The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, December 03, 1922, Page 3, Image 3

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    8 A
Monday The Things You Need
at the Prices You Must Have for
Early Christmas Shopping
A Personal Gift
Jersey Silk Underwear
Jersey Silk
Vests 1.39
Bought From Boyd & Co.
Hew York Manufacturers
of Fine Silk Hosiery
Thousands of
Dollars Worth
bodice tops have dainty ribbon or Jersey silk
, All sizes in medium and extra length in flesh
Regular 2.50 quality.
Third Floor Center
Winter Sale of
New Silks
10,000 Yards of New, Desirable Silk
Crepe dc Chine
Satin Haronet
Georgette Crepe
Silk Gaberdine JUL Per Yd.
Silk Poplin
Charmeuse 40 inches wide, all colors.
Crepe de Chine 40 inches wide, in a complete line of
Trico-Sham 36 inches wide, in black and navy only.
Silk Shirtings 33 inches wide, in neat new patterns.
Gaberdine Twill 40 inches wide, real heavy all-silk
Georgette Crepe 40 inches wide, in a complete line
of shades.
Swiss Taffeta 40 inches wide, in a beautiful lustrous
Printed Radiums 40 inches wide, makes splendid
coat liniVigs.
Foulards 40 inches wide, twill back, large and small
Messaline Satin 30 inches wide, 50 different colors
to choose from.
Taffeta 36 inches wide, light and dark colors.
Brocade 36, inches wide, imported quality, in white
Silk and Wool Poplin 40 inches wide, in navy blu.
Main Floor Center
Gifts "With a Delicate Air"
From the Art Department
Book Ends
Fancy Candles
Smokers' Sets
1 Cl Table Scarfs
PT Vases
Polychrome Book Ends
Of excellent quality, many dosiRns daintily O Cf
decorated and hand-burnished." Pair, fJ3
Imported Bead Mats
Very decorative for under hot dishes. I'csijrns worked out
various rolored beads. 1 nn and Cf
Two sizes, each, vrU 1 iOU
Decorated Metal Trays
Two beautiful designs in three OQ- OQ and CQ-,
sizes, Each, 6VCy OVC OUC
Floating Flowers
1 or flat howls; two styles in Japanes
lillif?. l.ncYi.
Fish Bowls
Two-Ration 1ki1 wrought iron
Irame, rsi-li,
Chinese Bracelets
lor l, luitdlc. JiIhIii and fancy
color. eih.
Third Floor East
Monday, Important Sale of 1,800 Silk
Crepe and Radium
Chemises and
The Most
Timely Gift
Sale of the
Packed in
Made to Sell at 3.50 to 5.98 -
Colors: Aurora, Flesh, Nile, Peach
Orchid and White
Gown of the heaviest quality crepes and radium silks, most magni
ficently trimmed in two-tone ribbons, English vals, Oriental lace,
Irish lace and Margot lace. Many elaborately trimmed, while others
are of the more tailored style. Shoulder and bodice of lace or self
materials. All of these wonderful gowns are full cut and exception
ally well tailored.
The chemises areof the finest quality crepes and radium silks, many
elaborately trimmed with ornamental lace, while others have edging of
filet lace or ribbon drawn. Made in the round cornered step-in style, with
dainty trimmings of lace or the square cut, more tailored effect. French
knots and rosebud trimmings are used extensively. Both the bodice and
built-up shoulders to choose from. '
Thin is an entirely new purchase for Monday's selling and every gar
ment is fresh and dainty as you would wish a gift to be.
Third Floor Center
Gloves The Ideal Gift for Women
. r t t 1 1 11 tmni r
In centuries past a gift of gloves was considered a mark
of highest regard. That custom has always continued.
Styles were never so attractive, combining service, dura
bility and artistic combinations. Here are quoted a few
of the many styles.
Perrin's 12-Button Kid and
Suede Gloves In black, bea
ver, brown, gray, platinum
and white. j ff
Per pair, O.UU
Perrin's Flores Finest Quality
Grenoble K i d Gauntlets
Chenille trimmed, combining
brown with beaver, tan with
brown, beaver with o ff
tan. Fer pair, O.UU
Perrin's Tunaia Kid Gaunt
lets Most attractive color
combinations of gray with
silver, beaver with brown,
brown with tan. f ff
Per pair, O.UU
Perrin's Gauntlets of Im
ported Capeskin American
made. In beaver, mode and
oxford. Special,
per pair,
Kayser Double Silk Gloves Two-clasp styles in
black, brown, beaver and oxford. Per pair,
Midget Gloves Gauntlets and one-clasp styles in brown and
gray. Keal kid and capeskin. hizes 2-0 to 7.
Per pair,
Real Kid Gloves Two-clasp styles, overscan), in o ff
brown, beaver, gray, white and black. Per pair. J.UU
Kayser Novelty Silk Gauntlets Suede fabric
lined, in beaver, brown and oxford. Per pair,
Wool Sport Gloves-'-Fur Lined Gloves" Fleeced Lined Gloves
Christmas Boqes Free With Gift Gloves
Main FhmrXorth
Monday Specials in Drapery and Drapery Materials
Ruffled Curtains Kmc ijiialtty dotted and
figured luaruuiwttea and grenadines with
full narrow ruff! and ruffled ti-back.i t .
natch. peclatly priced,
?tr pair.
