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copy (.f tins I I.l. t fire as Ionic . -
the' free edition l.ol.i bv writing '
the IMvlMmi of PtiMn atimis, ). purt
unlit of Agriculture. W nnhingl'm,
l. (. nuking for "F. It. Ills'"."
' I have answered on kly and fully
i i r mih M;"ii, and I inn ntnly to
hiur our ntiMioer to mine, Have
oiir heaid fiolil the Im key biid'.1'"
rS LE. L P
Tliornas l'cpiilar (uct
of Mr. I'owcr.
M.t llnih Tlintiuis i.f liiversldV
'ill., who .-I the guest of I. lent. nil
Mrs, 'iiH li.U I' Powers, Inui been
Ihiih ih w,n, in. my ;i f';i ! I i (luriru thn
v. ik. Mm. I'l.wt-rx guvo a (Inner
I'iiiv f-ir lit gin-Ms on Jliip.hy
VI I. Hi,'. M:iJhp Mini Mrs. KoLlTt
H illlllllill i-nli'l (,llll t St Ittl(lgl) tit
liifir In. rim 'J'ui Hil.iy v tilng. Af h
Kutii WulJ.-tce Itoltcrt Wiillice
m.i v 11 il.iiii " ii ml supper i:irly nt ths
Hi muli Ji 'J'lKiiil.igivliiK evening: anil
1'ihifiy Unit, ji ii. I Mm. Powers find
Vi.rH TIlDllillJ Vi I I 111 gllints .it (l,a
txl;y jHiily j;lveii nt lort Oiunbl
t flu lit ii invliy will in lioht .it nt
ilidiiliiiil rl.inr ng nly nt tlin AIM
I'tli' cliili. Mm. CiWim' dull, Mr,
I'lsrk (if CHiip Ifnpliln, l.i., 1.1 slso a
' Iml' r Hi tli" I'iiwi im liome.
Will Appear in
'l iMiik'ivin
at Homo
Twilvi' i liildri n nt th" 'niiMili'Hiviit
Home fur t ll l'l'-'l 'tiil'ti ' ti whirl) In
i.lnniiii y the H.,iity fur tin- He
1i. f nt tin- Dm il.. i, enjoyc! a turkey
l in nor Willi iiiiiilnriy winm iin'l nil
Hie oiler K'l'n l't Ihut milky up a
Tlinnlicglviitg fcimt, through the
kinliicHK of Mih. J. T, Htewarl, who
f 'irnluli' .1 tlin illimcr.
other Th inkm ivlng contributions
to the, homo Inilii'Ii'l fl'l from the
H'hniJ nt linllvliliiiil Instruction; 15
(IiihhicI chl. kens fniiii Ilia Tliurmhiy
Afternoon t'liili nf Ia'iiiin, Nib. Tim
hoys nf liiiiHim 1 1 1 k i school contrihut
dt iritiitoK. iininiiM ii 1 1 ' 1 turnips from
Ih'lr own gui'lcit. iJnn.itions of vege
t ilil.n ini'l niriiii'l goods from other
pljlilll! School WCIe ll'CI IVl'll il nd mi
Wcilm-HiUy evening th rhlliln n
W(in Mid i IhIiikI ut ii Tlt;inkglvliig
putty liy Trinity Ciillii'ilrnl guild.
Fr Mrc Wecko.
Mm. 1 J. Wc-kes of O'NI.-I, Ni b.,
in the guest of her iinriititM, Judge mid
Mm. 'I'. I'lckinson,
TiicN'luy i vctilnit Mr. find Mis. IVtr
Sldivi'i- flKht micntH to lln! wllh
Mih. AVi.iI;i. nt tln'lr home. In the
I'SimiIiii: IIkth woro tuhhn for ranln.
Mm. lilililiiHim Kiivc a illiui'T nf 10
rovi r fur In-r daiiKhl'T TlmnkHUivltiB
iIh)', iiihI mi H:it uiiliiy, lr. imd Mm.
!:, Tliiiiii.'in will viv a mniill dlnin'r-hl'iilli?.
