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    IMF, OMAHA mi: Htl'USltAV, hhl'IKM .iM. 7,
"Rudy" Knepper Eliminates Ouimet in National Amateur Championship
-' " i . ' i ' , ,i.n
Iowa Golfer EDDIE'S FRIENDS The Host Holds the Game Up "I1 Am!ican Uaauc 1 BayeBallReSUllS I national ua0"uT Peter Manning ,
Outplays Boston ' , ., ,, , 7",JT.r:;,r.t dn3 Standings ..... Breaks Record
Outplays Boston
Star and Wins
Jlol.hy JotW Victory Over
Holirrt (Jiiriliit-r Another
I'pM't of Day riaj
I!tui Victor.
lie t uiiutrv Club, ' Urookliue,
. Spt. 0 (Hy A. I',-A
!niul,ir idol was mppltft nn the
l"t wittff h' pedrtal wan erected;
4 Uilih gulling lion w held at
I y by youth trout HuMon; from
ihr smith, fulitlliiiu promise of. g.ill
it'fiinrn, cuttle anothrr younustrr
hn nil out i twfi limr i luiiipiuti
"i tlie west; another double itltst
IrHMtnJ a our iimr hubbr r.i Die
l-uunr Thite were thr Iiik'i spot
today in the secmid round ni match
play at .(' hole in thr ama
teur Kulf chiitiipiiin.hip lotirtiaiti'-nt,
"I iVIi like the play of linn
da, finisher) hi a flood f ram.
Il was Jrancia Oiiimil, winner of
'lie national open on these liriki ill
iU playful of ..iripie tir with the
Iriti.h nia.lria. Varrfon snd Kay, in
I 'I. I, who win) -the idol that passed
out of flit picture in thr prrsi-iiri-"i
lii ItKiut folks. "Kudy" Knippvr
nl Monx fity. coiujin-rcr of the (ar, W. It. urranrr. yr
unUv drt'ruted three up, two
to play. Victory came on the With
Krci-n, the point in Otittmt's
-recess of mko.
The boy who faced the liuii was
lutlc Groin W, Aulbach. a Ho, tun
public links player. The Hriti-h lion
"I the link was Cyril J II. Tollry,
inrmer champion of Orat Hnutn
Hid the only regular standard bearer
u that country. The hid ttttttiiiK
prrt tily fmiKtit off the prt.d i ioiih
iriviiitr attack of the mighty Tollry
fur hole after hole until he wan
charged with loss of the 28tli hole
hv the referee' aniilieation of the
15th rule that lie had improved lib
lie by pressing down the Then
I f tracked, his protect having been
waved aside, anil lout the match a
lew holes later, 3 and 2.
Jones Winner.
Third of the day's narred event
via the victory of Hobby Jones, the
out huf star from the southland,
over Robert A. Gardner, Chicago,
twice holder of the national cham
pionship, Their match, all even after
18 hole, went to the 16th green be
fore Hobby won. As expected, Chick
Kvans, seeking his third champion
f In'p put out VV. C. Fownes, Jr., seek
iiiK hit second, returning in kind the
action of Fownes who eliminated
hick in the tournament, which
h'ownci won here in 1910, The score
m 11 and 9.
Willie I. limner, now of New
York, but still carrying iome of the
prestige of It) British amateur cham
pionship of last year, went' away 7
up, 6 to play, beore the play of
Jesse Sweetzer, metropolitan cham
pion. The defeat, of Harrison, . H.
i liniiuy) JolihStdrf, St, Paul's, hard'
l'it'tr, was accomplished by the com
paratively frail'1 Billy only
a year or two ago a caddy on this
lourse, 4 and 3. Frank (IKod
ihaux'a unexpected 5-4 victory
over George V, Rotan, Louisiana,
triumphing over Texas in a conflict
confined to the touth and Jesse B.
Guilford advance toward succes
;oti to himself as champion in which
Reginald Lewie,' of Greenwich,
Conn., went down, 11 to 9, were the
day's other results.
They made for matches tomorrow,
deciding the lemi-finalists. that will
bring together Guilford and Sweetzer
and Tolley and K'l'pper in tilt ex
pected to produce super golf and
Jones and Mct'hail, ,F.vaii and God
chaux in engagements regarded as
prospective victories for the players
iirst named.
