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The morning Bee
MUON B. ITlUKk, i'ybh.h.r. II. UHiMfcH, l. Maaager.
Tee .,id Iimt at lu ie a Maw, ie eictwmlf
WUt4 U It,. UM IH J.Niral'. u ft, I tftl.l iImJiImI i it e
H4 lfc.fwlM rtMjtl4 III U-. tf, aii ftj 1 14 al ! .h,ll.f ewa.
All ratea U rtibltiiliti f ee al dwetrfaM eie MMf.ea.
Prlie'e Bramh Pi'hiii. A.k lae Diertnint JJ antit
w f irioi nniii. i tir n,irni v ant n-r je r. m i
Editor l Iir.rinnm. A 1 Unlit liul or 1 0 4 i.
Mai Off c-U' an4 Fernem
-' Bluff It broil at. Hu, Side, N. H. Cor. 24th i4 N
N.w York-t Hflh Avenue
hlrflin . . Hi Mar III.!. l'h o ... 1720 Bur Bid.
Peru, Frame 4 lie Hue tl. Ilunure
while the votes are being counted.
Many thought com flickinif into tho mind on
election day. Foremont of all conns mlmlration for
ho spirit in which tho pimple aircpt tin juilcnifnt
of ths majority. The willinjcni' to ttliido by the re.
ult of th biillotintr it the conumtoiie of the Amerl
can republic. Though thin is written in advance of
. the return from Tursilny's election, yet it can be
taid with all confidence thut loner itnd victor alike
will accept with all Rood yracu the verdict of pop.
ular opinion.
N'ehraaka i one of the thirty-two statei that
plc-ct n governor at thift time. Throughout the na
tion an entirely new coriifre i being choiten. In
"Ji'rty.four tutci the United Statei aenatorahip is
at b'pke. All thou! content are conducted with
a minimum of HixonJi-r. Where changes arc to bo
mode in representation, the new men will be in
stalled with the support of the people solidly be
hind them.
Ours is a representative Kvcrnmfnt, and more
fully ho with tho advent of woman (iulfrno. The
serious munncr In which the feminine half of the
lomiu ion is lulling its duties is having its cfTcct
on the general conduct of theso elections. If there
is less enthusiasm thun in some contests of the
, pant, there is more seriousness of purpose.
The fullest discussion of issues and candidates
has been had. In N'ebrnska tho weather held good
throughout all except the last few days of the cam
paign. The tours which took the various enndi-
dates into all corners of the state have brought
" them into close contact with the minds of the peo
ple. There is not one of these men that is not
', better fitted t'j occupy ofTlce today than when he
began his campaign, for each is better acquainted
with the needs and desires of his constituency
through the visiU he has paid it.
Tho people, too, recognize and appreciate these
acquaintanceships. Tho duties of public officials
oft-times tend to keep them apart from their con
stituents, and some mako little effort to maintain
as close a touch as is advisable. But right now, the
people feel themselves on rather intimate terms
with these men. There Is a way, by pressure of
public sentiment, to continue these relationships.
Tho sunshine of election day personifies and en
courages the hope of the people for a growth of
good government. Heavy voting is an evidence of
the strength of faith in the American government
and of the determination, also, of each individual to
" fulfill his duty as a citizen.
other mill products of corn, but th quickest ami
easiest way to caxh in on this crop appears to be
on four lejrs.
Now comet a Chicago woman to retent what it
supposed to be representation! of American life of
today in fiction of the hour. A general Inclination to
agree with her it irresistible. Furvoyors of fiction,
at It-art those who aim at the higher grades, have al
ways sought to mirror actual existence, usually mix
ing it with their own preconceived ideas of what
ought to be, and cementing it with such philosophical
binder as they evoke from their own experienca or
aspirations. Tho result Is a conglomerate, in which
certain nuggets of truth may exlut, but mixed with a
vast deal of stuff that is worthless.
