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Like Forest Is
Bombarded by
One-Pound Shells
Two Proi-til IVnrtrate
Fraiiria Ftrw-fll Home; Two
Othm Drop on M
Cormirk italf
flilciiai, Oct. 2 I,nlt Forest, the
1-,'otih hhore home of mmy of ritl
niu'i millionaires, al shell
lire yestnrdiiy and todny a youm; t.f
fleer at Knit Hlierld.ui Is under a d.f
erent kind of Pre.
A result of misdirected fir train
a field piece, two firoJ lll- rnetrat
evf tha Krai.cla Kiirwcll home, which
waa occupied only ly two malda ut
th. t!m, two other shot fell out
sort, and a f w other droi,ed on the
C'yriK M'C'ii ruli'k tst.-ite and nearby
I'.rlK. On. f Ifriry V. If. Moselcy,
commandant at Port Hh'-rldjin, tx-Kim
to lnvtltlon and leitrned that a
demonstration fire hint teen rnladl.
reeled, mid ft younif officer In ofuiric".
Whose name whs withheld, will he
ellecliillfieii, it waa anld nt the com
inandfiiits ilfli toduy.
J'ori of Urn Karwall family was at
home whin the ahell hurst In yislcr
tiny, hut two maid wra frightened
tdly mid wh-ll iilao hit nr two
in tin raretukoie.
Oik nf tlm' sheila fiemtraled tlx
root i't the J'orwell home, another
went ihruttKh the wnll of a be.liooin
nil two mora entered IhrouKh 'he
Rock Shown in 'Stone Age' Murder Trial
AlbetiZ . rvA L , - I MwCiara ''v ( Kirs Keggyi
Mm. (Iiiis riilllli, wife if A. I., rhnilpn, Ivh .Inucli'K oil rmiio(rr, In on Irlnl Hiiti In imi nf the most
cinnlloiiul iii iii i1 r it lulu In AiiiitIihii n linhinl iiniJ tli "Moiii Aiie" Anirdcr, of July it, ot Mm. Alhcrtit
Mriulim, wIiIuhJ bank clerk, wlioiii Mic limf to riinfli firnr f.o AnKnlcn hIHi a liiiimniT, Jriilouny Ik ripurlrd
In liuie Ihn-ii Ihe motive. Mr. IVKxy uf fc, t iiiiifldjiilf ot .Mm. I'liilllp", wan with hfr nl tlir time of the. murder.
Will, had nitkivl him for t tin rock to , turned, and gout down Ilia drive
ho placed In evidence. Lng-uln.
Trp Occupy Vladivonlok.
Mo-ow, Oct. :'(!. (JJy A. I'.l
Tha frriffi i.f the fur eastern ra
P'lhlln hava lr'in lha r'eiipiilnn of
VladlvoKlok, In Termtit with the
JapniieM Irocpa, who aia evaciiatlna;
tht elty.
Dre Dept.
Friday w offer Women'f and
Milan' Dreaaea, formerly tuld
at $15.00 to $22.50, Clean
Up Sale Price j J J yg
Jufi'ti8 Otkin
1512 Douglaa Straet
lly UnVAKIl WOllHiTV. Angelia, f)ct. US. The atuto of
fiillfurrilii hiia hilfiin to hulld up li
cijhij Bxulrmt Clara I'hllllpn, churned
Willi the muider of Alberta Mndowa;
to hulld It on ii ro k.
It la a ll rock, whllo one, aliilned
on Hi Ji)KR''d with dark pota.
Kor more tin hour It rented on
the wjtmmi iit.-ind, wtiero Mra. l'hll
lip niimt look nt It, where tha Jitrora
could not fiiil to nee It, where the
reliittven of the womiin on trlnl, and
lha reliitlvea of the dead woman,
could olnirve It e;mlly.
It wna thn rock found rentlnx on
the right arm and ahouldcr of Al
berta Me.idowa when her body whr
dlacovered lyliiK n Monter-ito roud luat
Jtily U.
Deputy Hherlff Frank DeWar car
ried It urrom the court rejoin, unltiK
both Imnda, atooplmr a llttlo aa tlioiiKh
the rock wua heavy.
Deputy Iiixtrlct Attorney Charlea
Krlcke, eanmlnlnff I'ollceman II. M.
Jnorn Trimaliie, IS, aiater of the
dead woman, K"ld when elK wiw
fieW'nr carrying tha rock. Mra. I'lill
l!pa' roiiiilenaiiee did not change.
