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11 A
Dublin (lily of
Fears and Tears,
Says American
.Life ami Fortune Cuunl Nollt
ing; Honor Only Important
' Thing, Sayi Famou
iMUin, Oct. Sn.A city of fears anij la tl m crtptlon, i.f ttulillrt
which a rt"iit Amcricun visitor fc-iiv.
Iiifmi Itolilnmiii, iinlnl lilh plny
wr:aiit ami author of the "White
Jlcu lf.l Hoy," tma written dm f.illi.w
111 (lira nt Dublin, which hi
limn irririiHlfn of a Inihllti mood
la w plcc i.f wrfi't iirtialry,
ity i.i:nso iioiunmiv,
'Tli Iwinl City," lio liilirnnirrd,
ktiiiliiK fur a iiimiiriit ml O'l'onnHI
l 1'Iku. Ami a I" I'miIciI down I ha
iivr lia rcfli'i'liMl Inalstilannoiialy nn
III itlKiir of Ilia cuatoin hUH
loiim. '"I'lm )"n( (.'it y." lirltlnd lilin
i ha Four 1'nuita atwrt ghastly ruin,
i in hia left hari'l O'Connsll lret
audi ,.i up to that fl-rt (hut was
still ciillnfl it alrast. On rlsjht listnl
V.11 the city luill, tilth II guru of
imopl wultliiK to look on d'-al Mli haul
ll'nrnlly In tlil dcuil city una
I ml to m i1dil intra adf lf.ira
nn I'nilil c apart order or ilrci-ncy,
lit- llllll clllin(Ti I till t tiny to
Iwve point tint inplimutlon of fh-i
I'.lii'li' Ihliix, II iij(iiMifi'i thiil II vn
nil it (iuckIIoii of honor, An mill
dull Iiimti ttiltiit lii n iionrxlMti'iit ,"
I'tlllic llll rlllll tllllch CfillliJ III'VIT IH
I iiiknii, mil cvmi fur llin hiiWi of rn'
II tlminlif of Torviild'a pom.
l.oKity In "Tlii I II at llou." ' ,V
man sii'-rifcrs Mm honor vn for ons
lin IiIvch'"
1 'f lit ttrf ari-ftinl lo lilt p(ipi"l 1
T 't viilil's, ' other Ihlncs cuulil ho
liMiilly broken fortunes luo'icii,
llw l.roltfn licnrt broken, hit' to
tli liiKliri' patriotism Ihi-a countc.l
for no' hi. K.
.' 1 1 , I ' ihi iii kin p 1 h;r oath, and
win ti llin r ty wna iu t d-inl fhy
wouM l.ii free lo honor what wna lft,
CulTr atrci-t ami It 1 l wolllil r
limn iiml nil the to'tn H alums, anil
f ho ili-icraoVHnn grown mot'1 ili'Utilil
nJ, nnil thu il rt Krown u ili'tcrun
(If ti'T.
Thu U-w slm'ea i.f Duhlln would
liv per heil, Ita crown would ha
a. crown of thorn, a bankrupt ov
eriiinetil, in it imw hit lilHK that wiii
not pi 'I for, would ha atrtifrghfiK lo
hiiliiiifc ilx ih llc:ta.
I'lnlKtt l'tibroken,
whiit niiittira? Honion'a
roiiMinc! would at II he clenr Home
ton'a honor would at II ha unlnrn'aheil.
The i-iid f ly and lh Ay.HK i"un-try-
for thi r raiue Into h a mind,
too, th'e who, ulwnya l!ne on the
ii1k" of ext'nct'ivt, were now rtenilly
fly uk In rotiniiiurii mid pouruiil, mid
thoMM ntheia who wera dying In Ihl
fn ft ami In ilia alutna of ("orll,
Never tn iji1 tha fa.thful wei
Veep nif fit til, tha pMa wiia atlll un-
It win hotter now to put avarythlntf
Hint wo yannif ami hopeful Into tha
pnaf leni', It Wim heat to put hopa
Hi'c lf I her.
