The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, October 18, 1922, Page 14, Image 14

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W V T IT Pi'Ol -ft-Mhn""'h '','r'ur'M' woiktn and
if i (. a.;, inii'ta """" " 'ur me com-
Kul ins to Keen
1 1
II. S. V
10 K'
esscis urv
Ndiraska Brain It In Scud Let
tT on Siiltjtui to I'reciilfiit
Nulional l)rltgalri
Are Namptl.
Lincoln, 0.1. 17. Ofpeilul ) At the
rlnalnc session of the Km ronven
lion t.f the W, C. T. V. the president
directed to writ letter to the
president end nitorny general of the
t'nltad Wfstes rnrnniKiHlInc them fur
making American ships "dry" wher
ever they are. The orNiilzutlon lakes
credit for origination this policy and
'hrrrin the sgltatlon f hut resulted
In I ha order belr Issued.
The folluwlnir delt-natea to the
tionnl rmi vein ion, which follows Ilia
orlil convention at riiiludt lihlri nut
month, were pl.Tf'l:
Mm. J W. Nhueinsker. Hl.ln.y; Mn K.
V. I.imllrv, Afn.fii.KB, Mm, liiaiiil
lalemt, lie, Maria Wllinx, Nd'nii; Mm,
V II 1'iir.r, Wymmr; aire Klla limy,
l.lft.-olii; Mr. binma l.ymia. hall; kit.,
l i.n... H H.bIiI I uairolaC Mn Nailnti,
p'rainnnt; Mn Ailet. Currier, Ht, Kilvtaril;
Mrs M l Vl.rni, Omaha.
A Her rial aa: Mr. Harriet Van's. AMU
in.f ; Mrs Jam. a John, Camtirl'lse; Mr..
Hyde, lliiltieuliurg; Mm. Ti'l'ham. It. ft
i limit; Mia. Kaflin. 1'avinee ( liy; Mr. (.'.
i I I. l, l.lii.'.jln ; M ib. Kb'b Havia, I. In
n.ld; Mia. Anna H.mia Cutler. Yirk; Mra,
J, fc. Peieraon,; Mra l.u.trh.n,
elVyn.; Mrs, C. W, Itayae, Omaha,
These drpurtment superintendents,
log )mr
Atnerti aaljal toa .lira Ui.hi, ruruina
JN.,111, flan.
au nan.iii.aiira Unit Jsnklnsoa,
hii.ia in e h..uis Mi. tiella I'arklnaaa,
t aueralla H;a.B.
l imit ta.lf.r. sail naihin maxima
" ' - nnm r.iia.un. a.nuuiK,
fbii.uan i HiaiMiahiii Mrs, K M. Covad,
Kvaiiellam lte Marl Wllroi. Kel.tia,
,,".. nl aalilbila Mra. Marlba Cald.
w, I l B-
Iiesini suit nmillral tsini.renca lit.
K.Hh.rn,. Wgif., .im,,m
I . aiaUIInn- Mra. r. i i lavlon t.tnr-om.
wuiti en.!... jiia Mabel Klirh, ht.
Parliamentary u.a Mra. Karn trptun.
I. ..I, ,.i n.
I'.a.-a anrt Im.i nallnna! arhilratlnn
dir.. Anna ril.haiaiiu, VI r4wsrd
I'ublli HrMra. , M. ahsparit, l.llii-otn.
I'riaua raform Mr, Allia Jarkann, Lin
coln. Mabhath oba.rvaaia Mra. Lillian tavl.
n. Hiu. Hprtnaa.
Mi'ionnfin f.mparanea tnalrutlnnMra,
Rii.B HIio.lMilliarn, Kalrbury.
H.M-lal maailnas Mra. Ksiah Merhaanay,
hh ibI mor. Illy Mrs. Mar . Hum,
feniat walfars Mrs. Aanaa Kaaian, Al
Ham a.
