The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, November 08, 1922, EXTRA, Page 5, Image 5

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French Reported
Near Break With
rp 1 i i
i urKisn Leaders
Allied (loiiimitMoiifri in Con
etantinopli Ask Authority
to Tuke Any iVrot'.Hry
on-iliiiilliinple, Nov. f illy . IM
Three aulilitloiiul ilamtes uf TnrliMi
soldiers have been rolled to I lie colors.
I'.nls, Nov. 7 (fly A. IMTlia
J-'renth Koveriifni-iit npiein In huve
iiii'Iim the Itnlt nf t (miII.'Ikw In
ili-nUiiif with (In. Turku mid la temtlnif
more ntul Inrim to KflfTvn Its ullltllili)
, lownrd the Annum rovi-i nmcnt.
; Thin 1 the liit'iiniiiil'ii kIviti In
I'oIUIimiI elides In tin siilllng !
lny of tb lut'iiiiiiiiiiKlit Jinn Kurt
from Totilnn li Jnln Hip allleil IWt
at ('iiiiHt.iritliinpl'.' In the f.ieo of tlia
, Aukoih government ili'iminil Unit Mi
lled rnh l ! seek .et inlliin In-fur
enteilriK Turkish ports,
All'es IMIver I llliiialiim.
Cousin ritlnoile, Nov. 7. (Hy A. 10
Ciintiifit.nnilM Ih In it fever of lip
T ilieiiMloii over Ilie Keiiiiiliit o.
rnunil fur the eviiciiiition of tlix allied
li.llll.iry ii i id tin vol foiies, the exten
ei'in nt the ti itlnniillKt l eu lino here,
the ImpoHltlnn of connnendiiy run
toms ilutk-s, the lontl'tnwitlim of the
NewniHlle, Nov. 7. (Hy A. I'.)
Lloyd Ceoririi iiiikIh noma hIiiiii
refeienreM In the i xln which Imn
iiilHi'i) In llm nenr cunt xliwe hi
fill from the prein'crHhlp In the
political ii'MienN which he delivered
liefcue a liii'KO UMMemlilfiKe li'Te to-
"Thn tienr el U beKlnnlim to
Nhow filKtm of Inlliimmiitlon," he
"Whatever happenn, our flag
tit i j rtt not he let down."
Nultan a nd the liidlrn'raiiimilu mlCNt
of prominent t'onetiniUiiople Turku,
The ullied hinh couimleitloneie have
H.vcii Kafet I'liHlia, the new national
IhI Koveinor here, 4X houra In which
to it'leane one of the men oriented
u nd condcmind to death, All Kenial
l!ey, editor of the mill iiatdnallut
K.iliah. An un otifli nied report to
day eaiil All Kenial had heen ex
ecuted lit IniiiIiL
fiihti iii'liiinn lird,
Mi aiiwhlle the iillli d roiiiinlaelonera
liave iiKked their novcniim nta fur In
ati-ucilona wllh u view lo the procla
mation of run it lut law. They held an
exlraordlnai y council InHt nlKlit' at
which the recent aerlea of thnnlenlriK
dem inila ly tho natlnnallala wna dla
cunaeil and the adoption of a firmer
attitude wu decided upon In reel
tunce to the Kimallnta aibltrary
comae, the ciiililii f ""''i' ncUvltli-H
In C'ontantlnople, eimtein Thruee.ainl
other arenM, and counUractlnK tho In
crcaiilnB; Infructlona of tho Aludnnlu
ninilntlce convention. It la underatood
the coiiimlHMloncrM even conaldi-red tho
expulMlon of Kafet I'm aha from the
capital In tho event , of a continuance
of tho nrnilntlce violation.
The commieHlonera held a confer
ence with Unmld Dey, the niitlmullnt
envoy here, nnd Informed hlin that
th nllled ovi i nrnentM, while not ile
Hlrliitf to Interfero with Turklnh In
ternal affali'H, miiMt tnalntaln the aya
tun of control which th allies rc-Rard-id
as neceawiry durltiK the occupation
of ( 'oiiHtantlnopK'.