AtllllllllU ( ICllKUKI'IIK'lll.
Aniiiiiiiifi'ini'iit 1 mail" nf tlip i-n-KUKomi'iit
nf Mln VlrKiniii Vliiftcnt.
iliuiKlil'T it Mr. imd Mm. U-wlii
(itdiil. V'liii'rn: of MIouil Valley,
In., mid Ki tiiK th Piinlnp Ncf t Hun
Jiukii, Cnl. MIsh VlMi-ftit frmiucritly
ilt hcie at thn hi'HH'H of Mi".
Mm. H K. MrCiiKitD and Mr. iind
Mix. Jnhn If. MotriHon, Sim in a
gnidiiut.i nf I'. i ry Hull. Mr. NYf wuh
rrudtniti'd fnmi Hliiiifiii'd university,
fir, und Mm. Vincvut entertained 12
TiiesdHy rv"Tutu nt the Athletic
cliih fur Ihiir ilmihfr, who left Wed
tn Hdny fur ( 'ilifunilii, where the wed
iHiik will tako iliii) next week.
Minn Helen Folej will ;i ii.-;ir in an
Impnttimt rule in tho eninedy diniilH
"Htiip Thief" to he presented under
IhO uilHplrea of Ih9 Iiynln club t'll
day evening ut ('relxhtnn uudllurium
fur the heneflt of Ht. John m.huol.
Mr. mid Mm.
I.ove are ut Kxcelnlor
' Minn Annetto t'ohu nf Seattle,
WhnIi., In the kui'mI of her Hister,
Mih. Hum Steilihei H-
Mrn. Yetln Crupxan nf Wnnhington.
1 ('., Ik visitintf her niter, Mia. J. J.
! rieilinnii, for a mouth.
Mis. David Newman left Friday
for ChiiaKO and Milwaukee where
Hhe will Npend two weeks.
Mr. und Mrs. Mylen
tured to the Uncoln
with Mr. and Mm. J. 11. Hansen.
McKa.vden mo
ume Thursduy
111mm lreno .MeKniuht left TueHday
to tipriiil a weelc with her mint, Mrs.
Carl linliwevr. at Kniporla. Kan., who
is nivaiK a ThuUsffiv ttiB houco party.
Mrs. Anna IVawar left Tliuisday
ninht for fhietijso where Mho was
railed on iieeniint of tho Illness of her
MMer, Mm. O. Weher.
Mm. John V. t:tll will ro to Liu
i.nln Saturday mnrnini; tu make the
iiiiniial W'nmeiiH day nddreMK hetore
(Ii., Missionary Society of the Beth
aiiv t'hiiM'ian ehiiiiH on Htmdny.
Duinjj of tlic Week
Hi 1'ort Onuilia.
)!! Tuesday thn post hnvvlInK nl
wiih foi-iiially nfioned liv foliniel (.'
W. TlllnlNoii mid nil Hid officer und
ladhu of tho punt (itlend'd,
Wednemliiy Mm, ,, M. 1'ruyn en
ferlalned the Kildire i luh nt luncheon
and hl iilKe. Those pf S' lit were Mm
damen I,. H, 1'plon, I'. 1'. Anion, C.
1j. (iirpeuter, U. Ii, I'ule, A. I). DiivIh,
fi, ).'. (loodrtch, It. A. (Ireer. K. L,
I,etimion, I). Powem, (,', W. Tlllot.
mm, J. ,M. riuyn, Ji. It. 1'orler, H. II.
Neff und Mrs. Mae Kwan 1'ruyn of
Albany, N. V., and that eveniiiK the
harhelnr ofl'lcei's, f ";i )it;i ill Murphy,
ldeutenanlH Hynie, Warren, JIukIii
Hiiswell, Di'Knnn und Lawrence were
IiiihIh ut a dinner and danie ut the
bachelor officers' mess.
