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    Tilt: OMAHA r.KK: MONM.U. (HTOUhK uii, iv:
North Nebraska
Farmers Buying
Feeder Stock
Huiiimt Corn Crop Starts
Wave of Prosperity Many
(!alW Mail for
SImi krr.
Norfolk. Th firmer In north N
lrak and vrtiihfn Month I'mhoI
it tinipy i'n mor. Whr tli rlruuth
thlna rnlrM for th farmer
lil th aouth I'liitt rnunlry lV turn
li.K tha Com lnlk to a hi', 1ry
rlp, In north ) 'li II" Ui rorn
Ik on and liulliate riirtrully a iM
-'IliiiI in that of taut yaar tha lil
K-t In many yr. Karrn'ra ran'l
lunl rornplr kara, who apta-ar to l
luiaaliiK tin vr. KariiiTD want to ft
Hi mrn out (f I ho flrhla new and
lull It to fM'i'r who nra paying front
fit to Hi rtuia a buahel fur the corn,
and ai'Mimd 112 for hny.
Ke.r raiila ara romlna; Into thla
trritor jr hy th r tnlnl from Wyom
ing. hr thi-r hna hii n no rain In
tiion'haand wrwra th en Mia .rower
hava no fl, Hom- of thi-mi fi-oiler
are too advaniwd In yeata for dehorn
inr mil anion a; the aiorlt whl'-h to
now tclnH fal on the auTiln grain and
hay In north Ni-hraaka la tfca lon
horned 'Uiillly from (li Wyoming
ran' Thr will ha flnlrhl off In
to !i ilaya an m-hirim
i;fi to t d.iva and lhen lilil tu
Ihn vuiliiu ItvfHtixk murkx.
I'oiiiity Hvrnta In irn th'tilly rvoi y
north Nchruaktt (ounty hava a Ion;
Itat of frui-ra who wimt rorn pluk
ara, 'I ha towna hava tweri a-ur-h-1
for nii'ii. lint tln-m aro no ufplhant
M ho want J"l.
In ""k-ijiI limtano, niixU la Ix'inK
limn-d Into th i:ornfldd. Tha farm
ia lifllcvi'd In thin way they will aava
I ha money paid to corn pl kir, at
thi nunc time adding Wflifht to lhlr
rati la.
In tha p:iat tlir- pk, In Nor
folk alone, fi.OoH whlli' fin fi.'-.linff
altla luiv li-aii purrhni by farm
, who ara fcwlloK thlr. corn on
tha ground that they (mi make mora
inoin-y In thla way thnn taking lh
rorn to tniirlii-l. Una furinnr hronxhl
'.''I h'iK inio Aniaworlli rweiitly. haili
i wiiirhd Iiio pounda and over.
The fanner aald ha kwpt a record on
tha rum h fwd and the Iik.tpum In
wplglit In hla hi a ranll-d in Iring
lri htm '0 cf-niK a huxhrl for hla
'OI li.
School Ifoyi Pit k Potatoes
During Full Vacation
.S.oiiahlutf-tHy A. IMwfi-r
200 and 200 wli-ad Itoya of Htolt Illuff
county, rciillttlnx tl acutctieaa of the
labor HiortiigH In thti potuto flrlda,
took (KlvaiiliiK of tin; thrffilny holi
day during th! atj-te tMihiri' convrn
'Ion to Hid fiirncra In the (-ommniilty
ill plrklnn iwitiitoca, Thran forr a
tb m.irahnllad hy 1'hll K'ldon, thi(
(ounty fxtt-nalon agHit, hla nuK'xtunt,
Mia. Klimt-y and Mlxa Aila M. Ilalde
inan. county Biiprlntimdi-tit. of hi hoola.
According to Mr. Hhftldon, who dl
ilacvtH the work, even the mallT
Vija of thla army auwaeded In nver-
nginif per hoy h total or o liualieia
per day,
Grain in Uuffalo (lounty
I Oaniittl ),y Weevil
Kearney Thn weevil hue mudi) It
Appearance In gruin atorage bin over
the entire county, according to re
port received from farmer, Many
of them, who are fitted to do ao, are
fumigating agnlnxt the weevil, other
are mailing their grain to market be
fore further damage I done. The long
la already very heavy. The weevil
flrat mail It npprurunre In old grain,
which had been atored for two or
morn yearn.
Act ietlitcil Motk Year
Will Knil on November 1
The Heptrmber report of the ac
credited flock project conducted by
the extetialon aervice of the atale ag
ricultural college ehowa 4HJ.474 egg
produced by the flock enrolled. The
fgg nalea were $10,(113.27, atock aalr
3.0,'i4 03, total antra. $ I .(lt!7.S0. Thla
ia the record of from 25 to 30 flock
for II month. The mouth of October
will complete the flrat year of tbi
Winter Wheat U Ditniapetl
hy Drouth Near Gruiul Inland
lliaml lelaiul Fai niera of eenlrul
Nebraaka me reporting the drouth
condition at prem nt the moat gerluua
that have faced them In :i yeara. Hev
eral report the winter wheat I Ho aerl
oualy ihiniaged from the lack of mola
lur ae to be an ulmoat a itvinplete
oe. while other fit hit, ulieinly turned
brown, will require rain within n
eeU to ai e tin lu.
DtirotD Average SI OH
at York l'uhlic Sale
York (ienrgo J- " J- I'lnilg
held Ihur a' aule of iMroc hoga
here There w. re In attt ii.taipe buyer
from cm r l"'i mile. Hutytwo head
were "ld and av. i.ige price paid wa
f;i. The lot brought l - In
the lot w lt "pnng which v
t rage I etch. With the ei.-eptlnn
of fHe ' the bnlaine w.-rf apring
ud fi-I gd
Hairy Gallic Aerace
at Nile in Colunihu
I'tiUilublia - I hm one head i f .tally
.ltle er
aei ,ti .t. w i - ,-,'
,.vr .i"t at
it pui'l.t- aale ettniluttevl
v II M
Wii.rltu.l rtwii.'er of the
t mi ,.! i I.ureit, ii'tipany. at Ih
1 i ,ile i-tM.u ol t'-'lill. I'Ua A
fir . t. n.Ln. t Mt.l.alol t'' l1' lo- j
.( .1- i.iti.l t -r ti Hk ia inituu.
it a iii in tr in-l i" f'
el!f , t iv
Kfin r4r Hltio iiiu'
M in Ira. I. f..r UVhh
H- ii i - VI I . u.i. f
tn-li lo i' .i. I.. I tha nuaitif
mi fiu vl It M J.-.,.!!, .nth ?