It v.aa r marked, however, that for
the fiiet tlmo In many wceka there
had been pompleto unanimity reached
amotii; thu Url:lnh, i-'reiich nnd Ital
ia na In their action toward the na
tionaliata, and the belief win ex
prencd In boiuo quarter that the
Kemaliats would retreat from their
arhltrary etandu In the face of allied
( Howell and Bryan
Winners in Nebraska
( ontlmii-il fruin I'm One.)
Jlowi li. t;;"i; Hitchcock,. 3t; Uandall,
484: liryan, 511).
JcfferHim County.
fjerroruon i ouniy tine preciuci Rivrs
Ilowtll. HM; Hitchcock, .
Otoe County One precinct Rlvea
Howell, Si); Hitchcock, fi5.
Plxou County One precinct Rlvea
Howell (5r.; Hitchcock. C7; Rnnrltill, 67;
I'rynn, "2.
Lancaster Poiitity One precinct foi
nenntor Rlvea Howell, 51; Hitchcock.
Otoe county: Three precincia Rive
cn nenator. Howell, 2 .' 4 ; Hitchcock.
144; on ir.Ai rnor, Ituiclull, ITi", Hrynn,
Hamilton county One
Howell. Hitclnock, '
l!rym, 1".
,li ffeieli t entity,
Ji ffi ron county; TI
ee p:.-cinct
II. .will. i':. Illtihi'otk. I-i'J; llaiidall.
Jt'i. Itivsn, 3i')
W4l'ltKln enmity: Two pv.-i-iii.tii
Howell. l3; Hit' lifix k, T'l. Kaielili.
1 :: l: mi, li
Vt-tcr reiinty: Two tiirciml".
II-wll. 1. H.ieln.Hk, 4'!, ll.iml.ilt.
tran. 8J
I'hrlixi r.iinly; "i"; ptr.i. II
,11, l0: lliul.t.vl,, 4". It ml at.
l!i,n, !'.
Ttiom'en n-iiiit) '
i..w;t, 4 ltni-iio- k, i: in.' iii
'liij.liuildins in I d?Ijo.
(lonliinte l iWlm
. i, l,,i, N.iv
. t.ltoU "-lit--
I hi t 4 ' I. . I" !el- f.-l 'liv i i
.t ... t -1 o la. plen.U r. ! . ."
ail I.. , !..! lei 1 . l.tul.l 1
,i, ' .-a o tl I no I K ..
.-..( , r 1- iinuu; I t I'l-
Kli l B Ki"Hil l-t-tt.'
i'.- l c..111 i ; h' .ot e vu
, . e. t t r- I the
j i . . . . I
tM i .s 1 1 ;... ) . i I ' 1 i
. i, " ( ....-. -t (..!.. '
,i i 1... i vti w i- b tv c - t
f a I o W ' - 1 I 't
J M - t - t tr
f k 't I ! h'" ' ,,i
' - i. uk, .i I e.tiii i
, .IHkl.'H ' I .
, . tu I III e
"'- lv- V
i v 4 i l '- i
...( .( i-i-. '. i"
Ipw-l i, " !--
I-. ' I I t j i
i ML mm mm
' IJtA K.W, ? .:.....
itMi iimiiiimwi mmmmj - - - - '
Here are Hie flint picture to
.lniiiiileii, Muled eilnier, liiiie to fly acros Ilie North Tale, Ilie Muud, lilx nliip, In frozen nolldly Inlo the
Ice, while Amundsen ami I. lent. Omilulil, liU pllid, "III live In a miiuII poitiilile ioiim at Wiilnwriuhl, HO mllm
from I'olnt Harrow. Hie Ksldmix-x who helped load the Maud are nhowii (olinf ahoitrd the mhooner (', h,
If olrtifM, llm last vee to ee AiiiuikIm'H.
Ht. Loiiix, Nov, 7, USy A. l',h
Jamea A. Heed, I'lilled Htatea aenator
from MIxHourl, In one of thu moat
Mtterly conleated electlona the atate
of Mlaaotirl Ima ever known, wiih
leadlriK Ida repiihllcan opponent, It, It.
