The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, September 11, 1922, Page 6, Image 6

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Omaha Hi lrl WUr.
Ntw Vork, Sept. 10. Tlir nolum m it 1 11 111 11 liuii'Ml Hrtivitim will
(trfine thrnikt'lvrt promiitly aiur
lir day ha never licin justified by
rxirrirnrc. ll i even rcason
iililc llian usual to cxiii-rl t uch revival
Mi the prrnent occasion, lu-n wc
hjve yet to nettle Mirli cssrntial busi
ncsi irobli'iiii as the uf f ic-iciicy of
fuel uiplic for manufacture and the
Kcleti;icy of railway facilities to cou
th)! t all necuary tranf portation of
lii'ncral mrrcli;nl;e while working
I'lirtrr maximum prosurc to distrib
ftis eoal. At the moment thce ob-
i lr do not appear h insuperable
as they were miaoued to be a few
wfcki 8K", indeed, it is characteris
tic of nuch episodes that the dangers
mid hardships of a situation arfc al
wavs exKK'r;'tcd at ils crisis.
As ihe fuel crisis diminishes, fi
l,;iticial discussion "in turned toward
other considerations. Whatever else
happens in the coming season, it will
.test the hihly interesting question
aslto the mcessary influence of super-abundant
credit facilities of trade
expansion, financial and industrial
simulation, and the consequent
course of values,
Atl Itti-ir Miiiln Iwr.
The mittuile of th Ktoi k Kx-hnnKe nn
(hh f u- ii'in h ( no lime Mi In
loiibt. fli nui!- of lh stu.'k niurkci. t
ih crlnla of th trlli, niinlit tin rl v
hnvd In. IK ut. d 01 met forciin at an tu
tha early a-f Urn. nt i.f iho lalior Irnu
tln wllhnut 1 1n niecllitol crininlirmlotl.
Tint a t'liiulnuiius nclvMnce, euppclally In
rmrpn of jn.liiso'iul companlea to tha
li aJii'Bt iirlra f lli yar, nniat hava
n.eatit aonn-ihlnK ni.n.
Tha ullua'i.iii, na Wall slrfW m It,
hi Ihul 1 ha fi'iliriil rewervo ayMtem,
whrina riin llilor r. flu la lha iiutiiin
wil IiiI of rr.clit. erifrinir th
nulumn wllu anl'tanllnK redta.-.iun'a
fiiiS.ii.iii.iMiii, aKnnmt l,5im,i)on,0l)0 a year
usii wttli a riii h ri-Hervrt irreHtar liy $:a,
imiii.Im'o, with n-nrv rallo of 71 1-3 r-enl. a enmrmrfil with Sti'i, ami with
a surplus (on va In esi tw of legul ra
qulremenl lir.O.ilOn.uliO Kioater Ulan 111
ih aama work of 10:1, and li,3ii.iioii.0im
Kivalc r than In lSl, hm lln-r.) was vlr
tunlly no aurplua 'i.itrva. L'n.lfr au.h
i,iM.'iiinin.'- tlia iiiiirsm for .-panlon
df crillt wa rhvioualy far ur-iilr than
al any tirn-? ainca iha war.
Ilmika In liOoil Shaiir.
The failure of ruil'.aroulila to '.nrriae
lliirtHK Ilia past fmv wi-eka. Imliratcit thar.
private ban ii a haf not found a necfa
a.iry to reaort to lha federal reaerve for
fmanrln of Ilia eurly harvaat movailient,
Thia being o, tha Infer.n'.a wua widely
(H aw n that the un-al ina of un mployed
cifdit. not under ip.UImon for vurimaea
noinoil trade, wua hound to faillllate
ep.ruiaiiva a.'t.vliy
Tha Inf.-feiica la rmronahle In the
I uhl. of exiit-rience always auppnalu! that
ilia baii' .ondlliona of trade ah.iuid l
of a lo WHi-rant audi aollvl
u. a. A. . umulutloii of Idle bank wourwn
r ill not atlmulate lnduiry when all olh
r .Inriuen.ei are (mil revival; olher
wi i aho ilrt ha' ae- n a hualn. sa boom
In 'fvary ijr alior a iireaL finanilal
j.,, rite, when tha fill In money ratea and
Ibo ri anrplila hank reeerv.-a, '
ui of fni-.'eil li.ui.lniion, aie Invaiialile
In. Id. ni of th' p-riod
Mul tha l."P of diHinel revival at ilia
Pi. .. nt iun. iuia has a (urihfr first
In tha eon. I letton of Ibmldatlon of
froen i-redlls-' unit the Ion eonllnued
a'abil'ty of euernl prices; aeionl. In the
it.lble leiidcney la val'iou. Ira.tea l
,i,.n,l..n ma p.n,-v of band to-m mh rr
ihasea pureue.l alma il.e alio, a of l.n;
Ihird In Ua ta.H iha lha writing rtown
B( invnli.a b- le'v r'ntU''"' """
.aniea in a na-ii.en in b-n-lit reatlv
! i a ll of pneea iiet In lha abundant
,,,iasl h e', l a tune hn tha
suielda world, to-.vtuelkm la far balow
, ( ,ar, an4 f ua: ) verhap. Ill lha
fa, t mat the i .. I summer a (PPi'hei..
.lone of n lodmitial eri.i or a a... lal
0. heaial hva I,- a wholit al.a.aled.
KaaaaM t llj U Wet.