Hill told of finding; the rock on (he
body; the bl.-Kk apma were blood, he
it Id. The blood woa on top of the
r k. There were etrimd of hulr In
thn blood. 'It wua poxalhlo the rock
hail f.illen from (he bank ubnva the
body, he wild.
What elne had ha found there?
A cleim brown writpl'InK pujier
wrinkled na thounh xoiiKttilnfr hud
been wrapped In It; aoiiiethlnn about
12 or 15 Inched limp, a hummer, he
Anything' elite?
Vea, two plecea of blue atrlnft, found
further up the grade a wotrmira hat,
Mooiy, a Tiolo In the aide; a pint
w Miiky holtlu with aoma whlHky In It;
hijIo tmcka allowing that a light mo
tor vehicle hud come up the drive,
atopped about 30 feet above tha body,
The hut wua put In evidence. The
atrlntr alao, and the wrapping piiper.
The little alHter of Alberta Meadowa
had come nenr fainting enrly In the
day, when for the flrat time, aha aaw
the plcturee tnken of her alKter'a body
picture. Introduced, in evidence and
aubmlttod to the Jury.
Who eniiRfit a rllmpa of them .over
the deputy dlatrlct nttorney'a ahoul
dcr. Her fnce turned white. She
dumped In her aeat. Attorney Italph
Jicon, altilng next to her, putted her
arm. Tiacon repreaenta her father,
Fred Trt-mnlne.
When court adjourned Mra. Phllllpa,
who hnd aat clnmly all through the
aeaelon, cnlmly roae, greeted her ala
ter and her huabnnd, amllcd, laughed
and offered her lipa.
She waa 1 hx Ilka a woinun fighting
for her life than the actreaa who
granta favor to congratulating
frlenda at the end of the flrat ax.t of
a new pluy.
Digppmig Get Grain Car;
Klevators Cloned Two Weeks
HlgHprlng, Neb., Oct. Z6.8peclal
Telegram. J)igprlnf haa .received
the flret grain car In two weeka.,,Tte
elevatora have been ahut down two
weeka. Venango on the Burlington
haa managed to get a few car and
farmer have been hauling wheat
Farmers Get Liquor Fine
Allen nichaidnon of O'Neill, Nob.,
waa fined $200, and I.eonHrd Houkup,
$ 1 50, for Illegal porno-union of ll'iuor
when they pleaded guilty before Fed
eral Judge Woodrough yeaterday.
Iloth are farmer.
Scoutinater'n' School
' Conducletl jn Frcimmt
Fremont, Neb., Oct. 2S. (Mpeelu!
A ooutmatera' aehool, under the di
rection of the Fremont Scout council,
haa been alarted In Fremont wit) an
opening clans of 3't leader. Tin
meeting are held every Tucaday and
are featured with exhibition of for
entry and aeout work.
Lincoln Man to Stand Trial
for Slaying Sleeping Wife
Lincoln, Oct. 2. (Special Tele
gram.) Homer Puling, charged with
ahooting hi wlfo aa aho t&y attleep.
waa bound over ho district court after
a three-day hearing In which he ia!d
hia wife ild it herself while in a high
ly nervouK alntc. If come from a
pioneer family of wealth.
loyd George Fights With
Mis Back to ike Wall
Lloyd George is down but not out, seems to be the verdict of neutral observers on the
resignation of Britain's Premier, whose Coalition Government has been in power through the
long stormy years since the war got under way. The London Outlook blames his decline on
his handling of the Near East problem, saying : "There comes an hour in the career of many
successful men when some fatal flaw of character, hidden in the years of struggle, and perhaps
hardly upected in the day of prosperity, exposes itself suddenly before the world at a moment of
sudden crisis. The damage may be patched up, the idol survive some time longer in the temple of
fame, and the multitude still flock to see it. But th e crack is there for all who choose to look."
In defending the action of his Government at the Straits, where he claimed to be a peace-maker
and not a war-monger, Lloyd George states: "I am told we were right in our object of keeping the
Turk out of Europe, preventing a massacre at Constantinople and injuring the freedom of the Straits
all that was right, but we ought not to have used force. We ought to have argued with thenv ought to
have persuaded them. He is a gentleman who is very amenable to persuasion. . . . General Har
rington in his message attributed the fact that he had succeeded largely to the reinforcements we had
sent him, and if you have any doubt about it, just you hark back to the speech he delivered to the
Turks. General Harrington was doubtful whether they were going to sign, and this was his last appeal.
He told the Turks that conciliation had been carried to the utmost limit, and warned Ismet Pasha that
Great Britain had on the spot a very large, powerful fleet, large numbers of airplanes and guns, and by
no means a negligible force of infantry in fact, that Great Britain would be a very awkward enemy,
but a very valuable friend."