Ill. itir-. t U .t.M.telti MiKi
S sa... ,, th. ,t, , Jeeklp. l '
ea l. .,.,i i4 IdaU. ,
- l. vt .. rti.a
t u-nrlnll. ,4 tfl,l
rUttt Su hn liu
iw "U't ., if
. I te a- I It. .a f , l.a t
el S. ,u..u, K. Ii.el
it w ai lai efe ie4
Business-Like Lease
Urged for State Farms
Farm leaalni" In Nehraaka muat J
tranaarted tin mora tmainea Ilka
baaia, If tenant fiimilng la to become
profitahle, la tha opinion of th I'rof.
II. '. J-'lllry of th I'nlveraity r4 N
hraeka. In rtrenl artlrla aptwurlng
In itata farm puMP-atlon. 1'rof. HI
ley rltea aeven eeaenMnla of gnc4
farm leaae.
'I'hea are: y
t, It tntlat I written.
S, It tntiet l definite.
3, It ihould piovldo for rop ro
tation. 4. It ahnuld provld'i for tha rail
ing f Irguniea.
b. U ahoiild em ouragn tha beep
ing of liveatork.
1. It ahoiild put a penalty tin ra ra
le", allpho imth'ida,
7. It ahould Ir.aura tha tenant
aa,ilnt toning on removal; tut tha
value of fertilizer recently applied In
exeeae for tha amount normally pro
diiriKl on the fiirm: (hi graaaea or le
guinea reieiit ly aownd on whl h he
pnr hiieea the aerd.
Trof. h'llley (Ilea that lh openee
of fninilng huva Ini reaaej In retent
yeara to au h an tent that old
forma of leaiwl hava heroin obsolete.
Ila !n'e th nuinlier of tenant farma
In Nehraakg haa InTeaaed from 1
per rent In 10 to 42 H per cent In
Corn Stalk )ii-ae and
Cholera ut Handolph
Itiindolph The rorn atalk dtaeaaa
hia beKiiu to make Ila pM-arnnrc In
thin vicinity. n fiirtii'-r tieiir hera
loat five heud of good at off and tmall
er toaaea have been reported from
i.omeioiia imi'leia. Hog cholera la
ii Uo prevalent, h', K. lienatn of near
Mclviin loalng HI) out of 91 head of
liogM. Another fiiriner hail 12', hoga
ah k at one time, none of which died,
Hint Sale of Dunxn
Average $53 at Handolph
Jtandolph The Klotz aule of I nil 00
Jeraey hoga Waa held here, alorkmen
from all over north Nebranka being
In attendance. The Illotx herd aire,
Orion Chief Henautlon, I a full
brother to Cormtrin-tor, the nutlonul
chuiiiplon, and the Illotz herd num
bered lumi tlaaay atuff. Hprlng and
full liour averaged f 53.30,
Farm Agents' Notes
T''tiin-h Kield rnaeiino war tiM en
the C. v. Iniun rrin i)nlr It nn-1 the
ll.rm.n l(.M,ih.l farm ea ctot,ar it,
eiul-r lha ef the Jnhn.n rounty
'1,111 buraau a fid lha alala enllxa nf ae.
ii.yjiura fur the purpeae n( ahuwtng Hie
Hi.,- dirfcranias In rem yield i,r the va
rliua vart"toa enmrnonly grown In th '
founty, and la d.aarmina tha haat local
v.rl.iV., In yl.ld in th. ,li
haa liin diarmlna,! In thla and baat e
": , ""- """.
.rlm-nia i ha i tha rempa rativalr arnoinh
r will oulrlal'l tha r.aihr typ rrom
fiva to aat-i-ti liijtit.a per a-r and avan
niura in many Inafareia, ,
Drain, a Til Oai; eiiunty fair, whlr h
la apoiitured hy tha eoumy farm burrau,
j-rovad h au'-rana Una yar In every way,
aeeorilliig to linyd Illat, the eounty
tenaioa afaiit. 1'wanty thauaand parion
paaard Ihinugtl tlia galea darlnc tha an-
poalilon, l. raporia. Kvery avallabli
Kvary available
apai'a for lltnl..-k, poultry, fruit, food
aii'l taiillaa waa filled. Th woman '
aahlhlta, Iniludii.g food), taiula and (In
aria, wra illxilayi-.l In lnora nuraereua
iiiantlti' Irian at the Nahraaaa Mala
fur Hi, a' JikIkIii colli. -la anil ex tit hi,
th.- livaato'-k parad. animal i-lrisue,
hallar l.ahy parade and Industrial enhlt.l
I loo wiira f--iuria of th fair.
Taa poultry floeke ef Haa reality ara
lariliif on lha ".,1 ni
1, 'i'ir.lii to Mr, lllnl. Theaf poultry
hrradaia will cull out all under
Kail, thma laettina; liraad i'hracteriatlc,
tli'.aa dlaaau'd and Ihna ahowlna Inferior
raiiaclt'i (or larln. A atandard of It
av per Iiti th flrat year and 100 tin
.r hnn lha aennd year haa leian at.
Klorka will ba f-4 for rut production. In
addition, n exact record a kept of lha
anna laid ami th aort of fed eunaumed.
A hunibar of niacilnaa will l, held aiiuuif
lha rnamhara ituniia tha year to talk over
tha proaraaa of th work. Th folloln
(la i-iiioily peraon tiava Uei-larvd for
red 1 1 I'd (lo,-ka: I'nve lloealnrer. V II.
I'ana, f'ertlari.t; Mr lleeraa I'ulitelt, in.
Witt: Mra Al'arl lllfkcly Mr Vac On.
hie, Mra. A A Khlea. rtatrtca- B. J.
I l. Ilranl M, Hherai.n. It'.lmaavllle;
Kvaii Coa, Vt'y.,nra, and Mra I. C, Hlr
men, Odall,
Fifty i-nrnhiiakara ara needed In (Jane
county. Mr. Kiel, Ilia counly (ant, r.
t'lJim. Th. Iwrm hiiranu ofrica la unnhla
l.i ii..l- lha itiCly riaila. Corn In tluaa
.i.unly la imikln from 20 to I,D bunhala
I'.-r a'-rr, U'aira for comhuitkare ranau
from it cnia to 6 cent par l.uahel.