Hub ilV. CepV Cet'le lla-epla.
J (! head niarll f"f ' 'eea
1, 4ly lit.'iv lower: top, II .a; baia.
t,l.."a ,ii fed b-'f.-i. .Iioa la t
b.akel. ' b'ir HO HHK'. '
I., a .ldv tu rean.rB ll
).,., .ei;r Bl.l, b anl H.eiMl
..(hl as l !".
Hea-- II .l 'a. t I '4 bead, marSel ''
I .a .a . k.-a a. t aa pr.ra. l.tBi-.
kt.ber tbaa lt"J aae. '"
ad.. a. a NH
4 ! . l"f '
l,lfa. kn.a.a ik
.a. a at l '. '""
"ai'ua.. I".
a.. ...a .e..,M sad I B 'I aa.a. I'l-
I, sr . b. e
It .. . I
Was. trt !! .
,. em la, . !!. ,
e's. . -!, asa.S't J
as. e-eM .1 ! s'ea'B :
...,., s,l .,. I -
at s '' ssst fe'a . '
' 'V a i. '.
, e. a I.
.,,-. Si . ! S'. a.lkt
)l, 1S I' I '
I t Fewwawa,
.... S a i - ..". '
. f' iem I '-e )
I . .... ,4 " ) ' .
,fssi-a' n.t
ska H.
. ,rv t - p-aa, 1 i-i
A ,
M A tkLss.'sr. sv
vri'"" ,B
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? 1
t ruuu or
T ,,M
The Business
TIi in U'rt'ls' Outlook in (lornriierte, Finance, Agriculture
ami Iiitliihtry Haeed on Current Developments.
H Thtodore tl. I'rlie. K.lllor I'omnicite
ami Klnanca, Near York,
(.'opyrlsht, lJ!
Iii the last five weeks 1 have been
across the continent and back, I
have traveled over 8,000 mile! on
six different railroads, the Pennsyl
vania, the Chicago, Burlington &
Uuinry, the Northern Pacific, the
Southern Pacific, the Illinois Central
and the Louisville & Nashville.
On o.ily one train was 1 as much
as an hour late. All the others were
practically on time. This is evi
dence that in so far as the passen
ger service is concerned the roads
have not been seriously embarrassed
by the shopmen'! strike and it is,
I think, plain that the unions have
lost their fight unless the ill-advised
injunction obtained by the attor
ney general shall so strengthen their
haiifU that they can command the
co-operation of other labor organi
zations in something like a general
srtike. This is unlikely, but it is
undeniably true that the drastic in
hibition! of the Daugherty injunc
tion are resented by a very large
portion of the community and that
its eftcct has been to widen and
deepen the gulf between corporate
employers and employes.
On my trip, 1 vlatert Chliauo, Minne
apolis, Hpukune. Seattle. Taioma. Port
lund, Ola.; San Franrlaeo. Santa Bar
bara, l.oa Anitelea. El Pano. Houston. New
Urleana. Meiuphla and I'lnrlnnatl. In
most of theae rules 1 had opportunity tu
I;, Ik with many repreacntatlve bu'lneaa
Ais f hava already reported, the feelillK
on the Vaclflc coaat la almost unanimously
Thn i heerfulneaa everywhere nntb eahle
N Inrirely due to the fait that from Waah
Ir.Kton to aoulhern California the pro
duce and merchants are enurmounly ad
vantaKed by tha iheap water transporta
tion tn Europe, South America and the
Atlantic coaat now provided via tha Pan
ama canal.
With the abundant tonnage presently
available ratea are ao low that lha rail
roads no looser attempt to compete with
them. The ' I'reaident Tafl ' of tha
President Line" recently made the trip
from New York to San Franolacu In 12
daya and IK houra, and there la every
prospect that during the coming winter
much of lha California fruit production
iia well as a large part of the tourist
truvel will be handled by the water route.
In lime of courae the effect of the low
rate will become an object leaaou In the
....... ..,, unon nrnun.,11, (, .'I.PBI.
' ..... r, ,!.. ih.l n.lll I...I .1.. o.mI nt
the country In demand an eiiuallty of op
portunity In ao far as freight ratea are
WaHrlneea la Knowing,
But because of Its great natural ad
vantages, the Pacific ruaat ia nearly al
waa cheerful and It can hardly be re
garded aa typicel of ihe whole country.
Kastward In the gieat MlBMlaaippI valley
and In the aouthweal where the cotton la
giown there ia Noma wearliieaa among
thoxe who hava been watting for tha good
times that have been promised.
The price of wheat haa ht-eii disap
pointing and Potion haa declined loaieaa;
b! advancing aa the probability of an
other abort crop le-comea apparent. Then
tlirra ia the certainty uf very high prleea
lor coal and the probability uf muca
physical and Industrial distreea In the
Frk Compartaoii.
Hank fleering tH.a.treetil In thousands. Knd of last weak. le,76Mll: end
of previous week. 5.S", '.; last year. S4.7S1.VS!.
Rutiness failures, end of last week. 211;
Security pricea. New lork block Bi
federal Keaerv ratio
: rUllroad
44 hond ,
Commodity prtras i
Wheal, Setitembai deliver. Chicago
.'era, Sevteinbar delivers, t'ku-aga ......
