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    TIIK OMAHA Mr,: M(PAY. orrouhli
I . , i
Many Football
(James Carded
for WVck-Knd
( rnjrlitoH I Ja m llainliiic
Mere Salnrib) .i-liru-ka
Ojirn Srutnii at I ,i iii'tfl it
.j.';iiii"t DakolJ.
With football officially Inirodiofd
In u im in to liniuhit Mini iiii'olnl
Kilil fun, p .ii,.!lor si Holm, In
make Hi l'C'i f'-iiMin ni of ili li
In tl; history i f the fa'l "t t
All l Otiiilliit' I, :ul ih IiihiI eleven
will ttfi Into m'lun m-kt Friday,
wlill t"relrhfon university will pUy
H -riiiii giiiijo of the season n'ur
.lay. Nearly nil lh" outsat hlRh
Irani nr tw lirdulrd to hu'ile Friday.
lSbi.iekit university upr I' eaon
nl l.lnioln buiurday whin II meet
Homli I'nkoiii
The hum I no i- i t ii I name fur limn- ,
da ilil wi-i-k will I Ihr I'ri'ighioii
UtllV"lIIV ll.lllllllie lon'Crt HHttll'luy i
on 4"relnhtiiii fa-Id. ''oach "Mm'"
:nlilrib;e' i-hiugi- il' fcated IWoiith
ikiii Wesleyim H.iturday ly tlm
genre nf 7 to o. but ihiriltiK the Km
linwi'I that they need more ""boob
lug In the art of football or else taste
Hamlin In I'lay Here.
Ihitnllne will come to Omaha Willi
a fnli ly stronif Irain. The Minnesota
hool didn't lo ninny veteran via
Kni'lutlon mul practically lh sanm
Him that held Minnesota In a 6 in 1
icore will buck up amiliiHt fiemhion.
In CirlKhton'a name w ith I In- Wrs
L ynn hi re last Saturday, the Hlue I
niiil White Una allowed slim of weak-
tier, especially w this true of tho
l.-rt flunk. Heveral time Hi front
wall fulled to fc-ct out of the way of
the lm kn or lo provide thn proper In
terference. Till, no doubt, will re
ceive the attention of Coach "Mao"
lluMrlKe thla week and ly game time
Saturday frclKhton ahould allow
marked Improvement In line attack.
Jn Lew-man l-nne, CrelKhton quar
ter, Coach JialilrlKe ha a speedy back
field man: one who can run throuwh
a broken lleiu aim mum ui mi, i"j
Who uses 111 bend" In battle. 1-ane a
punt didn t nail further than thoae
of Harmon of the viaitora, nui oeioro
the aeuaon l vry old thla Crelehton
ither "hooter" will And hi klrklntr
ptrlde and It will be a Rood punter
w ho will out dlatance him on punts.
Central Ha Heavy Una.
Tant Krldaf Coach Schmltlfa Cen
Iral high achool team walloped CrelRh
ton high, 33 to 0. Central la very
strong thla aenaon or t.'relRhton la
very weak. One or the two. Anyway,
the Central grldatera allowed that they
will have to be rccklned with by atate
liigh achool thla aeniion.
Coach Bchmidt'a team, if he keep
to atrnlKht football, will be a hard
Irani to bent. Central haa a heavy
and fairly fast line. The Purple-Jer-
aey athletea give their back good
Interference and tackle well, a good
Reset to any football team. In Full
back (lalloway. Central haa a line
plunger and a hard player to brlrn?
down to earth. "Jtlue" Howell, a half fast on hi feet and know
how to pick out holes. I.awaon iilao
yilayed well against Crelghton high,
which neemed to be suffering an at
'ack of "stivfte frlght,"la t Friday.
, Soulli Hays Fremont.
South high lost to the Alumni, 1!)
to 0 Saturday. Thla defeat doesn't
amount to much. Coach. Patton got a
chance to get a line on his men for
the game with Fremont here Friday
afternoon. The game will be played
at the Buffaloes' park. Tho South
coach didn't take any chance of hav
ing any of his men Injured for the
Fremont affair, so substituted freely
against the Alumni.
Keith Nevill's North Platte cham
pion performed nicely at . Cozad,
blanking the I'awson county machine,
4i to 0. However, the champs won
from the same team last ;ear by over
TOO points.
Lincoln, with an admitted advant
age over Fremont did not run up the
score that was anticipated from the
capital city team. They had all the
beat of the ptatlsiis however, and
earned their six to nothing victory.
( Hasting I nahle to Score.
Alliance won the honor for high
score, trimming Chadron 94 to 8. One
game which caused some surprlMe was
Hasting high ut Minden, w here Conch
N'cwnuui'a crew wan unable to score
nn the Minden machine. They kept
Mlmteiv from crossing with the remilt
that the game ended In a acorelesa
lie. Hasting was doped to take this
York defeated Superior by mactly
h aim score that they won from
ew,rd lat Friday, 17 to 0. Superior
walloped lavld City, S3, to t, the only
touchdown whu h roach Wilcox a irr i
fee were able to ft acron hap
pened in an ptrcpt-d p. Suprr-1
it made Ihelr 1 n wuh reol.uity. ;
i,ir Tin wrra. j
TI4, i
I m rl
riMuml al Mlk ttawk l
...... 1
EDDIE'S FRIENDS Layinsr Up Something for the Holidays
T? (jtT.
All VwAmt
"ToOAv r
' A
f '
1 1
-f i .100 fcvv6 r. vA' THAT'S T '7 '
i wfio.i month to Of t, p0p V7 ,v'
' this foR m& am' la amyway f ) "A
rrooMA KEEP pO J 'j-'.)
I n.iiiiTrc TMCid I I v. , i t -Ti ,r L
Cardinals Tie
Pirates for
Third Place
BaseBanResultSiWer Varsity
dnO Standings Squad Shaken
Up by Dawson
Miiitxw. i rtotr
I S lark . .
