The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, October 03, 1922, Page 3, Image 3

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i' i II..... .
They Call Her the
t4Vamp Evangelist"
t lo(ay Pareefor
Omaha Songhinl
'lummy I ) man, Former Char
ailrr Snr at Kit wide
Now -K n... kin 'Km I Ira J;'
I'ianipt jMgli.
I . ' B
Hi s l'l "V -j, , . I ii mi a ail , i i i aai null in i ' n 1 I
i x si i i. -viy 'Jtivrx hi vti rti a o m a jvv jku rw aaai - f i vatj- mi i .
: ;i -v viru t vyri j-av i . v v t . -v i . :w rr rrrrr-h. r- . ri . i
L (1Tiriu a few ny
IS) 1
Hin,mi lli tnf tut of Tommy
I, nun.
It un only : )ai ()
Tummy Ismail fc.t una tf lh ai.trr
tiiinera at 'Itm-ti.c." a aaila tnv
na tr pM'turtitl itl-ui Ki
ix-nilivl by Jtk I II nut on
Nmtli HutwMli irt. hra tht
riuirl tiu-eta up with lha MimouiI
livt-r. With Ilia tl of an tecum
..ini( li aim i Minuter i't from
ilua mini Hi aiiiuil houra, i-l-nlinir
uiK'n ilia of th
in.h(.u. atrnna for li.a rmiuntra
Imn, ll.r Hit of I'arl..
Tixlay Tommy la alng-iinc
I,. mm aniita (biiutlfr aung. but l.
I'.II.I'K In Wfaltll and tha rcliaut of
thtt jil.tiiilit of multllilu. Ilr'i n
trt.kinliiR In Ilia American ltar In
I'iiri mid, iK'-nrJitii; to illnpulchra. ha
li.ia lecmn th moat upulHr antr
Ciinar In town iiiiI tha American Bar
Ilia liUKlnt rxluirrt ufa In Kraiicc. aati at l:li-ai.l fur mora
limn a yir ami a tutlf. lUk O'Kan.
in. .l.iinif ut Tha VoKtia In th
Millanl lioti'l. i hl ai i.mi rilnt.
l-'rom hn ha nl to Kim t'tty
uliila n ivalin ili .flr.l mil to T"WJi:ill,
,Wh. Thru O'K.ine ratntci- hla at-p
nml cm airiln ! in I.jmitn' ao
iiiinlMiiiikl, thla limit In K.inn I'liy.
1' yt-ara utc" Ionian win to Se
York. 1I nar In Knit Slitc cuff
I p-aorta f"r n tli'i- VS ml l
.n thi'ii ha ii'imifMll nuta O'Kuna,
vim IihiI r'-luiii'il to iuliu, to Join
lt'.il tlliTO,
Will. Thai' liti."
Wall la in thj bk' money," h
rM. Hut O Kan ttrelnil Ilia mid
ille vt. Arvl l.yr iin il.taln-cl an
ttciimimiiist ti.v;til IN'." 'turtim.
I ii at apriii"? 'l a two J. urnaywl to
ltui. And tml.iv I.yiiiioi, the forms'
Oi.utha thai-!-. t'ripcr. la tha hit
of tha town, .'n tn- .:tilrr;co of the
ataife wmld, lo'it a riot and H
imli hra any tl.-it'nu. of hla popu
larity the American liar In I'arta haa
lii'come tha rendezvous for hoth real
Unit and traveler and that In the
HUdienca which tilRhtly cheer the
former Omnhan may be found the
ai i.'tixrata of Ne.v York. London and
I'arl together with the jileaaura -ek-rt
from the FU!t.i hiiu the Knirllah
nij American tourlata "making
1 ail."
'.lid Juat think of s!i that money,"
r.i-iH'd Ulck O'Kanc aadiy. "Thouaand
f rinca a week and I miKht have
1-i-cn in and In wiih lilm. We1), 1 aup-
pi we that' life."
' I V''-' o , n , VaX V. 7 I
Thla 1 lihrli I'rawfonl. prctikat
Huh at Ion Army lu, whOM R'l
on Ne York'a irreat white way ha
in. la her popular.