Weat Puinl Kvary aviiilahla cornhuakr
la in Ciiitilna meaty, firlda Ih'iaa duya. re.
porta Knnalh I Kouia. county ! nl.,n
dnt A rordm to Mr route, lha corn
la ! mod tmaiity, ! very dry and tha
yield la ao.l in all parte of ha counly
Tha farm huri-.iti haa Oe.-n nuikin nn ef
fort lo enhance the atipply of wurketa for
-urnhiiekln. hut repiiea to n.ulric aent
to lalmr burenua In Lincoln atid tnnaha.
aiu.w that thaa aaenciea ar Handle out
hut frw rortili.iakt.ra. dMaplte lha libera)
coiipeneatlon offered The agetii-ii-a atatf
thai there are few ralle for work on farma
and that tflhnreie preferred to taka
in the clilce to ftimui cunlv, the
wnea nffreil vary frcm I to t centa
per h'lehel i.f hueked com
Tha trm bureau ef 1'uniinf rotinfv atill
la leariiia v hnee of the wiirH ef the Viii
pi im. Mr Koule. lha ou"tv aBi.i.
eleiea licit li'-tnheia have ,t.l
i-'iae al ini,.- ii.iui.a a, ro. lr.,ri' Krwok
Tovlle of Vt I'... nt .. luin..! lha bel
iuie e.i fr r-p.,itd e. e' the lo'ei
iH-iied l.v thla le add f-.r tT er an
evpreee of lisj Thi, we the f.rat prlre
l-:a ctil. Idler at the et,r.ikn Mi.ite
( le ami the f ' rt pr'ie pit- tluu .iar at,,i
the Ntll..n.l feme aho at I'a-1
r.a ale-i Wvre rom the inter
Hheneii-r reireei-,!'nif u hree-t
ef ihvaioeli t-it,iareliveir t-i-w to the
l omnute'iy ara inlr.-.tu- e,t. thv lt.iu'd l.a
t",i.t ii.,tiMul an-l a-.'-t ttp-a ef the
breed they r-i-iaa-nt. ac ..'dm t, Vlr
r,uie, '-utiM ear - Uil.tral ealeeelen
aarni II.. ed.ia.-e r-i.i ali--r th anion
are buiught , fc tpa itata and Illat on-r
yeiin eto. k be mi. Kaaed
I'urief lha 1 nl et nan al l-tveal-wk ea-r-,it
,n et i i'1- ! . t. rn.,re : te h -l.
a hy r. I tfia it eh. Th v-tu.-t
tc.y, i.tere -.,tit ui e -a l"-.i . n n I
h li I Ir.l. Ih.e eli I ui.her f 1
'M ' ' t
r. et p-i.,.ltl Mk. ea I i
,..lll t-l " I
I II I MtiHf. t Ol MT 1
0ee. la tea,". o-' t-e lie.
I -la . I . a.. , " la I ' - !
a-u ike -tjn1 .' va lie" a
1 b .
II -a a
t ,.f ta
a a j '
li Ik
t. If I.
11 en 1
. k li. 'a - ih-u a a
m ... 1 fc. 1 e
lie I .i ea I .a I ,.,
r ... -a ef tii un t(, ia
a, t.i. I' .! ... a .a,i..t
., . ik. a a..
aeeaaaia I'..t , at I a. ai
liliiMH Hlnisn
,.e. - a 1 aili nOf fltr it - -w--
"V.,:.i,we t ... e,a J... V-...... ' ' ' ' "J" , ' l! " ., '"A 'r
,,.,,.l,,..i in a .oe.a i.. a-t -a ta :
I .,,., .a
a . li
t, I -a
t - a t ,
... I , I 1
.1 .... -i
. a . 1-
- I - - - -
I - I '
. 1 t 11 . 1.
1 .... - I .
ae t i-e
Warehouse Law
Rulings Ordered
Cliargci Diinieeil y Court
When Unlireimetl Operator
Storei Grain Too Long.
iJloomfU-ld. II. V. t'unnlnghani
waa found not guilty of having vlo
lated th proilelona nf the warehou
ct When iJlatrlct Judge Welch aua
tallied motion to dieinlea th cane
on both ruunta charged In th Indict
ment, Th aperlDc charge waa that
of atorlng grain without having
taken out a llrenee.
Tha flrat count covered an lnatani
her tenant farmer hauled In th
ehait of grain belonging to th land
lord, It Itt-lng more than 10 day from
the time the Aral loud waa hauled In
until th laat load wee delivered and
a check given In payment. Judge
Welch held that the 10 daya allowed
th buyer to pay for grain after de
livery did not atart until after th
Pnal load had been hauled In, there
lielng tin delivery until the verbal
contract by which th grain had been
aold to Cunningham had been ful
fill".!, Tha aerond count covered an In
atania where a tenant, who waa mov
ing from one farm to another, gaked
and received perinleelnn from Clin-
nlHifhim li fr,r hie irrftin In the let.
tera elevator niinng me penou in
which he waa making the change of
farma, agreeing to remove tha grain
within 10 daya and no charge being
made for the atorage, Had weather
and road and alckneea In the futility
prevented him from getting the grain
out within the 10 day epeclflrd.
Judge. Welch held that Cunningham
ahould not bo penalized for the ten'
anl'a fullure to remove the grain;
on the ground, for h would then be
Unit h'i could not dump the grain out
liable for damage.
Loh Angeles Movie Patron
Pay $2,r00,000 War Taxen
Jai Angelea, Oct, 29.Thre million
pel none utletiiled motion (ilcttira the
ateia In Ia Angelea laat year, pay
ing a total of 2.S00,0')a il0 the
I 'lilted Htiifca treuaury for war tax.
iiiccording to Collector of Internal
llevenue Ooodcrll. Th local olflce
! collected 20,000,000 In inuumc taxea
llHt yeur.
i" i1.-l'i.l tu held th mil annual
' ' ''"l Jun- VV. H. I'ump-
' eromter county tnnalon aant,
I f"','"", '"'.k"' "rnaparia f.,r the raiHe
1 """rf In thia and urroundina cuuntlea
VPr nrlgnt.