Heef, guoel ulivssed slear. Chicago
I'ark, ribs, utenhr delivery, Chicago
Sugar, refined. New York
toffee. Hi y I. Mew Vork
I'Mn.n, noddling. New lurk
friat elotk. New Vork ,. ,
Mo!, doaaetli average. Sew York ,,,,, No. I aiaaklu. .Sew urk ....
sWhbe, erwde. ftaacatiwu. New Y"tk ..
H4e. aaek. k. I, New ark ........
Ii..a, ka i rkita4lpfcu
(isli. kil.eit, l.iiikeiak . .
sw iswa ladfea.
j S- V"'. fha sua,.. . ...
I'lKII ef . Bwlr.t .l'lo lil
. e.i 4 Wiia I "- .I,, ' a. osia-t I t
f1m tiaia .Tp rt ( isis' l
4t h a-a f tl. , ,i,toe-4 amiii
a !'! tk,te a ae etli i . e'..e l"-o
IS sie. .,.,., a.,cis s,4 fc4e.a k(
aaa ssir i-o l'o-s. k..e ats gta
tM.iS sikli e rfr4s Ik.t ssi ,oet at
lis '' s.'S as a i-.w e.,ai
4,aa at -f aa mioe aa iw-
e.aa Ike eg 4 e-'a k gket
a ts . . e at S as4 ia
.ia ; a.4 a( a al it.s. il I l I
e,c.ia a. .a .-e aa- s.i.t ' ' ikea
' m Sa . e 1 a e i is
, . fc , . ' .
I.eae.r S i . , .. . U( life,
i l I .". n,w H . 1'iktt
leak ae Sis ii Sa
'' I s a .-I . u
; f.-j l" i as k o-' t .a e
s ,4. m.J f
tiei w a s j . i
vrrvtc x f vt6-"H f wo
tit Ml AM I NteVOOVCt "tOO
A V-OT Of V0T13 WOVLbN Y n '
lib hHHH
IMONd lb
7 M
! 1
northern region whara tb winter tem
peratures ar low.
Kurd's announcement (hat he will shut
dowa because lie can't get coal at rea
Bonaole prices haa produced a profound
Irnpreaalon In lha northwaat and whila
there ia but llttia unemployment at prea
eut a winter of fltacontent and Idlaneaa la
expected In many of tha manufacturing
iltlea of Ohio, Indiana Michigan sua
Kadlrals ar Blamed.
The -speeches of tha radical politicians
who hava In many cases been nominated
at tha prlmanea hava fostered this jie
coiuent and tha exploitation of Kuropeen
poverty In which many of tha candidates
hava engaged by way of Justifying tha
American laolatlun that they preach haa
led many farmers to realise for tha first
tune that tha price they gat for their
crops Is if some anient dependent upon
tha export demand. This la, J think, on
of tha reaaona why tb cotton la being
ao readily aold In Texaa and soma other
cotton states.
Costly for Farmer.
The experience of tha last two year a haa
hem cosily as well aa educational to the
farmer and while ha doe no say much
his actions show that the lessons he ha
leurnrd are not yet forgotten. Ha la do
Ing a heap of thinking. He feels that the
future ia aomewhat beclouded and while
ha I able to buy what ha really need hi
piteent attitude la on that suggests cau
tion and self-restraint rather than tha
reckless expenditure that ia by some
thought to be essential to good trade and
luelnes activity. Therefore I sm not dis
posed to expect a boom that preauppnae
agilcullural opulence or extravagance. The
oasic conuiiiona are lacking.
ftarondary Inflation.
Hut a one cornea further east and rets
Inlo what might be called the financial
and Industrial rone of tha country ha 1
tmprrsaed by the persistent belief In a
period of what ha been so often called
"secondary Inflation."
This belief Is predicated upon (lis
shondance of money and bank credit and
the theory that high whki and high
price for what labor produce muat In
time cause an advance all along the line,
It la expected that aa prices advance and
Inventories or sales show profits accrued
or realised people will commence to apund
or speculate somewhat recklessly. Jt Is
upon this theory that the stock market
baa been sustained and advanced during
the strikes, it will probably ba vindicated,
for those who control the reaervolra and
flow of capital accept It and art prepared
to lend fteely.
Aa a conaequence many large corpora
tions, particularly the railways, are pre
paring to apend hug aums for improve
rr.onta and equipment, and thor 1 much
new conalructlon In progreaa everywhere
In the eaal. Aa one-half the population
of the nation reside within 600 mile of
New York City the dominant feeling In
that comparatively amall portion of the
country's area haa a profound effect upon
tha whole and for the preaent at least it
la probable that tha opiinilam which pre
vails here and hereabout will penetrate
and lighten tha clouds which hang over
tha agricultural region that draina into
tha Uulf of Mexico aud tha south Atlan
tic. fm both the Pacific and Atlantic, alopes
a winter of activity and rising pricea ia
expected. The evpectation I reaaonabla.
It will probably be realised, but it will be
well tu remember that rising pricea do not
create wealth. They aro generally a algn
of decreaaed production and Impoverish
ment for It Is only by Increased produc
tion that the Individual nr tha world grow
Under the slniulu of easy moiie and
the rapid distribution of revenue raised by
taxation or public borrowing we may for
a whtla be alile to aimulala .real proa
pertty but the time fa rapidly approaching
when hard work, economy, and the Intelli
gent development of trade that depends
upon tow-coat production will be essential
to our commercial and Induetria! rueeeaa.
end of previous weak, Is"; last year. Sua
v 1
ge; ,
7S.I : 2 '. a! l r,
li o:. .U
II II :'l.ll ti SJ
l.TI ti 71
I t , I .' l ll't
SJ', .IS 4
J. t.T
.t.v 7 I V 7
, asa .; aa.l
. I -l . i
,.asi J. t . !
