The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, October 03, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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7 Mm Fight Out
Kntl of Love Hunt:
' 2 Killed in llattlc
.'.i Stolfn 1y .Man, Re.
atoIVrt lijr JiuIaiuI lmU
ing Folium Wine Party
in (Jiicago.
c hl , Oc, I -rvcn men with
una and knltea f. night out th end
f-f a eentimental Journey lat nlisM,
The wmiisn, worn,, If. J so she uiuv die,
ehrp-kfd f"f police, m tin, when thry
Ante, found:
The- ilea.):
Pylveater fMHil. t.
I.nul IMettl, S,
'ih rittti, 2..
Ilotm, hi cnlMfU'iil taw wife.
I.tiisi li'ii.ntl, lKiimito Iintio and
I"frru(ti U'ligo, all cf ( hk nu
lielyhts, are h-ll ty the police, l
tortiv are ai-ekina a seventh tnan
know n t'l Id' in only a "Pago
After Vtlna 1'aily.
Th trwRidy followed a nvlna party
In Ilia Ilelittl flat, thlid floor. It
rimi iImi aa tha denouement of aev".
rial month of mmpalKtilnif by Vliln
ifltl ami a man known aa "I'Mi
Jimmy" fur the affect inna nf tlia wo
man, lit, whom Ilcletti fight year
eo tuck home with linn to become
hla common law wife.
To "I''( Jimmy'' tha police
learned, lt"sa wiia a rose of Hliuron
liloomlnir In lha wrong Burden, anl
so several montlia nit" hw atole her
way from IMwt! and touk her to a
flat of III nwn.
Iilral Helpmate.
Hut to llelettl. It" nit hud com to
t tha Ideal hiipmute; ha found hr
necessary to hla happiness ha told
police, and ha promptly stole her
away again from "D.iko Jimmy" and
brought her buck home.
When tha woman, dangerously
wounded, laat ninht ran screaming;
down tha stulra detectives who were
passing fmiiid Sylvester and Louis
IMettl lying dew! In tha flat, (hot
and atitlilwd; Vitto lfclettl with hla
throut cut, tha woman al.iahfd across
tha abdomen, tlje three man from Chi
rago Hp. Kill ready to tnka their de
parture, and "Dug" Jimmy" gone.
How to Keep Well
Sr 0. W. A, I VANS
Qwa.tMts immimi kri, Malta.
Iwa sad ' 4 4imm, tub.
ailt4 to Or. tvaa fey rsrs al
lh Km, aill k ' BsrMMllr
uh I Imiistia. , a
t444 ! la a
t. t-a U aal Mki
ufMH ar anMrtba far M4lvl4ul
a-. A44iM istie as r al
laa m.
Crifkli Hit
Uu Stuilt-nts Cht-ating
Uncle Sam on Mail, Report
I'oatal olTlrlula are InvpatlgHtlng re
porta Unit Unlvemily of Nebranka
atudpnta ara encloalnK It-tten to tha
liome fulk In thfir luundry bags.
Poatal Innpaotor CoMe announced
yeaterduy mornlna; that the poptma
ter general had ordered that Inapwt
ora watch for aini attmpta to cheat
Uncle Ham'i blggert buaineiui.
Coble mada the announcement fol
lowing tha (il'-a nf guilty entered by
Harry B. Maxwell, who admitted hav
ing mailed a package of printed mat
ter aa fourth claaa poatuice Instead of
Irat clan, thua aiiving f 1.92. '
Maxwell, a U'nlon PhcIAc engineer,
wiia fined f 25 for the
Makei a Family Supply
of Cough Remedy
BrallT btr than r1r-nid
ouh vrupa, anil nvr about li.
tll ana quicnij prciisrcu.
If you eoinhineil the curative prop
frties of every known 'reaily-mane'
cough remeily, you probably could
rot set as much real curative power
a there is in thi simple home-marla
c-ough nyrup, which is easily prepared
in a few minutes.
Get from any dnmcist 2'3 ctincea
of Pinex, pour it into a pint bottla
and fill the buttle with syrup, uinjt
cither plain cranulated sugar syrup,
claritietl molasses, honey, or corn
nvnip. as desired. The result is
full pint of really better cough syrup
than vou could buy remly-raaJe for
three times the money. Tastes pleas
ant and never spoil. . .