Consciously or unconsciously, the novelists are
prone to exaggerate, one way or the other. Intent
on rounding out a paragraph, following the trail of
a creative thought, but bending it to conform to the
general purpose of the tale, they are apt to shape
rather than record events, to elevate or depress the
elements wljh which they deal, that the work they
turn out may be symmetrical, whi ther It is actual
or not. Fiction so produced must be regarded solely
a fiction. A painting la not a photograph, nor
should one expect a novel to be a transcript such as
might be submitted to a court of law.
American life Is about the most baffling thing a
writer can deal with, for it is tho most shifting. Cer
tain of the homely virtues are fixed and Immutable
in our existence, but tho surface stirs so continually
that tho kuleidoscope affords the only simile for
its changing aspects. Authors are not wholly to
blame if one novel diffcreth from another novel In
the quality of Its realism. The only safe ground Is
that taken by thoso writers whose output Is wholly
imaginative. They at least are Immune from tho
challenge of fact.
"From State and Nation"
Editorials from other newspapers
"lliiaiiirk Is (iiMid."
r'r'.tu lha Turka Stale Journal.
1 1 ioii has dccrrimrd. The aversx prlc
j ri-i-t-l vel during tli four months. Do-
For the l)r-t time In two years, wys ! I,,b,'r to January. 101S I. was 15 cents
Amour's monthly buainra review, it
turn bei-n imUMl'U to write tho wnnla
"lulin. Is giiod," uniiuiillllmlly.
Within a reiimrkahly short time, In
iliiHiry h it n-( iivi-i from the m-rlous
111k which were horn vt tha coiil nii'l
h poiimt. The averaa price received
during t tin orrcpoijtiiis pi rUxt In
l:Oi :i win 32 cciila a pound. In .Soil
the I'l-nmis fluuira ahnwnt (,,'U4.ilBS
turkeys on fin-ma In the I'nltert Htatea,
while In 1910 there were only 3,6k,.
I'.i.." . ' i. .., 7u. und lu !:' then- were ,827.n
hv now has t.roKre.l to the point at ' ""J'1" "",t V"" .h Prl:" ,,f
which it I. posHihl., to say that a en-1 t"rkv' has Increase,) to the producer
era! utahlllJitlon ha been effected hy , "l"re ",,a",1"u !"'r(CC'it. while during
all Industrial o-vupatloi... It aemw 1 'h y,T 1 nu",h.,Tl,,f 'urr;
mil rv V l.rolu, , . auva llm rnvli w. """ 'i
that the level cm which huiiniui Is to
"The People's
Editorial (ram raa4ara a Ilia Maraiaf
B. Raadar al Tha Maml Baa
ara Iavlla4 I Uaa ihia caliim fraal
ar aaataaalaii mallara al public
, i-P colli.
A line in a dispatch from Constantinople carries
what seems to be the keynote of tho situation there.
It says the Kcmnlists will probably climb down from
their high horse. Turks are notorious as bargain
ers. It is characteristic of them to ask far more
than they expect to get, and finally' to strike the
bargain when something near their real hopes is of
fered. A few days ago the Angora government was
aa insistent on tho retirement of the Allied forces
from tho neutral zones along the Dardanelles as
now they are for the evacuation of Constantinople.
Just as the settlement waa reached then without
bloodshed, so it will probably be again achieved.
Tho overthrow of the Ottoman empire and the
establishment of the Ottoman republic is a note
worthy event, particularly because of its being
bloodless. , The Kemaliata, in proclaiming their new
government, ask to be considered as having re
leased Turkey from the bonds of feudal despotism,
and to have opened the gates of progress to the
people. All tho world will say "Amen!" to this,
but the accompanying announcement that none of
the treaties entered into by the deposed sultan will
be regarded by the republic is not so reassuring.
The Turks will have to learn that national In
tegrity carries with it recognition of bargains mado
In good faith. They are going to Lausanne to aid
in the establishment of new agreements with the
powers of Europe, and will show to a much better
advantage there if they are not wasting time threat
ening the peace of the world by demanding a free
hand from people who do "not trust them any too
Although only 10 per cent of America's corn crop
Is used directly for human food, yet it is the princi
pal source of the nation's food supply. Nebraska,
at one of the pncipnl states of the corn belt realizes
the vital importance of this crop to its prosperity.
