occupancy.
Donate to ( lly Mlaaioil.
The junior d"par1tnnl ot the
Methodlat Munday m hool donutad a
large conalgnment of food to tha city
iiilalon Thankagivlng dy,
Mr. Dora Woodrlng, mother of
Mra, . C Denver, I home from an
ejtirndel v.alt In llllnola,
Mlaa Klora Craln of Logan, Ia
w a weak-end gueat at. tha home of
Mr. and Mra. II. Y. Ilyda,
Cyrii I'.litk of Hickman, Keb.,
wa a mid weak gueat at th home of
Mr, and Mr, It, V, Hyde,'
I(ev, and Mm, CI. L, Hharp of tlie
Nuptlat church have moved into their
new horn at t&l! Corby atrect.
H.i r lo W'llvoo la upending tha
Thankaglvlng aajn with hi par
ent, Dr. and Mra. W. A, Wllco.
Chnib Curtl of Yankton, ft. D
waa a week-end gueat of Ma eiatar,
Mra, K, K. f'addock and Mr. 1'ad-
Mr. and Mr. George Itanaom and
daughter, Anna, were Friday dinner
gueata at Iha home of Vt. and Mr,
V. J. Murray,
Mlaa Hylvla Ileic and the Miaaea
Loia and Helen I lyd were Hunday
dinner gueata at the home tit Mr, and
Mra, It, Y. Hyde.
Mlaa Cecilia Wehra, a teacher In
the Beatrice achoola, apent Thank
giving with her ltr, Mr, T. W.
Mc-nko, and Hv, Hvenko, 1
Girl's Bazar
Y On U
Keep th cellar, attic and yard free
from lnflaminflMo ruhhlah, paper,
broken furniture, etc.
Mlaa Ann Kluor 1 chulrniun of th
comiultta wlu'h ha charga of th
Chrlatmae bnir being held at th
tilrla' Commiinlly Hervk' b-agua club
room, 1712 Dodge atreet, on Wednea
day and Thuraday of thla week, De-
cemW I and 9. Altlng ar Mlaa
a l'eliit of therciuga club, Mlaa
Myrthi Humanri of th Lafayette
club, Mia Jennie Tetrraon of the
Wamm club and Mia J'brrfa Poat-
lrig of Iha I, T, A, cluh,
.The Wumin (lub will have a doll
booth whri doll of trrcalatlbiw
charm will La howo Tha Lafayette
club will all' home iruide candle and
will diaplny novelty candy doll and
Chrlatmue tablo decoration, Mra,
Ifennlo linker hue charge of lolly-
pop dolla and bixrth decoration, Mlaa
Odetu Albrccht will ae that the home
made candy aupply 1 ufflc.nt to
ake care of th Chrlal maa demand. It
will be packed In tin boxea o that It
will ke'-p, ,
Tb CIuk and D, T. A. clula will
preald over an art booth In whUih
they will dlapbiy the many beautiful
pl-c nt art work which tha girl
have donated.
A beautiful alik quilt will be dla-
poacd of by Mlaa Mary Qulnby and Mlaa
Mae Patera. Mlaa Helen Kolfaon will
Iiave charge of an electric lamp to be
given aa a prize. There la to be a
bean guenalng and popularity contcat
Mia ModJeakA Khaar la to have
charge of a booth in which attractive
tolb-t article and perfume win be
A mualcal program tun bean
planned for KrMay evening, Mr. and
Mr. Charlea Thelm and Gertrude will
play aevera! number.
On Haturday evening; a peclal
danca will ba the event.