Thanl-sijK Iiik day was cclclinited In
thij fort by elaborate dinners served
y nil orKauirtatiims of the Seven
lecnth Infantry, Fourteenth infantry
briuade, I ieadnuartei s rompany, t'ev
enlh corps urea and the (Juarterinas
er und Medical corps, lloast turkey
was ery much in evidenc e.
Tim nl'flccm and ladhs of the fort
will bo host to the Hoventh eorps
urea officers und fnnillieii and many
Omahri friends at a. barn dance at the
Service, club this I'VenlnfT.
Mrs. Mac Kwan I'ruyn of Albany,
Y Is the (itiiHt of her son, Major
J. M. Prnyn, and Mm. Arthur Lenin
Holm Is vlsltlt'ir nt Leavenworth, Kan.
HriKadier (ieneral .Doicy is expect
ed to take station at tho fort, roin
iimndlns the Fourteenth Infantry
briuade, Hometlrne durinK Decefuber.
Junior Musical.
The Junior Musical club will meet
Kit tunliiv, afternoon at. 3 o'clock at the
home o
Dewey fivenue.
1). A. H. I.umheoii.
rteservatlons for tho luncheon to he
given Saturday, 1 o'clock at tho Ath
letic rluh by Major Isaoo Sadler chap
ter, Daughters American devolution
may be made with Mrs. C. C. John
Hon. Miss Ilelle Ryan, nssistant superin
tendent nf schools, will speak on "Pa
triotic Education."
Mrs. Charles Spencer of North
I'latte, slate recent of U. A. H ; Mrs
i;dar Allen, state president of Duugn-
tors of Founders and Patriots; Mrs. f
C. Wlnterson, president of uatigniers
1S12, and Mrs. Frank Larmon, presi
dent of Omaha chapter, 1). A. II.. will
be honor guests.'
Madame Th"a Mueller Herms, who
i a'l opi-r.i and concert tdar,
lias iinived fvni ll.tiiil'iuit. tb rmany,
I , !He will) her mother, Mrs. Louisa
V.iiiln. and le r brother. I'hailr A.
'i'. .M.iriin
Ml . an I Mi - '.nle H ill "f To U.i.
K hi , are -a.-! .f Mm II. V. Cook.
sisi.t 'f Mr. Hih Mr. t'isik eiitn
ii f.u- lien) at Thi'iiks-A in;, fd
Set Sail Yesterday.
Franies Nnsh Watson. Dmal-.a
pianist, and her bii.-bainl. Major Wat
son of the t'nited Suites in my. ac
ciiinpanied by Mrs. Watson niece,
Miss t'Htheiine t'artan, sailed on
Th.niksgivlnB day front Chei'bours,
France, for this country.
Maim- and Mrs. Watson after spend
ln I'hiistnins with Mis. K. W. Nnsh
In Omaha, will live at Governors Is
land, and Mrs. Watson will bemn
her concert tour from there In Jan
uary. She will play in Otinlia under the
Auspices ef Hie V. W. C. A In May.
Tiunmy I'm' it Strunce I'l.iymate.
Mm. Fox wan dinluibed. Sim wan
even Hurried. In talking with her
nun Tommy she had lea rued some
1111111? that made her wish Mr. Fox
would hurry home, mi phe could teil
li 1 1 1 1 about it
Mr. Fox was out late that ri ib lit.
It was broad dayl cht when he up
peared; and Mrs. Fox had Ionic since
tucked Tommy Into bed To tell the
truth, die was sleepy herself. The
Fox family usually bikini to think
ubout Ki.Hik.- to bed about the time old
Mr. Crow let out his first morning
lu w.
When Mr. Fox came trotting hmno
he knew at once that sinnelhlng whs
wroiiK. He could tell Just by the
way his wife fixed hliu with her eye
und said, ''Mr, Fox!''
"What Ii It, my love?" he asked
her, coverinir a yawn with his paw
"or hadn't you better save it until
utter we've had a nap'.'"
"No!" said Mrs, i-'ox. "It's too Im
portanf. I must tell you now. What
do you think'.' Tommy has been play
What do this mun, v"n0
jnari?" ha limxid.