Rail Interferes.
Although the aquatic conditions oi
Monday were almost repeated by
rain that came this afternoon there
was little to indicate that the sodden
greens changed the tide of play, ex
cept in the Tolley-Aulbach match in
which the public links player led the
British golfer re up at the end of
the morning round, no decision on
M holes reversed the standing at 18.
The Jones-Gardner and Johnston
MvPhail matches were brought to
a conclusion in the rain after start
ing all even on the last round of
The faihne of Francis Ouimet to
slop Rudy Knepper. the trausmis-i-ippi
and Iowa state champion,
was an upset.
Knepper. however, outplayed the
Boston Mar from the tee to the cup
in the afternoon play. St.vmies on
two occasions helped him at times
when Ouinut was lamentably short
on his putts. Thai, iu tlie main wa
the -tory of his downfall, the field
re. tilt bciny, 4 and 2.
'lhe niilv hole the HoU!tiaii won
in tlit atlernoou round was the 14ih
when Knepper tided o reach the
tjieen on his second.
Vnnther stvnnc on t"c niiiMtin
hold Hive OiiHiut not ,t chance to
t rrv the mat h to the 17th
Starting at the tiuait in the aitcr-
io.n, Hobby Jones and Robert
t.aiJurr pUw.l mot f.t the tune in
.i Hfidv downpour I He t hich'
pUvrr lo.i an i-scelluu hnce to
U',( thr lead t p" lufn I"
.4st Hi, joluie n the l'tt t'ir
n the rct tvtn'U!! ' '",
.U i ati.l el-nniiati'iii
Used Kvf Shof.
Vt! ,4, h t.rt.l T.I'.e
r.f t Hi ImJ H " 41
.' h k ' t'nl Ai'i-U-h fv ' '
Watni- Mitvn g to t i'!t ft ''
I .i!t Hr l.xii " II t.f
unit is! lln f!'ji'iid t'ubt. !,'''
fltfr i nt 4 l?at r.i t'Fi-kfJ t-t
- tH ti ii..r t i unjM .i 'i
U i :!-t ' ' ViH li
I s 'i '. - a t't 1 ssi'-4 m
hn .l lft 11 lh, It 5 llH u.
"J Kw t ' I Imt A-i V-h
n v" rt, t. I1'.'-! ' '
t'4 y thf I no h, t ttx4
Htt -.t
,I.,.f,. I,l'v I I ' I
u4 d.i Ci .'''i M-) i
-.k4 t Jit t-,iS(, .t
i t fim 1 . ' . I I
'tk - iM J.', i 'i 4 ' V
iis..t tit i l'! l'-' !
IniiM l e t n!'V I
, ; J rf, SAiD wA4 V 1 T- Vy sj V
y siutr CtovMA ET WASTisJ U tpp
U.Kts4 I loOKCD IM i-'St' I ST.C AttogsjO
MtAuT dlMWt V i 5TARTEt 6v .,?.rvi I IrsiTHfdt
I a shamPoo rK miDM'Cjht. I Am hour
A Too, Towy. Awo ft . Wou y
1 A (MA5A6. If M Y . 7
Chesbro's Home
Run in Ninth
Beats Buffaloes
Dei Moines, Sept. 6. Des Mointj
tied the score with seven runs in the
eighth inning and won from Omaha
in the ninth when Chesbro, the first
man up, hit home run. The score
was 12 to 11. It was a slugging bat
tle in which the locals pounded three
Omaha hurlers for 17 hits and for
31 bases; the visitors clouted Des
Moines pitchers for 14 hits, ood
for 21 bases. Chesbro, who hit two
homer and Iwn rlniihl wai the i
leading baiter, but Genin had a Ciofp f Mfflla Tirlia
triple, double and two singles. and!l"yUUC LiCdgUC i lUC
Manush a home run, double and two !
..Score: ....
AH, K.H. PO.A.t'..
