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    lit. MMA. l.tfc: OMAHA. bKri'KMHKK 10.
Datifilierty Holds
Church Property
Youngest Bank Official '
Here Began as Messenger
IS rctCU ill Goujxcwiy Appointed Assis
tant Cashier at Live
Stock National Start
ed Work at 16.
What's What in Capital
Attorney (Jerufal Acquiesce
in Return cf S'ixiirr Mailt
I'jr Alien . (.'ustodian
During War.
Vlatu..n. -i.t. V.iPy A P.)
Il'iliiiim tlul m the fiiul aiulysis
title to ilnifili projicrt y u tested in
ti'.'l ami tlut it would I ir 4iri!riiuu
to hti!i tint mi riii itiy intetrtt, Aitor
hry ln'iirrjl liu.-hrttv, ill a
opinion, )i.t hkjiik tf. in thr return
liv Alien Prnpftty I'uttodi.tti Tliomat
W. Miller of property srir by
(TniT lirn I'tuprrtv tnttodun from
(lit Krfornird llitirih of IIiitiR.iry in
Amrrici, ,
"Who hold the ht Mii.'cul interest
in tin Irustf" ti e uttorury general "If it it lirlil by the Diety,
thru nur'ly it would lie tanilririoui
lo hold tl.i re iii an i ncniy iiitcrot."
'J he question In fore tHf (irp;irt
jiu iit, he i w,l'lir . I'l'
thiinli could h.ive in property re
lumed lo it, t.'ouM the cliurctt. lie
skci, hr considered an enemy under
thr trading, with the enemy act, and
did tlic fact that qic of the contrib
utors to the ihurth were enemies
"taint lhi chore It property" to the
intent that there could he no return
cif the property? , '
The property, amounting to ap
pri.xim.itry $0,IH)i) in inoriK.itfn
ami certificate- of ji.iUltrdncss to
the mother church tii Hungary, sr
cnrcil by church property here, was
M-ieil at t!ie outbreak of the war
from the Uunuariiin (Jeneral Gcclit
hank at , Cleveland. ii.liiiK at aRcut
of tlie church in all financial matters.
The decision in this cate will serve
at a precedent in other church prop
erty seizures.
By taking a' little hit at a time
ami rubbing over it a,.lru!,h lathered j
villi so.ip and water one can clean aj
ru at home vtiry successfully.
Iitiiu lion cif bring the youngest
bank cflicUI in Onialu i held by K.
If. K forger, 24, who wa appointed
iit4iit cashier vl the Live Stock
National bank at a meeting of ill
rector Wednesday.
"I ttctided the public schools of
Graii'l Itlaud, Neb . until I wa 13."
said Mr. Krorger, 'ami then came to
Omaha with my parents. I took a
business course in a local business
rolU-RC and thditly alter my loth
biitlul.iy applied, in IV 1 4. for a job
at the Live Stock National bank.
"1 started at bank mrttcngrr,
front which I was promoted to clear
ing hotite clerk, then to transit clerk
and thru to auditor, (rout which posi
tion I was promoted to assistant
i-jshier For the last three year 1
have been a student of the American
Institute of Banking, having been
consul for the Omaha chapter and at
rrcsrnt am a member of the board
of governors of the Omaha chapter.
' "1 always had in view the career
of a banker and wa earnest in my
efforts to learn every detail of the
work. , I am satisfied that per
sistent and well-directed activities
arc bound to put anyone in tune with '
the world, with success as the re
ft A
Omaha Bridge Cuinpany
Uvcrpuiil, Uoaril Lharges
Lexington, Neb., Sept. 9. (Spe
cial.) Suit was started in the district
court of Dawson county by the coun
ty commissioners against the Stand
ard Liridgc company of Omaha, in
which it is alleged that the company
has been overpaid $31,278.48 for
bridges built in Dawson county dur
ing the years 1919, 1920 and 1921.
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! vou wniit at oar t.r f.r whut V war. tit pnV
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I Bv tn.trk-l h IHI;ul 1 am it ft. I in. 'leae
r4 4ti:l t" MttUt i'M ait-l th Ttt vs,b! Iftoti Jtutt
can m. haM I tw rebate an tnttrument, an Ci r ive
! K : K.-t... I'.'.rn"
Schmolkr & ilfacflgr Ptcmo ft'
Ur4KWl3'IXxiV SL OmAtm I
Cars in Two Collisions in
Falls City; Woman Hurt
, Kails City, Neb., Sept. 9. (Spe
cial). One car was ncaijy complete
ly wrecked and one perton was seri
ously injured in two car crashes that
occurred three hours apart on Falls
City street intersections.
The first collision occurred when
the car driven by Mrs. Dan II.