The Year Hook of the I'nited State Department of
Agriculture for ltl r'es farther in showing the na
tional importance of corn.
Of approximately tl.OoO.OOi) farm in the I'niteJ
Su:n. nearly Mint produce com. Nearly 100,.
ioiO00 acres is devote. I t) it production. In te
iil rar the total output Htu re.n-hed more than
S,0O'.oiD,in0 buhcl During the wr it !ue
ren. hed more thii 1 1 .00itHH,mi0 mr, n,l in l!.M
the en p brviis'ht 1 1 .:tot.tiiii,000.
Y!r'ii, ci r li ! lo tht !trt .t,mU, will
prthtu.-e IrtrUMOi'O bu.heU of corn in ty.'.', i
current market piif thi wouU tii't lo,$vl,tHU'.
!' nly thi I wonderful ihowtii t- t a crop tf
huh cn'y oil tenth la r!en by hn u te.l k
Corn, htwer, ia the l atit f tha li t k to
iicm, KigMy-rH r (it vt U t throu.s
lh ronauiwN.nii if R mi atul mailt rlnit lU. oii,
pof'k, beaf n4 WJlluk ely other f pi'W
iff colli.
w n s' K- it fa'im v 11 patr
rPi't f corn t-rop. a r snj m id pt .!,
I I ft , 1 pr -i-t. I hp t
r first. t"S ! Ill t4 t k bet A
ftrn. 1 rr ."!; -.aii in mrhM 1
ft tiht; sum"! f i on frm 3 pi
pUt, I I ft ft. ssl l K v f 3 r fat.
l'' ltl P'l frJ4 Spoilt ir f Hi
sf ls i!4 s iPt'r sf . Of t Nkins
fntf4 4ti,. t sVwt fr t. I se I
I' n .s trvJve Piii D" (' t-H a -hf
t s Sffs i l rtitf iw r si I I
tkt tJ Ht s4 '" f t ' -
f f I f ' may ,ai t I
titt u r'r'-'' B c w t iiun.l i J
Tho National Prison Development league is push
ing its work on behalf of those who are confined in
tho penitentiaries of tho land. None of our national
problems is more difficult of solution, however easy
the approach may seem. Experiments of muny
kinds have beecn tried, meeting always with partial
succes, yet none actually doing what had been
expected. Theso failures or partial fnilures are
not to indicate that efforts will be abandoned.
So long as criminals exist prisons of soma sort will
bo maintained for their confinement, and while wo
have any kind of prison, no matter how humane it
may be in conception or management, the treat
ment of the prisoner will bo a subject for consider,
Mr. Charles Brandon Booth, president of the so
ciety named, is in Omaha, setting out the aims of
the organization, which for the present have to do
with the employment of prisoners at useful work.
It is agreed that idleness begets crime, and it is
quite as certain that it will not conduce to reforma
tion. Useful, constructive employment is the great
est factor in human happiness, In or out of prison,
and correction is impossible if it be not ac
companied with healthy occupation. Mr. Booth says:
"The penitentiary Is not dCKlnncil to wreak the
voiiKeance of society but to rebuild man Rood and
womanhood that lias gone astray. Prisoners
should be taught trades that they might fulfil!
their obligations citizens when released,"
This is not a mere platitude of a professional re
former, but a simple statement of an admitted truth.
Society will be benefited just as inmates of our great
prisons are taught self-respect and self-supporting
A great many people wonder if the race track
and its big pavilion and grandstand is all there is
to be of the Ak-Sar-Ben field. These are not aware
of the vision that inspires the board of governors.
When they determined, three years ago, to break
away from tho outworn street carnival, the central
thought was to put the annual celebration on a high
plane. The race track was part of this, and setmed
the easiest to realize at once. Accordingly it was
provided. Following it, though, is to be a great
annual exposition; not just a fair, or a competitive
show of agricultural products, with the accompany
ing amusement features, but an exposition in the
highest sense.
