The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, November 08, 1922, EXTRA, Page 9, Image 9

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Over Half States
Bar Women From
Service on Juries
.Minnesota Awarded Honor of
Heing Manner State All
Oiialifieatioiu Keinoved
ly Amendment lo Law.
Washington, Nov, 7 Twenty seven
suites nnd (It f)tirt i-f Columbia
(nil deny women the right to erve,
"II Juilea, nnordliig to h riHl Imiw Mm
Investigation ut jury service law Just
llllli,i Ud ,y , lejj,,! r,.w.f,,.,h rt,.
rarlment of the woiiuin' party, in
iti iiiMiinii for tho fiunl righta ion.
f lewa meeting In Washington next
Nilurday nnd Hunday.
M In neurit it I awarded the honor of j
being th banner Jury state, rom the '
woman'! point of view, the report
j stating thHt the Minneeots, law on
i Jury service "Is unquestionably the
it k relative to women Juror,"
On April 19, 1921, the Minnesota law
was amended to apply equally to both
nin and women, loth to qualifies
lions and exemptions, th amended
law declaring that "any and all sag
disqualification la hereby removed. "
Nineteen state now allow women to
serve on Jurlea, Including Arkansas,
California, Irlewnre, Indiana, Iowa,
Knneus, Kentucky, I,oul:ana, Maine,
Mlrhlh'tn, Minnesota. North Dakota,
Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon,
Pennsylvania, Washington and Wla
rotiitn. Jn two states tha right of women
to aerv on Jurlie la doubtful, owing
lo coriltlcflng Interpretation of tha
lnw. These aiatea art llllnol and
of tha 19 aiatea where women mny
aerva on Jurlea, f.'allfornln, Maine,
New Jersey and North Duknta allow
them to eerv on equal terms with
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air, for aiie Iih niiiilc many flight tvllli her two aona, who were In lha
aviation arctlon of the arm In the world war.
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Radiolettcr as
Cheap as Mail
x .. a:.. a
"mil" '.orporaiion Makes
liates for Commercial
Kor llio lnHt time In the hlKtory of
iniFrnanoniti communication, the
Kinllo ( orporatlun of America haa an
nounced a aervlce which cnahh-a the
pulillo to ar-nd inettmigoa to London
and Oermany at a rale Hlitly higher
than pontage. The rate announced la
6 cpMb pur word with no minimum re
quirement. It will he poBslblo hercaftrr for In
dividuals' and biiHlntaa hoimes to aend
nieaNagca of us f.-w worda u three or
four at the llxcd rale of 6 centa for
each word, aa for limtance, "All well,"
would coat only 12 centa plua churgca
for address, and algnature, If any.
The arrangement was made with a
vjow to acrviiiR the public as well as
tho busint'K Interests of Greater New
Tork. For the present, the service
Is confined to London and to Ger
many. A message tnny he filed any day
In the wek up to Saturday with the
designation "Iladloletter" or Its ab
breviation "RL" and It will be trans
mitted In time to reach London or
Oermany the following Monday
morning. While registered code ad
dresses are acceptable, the text of the
message la restricted to plain lan
gunire only, The new service is called
the "rtadloletter Service."
ft. r..j
V Kit
SiSiiny side
q$ winter
Snow-capped meant aim
bordering a summer $ca
rertcct motor roaas aua
i tell keptrli linla Esxdirnt
schools forthechUdTwUXcty
inns and luxurious retsxt
hotels ; or you canmtta
bungalow and enjoy your
own ros?ardn
daily trairwto .
An Interesting experiment for the
amateur bothered with severe capac
ity effects and tube noises, la to en
close each port such as the tuning
units and tranHfnrmers In a metal
lined case, the linitiK belnj; (grounded
to the riirth connection of the set, By
following out this idea It hits been
possible to use six or mora singe of
audio frequency amplification without
(he howls ordinarily heard when UHlng
so many tubes.
A photographer's rubber developing
tray placed under the atorago battery
will prevent leaking or creeping acid
from entlrie; through the carpet and
the varnish on floor.
The bureau of mines of the Depart
ment of Interior Is seriously consider
Ing tho problem of equipping mines
with radio apparatus for use in the
event of accident. .The airing. ng of
telephone wires la Impracticable, but
officials state that It would bo fairly
simple to equip certain distant room,
or chambers with crystal receiving
set ao that rescue parties could com
municate with imprisoned miners.
Road Conditions
(TiirnWirrf hr lb Omaha Autfl I'lub.)
I.lni'olri Mf.Uway, mi: JIukiIs "Mil riwiyli
In 'ft' In a to penisun. liood east to
Ci-'Jur Hsiilils
I.lnrain hliehwsy, west! Detour 11 mllus
west on Ix, Una hi. On mil north, I hems
west to Lincoln hUhway n-aln. lintour
north lit Vsll.y, on mils east, thtne
north to "rmont. Itond flr to ood.
ri'.rnewhat ruusti In ttisuiio to Orsnd
O. I,, T), ; Itnsd rsportad sell pretty
roush bstnncti Orniin anil Anhlaiwl, Just
fair to J.lnioln. IJ"tour Imtween Dor-
chester ami Krland, somewhat roun
srnunil llantlns". Mouirh betwoen Oifuid
ml Arnpahos. Fair lo ituoil to uenvor.