Weber was struck by one driven by
J. I Iichnicr.
The second crash was heard for
blocks around, one of the cars be
inj, spun around several times, finally
landing on the sidewalk several tort
rway, while the otner, a heavy closed
c.'.r, was thrown o,i its side, pinning
its occupnnts underneath. Mrs.
Catherine Wyllc, a passenger of the
b'lg car, was the most seriously hurt,
suffering severe shock and contusion.
of her bead.
Man Severely Hurt When
Auto Crashes Into Ditch
Beatrice, Neb., Sept. 9. (Special).
Frank O'Donncll, formerly of this
city, sustained a severe injury to his
spine and was cut and bruised when
bis car went into a ditch near Mc
Cook, according to word received
here. He is a son of Jack O'Donncll
of this city.
A car driven by A. II. Gray of this
city crashed into a buggy occupied
by Mrs. Herb Bitting and two chil
dren near the bridge on the' Corn
busker route, a mile north of the
city. Although the buggy was badly
smashed, the occupants escaped witli
slight injuries.
Man Charged With Auto
Embezzlement Bound Over
Columbus, Neb., Sept. (Spe
cialsCharged with cmbcizling a
Durant automobile which he had
bought from Andrew Murphy-' ' &
Son of Omaha on the installment
plan, but to which he had secured
no title, Walter Hendrick, former
owner of a defunct bus line that op
erated between Columbus and Nor
folk, waived preliminary hearing in
county court and was bouyd over to
the district court tinder $2,000 bond.
He was committed to jail until he
can furnish the surety.
Taxpayers Would Halt
Enlargement of school
Falls City, Neb., Sept. 9.-(Spc-cial).
Injunction proceedings to prc
vpnr ihp addition of a 10th' (trade
to the course of School District No.
19 have been filed by taxpayers of
that district. The petitioners claim
that the motion to add 'the new
Rrado, with the resultant engagement
of a third teacher for the school, was
illegally passed by persons not en
titled to vote, and ask the district
court to enjoin the school board from
assessing their property.
Platte County Pioneers
Will Picnic at Columbus
Columbus, Neb., Sept. 9. (Spe
cial). The first annual meeting and
picnic of the Platte County Old Set
tlers association, which was organ
ized at the time the new courthouse
was dedicated, will be held -Wednesday,
September 20, in Frankfort
square. The picnic will be in a din
ner basket style. Senator William
V. Allen of Madison, a Nebraska
pioneer, will give the principal ad
dress. Farmers' Union Will Hold
Picnic Near Table Rock
Tabic Rock, Neb.. Sept. 9. (Spe
cial). A Farmers' union picnic will
be held in the grove of Anton
Strrjc. one mile north and one mile
cat ot Table Rock. Friday, Sep
tember 22. It will b given umlrf
auspices of the locals tit the vicinity
of Table Roek. mid a proKram i
btini arranged. There will be band
concerts, a baseball game and ad
t!reset bv prominent speakers.
Heuy Court Dot Id
t 'ttimhu, Nrb., Sept. 9. Sptv'ul )
Willi -'7 c'mI m f' dti (r
braruiit bv iMncl .hid A, M
Vtt, the liutirit d uket lit trveial
seal a 'tle P '' ,h" Sep"V
her juty oi the f-uit
M hi. h ni bfgui M ndav, Sep
tciitl'vf I.
i.nur, .Si-'-.. rp. V-tpeiM.
. J it. he ti.kt tuiaf .!' " I
t.t i!-! n Whv.!ale "i' : '
i. (hit t ir ' tioWn ti.'m e Klt
li'tn I tar m l' .!t b't
In spilt oi the obvious improbabil
ity of his doing so, then is per
sittcnt and iutittent demand that
President Harding nuke t tour of
the writ during October. Invita
tions continue to reach hint from
cities and towns all the' to the
Pacific coett, ainl tome prrtotu in
Washington believe lie should, if pos
sible, undrrtake the tout. Within
this week he was invited to attend
the Nevada rodeo at Kcno.
Mr. Harding did not go to the ett
coatt during his campaign lor the
presidency in 9.0. and the people of
that section have been urging him to
pay thrui a lie had hoped to
do so in connection with his Alaskan
tour this summer, hut the pressure of
business in Wsihington forced him
lo forego that. The railroad situation
would srein to render a trip this au
tumn out of the question, yet the
president has been urged to consider
it seriously should any sort of ad
justment be effected in the tratitpor
tation controversy.
It would not, of course, be becom
ing in the president to indulge in
a "tlump speaking" tour in behalf
uf candidates lor conceit,
but by his pretence in many states
under the aupice ( civic, fraternal
or commercial org an nations, he could
not help but have a stimulating elfrct
oil the loitimrs of his party. Hit ad
dresses would have to I'eal, nrresar
ily, with problems of government
and affairs at Vahingtoii and while
refraining from technical campaign
speeches, irpuhliiaiu m congrrtt be",
lirve he could help a lot.