I'-rewdter, for re election hy nearly
5.H0O votea tin the face of early re
turna tonlnht, Three hundred thirty
aevi n ptn Iik-Ih out of a total of 3.S73
Khvb Il'-el IIS.Ti'itf, lirewater 31,10.",
The entire atalo congreaalonal
ticket iilan hhowed aymptoma, In the
early teporla, of returning; definitely,
to the denioi-nitli! columna.
Kapecial Intereat attached to the
race In tho Kluhth conKi'CHnlonal dla
trlct, where Mr. HI. Clair Moaa, the
only woman candidate for atate olllce
on the ticket, allowed a 2 to 1 lead
over her repiihllcan opponent, P.onch.
Nentlerlntl return from 17 out of the
222 pieclnctM of the dintr.rt Have her
1,510, HKaltift SSI for Uoach.
Kentucky -
TouiHvllle, Ky., Nov, 7. Incomplete
return from the II conKi'cHlonal dla
tr eta In Kentucky ahow hut two cloae
(ontei'la. In the Klflh repulillcnna
claim the election of A. II. Thatcher
hy approximately D.OOO vote with 5!)
precinct mlHninK Democratic, head
quarter claim the election of Ken-
(irlck J,cwl ty approximately 1,000.
San FninclHco, Nov. 7. Partial re
turn from 158 precincts ecattered
ihroiiwhoitt California Rive for kov
crnor; Itlchaidson (1 ), 9,(111; Voolwin.
4.105; lluir (HI, 1. l'or 1'nllcd Htate
aenator SO- precinct plve Johnaon
1,01)5; Pearson, 504; Necdhain (l'ro), 4.
Kor lieutenant, governor, 51 precinct
give Voitni-7, 7112; Hhenrcr, 2S5,
North Dakota
Faro, N. !., Nov. 7. The flrat
rctuins from North Imkota waa one
prec in t from (Iratid Fork which
pave for I'nitcd S!alen aenntor Kra
zler, repuhlican, 34; O'Connor, demo
crat, 2S, For governor, Nentoa, te
puhllcan, 31; Lemke, Independent, 24.
Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 7. Six pre
cinct in Arizona, three of them In
Phoenix, fcave f,,r governor: Thomaa
K. Caniphell (It), 1,007; !. W. P. Hunt
r, 1.106.
No Change in Fiscal Sysfein,
New IJrit isli Premier Says
London, Nov. 7 The new Kovcrn
ment will make no fundamental
change In the lineal ayatem. nccord
InK to Premier Ilonar Law, apeaklng
In London tonight.
Neither doea it Intend any funda
mental chanwea in the constitution of
the house of Ionia for the flrat three
or four aeaalona of parliament.
Andy Files Campaign Statement
'100 Tor Cent for the People" Candidate Blames
Min for Delay-Spent $33,4&1.75, of Which $300
Was for "Baby Rattles."
'!islatii;tiiti, Nov. " I'.biminu the i
d-luy on M.n. h dmu a uual ln hind i
lie aknH of Ins .piuti-.l wife. I
Andrew Hump, the 'lu pr cent for
the p-opli" mtnbdate for coiiRfr
ti cat M.i! are, iii-t.f-l J.ln ratnpaltrn
etpviiW .ii'iotint to the iliik of the
,Mlle of rrprewllluttvee -l-rd.y , t
nn.hrd t'liftk l'is Hue
tvihn l-V p-Hil itt pv.ry n I K.rr
tl- .nttur.. .-f I ; , i p lolniM-.f It!
wh ,t,e bv the i U-i k a t't-tsu
f.d in I f r.l with t erws .- ,
n'i.' a f el In l . -l-1 t-a -1- r .
at ;
I I. ik i'Aur i.tHH.iti .d ll,t Mr
U.m't" " "I fvi" 1 i" f"in h-'o -t.mi..