Iiir with n dog down nt Farmer
l een s place!"
Well, that was startling news.
W hen Mr. Fox heard it he gave a
yelp of
lu.-its a dangerous tiling to do,
he exclaimed. "I've known foxes
that mml" friends with dons. Hut
there was always trouble sooner or
later. There never was a dog yet
that III trust. They'll follow you
home if they can. And if they don't
try to catch you, they'll try to get
some other member of your family.
Mrs. Fox agreed with him.
"It's a wonder," she remarked with
shudder, "that that dog down ut
tho farmhouse hasn't come snooping
annuel our home."
Somehow, it doesn't sound like
old dog Spot," said Mr. Fox.
"It isn't!" Mra. Fox explained. "It's
strange dog. At least that's what
Tommy says.
Mr. Fox pricked up his ears.
"Another dog at the faimhouse!"
he cried. "That's the most unpleaa-
int news I've heard this year. I'll
look into the matter this very eve
They went to bed then.
When the Fox family awoke, to
wards nightfall, they were all bright
buttons. As soon us it grew dark
Tom my Fox lost no time In loping off
down the hillside.
"Stop!" his father called after him.
Where are you going'.'"
Hut if Tommy heard his father he
didn't stop. In fact he seemed to
hurry all the more.
I'll look Into this matter now,
Mr. Fox told his wife. And then he
picked up Tommy's trail and started
noiselessly after his son.
Ha! muttered Mr. Fox presently.
Just as I thought! This young puppy
in going down to the farmhouse." 'Tho
trail was lending straight across tho
meadow towards Farmer Ureen's
At the fence, beyond wiucn lay tne
dooryard, Mr. Fox came to a halt.
Through the pickets be count see his
son IrlsKlng aoout a grear,. hhik
shape that sat motionless on the lawn
In front of the farmhouse.
My goodness!" Mr. Fox remarked
under his breath. "I wouldn't do
that not for a million hens!"
lie wnlted there for a long time.
And when at last Tommy tamo and
slipped under tho fence his father
seized him.
What does this mean, young
man? he hissed.
At llmt Tommy Fox was t.igniened
Ami when he saw who it was that
hail him by tho ear lie was more
mared than before.
"it's nothing, na'." he whined.
"!" his father retorted
scornfully. "Do you call Unit greut
dangerous animal nothing?
"He's good-natured. lie's hurni
lesa." Tommy replied. "Why, I dared
hliu to follow me home just now
And ho (lain t even stand up. lie
Just sat) still und stared at me."
Mr. Fox was amazed.
"This Is the (iiieerest dog I ever
heard of," he said. "I'll creep up
hi hind him und see w hat I think
ubout him."
Leaving Tommy behind the fence
Mr. Fox stole softly Into the door
yard. Ho tame back in a little while
with a foolish grin on his face.
"'That's not u real dog," lie told
Ids son. "Farmer (ireen has put hliu
out in his fronty.-ird Just lor looks.
Hut I must say that 1 think Fitrnii
(Ireen has made a mistake. Old Spot
is a much better looking dog than this
one. Let him put Spot in tho front
yard; und let him keep this one out
back, to guard the henhouse!"
"Oh, pa! Ho you suppose he'd do
that?" cried 'Tommy.
"No such luck!" his father growled
"Come! We 11 go lnuk and tell your
mother about this affair, because
she s disturbed over It.
"And," he added, "you stay away
from here! This is no place for a
voting i.unnv like you."
"Cun t we lake a hen home with
us?" Tommy asked.
Mr. Fox shook his head.
"Thriiiksgivlnir day Is not far off,
We'll have sotnethlnK better then," he
tnlil his son.
Tommy wondered what It could be
it "pyrisiii. 2s.i
My M arnage Proble
A'lHo Carlson's New Puss of
Hovelatlotm nf a Wlfo "
Uncle Sam Says:
Selecllni; I'snil.
Tills lion), let IM llcf !g llt'i) t'l U.d t lie
Mirth Announcements.