ItumUy tihoola-Mra. I.oran Hann.r,
'run I, a
l anil mlasluna Mra, (Irara
r.niiiirii, i na.niia.
I'lilnn Miaiul anil Young Cruaadar Mra
K. i ll.n, M. rui.k
Wnmi.n in Hitluairy Mra, Anna llmnla
Lunor, tork.
S'uti-Bla.irhiillii rtavnrlnaa Mra, MatMa
rnalfr, llalirmi.
Kitiior linnin Worksr Mra. Ilarrlat
an. r, l.lm ulil
Young iiaiipia's lira nih Mra. It, T. Mo
Nl. kal, a'arnain.
I.uyal l.iuii.ranra Irglnn Mrs, Nina
Taliar, Jnavala.
tiiganla.ra and flald workara Mra II.
M. i ov-ll, in.iaha; Mra. Iila Kauai Wll.
llama, Nasra.ka I'Hy; Miaa Juai Hulllmii,
l invvraiiy I'H.a; K.v Iva Inn.a, nillar;
I..V, Utla ll.rrlrk, L'nlvaralty I'laca,
To ln"rt your Want Ad. "Till that
Tlplimie" Atlantic 1000. Urtter
Hr-aulia at Umiitr Coat,
IBuBE'iraedl HJjp
Last Yeac?
Last year's fire loss in the
United States and Canada
was over $500,000,000. In
the past ten years $1 out of
every $4 spent in new con
struction has been destroyed
by fire.
Each year we burn up
enough property to build
homes for a city of half a
million people a city as
large as Buffalo. v
To put it another way,.
$500,000,000 would have
built over 14,000 miles of
concrete roads at $35,000 a
mile, or 5,000 school build
ings at $100,000 each.
Fire loss represents a total
loss of natural resources
together with loss of time,
wages, customers, good will
and all the disorganizing
eSects that follow fire.
In addition fire takes an
nually an enormous toll of
human life.
To drive home the neces
sity and profit of buildings
that won't burn is part
of the work of the Portland
Cement Association.
Time and time again con
crete has proved itself the
highest type of fire resistive
construction. Concrete
buildings command lowest
insurance rate. Concrete
construction means safety
combined with longest life
at minimum upkeep. Con
crete grows stronger with
The Portland Cement As
sedation is constantly as
sitting every movement
directed toward reducing
fire waste through the me
dium o! better building.
Our engineer are at all
timet cooperating with
builder, architects and
others with a view to re
ducing fire hazard
Aiding the work ol fire pre
vention it tTpical o! the
duly service ol the Portland
Cement AswocMticn,
W. J. Bryan Censured by
W. C. T. U. Convention
HouiImumI KrolM I'ag .
aakitJ. Ixiud it lea or "no" from all
tMtrta of tha aiidmni' hall.
"If you had Mulled until Illtthvutk
vol ml tu irtvaa you tha balM, when
would you Imve bad It? Kor two
yvara hi wm tha una vota that kept
tha ballot from tha wonii-n of th
country. Mra, Cliflln anld thnt aha
made thla atatrnn-nt out of f iltni'ag
und a dralra thut tha truth It known,
Hha wanted tha ilrlrRutea t know
that tha commlttrai truat liud btatn
letter From llowrll.
Mha an Id that Iiryan hnd ald Howill
had not bttn dry. If to ha had ill"-
llngulaliPd company, aa 16 yrnrs ago
Mr. Tlryart had r-fufd tn any a. word
for prohibition. ih rwid th follow
Ihk tiligrum from Mr. Howrll:
Mra. Lrta O. Iyar,
Ira. W. C. T. V.,
Cure W. O. T. IT. f'onvi'ntlon,
Klmt ConKrrKatlonnl rhurtrh,
.Ini'oln, Neb.