, rillrMlrfH
i Inriitnmi
nn . . . ,
IWiMblm .
lhln ,
riiHui,.!, mi .-t i.iiiim
I'l'lil.llltll for third place in Hie .Nn. ,
lloliul bagiie prliiiNiit l. or IimI.iV lV
ilcfiiitllig Chlcigii ; (o I In Lit j
gulilit of the si'imuii, while CIlH-lnilrttl j
li-fi'Mtei) the I'll il In ImiIIi gHiui . I
of a double li-udtr, lluUhlug In w "oil
Ibiger llorimby of llir Cardillul.
chiunpioii butter of lb bngiie, track
ed out three hit In five time at bat
and rtiiUln-'l the t-Mou wlih an nvc- j mw ork
tg of ,4o, the fli.t time the feat I '
li.i leei uccriiiiplialird since I H!iJ ) ' hJ'B "
wnen i.u iirumanty nnixhed with a iiun,
w , l . I'H.
a i i
M 1 ,Wt
B l
a k ! I
i 1 l
1 1 .tNt
il H-i
tealeiilai'a lull.
It- Mini l.n. N. ,.(!,,
I'hiliitUlptiia, ; llf,,,! t. V
I II I I l. i , , Ball,
!? I.uu' 7, rhio, i.
TmiI' liimri,
mark of ,4n. Score:
Out-State Rifle
Shots on Team
Referee Johnston
"Rushes to llcdnide
of Dying Father
III a closely contested match held on
thn government rifle range at Piatt
mouth yesterday morning the follow
ing shooter were selected to repre
sent XebrONka ut the American Legion
National shoot which take place at
New Ot-li-aii. October lfith to 2oth:
Kd Perley, Omaha; Mr. Lincoln Klley,
Wlsner; K. H. louglas, Iavld City;
Adrian Mayer, Omaha; and Julius
Festner, Omaha. At least two places
on the team were In doubt until the
last shot wag fired, and these were
won by a margin of only a few points.
Kd Perley of Omaha was high man
with a total of 230 out of; with
R. H. Douglas of David City second.
Douglas scored 223. Five stages were
fired: 200 and 300 yards rapid tire,
and 300, BOO anil 600 yards slow fire.
The competition was held under the
direction of I.t. "Tex" Warren of the
17th Infantry.
J. J. Jesse, Douglas County Post,
Omaha, will captain the Nebraska
team st the New Orleans shoot.
Itcferee Johnston, former Ne
braska university grid player who
refereed the first half of the ( reign
Ion Dakota tVesleyan game at
( reightnii field Saturday, received
word from his home In Denver dur
ing the contest that bis father was
U the reiuet of Coaih Baldrige
of ( reighlon, Johnston , wan rushej
lo the railroad station rlad In hi
referee's uniform and left for
I. urn Doyle, who umpired during
the first half, acted a referee dur
ing the final two quarter.
State Conference
Opens Friday
Yanks Lose Final
Game to Senators
tVanhlnamn, Oct. 1 After aafrly nuk-
in away me t'onnant yta'rnay. Ilia Niw
York Vanka dropped the final same with
waamngion looay, f to 1. Score:
Wilt, i t It it 4 II! Judge, 1b i 1 7 1
nM.Nally 0 0 0 lHarn. '.') 4 2 8
Ionian. 2b I 0 It Kl:, cf 1
M'-M!llan i I) I lUiualln, If 4 2
n il, rr-i! 4
I'lpp. ll 3
Snillh. rf I
M'marin, n I
Mi-Ul, If 4
0 t 21 iiruker, rf 2
t ( Oll.apan, ( SI
0 I 0 Palish, aa J I
0 4 l! I,in'. 3l 4 5
1 oi War ulh, p 4 0
0 1
1 3
1 1
Tots! 2t 1 1711
Oakland nt KoftHit.
Ilio-MMl at -Murrlll.
4,reelry ut Heiitiit.
Mnntia lity at Kmrne.r.
Honne Krealinien at tVHher.
IMidlanil ftirulnat 4 olio at Bethuii'.
nrk Hicfunat Peru nt Peru.
Kpurimy Teiuhera anttimt llaln(a at
rtika Weal)an aalnat Hsyne Nor
niul ut U uy lie.
.Nohrakit Ontral ngulnat (irand Inland
at l.rimil laluiul.
Ottawa aruinHt llu erninl nt Haya.
Itt-thuny uKiiltiMt liiildwlu at HhIiIh'Iii.
. . NmiiheHeNtern aicuiiiat Kalrniont at
kaiiau tVealeyan agnlnnt sterling at
Slerllu. ,
I rflahlon iinlvei-hllT aiiiii-t llanilliie
Tern nRAiniit t larlnda at t larimla, la.
(ntrnl amilnat Nhenandouh at Khen-
aniltitili. la.
Koutli llukiitu UHHltixt Nehntaka at Lin
coln. Othpra.
fiilnuell aruinat Miaaoiui at roliimhia. .
Uallhurn uiruiii.t kiinnHa at Munliiittall.
Co nilteKe us-ilnt Inua Mute at Ano-a.
Holla ua-toiiMt HnahltiKtn at Nt. Iiuia.
Knus aiiln.t Ih,i ut loua 4 Ity.
(,-4iria annliiMt i liiraa-ii at 'ltlriin.
Carltoii uKUiiik' VI iM-oiiln at W lM-inain,
fit HKiiiiitft MU-hiiraii at Mfrhlmm.
lame Alllliki-n aalnit J'urilup at
llelnlt amtint Nnrthwealrrn at North- j
wpwlern. m
Nonli lhikula aaalnat Mimteaota at !
MlnneMita. I
Ohio Mealejan nalnt OIihi State at i
Ohio stale.
Lincoln. Oct. 1. (Special.) With
all roaches In the state conference re
porting fairly bright prospects they
: will all have an opportunity of see-
l Ing their charge In action next Fri-
'day, u-ith one exception Coach John
son of Doane. Doane'a first game Is
not until the following week with 8t
Denedict's at Atchison, Kan.
Donne Is pretty hard hit by loss
of last year's veterans, some by grad
uation and some other who are at
tending the state university. Cap
tain Cory is attending Michigan this
year while Williams, who played the
other tackle last year is at Nebraska
Couch R. B. McCandless is after an
other conference title with his Ne
braska Wesleyan team. His aggrega
tion will average 169 pounds and the
weight Is evenly distributed. While
not particularly fast the team is com
posed of hard and willing workers.
At Cotner prospects nre bright.
Coach Ben Koehler, formerly a half
back on the navy team, has several
veterans, among whom are Captain
John Shull, considered one of the best
fullbacks in the conference. Rtzelmil
ler at end again is showing u) very
well and Borgard, 214 pound lineman
from Minden, looks like the real stuff.