Mirlniun highway: Henna icnofl. .
f'ornhusker lilnhway: Koada good.
MlKhlmi'i i-Uloir: Hoails rood,
Wnhiiiion hlhway: Itosd fslr to
ooil, Homawhat rouiih around Jtlalr,
Uoo.1 north lo Hloux City.
Oinaha-Tulsa highway; Koaus sooa to
(iinsha-TopfKa nisuwsy: iiosos rair to
food to sta's line.
Kin of Traits norm: nouns rousn in
trcti.hes to Missouri Valley. Clood north
to Htoux city.
kiiik ot Trails, south: nosn soon to
Hlver to Hlvr ro4: Roails fair to food.
Whim Way "1" lllifhway: Uosds fair to
food, still somewhat rough (n stratube.
I, o, a. shortllne: Itoaijs food.
lllun lirass road: Koads (air to food
som'-whst rouifti In stretches.
VVeathur reporti-d clear st all points.
Street Car Leaves
Track; Hits Auto
Couple in Machine Talked at
Curb Shaken Up in Un
uual Accident.
A southbound street rnr Jumped the
rails near Twenty fourth and Wirt
streets nt 5:45 Monday evening, made a
sudden turn to the left and dashed
toward the North Presbyterian
church, at this address. Before the
motonnati could stop the car It had
reached within a few feet of the curb
on the east aide of th street.
In the path of tha car waa an auto
mobile headed north. It waa thrown
onto the curl), with minor damages
Mls Dell Potter, 1(!0I Emimt
treet, and O. O. Uolan, 2673 Fort
treet, occupants of the machine,
were shaken up but not hurt,
ptreet car officials were tumble. Mon
day night to determine the cause of
the Jump accident.
! New f :,000,(M)0 Theater
U Opened in Cleveland
Cleveland, .Nov. 7 I'loluiunced by
art and dramllu ci It Its who am here
to attend the premier performance to
be th flneat Ihenfer In the t'nlted
Hntea If not the world, kelth'a Palnee
theater, In tha new S3 story Keith
office building, constructed at coat
of more than tVOOO.onn, waa formally
op timl here Inat night with several
hundred (rotiiliient personage and Icniicra from New York, Pitta
burgh, t'lnclnnntl, Columbus, Indian
spoil. UmiisvIIIm, ftytai'use. Washing
ton anil other cltlea In attendance.
Among those present were the gov
ernor of eight state; K. F. A I be cf
lioston, president ot (he II. I'. Keith
circuit of theaters; C. J. .Murdoch,
generst manager, and many other rP
reaeniatlve of large theatrical hold
Inge throughout th I'nlted Htstee
The theater seat more tlnm 1,609.
. i . . i
It Want Ads produce results.
Railroad Say "Careful
Crossing" Drive SuecenH
New York, Nov. 7. Itallroud croae
Ing accidents during the four summer
months of 1922 mounted to 4.411 In
the period of the "careful crossing"
campaign waged by the American
Hallway aoolntlon, that oigunlaitlon
announced yesterday,
Although this represents an In
crease of 3 t per cent over th same
period in 1921, the association clnlmi
the campaign actually eaved many
lives, since 21 per cent more automo.
biles were In operation than last year,
and nearly 10 per cent more railway
cars were transported.
The report reveals that from June
80 to September 20, 0i persons were
killed In crossing accidents, an in
crease of 24 over Inst year.
The Inhabitants of Canada use 27
pounds of butter per capita the high
et of any people.
f Unbelievable
Achievement X '
I The
Vera , fIU ti fleeaj Ceeyes, N.l -sl rtl. l Aae,
a-al kIH tft l.t,t..,B4 las'tsJ 4 la MMaus Wdt
file MlHi"s S4 ) SUV l t tf !
dT a4 e -"4 ce t.a sMSlMt
rrJ H"T ! "all tk " at Ml ' lUoiawf 4iUe -a
r t '4' ll m dU4kMl CaMie 4 l,ta, 4' tadt.
tutrttix atr
When in) Need uf a Tmtie hhustid
hii mi the H"d ! rllull
by i,ll..wbi 1hk Adtke,
tMVeii. a ' lT. I'lai-s nit
i .i.d t, n fitcii in f dully h lit
o Mii 4ltr I r t st I'fttra
v1 I i l4tit ,t:n!1u Msl.'l
I's iiij' i t a" I vt st tr i
thn. t..ti, s't'a i.r nj ti. i f a ln a,
Oi l wit Witca Mikl t.u. ral uJ
u a .itth I'iM'V Ktitti.i'M
' t ,( .r In luim
. il I l l it.on lit-l I. h!', f- M
t t- l k.r isiduia aal.i l ! t !.!