Cii.laMMI, 'ib 9 J 'I -t o
HbIiw, Ib . ... S I 1 0 It
-ranlliam. Kb S t S 0 1 It
l.riffln, rf 4 I I 0 1
Munii-h, mt . . 15 2 0.0
Wllrui, h 4 0 1 S 6 O
Mii.lrrson. If :l 0 1 5 0 0"
l.iicr,n 0 0 O 0
HlM-nr.r. e 4 0 4 I O
llHrroiiKll, . p .4 I I 0 0 O
Oallry, p 0 0 0 0 0 0
Tipple. P 0 0 0 0 0
Tiitnla . . , HI 11 14 -l 11 1
1E8 M0I V18.
AU. B. H. PO.A.K.
(i.nlii. of
Wuiim., 3b
llurun, rf . .
..ft 3
..ft 1
...1 t
.. t
. ,.H 1
.. 1
.1 0
..1 o
.0 0
4 2
4 it
0 s
0 I
I 'i Mrpar, If .
I'lMislini, Ib
Kliol, 21) , .
nrtoit, n
llunner, a
( ill lop, e . .
(Tos. p . . .
Slay, p . . -.
O 0
Totala . .;....3 1 17 il 11 3
iHAtt.d for Mu.tarMHi In ninth.
illiillcil for ( rim. in eiRhlh,
Mrura by inninss:
Omalis I0 00 4il 11
Dr. Moinea l 000 171 It
liuniaiury Muma runn, ( hrnbro
(2. Thrac-haic hltm lirniii, Two-bane hitwl
(.runtlmm, UiKlmmn (:, Munush, Lenin,
(lisiro Ct), ( iillop, Ilunnrr, llnrnn. hac
rlllciw hM! ViH'. Kprncnr. ISIolt-n b
lilt: lluntn. l-ft un Ixun: Omaha. 8j
lira Mi.lni-.. . StracL out: By fullop, 8
In Mh. 1; by Ilnrroush, 1. Bawn on ball:
Off I iillup. ; off (nm, 1: off Mny, I;
off lrriiKh, 1. Hit by pilehnl ball: ly
Kallrj, Ilunnrr. Wild pltrh: Tipplr.
I'aMiHt lutll: hpriK'-r. Ijininl run and
lillm Off iill-ip, nnd Hi in !-: off
Cross, 4 itml 4 In I S-Si off May. and o
in I: off Durniugli, S and IS In 7; off
liallrn, 1 ami In -S. Ixwlnn pitiln-r:
Tipple. Hlmiin pllrhrrl M5. Koublw
plait Kni-'hebio. I'niplrMi Antlruu
und I.cwia. lime: 3:1S.
AMr.BK AV l.EAI.l ' K.
II, All. K.
SlUIrr, M. lamia . . . I'JS Ml ll
lul.l.. Ilrlr.ilt . till 4A1 SI
Swali, ( Irvrliind IU 417 MS
llrllmann, O'troll. . IIS M '!
Tutiln. M. IOUI....I-S MO i
II. Pet. '
1H4 i:tnl !
I.M .377 !
las .S.isj
1SI .all '
clearly worked to Aulhach's disad
vantage. Toliey's drives wire longer
and uraighter than his opponent's
throughout the day.
The toiirnameiit rommiitee an
nounerd that Aulhach's irottt was
without merit and upheld lhe ref
"Si ta.tol.1
if"-i i
To Play "Grudge"
Baneball Game
at Bluff Sunday
Hamburg and Missouri Valley
baseball teams, which played in the
southwestern Iowr tournament
here last week, will meet in Coun
cil Bluffs again on Sunday in a
"grudge" game. Missouri Valley
defeated Hamburg by the score of
5 to 4 in the tourney match, after
bringing in thfee Western league
players in the third inning. Ham
burg says it can beat the Valley
with its original linup and is go
ing to try it. There will be no out
side players in either lineup. Baum
gartner will pitch for the Valley
and "Lefty" Matthews, southpaw,
for Hamburg.
r Series Starts Soon
Lincoln. Sept. 6. (Special Tele
gram.) At a meeting of State league
directors here today arrangements
for the little world's series to decide
tfie Nebraska Slate league champion
ship were made. Fairhury. winner
of the first .split season and Norfolk,
winner of the second half, will com
pete. It will be the best four out
of seven games.
Tha .rheitule of
Kt-pH'iiilwr 9 anil in. at' Norf'ilu.
ftpptmliar It, at Kalrbnry.
hepu-mfoer 12, at Oranri IhIhtu!.