Mr. and Mrs, O. V. Panics of Kmer
son, la., announce the birth of Hetty
Irene. November 29, at the Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Knrbach an
nounce the birth of a son, William
Charles, Jr., December 1, at the Stew
art hospital.
Ilaptist Missionary Meeting.
Tho regulur monthly meeting of the
Woman's Missionary society of the
First Baptist church will be held In
the church parlors Saturday, Lunch
eon will be served at 12 o'clock.
Rv J. -F. Ml'NDY.
When (he Parlor Furniture Is Moved.
Do you feel all out of sorts when
you go home and nna tne rurnituro
and other articles in the home
changed about?
Husbands generally want things to
be in the same order all the time.
Hut many husbands are not home
enough to have as much chance of
becoming tired of appearances as
wives do.
Many wives sre home 24 hours a
day, many of -which they are alone,
so it. is not surprising that they get
tired of seeing every piece of furni
ture, bookense,, couch or rug In
the same old place.
In the same old spot, day after
day, und year after year, they have a
right to get tired and want a change
oncn in a while,
They hnvo a desire to see how
things wduld look changed around In
different positions and they know that
everything wears better and more
evenly if chnnged about occasionally,
so It is after all. economy.
But most husbands think this Is
tomfoolery because in their offices and
shops the furniture and machines are
kept in nearly the same position year
after year.
In the office or shop there Is rot
tho personal, close interest that a
wife bestows on her home.
(Copyright, 1928.)
Parents' Problems
At what ago Is it safe to let a boy
have a pocket knife?
Tho hoy's father will have to decide
this, Put off the time as long as pos
sible. Much depends on the child
himself, whether he is a careful type,
or careless.
i Fred
' bntv , I
',i.-ll iilhli'oi illlo
' I h'i I niber i.'. at :
Thn .r"r--n
Sung Uei
Fills pf.-si nti
le'. ill fecltal
i 1.-, ,.i t
,''!!. .lull
lii ri v D
r Purges
I o
i lo itiiiee i-nny at (It Pi in- i
I '-' I . ,
.,,! Mre i M SniU'l and M'
i ;... .1 !- I In wish Mr
,j Mi - P.. ii.'i.l ilkiiiion. Thum
, ,i npi ...I tin- it w i'll Mr. snd
! ' Ft t U ii. p.n eon 'f -vii
..... The V ilkius.'iis. h Were
lv, I a . l'i.' ' l t 'in ib.l
e t'o Ir I "Oik
K. ("..
) .
A:.uU my
.Sell, I )
. at
S.i' i
1 1. .
r. Hi
I Son.
V litild '
!.i..i'i i.'i .1
., i nrii'Ci
K i P..
I , !' rt
rle. W I.'I il.
. ,,.n...
4 kiu tlo'it
1 1.' l.lUr
I v
t ii 4 ml
1 I. l 1 ...
ii J i
i ( 1. 1 .. .i
,,.' .-f vt,
, to I.
re t).
vr t'
.1,1 Ml!
( V. I Ii ' .
I -. I.
14 1'.
. I I
I ' '
,t.d Mm.
u'olit. on
f iKiII
wik ' I
I. ti I
' .. . d .
... P a
I l)4ilt.tili. I it lure.
I',. i i a' f i l!ie ! i lu I,. ..) ai-l
l-(tlll to t e ft'iV'll li I -In) , I p In.
t ti.s V H t . A li" liT the am
. if Hi win i t ml n. tt f.u !
t Mt t
I f I
h M
P. 1
'-Hi I
I .
1 P.
. W It lb w .i t
' i ..f H ... t ,i,
; t 0- to.
' . l I t' l -
, I,
oowouk ainMarr
Big After Thanksgiving Specials
in Quality Foodstuffs
MmlM I jse l.rsiin
Loir IkM str
llh. a k 1U II,. ..r
SI. 79 I 71c
I ine Sm.
nl I lira
lt,lllli. Ire,
I'kf, 1 fr
l.KT Till: CJl'A KKK
I I'll 1 III lllll
I IS Ii i el ?i
S V i i. . ,t i
i, ' o....e
I . " ! I I ui .i
', .'
