The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, November 11, 1922, Page 11, Image 11

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Attack Cancers
Before Start of
Pain, Dean Ur'es
Dr. CutW Declares Crrat
Trouble in ('ooihating
Dreail axe T .
W Delay.
Conllp4 ttm iMlardar )
Claymore tried (o tuna the aetor up j wuM eiK-ape tnii.pllciiy in luth a low
10 the rlltiia by explaining the kituit' trade.
t Ion . Terry Iiui1il-U like an old Jut before alia iin to the attack
M'liolnr. I'ut IH tere rue, t'layinore li h'lirU CUyimire atop the ramrrni
Cunc-er wirk"
cording to Dr.
and He iii-ii.ik,
Irvlna H. Culler,
a pp. tile. I 'n llir Uty't ympaihl (or
the rhferji'icr, fur hlinlf, I In
In Inn moat lnr luiiifx-llmif Intone Init nut u t .ir would urll from
III.' ilcKnt of Ten v iliv in Iih. ,
"Tliluk of your mother being awful
1. k uu.l :lii(. f.u aw.iv frmii you!"
Hut Trtry wan lix mu h of an actor
dean of ilia rollrjre of iii"l.i'ltip of ll, . to luke (Inn ban. "Whai'a my mother
N'ibraaUa unlverilly, la lo irend the lo '''' w"' 'h'" iovin' pitcher?"
propound of hnn an. not of f. ar. ' "''"",' "' ."'7 "lm'"'1,-
... .a, , . ,, .. i lav-mure took up oilier Miniioim.
Dr. ' addieHed j.ul.llr i,,tltil ,,,,, , 'u,,!v ,.,,,
Inurad.iy noon lit the IihiiiIkt ft m ool iilnmai raw. Threw hundred
''.mincree, hel.l Hurler Uih M0.lce , dollar had gone to tlia waala buket
the public iiffimn ciiniiiiitce. Hie already nod not u foot of Dim wo
even HIHilled yit,
Chiyniore did not loir tit temper,
for lie could t.- I lint the child wax
wrt'hlliiiK with hia own miieionle
leer iliuia. Hut he crew atixloii for
li! atory. It a ennenilal that tlm
child rIioijIiI Keep and thotixanda of
f"it lind e'ready hern taken with t Diet
acene III view.
At leiiKih Im roiiiiinbered wliht
Terry's mother bad nld, "Jin only
crlen when he la mad."
And now iin ehlfted In aiipioadi,
IIm inndf (ill ready for thu ahot lln
pretended a deep dlxuat for Terry,
put blin of hie lap with a curl! "Voij
ar h iu liter. The trouble, with you
la thui you're not iryiiiK."
"1 am o trying'." Terry gunped,
( 'liiyinom enacted i;ontompt. "No,
you're not! You're Juat In an uly,
Htnblrii mood, Vou inn aee Hint
vvn'ro nil Wliltllig here, the liKhl
i rcw. tli' cuineri men. Vou know
l ho pl'tme enn't on till we get thla
eaey wcena llriiahi'd, Mr. Wotiurn (the
autiiori h ta to hv thla acciie In bin
etory or If apolled. J!ut what do
you Hire,' .Mr. Ilerinond boa paid you
money and wanta to pay you more,
but jind t.i uplto him and all of ua
you bold back your teara."
'ei.A h,l.i.H,.ta t.t Ihla out luffed tlifl
gco ia Tliern win hiho ik- a aerie "l (-hjjil'N aoiil. H atamped hla foot In
clinic t the vnrloiia lioKpitnla (Iwriiuf i urofent.
"Thut Oil) t
ubject covered Ilia reiiaon for Ilia
.oliaarviiiii'e of auch u week, which be
ft!n next Monday, and the manner
in hlch cancir can b'- combiited.
"C'uncera," he auld, "nm iWI atiirt
lug lo grow for aouxi nnkliown c uice.
They lira air'clly n panimtlc growth
and In growliig drum the l.dy of Ita
vilnlity. There are two lilnda, Uinlgn
and iimligiinnt. The former la con
tent to atay where It I", but the other
la not. Any forilgn gmwth on lha
Uidy ahould b ciiiefnlly niched and
a, pliyalclm coiiMtiltcil lit lla firat lip
jirniiicc. "Tha (treat troubla In combating
cancer a Hint p.oplo w;(lt until It U
too bile, fr'iiticer c in be curcil 111 (he
en i ly ' atngea, but nil eul'ly cXiiiiilnii
lion la rieccManry, Do not wait until
l bey caua pfiln.