A nw a'hoolhoiiaa In Iilatrht T, Juat
north and ai nt Htn.kvlllii, waa drdl-
"I. Mlaa Joale Meaaarinlth, tha laai har,
tniepioterl a aurcaaalul preaiam, wtiluti
Z'Z:.;.' ?1., Ztt.t
niaravui aana. ir. woitom, a plonaar
In lha dlairlct, rt'llvartd an llilaraatln
laeiura on th hlaiary f th anhool dia
trui from Ha organiiatlon. In tha aarly
daya Mr, Mollorn aald, taarhara ware "im
pi.riad.'' Nowaaaya, learner ara anaaxarl
l tnun tha community, all of whlt-h, h
i auld, aoaa to ahow that thla community
j fa annua the etate program of cnsagina
il'iira from ih rural dtatrli.ta.
l.aitnaion A trial ahipmant of dairy
p'ii arrival In benlnatori and ware ilia-
ronaa ot In rapM onlar among tarmara ta
tlua vlrinlf y. Tlia price paid par haa.l
avaracd lift;. 10. Tha hlKhrat brought
line and th lowe,t H
t'etnand for enatern cattle ta ao araat In
liawon eounty thai Alva H. Heeht, Ih
eotiuly eatenalon aaant, reporta that an
other order will be placed wlihin the
roura of evera! weeka.
Mlea Ann .yl, field editor for a'a farm publication, apeni aevetul
duya In the county l.-iat weelc. Hh la vlelt
Iti varlooa alate liiapactltig- the work of
(he farm hureeua, eapardally from wom
an' and a chllrl'a alandpolat. Mlaa Coyla
aaela'a In editing th children pa of
ilia magazine.
. huyler I'. H. Klewart, agronomlat of
thn aima college of agriculture, aealeted at
th IiuhIOiik bra held t Ilia farm nt
bawl linel Inat week. Heven dtlferent
klnda of corn were huaked and the yield
rtiiermlned for tha aaine. Hit of tha varia
nce wara grown urirler the aame rondl
floiia and a cenAlderabla variation In yield
wna aliown, a.'cirdlng lo (Mement Kuaka,
the counly agent, I lie greateat eontraeti
I-1 . 1 between Ih amooih and tha rough
corn. The rough corn yielded 6 buahela
wbereaa the atnoolh yielded . buehela
Ktnooth corn, according to dal furnlaln-d
by tha extennion a.-rvk-a of tha atale agri
cultural eollega, J yielding on n aver.
,ig of five buehela per acre mora than tha
rough corn.
rilatr Although no good, field of eer.
clover waa available thl ynar In the
.ounty. I'arl A. OKon, the county axten
al..n g.nt. nialruaine that thla crop la
tha greateat of all ferlllliera. Many of
the clay knoba In tha hilly portlona of
Waehiiigtoa couni' produced corn thla
year abundantly wher aweal clover had
been grown. Where other fertlllier la
uaid Mr. Oleon ch.lrna that a lluht appli
cation i.f barn terminer la belter than
haavv for tha r'-aaon thai heavy appli
cations tend tu aid In tha burning of crop,
on the Tucker farm, barn (ertlllier waa
epread only five tnua to tha aire and Hie
mra yield wa I buahela mora par cra.
To data. Dr. Hmlth report finding flv
reactora out of 7HI hand of rattle reteated
for tuberrulcale. Ha aaya thla la a o..d
allowing, being only . per cent. Tha
i ounty agent. Carl Olaon, aaaerta that
Vt' county fartnata buaineaa men
and citiiaiia aenarally, wnulj aland aolldly
b hind a .-omplete retat of tha whole
county In order to atfeet a complete
rnllen Weehingliul ci.limv le one or no.
flr i-oji.tiea Hi te I'luU-d Kiaiea lo ndu-
pt. le a let
Torn la eo (ii.kI in Wa-liliin'on rouMVi
thai farmeia ara olferlt.g 4 r.nla t r i
bii.bel to huakrre nd at Hie aanie time
cUltn lhal Ihe lukt-re call li."-' aa mil. h j
,ea.v at that iie than If paid mote I I
;... a.l( the cine la nol an good. i
rordtn to lha e.iuwv a-nt. ri,e .ounty'
.-all a mal.y lnora n.ia-, na
Til m.H ( IH NTV.
ll.l.rer nf tha ! pnaliry fimja an
teie.t on tha "' lha)ar
.-.ituui, ih I e.t.teii,r-r fiN- re,.u.
II,. ..J loa I ! teanlla lien, ,
i. Hi. e t, v'
aalva tiV Tt at.-a eaU. PU M,
1,-ial a. lea. It'. laa-t e,.al, ltell,
n.l r.tuti.i :; j. rtiiri.a ef t.en.
i i
. .t..,...d a,.taiiihr
I" " . .. . .
Ji M .(.
. t-e-a a
.la i
the f le. -t ' a a
la I Ijm """a .....
k ai.... aJ w ,, , tet. t - h '
t.r.e li al.l . vm al 0"' '
.1. ... ... t . let ,. t ' "
l ll e a. alt Iti'' I
t -i. , a
t.t l.-i l.
t .,, 1 . 1 a
I te a
It It
. ... II H
.!..' '
S - I,"
.... ... t- I fe - . I t at
n. I , , ... tt .. it I
, e W-e - "a a '
' .... a-a. t I aa- I' t 'et
I. lee
It I l.'. t.l l.t
l.-f k. 4 a.a- Itu'i.i'tt
rt 1. al .!.-. 'a
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... . t., .1 '.t I - 1 '
r. .4 .- i t ' lt.t- - -
!...- t I- ' "
al 1 , - . ' u . . . t -4 . . '
i,.,-. I 11- I -1 ,,,! a.' .
let . a
1 V... 1 . a e.-- l e
'I , , l , 1. I .1 a
Si-t-a. aa a. - 1 u-i
-.ii,-,.- .-.t a- - 1 -a
t i ... , 1 ... ,
t - I . . ai - -..,., , ,
l ,r . . i ,,- -
in r . r... !
nome economics uass ;
Largest in History;
According to aurvey made at th" '
fHate Agrlrultuml college, the Utt
i cla In the hiatory of the honi eio- j
lliornlra depiirtmenl will le gtailnetxl.
I neat June. Klfty elght Joiin w.iiiriij
will receive their degieea lit that time,
It la emliiuitcd. Th" liwjorlty wlllj
teach home et onomhe; of the i tln ra, i
ion la plunnlng to go Into the buel
jncee World applying Imr Iioimi ei i
Inomlca training tneir; one deelua lu
; become a nutrition worker among
erhool I'hllilien; thrrn will enter ho-
.ii.ita in. lent iliet li lima. and twn!hoi being the i onlnli nr.- when
will go Into tha Institutional field aal"1'" r-'""::."' b1" v,!"'', '
..,.".. . ,i1,-M.ira "" y ea)ltiu Mho wna
. m .. I.........
inrrn nie hi invrirnv i- ii""-"' "
it eophotiioit : 41 Junior mid ri Hdull
lei m la regletercd III the home e. o
l.onili depaiiinent of the colhge, fig
urea ahow. Hftyfhe atudi-nta Mis
taking work In home n oiioinu a who
ara reglatered In other rollcgea, muk
lug a t' tnl of 20 aitidenta inking one
or inure rouraea In the economlca de.