Twan Netemui; IJ'-uUr 'lttvn nt
n Hun and all-nrr fif'irH patten , 00
Priced pecit, per J ard,
Drapery Velours line mercf lUfd ipiality,
"u inches wide, in green, blue, r and
taupe, suitable for turrdrapes, portiere. .
runner,, scarfs. Thee materials were O AQ
Made M sell (of 3,'0 t Monday. LStJ
Ruffled Curtaining Kin me rretWed iU
with full narrow ruffling for hng
r h curtains. Per yard. Out
, Reerible Terry Cloth - All
, i.i'w fll patterns m floral, bird
.ml striped design. Thee
i materia! beautiful mei
drap m )! portiere. AN
suitable t"r many htdtdav til
Ruffled Curtains
Made ef fin j'j1iy mhI wi'.V f'jll naf
row ruffl ruffled tie r.i V 1 1 1 Of"
riatvh. hpecttUy pne I, pr t, I.4.J
Cwrlain MateftLrautiful pattern in
ijjakfr t'raft nH. I. trinifd nisr.
iiipttri. dotted an S (irf irr l rtvanpii
nt!f, tit - ile fciul
I: 5
, . r rtf d,
Sixth FloirEat
Per yard, Jul prit-ed. rd,
Sofa fllw r iUcd i'h Kapok,
covrrrd .th le.ul.fd r,t in Ollllker CtlU NoVoltV
2,98 Curtains 2A9
1 U- 1 1 f 4 1 nl'mrr drij!i ill white, tx'f),
all lh popular i'd-r.
All Silk Hose
from top to toe. Other with lisle Krter topH.
Regular and outhi.e, all full l'uhliioned with double
noles and hijrh pliced heels. In black, brown 1 OC
and newest shoe shade, li.00 tpiulity, pair, l.Ou
Main Floor Xorlh
Price Advantages at
The Brandeis Store
The price advantages obtained at The Brandeis
Store in the purchase of toys are well illustrated in ex
tracts from an editorial appearing in the Omaha
World-Herald as follows:
"Santa Claus has not been heard from yet on the
Fordney-McCumber tariff. Most of the toys that he
imports from foreign countries had been nhippcd be
fore the new tariff became effective. So this Christ
mas Santa Claus is not going tocornplain about ex
tortionate charges that tariff makers have imposed
upon the goods he handles.
"Surveying the toy department of his store that con
tains wonders to delight the children, George Brandeis
was ecstatic over his good fortune in securing from
abroad such a variety of playthings to augment the
goods manufactured at home. And while he was ex
pressing pleasure that the toys can be sold at such
reasonable prices this year, he peered into the future
a bit and said : it will be a long time before we have
such luck again, because the new duty on toys will be
70.' Though many of these toys are not manu
factured in America, yet a duty to that extent was
put on them, Mr. Brandeis deplored.
"But Santa Claus won't breathe a word to the kids.
He will dig aibit deeper into his pocket, if that is
possible. And he will make out as best he can with
the limited selection of goods that he will be forced
next year to accept from American manufacturers. On
account of the tariff, many novelties from across the
sea will be too expensive for his limited purse."
It will be well for shoppers to remember that
these price advantages relate to all our imported Christ-,
mas merchandise bought and shipped under the low
tariff is offered to our customers at low tariff prices.
These price advantages are so important as to be the
occasion for general comment among our well pleased
J. L. Brandeis.
Domestics and
Wash Goods
Beacon Bathrobe Flannel 156 and 27 inches wide in a
wonderful variety of Indian and Jacnuard styles and
colors for ladies', men's and boys' bathrobes. 7
Monday, 36-inch width, yard, luC
27-inch width, yard, 6oC
Punjab Percale 36-inch width, known and recog
nized as the superior of all other percales. In a splen
did range of patterns and color combinations, all with
light grounds. Regularly 9Q
worth 35c, yard, ujQ
Cretonne 36-inch width, beautiful tapestry and floral
effects, shadow printings and overprints for draperies,
art needlework and cushions. Two AQn QQ
exceptional values, yard, 40Cand JC
Bathrobe Flannel 27 inches wide in a collection of
new patterns and colorings. Heavy, warm
quality, very special, yard,
Crepe Moire The new fabric of the reason in assorted
colors, l-'or men s and boys' shirts, pajamas.
Requires no starch in laundering. Special,
Imported and Domestic Shirtings Including Knglish
madras fibre silk mixed shirtings, satin striped effect
and other new ideas in shirting fabrics. A wonderful
range of patterns and colors to 7C 0 IO
elect from. Per yard. I DC, OjC, 40C
The Genuine Serpentine Crepe In almost endless va
riety of pretty pattern and coloring. Also Of
sonic plain shades. Wry rpuial, yard, wDC
Fancy Printed Sateen .'.i! im In s wide in an assort
ment of new path tin :uw coloring for comforter
covering, ilrup-rir and fancy wurk. OA
Speohl. jJC
Embroidered Silk Mull Comforters - r or full sue bi ds
in avrt'd plain cm!m tilled with fii'fst tiualitv
pure whit cotton, An td-l t"liiU't!ii 7 7P
mH. l.ach, I, J
Sdk Comforters I lilt-d with pu lamb's wo..!, ma
"2H iiifh. In a hittt;titl mtt'frn' tf new pat.
trrii lirativ tu.l with ' IV f;thy nt.l.Mi,
rratlv boxed. Worth t 'JYn.i,
Beacon fUthrobe KUnkt I In India jo I Jc(Urd
t)i, r.V.'it Hum vm'ii cort and frnt h'th.
r h I Unkrt Urge riuiih 1 1 t'..tV a ( ill m.t
l..)l. r. t,r V-i t v..... it M .. I.. 1
i.', .. , t.MWJ -'Vll . . 1 1 ' ' ,
HilUIIH ntXll th
i;ch conifrtrt