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    The Omaha Morning Bee
VOL. 52 NO. 126.
taiea. at k-UM Halt' Ha ;l 14. it
OataM P. 0. UMK All H Mart f II. a.
i Mill II il: Dolt luaf.t J toll., - . alltll Iht 4IH leaa.
Vuttiaa IHa 4i II Mam Oam aa uaa. Ill; laailat tali, M.
Union Big
Factor in
Freedom From I.alior Iron
Ides ami Adequate Trans
porta lion fiiir-iiH-ntt
Needed in Industry.
Strikes Economic Loss
Washington, Now 1, -iHy A. P.)
'Freedom from siilllriiily provoked
labor trouble" niiil "adequate trans
portation," ni'iii-i iliui; lo a Idler from
mi authorized committee of hituuiliiiiu
operator, fllnl by request of the
I 'lilted Hl.itiaj Coal commission, me
i lui low requirement most needed
by Hi.) nail Industry, A ! n In 1 (hat
'acknowledged deinnrullzallnrt" rould
be said to exist In Hut Industry be.
ta i j f i.f recent difficulties anil ex
tension cf the "iiiitnii.'itle eotiirol" of
H)i lulled Minn Worker nf Aiiiii"
Ira'' Mollld l Mill dll'flcuHIc,
V'cie also Iiii'Iii'Imii nii il In the re
poll, which was inmlfi through tliu
Nnliiiiiiil Coal Hi riKliil Inn,
Tli commission asked Ki'iirnilly fur
1 lui employers! view of llio direction
v lib h should lie given it effort In
.the endeavor of Hut roiiiily with the
law requiring It to a i rtuln ail of
III fart concerning coal prodUC'
tlmi ami Uih opoiMlor Idler Hi t out
seven point which they considered
should he covered, 11 a folio:
"1. T)ia effort 011 priKliiotlon and
on 1 lie price of coal, to the consumer,
of the monopolist lo niln absentee con
1. nl of mini! labor In tho lulled
.Si 11 ten.
I lliollh AllHllllll. '
The opposition of organized la
bor to tho liitrodiuiion of labor mi v
li tf machinery.
"!). Thn nonoltHi rvance by or
ganized labor of centralis inuiie on
li n lichalf.
"4. Tin- exliitlng prior 01 11 1 i 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1
MiilrrliilH inn) supplies 11ml a cum
parlson between thi'iii 11 ml the prli-r
exlrtlng ptiu to the war,
"5. The exliilng freight rates and
: i'inptiltlon between them and the
rated existing prior to thn war.
"li. The effort of Inadequate trail'
pirlalioii fiieilltleH on prodiu-llon and
rout of ronl.
"7. The fliHrarln- and ijualily of
the different foal, the us In which
thry are put, ad tire demand there
fore." To pceln questi'ina froin the com
mission, concerning the inline of
strikes, tho operators returned an
swers critical of the miner' Union.
"Mi-Ike occur from time to time at
individual mine by reason of local
cause," the letter said. "They ore
i way mi ion, mey are
i.niiilly a breuch of contract on the
aart of the miner.
Oppose KxlenKinii of 1'iiHer.
"Tliere can be no dotiht that the
fundamental cause of local uh will
as glrikes of a nntlon-wlde character,
like tluwn of Una and 1921, are due
10 denpotle control of approximately
CO per cent of the mine labor ot the
United Mate and Canada by a, single
organization, with jiowt to slop at
v.'lll the production and movement in
11 U'r.slate commerce of approximately
mi per iv nt of the normal coal output
of tho country. In thn opinion of
llils committee, the continuation, to
cay nothing of any further extension,
of the autocratic power of the United
lino Worker of America, would be
1 alatiiltoua to the Renernl welfare of
V.'iiKC payments cannot be standard
icd, the operators contended, aiiBwer
inn .-mother apeeitlc question, because
of variance in living costs and condi
tions in various section of the United
Mates. Further, a BueRestion from
the commission that overproduction!
ir. ronl mines nilKht be met by closinR
liown noneconomio mini"), under atat
t.iory authority to be hereafter creat
ed was wtronely attacked.
"We know of no way in which any
nunc may tie closed down contrary to
the wish of the owner, except by the
ooera'.lon of eNinomlc law,' the oper
ators d'dared.
Related Heturns lleduee
w . ' I .1 r.,l;f.,ini 1
WetS Lead III '"1'I",,"J
Am Fi un.uro, N". 1 - l - i ai n
iturns siratiaillng In front isolated
"ill " outpom in tKa stale lotlay weri
thienta-nlng t overcome in uwinu
Ima bad anamst the lalifornia prolii
liilioii enfon rmcnt anu nduieut voted
on In Tm'lay' lHin. Karller da!
m e had uiik ureal di-rmive "wet" Mr-
i. .rv but, with b.iut one fourth of the
alale jet to reimrt. Iniiudlli sei-llolis
which i Wiiomii to l.iM'i' jirnhlblllon,
ii, .i a loUi b spec libit ion to
wh. tin final it-lum-a w.oild i inl'b
M'aolirolal :v lO'tSHie ttl o l
(me the '.'.IHi I 'H .in to M by HJ
. n on the I ' t 'i'"!'