One of the most interesting articles in THE LITERARY DIGEST this week, October 28th, pre
sents journalistic opinion upon Lloyd George's resignation quoted from the English and French press.
The article is illustrated with cartoons from the foremost European papers.
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Topics of the Day
Many Interesting Itluntrationn, Including the Pent of the llumoroun Vartatwn
Laughter In the "Movies
Knm every i nnk of the yloh where Uutrhter lurka The l.i'erary let jfitthern the cream f the
hunn-r. The best joke ami epigram are aeleited emh w'ek and ixhlbited at leading thentem in
The IVvot'a new wiul only abort motion picture rtU "Kun Frm the Pre," th laughter feature
uherexer presented. U' prklin new and you will tnjoy puing t.i theater showing it. lrop
u n iinte ard we'll tell you the theater in your locality now shotting "Fun From the Prem"
The Literary Vvtl Producer: W. W. Hodklnon Corporation, Iistritutor.
Radio Will Trap
Seattle Speeders
Motorcycle Kquipped With
Hdtlio Can Check Up on
Motuiiu Without Cliiihe,
H'Hiilr, Witch., Oct. i'll. AlTiimo
iticnia mi. hHiiK iiiiiiIh here to aftrend
a mill. j net over the I'ac'llle northweal
to flitch ciIiiiIiihIm mid In line i,c.
wirelfMH lo trap niitonmliilit aieedira.
I. tike H. Muy nt Kenille, preaident
of the NorttiWPHt Ankik-IhiIiiii nf Shir
Ilia noil rollce, hint aiTaiiK-d with n
K.-nttln iii.wiiiiir Hint iniijntuina a
liniudraHtiiiK atiiiimi lo Hind nut the
l.itent Information of Crimea, with In
aiiuotlona to nlflrera, Peaco oltlreia
nr to cooperate In thla pint) hy
UHliiir radio ai-ta of their own or ili-pip
ll.itnf pi-iHoim in their communltlea
who liiivtj H'ln.
The HhcrlfT In hiulnn two motor-tycli-H
equipped with i-ndlo. The wlley
motnrlMt, who haa a mirror on hie
cur und tun tell a apei-d cop u mlK
'vay, on u atriilaht road, la to he
outwitted, ho promlMca. All there Ik
to It, expliilna the aherl.T. la that
aimed copa with the radio cyelea will
atution themilvea In thn hruali, any
live mllaa apart. A flueh will he
given hy wlrcliwa when the auapected
itutomohllo pnHHea tho flrat point nnd
nwnln when the aeeond clocka him.
Ita avnniK apewl hetween the two
Ih Intended to h deadly evidence.
artii'lra of prnfin. u il jntfiHt to the
Hullo t-iu: In. "-r iipiKiirinK in i ui t flit
priiodritla la in ' piiUlialii'd nn inlily
hy the l.iVjfail i t li.n lll lU'MI In tin
Uuilni Ki-rvlre I'.iilli-tln I'or ahc.ut
two yeara thla Hut h.ia h'-en prepared
ii a a a-m innntnly reirt of tha bu
reau of 'un.lnnU, hut the iiunilnr t
coplea hlia Im-i ii Urn It K.cintly,
iWllllt to till' Kl'i lilly turn IHi'd lli'lllllllil
fur thi-an llatn. Hie lirtv plnii i t piilill
i at Imi wna i.m upon.
In Montanu radio la fui nlHhimt tr
(.it Ml imu nt to the oil w-!l drl'lera.
A lint of referencea to tho Important
Apparently undeterred hy mwril Ami'i'li'ii Ho- "radio auiilnot
I'.ilile" lined fur Riilduitf I'nlH-.l Hintin
n-ivy ahlpa Into New Ynik hurlior ie
illKtuilieil hy ilnii.iiiK uiiilioin, i In
MiIIIhIi iiilmlnilty hlia Juat laid a mini
In i culile. Tim wire la laid in tin
Knitllali channel olf Ho' humptuii,
whi-re the foaa are fri-iiiieut, and I
ei'til to npi'il tianaatlanllt! trnvel.
Itadlo cmri'iita are a-nt throuith the
enlile, find hy ithmiiih of aiitenuan hutiK
on re rh alilu of the Nhlp tlm lu'lina
II in i la ahle to kt-i-o hla veaanl directly
over the cal'le, Mi-iTlnrf ao that the
alunala are hi'iird with "iinl lntenalty
from hoth elili'M.
Hhei-t tnilKii' pulillaliera l- In I a that
hroadi iiHtitiK la a l.iir naai t lo thi-m
In Inti'odtlclnif new compoHitloim.