( iimleratiinil thnt M', J. I'.rynn
rniidf a atutt'ini'tit brforv your i-onvrn-Hon
thla uftt-rnonn li'nvlfig the Ini
,reaaliii that I hiiva not bfi-n for
prohibition, I Inhrrltrd my vlrwa up
on the liquor quoitlon. My grund
fathor, Vr. Joacph Howell, ai-ttlcd In
l.annwr county, Mich,, In 132 and
hortly thercnft'T th flrnt temperance
aoclcty In that plona-r county wa or
Knnlr.rd In my gnindfuth'-r'a home.
"My father favored prohibition
throughout hla life and my mother
waa aecretnry of the W. C, T. U. In
Adrian, Mich , my birthplace.
"I have not been converted to pro
hibition for the puipoai'a of thla cam
paign. 1 have voted for prohibition
whenever the opportunity hna offered.
I have never dlaniiHued thla atibjeit
with Mr. Uiynn. 1 am amuzed thnt
a nuin of hla profi-aalona ahould lend
hlinaelf to auch political methoda. If
he dealrea the people of N'ebraaka to
know the truth he will recall the lm
preaalon hla remark wera calculated
to make. In Juallce to myaelf I
would reiiueat that thla telegram be
read before your convention.
"R, Tt. IfOWKLL."
I, oat Ilia Head.
It wna prlvalely alutcd thnt Bryan
apparently loet hla head after he hnd
flnihhed hla prepared apeech In the
afternoon, and that It wng th many
negative nhakt' of the head on the
rnrt of women delegates when he said
that prohibition waa not an Ikhuo In
Ntbranka thut aet him off. He flrnt
grew white, then red, nnd then
biuiiched Into a. recommendation of
Prohibition Director Kohrer, In a
Hpcech to the convention, said that
ha wanted Omaha to understand thnt
ho would Hupport Tom t'llnn, hi an
airtant In getting evldcncn, In hla
trouble, nnd declared that Kllnn wns
fully jiiHtilled In defending hlmaelf
urder the circumstances.
Mr. Rohrer complained thut the
best attorneys and some of the courts
in Omaha had advised bootleggers they could make all the whisky
they pleuaed In their homes ao long
as they did not sell It, and suggested
various amendments to the Volstead
law If prohibition dlrectora are to
work effectively.
t,ater, Mrs. Mary Hlght, republican
speaker, addressed the convention and
said thnt men hnd tha delusion that
they could rnnfui women Voters
alxiul the ballot by saying one thing
at one time, and another thing al
another time, and then vainly
Imagine the Women had forgotten.
Hhe said tlat It waa rather alrange i c0,n
that a man ahotild (ell tha women .if I
Nebra.k. that nmhlhlilon was a d-ad The purity of gold la egpreaaed In
Issue here and then take the train ! Paral. Pure gold Is t carats fine
Mrs. Kirmia U. Hterrett. fenlrul City,
editor lnhlef. union Worker Mrs,
Lela O. lyar. Hoon: managing editor,
Mis. Harriet Vance, Alliance; hlatnr
Inn, Mrs. Caroline M. Woodward. Un
for two other states where ha pro
piMrd to dlHcuas It as a live Issue, It
waa a device to blindfold the women,
hut It would not work.
The following officers were elm-led:
President, Mm. I.el (I. lyar. rtounc;
vice president at large, Mrs, t'lma C.
Clayton, I,inc(iln; correapnndlng aecre
lary, Mrs.. Mary Lea Hi Ibert, Chap
mnii: recording secretary, Mis. i:xi
E, Maxey, Orleans; treasurer, Mrs.
Agnes 1). Huberts. Omaha; auditor,
18 curat gold contains 7j per cent gold
and 2S per cent copper.
f fe1 Hi mi
cJyindows are the Souls II
- oF Houses I
HOUSES whose lighted win- I
Airm .kin. fsia-tl. nia..!nM II
Bl uvna aiaiaiivs iui uif pacivillg
fll the darkness, seem to have souls I
HI that are alive, bright and cheer j
HI It costs but little to keep your I
j! house always filled with bright; I
HI cheerful light. I
HI ' To burn a 25 - watt I
HI lamp in your home all j
I night costs only a 3
HI fraction more than a I
HI penny. I
1 A Light All Night for I
a Penny and a Third! I
I NebivskdfiPoverC. I
cant for
Limit, 3
cant to a
per set,
Per cast.