I b ..nieitil U'e. .pt
t t ' " Klltt t'.lld' H
. .n.4 f- l li.a lift,. ill
r, i, hi t i i u
'I n, lll ' Hi I Iv'iKl
4.teti hhii1; .vini.i- '
the ip'! !. u.t li
ti.t i" tiii f ir JUr vo l.
tn uk eiuju.i. ef l Jl'-h ,
4 f - t ' t 4 C , '
1.1U I t ' t I
i ti
tl t
I t
..i-4 tl lu
. fk I b.a
i n t rf' a
i ..i (! r .i
ih ,-ik ii, set
Ii t , i 1. ' !
i . i . a o il
i, i t -
,ln, i 4 W .1 t kjfc I H l tk I
II . tUl Vll 'l h-l
I i. r t. .. f it .
l,. ll.., )'! i i
(u I ,t I-,1 'k 4 S4 i-l
1 t t Hit. VI k IMIt
tl, . .1 I 44 1.H v
I A ' 1 '
U lit4 It lb.Uit'
Goes Into Winter Quarters
arrive from I he frown north from
62 Are Sentenced
on Narcotic Law
Will He Sfiit to I-favciiworlli
and Oilier I'Vtlcral Frisoim
Some Fined.
Kixly-lwo peraona havo heen aen
lenced In tho United Ktatea dlalrlct
court at Omaha for violation of the
Hit rrlaon narcotic law. Their tiumea
nnd the aentencea Impoaed are Klven
In the Hat hcloW. Men aentenced to
Imprlaonment for one year ami one
day or more will he confined in the
federal prlaon at. Leavenworth; col
ored () women at tho Correct Ion villi-
farm near Cleveland, O.; white (w)
women at the Mhakopee reformatory
near Khakopee, Minn, Thoao aen
tenced to Imprlaonment for leaa than
one year nnd one day to the Doujflaa
county Jail. The Hat follow.
Will McVurmy, fi,ur yenm: Churl
livuit, Din-e yeiim; Kreit Ktokpn, Ihrpfl
jri-Brn; Jul Nol'li-n, ttir yar: Will
JiOoiHon, two ynr; .Inmeii an-t, thr-
ycHm: Il:irry ItiKtnljih, two ymr; W nr-r-n
llnly, two y rn; Merrill (.'unniim
harn. 1 in'inlliM; lr. Oeerae A. AtiKiin,
on yi-ur onn rtny: Miiltln tln.wn, it:) on
ynr ere itny; Noah Murkburn, nn yut
nnn liny; I.ennnril Harn'-tt, on y'r one
'tiiy; Jetin lif-ruifir, nn j-cjir ene (!v;
K'-nry Kvnnn, oni year one itny: Verel
K'lwuriU, one ymr on- il-iy; Bill Oilbert,
nnn year nn ilny; KiiKi-nn fioklf-n, one
i-nr m iIl-.v; I'eie liuinnreiii'o, one y-ir
nnn tiiy; i'lar'-a lluiiir ("), one y-nr
nn tiy; .Tnlin O'N'-ll, one y-r in ly;
Dixie Miu-k (w), on (Mr nnn rtny, Wll
m Merlin ('). one yenr one ilny; i'hnrl-
Martin, one year one rtny; Krunrla Miller
(w). one yi-nr nne tuy; Jnm- Ryan (!
Mntnen), on yi-r nne rtny; !e ItlEirlnB.
nnn ynr nne rty; Hunton fl'nni-rin rd, one
yflur nna nay; i.uey nmon in, onp yni
nne (lay; .Innephln PHnenn (e), nnn year
onn ilny; Kmnm Whlln (e), orio year one
Any; .luiirn-in Vllaon (w), one year one
rtny; ,luiiii' Wllla, one yir on" ilny, J.ln
coin NbkIi, one year oue ilnv; Khwiiie C''iy
(i, one year one itny;Kntit Hfirlf-tl, flvff
irontlia; .John Ilurnn, two mnnDia; Hurry
i hionln-r, two innnlha: fillvi-r Huff, two
mntithn; It.-ilph ,t. I.lnMe, two nionilm;
Charlee Morli-y, one month; Charli-a Mlteh.
ell, two mmitha; Krnnk Mnrun or Mnor,
two ninnttia; I.Of,lii- MnrrU, one inentlt;
Al IVtemon. ItiP-i- nientha: iluater lilK
liv, onn nionih; Hohpri fimllh, nne nienih;
.li'im-B Theman, enn month; Whit",
two nn,nllH; Alonzn W i 1 i tn me. Iwo
meiitha; Hownrit Hoin-U, thrp- nionttwi;
V;mry ,tlii-r, ine innnih; Will p-wln.