, s s as
7tt nit
, t j ; i s
. ' !' Ill
! IS
, ti It ' M
St .
.-I ..' . e e. a. 'tie ) I r,s a.
tH,.at ..s,.i i f al
' tt. at la aa4 SVnsa
a. .!-.!, a u . e s f ArpeM.a
U..S-1 I i .. l'Jilll', e a
Si e , a e's t'l tk , aa yiusai, 11
S -a a IMli 11 1
Bi a - klaiasl nili, I ee:
;lei,u I ii aaa , aS atoeala, I I ' I
,aa S . s I .
i ..' H I. a!. ' II I I c Fa
! I . . k III S 14, St 'I tj, at, t.
1 laaftaaa Maasa
kts l- , -Its s-wai aaali.
Ii. a i ,s a. a we " s -"
eaaua l-. a. k iliv aawas ikst
ifcr k-l ;ll. l ia essea el '
.,', sa'a Is ,a aa s, use '
l III . a -.a
a i
aaaeaa IMS rewaSae
a -sees ' a- e S -.(
r .. . . , -i
Men cam vevc
TO TwtM t
WfliA.b T ut
Trade Review
Br u. u, in nn a co.
Daaplle holiday Interruptions end other
Impediments, tha week haa brought a turn
fur th belter in bualneas, Kecords of pro
duction In basic IndiiMtrles discios the ad
verse affect of tb labor unaeitlenienl, but
th restraints are lessened a eoal mining
I mora fully reauuied,, and repn. la indi
cate Improvement In tha transportation
Ituatton. bvidenc of recovery in iron
and ateel manufacture, following da-
ciaea aatoaca, la an.oursging, and thera
now Seem reason to. beiiev that fewer
ohstarlea to progress will ba encounter
ed. In view of tha scop of th trlk
nd their protracted duration, mora
stability ha prevailed In business then
might have been expected, and It la sig
nificant lu this connection that th
monthly statistic how a further reduc
tion In number of failures. While mer
cantile and industrial activities have been
conalderably curtailed throughout th
uinmer, th fact I not obscured that lha
outlook la one of good promla and that
a aolld foundation exists for subsequent
expansion. With lha removal of draw
backs that now hamper operations, con
structive forces uch as tha large grain
cropa and aaaier financial condition may
conceivably exert a mora potent Influ
ence, and tha comparatively moderate
nierchandlaa atock In inot channel la
a favorable augury. Th conservativ
buying policy adhered lo by many Inter
est I a reassuring feature becauaa un
wholesome excesses are thus avoided, and
the practice of limiting commitment to
well-defined requirement tends to pre
vent distunbng developments in prices.
Scarcity of supplies resulting from re
striction of output haa cauaed anarp ad
vances In some markets, but there have
been offsetting movements in other quar
ters and the genersl pries level, as meas
ured by Dun's Index Number, was little
changed at tha and of August.
Fewer Commercial i allure.
It does not appear from th insolvency
statistic that protracted strikes In im
portant Industrie have had appreciable
effect on th country' business mortali
ty. Recent month have brought com
paratively little change In lota's of fail
ures, and th small Increase in number
of defaults during July was followed by
a moderate reduction In August. Ex
amination of tha recorda show that the
1,714 Insolvencies of August are las than
those of all months since lust October,
while a decreaan of nearly 40 per cent Is
disclosed lu compurlson with the 2. 723
tallures of January of the currant year.
Moreover, iha August liabilities of about
140, not), Mil) ate fully 4S per cent below
tha January figures. Number of defaults
considered, tna commercial death rate I
aUI! materially above that of a year ago;
but the August indebtedneaa I I2,S'io,
00i smaller than tho aggregate for the
corresponding period of JUKI.
I'rloa lvel laiwrr.
Despite an excea of advance In a com
prehensive list of wholesale quotations dur.
Ing August, tha general price level was
slightly lower at ihe end of that month.
Iiecltnes In some rommoditiea which enter
luigely Into consumption more than offset
price Increases in other srtlcles, and a
small recession consequently occurred In
Dun's Index Number. This compilation,
wh ch makea allowances for tha relative
importance of tha many different products
Included In tha record, declined about one.
half of l per cent, aa of September 1,
and a little less than 1 per cent below the
July 1 figure. Tha slight yielding during!
the past month ia wholly accounted for i
by the fact that all fooda together receded I
IS per cent, the largeat Individual decline I
neing una or s.D per cent In breadstuffe.
Tha only slxable advance occurred In tha
metal division, which rose S.ft per cent
and reached the hlgheet basis attained in
mora than a vest omsi
Iron Output Reduced.' j
Tha reslralnlt.g effect of the coal mining I
and railroad strikes on pig Iron output la
aliarply defined In the August alatVtlra.