Cotner will play a traditional game
with the alumni on Inaugural day,
October 3, but with the opening gunie
with Midland fulling three days after
ward. Ib 4 o l 4
P'-oti. aa 0 81
June, p 4 3 0 3
Total 31 4 : 14;'
Btted for Punan In fifth.
Batted for Witt In ninth.
Hrura by Innliige:
Xr Tork OfiO inn 000 1
Warhtna-toa 400 000 lOx 6
Hummary Rune: Plpp, Jurta-a, Itarrtc
Cfoahn (1, Browcr, l.apan. Krrnra: Har
ris, Goalln, i.apan, r.eniott. Two-baae
htta: Jurisi, I'lpp. Ptolen baa: (loalin.
Hacrlfk-o: I.upan. rouble playi: Jonea to
Hcott to Plpp, fmlih to Ruth to Si-ott to
Ruth, Rice to Perkfnpaiith to Harrla. Hof-n-aiin
to Ruth to Si-ott. I.eft on haiea:
Near Tork, 10; Waahtnirton, 4. Rtaea an
balla: Off Jonea, 4: off Warmouth, 4.
struck out: By Jonea, 1; by Warmoutk,
h. Paaied belli.- Hofmann. Umplrui:
Owen and Nillin. Time 1:34.
Browns End Season
With Win Over Chicago
t. Loula, Bept. 1. The St. t,oul
Browne wound up tholr moat euceeaeful
ekaon In mora than 20 year with a
2 to 1 virtory over the Ohlcaio White
Bo thla afternoon. Aa a reault of Wah
Ington'a victory over the t'hamplon New
York Yankaee, only one game aeperated
the Browna and the yankeea In the Bea
ton' final standing.
Hooper, rf i 0 2 0 Tobln, if il 0 1 0
.lnhne 4 10 1 Kllerba. 3b 4 0 6
E.('o'na, 2b S 1 2 4 Dialer, lb 3 111
HhVely, lh 4 111 II Willi', If 3 111
Moetll, cf 4 1 I Ol Uurat, rf 8 2 2 0
Falk, If 3 1 2 (I M Mn , !b 4 2 4 3
MulM'n, 3b 3 12 OiH.Co na, c 4 0 4 3
Hnhalk, : 2 1 S 0Roher'n, 4 2 2
Lever'te, p 3 11 4'Bayne, p 3 12
st mi i , iit..A.i,-k
AM II ( A I AH II n A I f, I i 0 aialarf 3 I el
i Siiinh rf t 3 ( Ifoirher aa 4 14 3
Mann.i-r 8 10 0 Terry :'l. 4 14 4 1 !b (344 lriu..,lh 1 o 1
M-.i 4 I I H. . ni. if kirn!
Hif-k,ll, 4 3 I II, Barber If 1101
S. built rf 3 12 1 Kellrh.r Jh 4 i 5 i
llnamlin.u 4 I 3 II oKaiel, r I I ( 3 i
l.evanea 44 a Kauoan f I 0 I
I'frffer.p 4 4 0 3, ,i aliahau j 0 0 ;
-- KuM.-M p 4
Tolalo 3", 13 27 II ifnaterald 1101
Totala ii 13 :f 14
Heiied f,.r Kaufman la amh,
I Mailed for r ueei in elhlli.
Mora by !nnlne:
t Mnn 104 000 0J0 1
l.blr. 100 000 60O1
Summer Hutie: llladea. J ginllh 2),
Horneby, Holiomley 171, giork. Miata. Kr
rora: Jlnttomley, ilrlnief Kelleher, Kuf
tuan Home runa: J, Smith, BottomUy,
S,-r!fl'-ea: Terry, Mehulti. J. amlih. lou
bi playa: I.avan to lloruaby to Mottom
lev lit. f.eft on haaea: St. I.nule, (; l.'M.
i:ao. 14. llee.-a nn halla: Off i'feffer, I;
Kiru.k out: My pfnff-r, 1: by Kaufman,
3; lit Ip'uaeoii, i; by Btvland, I Mna:
Off gaiifman. T In ; off rueaell. 4 In
2 Inninira: off Mtueland. 0 In I Innln.
Hit by pltihed ball: lly I'feffer, Mollo-her.
l.ln( pinher: Kaufman Cinuiree, Hen
telle and RlKlar. Time: 1:41.
Giant" Close Season
hv Defeating Braves
Near York, c5,-t. 1. The Olania rloae.l
their National Jeafua aeaaon here tnrlay
by divlillng double header with Boa
ton. The B'or in each gam waa 3
In 0.
Score, aecond (Tie:
AH If. O.A.I AU IfH A.
''hrleie.rf 3 0 4 Canrr.aa 110 0
Harbre,2b 3 110 Ja.-k , aa 3 0 2 2
Mion. r.t 3 1 I 0 Hawl ,3b 3 0 11
Urulae.lf 8 0 10 Ma(uire.2l 3 111
Hoer-kel.lh 2 3 1 2 Meueel, If 3 1 0 0
Henry, Hi 3 1 t 1 Hlbee,ff 3 10 0
, illah , 3 0 14 Kin, lb 3 111
tlowdy.e 23 l:.'uunlnf.,i f 2010
Yearsm.p 2 0 0 1 'Oaaton.o 3 0 3 1
Nehf, p 103
Totala 2i 4 21 8 M'-olt. p 101
.MWulll.,p 10 0 0
Totala 24 il 10
mora oy innmgas
Boaton 1)00 000 0 0
.".ew Torn 1(10 002 03
lOatii called In aeventli, darkneaa
Summary Runa: Mauire (3i. Hinhee.
Error: Cliilatenbury, Uallaher. Magulr.
Two-hae hlta: Henry. Kin. Three-baae
kill Boeckel, Hum run: I! i it bee stolen
beaea: Uoei.-kil, Bancroft. (Junnlnicham.
Left on haaea: Boaton, 6: New York. 4.
Hiruck out: By Nehf. 2; by Scott. 3: by
McQuillan, 8; by Yearfln, 2. Ha on
balla: Off Nehf, 1; off McQuillan, 1; off
Yeanrln. 2. II lie: Off Nehf. 2 in 1: ntf
Scott, 2 in 2; off McQuillan, 1 In 1. Win.
nmp pitcher: Nehf. Umpiree: Wenter
velt and O. Sulllian. Tim; 1.13.
- U hliilon
I I'Mlladeliitil
IM4.HM I 4l, :.