, , ... ;
OE (f
Any Amount
Fill In Your Own First Payment
It .
si I
Plays All Makes of Records No Needles to Change
Eren Records of All Other Makes Sound Better When Played on the Edison
We have just added a new line of popular priced Edisons.,
These new models make the Edison the least expensive
high grade phonograph in the world,
CONSOLE MODELS (Flat Top) $135.00, $175.00, $295.00, $325.00
UPRIGHT MODELS, $60.00, $75.00, $100.00, $145.00, $200.00, $245.00, $295.00
Shukz Brothers
" iq's (2d Joppin villi Rxfly
WAS atartled when I looked at the. calendur to find but a few daya
left In which to do Cbiiatiuaa h()i'l". Ho om more I warn you
do vour Chrlatmaa alionnlna now, 1 am o afraid that you will
he dlaappolnud U you put It off any longer. Th ahoprar now filled
with everything which la pretty and dnairable, but at a later data
everything will be picked over and I will bo unabl to fill your order
a they hould be filled. Make out your llt today and aend It In and
If you do not car to have the merchandise aent at one, th atore
will gladly hold It for you until Chitatmaa.
could brlii.
maa. Win
Itrauly tor (hrUlnii. 1
-Juat aupprwe that Sunlit
nit yml Iteauly for Chrlat
maa. wouldn't you immaoiaieiy
end him a. letter to Include your
name of hi liat? liut why wait un
til tlanta puta Iieuuty on hi Hat? lie
beautiful for Chrl.tma. anyway. At
th I'.liick and White Room at Bur
Ke Naah Co,, at the Halon da Beaut,
In the routenclle, and at th black
atone Hotel, you can rcbi In a aoftly
cushioned chair while deft handa put
Into your akin food that nourlah
and aoothe It and finely purlflea the
complexion Into a condition ot clear
lovelitifM and delicate coloring. All
work 4n these popular beauty ahop
I under th dlrwtlon of Mr. Itob
erta and Mr. Krank, who are famou
for their expert work. Healde beau
tlfylng your complexion, they will car
for your hair In th way your par
tlcuUar balr ahould b cared for. It
extra hair la needed to make It more
becoming they will match your hair
exactly and aupply ear puff, ewltches,
tranaformatlon or anydher of tha
popular piece used In the latest hair
dreaw. 1'irhups fn-y comb will
add to your particular style of beauty
if ao, they have a splendid assort
ment from wbkh to make your selection.
A Wallace Nutting picture will add
to the attractivenes of th room be
aide making a beautiful gift, ! can
aecura them for you from $1.(0 to
$8.00 each.
e e
Khoea for Kvery Occasion.
rITH ao many pretty style to
elect from It la easy to make
allafactory choice, i you
ti to th Hho Market, 220 South
feixteentb. Tbcra are shoe there for
every occaalon. Satin slipper for eve
ning to the heavier oxford for street
wear, lilacka, brown and combina
tion effect Iiw heel and high
heel. tihoea with buckle, and
buckle that can be put on shoe. If
you are in doubt what kind of a shoe
you want do not hesitate. Go to the
8 hoe Market and you will bo aura
to find It.
llaaten the Chrlatmaa Cifta,
kUT a few abort weoka remain be-
Fore th big day and I know
there are lota of glfta that are
far from complete, "Why bother to
embroider them yourself, when tha
Ideal Button and Pleating Co. do such
splendid work and at a price ao low
that It does not pay to do It your
self. Writ to me for price on the
various article or send direct to the
Ideal. They are In the Brown Block.
Good Quality. Low Price.