HfpKrnber 16 mid 17, at NorfolU.
Krpti-mbar IS ami 19, at Falrbury.
Flails were also made looking to
wards the continuance of the league
next year. AH clubs participating
this year will be back and two more
will he adderL Columbus and Coun
cil Bluffs, la., are among those con
sidered the most likely to enter teams
in 1923.
Q, . At the clone of the ninth inning
the eore was tied. No runs were
In tho tenth. In th first half of the
eleventh lhe vlniting timm scored arid
ursii.d that It was not neresaary to play
tho lut half as the same had been won.
Were th.y right?
A. Tliry were not, No same ra be
KiHrn iiiilmia lnnln. are equal or the
sliie avrnnd at bat ia ahead.
C. ilround rule holrta lhe batter to two
baea ovwr ilie fncR. Runner U on ft rat
but Mi-ale aeion.l before the ball ia hit.
The umpire thinking him on l'trwt hold
him lo third. On the nut play the aide
la r-Hred. At the Ho of the innlilK 111
umpire i hie dedaloa. Could he
tio so
A, Nut thru.
ij. ijan a pitcher be aubstiluOHl 'when
there la one or ino-e oikt-a un th baiter
or one or more Italia or tnut (lie pusher
fmlfch that batr-. ,
A. ir I lie ultrlu-r I. one wno line sera
.Ultltuted hit mu-l ftllMl with Ilia flrat
baltrr. If he la lit or la I lull pltclirr ha
iiiiiv he r ha nard nt any time,
Q Two are out with a ruuner on
mil I l rte hatt.r t.u n nail 10 me
ffr.i Wa.-maii, who ariyrk. I! around, hut
the iiuiter iieettnw-a end finally h'ii he
u uml.i way h la thrown out ai first
by th illit fi'ider Tli. mi or Inns
t.. fi.ii- Iri-n la II s Hood run
.. No. The batter ue out before he
reei bed fi-t Me. I
Q If there a runner mi l.". and I
Hie baiter would knoik a hi,!i f baek
lo butt - tiuid ih runner ...i h.i w.ot n-l I
run M?'-r tbe bill eta. rauKht i
Safe or Out
s biwnJMM
Uvttl tVf
Cupid's Albingen
Breaks Fair Record
Lincoln. Sepl. 6, (Special.) Cu
pid's Albigeti, a hay gelding belong
ing to T. K. Anderson, Des Moines,
shattered every known slate" fair
record in the second heat of the 2:12
trot when he stepped the mile in
2M 1-4. The gelding i out of
Cupid by Sidney Dillon. But when
he stepped the record-breaking mile
he was thrush. In the first heat
he had finished sixth in a field of
six, and the remaining heats he re
fused to stay on his feet.
He stepped the quarter in. :33, the
half in 1:04 1-4 and the three-tiuarters
in 1 :Mi on the record heat.
The lowest time ever made in any
state fair meeting was 2:11 3-4, which
puts Cupid's Albingen three and orie
half seconds under the record.
The race summary:
' Tub 2:12 I rot furm luu.
Anna Valeta, t (Mor,an ,. 1
Harry Chapman T)'l"r ..I X
Cunlfl u AltiinKi n (HrU . 1
Virginia Um i I'arka) .... 3 6
Wiyrmkst (owbii) 3
llnhola (Hwall.l 4 S
f.Uk, 3:13'. S:!4'A,
2 : 1 2 ii.
Th 2 20 pore. J'urae 11,000.
Itodn'fy Inif'ilalire (l,ewlsi
IHIIon Reaper (lleenleyi
Claudia May (Cu.iriinKlnnil
lillded llano (lyer)
Whiaifuat I Haliln lnalil
K.arl A. (Harrlaonl
l'anni-r Hoy :iawfordj
Time: i.jn'i.
The a:U trot, purse W;
Ketiator T. tOrew) ,...8 I
Hadio (Hart) 1 t
.jobnnv Urown (Whltmer) .3
Mirta (I'arkf) , 8
l.uiiy Hunt (Toah) t
VV. K. U. iMi-vey) li T
Dorothy HlnKen (Shire) ....4 4
I'auy Kurinar (Teel) 7
Mae (I'lawfordl !