44 ,
. Si
ftiMilna 1
Iralefd)' Keeullt,
leveland. 4: I'etrnll, .
Waahinion, 4. S York, I
St. I-.iii.. a; Chicago,' 1.
N' other played.
Tmlay'a l.aoiea.
S-e.n.l cluard,
. ... .
m. I'aul 11,1 m .J iii. 1; !'; rZL lowing the lluekn-a bine il
,n'H,ll a-t IS Mil leiulelll 17 HI .4.
ken. ( lly ,M -join, m ut
Indlan'll. 1 ait tl I olumlMie M lot .31
Veeterday'a JUaulla,
Katiaua City, 4.4; Clumbue, .f
St. faul, 4-10; l.u vllle. 3-1
Minneapolia, 4 4; Indianapolla, J-(.
Milwaukta, 4 1; lu.tdu J ,
Today' 4iame.
Seaaon (loaed.
Phillies Split Bill
Brooklyn, Oct. 1. Philadelphia
broke even with Ilrooklyn, In the eer
ie of two games w hlch closed the sea
son for them, by winning today, 6 to
PHir.ALKi.pitiA. nnooKr.Y.v.
w il l, 3 I 0 l Ollull, 2b 1 0 0 3
Ilapp, .Hi 6 8 0 2 Jnvrln, 2b 2 2 0 0
W'laina, i f 4 2 2 1 .1 nelon. aa 4 0 1 2
Walker, rf S 1 6 O T. O'th, rf 4 1 1 0
Henllne, c 4 8 3 0i Wheat, If 4 0 8 U, If 4 1 3 01 Xy.ra, cf 4 0 i 0
Lealle. lb 4 oil 0! .oeh'ndf. 1b 4 2 10 o
P'nann, :b I I I I1 Hlh, 3b 4 o 3 0
jlchan, p 4 1 0 til ll Mn. o 0 u 0 0
1 Keherry, 0 3 14 2
Tolala 34 12 27 12 Crimea, p 1 0 0 2
j Itacatur, p 1 0 0 u
Tntlla 32 6 27 8
S-ore by Innlnga:
3 Prooklyn
liepauw aanuiet Imllana l m.llana. l wards. Coni h Koehler Intend tflkina-
"eati ' - -
Kanwta uuivrralty Hsailiet Army 0
xt. leiul a!nt Voire Ilnnie at
llnekell Indian ngaiiiat Krtemla
Michltil. 1 aim Inat tha lilnvnff In Woelxvan
few chances with hi regulars.
sl- i Report from Wayne Normal, run
at ' ner up In ths last conference race,
U ealern
been assembbil there under tli direc
, tlon of Coach Pale.
Moo i mi. I allow- tliut u promising machine ha
ll,tu I IkIm u .ml ml ll Nlele T.-h.
era mi t edar I alia.
Monntouili aaln4 1 Uealeiaa at
MniuiMMilli, I i ...
( oriM-ll aaalii.t 1rnke at l' Molaea. j . . .. , . ,
(enlral tulle aliwl Ilea Hulnea at! Te Ice bill of the people of the
iv-e Moinee j Tnlted State I about ll.OOH.OOu a
.Nurlll laknl e lne4 Slat . A, . . . . .
Ten. i.e at rr j day. the northern Utkea furnlhlng
Mihm, aaala.l Mlchi.aa Alea at ! , one-fourth of the total production of I
il aw i.,,uiiiry.
Total 2lx210 Total 31 3 27 IS
iTno out when winning run acored.
Score by InnlnKa:
Chicago 010 000 0001
St. Loull 000 000 1012
Summary Iluna: MohLU. Williams,
Duiat. Three-base hit: Mcvl.mue. Stolen
baaea: Hooper 12). Sacrifice hlta: Falk,
Tobln. Iiurel. Double play: Roberiaon to
McManua to sialer. Triple play: K. Col-
llna to Hheely. T.eft on baea: Chicago,
&; St. IJUle. 7. Ttaeea on ball: Off l.ever.
eltc. 2; off Hnyne, 3. Struck out: My
l.evrelte. fi; by Bayne. 3. flit hy pitched
ball: By Ttayne, Hooper. I'mplrea:
Uuihrle and Murlarly. Time: 1:30.
Mlla ln4 Mralt al Milwaukee.
Mc Arthur and Schwartz Top
Strong Card in Sioux Cityt$
Maiefceth a W -.
Neeee tl a I aleee.ll ra,
.llhM 4 Vl Ikalt,
rtkei M SWaite,.
re f.i-i.i.. M. at
4.teM a ol talk al loll.
tteleawe M - "
l,kw Venui till.
W'x II 4 al t awet
I MHlH 1 4 I M ri4Maia,
... al .-
auk.rk M rieai
I ili a 4 l4 t
l-4 !
4 a.4feMMliaf
a.44 4 !
.... I -'H
! Ml
hM 4
M 4h.
aweboe. 4 t tUr )
tae l lal a l-ei
.) 4 -.
t 4 e.iai
4ta4 9 e
Mwa -.l4 4 IM-eea
I . at M4Ma
eel MWt lath , I
te.tM t
t...a J4
1 ,-0l
l, 'I
I j - I
1 1 ij
...i,t -.t
1 II
I .ma
41,1,1 .
t--tve . t, ., i.
-. . t k I. . I . , I it .4,-, . ,tt
ti4 e .. I , f i,i , t , Via, i ,
I-. I i l- m n , l I i. I i
!': ,tli..l t..l ...H., -., tl,ie
a- 'k
t U Mk ., . I i. ,11 I I M
! I.i a .-f . k.f
M- I . n e - f Hie
V, r I M ' r it lioiely
tlmr of M.-n , Ihv Mtal b. II hi
My and Jtn,win It u.. jre-l
14 1 h w i I if m ti.nih M-4i'
M I n u m i ii I li I had
b h , rii h it on l
ri il, i 1 1 1 n-e I , iiti of a km k
out 4 IK t l,-l f tt ,l
1 . I !'. .
; -I (. ut,.,
,t-.Min ;! it. fi
. . 1,1.1,1 !.
I Had 4 t' ra
I n-
ii. c (H 44111 a
ti, a Imh( i k iiu u . utier
! ro ,,.(n t
III ll kll ta
... t
fn-in lh f!il i'iiiiiiiI uniil
tl, art In U ti Ut d
Indiana Heat Tlaera.