ihrue monilia; Krnl Mullory, t nil) fine;
Mra. l:rnle Miillury, $1 fln; MnrKarPl
Vnlknr, ln fine; .T i". Mi, II fine;
Wllllnm Mofiraw, II fine; Hl.-tla Ahmnrp,
ai-nteni e riiit,onel ; Kll Lnvl, K'-ntoni-e
I,nntpnnprt ; Klnma, apnti-nce peatjioneit;
lii,rilf' WalFiin, It fine.
Thoa mnrkeil have filed notice of
Commotion at Poll.
Police were called to the polling
place In the sc hool houae at Twenty
eighth avenue nnd Webater street at
11 Tueadny morning when a ballot
tally man appeared an hour before hi
schedule either ill or Intoxicated.
When Patrolman William Cummins;
arrlvod, however, the election ofllcial
had departed and officials at the poll
aald the man hnd told them he had
eaten eome had soup which had af
fected his atomach and his head.
Mm c.'ilb'd out to me; 'Andy, 1 forgot
to mail that report.'
"I jumped ntx'-it aix f'-et In the air,
pirouetted around like a Cunoin' he
In.u.lll end cunee.1 like Captain Kldd.
nnd nnnlly anw ahtiMlve that M.n
knlvdtfeil her honor with a Mimic pm
A Sfmii a I came to I riihM down
to the ii i. til l-i x tHt f.i.l you could
have pldW I rhei ker mi my coat t i.l
I in-el!.iii Ihim f.uta tit t-iiiiMiii-e you
of my entire g'n"
lit Ms men iiitom liui. o l.-"n!a
tifi i f II i" fti oi I I" 1 lUni vol
fn ni the Wi.lcw Yin.t.r II ijo.-tell
I nil fluii Ul d.titll h-i pli.r.l ilt
M 'l'ti. I i I i f Ii ftil
' X 1'V I . I. "
t i . t. ript in hu l';ii-r ', i ,i
ii, III, la l a i '!,,. Ii. Uf'ln th- (ul, K
Ilia! Hi MH
Miti pl.t i' t a g"i"l 4t fi.r I-
Ut It 111 t. Ii I I'.' Mi B. -tkl iH t
tnutt I...1 i ,., itt,ii4i"ii f-r M.o
jiii I l't,.'.i j t tinfaj tit .-
Ii I f Ii ! f al I il Am
Jia It- ! t mi lln ul t K-,'
al. I I- t'.f 1,,-H IH i f
llei.ti.. Ii4i,tii lhr l i '.(1 tw
Ins 1 1', ii at h ii
I .1-1.1 e .i- l I. l.u t '" "'HI ii
I . Ii 111 Id , i.i.j i .
flVllttl 4 lill'IIHS M
It Ikaiim at ( (! u !
a. i I,,,,.!.,,, , . ion ,iij it. It)
i t t) 1 1 i a.. i a l'li I ' fc.i
111 J t .1 I. ..I. t I'H II I T l .
"! h immn ihe.ti.uc an In til
I .a a, - .
I l U .f Ml
1 .. . N s S , .1
t m' ' tie time I' a
I- i-. . . la t I' e lav I,. m I
I--,.! , ' " ..-l !, t,,t
n-t At-4jf ItVtlW U v a
-v.... I
TtUinw-t board iiur Ik
the AiiiiiikNcm parly, In which ICaolil
Politician Accused
of Election Fraud
Kaniia 4'lly, Mo,, Nov, 7, Tom
Lawler, di-mocuitio ward politician,
arreated on a chaise of conaplracy to
violate the federal election lawa, waa
releiiBed on 15,001) hand when ar
ralKtied. Ilia preliminary hcarlntt waa
act for Friday,
Three other di-fi ndaiita who made
aworn atnti nient, m-cordlnK to the
police, that they went inatructvd how
to vote and under what naniea 10
vo(o lit !tiwlr'tf clitnr alore, fulled to
futnlah hond and weru ont to Jail,
The men were Tom Oihhona, who
xa id he came to Kanaaa r.'lty a week
tiKo from ht. Ioula; c, W. Heehner,
who aald ho camo from Wyoming 10
day nu", nnd C, H. Dolan, who aald
he waa from Nchraek.i.