This Pinex and Syrup preparation
jrets ri;.'lit at the caue of a couch and
gives almost immediate relief. Ik
loosens the phlegm, atops the nasty
throat titkle and heals the sore, irri
tated membranes to crntlv and easily
that it is really astonishing-
A day's use 'will usually overcome
the ordinary couith and for bronchitis,
croup, hoarseness and bronchial asth
ma, there) is nothing better.
Pinex is a most valuable concen
trated compound of genuine Norway
pine extract, and has been used for
fenerations to break oevere coughs.
To avoid disappointment, ask your
druggist for "2Vj ounces of Pinex
with full directions, and don't accept
anything else. uaranlerd to give
absolute satisfaction or money
promptly refunded. The Pinex Co.,
I t. Wayne, lnd.
Kirtlng Rhauiuatkra.
We hava Un ao anaioua to get rid
nf tha old notion that rheumatism
aaa rau4 by urle arid and that
atmg rut meat fllh-d ua with Uric
4 1.1. that we aerni to have swung
t'Hi far aauy front tha urej of din
Ilia' in rlteuutatie ttiaordera.
Tha tirvira to linpreM tha focal or
lain of rheuinatom on the nunda of
the people ha had the Mine tendency,
i have pn a party to It, and I am
n4 dlapuetd t- ilniy it.
Now I'onir lr. Kletchtr of Toronto
with ama rn4 that dial la of con
SKlrratile linportanca In tha trntt
mrnt of rhrunuttlarn, qulta apart
front tha direct cause of the trouble
in the ImllvidUKl tasra.
He arlm-twl loo raaea of rhtunui
liam, an railed, from a total of l"
cr iiiitlr hi charge. They all had
InflMinnuitmn of a Joint, or more, but
without auppuration In the Joint. Tha
Inflammation wa around the joint
print-iiuilly, arid aome of them hml
viitarat-tnviit of tha Imiii and de
formity. Iiiirlng the first week ha gave a
dully illt-t roiislMtlng of three glasara
of butter milk and a half a grapefruit
and two or three orange. At the
end of the werk he addrd to th uhove
diet a.. me eag, flub, fowl or meat,
ome vegvtulile poor In atarch, and,
finally, a little brown bread.
Thoae patient who were under
weifc-nt were allowed aome cream or
om cml liver oil In addition to the
fruit, meat and vegi'tahle. A titter
addition to the diet ronaUted of fruit.
Junket and jrlllea.
Tha old way of dieting rbeumutlca
wna to cut out tha meata. In the
Kletrher method, a reaaonabla nient
allowance la made. of course, red
meat, white meat, fiah, fowl and
egga are classed together aa mrara.
The keynote of thia diet la to cut
down the ilarchea and augnr. The
diet, aa glvrn al)ve, la very low In
atm-hy food and (till lower in sweet.
Hlnce rheumatic commonly need
Iron, they are given vegetable rich
In Iron, and, Incidentally, low In
atarch. Such vegetable are spinach
and nil other forma of greens and
aiilaila, cabbage, aauerkraut, pea,
green pea, bean and atring bean.
At the end of four week aome pa
tient were found to be not Improv
ing. The treatment waa not contin
ued with them. If a patient waa
found to be Improving ha wa kept
on the diet for aeveral month.
Koon after the diet wa started,
there wa generally a lo of five
or 10 pound, but after that there waa
no further loa In- weight.
Watch Out for Hive.
Mra. C. B. w-rltca: I have been
waiting and watching your Interest
ing article every day In tha hope
you would soon hit on the subject of
hlvea. Kvery summer, for the last
four years, In the month of August,
Just when everything ia good to eat,
I go on a hive vacation, and al
though I etop eating everything but
cornflake and milk, they atlck by
me for at least two weeks, and I
will any nearly drive me wild. A
little white lump cornea out like
magic; burns and ltchee like fire;
then It depart and another one ap
pear. I certainly wish aome kind friend
would give aome Information, eo I
could eat once again, aa I have tak
en en It until the name make me
ick. Have them only in August, and
that la why I laid It to eats.
Tho chance are that you are on
the right track. What ia it that you
eat In midsummer only or that you
eat abundantly in midsummer? It
tuny be gome food that you have not
suspected because you never heard of
It hurting anybody.
If you can discover .what It i and
drop it from your diet, you will be
all right.
In the meanwhile, bathe with aoda
water or witch hazel.
Cause of Liver Spots.
F. C. writes: What are liver spots
caused by and can they be removed
from back of neck and back without
Injury to the skin, as the latter is
very thin?