Cleveland. Oct. 1 -Cleveland cloaed lh
aeaaon by defeating Detroit, to t, today,
fccore :
All.H.OA; AB.H.O.A. 4 0 4 OlMcNulty.rf 3 14 0
Jniica,:tb 4 1 0 Hi W mby.2h 3 8 13 110 0: Sumiiia.rf 4110
r"etead.rf 3 1 3 !llardner,::h 3 I
Vea. h lf 4 8 t 0( J Hewell.av 4 13 3
Ko'rlil.rr 4 0 3 o Kvana.lf 4 11
C'tahaw.Sb 4 i 4 iluletu.lh 4 8 13 1
RKnry.ta 8 0 1 1 I. Newell, o 3 14 1
He.aler.v 44 M'hle.p 3111
Jnhnjioii.p 4 14 1;
1 Totala n 10 S7 14
T.itala 34 : 8.
None out In ninth.
S. nie by Inninge,
felrolt !e Oi! Old t
L'lav eland "')" 'i I'll 4
StoiunaryRiihe: Jenea I'ebb, I'leg
t'tad e. h, r.uliergill M,-Mly, Walnby
ti, Sullinie, l:vane. llutel-i l.rrvire: U
.ei l ee !. Vine Wambi. iliiiat
ill. I Havana. Tbree-eaee hue; lie
eal., Ye h. Ml, l-e.e.:
uinii,, 4:i ana Serf ll- e- lUiitn.r. i,n.
liardlier 1.1, la liar.lher I
l.eei ul kee.a; lnil. a;
He e.-i bellv- iff Jnh't.
Ii . I Hit f t. k..l u,i
Of I hie. tleaeiea.l elm a ul l'y
.I.,,,. 4: i I , I .,,,,, Itllvi.
t" ! I' ne. a t Chil' r.u.. i
002 210 200 8
000 000 000 0
Runa: Wriihtatone Cl.
Rapp. Williams. JJehan. Krrora: T. lirif-
flth, flchnmndt. Two-bsne lilts: Rapp,
Janvrln. - Home rune: WUllaina. Tiu'jhle
play: Schmnndt (unassleted). Left on
baeee: Philadelphia, 7; Brooklyn, 7. B;m
on balls: Off Grimes, 2; off Bel, an. 2.
.Struck out: By Grimes, 3; by Ijecatur. 1:
by Hehan, 3. Hlta: Off Grimes, 12 In 7
Innings: off Pecatur. 0 In 2. I'mpires:
McCormlc-k and Kmalle. Time: l:3e.
Red 44 Ul Two.
Cinclnnaii, Oct. 1. Cincinnati non both
games of a ilnuhle-headT from Pittsburgh
loday and took second place In the cham
pionship race. The scon's were 5 to 4
snd f to 1.
Here, first game:
AH.Il.U.A ' AU.ll.ll A
!.) Al..
( relglilon, 7; lliikid V4 relet an, 0
Ituulh Alumni. Ik; fv,uth High, e
OTHKK HI-Ml 1.1 a.
.Notre Hame, 4H: Kalainas,.,, 0. 1
lolumbla, II; Mines, .
Kordhani, 13; 4 anieiua.
I o t ollegr, 14; I pper low. .
f lhy, 8; Boeton linlterally, 8 ltle.1
Rrneeelrnr, t ht. Slephene. .
fruH "tale, 2 William and Mario, 7.
Holy t rues, 83; I'rovl.lrnce 4 ollrge. .
Hiii-knell, 41 1 Alfred, u.
air. I8 (arilegl Trrh, 0.
Orlnnell. 14; l'ren 4 ullege, .
mate leachere, 3 4 ornrll, 4 ollrge, 0,
kyraruer, 47 1 Mniilrnil.rrg, a,
ermoiil, 1; Maine. O.
Tufta, 13; 4 oiiorrtlcut . Agglee, .
Weelevau, "3: I nlun, 0.
New Vork unlrrrsity, i'.'.i .New Tork Ag
gie.. 0.
Harvard, 1U Mldillrburg, 0.
Brown, 87; Hliode lelaod tle, A.
Hillgere, 13; I'enn Military, 0.
ten I re, til I Irmsnn, V.
Columbia, 4M; I relnus. 7.
lleorgia, 14; Merrrr, II.
Holler. 14; r'ri.nklln. 0.
Hilllams, 41 1 Hamilton, II.
44 aim. h, JH; Hnnotrr, II.
Iluwdoin, 24; Amhrr.t, 7.
I nivrralty of llrtrolt, 7; Wilmington
(O.) college, 0.
Trinity, 43; Lullford. 0.
North (arollna Mate, 20; Randolph-Macon,
I nlterally of I'ltteburgb, 7 Inlvemlty
of ( Inclnnatl, u.
I'rnnejltniila, II; Kranil and Maraliall, 0.
l-ehlgh, 0; 1,1-ttj.liurg, 11,
Hlttrnhurg, 3i Tlilel, .
44'oeter, 7; Aehland, O.
Vnivrr.ll) of Washington, 44; f. 8. 8.
Idaho, 0.
I nlier.ltv of ( allforala. 4Xi Mania ll.r.
llkluhoma Aaalra. 411- nrUieMlera
Hlatr Teurhers t ollegr, 0.
Washington and, S5; Knierr and
Henry, II.
Western Resrrra I'nU-rrellv. A. Ak,,fi
I'nlierait), 44,
llelolt t ollegr. 81; lleKulb Normal. 0.
Haehinglun and Jefferson. 3.1; West.
mliiatrr 4'ollrcr. 11.
Wen Vlralnla I olver.lli en. M ..1 11.-
glnia H'elrHii, .1.
Irpuir, 311; Mllllkln, 0.
Army, SI; Npriugf Irld, (I.
Army, 12; 1-bonoo 4 alley, 0. (Houlile
beuiler.l I niver.lty uf Alabama, 110; Marion Mil
itary Institute, 0,
f.eore Washington. 0; 1 Diversity of
Virginia, 84.
Kurrka, III: Western Tmu-hera Col I
lege, 0.
Mount Vernon, 0; Crant Vocational, a,
Cornell. S; St. Bonaventnre, .
Princeton, 30; .lohna Hopkins. 0.
Rutgers. 13 Pennsylvania Military, II.
I nlversity of Tennessee, 31 I araon
ewman, 7.