One of the earlier discussions of the plan men
tioned the Toronto exposition as on example of what
is intended for Omaha. This great show has just
closed its annual two weeks of exhibition, with a
record of attendance totalling more than 2,000,000
spectators. Exhibitors were in attendance from all
over the world, and visitors came from Europe,
South and Central America, and from the United
States. That is what the board of governors hopes
to establish in Omaha, a great exposition that will
display goods and wares from all the world, and draw
attention equally as widespread.
Tostwar experience has not permitted the expan
sion dreamed of and it has not been pressed, but It
has not been abandoned. Ak-Sar-Ben will yet have I board If Lt would not be more seemly
lay Is to become the trim normal from
whieh the I'M) and flow may be llg
lired for sown time tn eotne.
Th 'AniuillNt nay in 11 recent It
Mie, iIImcuhmIiik the bilHlneas Hit nation:
"(ienerul hiiNlncMH condition con
tlniiH to be of a hluhly sutufactory
character. Development! Iiavn served
merely to further emphnnl!! that thin
liiiHlnest expansion' In being built upon
Round principle, and that It may be
expected to continue nt an IncreiiHlng
pure, Jt would be natural to expect
that business at thi period of the
year would show Improvement, no
matter what might have been the rec
ord of preceding month. We are ad
vancing now Into tl)e holiday period,
and thi In Itnelf serve to Htiniulntn
activity In retail line. Furthermore,
at thi time of the year the purchas
ing powtr In all part of the country
In at th peak, and thi I particularly
true of certain ectlou till year." In
continuation the "Annalist" cay:
In th touth, for Instanee, thero ha
been heavy marketing of cotton, and
th south him received a price for this
Maple which afford an excellent re
turn on labor and capital Involved. It
I ulto true that In tha west a goodly
portion of th (train crop ha been
marketed, and the buying power lis
been correspondingly raised. Thu
there I eHlabllslmd the foundation for
Increased activity In nil line, and It
is thi which bear a direct Influence
on condition thi year. To a certain
extent the demand for the holiday
period are peculiarly seasonal, and It
often happen that with the turn Into
a new year thero i a reaction which
leave Industry, so fur an retail line
are concerned, In something of a
prostrate condition, There 1. how
ever, no reason to expect that such a
kltuatlon In It broadest Interpreta
tion will apply this year.
Tho record of the last nine months
ha been one of steady progression In
business and finance, and the under
lying situation has not been changed
in the least. The money for business
purpose Is In plentiful supply, and
will probably continue so, and under
uch circumstance there i no reason
to doubt the correctness of the view
point of business men that operations
can continue confidently In tho full
expectation that prosperity Is more
nearly of the present than It has been
at any time since the process of de
flation brought drastic readjustment
unit staggering financial losses.
lt is common knowlmlgii that tor
key are not easily bundled, for by
uaturo they are wanderers and they
usually give considerable concern to
those whose duty It I to keep them
on the home premise, Th almost
unconiUi-rablu Inclination of turkeys
to wander Into the Held of neighbor
ha often caused strained feeling and
many owner of Hock have aban
doned the buslnes of raising turkeys
on that account. Turkeys are also
seriously airlifted by a disease known
a blackhead, which ha caused heavy
Iossi-m, and In soma Instance the bual
lien ha been given up entirely for
thi reason, These cause of loss, to
gether with the frequent ravage of
wild animals, Including dog and rat,
have all tended to discourage develop
ment of tho Industry.
Tower of Home Ten.
From Ilia Mlnnfipoha Jioirniil.
Matrimonially Speaking.
Omaha, To th Kditor of The Oma
ha live: In reading over th ar
ticle In your paper In which I ad
vocated a matrimonial bureau, I can
not help thinking but that the chmt
would be both feasible and practica
ble, If carried out In the proper way
and In a manner which would allow
for no publicity.
Take th average buln woman,
who ha be n too busy raising ind
educating a futherle family, to hav
either th tlrno or tha Inclination for
miK'li i.oclablllty, but who suddenly
realize that her family ha grown
up and libit to cur for themselves.