I;, poll from " pu'lix' out of
11 tl" ii' ''."1 IH oi-
1,1 f....r of iM,ak" " UUM.-iiiH
,1 I1.-CHIU'': l' " 1 bill liamuiia-fa
i II. e ..l.lrl t at till'- It
if the ll ' t 1 ' 'b
IV - 1 o
Va otld to Olene Armi'lief
U l I HMinul Sdem e
1 X
.11, t' -1
I I i II. l
S K ,0 HUN I
M,,tf it f(
air n, M-'
I a -
t aaiel I
! I. t-.. t l'-a'l
l- I '
I - .. . . t II""'
I I .1
1 IH q . ,.4 ,'f- '
sir-,- l la
, , t-
t..- C
at tha ft-
(V , r,s .hit
I ,
.'., t
l 't I '
I . 5 1 I
a) - v , .
Ut 4
a t
t . . f a
. iv-
ii ' I me -,!
1 I i 1 , .hi.
M I a
.a li . aa
t a.ia t - in 1 -
a a I a
Crowd Clamors at Jail I
Gate as Man Hanged j
Kridei ic!;, Md , Nov. 10. While
crowd clamored oulnlile the walla and
biat UM.) th door for admission to
all yard, William A. htulu m
J here today for tha murder of
eman John II. Adam. Ml nok
wn broken.
I Mult maintained Iron nne to the
I last. A the iIihw'I placed around
j loin In hi evil b ald: "tt' gn,"
'lli carried 11 basin of water to the
'la-allow lit which he wnshed hi face
laud band, declaring this would pin.:
1 him of hi Kin. Jle then launched
'Into a buz of local authoritle and
: blamed tliMii for causing hi crime.
A hi last "goodby to you nil" rang
out Hl.i'ilff Joitea prunK the trap.
I.aat Auguit Htultx allot and wound
ed two deputy sheriff who attempted
to s.'lti bin autoinoblla for a dbt.
When I'ollcemnn Adam went to ar
rest lib 11 for the shoot ing Htuliz shot
State Capitol
to Be Laid Today
I'atriolic Sucietu'tt Will Play
Leading KiiIoh in Cere
mony Legiuii Com
inander lo Speak.
I'iiicolii, Nov. 10. (Special. Ar
rangement were completed today for
Hi laying of the cornerstone of N.
braaku'a new $5,000,000 atate house
tomorrow, Armistice day.
The principal feature of tho cere
tnony will be the laylnB of the mem
orial and cornerstone by Alvln M,
Owsley, national commander of tho
American Ueglon, and tho placing In
11 creviced stone the name of the 1,657
Nebraska mi who lost their live In tho
war. These name. toKether with I he
November 11 copies of metropolitan
newspapers, a history of 'Nebraska,
known us the liluo Book, and, other
hiHtorica! relies will be placed In a
metal box which will fit the crevice
In the stone.
TrrsHon in Program.
The Invocation will be read by Col.
.1. II. Presson, the (Irand Old Man of
Nebraska's statehouse, who is an
early day acttlcr, a civil war veteran,
a minister and a man who, despite an
80th birthday, retains unusual physi
cal and mental vigor.
National anthem will be sung by
tho Nebraska university chorus, and
u salute to the colors and benediction
will be In charge of Itev. C. M. Shep
herd. tJovernor McKelvIe, chairman
of the state caplto! commission, who
pushed the bill through the legisla
ture authorizing the building of the!
new capltol also will deliver an ad
dress. Band music will be furnished
by the American Legion band.
Patriotic Organizations,'
Heads of various patriotic organiza
tions who will participate are Ed C.
Fisher, American Legion, Beatrice;
Mrs. Frank Warner. American Legion
auxiliary, Norfolk; M. C. F. Spencer,
state regent, Daughters of American
Involution, Lincoln; Mrs. George
Priestly, president, Daughters of Vet
erans, Fremont; Ilarley K. Darnold,
commander Disabled , Veterans of
World War. Lincoln; John S. David
son, commander O, A. It., Omaha;
Mrs. Udim Koops, departmental presi
dent Ladies of ti. A. It., Hustings;
Mrs. Helen Llnderman, Women's Ke
ller corps. Central City: Mrs. Pearl
Fassett. Veterans of Fuaeign Wars
auxiliary; Dr. F. K. Krancht. state
commander Veterans of Foreign
Wars, Fremont: Mrs. It. N. White,
state president Spanish-American War
auxiliary, Bethany; Bruce J. Newion,
btnte commander Spanish-American
War Veterans, tuna ha; Mrs. 13. E.