They say liver spots come in peo
ple who eat too much nnd exercise
too little. I do not know. i
They .-say daily application of a
s.ittir;ited watery solution of hypo
sulphite of soda will remove them.
As n boy I had to take hyposulphite
of soda internally frequently. Since
that time I have been strong for
hyposulphite applied externally.
t11 -i Ji
Skeeler Bite Relief.
1. K. t. writes: "What is the most
cnVctuiil cure for mosquito bites?
Just returned from my summer va
cation nnd the last few days I was
In the country our camp became In
fested with misqultoea, the most vi-
i clous kind I have ever seen.
"I don't seem to be able to cure
the bites in spite of having used
ammonia, alcohol, salt water, laun
dry soap. Iodine and all the mosuulto
remedies 1 could buy in a drug store,
"The local doctor any he is posj.
live the mosqultoe are not of the
malaria type.
"What would you do if you bad T3
or lni) bites Upon the various part
of your liwlv. particularly the talvei
of your leg?"
The fust aid treatment I diluted
imoni.i water, follow by -U past
if ne-esry,
fiut you at t Ute f..r those ta
Apaly wlt.h twtel. then trrase,
Abo all. refrain from -itchlnr
A a rewurd nature will rur tb
self limited humps.
Wet-Dry Issue
Live Question
in Other Stales
Wtl Gunliilatfi Klsewlure
Not Following '('ovrr IV
Polit y AtU'iiiitt-l ly Ne.
!rla OffitT-Sfrken.
Washington, I). C, Oct. 1. impe
rial. While efforts ara balng mads
to cover up the "wet" and "dry" Is
ua In Nebraska, landidatrf for the
Cnltad Htate srnst and for con
gress In other slates are more out
spoken. Kisewhei tlia "wets" ad
mit tbe lu and aia fighting openly
f.r th election of candidates who
fivor the light wine and leer pro
gram. In Ohio fenalor Atlee Poniei-ene,
democrat. Is the "wet" candidate for
reelection, with ("ongressiiinn Hlineon
I). Fee, republican, leading the f..rc-
opposed to any entering wrrfga to
weaken exisling prohibitory laws.
In Missouri fenan.r James Jteed,
democrat, la backed by th lliiuor In-ten-sts,
while It. It. MrewMter, re
publican, has tho aupport of fi lends
of the Klghteenth amendmeiit.
In New sork I'lalfonn.
In New Jersey Governor Kdwanls.
democratic nominee for senator, I
making a "wet" campaign which, he
hope, will not only aend him to the
senate, but may make lilm a candl
date for the presidency In 134, Hens
tor Krel.iifcnuysen, repuhlli-Hii, seek- J
Ing re election, has te-n a consistent
supporter 'f legislation to enforce
In New York the democratic atata
convention, amid great applause,
adopted a platform resolution culling
for light w:ne and beer.
Hlmilar situations exist In several
score congressional districts. In most
of these the "wets" are openly asking
for votes without attempting to cover
their purpose by ambiguous campaign
The congressional situation, Includ
ing that In Nebraska, la rovsred by
Wayne B. Wheeler, national legisla
tive auperlntendent of the Anti-Ha-loon
league. In the following state
ment: Wheeler statement.
"Many congressional fights center
around the prohibition Issue this fall.
Congressmen favorable to the en
forcenient of the KIghteenth amend
ment take the position that as long
aa over two-third of the states pro
hibit liquor containing one-half of
one per cent of alcohol, they will not
vote to amend the national prohibi
tion act and attempt to legalize what
the larpe majority of the states pro
hibit. Congressmen favorable to beer
and light wine urge that the Volstead
act be amended so as to aid the wets
In their effort to change the laws also.
The Antl-Haloon league Insists that
wine, light or heavy, la Intoxicating
llauor and cannot be legalized: that
2.75 per cent beer will intoxicate many
people, and it would be impossible to
sell it to such people without violat
ing the law; that no enforceable pro
hibition law ever had any such ex
emption in it; that a law with even a
2 per cent beer exemption was tried
out and found to be a failure. Some
of the outstanding fights are in the
following states:
"Illinois The two congressmen-at-large
on the republican ticket. Rich-
i 1 Vale and lb my ! l:.i'lilon.
are Im. Lnl by II. law enf .ie-ni-ni
eleoiriit The t'o tU-ioiM iuiii- n.i
d.tlea, NV tlii.iiii Mai j liy and Mown J.
ti.irtoaii. h.tte the (m king of the lltrlet and ur tt Iwr Slot
wine. lu th Tenth diatiirt t'onar
mau tail Chiiidlihan, republican,
ia for law rnf.rv-miit; Bernard Wied
In ger, uvmociat, t for l-r and win.