A QueerWorld
Haliy Horn in .V V. With
12 Trfth Woman I'aja
I2,l)0 Om for Taxi
Smitr "Kar Tonl in
Japan I'mlrr Fire.
New lork, ih t. S. Now riiim-a an
infant celebrity rivailliiE the widely
adtertlvd Iowa youneMer who lustily
railed "Mother," an hour after hi
birth. Th" new child in.nvrl i l.oule
Flore, born with 1! trelli.
I iiile la the son of K. (i. and Mary
Flore. He w burn last Wednesday
and had at birth ait front teeth and
ix molar. In every other reaper! he
I normal. Dr. John K. I'lerre, who
attended Mr. Klorr aC tha blrlh of
llltle Ixiule, found that the rlrld
welxlird kfx pounds one ounce. "It
I very extraordinary," aaid Iir.
Several obstetrical specialist. In
terviewed on the subject agreed today
that young Ixu!e has set a record for
babies to shoot at.
Kail Katt-8 Faor Onialia,
T. C. (!oiiimisioii Declares
WaKhinKton, Oct. 2 An Intnrstate
'Commerce conuniaalon Inveatltratlun
Into complaint of Missouri valley
Shippers na declared in an examin
ers' report, made public today, to have.
InmVated that railroad rates cn live
ai.ix-k from .Velnaa!:a shipping points
to Omaha and South Omaha yards are
so mmh lower proportionately than
rate on live stock from the same pro
diK'inp; points to other packing cen
ters at Kansas City, St. Joseph and
Pl-iux City as to constitute an unjust
The report, however, recommended
that the Interstate Commerce commis
sion withhold any action in the matter
on the ground that the Nebraska state
railroad commission had under way
on Investigation which might result
in such modification of the rates as
XMiuld correct the discrimination.
(reenw h h. Conn., M. I. A Ure
containing 4?,IMM) rents wa recelwd
last night by a taxlcab company here
who said It had been sent in pay
ment of a bill by .Mrs. K. I.. Ilunton,
THenly rlftli avenue. New York City.
I The taxi company claimed that Mrs.
Hunt owed $4!t) for taxi service.
A til bill for eenses Incident to
collecting the bill wa also sent with
a photograph of the lady and the
words "o-la-ln" written underneath.
It took four men to carry the keg.
Oh, Mr. Ilryan!
Chicago. Oct. 2. Prohibition does
not worry the duke of Talleyrand,
who, with his wife, formerly
Anna Oould, arrived in Chicago
yesterday. "I like sweet wines."
he explained, "and it is not the al
cohol that attract me, but the
taste of the grape. So I find your
grape Juice equally pleasant. I
think you will get wines and light
beers back again, however, and I
think It will be a good thing."
I 'I
An "Ear Tomb."
Toklo, Oct. 2. (Correspondence of j
A. I The "Kar Tomb" at the
Hokoku shrine in Kyoto, dedicated
to the memory of Tuiko Hideyoshi.
one of the, ?resiet feuihil leaders of
Japanese history, has come in for
Mich general criticism that an inves-
f(.r llllildillg Specialist j Ration i being made by the home
Funeral Hi'rvice for O. II. Warren, j IO "eclne " "
should be removed.
The "Ear Tomb" is supposed to
II ,
!! !
Funeral Sen ices Held
C33 Keeliue building, were held yes-
.-.!!' .( iUa ll.ii.iau 1 llilai-t at ill T
vai lor. Air. AVam n was a building ntala the ears and noses of thou-
specialist. lie was prominent in Y.
M. f. A. circles and a Spanish War
Y dentil, lie was 4.i years old. The
IihIv was taken last night to Olivet,
Alien., for burial. Mr. Warren is sur
ied by his mother, Mrs. Laura- 1'. of oliwt. Mich.; a brother,
W. T. Warren, of Toledo, and a sis
ttr. Airs, (iarland C5. (!eo of Highland
1'ark, Mich.