Itlnckman. Sons of Veterans auxiliary,
Lincoln: Mrs. Susie Weeks, American
War Mothers of Nebraska, Omaha.
Baby Believed Dead
Revived in Morgue
Ukland. Cal Nov. 10. While Mrs.
Oorge Kuyuo was In her parish
,,,ul,n ..ying, her daughter, 1 d.ys
old. pronounced dead a few hours be
fore, was revied on a morgue slab
j,y undertaker preparing to enbahn
the infant. The undertaker sought
m. at... 0 rl. f iitrtf kiri niol her soil re-
stored the child to her. Mr. Kuyuo
said he regurded the child' restora
tion to her an answer to her
Vecording to Ch trie Biker, the
undertaker, the chlM pronounced
' .
ib .id a the remilt of a bronchi! ol I ' " ' """ ' ,""
order a o.l ien.ov.,1 f.i hi. establish b""1 '" ""'U '
meot. Ite in the .flero.-.n. Mrs- ! "r'J "x "'' 'v
lUk-r while rubbing the .l, iO.,'"' "ll,rr' ' l-l"'"' "f U over
in emli!oniiif timid, ar itai
beail t it. T.ikiog the child into
w.timrr mom. Mi-. I'ker woike, lor
ln hour lo trttur r aim 4t ;, ainl
II. lefiet then et-ni t ti'a and
wliet f.
Sunday Want Ad
in b lihiiHe. ta The
tiioali He U' l 9
o'tlaK'K t"ht
tthleii'r )o4 li in inn t
In .tMia, ib Itol 11 be
aearr,. a ei l"tm t I1 f
i-t t4
r .iiii.i I ma 4 K-
4 llo! OH.i
IX. ! tholauitlr, n
at-! rf 4 N ) liatt
kai !( 4ta- r- at II p.oiM,
1 a a. a in t f 1
t .t,,i Ml K
1 v A 1 Sf nf p
UCt aidlM
Men (atch
I l a I I n II ol' ' "umiihrey (III,
11 I 1 U c 1 r:L Ah:l'",'!;','T:.o,:.,,u,:11,,,l'r
ajtV'V. fiial and H. K. Htutdevant,
.'k',V.'rteie elec'.ed In Hi 3M and 2:d dl-
i 11 " . 9 lV . , ......
Government Troojr fxi
Cliief Lieutenu' Vnioii
de Yulera sVitl
low, Ierlainl.
Rebels Attack Barracks
IIcIMhi, .Nov. u, illy A. i;r
klne t blhbiH, one of Hie chief lieu
tenant of l.umiin de alrra In Hie
republican movement, a captured
by Hie free stule force at Whl.luw
early today, It i officially uiinnuiii ed.
'A brother of Heamu lloblnson,
prominent Tlpperary republican, was
vntured with Chllders. Tho pria
oners' were taken to the Purtobello
barrack in Dublin.
Two Civilian Killed.
Dublin, Nov. 10. (Hy A. 1'.) Heavy
firing crackled In various tJinia of tho
city laet night. Tho Irregulars re
newed their attack upon Wellington
military barracks and ulo tired upon
the Porlobello barracks.
Two civilians wero found dead on
a suburban road and two soldier lay
wounded todi.y In the center of the
Do.en Irregular Killed.
London, Nov. 10. An eight-hour
battle between free state troops and
Irregular ' near Foxford, County
Mayo, 1 reported hi a Central New
dispatch from Hnltlria, 10 miles from
tflc scene of tho light. The irregulars
are said to have been dislodged and
to have suffered about 12 men killed
and many wounded. Two men on tha
free utato tsldo were wounded.
225 Republicans,
207 Democrats,
Elected to House
Socialist, Independent and
Farmer-Labor Members Com
plete List 53 Repuldieas,
42 Demos in Senate.
Washington, Nov. 10. On the fare
of practically complete but unofficial
returns from Tuesday s elections, the
exact lineup by parties in tho Sixty
eighth congress will be-
Republicans. 22i.
llenax-rals, 207.
Socialist. 1.
Independent, 1.
Farmer-labor. 1.
Republican. S3.
Democrats, 4:'.
Farmer labor, 1.