TII-r!E two attribute rarely go to
gether but at tha Vogue, 1623
Douglua street, you will find that
the two always go together. The Bulls,
coat and dresses found there are of
splendid quality and the price are ex
ceptionally low. And then too at the
Vogue you are given personal atten
tionthey are ao willing to help you
make your select ions. Get your new
wardrobe there eapoclally If you want
fo save,
Blouse make Mul gift. Th long
walited "Jacuelte" style are very
popular. Made of paisley patterned
AMI me t
Hainan l
Irfl III
Simla lau l Here,
of In prat atop W4
ImhiIi store. And h
I fast aii-l ni"t mm-
I Ma sa,.fmeiil i'f doll furmtuie tin
KtlnaMe. In Ihe deluata shade of
(-ink, blue and rn-m, nh tiny atrit
nl d-iiia, iit like Ihe srunii4i
ful nit uie. And Ihen he al-i left iloKa
and l.lula, and i nnea. an l ao many
plher hilt Ihltti lhat am i l-am
1-i tell HI sU'iit litem, Su ieoa
iMk Ilia I l-r ll ee ltlii. 1tir
UI anj II i.iik h
It e a bu t iinx ' rit
Mwnr hill t-uU if tuili4g ana
fur vn Ilia f..k it4 eull a are
. h!a iMi'l ktunuinl. Imi-M
I tida ran b utwt ! lie wp a
i-l ,iir la kh4 '-.vw4iii In lb
k4 ) IK. iui l lae -t "
. e
r..btli.'lr linV.4 wttiif I
k MtW I if I-!, '' (rd, $."'l
f.lfl That IjmI.
course you want your gift to
last and you alao want It to b a
rful one. Can you think of
anything belter than m gift of leather?
At Kreling A Ktclnle, 1101 Ksrnsio
Ht. you will discover men' purses
and bill folds In all Ingthera and lin
ings, the kind that stands constant
use. They are priced at I2.&0 and
$3.00. For milady you find pursee
In an endleae array priced from (0c
up.. And for th mull that smoke
there ar attractive clguret case upon
which hi name can b engraved
In gold free of charge. Make thein a
vlalt tomorrow and select a Christmas
gift (or every member of the family.
A Heading Lamp for Oirlafmaa
fx frlenda ar buying reading
lamp for Christmas. Ye they
have started their Chrlatmaa
buying already and thla year lamp
eem to be on moat every Hat.
I aaked several where th'-lr's came
from and waa told Orchard-Wllhelm.
I then went to see for myself and waa
given a wonderful aurprlae for lamp
of every kind greeted me. One In
particular waa very attractive. It
waa of walnut with an adjustable
arm. A lovely silk shade adorned it
(th shade can be had In all colors).
It waa well made and th material
was of the beat. And the price why
It waa only $39 CO. Very Inexpensive
for auch a beautiful lump, Go Into
Orchard-Wjlhelm' Gift Hhop and
them for yourself. You will be delighted.
Glfta of Great Beauty for C'hrMmaa,
rEHB word cannot describe the
exqulslt gold piece found In
the show case at the Brown
Jewel Hhop. The glitter of gold at
tracted my eye and I discovered tha
loveliest toilet act constating of mir
ror, brush and comb. It waa of IS
carat gold etched by hand and waa
priced at $500. Can you imagine a
handsomer gift for "her?" And then
there were vanity case of the daint
iest design, some with covers of deli
cat colored enamel. Mesh bags of
solid gold set with , real diamond,
pearl and saphires, gold mirror to
fit in milady's purse, in fact so many
handsome gifts that selection la easy -irdeed,
for "him" you may select a
gift of solid gold in the shape of a
clgaret case; if he wear glasses, a
sol 14 gold eyeglass case would be a
moat desirable choice. Lockets to be
carried In the pockets, and which
bold a miniature picture would be
appreclati-J, I am certain. Do not
fall to see this wonderful case of
gold, it Is well worth a-special trip
to Browrs just to view it.
Fur Make An Ideal Gift,
A GIFT that will last and during
th entire winter be a constant
reminder of the thoughtfulness
of th donor. At Dresher's a beautt
iul assortment of furs await your
choosing. If you have aa old fur
they will take it and remake it Into
a new model at a very little coat.
rreher's are located at 2217 Karnum
Ht. and you can send direct to them
or to me if you want further Infor
mation regarding furs. '
Felt slippers la a gift that can ba
given to every member of the family.
They come In every style and color.
Buy Christmas Card Now.
I CAN'T begin to tell you how faat
they are being picked over. At
the Omaha Piathwrry Co., 307 8.