Teachers College
Aids Farm Pupils
Mueic Id Int lmli il in Fkteu!ror th rm u
eion Course of Keurney
Keurney d'.y A. I',) A movement
thut hide fair to bring an uppiei lation
and, enjoyment of liiualo Into rural
home hue been aturted ihi.Lt the, ijo
rcctloii of the rural rduration ilepuit
Incut of Kearney Htale Trui hera' rob
lego here, llroup leeeona In the play
ing of tho piano and of note reading
11 lien iirii, i ,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,
thla method la uaed are the ufftlluled j(i1(.r und daughter meeting again .Ixbed mid how Inevitably good dill
rural eehooia of the college und nrelnfter 11 lung parting; revealed tlw !' '"'n mn rewarded: about how Infalll
the flrat rural achool in tho country Igulf between them. Mem hml rnmnul j ''ly right their fnlher wait, and am h
In which the teaching of the plunu la! 'lie gulf. Hhe had dwell In the blajf toinmonplni e hoilarhold perjuriea. Hhe
incornoruteil In the rlirrl. liluni. It In
The aucceaa width haa gieeted the
flrat effort of the Worker wna dem
on! ruled at the meeting of the fourth
diatrlct Ncbruaka Hlatc Tcurhcra' un-
awiatlon, held ut North I Matte, Hlu-
dent of aeveral of the a'hoola gave
examplt-e of the method of coiidm t-
Ing the work, eaperlally In devtlopliig
thn Henae of accent mid rhythm and
individual pbinn playing by atudenta
who had tuken but three leaaona.
Actual tegrhlng In (he milHlc de
piirtment I under the direction of
Mr. John Meyer of the college. In
the arhool where teacher have hud
Inatructlon In the method, theno In-
latructor conduct the work u part
of the arhool program. The rural
chool In the affiliation urn film
wood, Collin, lllverdale, Newark,
Kort Kearney and Murk. At tho
CJlenwood and Collin achoola, the
work In' taught by the regular In
atrnctora. Ml Mue f'rulae and Mina
Hybll I!arrrtt
The jiluti of the Itiatruclm of thl
eourae I not to mnlie flnlKhert n nrl "V ,,r permai emotion. i- i i.-ioaiio career. Anil It would be
flrromnbeheil muHlclun of atiM-nt, I At home ahe lived In a. dull old , 1,',,,K '1"!""i'lt'"" t" infamy to nd
l.ut I. ,llc.c.H m.lole fur ll, tiiiriiime I hOIIMO uh devoid of nrcbltectural flip- '.f- 't her job even in
.... ..... ...
or brlimiiie; into the atuiienm nro un
oppreelatlon of mualfi and to nve
Mm the rudiment of note rending-'
and cnle interpretation, o that he
may have the prroundwork for tnklntr
up a more definite nnd exha native
Htijdy of in iihIi- ut a later period.
(,'t)liiiiil)iirt ScIiooIh Plan
Vocational Training
t'olumbtiH. f'o-o'perallnK wllh the
vocational training cl parlrnent of the
atttte iinlveralty, Huperlntendent Mc
Oen will arratiKc for nlitht acliool
courae In a variety of mibjerfn dur
Ins the winter month for men nnd
women over hlh echool aire. fourBea
rontemplatetl Include tho various Hub
Jecta Ineoiporated In romruerolal, vo
cational and home economlca train
ing and InKtruotlntiw. in Kmllnh and
Civic, the latter beini? especially de
a.'Kned to unlnt iieraona of fuicisin
birth to puaa examinntion for ailrnis
alon to tltlitenehip.
l"re;rhtftii 1 v hnvP " ''""''"t-i'iK "f'irit unlike any;
t.reignlOIl I IIIVCrllJ. ! other wiutworka. The ilummie at-
lir Ralph U. l.uikHrt f tha medical tltudiiilze, beckon, nml eomnitind at- !
faculty haa hern notified ef hla election i.(, .,. ,i, , , . '
lo a rellowahip In tha American folleg f"'-'"" b. their II tlf'.l ii tiy vivacity, ;
of Hurirentia. othera of thn fr-U-hion where fue indolent wax figures of i
ataff enloyina ihe ettme rtieiln.'tloii are ahopa of ntlii'i- cltiea arn content to 1
lira, llaetimHn, Connell, t.itng.lon, M.-Mar- Hr,m,i utin ut.rt i,in , ,
tin. almanek and Wolrolt Ura. H.yan 11 H"" .. Cl' t" ,mtk Uni1
Riley, Ka.-ha. Tyler and Iiialinng re fet- make no effurt to sell their ware.
Iowa of the American (.'oleg of I'hyal- Mm had acted a role In make up I
rlan- . . . befurn eiimera; she had learned to 1
At the rt-.-ent aiiniinl convention of tha ,,,.,.., ..,, . ' . ,'
North Nebraska aaaoeiation at ""' and a mi a nd ride, to compete '
Norfolk, I'teiahinn iilunini cic-ied wllh young men in nlliletlea, bual- '
to lha iioaiiinna of pn-aideni. vice p-eei. nCHH, repartee nml flirtation Her
dent and ae.-retry. lir. Warren R. Hall i,fl,it. uu i.,. i,...., ,. i, , . ' ,
of N-.rflk, ih preel.lcnt. la ..f the .!,. H,,!i", longer a h.-leful hIu-ouiI ,
of ltn: rir. Franc-a Krederl. k Thi'inen. or, the apint, but a finely articulated, I
'17, of rrenhton la vice president, nnd giilloplng alei-d for the aotlt to rldo '
fir II r. Johnaon, '11 of W.iuea, la ec- n, ,)U( tl,,,,;, p,.es.
"in0!!!- recent American T.eklon Hack , Kh" H" ''hanged OtltHlde lllld 111,
nd field tnt at atmlturii In ! "rom culrfnie to fuotircar, that lit flret 1
l.oulalana. fhiirP-a II M.ireartv t reighton , her .. n mother had imt recwrn!7ef 1
I.I- M. 1(2. maiieuer ..f the fr.-lght.iii iu-;u,r .,, ..,,..,. .., ,' ,
dent union, won a In the etand. ne !.',."' """ attieH who had t
broad Jump und in the hih .lump. i. nd t"'l ilown upon lief, flung lier back I
waa nne of the in. n who h-d!.-d to cue!!.!! the train, and treate.J Jicr ti a '
Neiiraaka fourth Mae aninnif tha i freah air filitd waif I nier Mbn i
leading alalea .. . . all. 1.1. .' . .. '
In m lnr .in it-. I (. luh.