.lohnns Mac Crawford) . 8 10
HllKham ll'.et-zlry S
Time. :124.JI;1!, 2:12. 2;15?i.
The 2-jear-old trot, purae 1300.
Kmile K, Scott (MacNaliy) S I 1
Ru.jln Silk (Parks) 1 2
Ed Hllk ti'hundlt-r) -
Hlrd Silk (UennlK) 4 4
Time: 2:30, 2 30, 2:30.
Banning 5 furlong, purse $150:
Pltkagain (lluthrle) 1
John Hpj-.lin (Seguinl
Esther Kay (Porlty ) 3
Doctor Plcki-na, Ethel Chirk, Nebraska
Lady and I.etltia aluo started.
, .Time: 1:04.
Kunnlng' 4s furlongs. Puree l&0:
Daisy Stephen (Sequin) 1
Doctor Hlue (Dority) 2
Lu-ky. Muck (Guthrie) 3
Artorday and Hill Mpivena alo started.
Time: :07.
Big Cass Results
Atlantic, la.. Sept. 5, (Special.)
The first day's race results of the
big Cass county fair are as follows:
:: : I 7 pare :
Irish (Timttl t
Ooiit.n fcal (Johnson 5
MkMur (Honil) S
Jmtirlent iHilll t
ILtiliuitK arid Unrrgii also ran.
1:1U,; 2:llSi 5:1,.
3:3.. trot.
liir Nalell K'tookeal 1
l'rlnre l,ond.r (Arnrttl
Winnie A (MoCoyi ............J
Time 1.5'. ; S .'S'i, a.ll
ll,f-inile I't'tliinir ra.- ,loe
1 I
:i t
i t
avcorid :
Itriyi. ftrai; Hrih '. male),
llrtin-y NlrCij ( KiiowUoii t. third
Hob Cat and Stove (tut al.o ran.
i, ,n, h.
Horn. 1. 1. at. I mile Mil SI) II I
io4 itii
l !
lal ,.IA
IM .Ml
Tierney, fllburh. SS lis III
Mill,, (bli uan . . Iu jaw 111
lligbee, I'll! .burntt. i(S flit m
1 1. rime., I ttlragu, , lie Ii) S4
MM . VfcHbl MKSilMvnf- w Wt
I' 1, .,. I til 1 4 K . Mill) tlvlult
Vlf kbJ l"4f
I Sill, if t
AH II l Jktt H O A
! hiu in
S I 1 1 ! MI. tt kill
H-. lot
I ..n i
V,- I, .
t CHI f
i' i . :s
I JI'M'.
W . L I r
I 3 ; i ) list
I . IN I t
I H,ii,l 4 I
I tiik. if l l t
3 W i lb !)
i . 1..'. list
i : i tii'M k o
t II n .hil a 1
- I
tf.t.K ).
II. IU. tu
'.Slullxtu I
. It II SI III -
T'.'U I til
lii.'lr.l (,. l. viipirl in Slilli,
SWMf l,ir inAtbtf
l(ii ,. ,,, I -.
1 III V , l.U ! !
Kui.. Iiiim ill, ll.u.f. I'oih.
f II H '! til. W,Hlall til. r Joliu.
nil. K oltin., M. l', Mi. Ik. Hul..rt-S-m
S'fliii. SMhtii, ltutlt. T
b.M I. II .,ih.illl. SI..I-K If, J..,i..
tun in, kiru' k ii. ll.tiry.
lilriHiA, I will. IKiul,l plav
li.IMr iu Miltufe M.. 'I. II. ii. I..(t un
lll, , l'al'.jr,i, S. ll.S-t t..f
li.ll. IHf I -.MM. 1: nil Mulwri..!, t, off
i,v'hh.ii. t Mi'i' uul M 1-aUM, t.
. l ....,. J; 1. 1 , ilw,hrihl, I.
lilt. U(f h.lolla.11, III II inKlul.i
I'll h.)i,,rl, I tl t'i MiriOtM, ((! II.
l..nWrii i, I lit turnup.