It begin to dawn upon her lliut
the cozy home I rather lonely, but
where I she to find a pleasant, suit
able companion; a good, home loving
man, who would appreciate a good
home loving woman? That 1 wher a
bureau would be of real benefit, where
n charge w uld be mad at a guaran
tee of good faith, with pliotot and au
tobiographies Cannot wt hear from other lonely
men and women on thi iibect?
Are the Odd Against You
Missouri Valley. la. To the F.dltor
of Tht Omaha He: Most of U can
Whether the novel or tha drama j not let the pay envelope suffer for the
hn exerted more power over the u . ,,i.ii,..i,hv in h raa lie
human Imagination, resulting 4 such "lk" ot Ph1Io-oihy. In tht era. b
efTeetn a tho emancipation of our '"' liosse, time docks nnd warning
south' slave from Mr. Htowc't whistle Interfered with the mental
novel, or n the emanclpiition of ' ura, a great ileal or tnoumit was !
Inflation of Tires,
From the I.onflnti Tune.
What degree of Inflation tends to
safety end economy in pneumatlo
tires? There are extreme prohibited
by common sense; a "soft" tire may
creep on Its bedding, suffer abrasion
against the rim, or transmit danger
ous pressure to the inner tube; over
Inflation lower the resilience, which
Is the chief advantage of running on
air, and If over-heating be added may
even cause bursts. But there must
be a happy mean, adjusted to the
weight to be carlrcd and the qualities
of the Individual brand. With regard
to that mean there Is a dlverlty of
advice and practice. Makers, almost
without exception, insist that under
Inflation causes more dumage than
over-Inflation, Taxi-drivers would
seem to belong to the same school,
generaly keeping their wheels hard.
Hut thoso who hire out cars, a ma
jority of paid drivers, and many prl
vute owners lean towards what mak
ers would describe as tinder-lnflatlon.
Each system has some collateral
merits. Slightly under-Inflated tires
glvo greater comfort and hold the
road better when there Is a tendency
to skid. Hard tires give a greater
turn of speed, mako maneuvering
more easy, and, If they tend towards
"skidding," also render the recovery
of rolling motion more- easy. Hut
the main considerations are freedom
from punctures and bursts nnd dura
bility. It should not be outside the
bounds of Ingenuity to devise con
clusive tests. It i W'ell within the
scope of the Automobile association
and tha Royal Automobile club to
apply some of the revenues they de
rive from motorists to assist their
client by settling this difference of
Dancing In Schools.
From the Mebmska CUy l'reaa.
Whether dancing by students
should be Indulged In in Nebraska
educational institutions I a problem
which face educational heads again.
Students at the Kearney Normal,
President George K. Martin says,
have not been permitted to dance on
the school premises, but have en
gaged quarter elsewhere and, with
out chaperones, have disported them
selves without let or hindrance seem
ingly. Mr. Martin ask the normal
women In Europe from Ibsen's "Doll
House," i a question some critics
have been discussing,
lne of them thinks th novel or
the drama Is hut the megaphone, that
Ibsen merely registered what already
was happening, that the literary docu
ment is but the attestation, so to
speak, a a deed I -of a sale, and
never the cause, the Instigation of a
movement. He cite Dickens'
"Nlchol.i Nlckleby," which did not
reform Yorkshire boy schools, but de
scribed what they had been before
they were reformed.
That I the fact, of course; but no
body can deny that Mrs. Htowe's story
aroused Indignation against slavery,
not only In tha north, but to a degree
throughout Christendom, No doubt
the civil war would have occurred,
hud "Cnele Tom's Cabin" never been
printed, but the book did stir the
north and did Inflame the south, so
that It I fair to say the novel hasten
ed the crisis.
To what degree the Russian novel
ists floured a mere megaphones and
to what degree they operated as
cause of the prodigious effect the
world I witnessing, is Impossible to
estimate. Home guess can perhaps
be made, however, from the effect
produced by Tolstoy In other lands
than his own. Ho powerful was his
hypnotism that 15 or 20 year ago
right here in America his disciples
were seen proceeding to action, act
ing somewhat as though the griev
ances here to bo repressed resembled
those in the great writer' own land.