The republican total in the senate
Is predicated upon a victory for that
party in the senatorial contest in
North Dakota. Should final returns
show the election of F. T. O'Connor,
thn democratic candidate, the repub
licans would have hi and tho demo-
3' ? th V'"1 "',t
publican have 6 1111 intM-rs and the
ileims rats 3fi. a republican majority of
In the house the i-a-ublicuiis, 011 the
ham of the unofficial returns, will
lllll - A' It,,,'il u ,.P 1. A.-Av II... ,
et a 4 p.iiiv unu. 111 me
ilei nt lioiua.t tit i toaj.ii, nn lime
nukTitv of lai ntrr all. mid .. ) I it 1 ib
V 'f lo an 1 r the th tie t.ia -1
I" atlier mid Son ill Sit
in Nilirala I.ej:il.Hire
I it, t -tin ,N'a 't - flie tie f i a
at.'. Cf lb t It-klal tlllio will
aa ai'.i eg ,ia ofii,l-, of a'
tti-uae of t t-o' -" 11 1 1 1 v ca fi-r tin
lime i V-l.t .,a . a !,. .a , t ill . r n I
mi Iti-v i-,l.U iti I a,
1 f . ' . '.-I f hi II,., t b-n .-i h
. a I t I , . hmai i f I tl
' l - I I !. .1 . I
'"! 11. . I ... I
l-ii" I 1't I- ji.Ut.11a .;( t . 0
I I nav-i 1 lit tt . aa! tail
a . .1 a
nrorr I lea r . c nl
f Mattt I'liUer!!
I' V 11 ..f I , . I t I
t .
I I."- a v . ' . - iVi
t Ha
.Ik,... ( It .
1 at a. l,t Jr..
I h,',l.
Wt tl
1. a ul 1
t ... ,
I li
. I e..
1 V;;Er'oW
liii 11 . 9 - -in 1
"a it a
I .aa, ,4.tit-
Late Returns Show
Legislative Changes
I, uih i.'turni on the Nebraska
elnlion how U. II. HhellrnliarKer
tli), HuecraiTiil in tha racu for
1 trlcls, respectively.
In the bouse, ,. II. Thatcher Hl,
will represent the Md district. (Irani
ti. M-mi. ill), tho and
Neff H), the 43th district.
Frazier Forges
loLeatl in (loiinl
ol' ,Y I). HalloLs
Former (oermr Three Vojles
Alieatl Heliirn Pile Up
iionti Yole in Il
linois. Fargo, N. I)., Nov. 10. Former
Coventor Lynn J. Fra.ler assumed his
long deferred lead In the race for thn
United Sliilos senalorshlp with the re
port today of 1,747 precinct and the
gibulatlon of 172,937 votus, the former
governor having a lead of three vote,
8M70 to 8,47. The vol; of 301 pre
cinct I needed lo complete the total.
Sprinil I Winner,
Kama City, Nov. 10. (By A. I',)
Complete miotllelal figure from Tues
day' election in tho Third Kansas
district give for congressman:
W. II. Hproul HI), 37,714; Charles
Stephen Hl, 37.130. These figures
were not available until today when
the ballot box of a inlaying precinct
in Crawford county was opened by
county commissioners In making the
official oiMint.
Mure for Hon us.
Chicago, Nov. 10. Additional re
turns from Tuesday electlmi in Illi
nois piled Up tho total for the soldiers'
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 10, Com
ment on the election of Itev. O. J.
Cvule of Benson, who defeated
Congressman A. J. Volstead, au
thor gf the prohibition enforcement
net, Is marked by tho variety of
pronunciation of Kvale' name.
Kven his own constituents, un
less they are of Scandinavian de
centK havo dilllculty in articulating
tho Kv combination that ! not In
freitueut I . the Norwegian lan
guage. For practical purposes,
"Kwal-Iey" will do. If on can
add a slight Scandinavian "V"
sound to the "w" the pronuncia
tion 1 perfect. .
bofttMj and the amendment favoring
light wine and beer, compilation
tonight showed.
On the soldiers' bono 4,373 pre
cinct gavo 9.14,677 In favor and 351.
p7H against.
The wlnu and beer vote from 4,26
precincts wa: Ys, 711,034; no, 34'.',
1 Hi.
For congiessman at large, 4,423 pre
cinct gave Mrs. Wlnnlfred Mason
Iluok IH), C41.S06, and Albert (D),
554, S2J. '
For congressmen at large (regular),
4.463 precincts, showed the following:
Vales (R, 742,72(1: Rathbone (R), 721,-
001; Murphy (D), 525,415; Gorman (D),
1.31 ,187.
'"Heed for President."
Sedalia, Mo., Nov. 10. Leading
democrats of Belli county organ
ized a "Heed for President club" here.
thus lending Impetus to the presi
dential boo;u reported from Joplin
in favor of I nlled Slate Senator
James A. Reed, who was elected for
his third consecutive term last Tues
day. Commission For tieorge.
Atlanta, tia., Nov. 10. Calling of
llje extra session of congress for
November 20 will have no bearing
on tho chance of Mrs. W. II. Fellon
to occupy the sent made vacant In
the United States senate by the death
of the late Senator Thomas B. Wat
son, to which she was appointed by
flovernor llardwlck, pending tho se
lection of a successor at the polls.