IMi'h'ti . .,.(., H rii.inra. Ollltin. .na
l.i.rii 't nut , j:l'S,
IauSs Tmir. Iliwlwu.
tml Bui Afi-r In.-'-
I l'i. .Ii" sui Iw M.ina sti'l .ploh
i..i. ir.ii,.. in w lurk luu v
i -r . i . . j i .i..m in ih. u.i .iu. ul Ik.
l. S Iu Hviirti.
a II II O A I AM il II A.
,l. r,,l. . I J WIH.if (
iilll -f 6 I J D Ou.-.H . S 4 I I Ill i l II n.KiHb.if .1 1 n
I'LL,. I. 4 13 1 I'lvp III M
l ain. If 4 I x. I,.i.r I 3 S a
,1 i ullti. If 4 S I Wrua.l if S
I'd u.i, )l. 4 I a t w.i.l .1, 4 4 S
lu.i r 4 11 l,..o... I 1
Uullin i 1, Shaas. 1 " :
M-MU.kT " I r
1..III. it-, I, ii f I, Ti.a,!. :ll:l ;
.(.ilLul'l I n 0
T.JUI. : 13 ii u
ilijti.d rr lyulnn m aer.uili
MI.H..I fr ruiiarloii ia muiu
biuie l.y ifinliiga,
i. oi nee lee eel
New Ifnrk del e. 11,
etimniory M Jita: Mil. hell, Jllller, WH,
liiiMen in, Hulli lit, I'lpi., KVotl. Kr
lora: Miller flail, Jtnth Twu-beae hl:
I "a it, Hrnaiia, llarrn, Siutl, Three. bu
h'l: Hulh Home run: fmgen ea, rifl'W
M,...... Khawkey. Ii'iuble playe: Waid
In 1'ipp: lo Hume l(l on ba- :
' I'l-ra, a; liuet'in, t Heaee na Italia:
i HI gijinu, i, off falieiion, I line: off
'vumu. i in innings; if Kjll-rlen,
hi J. leai itiiebrr: guinn. 1'rnplrta:
Kvamt and Jlildehieiiil. Tuna: 42.
Ilruwna Or feat Indiana.
m. lrfiola. Kepi. tHI, laiula rnade a
(lean aeetp of ibe four-game aeilea with
Cleveland by winning today's ronlaal II
in I. Tbe lor a is retain lha I'.gue teed
by half a game as a i.atill.
William clouted hie nth home run of
ine aeason, lamiig Hie in. lor leagua home
run lend. Tin. put Williams una ahead
of Rotters Tlomsby of the St. Ij&ule 4"sr
0,0. 1., who la at he tp of the .National
leaK'ie, It isaa WilHania third iona.-u-
ivo home run In (line da. dialer got
two hita out of flse. In. a lug 14 conse
cutive gamee In which lie hag hit safely.
Title pul luiii only four gin brhiml the
modern major league record, set by Ty
Cobb of iH-'iolt. in It) .
ri.KVKi.Axn sr i.ot in
AH.HU.A. AlillO.A.
.Tameen, If
4 12 Tooi n. i f
4 l
Wamby. 2b
Cotiuiiy. of
llardnr, 3h
J.Mewll, a
Kahdol, ub
St Jtllen, 2b
3 9 & 4 Foster. 3b
4 14, II,
2 I 2 Wlllims. If
2 I 0 2jaf.obn, i f
1 o In '-runs. 2b
2 10 OKevrd, e
4 I
5 1
i I
4 I
4 2
3 I
4 1
W.aid, rf
i i 1 UiJerbr, as
McNully.rf 1
u 1 II Davis, p
s e
1 2 Totals
1 t 0
0 0 1 i
e ii i
s o
Alrlnns, lb 4
n'Neill, u , 2
L.Maell, e 1
L'lile. p t
Mdletiin. p 2
Speaker t
: 14 27 It
Totals 33 7 24 I J
iliatted for Ka'ndtu in nintb
btore by innings:
Clpmland 000 1101 200 3
Hi. latuis 122 401 0I 11
Nummary Kuua: Jamleeon, MoNulty,
Mclllllis. Tolun. Koater, Slsler (2), Wi.
Hums (2), .laeobaon ii). McManus (2),
'Wevereid. Ki-rori-: Wamby, Connolly, it.