Two Nationally Proniineiit
Men to Address Lions Club
Two men of national prominence,
stopping In Omaha today between
tinnm. will make fhort addresses at
His regular noon meeting of the
Omaha Lions club In the palm room
..f Hot.-l KonteiH'll at 13:15. The
i ! In i? will be in charge of Otto
Swaiison and lvsn l'.iriger who tie-
iline.l to ren-al the identity of the
fvo li-.tuiKUt!iel guest.
iands of Koreans killed by Hide-
jushi's army in an Invasion of Korea;
between 1592 and 159T.
Japanese Christians have petitioned I
the Kyoto prfectural authorities to .
remove the tomb monument, claim
ing that it stands for militarism and
barbarity. The home otlice recently j
ordered war trophies removed from
various temples and shrines on the (
ground that they gave foreign visl-j
tor the wrong Impression of Japa-1
rese military.
Former Ouiahan Die.
Juhri l(. iitneit. reaiilsnt of inaha
f.r inAiiy esr, )i"l amMenly yter
! iiu,riucii ivt )u home at IM1 ihI.
i ul , actor.lmc to It fi'riu-! ion receiv
ed l y 3 II lli!iy. Mr. ISeoitett was
i .-.ti i in th I1 rstdia and lit-
For Herself and Pet Dog.
New York. Oct. 2. Declaring that
she haa no fumla and must work at
once. Mra. Oscar Hammcrstein. wid
ow of the imperaario. today Inserted
this advertisement In a morning
newspaper: "Must have work of
some sort at once. Air. Oacar
tlanimerstem (widow of the lite
Mrs. II ininierstein. who i lay
ing with friends, fcid she lud not
a dollar In th world and must
earn money for herself and her pel
dog. (tinea ah lost th M.iuhat-
) tun opern house rtitly she anld
j she hail dependent upon
j fi end.
nat, it it w it h Mis. i niett Hafreil I nm Secontl AiUojisy
-tMl ).if iO t i hit h.Mi I sw Hroi!n 1st ? Tti aJ
In I 'sliM t .. Ileait tkaeaM w is th ! (H.-rtl e i f MiJdleaat "d It- i.rt
t f ! tih
Judaism I'anacta
for Industrial lit.
Say Chicago Kabbl
' ,-. .Mlt h ltile, to "i
i. ...i,!,,m f lha family of h lim.
tli. hswlar Mi I t'J hm fiewitt
ct i ,, ...i ..l . i,.-. i , I'f.n kHn
T. .U, f-r tha im ,t',i B i t i -I
t;, ., aj (' t tl f
I'm iiiit. . FttS r- t'-r
V . I.lkll I II ln I'tn ll tn if-
ft t t'-T tsue Hi
Itm hf a, fska ( ttw hlwJowi,
pki4 at IH ioaiiWiMitf l" K'
I t tswiiiiK, aVM(M4 I Ha K
Kla iw le h l.-n, llinsra
MMixlf t" ht a it4 t '
i wh 4 aair4 tlltm Ja)-; l I a i.i. ...i. I
k-M Heyta M w ta4 4ia U-' ij a - la t
WIMvuW, ; .! - ' Th
It lis JVaiaRi rahH ' t. i la M rt .
-H'J ! M a M ink., mm
wk-4ist sit4iM at MJwlif
IW il-4
la4iw at aaiMt ti--iiih f
ai4: ' kw 44 "It h m
,iw Y-t ls Ws, I attain! . f
Auto Vlirl Found in Xxtt
,1im Fert from I tA Scritt
) Hi'f!t el Ik . t ri
i,u I... ti.,-
w r - t kv
Mt t
ft f- l " l -
. lIS Irl'tX I -.
Dru.tKt ! tof Duonc.
I i :... ct I - i I
. -. .'! I ) I . I '
tJ?A foe loquc'j f t Ihe Irving-,
Join i'ut Auto Club the Service
Organization lor the MotorUt.