"Tlie menKiigea n lupc to Impart
lo Ihn public during 'ciincer week'
hliould li bccdid. They iin llllcil
with Irifm million Hi" public ahould
I now."
Durlnr "c nicer week'' there wlil In:
U aerie of public meeting lllld IcC-
tinea by Omaha phyl';lin"i una aur
i be week.
'It la no, no!" 'lay mora
Two 7 Slmlt nta in Ontral
Hipli Striool Firat Sfnii-aitr
.lUlie ItohKilt Ulid fvcimelh Abbott
led Iho altiiblit of Ccntrul High
bool during the flrl aeiueater of Hit
veiir with j Am einli. Two liy und
.ghl. girla, Jamea and I'luudc T. Mil
sou. .Melon Hill lie, Kill hryhn Indue,
Mi.ry I'lulie .loliuson. Kuth MannbiK,
i;iiznbc(h l'i:ffnratll. Anne I'erley,
uliia I'lou.'k and HHn Htarett, mndc
Vj Ah.
Dog Hill Paragrah
By George Bingham
f'rlaby Huncock my ha reckon b
it-1 11 Imva to hunt up aome wood, for
.Inter thl acnaoii. aa theiH I not
enough of the yard fence lo lust long
tt than C'hrlatmaa.
While trollliiu over Muakot Ridge
Momlay morning of thl week. Him
Kllnriftra cm ncroa a peralmmon
tree liwided with ripe pcralmniona. and
while he was Kiutng on one of the
limbs helping himself, a possum came
trotting along nnd alarted up the tree,
hut when It aw 81m, It at once buck
sd clown anil acnnipered away, which
proved quite embarrasaing to Sim.
Tarn ftnia 1 back from the clrcu
at Pounding Billow. He report that
while he wai attempting to ahort-t-hange
the ticket aeller, hi watch
ATtantlc .121 ATlanll Sll
Morgan's Market
Why LUti yaur groierl hn yeo
ran hava them delivered lor Imt mmty.
Civ. u a trial I ra your rvlc.
2411-2413 Leayanworth Street
Farly Okie, M lb, te ku.
Palt.4 Rite . . .
rulfea Whul .
t'aacy Coualey Cnlll 'f
Staaaara Carat fclf
ju.a P, Ha. 1 tl t"
Tmlai, N.
Tawatwa. Ha. J tl
C. M. P. Mlekia, J IW- --
C Ch. m
Ce t. kalf
mtcWn "cliani.
' M( AtS
VAiU timi D Je
QwalKV I1" I
MtlN tllH C 1 l P. t
(ImI, m m
, a,f .Wm -4 - e-l M iUm
44 tLLt 1 1 t a
twm . V "
ka s
-. .leia a
bncl;, ami agnhi I'o Ibiunted the red
rag. "You ciin cry a well aa any
body. Yimi know thut I've been
frb-iidH with you, and I thought you
were frbml'i with me and with Hi
alar and Mia Kteddon, here, ilul
you're wome thim the little baby who
wouldn't play with Hie pb'tol. He
didn't know any la-tter. Hit you
there' only one thing keeping yo"
from crying."
"Wbtt -j -at?" whimpered Terry, In
Dim hhlverlug, hi chin puckering fl
with a drawKtrln;f, hla throat gulping
III! .Vlcm tould hardly keep from dunn
ing to hi rcaeue.
llaymora anarled; "If your mean
nen. You're a dirty little alley cat,
a aplteful little alley cat,"
"I am not a nalley caat!" Terry
nobbed. , ,
"Of coiirne you are. Vou don t. be
long on the acreen, ijo "it hacg lo
vour allev. you rat. (So on back to
with the word, "fin:'' The tlrnt
cament man called to the chief eler
lllclan, "Heal in!" Thru the relent
le torturer, flaymore, ran forward,
picked Terry up In hi rm, hugged
him lo hi heart, and klmed him,
"Thai my boy! Thai' iho good,
brave arllKi 1 thought he waa."
The briny victim peered through
the dripping eavr of hi drenched
evelaidu Mid auld:
"VVm at nil right? lloiieat? Dl'l
f cry goo-1?"