Vim! !,et them all go hop anil
ymitli find Ireland hraelf, Horn
vhr r'.tneotie had awnrn an fiHth
to aometli'nv thut tn'Kht aom day
ix'el. iiml that Mtth, It aeemed, muat
lia kept,
Jap Wi down Urp-tl to Wtrd.
"Ily arittlriK Itnpraaaloim t aound
.Tiipiineae Idol la thut the rani merit
of ehnflty eoiialula In th" davotlon
of aplrlt find hody to the hnalmnd In
thla a well aa In th ofher world.
Thla iirroiinla fur tha number of wld
ra In Toklo aloti. Im retialnif an
tmiilly liiatefid of deereiialntf, nejrd
lint to tho polleo authorltlea. t)f tha
110, finn wldowa fifl'oldo, 413 tire be
low ! yiMira old, 7,r.0 below 3( and
ii,UH belfiw n, Knm of theaa arc
fieiiiently vlrtlinla-d find the author!
, tlea think It well to encouniKa wldowa
Drujgi.t Sy Ladiat Are
Uin3 Recipe of Sage Te
and Sulphur.
llnlr thut tore It color and turn re,
or whin It fiol.a, turna Kniy, dull and
lili le. t ranted by u l"'k of aulphur
in tha bur. (mr iandnio(hr mad
up a nilxtur of 8aa T and Kuliliur
to kep Iter linka rtlk and beautiful,
und thouMinla of wi in u and men who
nhiM that even rolor, tht bauttful
dm k ahad of hair huh I aj altrac
tur, nit only Ihl old tuo relo.
Nowad.ia ! l fauioim mix
ture Improved by th uddltlon of other
li,m. dtita by a Ui'K t any dru
tu ii v for bottle of 'nyelha Kits
.ind Vulphur t' .tiiiiouml ", hit-It tiutk
en tli hair o ttaturallv, i evily.
Ihnl tti.l1y ran txtit'l' H ' ,l
u-n api iit d You jut tUit pen
..o or "H I ruxli l'h It and (Imw
thu ihtotiah i ( r hitir, l.tklnc on
otll Mraiil at liio- l'y limratn
Iti ittay htlr diit.ta. but ht
ti. ihia Iti U.tiea uh Vtiha tw
l..t f.i!'h(ir lVi..mi.1 l,, N
iia lauttfiiiy tl..i &,. h bir
elur law at pluntl-fa It bio
lk tha tl a nd n, r.ii4 Him It
an pfinot t abiio laH'
K( a. 4 - are U
amait !' A
f Id kf lh.
Nj i ih it I f-rt f
tf 4 eri K ta H ( rU
a4 t.'i u,a.tii
f c im n.r,
Sera-Ms Bit Sliju
M .'.lifvl a,k.ut ;
.ii I t . t. .n aa a;t
I a t- iiittet,
tia at AH ta
(,4 VMt. la
Rum's End Prophesied by
. Presidents, Medal Shows
Mri. Ida Inil Mulford dlxpliylnK
thu tiny tiieditt which ylyea rle to th
Imllef Ihnl? Ihrefi former pre"'d nlH
foreauw I he coming of notioiml pro
h Ihl l Ion.
Ui Anualea, Cal., Oft, U, If Preal
dnta Andrew luckaon, Jainu Madl
on and John Qmnry Adiiin did not
fureaa many ycttra ao that the
l-'nUed Hinted wan dcatlned to beeotne
a prohibition mttlon, they ttt leaat
plueed their tiutne on a medal bear
ing ft prohibition meaant; thut waa
ulmont prophotln of whiit wua to come,
Tha inadrit la owned by Andrew Jack
aim, a (treiit Biamlaon of tha former
prenl'ient, who realdea here,
Miidu of Mlvcr and about two
Im hfa In dlumater, the medal dlnpltiya
on one alda a aytnbolifal figure and
(h almiaturea of the three ehlef cx-
Third Grader Smoke and
Chew, AKert8 School Head
Hilladttle, Wlch., Oct. 2. VlKoroua
meuaurea to wipe out clttaret aniokinir
iimotiK third grade acnooi oy nre
have been taken by H. J. filer, aup
erlntemlent of aehoola, followlntt nn
Inveatlgatlon which ahowed, be uaaert
d, that the u of tobmvo amnnK
aihool children virtually amount to
an epidemic.