Long Gloves
Iti-button Icnu'lli ttMcih Iut'w plnVf:
imported bruslifd Mm?, eniliroitlcrci'v
lack; beaver, nmslii', biscuit and eo
vert; ri'ittlnr 1.50 value. Specially
priced, p' r puir
Miin Floor North
TUESDAY-M Over Tlais Big Store
"A Dollar Is Only a Dollar Til It Buys a Brandeis Bargain"
Boys' Knickers
Of, (lurM)le fOftlunty that
stands hard wear so wrdl. Al!$
sizc, ( to IS years, in tlrab
shade only. JOach,
Fourth Floor
Boys' Fall Caps
One-iece tops in dandy new
tweod.s and suitings to niatchl)
now fall suits. All sizes. Spe
cial, each
' Fourth Floor
Corduroy Rompers
Washable eordurov in desirable col
ors, drop seat style. A great play pr-C
nieut for cool days. A limited qiian-
tity. Sizes 4 to 8 years. Special for
Tuesday at, each
Fourth Floor
Women's Blouses
Of Voile, Net and Silk, odds and emlT
taken from our rtgular Mock, hliizlitlx
soiled from handling. Tuck in mid tie-P
back rnodi'ls. Spceiidly prieed for
Tuesday sdl inir, each
Second Floor South
American Lady Corsets
Of flesh enured eoutil am! novelty
eloth; very low. all elastic and semi J
elastic; top. Also medium tops with
long ami short skirts, fiee hip. lirok
en sizes. Spuria I, each
Third Floor North
Women's Brassieres
Nature's- Rival and Venus brands. Of
plain and fancy materials'. Fine tucb J
and lace trimmed. Hack closing only.
Sizes 32 to 44. Triced very specially
in this sale, at
Third Floor North
Negligee Girdles
An odd lot in plain and fancy mate
rials. Two or three pairs of garterstj
attached. Small, medium and larger
sizes. Priced very specially during
this sale, at
Third Floor North
Suit Cases
Genuine fiber suit cast-, extra
deep; in dark brown or black ;$
24-inch case; hard to distinguish
from genuine cowhide. Each,
Fourth Floor
Men's Union Suits
Clearance ot spring Knit union
suits with long legs and Uall$
sleeves, bizes 34 to 42 only.
Per suit,
Main Floor South
Dozen Bars Soap
Physicians' and Surgeons'
Soap, "regular 1.50 value, 12
bars for
Main Floor West
Couch Covers
Full size couch covers in at
tractive colorings. An
usual value. Each,
Basement West
Ruffled Curtains
VAT'ds loiif. with fin.lmf1.-sj
' - .4,
to match. Made of voile, niar-S
quisette and cross-barred Swiss.
Per pair,
Basement West
Children's Union Suits
A strongly taped knit waist suit in fall
weight. Ankle length, high neck and
Ions; sleeves, or Dutch neck, elbow
sleeves and knee length. Sizes 2 to.
12 years. Special
Basement A rcade
Norma Talmadge Offer
1.25 Norma Talmadge Face
Powder and 75c Norma Tal $
madge Perfume Combined 2.00
value for
Main Floor West
3 Pebeco Tooth Paste
3 regular 50c packages, 1.50$ nl
value, very special for Tues- I
dav at J JL
Main Floor West
Elcaya Combination
Crenie EleayA and Oeniej
Elcaya Cold Cn'arn, special
for Tuesday, both -for
Main Floor West
Ed. Pinaud's Combination
1.25 Lilac Vegetale and 25c
Talcum Powder, cmliiiietl
value 1.50. for
Main Floor West
Tweed Suiting
. . .
.I iclics wide; in incdnun eiil.itiiius ju
anl lt autaui liiinturcs : u!J u 'in wtml ; r 1
nuitabl fur iiu-n', wtditcn' and lie)''' II
sl;!t. kniKCf' Ami . .! ttltd 1 : ' 1; ItV ll
other if.irineiil Siffi.t!. li r a
ha-.ementi enter
Black Crepe de Chine
4 rub h il il y ( iii.tli -i ft ut
a i ! . lny i ,f kf an
lSi!l!ll! t''. 1-I44 1 Of llU'B'
Xl.t in to ati-l in .i, - ( ib y
rP ata iit.!')- I..:ut Unit C i,t.
itio.":! l in.l o. ll
t-.vm ii '' i In.f t4 lf )H
6 Pairs Men's Soxs
Cotton socks in black, gray
and cordovan. Sizes 10 to
ll'.v;. Six pairs for
Basement A rcade
7 Pairs Infants' Hose
Black and tan lisle hose.