J.ilii oln, 11. t I - uiii h r ifd
I'awsuli l-lnp,f. s.iini, 1 ,l,,.ni
Wnilh null 'Kilil r-aiiiliii tn-u mi,!;
WllUI lie Lill'il I he toll I)- Kl, mi, I
bin fur a l.i'k. The in,v iik- ui,h
'h-j first iuud In. lib- iici iiii ii,.-fnliiin-ii
I'lldiiy eti'iiiitar wlu-ti tln
rmesHil but Iku loin Inlow n 111 3o
I In 1 11 11 1 a wa one of Hie ir , ,.
J t'mn h 1 1.1 son blUlii! rctoail,
1 The fiU't tlllll I in- fl l slllto tl li oeenl
oik i- l ut Ilia; tin- annuel 3l llilnulee
HUM- bill pb-llt) llloli' IllMli'I'.ul fol
Mil -11 n-i lull) wnen 1 gem 1. illy 1 1.1 eei
f.ed under the fc-i tieral lii-adiliK of the
The xure.ty wa luiluk' up iiw
and tuked ll.e filit. home of the
ipluyei ailm'itlid that tbey oen r
would have acorcd the (hii (om b
1 down hud not the first viar null
I been eotlK.di-llihly liervou dUl iliR tha
i early pi-rliel,
The diipi'ti-is who hn ln-i-u fob
all f.K-
un-d out bow tlie Nelii,iek,i
'.ll line up llkainet Sontil Ihikola
nekt Hut Hi !,!. Iltif the mill who In
k'olm; to l.ii" I Iii-iii up hn not d
1 bled.
Tlie li-iini wbli b Hlai led ax.ilnsl the
frebnirii Friday t-venimf found h' ber
er and rk lioi-ppi-l on the wiiik, Well,
ir and YVeuk at the tinkle, liasaett
and M'-lluon at Kunrd, )loiie at
center, I'reaion al iiuarter, Noble and
Herb I)-wltz at half and Caplaln
llarlley piuyliiK full. All but lloiiw
fit tho dopeater' ahei-t. They figured
Peterson had won the job for life
laid ye-ir, but there eem to be no
audi thliiK at Xehrahka, Thl com-
Jbjiiatlon did not bint loiiff, however,
a Coach Jjnwgoii wa endln In men
all during the scrlliiin.-ice.
I .t-t It be mild on behalf of the
froh that their whowlnir wa not all
due to poor playing; on the part of the
varsity. They gi awns wild several
pae In mlnlity fine hupe.
F0111; Valley
WiiAsvl IVaius lo
Play (.mjililoii
. . Srlii'iliinprr. I Ii l-t tr
Din t lor fur I . m ul
Stluittl. rrtiiipi
Wray Brown Wins
Over George Yerger
fit. ltii Mo., it. J. Kt. I-oui
tennlg ilayer carried away the
honor in the
when Wray
Brown, MieHouil
gtate champion,
alao ruiinor-iip In
the inter -ordlene
r hainploiiHliip of
United Slate, de
feated (Jeoi Re Ycr
tfer, ciir 61, 8 1.
i:imer Bchwaru
lefeateil Jimmle
Kltnora In one of
the hardent fought I
matches em in j
any Kl. Lo u i ;
tournament th, !
year, 8-6, 6 4. j
Sunday afternoon (ieorge Terser
meet Karl Kemmon Jn the cham
pionship of the two citit'H, w'hile El
more meet Ted Hermann, winner of
the city championship.
In tho doubles Saturday, Schwartz
brother defeated Yerper and Elmore,
6 4, 6.:!.
K ii i 1 11 , Mo , t I I - l..p
t I - Atlili 1 ,c ie.i, ul iiive of tli
Mi ill' muff ,-rfli In ee it
pll In tin- I.111 !, .1 il.iv M oik of I lull
line at the Hotel f 'nit iiiioir lirf r-
1. 1 Ilk. I l. (In- .,lif,-r , , basket leili
m lieiiuii-. , i. mil, 1 robin m bidul
I'iill iig f,,r .1 Ii-,in- ami borne gamt
ullli in iv si lloul hi tin- ioiifi-iein-r
us aii.itii.el 'lh i-iis.,ii will stint
tin- llMt wee-It In Jimuiii y and wilt
eli me the llrt w i- k In .M.iri Ii.
No ari.-itiK'-iii lit wer- made or
illn-iieei-d for any play for 11 title. Ijiei
year K 1 il. is and Mieeoutl wei tie,
hi I be i-Iiihp of f Ii- si .isnii mul tbtn
h.ik Mm II oiilsldii piie.iin, bronglii
lo Im 11 1 , but the third u nun w not
The ri-pri-sniCitu'i a erl,iblilie4
kUiirniiti-e of fi'iii iii-r gunie. Hie iwn
1 tcjilo to split the expense of the of
Heinle. Kpiillil uriani'eiiiii,( were
loo In fur curlUK for I lie epni' of
ollb'ial lo 11 one oMIcial work'-d e
erul icaliie in (uci-eloii at the wins
Hchiad. A basket bull rule Itilerpre
tlon niei'tlng; will be loll her He-cunlii-r
1 and Z.
The nieetlnx will Ihi attended by
the at lib tic director and com he of
the 'arlou m hool In the conference.
The annual confi-rence meeting will
be held at that time, Th annual
Mlaaourl valley cro-country run will
be held nt WashliiKton university, HI.
Iiiiim, oil Aiinislire day.
A. A. rlchuhiiiffer, formerly t Ot
tawa and Emporbi, wa rceotinized 4
for hi effort to ruse athletic gland
ard at CrrlKhton uulveraity, f)ma-
ha, and lamket ball date were r
runtred between Creij;hton and four
valley achool.
Crrichton may make another east
ern basket ball trip thl winter.
Those In attendance at the meeting:
Benny Owen, athletic director at
Oklahoma; J)r. 7.. C. ClevenKer, ath
letic director at MUaourl; K. U. V II
on, athb-tio director at Drake; Jir.
K. C. Allen, athletic director at Kan
kii; M. K, Ahern, athletic director at
K. H. A. C; Vr. it. J. Huff, athletiu
director at Orlnnoll; A. A. Hchablnger,
athletic director at Ci-eighton, non
conference, gchiajl; C. U. Applegram,
coach at Washington: Owen Frank,
coach, at Xebrunka, Wm, Chndler,
coach at A me.