rlchool children of 9 and 10 yeare
are itlmoNt, iiddlcted to chewliiK to
Imero and amokinB It In pi pea, Super
intendent filer aald. Many puplla
are aald to have admitted Hint gro
cer and tobacco deitlcra aell tohnceo
lo minora without fiucHtion. rroaecu
tlona will follow, tho aupeilntendent
Klfly pupil In 'third to eighth
Urudwi are amnknra, filer eetlumtcd
after fineatlonlng them, utid about 60
in hls'i achool.
World Printers lo Meet.
Gothenburg, Hweden, fh-t.
American and other tnaeter prlntera
from all over the world will assemble
In liothnnburtt, 8welen, Bt the Interna
tional congress "f maater prlntera on
June 4, 5 and 6 of next year. The
Initiative in bringing; about thla con
I area him been taken by the Swedish
Muster ITIntera aaHotiallon, ami vvhi
demar Zachrleann, prealdeut of the
aKnoclittion, report thut American,
Kntrllati und French representative
uie among the flrat to accept tho Invb
The progruma for th three day
call for jtlactiaHion of noveltle In the
I rlntln world a c onipni lron of altlk-
ii.K natiomil VHilntionH; tho autncmdl
tuition, o far aa poaalble, of methods,
material and machine; way and
mean of ImiHovIng anop coiirtltlona;
reduction of cota while asaurtng
prlntera and employer fulr wagea
and profits, and a number of other
e'lUitlly Intereatlng aubjecta.
Yuilka MipsillR in Iiusia.
MoaritW, Hit. U Hcatlered about
Hutaia ar about 4 'hei" raona
vthv relative claim for them Amer
ican i Itlteimhip and for whom enrch
i being mad by ireitliillve l
th Amel.n relief admlnlat ration.
'Him th Atiivii. an relief admln
liiratinit ntrrd IUui a er g
i,Mi of the tundlllotia being lht all
AiH. ii. an Kttiaena who d-lit to quit
th country ihotild l rn.lttet to
.hi 714 iwi w ii ho h vt iatihhtd
thiir A mm, .in tlttaiihlp hi loft.
I i l tf IheiH fur th l litir l gt.tle
la In Mptintr th'l wti aNiul
tut t'llur pr o awaitiog "n."-
jtl-'it tf lh tiMiy i.iiit ia
.f''i"i In many v-t tit r
tjn wevia, aitl ifin months, txiii.g
' l tarloti loutiii IikIImi eanim trdj
lift. pMiHI r.alll.i,lt.
Urity ,Ntitie HxdtiittHl,
. N W IM Jt -lh
)..-, f iK4tinfn t-t A,'iili
el th Nitt iniii t iii. I In k
1 tf U Mun Ut ti oni. i
tf. lvt ttf .t,ii, h hm t
!.! t i a duui4 a. I H ldi
gutfin-t I th t.'Stt iinnt.t' a
k I Tit it l t. tvt
I ) ,t- I. I. 4 ttf t tx.ix tl4.t l
.( a. H HttH I lwU'H
.-ii. i I l'.ii' ImIi ut t
4 t I I .,r Hl k4
i !! wti . ei at.b t,
.l -e t'e'kil tni e. a l i . A'l
! , l i. f a-i-i ,.
t. to s t kt t l t'. tuii I.
. f t . '
' a1'
la tha
which renda:
"IJelnv autUflud from our obaerva
tlotia and experience, ua well ua from
Inodlral teallmony, that ardunt aplrlta
M a drink la not only neeillcaa but
hurtful and that Uie entire dlauno of
It would tend to promote the health,
virtue and hupplneaa of thia com
munity, we hereby cxpieaa our con
vlotlon thut ahould the eltlzona of tho
I'nlted Btutea, and eapeolally all mun',
dlatontlnuo entirely the uae of it they
not only would promote their own
piraohiil benefit, but the good of our
country na well."
The medal waa exhibited publlely
for the tlrat time recently by Mra, Ida
Jelle Mulford at a W. C. T. I, con
vention In (llendnle.