Sizes 4 to G'o. Kegular 25c
value. Seven pairs for
Basement A rcade
3 Pairs Children's Hose
Odd sizes in cotton lisle and
mercerized hose. All fast dye.S
50c and ("e values
pairs fr
Special, "
Basement Arcade
Women's Boots
In hutti-n nnd lace styles; black and
ei'Inred leathers; hand turned and ma C
chine sewed soles ; iuot of them bnvt
I.ouis Fit uclt h Is. Narrow vtidth.
Ju-t two hundred ptiiis. Special,
fiaetuent A rcade
6 Yards Toweling
Heavy, bhuihrd tinitui iah
ttut hug, in at it tl !nirdT. vx $
ular aluo '"M p r yard, Tut'.
day, ti iwU fur
.If tin FiocrWtst
2 Muslin Undergarments
- ., tvd-lic, IV.H-i iH , M,-p ii!,
flit, t I cfi :.d I' iM i v t '
t-y ,-triM. i.t if i. M.d? -is
l'''e tit e.i ovf.Ji e.. f , ,-! c,J m iH
Uv, t!e,lrndry .n in- km. T9 for
H tmit f 4t'
Phonograph Accessories
3 Rcorl Albums
ISO Nickel RfcorJ KpAtn $
1.25 Cflluloivl Recorvl Rfjitnf
Juvml Record Books
M f hat W tt
Imported Baskets
Kfcy feiio. 1 1 f.f.i'v ins ,
t ith U. to b'4'2.. if" . -t t 3
I rn, J -) a a I-. j-rt-, Ki-i.. IJ
t-ia liii' ci .J' -'i ii J-..i-! H
f , i 1 aJktka
Jhh4 rv..r-t.f
Gold-Filled Knives
Highest Krad Bold filled with the
new prri-ii irold fiiiish. I'incst fpialitt t 1
flat modelT II
stiel, two blades. Thin
with I in if in i nd for chain
Sjiecinl, each
Main Floor East
l.lts value.
2 Pounds Chocolates
Bitter Sweet Chocolate, made in our
own ftetory; eieumy fruit and mitt
centers with a thick routine of bitter1'
sweet chocolate, Speeiiilly juiced at
Iwo pounds for
Main Floor West
2 Yards Art Linen
Very fine art linen in 22 and 24
ineli width; 1.00 to 1.5! quali $
ties. Tuesday, special, 2 yards
Main Floor West
Children's Dresses
(if cotton pongee, ninulinin, elininbroy
and cotton print. Some have bloomer 4t
I 'lain models or straight ami yoke style.'r
I.onif sleeves. two to sit years.
Special for Tuesday, each
Third Floor East
Children's Koveralls
The original Coverall, Strati
make. Dark and li'ht eulors; of stnuiet
attirdy denim. I.onir hb eves and Piitclr
neck. Sizes 1 to 8 years. Specially
priced for Ttie-day sellinir, each
7Artf Floor East
Luncheon Sets
Jo-iinh lunch cloth and four napkins
stamped on clover bleach and un t
bleached muslin to be embroidered in
outline and lazy daisy design. Spe
cially priced, per set
Third Floor West
Clothes Baskets
Imported llelirian willow, dou
ble edge, bottoms and woven!)
handles. Kegularlv 1.29 and
1..7J, at'
Fifth Floor West
Onyx Tea Kettles
(iiarnnteed ''Onyx," six-
quart size, with Jock lid;
1.09 value for
Fifth Floor West
Women's Silk Hose
Thread silk full fashioned stock
ings with lisle garter tops. First $
quality tind seconds of 1.50 and
2.00 qualities. Per )air,
Main Floor North
Women's Hats
Attractive styles for street
or sport wear in a good vari
ety of colors. Each,
Second Floor East
Gowns and Chemise
Tailored styles of Windsor crepe an'?