Governor llardwlck has just left
Atlanta on his vacation and will not
return until November 10, but It was
stated by his secretary here last night
that arrangements were maiM before
tho governor left the city tor Issu
ance of the commission of Walter
U, tieorge, elected last Tuesday to
succeed Senator Watson.
Carrasco Pies in Koundup
IVt'lx'lllntls Mexican !
M- xiioCny, Nov. o il'.y A. PI
The roun I up of the reliel who Jjuve
ini-mired the power of 'reld-nt
iii kiin. "tui'f'd out th" life
if tii n. .1 .inn l ai i hm-ii, lender of the
M-Nlhoiia f.o lions along the we--t
i iuo.1 uii l p.irta ulai I) 111 the stale of
i SlU.lllMt
lie a n ktll- . i -tf(d.ay, togrtbrr
llll m;l of bin toll III tt l-al'le
nitli f..l-irtl foiica at tiumnui IiiIho
it the 'iat.- of I'uiaiig" N-tt long
... .... IKH. I.. I l . I li,luv,,,l
W ,1 4 t l lupl 1,
Miirgui in
: .1 union WHO i.H'Oi
1,1,1 Who :
tapiotad elitl r. . cited I urt . 1 i
,'ai.iiiiiltit. Ilietil ol the utfttrt! i.r tar
i..i lamii lo Ibe war t lot . I.t I .
11 l. f.i.ii li.t limit Titri., fi.lBti
. .-tutu tin! r in
1 1 11a I ttl I t 1 t t
1 4-inli 1 a Hi II.
... U I It .110
H e lmim.,11 lWH 'i, ,
1. I II al tut 1
p toia.ll an u.i.l -I iu
l!.tlU III l I lihfc.iar
ill l lrt.lll tr ltllatU
V a. i 1 . ri S. i l i 1 n il .
, if IM. . .. 4'. .
I - it-, i t i'.aa I V.
laiila ii-a. t 1 - 1
IH It.
1.1, -I
t. t t-t
i.t I a
I . I
1 1 -.1 a
t I 4: at .
1 '
i- a .1
The Light That Shall
I a tg.e
U, T - V Y I.. k "VN. I
Allies Denfand
Change in Turk '
Capital Laws
Allied General 1 Arrange
Meeting Willi Turk Cover- '
nor lo Provide Safely
of Troops.
Constantinople, Nov, 10. (By A, I'.)
f-Tho allied high commissioner hand
ed a note to tho Angora government
representatives here demanding the
repeal of all measures relating to cus
toms, the public debt and the sanitary
and other service which conflict
with the (-11 pit ulatlons and the stipula
tion of the Mudros armistice agree
ment ot 1818.
Otherwise, says the note, the com
missioners will be compelled to refer
to their governments fur necessary
The allied generals also arranged
a meeting with Rafet Pasha, the na -
UunaUst governor here, lo whom they
will submit minimum demand with
a view to insuring the safety ot the
troops and efficient control of the po
lice and gendarmerie.
.Many Rumors In London.
Loudon, Nov. 10. (By A. I'.) No
one in England seems to know wheth
er t ie situation in Constantinople Is
better or worse. The news that ha
trickled through since tar Turku
cut the cable near Cbanak has been
of a vague nature and the air Is full
ot disquieting rumor.
To Confer at Paris
Paris, Nov, 10. (By A. P.I A con
ference between Premier Poincarc and
LoiJ Curxon, tho British foreign see
relary, and Premier Mussolini of (.
Jtuly probably will be held ill Paris
the first of next week, it was indicated
in official circles today. France has
does not
the meeting, providing it
delay the opening of the j
ljiuxamio near east pence conference !
beyond November 15. I
The puiMise of the conference of j
.1 0... 1 I... I ti...,.u t I.aI.I I
would l to present a solid fiout
ltiistiiiitn on the chief pa-uct t'-ini
lar for jiiiine,
Coiialiiiitlnople, Nov. Ill t llv A. 1' )
-lmit P.i dia. 1 iiiklsh nilioniillst .
foieign tohioter, bft h-r viiienluy
ttftii iiouu at 12 5i o lna'k f'M l iiu
ani.e to ati.-inl the pa-ice 1 onfa-i ence
m he.btled .a I""kIii Itn-te in-M .Mulnby.
lie Wit no ollttM'ilrd bv Dl , PK4 Nlll'
pa y and a anile i f HiiltUiv, tin incatt
4iid eiolinlnir eapaita. Ilia fiintiu
! 1 11 1 1 1 1 -1
m ...i.a o d a. ... .1.1 l. . l,
- - - n - - "
auvitma fir p,o an. I
" .,"a,1', ",
Iiu-aiiitf ta if the
,,,,.1,1 1,.,.). t
1 "" 1 ' '
ll t'ali.llittll tif rk
Near Clu'jtMiiif Mesmi
t li sa l,-,.- ,., .. da'"' 111
li mi 1 !