New York Theater, Famous
30 VearH Ago, lazetl hy Fire
New Vork. Nov. 7. Tim laxl preaa
notice of a theater that 30 yeara hko
waa one of tho mot fanioua play
houae In tho country appeared today
In the announcement that fire had de
stroyed Miner', at lti5 Jlowery, A
blaze that atarted In tho hnlcony do
atroyed a Bleat part of the old the
ater and tone of water poured Into
the auditorium dripped over' the atn?o
that, forgotten for yeara, waa once
the center of tho Manhattan apoll.ght.
Mlner'a theater, 30 year oko, waa
one of an Kroup whoan fame waa not
bounded hy city limit; It waa claaaed
with Harry William' In PlttHburKh,
llydo and lielman'a In lirooklyn, the
Poaton Atheneum and Tony l'aator'a.
President to Fay Wreath
on Gravf? of Unknown Hero
Wfiahltmlon, Nov. 7. Pri-Hldent
Harding, Hecretury of War Weeks
and Ki-cretary of tho Navy Denhy,
with military cacort, will go to the
grave of the unknown soldier on
Armiatice day and leave a wreath
there after a brief ceremony, which Is
i Xpected to r-xlahllah a precedent to
he followed throughout tho yeaia.
No national holiday will he pro
claimed by thu prcHldent, who la aald
tc feel tho ainiple exercise ut the
grave n favorable In expreaalng offi
cial government recognition of the
Hotly of Old Woman, Missing
2 Years, Found in Swamp
Trovers City, Mich., Nov. 7.
Henzie county authorities today were
reviewing tho disappearance more
than two years ago of Mrs. John Mat
tlce, 84, and preparing for an Inquest
to he held tomorrow over the skele
ton found yesterday In a swamp two
miles from her former home at Honor.
Identification of tho skeleton ns
that of Mrs. Mattlce was mnde hy
relatives after examining the heel of
a shoo nnd a few hnii plns of unusual
design, found with the remains.
Iilanket Challenge Issued
Against Texas Candidate
Wichita Pills. Tix., Nov. 7. A
blanket challenge of all ballots on
which M aylleld name appeared as
seiiiiliiriiil candidate and of all votes
for M ivfleld cast l y audi ballots was
presented nt pr.ietlcallv nil boxes In
Wichita county by I'eddy supporters
The chnlli nte was prcmled verbally
at each of the polliitir places, the ton
t ail. mi bi lug the Injunction Is
Sled by .IlliU e M il klni'li at (Irnrkheck
' itqii nnl I lin ing M,i field Itilllie on
the I 'lll.'t is m il In i rin I.
('idilinluis Miill Aiiiintei tn D.Hi",lierl
V (aliiiiKliiii, Nov T -Atui iil u T
1IH"! of 1 ' luMll'lll 1 1 n i, I . ,
I - Ihi diiiiLint In Attiirney iivioi.,1
I lullll'ii 1 II I'l It i r-. Cel. tli.y i
ton, II I, 'IH I l 'I ' i. 1 ! ,(!
ii.'iitiKil i. le .t wveied bi ion
I'tlttlia Will ttm il-1' Hlll.i I'l . t ,ia
,ir lOllhie.l, IH iMibl tloit he till , 1. 1 It
i- I t i i - It' l at i -1
t 111 Wti.t I ii.' . ,
SI I'rr IUl,h
I'tiiv ft ly Jit'lf
ii film tiM f'.il
Nnn utk, t 4e ah.lln p.i
itx h the t-iue Ik li.hnt.4ta.
4ail4nal, . ! MiJ.iJitt iu
(ltl 14. bit Ml lu hat atl
II. i hut atottr tl-41.1 Me kaa 4I..
ttothiiat lt Muitltl ii..'l In
f hnltl h.lMJ "iMatthatl' l
the Ih. ! Mi Mitani l4"ha,
Wltha a4 111 I l I lit III
KU Hi altalltM I fc,t ktitill .iH. h.