And v. In n t'layniora groaned,
"Ureal!" Terry laughed aloud and
twlHied faynioie' ear, klxned. him,
and ihroille.f bl neck Willi hU'dioil
arm a he tiled:
"Mammii! Mnmniu! Miau-r flny
more hvh 'nl WH great!"
.Nik. I'M ii forwunl lo euibraie
lilm, her heartache turned to ache
in pride.
In the rood old lit) clnldri n bud
liei-n beuien IncemMiilly; ntoul iol
were apolled religlouely to apnie the
children from the peril of hell,
(jloile of goblin, of urge, of child
lining win he und wolvca, had filled
tint uui'Kcry book und thu uumcry
talk, Myriud of children bait laeu
alalu lo linnlhllule their nice. In
Kuida ill thl time children dread of
miirviidon were heaped in window
by the thoUKand. KihII"- arinie had
been dent lo thu ioiiI mine, the fac
lorlea, Id Ilie atarvatlon and dure of
foundling ayluiiia, oor furma, In
old Kliglnnd two little girl of eight
had been kept In ollinry cell for
over a vein, hundred of children
were hniigcii for Ihefl. Thu liable
of devout pnrinl bud been doomed
lo gloomy home and dour repreMloii
for their aoula' ake. Little children
hnd been trained to aob and weep for
the alna they Inherited from Adam
and for IIm fire of hell awaiting their
leant nilHilip.
Thl child bud been coul rained to
weep In n game of preieuaa and per
lierhHP ( .1011.001) people would ween
uiuppeil J iipcutiae lie wept, J,llnO,(MMI people
turned in t,ui in work in l.'l;i moi'
Hut Hi re wa a xuliow In her
heait, tfhe bid found fill bl..ile
of h-r brilliant iniperaoiiatlou of the
pitfftll I. 'Ho M l. l II, II. f I'lpld "l'i-
Iin i-oiifiixvil b'-r chin ucit r wuh b-t
characteriaiion. In ,Mini)'n"'li ebc
hail merhfiird a re axi-nt v
he would riot even racort her to lh
theater liecauae eh wu uch a vlen!
Hlie loved I t-r public, and It a
iMtterneaa to lone ll p. i m-U d
lie wn iiiiloviil I"
Iler eternal iba wn now f r aome
wen wolll.l iiilnlil her iiputn
llnll. Hil l bingcd Itl lloW InfolB llf
camera the kindly plri( he revcilid
uwny from It.
Hut niiiHt of all "he longed for what
all actreaac long for l rrvlng at i lie
Two iIiIoki th iioininl iictreaa il. -iiit-a
HlK.Ve llll II iliJ- lo Wt.p ri"l to be
murdereil corn in populo a every
Prayer Each Day
roiild (t. I be iibv of chlldbiioil, and
fhnuKiind or children would he bet
ter cht'i leiied for I he ,.i !i i' lui.r yinoui
of Terry I Kick.
"lie who wonltl Ini lo r v.- p
InlKl fli-it hiive wep lili.nelf." Vnd
Terry had leuriied the "getille art of
nil nilnllc I in i M. Hi hfiirt had in
larked I' education. To hi lech
nlcel e'liiipiiient u great weapon had
been added.
Iii a Inter acine he had to cry
nun In, nnd now It wn he Hint pleaded
wllh I'layniore In hi anxiety for per-
"I'll cry all you want ff you'll only
mnko n." iniid iiKUln. fnb lot- n nnllcy
t fi Tint infii-e iik' nwfi'l in" ! "
Obediently l.'luymore called hlni an
alley cat mid even a gutter anlpe;
and he laterwanW) magnificently
with neat nera nnd illnpntcli.
And to In miiny layer hi little
aoul worked, uliivln'r o n
wniknl'le pl.i'i "f the tii'na ",l
do in u ll.l '.'