Mutes Learn lo Talk.
Jacksonville, III,, Oct, 28.r-By A.
r,) Voice for thoae born to alienee
are beiiiR developed through a new
syatem, Including the use of a pluno
and a baaa drum, at the Illinois State
Hchool for the Deaf here, according
to Col. O. C. Hmlth, managing of
ficer, folotiel Hmlth, who Introduced
the system, said that pupil who
never beard any sounds, even those
of their own volcee, are taught to
speak by feeling sound, and that the
school ia graduating pupil who can
apeak as well aa persona who can
' f'y getting Impressions of eound
vibrations to tho bruin through the
sense of touch," Colonel Hmlth ex
plained, "and establishing (he associa
tion between feeling and the tone
find Its production, variety and tone
color can be perceived, with tho vowel
sounds which are the music of speech,
while the tfonsotiunts are tho noisoa."
eeutlvtit. On the revera aide
teinperune nieiiafigr;, dated
DR. CLARK The Painless Dentist
Office, Kitth t'loer, SI0 l'ailoa
Saadajs, 10 I 11.
The Ouija Board
and "Want" Ads
Some people believe
Board. Some do not.
According to those who believe in the Ouija if
the pernon-i on opposite sidei of tho board con
ei'iitrute hard enough it will spell out the name
of the thing they have in mind.
There'1 ure!y a
thia Ouija came!
lot of
Here in Omaha thrrt'a an '
Into your home eery day.
section of The Omaha lU e,
' If VOU have, in mind an automobile which u
want to buy, or i position ytn hope to secure-
!UH ftrgrt the ether kind of Ouija and conceit
trate on The Omaha llee "Want" Ad aection.
Thee little ad are vry apt t prll out for yo
the make of the car you want or give yu the
addreaa of Ihe jol you are huntlnf.
There'a nothing royaterioua about them.
Start TOOAV t real Omaha Pee "Want1 A.N,
Live Boys
September and October
Membership Campaign
of Y. M. C. A. It Succeu
The annual Heptember and October
inenihemtilp campaign of lh Ikiya'
division of Hie "V" wua a auccesa thla
year and several hundred nw mem
ber huv bi'ii ai'dril.
A fine wool eut;uur, doiiuttd by the
Omaha Pporting floods t-ompiitty us
f.rat prlt fur th boy ttumife- Ihe
most nw fiiemli.'ia, was won by Oil
belt Ktwmds of b.uinilei school, who
enured 1U new members. Vaclaw
Hhlller of Itanrroft school ran a flux
second with eight new inenliers end
vsa awarded a gold V. M. C. A. pin,
a fin ellvcr bell, and nionogruma fur
hla awruter.
Koliert Wheeletl of KoUtll Litnoln
aihool won third pilxe with five new
member and received a allver belt and
ewwitrr liioiiogiums, Io llnrger se
cured four new members and 10 other
boys secured three each. Twenty boys
secured two new members each and
almost a hundred others securtd onti
nw member each.
Y.M.C.A. Halloween Party
Attended by 400 tioyt
Th annual Ilallowa'en party given
by th Hoys' division and 1'hyalcal d
purtmetita of the Omaha Y. M. C. A.
wna attended by between 400 and J00
boy members. Th durk stairways
and puaaugewaye In ths building had
been converted Into ghost tuny la and
epooke grabbed at tha boys from V
eiy vmitng tiolnt a they passed.
Hollowe'en stoneu were told by N.
J. Weston, physical director, and
movies weia shown the boys.
This party has become an annual
iff.ilr with the boys of the "Y" und
th attendance gros larger each sue
cueding year, 'Jnl next hijt ueneral
party for all liiUuUt will be the
(hiltnm party which will be held
some afternoon during the Chrlatmu
Grade School Uoys From
Y.M.C.A. Capiainf Club
The Y, M. C. A. Captains' club,
composed of leading boys from vari
ous grade schools, all of whom are
members of the Grade Bchool Hlble
club, was wgu.nlw.-d last Haturday
and tryouts were held for places In
th club, This club assumed leader
ship in the vurlous activities thut ore
promoted for general membership
among boys and also for the Satur
day Bible club meetings.