), t '.Tin l, k in iU hi t-ni iin
f the .'r.-.;-h-
i on ri'ttfitw n nil ilfitn, tn rtm) itim
tht tt ilit u.'t"rii in itn '' (r-ih-
ton f'tiHrm-N l' 111 i.p"rl'1v ltnl.,.1
It Id !i h'il mih m e k 'I'lfrifi th f '! -.!)
.'tttftn 'n i'" t"il tu tr th ui ff
Ihp nt Jtlatil. m un.f-r III-' ui'rftinc
o( lh H'U-UM uiti- M. i'w i"iriM-i. I in
lo "btilM ut " null v uni smn-t i
itnuitiK "'iih'i'B 'i..rK' " I l
Hmfei't !' f' ll'IHaJ V I"
i- u.(n'. .1 m -1 1 v !tn-.-iT a i ihn " 'i
v''M' frl'T i.t"l Ih Jiti-'-rtl
rnlvfrfily of Ntirafk;i
1'l.a a a-.-..p .ii j ; -. . ...
-e ,', nf-t". , .'l i.e I I l ' '
ta i- ..t..ta V,,,t.r I -; '
Il'-.e ,1-.1.. .!,,,. l,-.,i .1,..-. -i, ,l.
e , Lu, I. 1 I at- f . ,t .! t. . .' n
i.ia t .
t , ,
II If- e
la r .1 !'. l h
ill. 4 lull III . 1.
a. ia '- .... o l -.
l-eeett mt ,.f It-.,,
a-t evlit-ael a'.lt
i ,,11
(hi ' j i t".
kea4e a- e il .
1. 1
lie t .h.,
it , ',
1 a. a i . 1
Mi.MjII.I (ll.llt -fff
f I . 1
1 1 a
fc ...
. it.
1 .,. t . ,
it nnlluueii rriuii klur4a).
T mother! "In every i iliaiKMHIIoii of her mid In r thlilka
ie p'" !ut l-VH re- ! Mir uccciile.l the n .ini room iind
Ih'W I
i lower
apoinled ! her pilllh' bv Ull lllllioet bi.iveiv. flif biiiHhcd, "I'll
lig II lift t f.irthi'i' clown In the amk''
in.. I iiilileil th- true old briiveryt
"I'liei-i- up! The .iit In yet In nine."
Unli a fi w dollaia from 1 Vii
H.inn.rf rewiiiicea M.'iu I . h . I, the li.iln
to I'alin HpnngK, h-r ono t einiiluiiiit
'I 'd
him naih'it I'alin ihiuku In tlinn
In have a little talk Villi Mil l,n k,
Willi Wll I loHllIK l.llt lll'l' hlWlllINK ii n.l
Uoo. will h it w.tHbri wotniiii Iind
.n I'.iniii; to take her boy Terry to
the col,..i rtly of lia Angiba. Till
wuh a g.lllll.le, imbt il. II n. Melll wna
fi 'ighleiied by Whet "lie hud eet on
fool. Hie found nothing an terrify
ii H Inning In r mlvli n ae
i'e't. ., Hh hnil not 1 1 all.-. I w lint an
! ii in v of ilililien waa already 1411111'-
lrie 1 ,0 Angrl.a.
Ity working nil lh time and never
m oiling miii li .Mr. ))ok had lie
etmiiilaleil 11 pittatni' (hat looked Ilk"
a f.iitnne to her. Hho would Iind that
lig Angelea prlrea were not amleil to
keep retired luuniln-NMi a In luxury for
an exniiiicii prriou. juit I Ila I waa
Hhe und her boy nml Mem atoml on
(lie platform, waiting for tha tip
liaiu. atid wlieii Mia. Kleibboi rtrolilie.I
IT I atepa Mnu put her right barki'"" i" irinn.
011 neiilii. Hhe ran forwurd Mid per- Mr. Hteildoii w.ia one of fhoae
Niiait . the baggaKemiin to carry
Mr. Hleiblon' trunk vn to T-o An jb.M a million Ilea i.j keep nuu poor
gelt-a. It hik only when the train 1 """I 'ri"n being dumped Into hell,
waa thing once more through the had never quiie underatnod the
(leeri-t that ahe nml h'-r niofli-r found aoi'linai y larredrnce tho truth
a chance fur real greet loga-and llii'li ; ""d uaurped over love, mercy, cnir
they were rextraliicil by the preaeiice '""V' and lolivenleme, Hhe never
1 of other piiMaenger.
At leant Mia, Hleddoii wna n-Mlnilil
'cil, Mem whh etliniilafi d.
i . , , fi,,iii,,r tiintier of n
aiinllghl. lu fi blight, a gaudy
bungalow with nolay frli-nir. The
hoiiae wna made to look well from thn
atrert. The toil of nil thn lnli intu
wa toward piilillcatlon, the entertain-
llietlt of the pllblir. Mrtn'a tK'W lltllhl
Hon wa to parade lier emotion be
fore the world und Monti tho world'
emotion. There wa far, far more
In thlM than mere rourolt or oaletita
Hon, Hhe wanted to help mankind
by educating nml rxerRlalng It
l inooda, ii even the moat ardent ev.-in-I
pellet I not without nnxb ty for pub
lic attention, for the merkeHt haa hi
pride und hi gree, of notice from hla
find If not from hla public,
Ho now Mem felt that It would be
a ahnrne tu b-t theae gt ranger think
hn did not love her Mother treiuon
doiinly. Hhe devoui ed the lit tie old
woman with k lane and rareege, li nil
hIih did not keep her voice Iniiuillble.
That, wun her new Ideal nf devotion
Hhe wa iidvertllng her love a little,
but no more than religion people;
Haunt their creed.
Mr. Hleddon w.i no le aulow
with Joy lit the recovery of )ur lot
lamb, and no leg aware of the
utnlii lice, but. ehe felt rjuelleil hv It
i'lml uti'Ier nn obllKiitlon not to Jlw tn-Tt
I tierie na of a-riieea. The ntttida ttere:"1'" inierno,
alway down and the ideal of that
bonne waa that thn neighbor ahould !
never know of it extarenee, rjnod
hotme were aeon und not heard.