Fremont Company to Kelmild
Factory Dchtroyetl by Fire
Fremont, Nidi., Ort. 2tl. (Special I
f'ontraida for tho erect Inn of aevei ln
new wiiiehoiiH"M have heeii let ly the
Fremont .Munuf.icturinK cornimnv, tol
lowlnw a I'iOll.lH'O fin that wiped lilt
thn entire plant. I'lana are IwInK
dinwn for a H rl iiml .-Iiih fnt toiy (o
lalie place ot tint one ilenlruy-.l hy
fire. The new hullilliiUM will he fire
pi oof ami up lu il it i In every wu
Five hundred tliouoand ncrea of
land, which haa heeii virtually worth
luse, have la-en rcclaiincd In Italy.
A n V F.K T I H K l h T.
Cut out this message and hand it to
some sufferer (rem constipation!
This Laxative Works
Fine on Old People
THtmJ kirt l$ft tkeBhr( kMHbf ,
with Dr. CWwtll'i Syrup ftpm
k iiv it.nii aire
1 aul
an tiiui b the
witll it
bdued ambition and
atmintni cnuM m made very
happy if only '! Iienlth mi-ou-liaiucil
it, ami thn In-tin of gmA
uealtli, a every
one li'itrna upon
reaihiuff the nn
of mi, ia the regu
lar daily move-ini-nt
of tha bow
el". If it tan he
elfecteil through
Ilia fxl eat,
tlie water you
drink and the ex
en lite you take,
heller. lint ii
nature mil not operate it mutt
Ih- UMintcil or aii kneM will follow.
No(li'lcl count i pa I ii m cau tho
lihunl pi mii in to ito up 211 per
tent, and that ia the forerunner
of hiirdenititt of Ilia arleriej. It
iintkea ihcuuidtiam uud gout
wurittt, too.
Tliu Men constipation remedy
for pcoiiln of ailvanciiiK yrara ia
I)r. llalilwi'll'l Syrup IVpnin,
VCKetulile coinpound nf Ki(yplian
aimna and pi-piou with jilca.-mid-taalimt
nrouialiia. It 1 Kntlo
ami milil, anil dma nut cramp or
(iri(e. It ia a mUtako to tliink you
need n violent lalt or txiwdcr or
pill, calomel, coal-tnr drugs and
aiuii UiiiiKi. They purgo and
Tflwnib ff pnnntt mn tkin$
Ihtm-ttft. " H km Mil An4 a Ut
Hrlhf InJuil LW wivimm ii (hi
fam Uy Ml I. A. it totutiaittetp"
I mrf um tm try tivtum )'pin.
I VUl tMr fnmtdt fiVrut fr
tompit kttibt tuScmt far m mibqiml
If it. H"l IM trturw a fn4 W
W.frni lr, W. ff. (MLbLtll, .111
M tukinilMi St., ManlialU,, llluuu.
Ot U nuft
weaken yaj, and Uieir reaction
tenila tti make you more inimu
pate. I than lief ore.
Now try th milder method.
Dr. Caldwell' Syruii I'epain tha
not loan il inaal effect mLh re
peutcil ue. anil increnaetl doael
are unncreaaary, Mr. E. M
Huraeaa of ljili.1.1, N. C. who ia
73. keepa lirrarlf in voooi health
with it, and Mr. Charlea l.honnan
uf Slaoleton, Staten Inland, N. Y.,
waaU-d fifteen year and conaitl
eralila money on other remmiie
la-fore finding a tend y relief, with
hyrup l'cMun.
I'an Dr. CaMwell' Syrup Pep
ain yourielf tha next time you
aulfer from ronafintiim, hilioua
nesa, headache, aleepleaaneaa, in
d ideation, pil'-a or night crampa.
Many thtauuinrla of elderly people
line nothing elae, and it coat them
i-a lluin a cent a done. Druggiata
have aold it aucccusfully for 30
yeara, ami it ia the moat witlely
bought family laxative in the
Nature haa lu-ovliled tlm oiih mire
nei'iriHnent relief from thn hoi-rrn i,
conadimtlon !KA. illojf'a Bran,
cnoKen ann Kruminen: urnn will cor
rect the aevereat cane of conatlpntlon
if It la ealen regularly. For Hran,
na a nature' wonderful "roughage"
food, clear the ellminativa tract In
a poaitlve way, leaving It clean and
Do not let constlnatlon ret the miner
hand; do not neglect thn mlldeet ayrnp-
toma Decauao conatipatlon la only the
forei'iinner of illm-aue.,o ni.t
uk. and many forma of child Illness!