Bennett Hill Wins
FoMo-vJng Is schedule for Nebrsik:
Jsnuary 4 Kansas at Lawrence.
January Kansas Aggies st Manhat
tan. January 16 Urak t Lincoln
January 20 llklahoma at Lincoln.
January 12 Missouri t Lincoln.
January 26 Urak at Ues Moine.
Jiinjary Ji. Ame at Ames.
January 87 tlrlnnell at Orlnnell.
l-'ebniary 2 Orlnnell at Lincoln.
IVbrusry 3 Ames at Lincoln. '
February t Oklahoma si Norman.
I ebriinry 12 Kansss at Llnnnln.
fehiuary- H Kansas Aggies at Llnceli,.
Kebrnary ?3 sshington at 8t. Iau:.
Kelirusry 24 Missouri al Tolumhla.
.Marcit 2 Washington at Llnr.olo.
.Nonroiifrrrnee Came.
January 26 Kansas Aggie sgaln.t
C're!Rl,ion, In C'lriaha.
rebrusry 13 Kansas against Cre ghton,
In tiros h.i.
February 17 Nebraska against Crelgh
t n it, in Omaha.
March 4 Oklahoma, against Cre'glitnn,
in omiihu.
First k of February Kansas against
k. n. A. C, in Kanasa City.
San Joaquin Race j South High Loses
to Alumini, 19-0
i 'a
Russell, rf
rierney.l'b 4
Orlinuilb 4
M"hmldl,c 4
I'ooper.ii .1
t I II Durns.rf i a :t
1 4 113
0 4 li'Illiniwilf 4 0 2
1 1 0j S 1 -J
I 1 ?,Fonsees,?b J 1 4
1 1 llllsrgrave.c 4 0 1
I 7 0 1'inelll.Sb 4 1 I
1 4 1 4 1
ll.uo.ue,u I
l oui-h p 1 0 0
Tolule 24 8 sHressier 1
llaikle.p II
EKIililiu.k I I 0
,. M .1.
i. i I i- 4 l.l ..d
i mini hi
1 K Is ti
f-sil -sin itmil i.f iiefin
l Irjf
ti-HiilMlle Si
.1 I I 1 t. .
Knglamt to I'ay High
to Ste Stki Suing
at Hit Stable Mat
Totals 94 4 27 11
Two nut when w-iiuiin run icorrU.
xHetteil for Touch in aeventli,
Hsileil for Markle in iniitli.
aioi by Innings;
Plllsl.urgl f 300 (loo 4
l-llii-nnl " D'i't 1H2 4
kunilnary Ntlae: II gtiee, Tleruev. Trsv.
Iior, lirlnilii, Hnuell, I ubtei-a, I'ntelll i.j,
ilulillv krrnrs Tlm), 'rrs)nor, Mersn.
vine, Ivn.ill Two-bos hue Hume. r',m.
si-A. Thiee bete Ml: Travnnr,
liiiubis t-iiiy: I'liiei'i in la liaueM,
I. ell on be-ee; I' lebur l, 4, I 'tin In lla'l.
i. ii.-e en t. nir i o(ir 2 eiiru
e-lt Mr i ,i..tir, 4 (v u. . I b. VI. ,
' ii ' l"r I iii(u. la 1 1 -J inn. is;
ft r.,u. ii. i ia i : i o,.i ,. ,,f ,,-.
" til S lniiiiir W mnliitf .iik'l: Jumei".
fieii.-i Heir ao-l wiser. litoe; I 1,
1-1 Sens.
! pirTani it'.ii jiMiw.ii
All It II A III II Ii 4
Ul I, s 4 1 Hues if . J
( il 4 1 4 i l II. I I.
lit i- at' I it I I I . I 4 4 1 : en a
.. ... m i i n iMa if ff I a
f..,, ,., j -.. lu I put bal
I 4 4 t I li'a ' l a 4 :
! "ill . I I W . i
i e,e.' i a a .hv., y
I.',. e l
-. .ee
Oiilral, 8!; Crrightnn High, ii,
Lincoln, Fremont, 0.
llHknta f ity, 3j .Im kMin, 0.
Lyons. All; Hooper. 0.
i othrnbiirg J; Mneon ( lly, u.
I hapiirll, 1.1; Julesburg, 0.
ork, I7 Knperlor, u.
t nlversity l'lsce, li; rete. 0.
Ailnmn, 'iS; ( ollegr 4 leer, 0.
Mailings, 11; Mlnilrn, II.
Mi.ldrcge, T llvford. A.
Ilayaril. 41; Ncoltshluff, .
Kliyunl seronila, j Krottahluf f eeollilii. 0
Bayanl Meconil., 8; Mrotlsbluff Tc
emla, II. (
I'atvue t lly. l.ii rails I Ity, 1.
Nellgh, ,17; amnion, a.
lr,l. 25; l entral t lly, (I.
Kearney, 'ri l.raml I. land, 11.
Ilurnrtt, II; llenkelinaiin, 8.
Aurorii, St; I'ola, a.
l-rtlnglun, VI; Maswell, 0.
I hamiell, 1.1; Meilgtvlrk, 0.
I'lattaiiiiMlth, J1 Merpllig W ater, 1 1,
nhenaiiiliiiih, ti taet Ilea Muliers, II.
Ilennllrt, ll, llrailsliasv, II.
I.olhelibiirt, Sll; Mason I III, .
I Inenln lllilffs, t; liKn, .
lllmiliiMrlil. 4 laiiirrl, .
Hem roll, I'emlrr, .
Aim, Kl Ileal er 4 lly, .
i'eiu, LI; .Nrbra.ka, .
- I til I M,i:.
I'es Miilnrs unlierelly, -; mill ,.,.
lege, 4
mmi, Kii liraerland. a.
Telae Ulllvrrelly, l.'l Austin ialle,
II" aril I'atw loll., II; I etas 4 tl
Kresno. Cul., Oct. 1. Bennett Hill
won the 150-mile San Joaquin classic,
here today with a speed of 102 mile
an hour. II is time was 1:"7:4.
Harry Hartz finished second and
Tommy Milton third.
Coach James ration's South 1 tin It
t-chool football team lost to tlie
school aluiiinl eleven at Athletic Dark
R-aiu May oy the score of 19 to 0.