Hi I J
I '..!. !,,.
Set U, t S
I l I ll,l,l
I'fme t I
"Id l 4. 2 '!.
i i .o l li.itii r
I ! . 1 1" . .1 ,
. M.i, i.-4t. : ii
What Harry ruilerwooil Swiflly
plttlin d. Then lleiiinudi'il.
I had not eluded Harry l.'ndci wood,
after all! This was my first chngrined
tliouglit as his flippant I. lid stereo
typed salutation. "Ludy Fall," assail
ed my ears.
As I Slowly turned imd faced hitil
tho words neetncil so incongruous with
his iippeanuico us a Veiiciabhi w lute
in aided foreigner, that for a law 11
dered second, even as w hen I had first
Heel) III til in tills role, 1 could tint be
lieve that It was iiub eil Lillian's rec
reant husband who stood In foru me.
Hut with a quick, furtive glance
around, ' evidently to assur himself
that no ono was observing him, he
snatched off his disguisim:, thlck
lensed glasses and grinned impudently
at me, his brilliant black eyes danc
ing with merriment eyes, which no
one who had ever seen them could
mistake for any others than Harry
"Convinced, now?" he nsked, "You
sure nrn the original Missouri baby."
1 paid no attention to his nonsense.
1 i nit out my hand sc. lately ns If he
were Indeed the Hon Hamon Alvnms!
whom ho was Impersonating so cleverly.
"It Is Indeed a pleasant surprise to
meet you here," I said conventionally,
pitching my voice higher than usual.
"My father will be so sorry to have
missed you."
"Is Thai All."
Ho took the cue instantly, bent over
my hand with foreign indifference,
"It Is I who have nil (he how do
you say It in American lucky?" be
answered in us distinct a tone ns my
own. Then muttered: "What's the
"There were Some reporters on that
Long Island train," I murmured
"Is that all?" In a tone of relief,
"You mean Itickelt and the bunch
with him. I saw them and they beat
If to (lie tubes. I thought some nf
them would be down there to see you.
and I was on tho watch for thorn.
'But they're not movio rcpo; (era,
my dear," ho grinned IiuhImIiIv
They're not sleuthing around.
Ir-r-ralllng your r every footprint,
even though they ure strictly on Hie
Job, and den't you ever forget It.
Put having oneo convinced themselves
that you're on your way to the
Hlcky-blrd, they'll take the quickest
route up there, without u-urn'inn
i themselves over what you're
(every second if the way."
lie stopped, put up ,:h t lilt !l
Classes, and looked nil alouml
All lllkislelil (Jilestinll.
"Safer thin a chutili," he declared.
"Tin re nie Vety fi w people on ti e
boat today, iiii.sway, and they'll
strictly stolid eniuiiiutcm P.if.'ie we
"t to the other slilc, Hull (.Hi go ill
side, and I'll dodge around so nolm. ly
will connect you and too at all. Now,
tell Ine, what mole Is their to tills
pel foriuance if the ijck bird than
Is In the liioiiiing paper,-? Have "U
heard from him?"
There was in his voice a note of
it ut In 1 1 ii y which I resented, yet I did
not know (Mietly
feeling, mid took
"How did you
here'."' I liski'tl.
He Whipped off
mid I felt as if lilt
were laying bale (
thought 1 had.