Cohens Out! Smiths,
The tribe of Smiths nmtt look to
it laurels. Dure the top of the list
in the New York Cily directory, ihe
Smiths have hern ousted by the Co
hens, And in Ihe lulls of congress,
where they once held sav. the
loncsrs, the Reeds and the Wattont
have taken the lead in the senate.
There are two Joneses and two
Krcls in each house. The M cores
have tlsree representatives in the
home, while the Smiths ran boast of
but one Senator Smith and two Rep.
retrntativet Smith.
In the preceding Congress, there
were four Smiths In the senate from
Arizona, (irorgia, Maryland ard
South Carolina. Mr. Smith of South
e ll III'! '' S I I' I I I I I I I I I I I- l-.M I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I M I III
Carolina was the sole tuivivor of the
drui. mane Waterloo ol CO),
Ncbrstkant Favor Payment.
At least two of Nebraska's repre
sentatives m the halU of tongrcts,
feel that the interest, if not the prin
cipal of our loans to foreign countries,
should be paid.
Senator Norrit, when the senate
had under considers! mil the orig nal
adjusted compensation measure, ot
tered an amendment thereto, direct,
ing the secretary of the treasury to
collect interest due on Ihe various
loans made bv our overiimriil lur.
iug the war. to foreign governments,
which funds together with interest
tubtrqurntly collected, should he uri
to carry out the provitions of the
Representative . Andrew s computet
that the annual interest-due on the
Itrilihlt Itylll m?A ill
annul payment under the adjusted
compensation tun tiy more tnan Jo.
m)M) and the interest due for .tl
the bill by more than $50,000,1)0,
Cepadiant Get Hearing.
The Amrrirau Farm Bureau fed
eration hat done an uncommonly
graiyoiit tbuig in giving ptiblicity to
the grounds of the opposition of west
ern Caiudiau cattle growers to the
pending prohibitive sihrdiitrt in the
roruiiey-.icv iiiiioer larui uiii against
uiipoitetMiii id foreign Jit do
ing so It itkiiowledgrt a mutuality
ol interest between American and
Canadian raute raisers on many
points, and having urged the adoption
of the cattle duties in the tarnf bill,
is willing U let the Canadians have
S hearing before the American
The primary contentions of ihe Ca
nadians are that the depltied cattle
ranges of Montana, Wyoming, North
Dakota and South Dakota are now
drawing on and wilt need to continue
for sometime to draw on the range
rattle of western Canada for k
ing. That their grats-frd cattle are
raw material for the American (aim-erss-to
convert into tnarkrtahle beef
hy com feeding, the lattrr not bring
practicable in western Canada. The
foregoing, it it argued, is especially
applicable in view of the immense
corn crop and "the profit to be ob
tained by converting corn lulu beef."
That is said to apply all thr way from
Pennsylvania to Kansas and Nebras
ka. The Canadians, to eliminate
competition between. American corn
fed tattle mid the Canadian range cat
tle are willing to a 2 cents a pound
duly on grain-fed finished calves,
steers and fat cowt.
Mil 11 FiMiinl Iniitrsoiialinp
Officer 011 Omaha Strrrli
Frie Albertson, 11$ North Fiftietl
tree!, vtat rretrd by Detedivn
Trapp and M until yesterday aftrr
loon and (harped vtilh imprrtnnit
ing a police odicrr,
1 ' ' 1 I-11 1 1 i l l 11 1 1 1 i l l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 i i 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 V
One funny thing- prohlhltlon has
lra to women no lonifr are the
only e to esi'tiang ret-lpei, Life.
outlifitotrru Nrlirurl
Club to Mci t
Mrlla, Nib. S'pt, 9 .(Special)-
Southeast! rn NYhuska 1'ir.s club it
S.brdulrd 10 inert at the I'aik lml t
in Humboldt Friday, September IS,
A business testioil Will be Callid at
ID and dinner served it I.' Jo. Jim
occasion it the last day of the tture
dav full festival at Humboldt.
W. V. Norton of the Humboldt
Standard, president of the Southeast,
nil Nebraska 1'iest club, it arrang
ing entertainment for the aflrrnoon,
including a ball game and an au'.i
ride to point o in trust in Humboldt
and vicinity.
filiform rate raids at rerommrnd
ed hy thr National Fditoiul attocia
I ion, political advertising and kindred
subjects will be discussed at the bust
nrtt session.
S, W. Thin ber of the Trrumtrh
Cliirftaiu is the president o' the rlub
and Mist l iniiie Haskint of the Stel
la I'lCtt, siurUiy Ireasillir.
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