To t.ilie rath iluy u It cane,
do merely what Iwippen lo colne up
I u vt iv Inly, iiiinli'e o.i of l;t to
on Hie otlcr huiitt. you inny pl.m
a lol of thini;. and bring Ilinn iilmut I
I,. .1 ir v..ii Iiuvm tii.t ti i ii t ...fl Hie cut.!
hkht of l.fe and from Whom to depart j J(11J f)aJp fm,, y,lra,.f ,m, pu( it ;
In t In1 ahattovv of deuth, giant u the to jur iHa, aome iliV. even j
Joy of Thniii abiding prrnciicv Hit j though you do hitv a gotal Income,
dtiv. Hint In U there innv be no i l la line to be f ur, nnd gent roo 1
ilai-kue 'it all. We me not children of nnd public apli lled and all thai, hut if !
lull v., an. fo.,1 Ma whn
'.tail '. h r,.i U wiih all ttir lirarl
.lr. ' IS
O Thou, Willi Whom lo dwell la Ilie
he din kneaa, o Fnlher, but our path
ttii dny inny lead n Into the tuldat
of human aoi-iow- and Htrlft) and ln.
Mny vm- wnlk a be Iin the chlldiril
of the Light!
'live lit. we pray Then, oi n and
iilci't nilii. i lo ditcover Thy will, and
a holy purpone ladh to hive and lo do
II Help ii h lo be true. In the ml.lft of
at tor niuiit iooi of nil lo p.nv llinn- i uattiMt I fnle, pure wheia evil timet
let, deblll-i Mll. nle, and be tlam will! I (lUll1,, frp.ndly lo Hie friendlea,
a poiaiiin d riinler i nnd beaier of our brotbei.t' burden
,- y .mi. u,e., " :fr our r'nv lor' mike. TiiKch'
annv; i , ,, !., ....... .., ,.
lll-nr COtld .Vlr. I I.IV- iuy I ll.-e. nil l.i liuoi tti uiii mo, , i
and give u the joy or tlie viciorlou
you Like It mil of yout-ectf ami your.
f.imily in win. m duty b funt, you'
rhould be Juat, before yoll lire gen
ei'oii. Ho. n oil., lid.' plnu I yoti
lice. I!
fount til" coat, nod decide I
f ill' Hi I't'iicli concerned before vou
commit youraelf to II colirae of in II. .11, I
which lint v be more openaive for!
you In the end Ihnn jmi could po, ll li It en you flu-ill'. . I It out
nccniiilely In Hie be.;lniiing,
Do lo be too gem roll III Voili' fig ,
we i lire, eel flown lii fuel and iletml '
"Oil, illt'll'e,
more, won't you woilldn t you '
cniililn't you kindly pl.-nee put In a
little aeeiii where. I nm cry'.'"
"I don't en how I can In tin pic
lure I'idlvkiriN," flnyiliorn proteHlid.
"I'll llllVe III" ll.'XI plltllle Wl'llten
no Him ;,ou ciin drown In your own
"oh, but the next one mny never
conic!' I'.ill; .ic-.. "Ill g.-limg too
big lo .l iv 1,1 1 lc gu!, nod I won't
b" bii t iiniik'b to plnv o.i.l.ii.ooM for
two or three yeiua. I may nave to
I'B.'U till- fll.l ll for 11 Willi' , l olllllll t
you Juki i-llp In a llltlc bit? You know,
when Mia pileddon I alck why
couMn't I go In In r and pet her a lit
tie mid ciy over lur'.'"
"I'll "en the, author." auld Clay
more, "or maybe you'd betier."
(In lie ('.iiillnnrd Monday.!
lift- through our tllviiie Hedeeuicr.
At the clone of thl dny bring lie,
with epiiiU iintioubled and un-nahiinit-il,
to our own llrealdea, where,
by Thy grace, we mny find real, and
Hie peace Hint pnaMcth iiudei Ntandliig.
All of thl wn iikU for l he eake of
.lemi ChiiHt, Thy Hon. our Havlor.
W 11,1.1AM HIUAM Hll'I.KKH, 11D, I.I, V.
I'lillailttllilila, I'a.
then ii. -I iiccoi'dingly.
It I full' lo be gciKiioiia lill'l It
la pluiaiinl to be ilnniiiy, but ll la the
mull or Hie ..iii iii w ho iiinkr work-
illlle il,'IIIN llll Mil l ee.n
l. '..' rial ill 11 I
Common Sense
Parents1 Problems
How run children hi biugld not to
cry when bin l?
I;y allowing appreciation wl.rfiicv.r
they are brave, To divcit the ntlen
Hon of hub., ill 1 1 1 1 1-ll , nl once, la a
good way to brmk up n luibll of Hint
I Do You I'lini for Kach Dayf
ll.ivc yoli ever thought nbout It,
I how much you mla by not having a.