"All light, all tight,
doing ' il'toM" i U a buyer m- renter In the
'choice of a firm, It is written for
those who have ulriady had s. iiio ex
perience n fanning, rattier than for
the li n It hi I I, nie I Is liilt tided fil
manly In uffoid .tig;;ctiohH to the
firmer whose tnilmng bus been rath
er limit'. I, or li Hi" Inoie expel lencl d
inplit.'H looting to un
1,1, 1. 1 i 'h.u.giiiK to
tvpc of farming.
pee may obtain
matt w lio i il
nn u n r, i n k l
1". ,
f The
S Good Dresses
tand Good Coats s
ii t. r. l... J
t. iiiiiini.iKHKiii. mil
not too cheap to have $
qualitu and tftfjlc.
hoW to voice my
Itfllge III llll eVll-
know I would bi
tin- glamc-i again.
hi illl. int l.l,o k i v. s
M iy i i-hci- ,il lop nf
nd. "I
answer your iiikmIioii fast, but th
lint going to t-t ou aiiytliinr. f"i
I'm here to bain the whole history of
this L( I ! fltitt. i inj of till' lie l.v bud
I low ever, 1 ul w ays In llcvc in hutiioi iug
thti ladies, (specially the pretty
Again he flushed tic nil impudent
glin ut me.
"So I'll tell you that the minute I
.aw the account of the lucky bird and
the beauteous M).x Foster In thp
mornings paper, 1 l.niw that a cer
tain divinely foolish and forgiving lit
tle gill would be hot fooMiu; It towaid
her erring spoiiae as fast n. Hams
could carry her.
So, I accordingly looked op train
loutes, found out the fust mm in
from old Sag and stationed myself
al. the head of the stairs to watch
for you.
"Ho you know?" he chuckled, "I
thought 1 (onlil ilo'lge without your
seeing me, but your eyes wero too
sharp, and when ymi wheeled and
dashed up those stalls I, well, I
haven't made a study nf your nglle
brain as well as your other charming
sttributes for nothing! I was us
sure that you meant to dodce through
the I'eniislyv.uiia. women's room to
the Hlglilh avenue entrance and
th(inci) to the ferry by taxicab, us
1 Was from another tixl 1 saw you
hall one and beat it down here."
"Now,' 'he Ian Icsij ued a, J - p sigh,
Colonials Continue Popular
In Styles of Simple Elegance
Sccminyly, Jiore al Fry.i, the "'7 varieties" arc found
in the variegated tongues that adorn Fashion's new-c;-'t
Colonials, and whut is more pleasing to t he
Ktylihh American woman than variety?
Yet nil fpeak (he common languaL'e of perfect
fil, for tucked away 'ncuth every tongaio nre
either t trttps or rubber insets that insure a snui;.
trim fit and utmost comfort to the wearer.
"Salinfuing Shoes at Money-Saving Prices" J
Douglas at Sixteenth Street '
b a g n d o b n a "sTh h i n i n a n d
i 1 ii Mh. , i i ev w iS te i
-a I rT.rMMSSJ
m r sa n a a a a m i
HIWpwiJlrMir-Mllfc i.-fMd
On Monday, Dec. 4, at the Empress Rustic Garden
The Beddeo Clothing Co. Will Entertain Its Friends, and Patrons at a
Many prizes will be given away absolutely free. Amongst them
Gentlemen's Prize A Fine Hand-Tailored Suit. Ladies' Prize A Beautiful Dress,
Form your parties. Call at store for as many tickets as you may need.
j ,ai- md ? m n u
i ai D"y
f v M S raymenis "u 1
2antw:wpc uAJL -IB., lilM t" , I U I
This Handsome
Seven Piece, Cut
Glass Water Set
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Purchase of $25
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, , .
i f-l
! lar
.1 l4
--r t-tahl
.... Ut
., -;!
Saturday Specials in Choice Meats
Ir.. ,... .j Im lr
1'ri v 4 e..v 4
21 20c 20c
l - k iM ki k .
n..i t t ..ii. r i . k 4i
! iii t-iVi.t lu.
Fashionable nuterial incluile Delys'ia, Stevana, Luitrosa, Arabella, Lorell,
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4 t
V I !
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,r (
tit I-
4 ''I ). t I i
Nil ' ait, A.lltli'll I'ikIKK
U( t ...I
t.-iim tni)ii I
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It.. 1.
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t, ritKi
akkanoi; von
1 1 1 V Dou-'liH Strn t.
m m m
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a a a
B l
S M M i I
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a m f
I'll., l " lll i'll " "
.."I I ' . M I
s14950 :j
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