-Mnery per cent ot all alnkneaa enn he
traced to conatlnatlon. which l the
direct cauae of auch dlwtaaea aa dla-
hetea and KrlKht'a. Fifcht constipa
tion with Kellogg'i Bran! We guaran
tee reeulta if you eat at leant two
tnhleapoonfulH dally; In chronic canes,
with each meal!
KuIIokk'h Mra u U not only a per
muneiit corrective for t.-onatlpatlon,
and n very tlellciutia cereal, but it Is
one rif nature'a most valuable foods
becuuee of Ita rlchnera In mineral
suits. It stlmulutea brain and nerve I
colla in Krown people; it uids rhiltlreu !
to become strong and robur.t! Kel-1
logg'a Bran will correct a pimply com-
plexlon und on obuoxioua breath.
KelOgg' Mian Is not only an tin-1
enufilod health aid, but delightful as I
a cereal or Korinkled over your favor
ite cereal. Its nut like lluxor Is very
iippeallng. You never ate such miif
tina or riilnln hrend or iiiacuroona or
countleaa other bfihery hnlchea na
modo with bran! Trove out. Kcllogg'a
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merly sold at $15.00 to
f 22.50, Clean- t i 1 7C
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Howard St., bttwsan 15th and 16lh
Like New.
That comment is made every day by
people who have their shoes remade here.
Our workmen have that knack of restoring
style at the same time they are adding
months to wear. Your old shoes will serve
you faithfully another six months, and look
like new ones, if you will
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f trm 4
f OI.Ha4la) le) 1
la.. e I
VCMvee J
Mot hero of
Vh lwJ irtnaf ihtlAen
af wr ih. l-unai A VVfnJ" C-
Aok Their
the Foundation
Greater Omaha
Who Will Be
Omaha's Queen of Industry?
Who Will Win Many Valuable Prizes?
uu and titliii who tu) Uml a aUr $o -,
ti tn !i now ..nriiit r II. v. id ! ;'.
I' lie 1 1 i v a Wltl tout n."i l!i ii t '" in tit,
a I'd lueiifiau S. e.
4tt J'4 l.l Ml Ul.l.ll.4 lii4de Hit f
':i..i Jou it trt a in. n mi I jn ti m im
tUWald lnoig I'll t( : a vrlj l
miA III . t'Hii'.t irn it4 .". u
Mi'e i8J! bite l-tr 'Mt.Jf tit I. .4." ti a tit
i . i.inal Uii.-n uf our H
UI'. 'Uti a I '! t t J t 44 avllutix'.l ',
r ('.) l''l!(!i4l ItJlltll, li l t'. (!(' luB" f t
,ll't.;.rsie It t 'm' 1-1 mOU'h
t 4 IvU.I II 11 4' Ul tU 1.4 li ( , . I. .1
f t- ti u iii tn i '
it. t f cf t 1 !. 1 1- ;, ' . a,- ; 1 , 4t ! I
- i I.f VajKu Im t' c -'t ;j tt
H-4 if m faa.ilt' t J..'ltat j : - v. I i I
As h'icn its ou hvo at-lrttcj uur candtdet.
f ir "Mai. ten OH1M14" bv ut in tend h.r name
a il addu i laltn .tiolu,itin ( poslhl t
I' e (t titt4t M4n,ier, raie l'ory & WcKen e
I 1 ill '.Ut t "lll' lUl ,
It i. .Mio-r ) "ir ttididjti'a naui. U tetit In
t" t btu-e i.siit 4lia la lu am H,r bauia ail
.t rftim.ntrj ! ei I evtiita i'i add tt(ii a ay
f..r hr ! Wtl-e jni rahJIdat.' aai4
ea I a ! In - 4' ! i jiii a r in. B.
I I t '.: I (.11 m! l.'iji li
w ,-" l i e :, it ia i Uttt'
t li I i-m tain, 'i.oaoia (uiii ra- J J.'a a
l . ti, ,Hii tvt.f :. a. 4 e!i.'e o tVn-j1"' ii.
: .' .(..a I ' j, th Iftat li.l till ii-., "'i
"i 'it t'l i. tt at. a uf ike tot.t H'
.-.. I'k 14 b..te i .ii.t Ue Mt l.
4 . fi,. H,
tt a.4i Htf-t til .4 I v i a a i a i 4in
It" fa a, iia' lj U ak4 4
l t H A M t I V t '4',W aittnH Ji- 4- ,
Omaha Manufacturers Association
I4hne A-I Cvwe it uvUiJ lKkmr nMJ
J el Knt Il ftei ufce in.,