At 1,M.1JU Inns, laat months total A.ak.
of Iron waa a9, 1 ( tone lea than that of j
July, and dally average production, at II,-:
lS Inns, declined ls.uoo tons. Not sin, !
last February has ao amall a.dally average .
been reported by th Iron Ae, and only '
144 furnace were on the active list wheal
the current month opened. A turn for the !
better, however, haa come thia week, a!
nun. bar of furnaces having resumed opera- i
tlona and olhera ir-parln to blow In, and
steal wurka are also legalntng aoina of lha
ground recently lost. Improvement In :
tivnsportatlen cnaditinna doea ant develop j
rapidly, but general liidicatimia appear lu .
b mora favorable, and Maptenihar iney
bru g falrty aiibatantlat recovery in the
iron and steel indusiiy,
lrrgutnle rrt.e Maintained.
Tb la, rv4a.. a'tlvtty in urtg"ois .le
tttsad that developed prior lu the 'U. '
eme f u,e official nm..n rrp. cond.tloa
ellma Isle leal week bea hot keen main,
lefned After tb tspoii st,peare.l. sH'l
,ia b hoildsv iltiwriiil'lion, I urlo if dinuliMked. and i"t htneO-'N
has Saatt i,,o. .4 aui cone pil ea isru. I
eesiee V b H a full eeltleoisol of lel.Mf
if...,He ia e(lid, aowater. u is fteit.d
Ihet .'l!s lisottMt Will kit .!. as,
, '..!(!, akta n.sir Saa lle sei i,i ! a'
g.aa.l lot lais fail 4eii.r I'lvinw M
-'. la edMtal.aa sirksa ai N-w
ki'e aad ls,il idmii, st to.,osi,ai la
iki ,. ti ta !- md .w.a v.s(,af,
' - o inittavl a x .Ii.mM l tb
ler a fie i ,4f,t a -aaaa ike no'..
aaia fcm.-a "ai i f t ta- l-a at, I
- I al.aa .. ',. i ih.iiN, t
.a it . tlw I , a is l la . sv I
list ia)i.iJaa ea .io..l -1 ea.yl a.l
k ik lata
s s le wtaaia' af Iks f . e ' a '..s I
k'.ie a.k.t ka lks-a w.'w,a-a4. a.uiik
'e I a is sa-.s . e.ta. t i.aa.4 s( a.
a-ai el 4.,4h, l--ta 4-.m.i, ri'i'
e 4 kt,.s iii a " a 4 e-e. -ii i,
w-a a'kB pic 4kaa - a. ,.-l -a
la'e 4 , , i Iks -'. a
.I aa tia,.l4 ki , la 4 , 'a i
a.t,aa m . ea . k- !- , i, w ..
a ,,.i. t..s. t, 44t''al i
aa e i t is a I sa
fa lei it tu ii ii s a,4
aea l 4- ,,e 't. -a (' k 4--'
-ii s, it a a . ,i ..a
s. a 4 i ..-iis w a
.i i , IH.i ,,, -i
- i ' t , a . - a
-a " , a . . is
- k- 4 -ft , a e. . . . ,
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I . ,M tm I I ah: to jl 1 1 wCUU ,r )T.. ) Z-3T
Drawn for The
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Drawn for The
Omaha Produce
guotstlons furnished by th Department
of Agriculture, bureau of msrkela and
Tresnury Prints No. t. lie: S-lb.
tube, lie; No. I. STc. Fresh packing
stock, delivered Omaha. . Ic. Butter fat,
shipping ststton, 'Ic; delivered Omaha,
No. 1, delivered Omaha par case, 14 10;
No. t, Mr; cracks, lie; freah Bggi. caa
count. 11.40.
Selling prlr fo retailers: No. 1 fancy,
lie; sel.cls, 2;f2lo; No. 1, 21c; chscka,
21 22c.
I.I va Poultry, Buying Price Broiler, 1
to I pounds, 20 if sic; over I pound. Sic,
Leghorn broiler, KQMc; roosters, 10c;
hens. Iltlli:; duck, fat, full feathered,
12tylEc; geeae, fat, full feathered, iOty
12c; turkea, ft, I pounds snd over, Suu.
Rrrssed Poultry, Selling Price Springs.
27c; broilers, 10c; hens, 24c; ducka, 2c,
roosters, He: turkos, 41c.
Bansnas: 7c. Oranges,! Kxtra fancy
California navels, 200 sixe and Isrger, per
box. 110 40; 111 also, 110 0D; 260 six,
10.00: nt site, 1 01; 224 size, 16 00;
Ii0 six, 14.10. Cnllfornla lemon: too,
360 alze, per box, IS.OO0l.tO t hoi re 900,
a0 alxs, per box. s(otI.OS. Apples.
Basket cooking, 11.00. Jonathans, per box,
Z l)0J(2 26. Fancy yellow pippens, bhls.
(sbout 140 lbs. net), 1.1.0V. California
Hartlett Pears, box, f.Zi. Washington
Bsrletts, per box, 12.704?. 00. Fancy Colo
rado Bartletta, 60-lha. basket. 12.10. Colo
rado Klberta Peaches: Per box, 11.00.
Fancy Colorado KlbeHa". bushel basket,
about 10 lbs., 12.50. California plums and
prunes, 4-bssket crate, crate, Il.l0gc2.00.
Malaga grape, 4-bkt. crates, per crate,
I1.7I42.00. Horn grown early grapea. -lb.
baskets, per basket, 200:12 14c. California
fix: Jl-ca-ton, No. I, per box, 12 00. Cali
fornia csnteloupc, 3. 46-slne. per rt-ate,
13.00. Colorado cantaloupes, standards,
13.00, Colorado canteloupes, ponys, 12.60.