A womiiu '.fieri look a well ns
the tliapliiy in n ehop window, bill ll
limn never doi.
the deerf with the other coyote, Wc I faithful trnncrlpt of child life, child
don't want
won't cry."
"I will o
you here, liecauae you
ciy! Boo hoo I will
j 'In vmnrA inawtd his voice 1n '-orn.
"Oh, you mlKht make a lot of
enlffle, but you wouldn't dream of
crying llko a lont child, 'I want my
mi.iiiriiii!' " ,
"I want my mamma. Terry
Thn Hood lnoko from a euddeiily
blackened k. Hob abook hla frame,
Tear upllled and darted aero hla
fat check. The ehildlah treble rang
Carpenter working on dltaiit aetg
pauaed with the heart atnb a child a
crv ihruil Inioiihe breat.
The electrician, the properly men,
the actor and actreca. gulpd and
clenched their hand.
Terry did not ' the llghta come on
at Clfiymcre'H hlgnal. He did not ee
flnymore tap the elbow of the
camera men nor hear the crank ciH-
""lieobbed and aobbed -while Clay
more goaded hltn on, giving him hi
cue dlHKUlfcd a abuae, "1 want my
mamma! You alley cat! In anti
phony with Terry'. Increasing
&n"l"want n,y mimma! Bbut up! I
want my mamma. 1 wain my t'"''
'"There v a aoiucthing uncunny and
cruel ala.-t In Mcm's mind. It wan
a form of orture. a Spanlah ln'iulal
Hon not rfur bollufa or confeaalon.
but after atoied up emotion. Mem
blood ran told at the ahameful bul
nea of flogging that young soul to
uch old woe.
Bhe wa ready to ruh Into the
acred circle of the et and attack
Claymore for hi brutality. Hhe
would h)e her own career, but he
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ii. p 1" 117?
coii'edy, i hlld inigtiily, In order to
buy hi mother pretty thing and to
nave her back from the torture of the
tub. and to buy hlmaelf learning,
power, wealth, fame, and a future of
liotindle cope.
There wa a divinity about It.
Terry wa a veteian Indeed now.
He had been under fire, lie had
played a big scene, had hed and In
spired an It water, or, a the technical
term wa, he had "got the tear."
Yet. aunerlor a he felt to hi
Junior, the Infant that had played
Willi the plntol, he w himaclf a
novice to a veteran who gave him
much .uneful advice and comfort a
girl of 12, an old actrcx In a young
Tolly Thome had been a moving
picture ncrteng' alnce he waa 5, Hhe
belonged to a atepladdcr family of 10
children, all of them on the acreen,
all of tlicm wholesome, handsome,
happy people like their parent, alno
Polly wa a figure of national Im
portance. Hhe had created a role In
a long aeries of picture of child
hood. But Polly, alas! had been doomed
to play the little minx and tattletalo
who mIwmv told on hr-r brother. Ka
moil little Polly and her mother had
been Kent on a lung croh-contlncntal
tour of ptTHonal uppearancea at mov-Ing-plcturj
theater. Hhe had re-
Always the
rmgp 0 tegD
jii r . 'i . r. " '
ii mm
-i-iT. IJ
mm m
mi'm x , it i "iri. i rt1
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t 15
0 f course, aHardingSunday Special
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licforf. Waldorf is the la lot surprise in the
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LrtverynuniJo, WB
rliont 1 .
You Will Find Our Service Always Uniform,
Whether You Order by Phone or Person
ally Select Your Merchandise.
If You Think You Are
Entitled to the Best in
Groceries, Look Over
This List:
10 Hi, tied ('line Sugar !&!
L'xtra fancy Navy Dean,
a lbs. lur 25f
Head lllce, 4 IIm for
llll I K Clirna, Jier iu 0
J lb, for 25
Hulk t'ocoatiut, Kr lb 23c
Monanli Turk anil iiPan,
niit.'clBl, 'i ran for 27
ilatiy Lima Beans, 3 can. , .27f
Tall Carnation, f'ct or lliinli-n ii
Milk, per do-wii $1.15
(Limit 1 doren to cuttor.ier.)