A new uiihiuo monogram has been
adopted for the use of member and
r,o one else wdl be able to win one
or buy one. It wlll be held exclu
slvcly for thu use of captains and
wlll be worn on ths middle of the
chest of euch boy's sweater. It Is
in the form of a triangle with a letter
"Y" extending below It, In red, white
and blue.
South Hi'Y to Hold
Meeting in Church
Houth Hl-Y rlub Is starting n In
novation by holding its meeUng
this year In Wheeler Memorial
church across the street from South
High school. The club heretofore has
met at the Y. M. C, A, boys' division.
Puul J. Ocken, usslaiaiit boys' work
secretary cf the Y. M. C, A., Is In
charge of the club, which Is under the
direction of the boys' division of the
Omuha Y. M. C. A.
Record Attendance
at Bible Study Clubs
All the Bible Study clubs of the
boys' division of the Y. M. C. A.
started last week with record break
ing attendances. Central III-Y had
Qond teeth maka good health. Be careful of your
Hrmember my 115.00 riatta.
ioM flat's $76.00 tin.
Comfort Plates $20 00 up.
Aluminum i'lute $20.00 up.
Hublier Hates, IU.i'iO up.
(Sold frown $7.0 tip.
Porcelain f'rowiia $7.00 up.
Taeth extracted by the use of Vapor Mist absolutely
without pain. No danger. Oxygen ami (Jaa for tha
palnlria extrnetlnir and minor surgsry. ,
Home packet for the treatment of i'yorrhea. Treat
)Mirlf at home and get rniults.
X-ray for all hidden tooth troubles.
Blerk, lata and Farnaaa IHa.
Vha JAekn 1201,
the magic of the Ouija
mystery connected with
Ouija" which comes
Ifi the "Want" Ad
of Omaha
I ;.", at Ita first meeting, nil Ju
; mora and S' liWrai Juniitt' a III V hud
110 hoya, all frrahmen und aopho
nuns. th fiiaile dub had 160 ho) a,
Houth II. y bad 40 and Techuli iti 111
V ti,
Ur. I'm ok (I. Hiiillh th speak
ir at the opftiliu; of feudal 111 V,
)r, J. I'-. rouchrr apol.e at Houth'
first meeting and lr. J. V, (I. 'aat at
the flrt mceilng of Technical 111 V,
This week In iilUlufi ('. It. Webster
of In and at'le I hi via of Japan,
both V. M ('. A. secrelnrl'S, Wlll bf
Several Hundred lioy
Competing at Y in
Champion II Content
The annual Champion lilitht con
tent In th gymnasium are going
trong this yenr and aeternl hundred
boy of the "V" are competing, A
different event Is selected each week
for the competition and th lght
boy In euch dun st the clime nf th
enon who have the mont points wlll
b th "Champion Klght" of that clus.
Boy do not compete agalruit other
boy In these contests, but t certain
standards which huv been prescribed
for each event. That way every boy
can tell how h stands with reference
to th average run of boys In the ath
letic vent.
British Golfer SliooU 29
Around Course of Par 38
Coombe Illll, Knglund, Oct. 2X. I).
Winner Crowther has caused a sensa
tion In Knglish golf circles, lie re
cently went sround Ihe firrt nine
holes of Ihe local course In 29, It's
A par ZH course.
Poetic Male Clothe.
London, Oct. 2H, The "Tailor and
Cutter," mentor of mule fashion In
K'ngliiiid, Is advocating thu ur of
cloaks by men to "Infuse a III Ita
poetry Into the streets."
Kdurator Hit Girl Shorts,
Hath, Kng., Oct. 28. Lov for sport
Is making Knglish girls too mannish,
according to A. W. Cunnlnghame,
headmaster of Victoria, college,
Library Tables, Iiavenport Tables,
End Table and Spinet Desks are in
cluded in this sale ut value-giving pricvi,
Sale of Living Room Furniture
At Value-Giving Prices
Our Present Dispfay Offers Many New Home Furnishings Ideas At Big Savings
854,00 mstia
. .rip!