.Sewell, Koalr. Two-base hits: Tobin,
Wtoplineon, Wood. Three-ha.e hit: Jar
obaun, Jmleiton. Home runs: Jacobaon
end Williams. KUjl-n base: Slsler (21.
Sacrifices: Koaier, Wamby. Left on taaea:
Cleveland 4; M. Louis, . Hasa on balls:
Off I'hle , Mlddlrton 2. Siru.k out: Hy
Mid. 11. .ion 1: Davis i. Hits, off I hie. a
In I-:'-. Mlddletnn. In 4 1-3. Umpire:
Moriarity and Jilneen. Losing pitcher:
I'ble. Time: 1 :C0.
Gotham Entries
Suffer Setback
Double-barrelled disaster at the
hands of the Boston clubs, tail en
dcrs in both leagues, left the pennant
prospects of the New York clubs in
a precarious condition today.
The Red Sox, a jinx most of the
feason to the Yankees, jolted the
American league champions from the
lead with a double defeat, 4 to 3 and
6 to 5, while St. Louis nosed out
Cleveland, 10 to 9. The. Braves gave
the Giants a twin trouncing by
scores of 6 to 0, and 4 to 2, and as
Pittsburgh crushed the St. Louis
Cardinals. 11 to 0, New York's lead
over the Pirates was cut to four and
a half games.
Ken W illiams helped the Browns
to regain the lead by walloping out
his 34th homer with the bases full,
tying RoKers Hornshy for the major
league slugging lead.
George Sisler laced nut two hits,
bringing his streak of consecutive
liitlmir to 35 games, five behind Ty
Cobb's American league record,
made in 1911, and pine back of Wil
lie Heeler's old National league
mark, made when he was with Balti
more in 18'?.
HlotHtiflelit Heals Hauea.
Minion f. .id. Nrb . l1ll. ' ihuecial )
lllooinficld Willi tram Vt .use, 2 In I, on
tti. a diaiiiutid, coxa. pit. h--t a
g.'od stun- for the wtne.ts. .Irking out
ruin i's-i.-s end allowing only four a-'
J ....
i J f "lf , J . N
n ro -ar
it i i I r4 r s i
-,j ia -v i 't
wkI landings
TIN 1 141 It ,
W 1. fit t I P. I.
'f , .. eii,, et.Hioui I .tr 111 tit
Hi j iieix.i. vny els its
II .e.i. Si .1 (,! ,se Mel ai It l'l
ItHlfaWea U IS At I'emsr it M l
) ee4ee4a 'a It ran It a.
Hi X. s.e, I.", II
lt .lesb. , lial.h..n.. I'p,, f
I'.eief. I; si.ii tity, 1
Tulee, It, WKliila, 1, ,
laatay'a fiaaiea.
Naffalwsa al lr Malaea
Wit una l Tutee
bi Ji-.-.a ai kiabnma I'tf
Denver agein.4 iaus ( I, si l.nouia
St lllOWAt I r.AOl K.
W I. f.t I W t.. fit,
S.w fo.k "4 ti tulei. I.jih lit ill
I'Mi.koiSii )i Ss ,sii Hrwaklva I. if es
i bu-sgu 71 ss .se l-biis ml in
l'l. innsil It e .441, i.(..n 41 II Mt
S .ledai 's Keaalll,
I'll., inc. "I t, Kt, l.eule, 4
Me folk. Ii llvalou. I. .11.4 r..l flf'h,
e-hiliiiirlpfeie. a. lu..osls, 4
igy p.ayed.
feta a f.asaee,
IU Jjiine al i
i so as. i et Hi'.i.uigii.
v. uik el I'luled-lpliui
No oilier. s,heiulil
4 Mill AN I.I 4I.I r.
IT U I'll I W I. f. I
Ki Loirs el 14 .ive I l.e .nd ( Si
S.e Yeta Is II Waeb'len C 71 III
liellell 71 (21 I'hlla II U .113
I hi. .so 1,7 Ki Huelua II TI -1
VswSenlay'a Mesnlls.
S- n Vi.ja, . Ilostnn. !
A4 lemle. II; levrlauS. I
Hi (tell, t, Oil. ago, a
No olbets piaJeu.
Tnetai-'g I .eiaa.,
l'!v .:,,,d at I'hlragu
l'l,il..l.-lllii. at U.i. 1 1.0
,u otlteis beduied.