Hhe wna troubled by Mem volu
ble enlhUHlaain, her warm rlolhe, her
enrele rapture, her demonstrative
iiffeetlona. Klin did not mar the featl
val by rebukinif In-r fhild. but ahe
Brew a bit more ouiet nnd renorvpd.
' if ', lv" ft " i-'hi to
H.wi-r ine average.
Mr, rtteddnn'a body had traveled
thoiiH,-indn of tnllcH, but her until had
not. budded. Hhe waa Juat what Mem
had left in the village, looking, Indeed,
a bit more village In her bonneted
ahabblnea than before. Hut to the
mother Mem waa altered almnat be
yond reoogiiitlon,
ller milriliuil wardrobe lmd been
enormoiiMly enlarged nnd Ihe clothe
upon her body were of another world, j
T.ob Angelea haa fashion of rtreita '
that are all her own. Many of the I
moving picture people are ennapleti
mm anywhere by their sartorial tllf- !
ference. Kven the wnx llgiire In !
the Hlion windowB of T,os Amrele i
'hat tbw bitiierflv v,i h.-it
iind come out of ,-, ctirvHilia '
Hint "hi' li.ili,,-,! P..l,.,,,
tm.l tl,u i-lillil. , i,t , ,.v,.r
IIHii-i toil I,. ,- i,f hh i-,i,nhli. f
mi im, in- in. 1. un, ,rili..H0a
Th- entft luiniifv ftuni th niutin
Ulna iiml tliri.iijrll t h tlua.Tt Into !lu
i.r.iiu i. rt .'ii.. fur he
Hi tli.' J..I0III-1 el,., in;,,!,. ,,.. ulth
M tu ,
.li nn ti,
lli.-i. It
. f
I'.-l :.
llfl !!
!. -It'll
UiliK tit eat itu--l,.un ,.,r..
N f.'i i.t'ua f-i-iii li.uiie.' 1,1,1
I., 1. 1 iiirnt.. tu iir.
""fl'iinj ' hera. tf .
l Inol tl I, , e,
i .let 1 ti; il-lt-t'tur
' -I U r ,i , (, I Hv - Ml In a
I I I.
'tin. S:
I ' - Mill,.'
i- e - Mm Im I
IiKrl f,M,.1
' t. -I
f 1 'h
i ' i . -I 1 ,1.. . in ,,,1
I - ' hi't I I. II t .l,-'l t I. ler
i I I. .11. e,et el,,- I, , ,l,.nn
.1 I.
"HI t .it 1 .1
In.r. I
.1 10
I .1 It,
. f !..,
i, I
made no demur at th iler..i.itn ii
It-it by It Lite iHcUpant ' anupeholN
of rollh klng bt-nch pin in a, or ln.tne
I j. I, riii- tiiiough cumin, of linek
it,meia. of rjrda Willi iii'r
I hoti (ir.iplm und nueer Joken, por
ti.ola of elate and othcie, nil In
high plute of eai'iirini'iit,
Inning the Irulti i nl- it ml Mein'a
i h.-itti-r Mi". Hteildoii had been doing
line KtirncHl ihinkinf,' In ii little pit
!?,iti bruin room Jnet bark of the ml
illtoiium. Her hiifbatid bud pleilned
her 1.1 mile linn fianKly bow their
poor 1 1 1 1 1 1 waa end how anon ehe
would be ationg enough to I .a bioiight
1 bin k brine Mm Hteildoii bad prompt
Iv n.ill.e.l that Mini waa far loo
etrotig to In. brought baa k timiin al
ull. Hint irahe.l, iihi, that If ehe
I wrote her hnebainl frankly Juet bow
Mem waa und what ehe waa Up to.
In-. KteiMon would probably fall dead
In hia utmly, or have an apoplexy In
tin- pulpit when be atoml up to
1 mom g Hi" am of hla congregation
ami roll Iiih whip hauil ataye.l hy the
fact that hla own ahelliied (at hnd
ymitt wronger Umii nny girl In town
of recent Memory,
Mr. HteiMon tlld tint want to com
nut rniiribr. Hhe waa not like that
ancient niomoer of eelf preaorvatlon
who aald that If nil mankind atood on
it bahuii'K to be dumped Info hell tin-
Ice ho told 11 lie, It waa hi duty to
; 'ra veil wrctrhc vt ho would
, ",Ml lit her own la half or to auve her-
I"" blamr. Hhe lieil to the
cnii.ireii annul Hanla Claua, about
now iiitiKty nail children lire tiun-
t1"1 '" ", r nilMininil Inceaaatitly about
i ""w wine n waa, how eloquent. Hhe
"td'll"d lintrulh generally ua a kind
or arnica, n niMtalil panacea.
Her only healtaiice now concerned
JUHt what untruth It wag an feat und
moat a.'itlefai tury to tell hllil.
Hhe wa a wicked woman, and It
wa email wonder that ahe rapidly
l.ipacd Into enormou popularity
among the IohI otiia of Hollywood,
Kortunately, her daughter left her
alone for a while and ahe had time
In her bedroom to work out an at
tractive lie. Hhe miief any that Mem
waa well. M'hat waa a good eolld fact
to rent the apringboiml of fancy on,
Hhe muHt explain that Mem had left
I 'ulin KpiliigH for li Angelea. 'hy?
Well, burn uae ah hud u rhanre to
Improve her poalilon und her doctor
mild that, i'alin Hprlng, wa too full
of pulm or gomethlng. A doctor'
advice waa the beat bet. beruuae a
doctor wn the only human power
that her huahund recognized n ti
pi't lor to hla own impolite.
Next, what wa Mem doing In T-o
Aiigele to Kiipport heraelf? Hhe had
written that ahe needed no more
money from home. It would be fatal
ito ay that alio hail entererl uiion a
,,'M'S' Kl"(iloii chewed the end of
i1"-' penholder Into pulp before a llgnt
rroin gome place Inapired her. Old
IncronHo Mather, In explaining how
old wllche did not always alnk when
thrown Into Ihe water, observed (hat
the devil ,can nlnn work inlracleH, and
it. niUHt linve been Hcelzebub wiio up.
held thla old witch of a Mr. Ftetfdon
In tho deep waters about her.
Hut the miracles of hell, like thoee
of heaven, confer only ii temporary
la-nefit. Dr. riteddon would accept
her falHi'hoods without atiaplcion, tmt
woe unto her when he ahould learn
the hideous truth.
Kor tho moment, however, Vra
Hteddon was Inapired to write to her
truHtlng hiiHband that she found Mem
Iiivery good health and engaged in
Orkin Brothers
ICth and Harney
Givo credit where
credit is due
for thn popularity
mid enlargement
of their
Hosiery Department
to advertising
in general,
but chiefly to
shown ut the
World, Sun, Moon ai.d
Muse Theatres.