1 carload of Fancy Red Extra Taney Keifer Peart 1,000 baskets
Solid Wisconsin Green Globe Jonathan market basket, Jersey and
Cabbage for Tomatoes, Onions, Applet 730 Virginia Sweet
kraut, 100 lbs. market basket, market basket, per box, bushel, Potatoea, bat.,
$2.25 45c 33c $2.33 $1.75 47c
Fancy Tokay Grapes, square basket 75 I Large Ripe Grapefruit, 3 for 37
3 No. : cans of hand packed Tomatoes for 40c
3 No. 3 cans of hand packed Tomatoes for 58e
3 No. 2 cans of Country Uetitlenian Corn 40c
S large cans of Oto Hominy for 3!it
3 cans of tender sweet Heaver Dam Peas. 43
3 No. 1 tall cans deep red Alaska Salmon 95
3 No. 3 cans Franks Milwaukee Saur Kraut 43 f
3 Ire. can Freestone Peaches, heavy syrup 1)5
2 large cans Imoa Cling Peaches, sliced, .In
heavy syrup 930
3 large cans Partlett Pears, heavy syrup $1,05
3 medium cans Van Camp's linked llenns. .3fs
3 rant of the finest Main Corn packed ... . J3f
3 cans of Grand Canon Club Peas 72
3 No. S cans of Crated Pineapple for 73f
Sun Maid Seeded Raisins, 2 Mb. pkgg. 35
New shipment of Swanee River Head Rice, 2
lbs. for 25
Bo Peep Ammonia, small bottle 15c
large bottle 2)t
Tea Table Flour, per 48 lb. sack $1.90
liny your Flour now, it Is advancing every day.
Crystal White Soap, 10 bars for , 47
Per box of 10 bars '-$4.50
P. A (1. Naptha Soap. 10 bars for 47.
Per box of 100 bars $4.50
large pkf. Star Naptha Washing Powder 27i
rh shipment of I!ay Kite Cotfee, lb., 33f
i !' tor O.-,
Ni.hra Valley Huy Rite Huiior, prr Ib 4t',
Lai rans ol iiumronl Unking louder for 20t
No. J's vans of Pura Country Sorghum, ..
.Hwaii.dowti Cake Flour, hargat package. .,
I lb. of Pure Htiuey lor..,. tkSf
Kama l'inrV Flour, 3 k(. or..,.,,,...23f
W I tinrb Roll l eper. ? nvil for, ., 2Af
t a.! ttritl M tk. 3 ran fur , 5t)t
I) boi'lrs I'uie Touis'd Ksichup fo
lien's celebrated Fairy Soda Crackers, i to
4 lbs. net, per caddy , 59t
Hen's celebrated ti Crackers, i't lba. net,
per caddy 60s
S.OOO lbs. lien's French Cake and Mararoon
Snups. per !b 20
An..;;.,-r tn lou ahlpmeiit ot lii. ri-l irle.
Hklnne.1 lUnis. While they last, whole r
half. rr Ib 27'
parsons ';r
- m , I t aaaaaaa
1 aaaaai .
Oust talCe
imonia 39c
lloit. hai t )our hane to ( I a yalr etf
TlM " AdMtabla jUlllla FKI.K. .a 34
I'-itul. Soat ia.(n, t.i iii ii.i-iu to a H i
Rl'e Hiore Sfid j-i-l ur alilu FHFK
IVtriden .ti i larta ban tr 45a
Ttis la teat tuTTIR. I.u
A woril to th wts U mffic!at. If you Iwen't alrai!y put ia your Winter'
upp!y of poUto, WAIT ia about two weeki w will receive a Urt ship
Sitat cf Ohto Revl River Winter Keeping potitoea. The price and the I'otatoea
will be well worth wiltiu.; for.