Piiiiy Milk, JiiKt a good a any,
per dozen can $1.00
('aioli-ne Milk, per dozen. ,. -OOC"
10 bars Crystal Wliltp Soap.48t
Thoiiipisnn's Stedles IlalHliiH,
5 lbs. for., 85fc
48 lb. nm k UIub I1I or Ooorh h
''""' $1.65
481b. nark Gold M'-diil Flour or
MllBbui-y $2.10
Windmill Country Gentleman
Corn, per dozen can. . .$1,38
Windmill Kvortfrren Coin,
pr dozfn can $1.15
Nonil Hrd Kidney Ifpan,
ppr dozen $1.38
Advo Kxtra Sifted Peas,
per dozen $2.89
ITHI III 1 li Jatalifl
Purity Yes;
Economy Too!
Our Meats Are
Always of the
Highest Quality
IVinic Boneless Riillod Rib
Hnust, jin- Ih 19t
Fancy Young 'cal )jna.l,
per lb. V'if
I'lioicc ( 'ills Vouii'f Veil I
Shoulder HuiiKt, lit mm-
lb 15f and Y!z
Frosli Short. Ctil l'."cl'
fl ll nn .
Fancy lioef Pot Roast, m M'.-Sf1 imX" Ffr
Best Cuts Steer Shoulder Konst, Vountt I'lV I'orli ll'iiist,
Fancy Fresh Dressed Spring 'hix'
per 11).
24i2f ,
)er II).
.I2y2fr, per
We Receive Fresh Fruits and Green Vege
tables Every Day the Year Around
Fancy Head Lettuce, each 12'ik and IK
Tokay Grapes, por lb igl
Large Grape Fruit. 3 for M 05
Fresh Tomaloe. 3 lbs '-25
Cranberries, per lb iq! nd IK
Red River Ohio Potatoes, per bushel 75I
Dry Onion, per bushel ,
Fancy Colorado Jonathan Apples, per bushel $1,75
Butter and Eggs
Cenlwl Xira yimllty pks. Hutler,
per lb 45V
Guaranteed Checked Fggs la ear
tons, per dozen 24 '--i s
Cottax Cheese, per lb 15t
2 lb, for 25f
Beechwood Creamery pkg. Butter.
H-r lb 44
Cracker Dept.
12 kinds assorted Cookie?,
P"r lb 23
Consumer' Tlnn 01 Fairy
SoUus, eaili "$1.30
Chocolate Wonder Cuke, Hi 29
Imperial Vanilla Waiitx, extra
speelHl, lb, 25
Cigars Just Inside the Door
Cmi la M ill Havana ClKur, m r
specie I, box of DO clsau $2.00
American Cltlien. 3 for JOf
Whle Smukln,: Tohacni,
Hriar l'lir. 5dc allie , . ,
Bof of 50 rmai' $1 50! u.'m'rri ' "ns" "''-10
n..lloU4.Unll!aCi...3forlOf;t.,1',ine llnin 11.. I ,i.. ,1-1.
Hot nt N rlsi- $1,501 nr 50
Candy D-pt.
.Mil'oiii j' II 11 111 i' M .1
ClUpjr r.a'e.i lliltp. it.r
kind thai l' fv!" Illoif.
lcial. " r It 2 1 1
'lur llmur U !e li, i!a.e,
lilrt &sitt el n
kl fer amnif ai.
iv ii. xir
Pearl White Soap
Miifi.K i in 1 r ... Haul
lil-l l- M ' ' .. .!K
I 9.1 in al.. 1 ' 1. ii (( .,- .., 1
I' ( I'."' JO,- '
IS I , ,, 1
P.-.siiirn'P n
' svsUrv r
Kanio Midget I'eiif. dozen
No. 2 inns Del Monte (iniieu
J'lneapple, per ran 20f'
No. 2 J. H. M. lied l'iit"d Clien iei.,
V-r can 28c
Advo Jell, i.ll flavors, 3 k;M. gjj.
Iled Dot Tea, per dozen , $1, J,"
13-0. I'kK- H?edles HhihIhh
Dried I'eaclies. per lb
iftUQ J'niniH, lb J9,-.
Central 8pis:lal Cotfee, lb.,.30
3 lbs. lor 8ft'
Our Fancy Santos Coffee, lb, 20t
5 lbs, for 98r
I'M; want ads tiikv huimj laisuu