The thing was palpably absurd, but
It was actual.
No, the power of a book Is a force
to be reckoned with and often It can
not bo dismissed even In America
as "wind" or "Impractical." It Some
time Is terribly "practical," Just a
a tornado is. It may be fallacious in
doctrine, but many fallacies have cut
furrows deep and long in human his
tory. There is a book which la not a
novel, although Its fundamental con
ception are really romantic, and
that book works day and night an
effect all over Christendom and
actually aoounts for tho stupendous
and stupendously disastrous experi
ment of jenln and his associates.
That book is Karl Marx's "Capital,"
and but for lt Lenin would not have
done what he has done. "Capital,"
the book, actually characterizes the
Hussion revolution, as did Rousseau's
"Hoclal Contract" the French revo
lution. Material causes are not the sole
causes, although Marx's celebrated
"material Interpretation of history"
supports Just that conception. Intel
leetunllzatlon also operates to pro
duce effects, material ones. Thinking
that does so, may be sound or false,
good or bad, but the fact that it does
so operate cannot be denied.
As Carlyle once remarked, all liter
ature is an echo or a call. The larger
part Is echo. Some of the most
f.'immi aliilY In erhv Tint thnt whieh
I Vina ha.n nt- im II11 ffi fi.i.,!,1lto. a
power comparable to harnessed
stowed by while free mind upon the
self raised, but. nevertheless stut
problem of why, when and wher of
most everything.
A first-class librarian can convince
you In a minute that there I abso
lutely nothing capable of raising a
doubt In the mind of man, but which
hn been eagerly set upon by a score
of mind. For and against. I'lek tip
a volume of Darwin. The llbrarlun
can Immediately lay before you a
dozen others, each one proving con
clusively that the great scholar was a
crank, fool ond a liar. Hherman teem
to be the only one who did not raise
an argument. For nnd against. They
balance, however, at thnt. Hut how
about us?
Lucille may be the "screen" of th
beauty shop, and th despair of the
dancing teacher. But how 1 It, that
she alway marrle the young mil
lionaire who happen to have brain
enough to take care of hit roll end Is
satisfied entirely with one solitary let
of feminine wiles.
Some of your frlende spend their
time convincing the rest of your
acquaintances that you are a crook,
a thief and a fraud, but if you have
a good Job in sight a baker's dozen are
Wot V Do. 1 If
I twee A fZWedt-.&fh V
I ff2 inter TUT ,'' "r V 'f V'
y Color ! if t , v coat jwt vw f
l 'JwJL " J 7 ! TTVPt -lo. ir T, i
McAtloo Needn't Worry.
Former Secretary McAdoo says he
"would hate to give up the west for
the White House." The democracy
wa kind enough to him not to ask
him to give up New York for Wash
ington two year ago. Perhap lt will
again be considerate of him in 1924.
Houston l'ost.
Th energy flowing Into manu
facturing plant via, Ita elertrle
powtr linn inuil be kept flowing,
or the plant will alow down and
perhaps atop.
Th human body may be likened
to a manufacturing plant, whoae
product la ability in one line or
another. The plant muat be kept in
good ahape, and each of its parte
muit function amoothly or the
aualltjr and quantity of the product
The power line of th human
body la found In the aplnal eord,
which carriea narve impulaea from
the brain. Branching from tha aplnal
cord ara the nerve which divert
theae governing impulaea to their
Health it a condition reiultlng
when the nervea carry their me
aage ti the mind intends. Dla-eae
in a sign that the nervea are not
doing their duty. The power line
la not carrying ita load.
Tha Chiropractor, working only
whh hie handu, adjuate the verte
brae of the aplne to permit full
flow of nerve energy from the
mind. When thl flow ia eatab
linhed good health reaulti. If your
health ia Impaired, make an ap
pointment with the Chiropractor.