$315.00 A''v' ,
Two pieces- ' V
Rockrr. ta-tMSPtll m
i1 ih I l',rH,rl
rum rum
t ' a-4
Salier Duelling
Again Arouses
IiinLrepers Who Let Kooms
to .Students for Sword '
, Fights lo lie Prone-
r.eibn. Oct. tliy A. r.HHbr
duelling one of th oldest Institu
tion of fiei man student life bat
again aroused tha Ira of the police.
Th civil authorltlr of Jena. In Sax
Weimar, have announced that they
would prosecute, aa accessories, all bin
keepers or others who lt rooms to
university students for th purpoa
of atagitig duels.
This sport has long been the ob
ject of special vigilance, on Ihe part
of the Herman police, and ths stu
dents usually station outposts In the
street to give warning of Ih ap
proach of th officers.
Tourists In Germany often com
fnent nn th large number at men
bearing scars on their sculps or face.
These a a rule ar trace of their
student duelling days.
rV udeii t organization lest th
niorsl fiber of their recruits of duel
ling, If a fighter flinches or even a
much as winks sn ey when he Is
struck, he Is barred from entering
further matches under th fraterni
ty' (avlnrs. Critics of th nw puni
tive measures point out that jho au
thorities permit boxing, which they
say Is th more brutal of the two
The quaint Society of Halt Workers
at Hulls, I'russtnn Hnxony, known as
Uulldren, has come Into th limelight
S'fftln through the efforts of American
sntlatie buyers to aciiulre tha orgunl
suitlofi's famous collection of silver,
which cons'sts mainly of a number of
cups und beakers given to the society
by members of the Brandenburg and
Prussian royal houses,
Kor decades befor the war, mem
bers of th society made annual New
Year pilgrimages to Ih court at Pols
dam, tnklnf with (hem flgets of suit
and Iv'y dishes of food, which they
Living Room Furniture
The largest assortment of Living Room Furni
ture we have had the pleasure of showing in years
matched suites and odd pieces, all are included.
Mahogany and cane suites, as well as all over
stuffed suites in mohair, tapestry and velours made
by such well known firms as Karpen, Kroehler and
the L. G. Doupe Co., may be had at exceptional
value-giving prices during this sale.
As we can only give a limited number of items
in this space, we ask that you visit our store during
this sale, no matter what your needs may be.
3 Rooms for $189.75 4
$125.00 Mahogany Frame,
il-piece Duofold yJ gQ
$175.00 Mahogany Frame,
3-piece Mahogany a n d
Cane Suite, CI 01 AA
velour cover.. plaClalU
$225.00 3-piece Mahogany
and Cane Krown Corduroy
$275.00 3-piccc
Overstuffed C17QCC
Suite 11 0.0. J
?:'ii.OO IS-piere MuJiogany
and Cane Hlue Figured
Suite .....
Il fat la .' Ai .1 All T,..
aURk"al Jaf
lit vaivi wVim ircac
nurti ptrmitied lo serve personally to
Ihe royul family.
In return, they ale km uted m
metito In ihe form of a. her cups, and
theae are tha aouteulra the aula ol
Among the finer cars,
Cadillac has in practi
cally every city in the
United States and Can
ada the largest and best
established sales and
service representation.
J. H. Hansen Cadillac Co.
Omaha Lincoln Sioux City
Exhibition of
W Furnish
Rooms for S27S.00 5 Rooms for $468.75
$175.00 3-picce Mahogany
Frame, Blue Leather Duo
fold Suite, gg yjjj
$225.00 3-piece Mahogany
and Cane, Blue and Gray
Velour (100 7C
Suite tPljO.J
$325.00 3-picce Tapestry
Pillow arm Overtuffed
T: $238.50
$375.00 3-piece Mahogany
and Cane Suite in In-own
mohair .
$580.00 3-piece U!ti
hair Over-
ittuffed Suite.
$915.00 3-plect Italian
Kenaisnance Brown Figured
Mohair ffCnO 7C
V f
Which lh') lire now Coils., lei ing. On
of llltl III .ill T tllU Ii.'lll'llilll nf
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