Wstermc-lons, crates, per lb., 2 He
Potatoes: New early Ohio, No. I, sacks,
per lb., lc. Potatoes, sweet, Virginia,
bushel bssket, 12.00. Potatoes, sweet, Vir
ginia, per barrel, $5.00. Potatoes, sweet,
Arkansas, bushel basket, 11.60. New
beets, csrrots, turnips, teppers, per bas
ket, SOc, Hume-grown tomatoes, bssket,
50rj76c. Unions: Home-grown, doxen,
36c. White onions: per basket, 76c. Im
ported Spanish onions; per cwt., 1:26.
Washington yellow mlons par lb.,
gyje. Iowa red onions, pound. l'tc.
Head lettuce: 13 and 4 per dozen), per
crate, 14.00. Head lettuce, per doxen,
II. 2610)1.60. New home-grown cabbage:
per lb., l32c. Parsley: Dozen bunches.
45c. Sweet corn, per dozen, 154i,20c,
Honey Dew melons, 6 and 8 size, 1 1 60.
Casabas, 6 and I size. 12.60. Celery: Color
ado, 0c; Jumbo, 11.26; Michigan, SOc.
Th manufacturers' or Jobbers' pricea In
bags per ton In car lots are aa follows:
Public Service
What our kind of Public
Service means to you !
We are now operating two of the largest and most
modernly equipped terminal elevators in the Omaha
market and we offer the servicer; of these elevators to
the public at minimum charges.
Tha Chicago-Grant Western Railway Elevator located 'at
Omaha, with capacity of 1,500,000 bushels, and lha Chicago
A Northwestern Railway Elevator located at Council Bluffs,
with capacity of 1,500,000 bushels, are al your service.
Transfer (unloading?, elevator and reloading), one cent
per buihel.
Storage of Grain, per day, one-thirtieth of a cent
per buihel.
Storage of Grain, one cent per buihel per month.
We ere also la position lo uasack, clip, scour, a
a ran I, glean, mis, separate end saaiiilien train and
(Kr far service will bo quoted upon application.
I war all lua teswteas lava ikarg t k.fsverl ao all grain kaajl.d
fcraw,k ee abated ta aw ttisv.
V, Ltteos saisused Sa w la slag wilt Is kusaed wnk gra.w al lke (tad,
w aiaiBia lk rd at 1 1 aaa al eel a tkral.
t lias a) tax paaliiaa fas . tl k,a d'Mtal a ad el !'l lhl
ftk, tk ksawtiig l g.ata twd I4we. la Ibis ft aaa Ik k-gaaa
as . kle as Ika asvadttaaa aed saiaaksg l Ik grata akikj ka.d
wsl asiaagesaaai Se aaaesaaet aa . l ktaaia
4V tn ,I4 aaaaaabl isa) adsaas al lagwla al tatft on
I a, a Bias ad sa osar ttaa,
t be PF M (kss txad Sasaraslswa ikaiges
V4le Us far Fartaar Detail
Vpdiltc Grain Corpomtion
Omaha Bee by Sidney Smith
iLaringkt llii I
ioje cgnohs .t
Omaha Bee by McManui
In an; ll 00; middlings. Iii 0; brown
shorts, IIS 1)0; Unseed no si. 142.76; cot
tonseed meal, II per cent. 114 00; cotton,
aeed meal, 14 per cent. 14) 00; No. I al
falfa meal l medium), 121. ou; white hom
iny feed, l.'lf.O; yellow nuiulny feed.
121 to; red dog, 2 26.
New comb honey: 24 sections, per crate.
IVOO. New extracted Clover honey, 10
lb. cans, cans to caa, aer lb., 16c
Average price being paid by Omaha
buyer ar follows: No. 1 alfalfa,
IS 00; alaniiard alfalfa. 111.60; No. 1 al
falfa, 111(0; No. I prairie upland. el2.76;
No. I prairie upland. $11. 2; No. I rralrle
midland. $12.00; wheat atraw, $i. So; oat
straw, 17.60.
Ileef Tula.
Ribs No. 1, Jlc; No. I, I7c; Kb. 1. 14c.
Loins No. ), 2c; No. I, 2:c; No. 3, 14c
hounds No. 1, I6V-; No. 1, 16c; No. 1,
Chuiks No. 1, He; No. t. tc; No. I.
Plates No. 1. IV,c: No. I, c; No. 1, 4c.
Current receipt hides, 12c and tic; green
hides, 10c; bulls, Sn and 7c; branded hides,
.:; glue hide, tc; kip. 14c and 12Vc,
calf, Isc and 14 4c; deacons, 76c each;
glu calf and kip, Ic; horsa hides, $4 00
snd $3.00; ponies and glues. $1.00; colts,
26c each; dry hides, No. I, 14c: dry salted,
lie; dry glue, 7c; wool pelts, $1.00 toll 40
for full wooled eklne: spring lambs, 60y
to 66c for late take off skins: shearlings.
2'lc to 10c for lata take off skins. No. 1
tallow, 6tc; B tallnw, 4Vc; No. 1
tallow, 4c. '
By Vpdike Oraln Co. DO. 2427. Sept. .
Art. Open. High. Low. I Clogo. Yea.
I 1 AO
I .SIM 1.00 f 101 44
1.02 1.02 4
1 02 4 1
1.074! 107S
1.014 1.02i,
I 1.024
1 074
1.074i L074
.70 iu
.70 '4
.76 I .764
f .1 ! .24!