those of shadow batiste, lingerie elotbt
iiil tt 1 1 . 1 1 it enti iif-.l it -1 K 4 , . . i luino an.l
and muslin trimmeil with fine laces and
embroidery. Values from J .50 to 1.71'
Special, each
Third Floor Center
Billie b'.rkes
Cozy sleeping garments of pret
ty flannelette trimmed with silk
braid and silk frog fastenings;
2.50 values. Each,
Third Floor Center
Women's Hosiery
Silk and wool and part wool,
Urown, navy blue and heather") ' IS
shades Seconds of a 2.00 qual- j i
u. ivi itii, aVki
Main Floor North
2 Flannel Petticoats
For Women
3 Pairs Ribbed Hose
For misses and children. Fine m
and heavy ribbed school hose hi$
black, white and brown. .' pairs
for ,
Main Floor North
Women's Aprons
nunyalow Aprons. Polly Prim Aprons.
Skirt Aprons With and without bibs
AMiile Tea Aprons; in fact, about teiT
different styles. Worth 89c and 1.00
each. Special, 2 for
Third Floor Center
Made of good quality outing flannel in all
white or dark patterns, striped or plain.
Regular and extra sizes, cut full and long.
Made to sell at 80c to 1.25. Special, 2 for
Basement ast
Novelty Curtains
Sheer scrim and mercerized
marquisette with eluny and filct$
pattern lace edgings; 1.50 val
ues. Per pair.
Sixth Floor East
Women's Petticoats
Also pantalettes. Made of a i
good quality colored sateen. I
Regular price l.fiO. Each, JL
Third Floor Center
Curtain Materials
A fine assortment of colored
dotted 'Swisses and plain mer-$
cerized marquisettes; worth JOc
per Vard. f yards for
Sixth Floor East
Men's and women's hem
stitched handkerchiefs of
pure Irish linen, 5 for
Mam Floor East
Babies' Blankets
"jivlii ;.,..t. . . :.., ..,.1
watv uii.nvi, iiuiiii ami i
nuiiery styles; some ate scalloped T
each blanket neatly boxed; worth l.'.'.'i kl
to 1.o0. Specially priced dnrintf this
ji!e at, each
Basement North
Bleached Bed Sheets
1.!0 size, made of sjood
static muslin witli J-'mieh
center scam. Each.
Rtement North
Serge Tricotine
AH Wool French Serg and DiodaI
Tneotint A ln- tml rd ftbric
p"ti -,! 'i I ahro'tV; in tay l-'na in,
.t ' fill ' a ! ; I I it. 'ii fettle.
;c.-t,t!, pt r j t
Men's Fall Caps
A'! ti li.-w t.l tt .iee .. titbit'
'.ppy t-'red. U ! V to -I, ltfl.l ,' if
tltr. .!...!.,.. ... t.1, ? l
euMv y i t-l ' . t-.dy r' rl
3 Sealtyte Cheesecloths
Absorbent cheese cloth sealed
in sanitary "Sealtyte" paek-r
au'es of yanls each; packages
Basement North
Men's Domet Shirts
A large aMiitmeiit of patterns
in pray, tan, blue and khaki col $
ond .tii!'t fl.uim l. AH ics,
!: to l?:i. K.i. h
HarmentA rcade
Novelty Earrings
In !. e itrt b:.J i.i it a biinceil
t!-n; j ,-lc, lipn, enrnt, t.utire'iitr
pr Jn ., r: ;'--.', i!. I h..j..
U'lbtr I .'-, 1 N ao-1 ;"'s aUir
Sjh-cu' .i p. . t d ?t
Mtm 7tWf Eat
$ U
Men's Goods
l .' Irt l M'll't S! i I Wela, Uloi
,! Y f I i'k' S 't
J j 4I- ..! s . V
lvii Sj'a. , l.i.'a et J IWtf
IB I 1
0 H M Itla, M -t Itl'twJ t ..1 U r !.. Ill
)', lis imu Iktl a t, .. t it e I - .
at at Sw aas4MlM m44 . k, . I . - .-I
a ti4 M tkwiHata ptm, ..,. o . .. , -i .t . t I M
i ! a th.' 'tUnu
-iaw-iW - .' -i
11 llfc iaW.ii w