VM Iff la It ,
' I h4 IfeMlwl l h.l4, MM4lt4
lta 4iat t ! hi Ihat ha" tlhl
t. tl I t tutt hut iHl.l" 4hl
IM twailhalt, I 4. I tl
tit II nta H, Ittattl lJ41 a, 4t
ka4 m
Finn ral Serit e Held fur
Mrs. J. Ilttrry Kulakofsky
Funeral unioi for Mrs, J. Iluny
Kulllkofaky Hill held Hf the leal
1I1 nee, Mu4 ISiitge eiritl, jiaieidtiy
afternoon, I:.iM,i Hnleii of pia
Molma and Cnheii of KiinHint City of
f ii I lit : (a.
I'Mllln iirt-i Were Hurry Wolf, Carl
i" i c
BurgesstBSash mwm.
Twin Tub Electric
"One Minute" Washer
Two Heparate wanner on bench.
Four position wringer. Folding racks
for extra tub or basket.
Sold on Convenient Payment Terms
Prices Range from $79.50 to $133.50
Burteaa-Naah HouMfurnlabinf Department Fetirth Floor
Cold-plated Safely Pint All
sizes; card , ... ,5c
Rick Rack Braid Yard ..le
J. P, Coats Best Thread All
sizes; ,12 spools 56c
Dr. Parker and Hickory Un-
derwaittt AU sizes;
each 39c
Pure Rubber Jiffy Pants
For babies; pair 15c
King's Baiting Thread 2
spools , , , , 5c
Iniida Skirt Belting Black
and white; yard 5c
Bet Pearl Button Assorted; card 10c
Human Hair Neti Cap shape;
dozen 35c
"Ritz" Double Meih Heir Net
Fringe or cap shape; per
dozen 80c
Sewon Hois Supporter
White or pink; 2 rmirs, 25c
Fifty Vsrd. Silk Thread All
colors; spool 5c
Burf eii-Naih Main Floor
Boudoir Pillows
Oblong, round and heart
shapes in pink, blue or gold,
and trimmed with filet laee.
The pillow itself is filled with
silk floss and covered with
white cambric. Each
$1.50 to $3.95
uriaii-Naah Second Floor
The Most Wonderful Linens in Years
At the Lowest Prices We Have Known in That Time
.With the lately increased tariff and its resultant
effect upon imports, women will treasure true Irish
linens as they have never treasured them before. We
Linen. Towels
Very fine quality all white
huek towels. Generous 18x34
inch size. Specially priced.
Each, 59c
Quite Unusual This Selling
Electric Sewing Machine
! 1 Wf)
-T. " "a- ataatr
Tlie ' I leal" M.-. Vii lrr, en.'-y
ae. i ti klV a.lj .sift, iiiatitri diirMnrf a
I til) ! ta
11 kU at only 3S
ui-tt S .S - laMlh I'oaat
Sateen , IVicalme, VarJ, 19c
Mt t tnl it Irt'iti U l j.irtl In Kth. Att 'v
l!Mit ili'y f t lirtiti'. "t iiil "ti tnh i,Hh
In tnt ) tUi Sta
K'aUen' in, I'l Harm v Kully and Hi t
I Iniilt Allt-l lifli-ll nf lillllllllt Uflil Kill
Ivtitvlit hi 'I II. my lliiii-li 111 of I'm
Voiilh Plan t eiiei'
oil Cull-ill W ho Sliot Him
Ja. oh Wiigin-r, pi. :'tnli Noilh
I Thirteenth street, eald elenlay he
One Whole Carload of
Electric Washing Machines
There Is Most Always Need of
Fresh New Curtains
for Some Room
Fringed Curtains
Included are Tuscan, casement
and filet nets. 35 and 44-inch
sizes; all are finished with
fringe. Each
$1.75 to $6.75
Buraa-Naab Drapery
Crash Toweling
18-inch width Irish linen
crash toweling. Suitable for
dish toweK as it leaves no lint
Yard. 25c
Wait laia-faaalt
Machine is t'uip
I'eil with fnot con.
trul, AitntUttti wal
nut l'rrlll( falae.