.S24I .114
.6741 .674
l .6741 .OS I
66 I.
'.3 6 '4
.04 ,61S
.36 4
.36 V,
.14 4
' '.36 4
.34 4
".87 4
,36 41
ilu 27
ll n so
to, .to
! 1.70 1 9.70 I 9.70 I 70 I 76
Chicago Produce.
Chicago, Sept. . Butter Unsettled:
creamery extras. 3i,ic; flrata, 3234r;
extra llrsts, 36ijfJ74c; scconda, ioijj 31c;
atandards, 344c
Kgga Unchanged ; receipts, 1,336 cases.
Poultry Alive, lower: fowl, H'ii2-c;
spring. 22c; rooster, 14c.
Nr-hrnsla ill Tflke Part
in 1.1-iiin !si) Contest
That Nibu-k vt;!l lA.- an aiine
4i in Ihe lutiuiial essay nMilct lor
action! I'hililitn tu viliniii timet are
oticfcj by ihe Aiueriian l egion tu
the subject ul how the Union fan
bel scut tic fuiifiiiiiiily, siute ami
nation, w issnrnl by John M,
Matni, sUi ruperiiiteitdent of pub
lic instfut li'Hi. who said thai Ins tie
urinicnt had sent nut thousands rif
iiituldr tu the public school pun
npals, city and county nipcriutcii
dent and other in the state urging
wide participation by .cbr4.k4
school clulilicii, and routaiiitng a
stateiiirut (t the toiiiiittont of the
Contest, 1
All niaii'ieri.t must be in the
hantls ol county supenntenftruti liy
October fi, Mr, Matc id,
Crrigliloii lTiu frr-ity
Kniuliiu.nt looa pi, In tba High
s hoot. bepieiiii,r I, s and I, snd cla 4
opened aep!mlr s. All tba alaaeea are
lined and appinaine hex had I be re
fu4 for ani af ret Belly lu aci-onnv
data tha large demand
lie. 'red-ink J l.ansdon aaanrlala I'lo.
feaeor bl suigsry In Ilia college of
cine, Itaa bfen elected fellow uf lb Amer
lien College of h.i. -"!. u, is an slum.
Bus af 10111 111 Creightod lolleg of aria
and a ieui m aiol lb 1 reighion Itudiial
tfl'tll is
tVortl hsa been received ftoin Cbailes
lovn, H. C. 11, t p II k-an-.l). a
t re.giitnn giadusie, at notmnated for
lha leglelaluie of South Calullu
ly a large vol in tb prunarira. Auauei
IS The vote aa auffo lent lo ef,aui bl
aleclloli o 111 body ll tiuesllon.
'I ho for the I: ovs.oiis building
a,d endow Mielit fund aniloumed by Cretan
ton in Pres. dent sicCoimi.k's rad.o ni'S
I'll of September I, hsa alii tied favoranl
loliunent from Influential peiaona In cnie
ha, bull In public snd In private Tiler
la ec.rv rw'taon to believe lhal when th
rampslgll t a, lively laumbed nest Feb"
ruaty iber will be a willing rpuiia,
WVck'n I'ai!nrH
Foe the five-day ,us.nes week caused
by the i.liervalK of Labur day In the
I lilted blal-w. a smaller number of gal I
Ulea were reported tn K. fl, Ouil Co by
ea h of the four ctiona. and Ihe total
for this wei-u was .'v. as ageinst :iTS last
week The five day week a year sso bad
r detenus
The insolvrio lea wlih lablllllca of I S 01,0
or 11. or.- in e. h r . did not del naae
proportinrialelv , the number of theae de
fsulta was 314, which waa SSI per Cent
of Ihe total, whereas In tile prevloue Week,
the 223 similar fallui'S were 1,1 I p,-r rent
of the total. The 1 01 responding figures
for the sain Weea, of last ear were 141
drfaulia and 49 4 per cent
C.inwda'e faltuiea d'Cieastit finm 17 laat
week tu fv 1 It tat week: a year ago thev
totaled 42. Iiisnltin. lea Involving $i,noii
or more in each Instsnce nuiiiio-r.'d 2S
this w'k, a decline of 1 fioiu the pre
vious week's figute.
Ncliruska School of HtihiiichB
Classes were dismissed Thiirrdut aft
ernoon In order that tb studnia and
faculty mUM visit the state lair.
Silas Ma-la Feary Will be empltyed In
the office of the registrar at .be I'm
veraliy of Nebraska lha coming year.
Miss A I vlna Ma a ha bn accepted a po
sition In 'ba offlc of the bontd of edu
cation of ih Lincoln city schools.
Th registration of the first f-w dnya
of the fall letm haa been very gratify
ing. A second section wl'l lie tvganlxed
! A i
Five Reels of Joy
(l..D-:: "GRA
II ll'I'O
i The Drama Magnificent
i i
Augmented Orchestra
Nighl Pricesi Balcony, 40ct Main
Floor, 50ci Boes, 60. Matinees
until 6:15, 35c,
A siwa.kiai sis-act kill with
3 Big Features
Lillian Burkhart
Rulowa Callet
Noodles ft tin
Wt4 iis) mnt.
)m AaWos at 4MV
"Arabian Love"
t ealwiiag
A itii fotataoae ol lell Use
September II, lor th aeconimudaina at
! taia .ii.ieie
I A tr. e4 leputt from lha lil Pub.
j lleittg I4.mi.ili) bl,ia Iba news 'kal ev.