In the fifteenth district. Congress
man JMnrd J. King, republican. I
for law enforcement; I'lwrt.a t'rnlf,
denxMrat, for t-eer and in. $
trei.tlt diatriit, William l' Hull, re
put. Ii., in, wet; Judge JrsM Black, jr..
driiiirut. for prohibition enforce,
mailt and hacked by tha dry forces
Seventeenth district. Frank Kunk, re
publican, for law enforcement; Frank
(jilllple, tb-nuM-ral, for Iwr and wine,
"Indiana Fifth district, rnngresai
mini IXrt'-tt Handera, reiiublican, fur
law enforcement; Chsrle BldHman,
denitM-ral, lr beer and wine. Sixth
Uftrcf. Illchard N. IHIIott, republi
can. fur law enforcement; James
tiifton, democrat, for ber and wins,
Twelfth district, Copgieasnmn I.. W,
Fairfield, republican. f.r law rufone
inert; liinrle Krandati-tter, tl'iniH rut
for Issi-r and wnle.
"Iowa Third district, T. J. Hobln
son, reiniblican, for law enforcement
Fred llugeiiiun. democrat, for beer
and wine.
"Minnesota Seventh district. Con
grrssman A. J. Volstead, republican,
for prohibition enforcement. II l
opposed by the national wet Interest
M-K-irdb-ss of who la on tha ticket
against him.
"Nebraska -First dint lift. Walter
Andorson. republican, for law enforce
ment; ex !overnor Mon-head. demo
crat, for iM-er and wine. Fifth dis
trict. William K. Andrews, present
copgiessman, republican, for prompt-
Hon enforcement; A, O. h'halleiiber-
ger, democrat, for Ix-er und wine.
"Ohio Third dlstr:t. Congressman
Itoy Fltruerold, republican, for prohi
bition enforcement; J. Warren Card,
democrat, wet record, f.r beer and
wine. Fourth district. Congressman
John L. Cable, republican, for law en
forcement; J. Henry Ooeke, democrat,
wet record and for ber and wine.
Hixth district, Congressman C. C.
Kenrus, for prohibition enforcement,
republican; William Oableman, demo
crat, lucked by the wets. Kighth
district. Congressman 1L Clint Cole,
republican, for prohibition enforce
ment; H. II. llartnian. democrat, for
beer and wine. Ninth district, Con
gressman William Chalmeri, republi
can, for prohibition enforcement; ex
Congressman Sherwood, democrat, for
leer and wine. Seventeenth district,
Congressman William W. Morgan, re
publican, for prohibition enforcement;
William Asiibrook, democrat, backed
by beer and wine interest.
"Pennsylvania Twelfth, district,
Congressman Clurence P. Couglilln,
republican, for prohibition enforce
ment; John Casey, democrat, for beer
and wine, .sixteenth district, Congress
man li-iiiir I: l:e. it I'U'-l.caii, for
ptolilb tl-n ei forieioel.l; Jalli.S M !
I I:-".', tirnxviat, for beer and win.
h S enter tit It iIdIiPI. i 'oogrr iii.iu I
. I". Kbi. republican, for law anfurce.
' .., .i....fc...t '
f..r brr and wine. TntitHi di-'
t t-u t, irige Wert, republican, for'
law enforcement; Warren lUiley, I
d non-rat. for beer and wine, Twenty-j
ninth district, Congressman Milton
Hnee rt-piiblican, !r prohibition
f..i emei.t; l hi lie Cruaby, iieiu.rat,
Imi ked by th Wet Interrals. Tbirtirlil t. Willta'ii kilpatrtck. pretit
Yingremitn. for law enforcement,
republican; flrtrtt K'M, deiil.Krst,
for ber and wine. Thirty first die
trlcl, Congreoman Adant M, Wyant.
republuan, for law enforrenient.
Jamc Cramer, democrat, for ter
and wine, Thirty fourth district.
Cungreesmin John M. M'nn. yepgbli
I4D, by lbs wet Interest for
ber and wine; William McN-tlr, deom
i rat, for law enforcement, I hiriy
bfth district, Je M'K, rt puldi-,
ail, Uu-ked by the ll.Utr Interests;
lui iUnley, deintH'iat, f-.r pn'hibl
tion enforiment.