Film Advertising Service
C-36 Paxton Bld. JA 1893
MM 'to-
jS -F
All With Guarantee
IMJ Puutla. lei. I'eu. KM
Dizzy Spells
Jr I tuallr lu la
Cvn.i tifm fi. n
nkr uu arai (iMtetipatau,
nut rnouiN ut .Sluf'
luuriraliat' linuul i k ra
il 'u ol ij h I lt krep
lha ftautl saat a. ill 4
mmint, lmtara ptrwrilea
ttjui lttlta II Kll ilk
1)11 natural luhe-traa, tni
ItbUifa it.
IwfcttM ! (
ti aaeal.ruA f
I.I !
VaV4 tr.
r w
1- V
in. e. nlike wi.ik In the
the ptiliho li- I
lit nice ladle
1 1 .i i v nt pietty good pay
the ctiet of living; nltiii th
iHi.u'illiig With aoinn right
iiUo in library work t.t the ' llltve You Hid Mralghtfoi wr4
dieaa given. Hhe cloeej with aoine j ii,t, Vour lbiui;hli if
rem.irk on the lieuutlea of t'allfor- nienta. have you ever h.ol ,i h.-nl-inn.
a bind Him lud hud been ttful 1 1 ,t tnlk with Hint il.iiifcliter of
partial to.
Aa elm titimhe.l llila letter Mi. Mul
don fell ilixtv, bhe etomlertd If her
gl.tdini-n might bv the II ret uymptnm
of whatever It w.ia that ran led off
Hunphliu und her hiietwml.
Hut, rt'iiiemberlng thnf Faipphlni
had fallen ilown, ehe dei ideil In It
down llret, Hhe fell ualeep and did
not know- that l,eva la'titulte, (leer
lug In und airing her there altelitii'd
out, white haireil ninl briiign, had
looked upon her aa 11 tinnl eaint and,
tiptoeing lu. had Mpreud over her a
Navulti bliiiiket of hai lo red and
VS hlle her mother alept Mem wept,
more freely and copiouely llinu In ull
her life brf.iie,
(Te lltt tuutliiuetl Tuniaerv )
Uncle Sam Says
tioternnieiit Map of Nehrahlia,
The I'nited Htutc tleologlcnl Hur
ley In one of the largcet puhlialiera
of muia. It laniea muia of miwt of
(ho eiuti-a. ull of tho iiatlnnal parka
Olid of the I 'lilted Htatea. Three map
ahow the prlnclpul rltlra. towna.
c( ream, railroad ami the main po
ll! leul aubdlvlelone. i
The map of Nebtaeki la 31 by J.ri '
Ini hea und eella for 40 renla. (
Tha (Hiialia liee Inforugitloii Hit
reuti, 4n:i6 New Mamtmhlre avenue,
Waahlngton, J). C, will piirrhnee and
forward n copy of tlio map to rend-1
er of The limhaii Hoe 011 receipt of i
the amount In 1 or 2-cent atumpa, 1
'Wince thn government due not iicrrpt I
pavmeniH 111 eiampa, our information
bureau will accept the atampa 11111'
Hiibatltute cuah for them. Thla la part
of our service to you.
Ilea Want Ada produce reaull.
-A sbry of unusual appeal Ic
those vho dcliOht in a drama
of love and adventure with a
inslcry that one cannot solve
until the very end of' the story
Louise Qlaum
In "Ecn't Shoot"
Today and All Werk
V.nw Tea .
.villi iiijiaiu
Prisoner cZcnda
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fjski rtaSF fTtvT i N I 1
r&ffljf, m -v 'n t'ie e8t Picture and
1 I i rIe f h' career'
j Wmf- "Rags to Riches"
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Iirt J S I Som.thinf N.w in Comedy I p T A I
WZ r 1 Bill YHVA 1 tv
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'btleween Dince Tues.jy
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F-mprrtt Kutlic C.ardrn
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Common Sense
L . . -
volna who niav eooll dm Ida upon A
life partio i .'
Are you each d.Haliiiig "ty girl
would imt hat anwhiim to do with
a man like that." irferring ti omn
giWHl fur nothing fellow?
Not often will tnlk of thla kind 1I0
any good nfb r it girl hna begun to
reullv believe that ehe la III love.
If you could ait down and think and
talk calmly It might do "omit good
Hut lalklmf calmlv I imt pnibl
after the girl ilriliba ahe la in l.ive.
Ho auppotie .mhi an over the im-rite
and deinerltN of th" young fellowa na
thev look to you, fiotii what you
know almut th. 111.
A Mill better plan would be to ex
plain In the hllle l.nly what man led
life mruim. und annm of the thing
ehe eliiuild require from tho luatl elm
in.iriiiK. ,
And don't do all the talking; ht
her cxprcea her Idea freely,
Hive her a chum e to think and ad
vance In-c hh na. whether you approve
or not. und tjin not cull Hum willy ,
and let It go at that.
Hlrulithtforw.iid argument ahoiilil
i, ...,.,1,. ,in,i Vini will eel aniiiew heir
.iierhupn, before It 1 too lute.
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Aae 40: iltvltlrlid rrilnre ttlll rent
after tint yr; vrgamred I'tii ail
over !l)0 milium. Wtlte lor iiecinin
poliry al yiuir ail.
720 l'lr Trul Blil. Omaha
II W Mnw pi a vi Mr.
Ijiat Word in Mualtal Comady
Raaervad Mriianln Clrct Saala
now salt ing at box olllc trom 12i30
to :30 p. m. dally.
Matinee Dally, 2tlS Every Night, Bllg
(In Peraon)
With a Company of Tan Player
In "Welcome Home"
De Voe and Al l.loyd
Jolinny .Singer and Dancing Dolla
in "Tuneful Talea"
CooU, Mortimer & Harvey
Hael Saatell
7'opica of Day Aeaop' Fablaa
Palhe New
in "Tha l aat Car"
Matineaa, 15c lo 60c; Nighte, 16c to (I
Oi.lj lilrla au.J Mualc Kit" la Town
fcfcll. Y. atunenr
With GEO. DOUGLAS an All-Star Call Includlni
SADIE BANKS an Hla Naw tihow
Ladlai' Tleaati. Ho er 25 at Daily Mat., 2:l(
Hat. Mm. & Wk.: "Hia JamUone'' ami
Frank Hunter.
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