Hi Si'H) m ,iXf
l -t:4 at! aal "Uut
' V la h ti.ft at y-
iui ii If, I ou. i t ae
. f - I v ii I ik tt-e
stal .. is I - .. ii,i.sil g
ia) is-i' ! tt 1 '. 9,
lil.SHk. I. v' II M
i ,i I Im( i !.
S. l illuat I" 4.s ls.,l
! ,!, lit n't l t I f, I V i Is I
luilding Bone
U sxiueJljf Important ti 1
butklntf llcaK. food, that J
MeUt Nktur. fv lime) in th
boieMrdtcthrtBcritiaJ. I
Scott's Emulsion
pur vumln.ljlrif
aw In :i . i
(n tburularwe !
tnrtt thai nti
ih hoiy U4 tUlUI
la k.a ..I
assei s w ,-. i . i ,
Oervj tWMI iyJ 44WVJ ltS
Hughes Is On Job
Every Day And
Feels Fine
'Since taking Tanlac I am on the
Job every day, have gained several
pounds and feel better than I have In
years," declared David I. Hugnes,
2602 8. 31th Kt fit. 1-ouls Mo., em
ployee of tho American Refrigerator
Transit Co.
"I suffered from stomach trouble
two years and got so I could hardly
eat a thing but what It felt like a
lump of lead In my stomach, uaa
bloated mo until I was in misery foi
hours. I had terrible headaches, aw
ful pains across the small of my
back and was so run down I could
hardly drag around.
'Tanlac helped me from the very
start and now I have such a good
appetite and such perfect digestion
I can eat Just anything and nothing
hurts me a particle. I am only too
glad to pass along the good word
about Tanlac."
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Wlf fen
One Tube
A 10-Day Tube.
Simply tend coupon.
Other new idea
Modern remrch Uo discovered
two other, and Pepao
dent fulfills them.
It multiplies the alkalinity of tha
saliva. That it there to constantly
neuu-alli th tcld which cause
dtcty. It multiplies the ttarch di
gettint In saliva. That It there to
diieit deposits on tteth which mty
otnerwite ferment and form icids.
Thus Peptodent, twice daily,
glvet manifold power to Nature
great tooth-prottcting tjenti la
the mouth.
The Mistake
That millions have corrected
At most folkt know, brushing
teeth in old ways proved mott dis
appointing. Teeth still discolored,
till decayed. Beautiful teeth were
teen lets often than today. Tooth
troublei came to 49 in SO.
Millions of people, nearly all the
world over, have found a better
method. The glistening teeth you
see everywhere now show one of
the results.
AH due to film
Most cloudy teeth and most tooth
troubles are now traced to film.
Film is that viscous cost you feel.
It clings to teeth, gett between the
teeth and stays. Food stains, etc.,
discolor it, then it forms dingy
coatt. Tartar is based on film.
Film also holds food substance
which ferments and forms acid. It
holds the acid in contact with the
teeth to cause decay. Germi breed
by millions in it. They, with tar
tar, are the chief cause of pyorrhea.
No ordinary tooth patte effectively
combats film. So, despite all bruah
ing, very few escaped those film
caased troubles.
Two new method
Then dental tcience, liter long
research, found two film combat
ants. One acts to curdle film, on
to remove it, and without any
harmful scouring.
Able authorities nrored those
methods efficient Then leading
dentists everywhere began to ad
vise their use.
A new-type tooth patte wai cre
ated, bated on modern research.
The name it Pepsodent Then
the.e two film combatants were
embodied in it for daily application.
New beauty come
Uteri of Peptodent gain new
beauty, new charm. You tee that
everywhere. Note how many
pretty teeth ehow teeth which
were once concealed. No woman,
no man, who once teet these re
tultt will ever go without them.
Send the coupon for a 10-Day
Tube. Note how clean the teeth
feel after using. Mark the absence
of the viscous film. See how teeth
whiten at the fUm-cottt disappear.
This test will bt a delightful
revelation. It will point the wsy,
for you and yours, to life-long
benefits. Cut out the coupon to
you won't forget
ate US VwaaaaaaBBB
The New-Day Dentifrice
Now advised by dentists the world over.
All druggists supply the large tubes.
10'Day Tube Free
Dept. A-23S, 1104 S. Wabash Avs, Chlca, III.
Mail 10-Day Tob of Fepeodent to
Only ea tub to a family.
Two types of closed cars sell under
One features its fancy body with
fittings of clock, vanity cases, cigar
lighters, trunk, eta
In open models such a car sells at
about $1,000.
The other type is the
Super-Six Coach
Official tests mark it one of the truly
great automobiles. More than 120,000
Super-Sixes are in service.
With its new improved motor, it has a
smoothness unknown to earlier models.
And you will like the Coach. It has a
sturdy simplicity with all essential com
forts. A trans-continental tour or a shop
ping trip can be made with equal confi
dence and security.
1625 3?
timer naif
If ... . fbaa
I a. a. I ,V... OrVUvAs.U sV HIS
r -.. , rsiirii
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I lie Im...i ' II l.l (.. hv
, h It f fce sbi. ! ..i
,11th W i M' DIUNW Hltt ti