',. tl I t t l.'t ft ll
I , . I. at.t t It. t
f -to- It.. , atari a kill., f.
1 1 - . -I i afi -otntin Itt
.It, t i-a .l 1 i f
't . - '" I I. ..l I
i. -tiia t ..10, it. 1 1 a 1 "in
It -a .11 li. 4 -tie VV
w 1 al to ti-.ta-t IN
V ,,., f at.
... 11 ... 1 ( 11 ,,1-ti
ft- "I a.-. ' I ! '.. 1 I
- a . i a tl iafia t.a
i;a a. (-- -h, IM
a i . 1.
1 t- fa tl 4 a . . a ia I
iia a 1 il
Ot H J.
I t' -......
I if
I i
. 1 a t I , 1 . :
.1 a.,,.
J I.
, I 1,.
f 4L Ay-r
Government to
Comclo Aid of
. Livestock Men
Corieumers Can Help Industry
ly Ukc of Cheaper Cuts
of Meat, Agricultural
Department Says.
Washington, Nov.' 10. (By 'A. P.)
Tho government has decided to
come to tho aid of the livestock In
dustry, and do what It can to stimu
late the use of meat. A decreaae of
more than 25 pound per person in
the amount of meat eaten a year In
tho I.' n I ted Slates Is shown by the
latest statistics.
"During the war the increase of
livestock production and conservation
in meat consumption were urged with
a most effective artillery of propa
ganda," the Department of Agricul
ture said today, "We ore now pro-
'ilux - lng heavily with continued inhlbi-
tion of consumption, particularly by
reason of high prices. The price sit
uation varies with respect to the dif
ferent kinds of meat and with respect
to the different cuts of the same kind
of animals.
Consumers can help the livestock
Industr.v and also their own pocket
book by using a wider variety of
kinds and cuts of meat.
"Many tVrsons still hold to tho be
lief, which was largely the outgrowth
of unfair and rtlsgulded propaganda,
that meat is not healthy. Medical
science has proven over and over
that a, large number of Ills once
charged against nwal eating are due
to infection of teeth, tonsils and
other organs."
The heavy decrease in the amount
of meat eaten and Its detrimental ef
fect on the livestock Industry caused
Secretary Wallace to call a confer-
epee recently of the officer of the de-
nrtment having to do with livestock
and meat production, distribution and
utilization. All phase of the meat
problem were discussed, Including th
t.i-ln,.lr,l.. tlml lull t-..t-,n
M-pnitinent In widening the market and
promoting the eonimmptioii of mest.
j , Dirigilde D-3 on )X'ay.
lUrtfonl I'onn ,
Nov. In -Tli
Ul n,y dnigible, D3,
Urgent in h
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ciunlrv. mi'ivad her
Inp from Mineolit. The alup ut'ii
at a fial.l where n evi'iun not i
bang bild.
Mitttolit N, X. S": I Th army I
til ig, .le Dl urn aid at .MHib'l t-a-H
liMtty fm rnihe ,Mrib-en pumiitf j
, in Mtrvlind. rn rout tn
Heal S... t e. H.lfur.l. Conn
i.i:ll rrlil titer tie H.l.l flat I I
I.- I., f.ite 7 ml., k al,..,! f Ha
,..!f. bul did Del I a B.I !liil, tl. Iv I
t toa Iht nia-n nai-it-d In tl III llial
I ill tn'. Were In. I on Itarti h4lf
l,t.tir litai in'i man atetat a-amiM'd
.,i..l iKa l .i .lii i!
I'm a 1 !.. ilia t a. t.ii tl 111
, !
a lat t r II 1 If I I
I laalC
IllttU ltl-ated.
I . e I. .it
e n.ia m 11 , t .a.
t 1 1 1 tl ta.ll Vnuat.i ,t :ta
- li.. I'li-l t f t- i li.ila .1
.tttl Ilia I i.o. I Mi al a ati aia t'i'l
t.-., ,11 lian,. 4- I 1 !n ,t-. -.1
I 1. tt ft hi a t It', as-. .. 1 at tt ot e-a
itasittt t e-.ii ' is.. ail tlet "
-a- a t-ia,.-l la ill I 1, a .-, 1 a, .
, ....a-1 a I a I I Hul k-i i
1 1..: ti .,! ' I U.i'tii lit' a "Mt
.t i-i-t a J a ' 'tt tta-l ia - a .a, i-.-a a
Not Fail
Col. Owsley Here
for Armistice Eve
Banquet of Legion
National Commander of Ev
Service Men Stops in
Omaha Ku Koule to
Lincoln Ceremony.