S ilt SOtr!!
-A Short Cut to Economy A Buy -Rite Store Ad and Your Phone-
100 Dozen Men's Union Suits
On Sale Starting Tomorrow
iPWW n cfl:f
i' Main Floor
Values Up to $3.00
Our Greatest Sale of
Men's Union Suite
100 dozen union suits. Chalm
ers, High Hock and Olobc
makes; wool mixed, heavy
nnd medium rib and eotton
fleeced, in ecru, white and
silver; sizes ?A to 54; values
to $3.00; on sale tjl OQ
Wednesday .... DliU
Blanket Time Is Here-Note the Savings
Thousands of Pairs of
Blankets in a Sale
Wool bliinkel,
V)'c pure Vir
gin wool, full
double bed
size, rinlds In
gray, tun, blue
and pink. 7.50
blankets for
Wool comfort
ables, high
grade sateen
covering, Flor
entine plain
;olor borders.
Cut slue of
romrortr., 6x7
ft. $10..i0 com
forts for
(olden Fleece.
Iilankels, large
block plaids
In pink, gray,
blue or tan.
Large size
blankets, very
warm but light
weight. K30
blankets for
Gray Cotton
blankets, wool
finish, 64x76
size. Standard
first quality
blankets that
are worth 12,
Pale of hit
rolls of cotton
In comfort slue
S-lb. oo t ton
b a 1 1 s. T a
quilted kind,
pure cotton,
op.ns In ona
c o n 1 1 n it o ns
atrip. 6x7 ft.
Comfort ot
ering, wide
oliintz, fait
color, nett
patterns, 10
yard In tbix
tale for
More Depends
Upon Your Corset Than
Upon Your Gown
The Oorset makes the gown even more
tlian the gown makes the woman, as a fa
mous 'French dressmaker has said. Let us
help you to select the model most suit
ed to your figure. Our Oorset department
is fully equipped' with stocks of Binner
Corsets. Arrange for fitting. "
Prices $5 and Up
Corset Department, Second Floor
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Underwear lea' winter
weight. Ion aleve,
ankle lensrth, white,
rlbhi-d and fleece
lined 98
Ladies' pilk atrlprd
cotton, low nack,
knr lenglh, all
ala H
Children'. heavy
fleeco Ilnfd rotlon
nits in alios Z in IK
yeura 08?
Buys' hvy fleera
lined union ituus.
inter weight, an
extra vslua ....Htie
Blankets and Comforts
In the Annex Sales
One lot doubln wool nap blnnketa, 6i;x84. in white,
lan and gray; an extra value at $1.25
una lot heavy cotton blankets, wool fininli, ne
64x76. colored binders; come In white, tan and
cray: apeclal at, per pair
One lot fancy pliiid cotton blankets, wool t'lniah,
aize 6i,xS0. cut single, threa.' whipped enrta;
woiirteiCui value at
tine lot heavy frrav cotton blnnketa. cut single or
double: alie !lx0: eauh, fl.29; pair ..92.49
fine lot 72x84 romforts In liKht colored coverinua,
knotted and tied whits coltun fllllnu: a ri-eniar
i'1.43 value on sale at $2.7S
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tfd and tied, luraa sue. a heavy winter '..KM
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'ui t In b.d ne, list lit colored rent'ra and . olorert
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Ladies' (ray mixed
cashmere hose, all
sues at 496
Ladles' and mlanaa'
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him., all sisea and
colura, an extra
value at ....$1.40
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and wnl hnae. In
nport palterna, all
sues at fS)
rtoya' and giria rib
bed cntlun hnae,
Hear brand. 4 palra
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Underwear Sales-Wed.
Wool and Cotton Union Suits, $1.75
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n'ck, Nleevelt-M, anklft length, si?. 114 to
4. r')ftilar jrit-e ei.fMi.