Leo Diegel and Mitchell , rh AI,Jni'1' "?or,,d ,nPir t louch
Tr i - n ir .r x !down on a fumble, while the remain
lieatl LlSt 111 IrOlt 3Ieet I ins two touchdowns reaulled from
Ik'llo Meade Country Club, Nash- forward passe,
ville. Trim., Oct. 1. Seventy-two Coach Patton substituted freelv in
' holes of record breaklnng play by 64 1 order than none of bis regulaii
! of America s premier golfer over the j would get injured and be unable tn
' Belle Mend" Country club course here 1 1'lny ak'ainst Fremont at League para
I today left the title of open champion here Friday.
'of tlie south hatiKini; In the balance, .
.with I,eo Ulegel nf New Orleans, and 1 ii
Abe Mitchell of England, standing at i lVllSSOUri ValleV
ill, a t.,n ..r II.. !!, in n II . flcuf 1
boiuirs, each w ith a score of 2S0. four
strokes under pur.
I'rlnci ton, N. J.. Sept. ;lu l'l-nn e-
ton eiislly ib-feuti-d the Johns Hop
I kin footlmll team in the openlni;
iKimie of the aeaaon here lod.iy, 3D to
0. and displa.M-d surprlelni; aliuudalice
of material. Th TlRer attack iii tted
four touchdowns a mt the defense pie
enteil the visitors from i-ai'muif a
i first down and playing once In Prince-
Ion territory.
Opens Saturday
Mvery team In the Missouri Valley
conference nets Into action next Sat
urday excepting; Dkluhoina. The
I'hediile of openinu- K line;
South lsknl at Nebraska.
KNI1S.1S st W eel polnl.
viKshburn sgainst K. . A. i, at Mn
heiten. I'oe iollege st Ames
llml Vines ssliist WsahiiigiuR r, si
Si l.iiuie
Ilium. l el ll .eiiu'l
iiiiii'll, Is, asuii.t Itrnk. tt lei
VI.. i.-.
.'.'Miss Collett Beats
Mrs. Gavin for
Gotham Fans Are on Edge
for Battle of Coogan's Blutl
f-i" .4 I ll It
i It, I.e. I t,. 4 M.i
IS S ,l.i.4
'il.lhjigk . . -a
,i, i .
. -e i i
k.4,4 i
liel 4 ii
. . j' -. l I
. . . 4l -s -
e i.iaft. t e.
4 -'S 4.
I-1- ' l'ii...,
k.. i .ar. .
1 I.iMlH I
l ' I
I 4 el-1 4 f lM4l
II.. 4
. an.
' el . 4 4 1 I --.-I
4 'lk.r l-.iii M rued, i i.l
, . f lh ,. Iii tit sen . an, .l
, i.e I c.iii vl tt ,.ii, Wit
.el ! 41 ii-o .l4)
li, a . ii . i.i i i s ,i ft. kl tt.ii.
t in. M i: m ... i ,(.
I u I li., W 4Mfe.1l, 'e4
w il ii,el ,rt 4 il.l l.tusl I. -..i .
l ,, fiij a i 4u i se..
' '' ' .i..u'4 . i j, a eiek'
m4i..e l 44 ,--.iv-i-.
I'arta. 14.1. .M4Mrt I Idler
What hit feW Wri.iill( ttHH
iuerl4 4Ut llM m M444t4re fr
M44ll ll fuf his II4I. ' UlllM''
lifel lh 44frH wlua Vsk.lel W
li4 Iihiik) I iwHIsrr, tm-
e4 ! III lrrtt.44 aitiMw I
) lh r eMail 4444 Me) af Mlltwr
l.ia4ke lk4 K kvavsg!
(haexofeH fe-Hild w4 n 4eik
fUlllrf ! lh II.M krle.fel
I e4Mai4Hfel(i as fe al) fe Sea,
l4 s .tsas M 14 tarlhr
4Hlae) l44 PMsttkl Nikl Was) tw
wM He IWwiawei k June f
v4 II sa4i , feei
fla4 (mnk kl l
vhifcok-aw it m,un) M ek
4 44 ) liaatt fe k
-...! t4.k. It kfeiltfe.l I 4. ,f Ik u ,,, t ft ta
4-.B Wis t, , , . I 1-1.4 Ji.iii I leer ei i.,1e. at CH(4 IS,i' I'
14 4V,e..4 4 4U lUtkki iiiiillwil
4 b .e etillpblli rt U'S V Hepl.
1 - Ml. it- tn. t 'llii-n i f 'n.l
bliii', il I, Wiiiinr l lie hi i a mil
if l..illi. ..i, i.f lh .ilei
b .if..nin: Ms. V .
(t. I ml i'i el ii 4 Hit in I 4
!' t'i-iy III ti e I . .4 1 Is in. Its Hi.. I, I, i f
Itiw b.l.llil i h lliipliil.stt'p lHiM,-
h,elil ,
.!. k.i kiisii fine -I k.-, ill,
i - - r i i . -i
i . is t-ii..i I . .v ee.e
l.'n.'l I - -i ', t 4- . . e -
s, . I I . J .. eel I ,
I H l i - e " I i II I i-s 4
li... .! ".. .44
v.. - l . .a u , i . i .
M, V . li-s.-i i.,e s:
.it.. I i - . - 4 II i k
I i it
High Schtml (Irid
Star l!oat tl (ItmU
Out of l Attrmpt
lUkt s, Nell, Is, I. .
I a-4e lh , uu4fe44l I Isle, aihkki
allllllS 14444 MW4I444 tIS4 ll
aVa let ug h 4li as.i fee
t IHtfeHl, "V4fleife4ife lke
ef n Wm al high s. k4 4 M4 ajt
Isi4slsel klsmll fee. e.4iater
1st (, teMk) i ii k II.4, tk
sImsI fe aklaiMiHts 4kik
4ls ul f Mm44-
(4 4w el ajneait 4t ei-
KVsaVi lues Ilk i I ia) Iih
1 Nr oik. 1 1- I I r in k ; Hi. I U hiiev V ill tn,.
bll-l"ll ll 41 hlUr. ite i ptM.sii'K fun III" lul.i In he f.n,, ,.,ii
lolsktlit fiI liti- ImII' of I'i.ii'SH lllotle erlii w;t. M I
' lUilff Hi smcli. I all! Jhl fe-ulils lli-M brill- Hit WMk k 4
! ni-4 .rlle4 lh, V i ll k ail-l tli
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