Complete set of
lirltl (Intel at
1 n hniriita with
W hit h ttt tin . I k!ljt
tif fancy wit f
A rt ''let B Ml '
. hint t-if iifiil
t ril w little 11 . It IS
ma. I an I ily
t4 V I Ul.l a f il.'Ht.
Tint s ni
In lit )n'ir t .tia.
te lur,
- r
'J. I
would nvti.uti hiniwlf upon bis
: 1 illlklll. Jim- ITi. akhrl llttlk lhat HtlOl
nut i f a shnlKUii shell and dlachargiil
the powder Into Jacob's thl(lt lust
i Monday,
"I won't shoot him," said Jacob.
"I will 11 m' my ilukea 011 Ii mi."
A pluviometer I au Instrument for
roeasiirlng raliifnll.
Special Demonstration and
Selling-November 8th to 25th
A factory expert will be here this week to demonstrate the
most practical, the most satisfactory, and the economical
machine: The "One Minute" Electric Wa.sher. As a special fea
ture during these two weeks, we include with the jrurchase of the
machine, your choice of the following items:
Copper Boiler, No. 8 Size (or)
"Hot Point" 6-lb. Electric Iron.
Included is the New
Rotary Electric Machine
Kotary "One-Minute" washer, cabinet
type machine in which water is forced
through the clothes 28 times every minute,
Crisp, fresh curtains moderately
sliced are always of interest to house-,
.vives. Recent shipments have brought
j many designs and patterns that there
"ems to be a never ending variety.
Ruffled Curtains
of Dotted Swiss
Pair, $2.39
Dotted Swiss has made most attrac
tive as well as serviceable curtains.
Many patterns from which to choose.
All have ruffled tie-backs to match.
Filet Curtains
Conventional a 11 over and
dainty border patterns of filet
net. All are finished with lace
edges. Fair
$3.95 to $4.50
Shop Fourth Floor
list these four as representative of our Wednesday
values, an opportunity that few will feel they can
afford to overlook.
Irish Damask
Tuble cloths that will retain
their satin finish after many
iiiunderinirs. In size ,rirW5i,
Faeh, $1 95
-ocoea ftoa
A Special Selling of
Standard Phonographs
At Much Less
Than Regular
If you j1i tt have the
riiiuvitn tit f a ihiitojfrttjih
thi wtlitiT, rihap you
will inn- to take advantage
.t thi: Imtitdl nffi-r of hiirh
i;r4le Ituihitir it griatlv
ItdiUetS I'tlff.
3 lW..e MtkiMi-Mll
I I keaet Ma.ktaea Tl
1 Iheeef Ma. - l? 11
I l kn l,
a V1.I.1 M4hie-t t.
ktai M..h..e Tl
Msalaia tliea t
Selai Ms. hit.. J IS.
tThrt r ifi .'llitir jii'.l Slid hi.ulitr,
h Irrti ul lit our tltt.itilalt.itt ImhUi. NiMvli
tllatiHkuihlU frm tiw r ti i . If nu h a
niiii with whith )t tar t"t s.tiu.l, ia km
t 4t it 'It lait I'AVtitent ot. one .f thrt.
tnk fkataxa' W I I aa
WKAfS SI It NT IHI Al I Y lit. AM I)
22IT fat nam Slrrtl
TalafiKunaai Omaha, ATlaellr 0.1 4(1 I
6oulh Mala, MA rkrl OOltO I
Gift Suggestions
Appropriate frifts for the
home of a friend whose most
cherished possessions are her
wadding gifts.
China and
Cut Crystal In fantastic
Coniole Set Of glass and
Picard China Hand decorat
ed. Stemware Salad plates and
Decorated Clan For the
Burg -Naah Fourth Floor
Damask Napkins
Fine quality Irish linen nap
kins in many pretty pattern
i.n.i dttigns. Sii'i 21x21 (.uchitm
Dozen, $4.95
I - .-vra) K
Z- v 1 1
ri ('
-F M?I 'i H
1 1 ,1, '
u .
,-.. t,a tilt vu-HKH
l.lw tM 1 ,' .-