Ninety degreea llow r ha been
rrgtaieiad at Verkloyansk, K.berla.
Dig Druv nd Toilet Good
Sale at tho
Ceattaue Tkrougk TuJf
awd WsdassJay
HfK WtXf AO I'sliM't t I, KI.MIIt
t..-i.rej i.i.itri If
i . oxtfi -i ti .mi .r
w . F WJ' u irii 1
OSS u&
For Infanti,
Jnoalid$ A
The Original Food-Drink for AH Age.
RichMilk, Malted Grain Extract ia Pow
der Tablet forms. Nawishiog-Neeookiai.
Kir Avoid ImiUtiou and Substitutes
Father John's Medicine One of
Richest Sources of True
AI t.BrifcMIJsT.
VVdhks m Child
Mothers in a Like Situation
Should Read Thii Letter
from Mr. Enrico
CkWr Illinok.-"! took Lydi
C Pinkham' Vegetable Compound
I for servoui troo-
ble. I had Uied
doctofg ind ail
aid tha same an
oncratam. Atftral
mlf f.!t tha
paia on my left
tide, but later I
adorned to fl it
on both Sides. I
am a p' 1
tnif ajiachiaaepef"
ttr and k a
I. tlia rrl to tup
rert, week ta a Utk K p and tkat
fiMef rfk kaa b t '
rat aad I n part of lb t".
a.1 a Itke ta take anf ikiftfA
nu!d mf frtewda, and eaa
lady aaid. 1ka Ijrd.a th
WwdklM? BO d t. I ka fait
tat fkltlu aad am t f-edaxsaj
fceaita t-i r t v at. 1 ioatyial
Jh tflUl tVf.t al f aa
ataw.vt u aa." Mi. Mtat I1
ti-t H, l apet, t , htK
tfia tM4..ta w ::.! u a-i-Hint
ta 1 Iteaj at r !'
a-MMt t jra Fukkw a -takla
tvKLuit le ) IM "
rts yt pet ta. It M a f n in , i-t.s ttt u .
s4' ae f a aasaia aa4 ) m tv v No mum mk ,
las taaefit arwuajat Uik It j ltsra tr ' avatsl I ,
aaa; W W f tia I
When people, especially children,
grow weak, Inactive and run down, it
is almost a sure sign that they have
been eating food lacking in Vitamins.
These vi
tamins are
necessary to
health and
they are
present in
vast quanti
ties in Fa
ther John's
Med I c I n e.
Tha basis of
John's .Medicine has always been cod
liver oil scientifically combined with
other ingredients.
Give your children this pur food
tonic to supply proper nourishment.
Father John's Medicine enriches
poor blood nnd builds new solid tis
sue. It creates new strength and
energy for children and keeps them
healthy. Start giving your children
father John's Medicine today. No
nit vawi
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lltllanl (ilii.kril Her Mirer
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At bust three liloe a wrk ttr
.roe their to in ,t in ll. Frd
l k Urk ha t"ii h-nn and
'! 0 4Uii hi wits, Kvattge I
l,n. he trii the tl.fiU ( r.tuti lit n t
er f l.l til,Uf t'l h tit(n j
f -f .H-f .
! ..) h )ne avrtied th t.vieg
f- c hH of I.'H an. I k k
I o.'J4 W.tlt t e Bony ) t it ,,. :
n.r ! k.m. tVi My h im '
threw hf eut ef t- i,4 fA.t4 (i.r
tit aioep aa te nt.
Parents Problems
The Kind Vou IIsts Always llotight has borne th algm
ture) of CIna. II, llcttlirr vn tli wrapper fur vrr
IO years Jut l rvlc t tho roralnif griirruitniia. I.
not t dis-lyrt. All t ountrrlt lt, InitlHllotia ami
Jnat-aa-gtHMr nre) Imt etixrrtntt-nta that rmlanger tha
heaJtlt of Chtlilrru-r.ierUiK- a;lut i:i-rtuit tt.
Never attempt to relieve your baby with a
remedy that you would use for yourself.