(VI. Abin M. Owsley, national com
mander of the American Legion,
Jumped Jauntily from a Pullman car
when liH train arrived at the Vnlon
station yenlerday afternoon, and came
smiling aero the platform with out
stretched hand to greet Hani Key.
r.nlrV, commander of the local post;
.1. Kd C. Fisher of Heatrfro, slate com
mander; William Ritchie, Jr., past
slate comma Ader; Itev. Lloyd U.
Holsapple and others who were there
to greet "oim.
He wa here en rout to Lincoln
to assist :n laying thin coruerstono cf
the new capltol. and stopped here to
be guest of honor lust night at tho
flist ArmlMice eve dinner of the local
American Legion post.
Col. Owsley j a hearty young man
of handson e appearance and a win
ning fmlle and a boyishly boisteroua
"Hospitalization and the .adequate
care of the disabled veterans Is the
biggest thing, witliou' a doubt, be
fore the legion today." he said. "And
it :s be! mi solved ".satisfactorily. I
ha,ve lift len to Washington and
the proemm is going through. 1 am
ery glad to say."
Colonel Owsley aid this is his first
visit to Nebraska and Omaha.
"I tell you, I've seen some corn
over there In Iowa," he declared. "It
wo foutd raise com . like 'hat down
iu Tcxtts we could Just let tho rest
of the world go by.
"I'm luvt going along with my
eve bu'ging out like the big country
Isiy that 1 am. It's a wonderful coun
try up bite."
The imtioitul 1 onunuuder. however.
It ml n inertl country boy, II" l" a
lawyer of attainment.
Hurt iu Airplane reck. Tex.. Nov. I' ' Mrs, Hen
l. Jackson. Wlf" "f I1'" l" a a-f
the Houth T IVU sH.Hi,iiioii. and
lit. K. Harry, aviator of Prooklvn. N.
V, were s-riously luluied when the
plane In wnun wi'y - t.-..., --
the Ite.tuiniiiit fair, nn'iioi i'i. '
vait leportet bete Intrinnl lebiil'-'
Hie tenretl
I.Mielled from Iai lianre. i
r Vm. N. 10 -Tie a-Mcil-ioii I
of Coinehua J Kfll' V (mm H Con-I Jala Fnhsnge ' j
i,)i,-..l t.!a b 1'ia-ib 't ..
worth, whe, ai. Krllry hail faib-l to
lok rav urtl ol hia liana.j t pianl.le.1 btf Ht t..lial,lttioit i
The Weather
I aarara tl
14 - .- 4) l liii- t
l ai IO a,i,TtIUie
. ttl la naa
II I a
... H , I a, ,
4 .
I aa
a at
. . - a t e aa
It) at- aa
tl I e ata
aa a e a.
-a I a aa
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M'ttust litatal
' a as
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; l a as
'II aeaaaa
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; 1 a . -1
: ' a a '
Presiclcn t
War Dea(
H.i.,1,,, Will Plate IM.iif
I W reitlli oil I until of I II
j kiloHii Soldier oil
I Armistice Da.
i Ceremony to Be Simple
Washington, Nov. In. - Hiuipliiit
jwill chiirarli'i le 1 1 a- nlll, ml nlnnr
i aucfl of ArniiHtlci- day tin- il iy wlinM
I President ll.ll'llntt, In a lie sm.ihc I.
! thia Anieiienn penptj lunlrhl ii-iari;1
I inal'keil "the lu'lmiiiiu a-II In il mi I l"l
j of our nallon luoul, Impressivo par
ticipation In the uffalrs of the Wot Id."
HI 1 1 1 ) ill. Ill coul I asl Willi I he I'tli'i
I motile of a J rn 1 ago In which the
n preNi'iilullves of Hie i nli i and po.
tentate of the world's most pomiful
nations Joined In ilmii.: Iimior lo
America' deml, typified in tin' ' n
known Koltlirr, Is a lllllc kl'ilip I tint
will leave tho Whlto I ho itiv
Saturday to lay a. wrcnili synibobing
Hie nallon' AiiiiIhIIcc day liilmlr 011
II11. tomb In AiIiiikIoii Nalminil ii inc
lerey of Hint unkoiiwn In in, ll W ill
Include tho pri slilciit and Hio scn
I a lies of war and tho navy anil til
pllgrlmago these three vill make i'j
ixpectcd to I'MtabllsIt n, preceilenl l-J
bit followed through the ycat.
To ylsll. Wilson llnine,
Also simple but more lufoniinl will
l.e another event Hint will In. 11 it th
nay (he visit of a group of fiieinl
jatid admirer lo tin- limuo on N slid
i of Woodrow Wilson. Mi., nullon's w
I presldenl, This will be III aero'd
iwltll ft ciislom i-hIiiMihIii'iI last i-e
j when several t honmi ml, after p.i.vif -:
tribute to the I'likiiown Holdier. e'.