17th, a splendid assortment attll
a, aits you but I can't say for how
li na, so niaka out your list today and
send for your card tomorrow, They
are prlfd from &o tip.
a a
There sr ainie even bem llnea
their rarity mkea thejn the more In-
Start that fhrUtmaa
gift liat today. Don't rut
It olT lik you have in year
paat. Think how much
Letter it will If to have all
the pretty little package
done up ami ready long he
fore the liif day arrive.
What a relief to he pre.
pared and not have the
worry nd huatle which al
way fonica with belated
hopping. The merrhanta
prepare thr'r great tocV
(it advance and offer rourh
better eelertlofii ti thoae
who rome tint.
- n,
Let Theia Do Vour Darning
F YOU wear Oothum Gold Btrlpe
you have no need to fear a
run atariing above ihe hem line
and continuing the length of tha hoae.
The gold stripe In the Gotham pro
tect you against this and In case
that an accident liefall th hoae be
low th efrlpe, the Gotham repair
service department will mend It for
you. At tha Walk Over boot shop
you will find that famous hose in
tha popular shades and if for any
reason you wunl any particular ahade
they can order It for you. The
Gotham la th "silk hoae that wear"
and I can recommend it moat highly
to every one of my reader,
Oriental pearia in graduated fixes
are priced aa low aa $1.26.
a a
Beauty I ftkln Beep
that I If you go to Miss Edna fiulli
van In the Blue Bird shop, 401 Secur
Hies building. Hhe haa tha famou.
Berez.'t preparations, which are used
throughout tha world by beautiful
Exclusive Material Malta Distinctive
T Burgess Naah company you
wilt find some of th moat beau
tiful material, and will be sur
prised to find that they ar sold by
them excluHivtly. Georgette and wool
materials In attractive design at
prices aa low as 96a a yard. I Tain
colore and harmonizing shades via
with each other for popularity but I
believe th varl-colored material
are In the lead In popular favor. Why
not make It a dress pattern for
Chrlatmaa. They will gladly send
you sample so you can select the
pattern or the material you desire.
I'atterne will be put up In boxes suit
able for Christmas gifts.
All American Home Cooking
at the Klutlion la most satisfactory.
They serve table de hot dinner at
tic and 7Sc.
A Drea That Fits Improve Vour
r'jU have no idea how a well fit-
ing drt-sa, coat or suit Improves
your appearance. Kneeter the
tailor at 806 Bo. 16tb St. Is a tailor of
ability. When you let ' him make
your apparel you know before you
get It that it will be perfect a to fit,
quality and workmanship. And the
price is no higher than for ill fit
ting clothes.
a a
Japanese klmonaa beautifully em
broidered by hand ar being displayed
for Christmas. Wouldn't they make
handsome gift?
Mocking For t'hrlstmae.
EVKKY liat include stockings and
therefore I want to tell you about
these splendid quality 12 strand
silk hose which are found at Orkln's
In tha Conant hotel building. They
have linen heela and toe and have an
exceptionally elastic Hale top. Tbey
are full faahioned and therefore fit
perfectly. You can chooae from black,
brown and polo color. And now the
price. It la so low, only $1.95. These
hose will make Ideal Christmas gifts
and by selecting this special hoae
which, by the way, are being featured
by Orkln', you are assured of giving
a gift that will pleaae. lxm t put olT
buying. Find Ihe sire you want and
buy them tomorrow. Then you won't
be disappointed.
Glimpie of Iha Mod at th Moment
lruhe. whd bat and rf fr
young (trie aia but II HI eat. i
a .
rl-rto ('. that are piavii- at b r
Ihi kind f tl'r lifiit tl U I
lit a pair.
1'wy )i,r ril.Ua by lb b-41, mi
will Kb 4 it aiwh tiMr a ad than at)
! ' l lh same.
! Se Inevil t
lGth and Howard
16th and Howard