,.i) siu.l.oi wbe tk lha "III. t.l ex.
..i.lh.m.n duiiog r al tb rlos f ba
IaainiMer aes-ioa assrd lb 'witk
k.nora," snd will te.ei taftifi le .
toidiasly ,
Tna larultr aa offira forca bIv.i
aa iiifotn.vl b"me.itiing rsiii,ta al Ibe
hoi.. a uf I'rea.dent "d Ml ll.ake.lce. la
k.a..r Miea slenba Wnler. who baa
lost retarB.d fiuin a suiotaer tour "I
4 arope. ad Has feaumed her dulte '
: 11, atenograpbi.' fa. gitr of the B-bool.
; alias We.ler lalate many ,nt'ion
stone of her Inp. epeeially auk fler
'en, la hr ins,. on uf lb ronimetei!
e. hex la of M.nnhelin and 4loeIplngea.
1 tiennaar On iniereaimg edui annual r
iuireinei,t of Ihe rvunliv I ihftt bust,
i.s.a uaii.n.g Is y far ika tier
ins youth, belwn certeia a'.
I (liitncr Collet:.
Piaa r being oniplt4 lor "Found
er I., " istober I At ittia nni
i Chart U I'ubbev nl Installed a
ipr.s,.i.l of th colleg- Th. rommltla.
on arisnsniienta roasiai of K. r
'knavelir. ibanman; t F, Duiiian. vlca
I, bailment Or Avte.wotth, J K ahellen
ileiger, Piaf. Moss, lialph Walker, Haa
iliac Y"U"g and l-a sbtvrr of ILatrha
1 ha 1 on. .nit ee ass enisised lo In lud" tha
: Blala mlBslonaiy seciilarlrs of lb slsta
I of l.iloia.lo, ).o.iiia South I'ssotft sad
I norlh Kanaas The tiiaiallallon of l're.
I d.i 1 4'oi,bey will annulate with in !Se.
I blaska k'al altnl'letlai aaaoiialion which
.will I held 111 the Haitian chiirih that
as o wek Tb committee plans for a
, r eat lia Cntner a eiittra ter
ritory. 1 'cp- rnueaea In ftd aneft New Teslstnenl
blsloiy ars being (lightly r.,r ssnised and
so.oe new malellal will be aade.l Thle
! la b-leg dona iii order lhal in. work al
' Collier will closely articulate allfi tba
1 work dona In rtoai graduate achools Ptof
j I unite n ta offering a cuura In nln, iplsa
New Tork Sugar.
New Turk. Sept. (The summer holt
d'B ere dlacnnlinued In Ihe ellgsr liad
and the general market was open, al
though litre of the im'I deaiera an
nounced lhal their office would rontinu
rto.d on Saturday for th remainder of
lb1 month ,
The rsw sugar market waa quiet, and as
no snlrs were reported, prlcee were tin
ihnnsed If le for Cubss. coat and
frelfhl. euiial to 4 c for cenlrlfiigal,
There waa another eherp decline In rb
aw sugar tnerket owing tu renewed liqui
dation, pilncipaily In ierembr, with ac
ute pualllona at one tuna showing de.
line of 1 10 10 point Slop los order
were encountered on th decline, whnh
iitKd December In J 20c, or the lowest
vet re.mde.1 en fur Oils year, but there
.... e i,wri,si rjilv neir the close on cov
ering Final price were unchanged t
j 7 points net lower The market for refined
I Sugar wes dull and prices were unchanged
'si ! Mn for fine granulated, although aee
i on, I hand sugara war ubtsinabla below
this level
Unfilled future nominal.
I. k. steel Orders AdtanrO
New York. Sepi t The t'nlted Stale
Steel corp. .ration had a total of I 4.l"6
lone r.r unfilled mdera on hand August It,
II was announced Indsy Th's ts sn In
ciease of 173. 44 Ions ovsr order on hsnd
July 31
"JyAsV. ' vaVr'tf PRE-WAR PRICE!
srl Girls aa Hail Ikew Is Tswa
Broadway Flappers SSXT
CVTDR 0k t KELLY, 1st tlars af ttsw
CA I KH Ysrk'i Faiaeai "Plsststiss Unas'
Isats Klaei k.tuft 31 Well-Filled Itackl
LsSisi' lickiti, IMerifie at Dally Mst., 2:l
Now Showing
The Wonder Pic
ture of the Year
Pricei i
Daily Matinee .
Evening ....... 50t
Mat ll. lv 114 I very Nitkl, S H
and caaatsaay al 10 to
Varieties af !f
t4tf f Ituat
"Hi,..' kl...
Fi.ek W.Uew
ti.e - Aay a f.klaa
Faike Sewa
Vkl- 4
JS. lo. tea, l 4M.
Lecture on Thee$cphy
ar mv iisisa t rooria
I la Aale
M " S. It, a 14 p m .
T.''iV.y an l the lie! t
ttt! I'riais,
Tu-sUy, knl. 13, I IS ft, nt
Kieateit.rt j a I ot-t'en
i hitia-i I , king' "
I Ik A4ka 4 d-d-kaawsaa
110 taw.a B a Steasss
IS. I -:.. I, a
M Ii isvitllt
Ha) mt FsMees
I aa i I .a I
aai, a 4 4ni4
s . I i'-. a 4 i -
i s. ! In I'
. a '- a al