CatrU Is a Itanulea anbaitiulei tor Castor Oil. l'arf
forte, lirnpa ami ruM'thlug htrupa It rvutaliia nrtlher
ajilum, lorlilie nor 'thrr itrtrctilia stibtldiicv, I or
Mora than thirty )rar It ha been In rvitstant for lhe
rltef tt t ! iprtllon. lUtulrrtt), Wind t olio and
iMarrhora I atUMiiB I rrtUnra arUlitf t lirrr tri.sii
and ay rtfuUtlna: tba kilwtuax a at ItuweU, .l tlm
almUatloM of I m UIm krsilthjr and halMrai SiM'
lk itiuarra's Iwmlyft-lba luther a I rU tod,
IWara tha &cmtur of
V ! th be
j I -! loSI
I . ,f .f l
tt .,! al i.t
!J. ' j
h -..,
! - f I
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finding the particular kind of dress you had most wanted. All
sizes from 16 to 44.
Poiret Twill Charmeuse Satin
Canton Crere Crepe de Chine
Wool Canton in the Favorite Colon for Winter
Navy Brown Black
All at the same low price 16.75
Polo Coats Priced at '10
t . . 1. L. lie mm a
The coat you have wantea, at a pnoe you ime( otcn waning lor. we are offenni? lOOi
r nrmnlar ton-coats at a ficure far be low that Usually asked for such a trarment.. I
43 nches long, they are suitable for school, business or sport wear, during fall and .4
early winter. Burie-Nah iswaair stor yi
a A'
Most Exceptional These
10 Items in Domestics
Values because they are merchandise that is wholly de
pendable; values because they are priced lower than you
are accustomed to paying; values because they are the
materials for which you have everyday need
Romper Cloth
Yard. 21c
Bed Spreads
Each, $1.89
Full lino of romper clotli in Crochet bedspreads for full
striped or plain colors. 32 sized beds. An unusual spread
inches in width. for the small price of J1.89.
Art Ticking
Yard, 35c
32 Inch art tlekinr. in attractive
designs and rolois. Specially
priced for Tuesday.
Yard, 9c
Bleached eiasli toweling of
heavy quality. An excellent
value at this low price.
White Scrim
Yard, V.iYza
3;indi mltl'h curtain inatedat,
pret'lly trlmmx! whh laro. I'n
usual values t, yard, 11! it.
Cotton Cliallis
Yard, 13Hc
LUht ati. I dark rotors n mil!
teef hi f from I ta It a tls.
Yard, 13y2c
27-lnth white outing flannel In
heavy weight with soit fleecy
finish. Very special at 13!jC.
Dotted Swiss
Yard, 27c
."W inch Swiss In large or small
dots or cross tarred designs. At
tractive for blrtwins.
Yard, 14V'2C
New piald and checked glng
hm in tstt colon. nrlal at,
itrd, W ,t.
Yar.1 12V2C
Mill n 1 of evt ellenl -rlu. In
J In 4)ld lettttis, i Ictbea
All Wool
Dress Goods
Yard 89c
fill U ft-H ta t)4
feotfih o, i idrttil
ta l'n.k in,-1, . w n.
oi Bs.f.tia, we d ka'w ' !
it i '.t, t its S't :t
Yard 49c
asiartweat tt t'f la
(. r tt'4
Is r t a iaaait. 34
a aiiii) in Irons I l !!!
'.'. M fur '
, "4 t-r J- aal
l.aetiS ,
A Few of the Many Specials
For the Men and Boys
Boys' School Blouses
Mothers should find this a good oppor
tunity to purchase excellent wearing
blouses at a figure far below that
usually asked for this quality. Made
of percale, madras and chambray, ir
plain blue or light or dark stripes, tha'
wash so well. 6 to" 16. i
69c to 75c
Boys' Caps
Heavy caps for school daja In
practically all colors and mate
rials. All sites, specially priced.
Each 75c
Men's Caps
New fall ca'pa of medium weight
in sn assortment of eolort.
All size, specially priced-.
Each 75c
IJur HO-Mh-lMwsetair Star
2 for 51.00
r-ijaaus or tilfot towns of
warn outing flannel. All whl't
or with folff stripe. 8'si
: to i
IKeiTC Nhl.til Mm
Very Special
These Items
for Infants
Rubber faai. pair 2
etft. a sir tH
Crht Jsce,u, etrh. aaa
Women's I louse Slippers
A tpecial mU f n'iif ttiistrtki m tlii'prn it
all tiiea ld ttf Mack fci,, wish hi.J t ,,,,1
fiMff B?i, lhf art t..ti U tird (cel.
Pair $1,49
M Mm. Oratn Na C 0 H K Fi Onlt t
Hi Cicaaai!
a4 te a -
"jji1 m Jin. i 1