4o till' Wilson home tnnl, showed t '1
esteem Iu which they hold Ilic fm 1,1 ;
president. Last year tiny iccelveti
wimple llltla greet Ing and they hop
for the same Hatunlay,
Observance of Hie day elset, lu i
IhroiiKh the nation will be vaibd l,u
In the opinion of thn pi'-Milcnl. .is
voiced In liis message, should make
for appraisal of the tuition' niaiioii.
ship to world affairs.
"The increasing enlbunlasm Willi
which our people Join In lln annual
itiKcrvutn'H of Armistice day," lb
prvNident said, "force the roiiclusioii
that It I dotilned to be one of the
notable finnlversarles In our calendar
anil indeed, It well deserve to be all
of that, for It mark the victorious
culmination of our nallon' 11101 lin
prcsKlve partifipallim In the affair
of the world. We shall not, go amis
If we seek to make our observance of
thl anniversary, not only this year,
hut every year herealier, an imci
i'Ioii for approval of our relationship
to and participation in Hieso wider
toticern, which affect Hid welliiiit of
all mankind.
Cannot Amid (Ihligalioii.
"I think we have rotue to rralUo,
a a nation, that we cannot hop to
avoid obligation and responsibilities
a part of tho price w must, pay for
our fortunate relationship to the con
fraternity of the nations. It. will be
greatly to thn national benefit, 1 ant
sure, if those who most iul ininlely
participate In tlm cvonls for lh great,
world mid aiming them, I, of course,
include particularly the men of lb"
overseas forces, shall always kep In
mind the fact thai the)r noble sn vii "
to thejr country and civilizallon has
hnoprcd upon u a duly to rrogni,n
that henceforward we u 1 11 eat maintain
a helpful and sustaining attitude in
all the broader telanships that in
volve the tuitions. Our first clmv ill,
indeed, be to our own, but thai tluu
cannot be adequately ilh-charged in
narrowness and 'clfishncHS.
"That we may he guided to a ju-".
Judgment and lline and occasion I' 1'
further proof of our interiV'l in Ho:
(Turn tit I'Hiin Tun, I uliniiii I Ite.)
Conlinental Club
Gets Behind Gump
Member of the Conluienlal dub. al
their regular Friday noon session 111
lirandeis reslaiiianl, voted onai,.
inously to get behind A inly (illlllli In
any complication which may occur 111
connection with Ins election to t mi
tires. (
11. ,M. Stt,t;'.lei. iiiesiiliiit of t,t
(bib, brought the subjnt up in .n.
,-l 1 1 1 1 ' U 1 1 1" t-l ill-11 1 tlllt hi' bad l.iii, .1,1
vised Hint a roleiii. of Imse 1 Inn Is ,nt
whispering etd thiiigs i.Ih.uI tin
tiuinp t.t 1 it 1 1.1 . . 11 fi, nsei ' I , . - 1 l ilt
named Dan lliown a iI, .,f it
comnotte to b in. lie Ho- t intuit id
fi ll if Kin ,i f 1 I s uliitlilil lie
"Wat iw goitig to HmI liiiiin.a
nglila Hie pi ttfi-t I 'tl," s od Pie-! . n
.Swit.irr. Mini club like t,iiini. it
Hl cent for the people nl'lnic.i.
Wr t,t -,tr c.ill.tia We sir (.,.j to
li-e it ilrfeusi- fuii'l , f .11 linn .,
tl tl lint biiig ia put utt-r on A i ll
itliill, ,M I' I'H'i of 1 mi tli a I.- 1 ( i.
Stutari Will i.ltnt'l I v 11,1 1 ni
t.eii'rtl rluh f.-r Mr li tieti
Vlleiiipl M,ide to I'ttiattii
Itii f of Si'iillainl Y,irl
I ..I .1 .1, tn pa V f i 1
' ill
tt l
I a.
f . f - .1 I
ll 1 1 La I
i fi.-ot H i- t 1 1
1 1 I ..(. . fr
I . lit , .'.
' I- :
t .... 1
i bi.i.i
a a .1 - 11
I -Ml ttl.
I 1.11 I
1 e ia ' a s . d at it ta
I . t it t.a-, I all 1- k
t 11. e tl finia.1 1 i e i.
la 11 IT , , i l
I I t 11 ,' I.
1 1 II .a t , . ,
1 ,t Itiilin - - 11
r - I . a
I in . t taia'
.1 11 t r
,.f ta-
a. Mil, , lMkVltatt C
la U 1 1 - .
i . s a I a . i. i 1
I . 1. 1 , a 1 . - . a ...
. ,, -!: I .- .. 1, , ' .
a...... 1 1 . 1 : . . .
t ' a & , 1. a it .l
i iMai ait.
aaa 1 a - a 4 lltt it,
..a-- - i . I I -4ji
1 kati I a