Phone ATlantic 9244 for an ap
pointment, then come to 206 Pax
ton Block.
its annual exposition, where the wares of the world
will be shown to the people of the world, and this
with no diminution of the summer activities n the
Den or the wondrous parades In the fall.
for tha state of Nebraska to permit I
It young student to dance under the
supervision of proper chaperone and i
I amid an atmosphere mora conducive;
Jto their morals and deportment, This
Issue has !en raised many time be
fore. Jt I recognized nowaday that
i youifg people w ill d im e; if deprived
i of it by those w ho have power to stir
: round them with safeguard, then
l... .-!.tn 'amid circumstance which are not. t
nave wnurii . .h.i. .,i.. h-h.
bung. Hfh eeliiMil heads have bad
Resident of a little town in the heart of the
Pennsylvania anthracite coal field
themselves down as law !.. They seised two ears
of coal from a train, and appropriated them to ths the prot lem to e.m.end with f ,r m-.nv
, " .. . . , . 'year. It hse been splendidly ove
Ue of or silinois anil enure net. juttincation lor , m,nv enmmunitl. e by reovMrn:
their action they rind in the fact that school hal
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Turkey Tne Cntin(.
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Money to Loan on
Omaha Real Estate
Present Interest Rate
Charge Is
Wat'h (.
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fiet le-
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ready to write you a perfect letter of
About the lima you are sincerely
convinced ths president 1 a knave,
and the Havlor otikht to return and
clean out, thi time at WashliiKton,
soma fellow with a littla sense comes
along; and to your satisfaction proves
that about half thn lawmaker are.
really honcat men, and the president
Is Involuntarily In a fix he'd give half
hi life to be out of.
For every divorce hi honor passes
out with cost attached another pair
of loving; heart wonder why ond k!v
the irame a trial. Tor every maid who
turns aside, many other are content
to wait with homely heart for l'rlnce
(.'hurminir, who I sometime oh o
lonK In comlnK-
For and imalnst. A long; ns w are
not all Kolntf the nam a way, doing ttrn
same. thln, want the same Job, m
lov with the name K'rl or mad at th
sama president the odd ara not
against you, F. W. II.
A Book of Today
I IV I'lil.l'l ICS AMi AT MtiMK," br
i Kmlly l'nt. Funk tVauiiulle i'.
I For the lust word on tho custom
and manner of polite eoclety one
hhould rend Mrs. I'nin J'ost's new
book on itli(Ui-t. From her social po-
jsltlon in America and F.uropii nhe in
'able to deal Willi this subjict thor-
loiiKhly and authentically, with
charming llteiury style. The book
carries H full-pUKS photoKruphli: re-
'production, ahowini; In detail table
NctlljiK for nil occasions, wcdilinK,
homo interiors and clecor.itlons,. and
;doe not dwell at length with trlvlall
tie of polite conduct, but rather treat
with fullnegu of information and ac
curacy tho taste of men und women
on tha matter of clothes, houae fur
nishing and tha training of their
I minds to social Intercourse.
s w m
i iii
Welcomes Ihe Frientl i
Warns ihe Intruder!
THE brilliant porch light welcomes the
friend and warns the intruder. To the
friend it shows that the hostess is thought
ful. The guest feels his company really ia
To the -intruder it is the sign of warning.
It notifies him that the piercing eye of
light is ready to expose him.
Because of the extremely low elec
tric light rates in Omaha, the cost
is insignificant To burn your
porch light for seven hours costs
only a penny.
A light all night for
a penny and a third.
Nebraska S3 Power &
Gradually Disappearing
In days (if rising prohpt'iity ami cay
money 7S' securities will prat I ua I lyl isa j poar.
We offer a limited issue of Keal !tat
First .MortjiuKe 15m! hasetl upon hih eratle
new business Tojerties. ThU is-uic will not
lat lung.
For years we have oflYrol t inctors the
time-tntti real eftate Firt MurtgaKe l'otuls,
owned nml reeommer.ilfd bv Ibmip I! iilders
( Inc.), for whieh tluie has alwas been active
Ak for full Infoimathm about thee hi-veial
k"Ui" of bonds. Call ir write
American Security Co.
ISIS anj Dodi Omh, Ntb,
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Yellow Cab &Baife$e (b
Telephone AT Untie 9000
r-dvi i!ti t !-" k m it V i j at K' I' - " t
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