CWldren"! Wool and Cotton Union Suits
rhittlron's wool ami cotton union suits,
wliite or natural, hili nre, lone slrec,
auk. I'itk.'lh, U Xo 4, i51!.t4: U"
6 t lii ., 52.50
Hosiery Sales Tomorrow
I'are Slla, llaiae. SI S
voni'ns pru ailK boar, foil fUHiil.Mtrd, fir. iual
li, fUr. i..p, iloutile lira and beel, veiy M,..ial
si, per pan CI.Hft
til llaae. SI 4T.
Wonian's till wool full taatiiKhril Imae, ettta fine
I'a.le. liCH taliica; lasulai and antra alto. 01. IT
Silk aaal Kwl Sl.a
S. Ik and wind hoaa, .-luiktil, all want'd er,,,rn.
piiv-ed at fl.Hft
4 a.aiMtere llae, ST.
Ui.nitn'a fin. ...liuivrB lm.., plaia end dri.pain-ti,
l i t a I .lea. ape il at VT
S.11 aa4 4.trla Haal Maa.
IUa' and a111' f'oa na'-ed, Is al l iBinal SI ,...7ft sad Rl
Hayden's Famous Whtte Bread, 4 loaves for liTiC
Wednesday Sales in the Grocery and Market
t . ... If .0
m si n i
iranra Nan.. iv. l'ai
i .
! . I
r .a i ! !
Sf-,. a. a - ...
i i .. . a a. t ti.a.a la
I . .. a ,as I
Dt I I. M ! il-'.V
i.- .r a. . j
i.. I.a If
111 ! t ,
ik II
It.. . waa iMeatataaaat
to . t ( - a m k
, at
..'. - .
. .. it ti
. . i a - i 1.1 a t . .,a ,iaa I'ih.I liui.l
na fu. r. a . tt.lS
S' It !.'. Bta. Ai... M'
a. ...
I ,i, u ll i a a i . t
I rtta, t -.a $ HO m M'a Ma-ta-" "
... e'" fl.att
-. I
. .........
il xtt t'..i kkbi , . Iia)
il.nua aaas Man. m0
I. a " u'l.a 'k lu
V' a.t-a a"i'S 4iit
r." . ta
H..4.1. I ut. I f:. a.
' I4
r.a-s 'a'a , I
. . t,. J0
I .i...4 J . . ta, Ik 9a4
t.i tai a- ' i. If 0
at tt at trtl ISI k
I a n. a i
. a . f 1 1
t v .. t ..,. a. "
I'u.l ii. Iai. a It's
f.M.V ii t4 lt..l Hi, ,
t.utt a. Si-i i-'it Ik. ,1 0
biai. In"" i .. au
.,i...i i ii in ik . S0
lu.til .ik ik
t i to rt Ills
11 M.a -.l. .. I" "It
aa la . ... I
i .. .1 M a, 4 t Ik j
'. . , no, ik, ....j
tibial loll ik ... J
I - ar i.. X "
,-ia Iv
fll. I
l. .-.. si" .!
I .. -a . . . . ... t a?
t't t'i. a-,i, a a f
I till kt-ki I tl t
li i t ,i it'.i'i fv.
I R A a) $ as (U
a a4 lUaaa a
aaS I .--
Jtlli AO.
1.14 t Matt
a t
J (
M ta4 -a .aaa
SB)a1Sa rllttttt
14 aaaa S
eds (bAocia
a. 1 1 aa as.
' ISfiiaae
lNAJ 4 liSAH
ik a4 .
W'laYl 4 M tCILV
Mlall taaiMi
Sa.w'A 4 vS"i3A
, a.i mm
Ml! Iv'MM
t t m aa 4 .
SWa, fcaataBBBgak fBa'aaaaWaaaaaWgaaJ aSaal aaJafcaaaSaJJaSj
ir r--y- yrn, gnp ?
- a it im'i, i
it .. i a i a fill
t ,. 4 - . ..i, at.
Dlttr. Yf - Urtw ai f aaj Mrktl Oa.a el ? 30