AMU HM'Afc AMMK I t llllS.
W. I. K-rt.t W L f. I
Ht raul ii it ill Km flty 14 all
.MiM.-.p. 7e .4 M' Louisville
ludiati- 14 es ,1i2s 'i uiiie
Jlllu.ui. Ttl) .ii I'uluinbtis
eatrday'a He. alt.
tilonsapoils, t: Mt f-eul, 1
Toledo, I, Inula najioUs, 4
No (tibtis itiayed.
Teelai's Cswre.
H-b- lul. (isurran(4, due is
t 7t I7e
ft. I. ,417
ii nt
1 a .11 wad
.Hike )
Naabvllle, 4: Memphis, t.
H riiilrigh..lB. 1: Mobile, 111,
Allatita, S, Wew Orleene. I
l.lliie Km k, 13; Chattanooga I
Hutu memo. 4; Oakland. .'
Nil ei here played.
Icillis. I I: WlihOs Kallt, 11 1
Han Antonio, I; Houston, I, (Called end
14th, darkntr. )
Ualiraton, t; flesumoul, i.
Western League
Hruri Wallop Flt krrs.
Lincoln, Kept. S- -Denver won ft pin
KIouil City by 10 to 7 In the first (am of
the series tianaferred from Kleux City ia
Lincoln. I'ltcher Teear gut into truu,bl
early In the game and although tbe Park
ers catne strong at the flMih, they couM
not 'ivercouia the early hsndt'ap. The re
malnli.g game, of lhe Hlous City loeil
schedule will be played st Llrnuls.
Hvoi t :
Ali.lI.O A I AII.H.O.A.
O'Brltn.ef 4
Kerr, i S
tying, rf 4
fl lle'lllon, ss I
1 1
It 2
t 4
S Ii
i e
1 4
I s
l I
l l
e Hi-'way. 2b s
' (rconnor.rf i
1'Kleb, if t
0'Meti, Hi I
:osier'), 8b I
I'Mattlrk, If 4
Query, i! I
2 Teear, p 2
d'Knetlger, p t
I'atle u, 3b S
Carft, lb 4
(lumen, If a
Hi,(ler,2b 4
Kirien, ( 3
Kreunan, p 4
hall, p
1 7
Totals ST 14 ST t Totals 41 14 27 13
lik-ore by tattings:
tscnvei 201 4-0 0043
etoux city out rat wt t
Summary Huns; OBrlin (s). Cart
wYight, Kerr, fjornee, Itodgen, Xllhullen
(2), 'Freeman, Hamilton, Hemingway, Klh,
O-Conner, Oslergard, Mai lick, Query. Kr
rora: Kllhullen, DaterKard. Query. Three
base hits: O'Brien 11), Query. Te'0-bsaa
hits: l'attereott. domes, Hemingway. Klah,
Koetlger. Hacrlflc hits: Kerr It). Kllhal
len, Long. Karned run: Denver, t; Nlour
t'lly. Ii. Ieft on bases: Denvt-r, Ii; aioux
city, II. Double play: Hamllton-Hemlng
way-MeU. Ktruck out: Hy Kreeman, 6; by
Teear, 2: by Koettgur, 1. Runs end hit.:
(iff freeman. 7 and 14 In I 1-3 fiiaings: off
Teear, ii and i I in 4 2-3 Innlngr. f)a-cs on
halls: Off Kreeman. 1; off, 2. Hit by
pllched, ball: Hy freeman (Matilek, 4J
ry.) Winning pitcher: r'rt..iup.n. Losing
pitcher: Teear. Umpires: yitzpeti-lcg and
Davis. Time: 1 :es.
baluta Beat Indians.
Oklahoma City. Ok!., Kept Baas
running mistakes and the wildnesi of
Yde and Lov In the flrat two Innings
cost Oklahoma City the opener with St.
Joseph today. S to 7. Score;
Olson, lb
2 21 Pitt, rf
1 2
t 3
Fisher, rf
B'wlti:, cf
Nufer, 2b
O'owakl, c
Hlrd, p
Adams, p
Grover, p
i 0 ll'K'ger, lb
1 1 SfFelher, 2b
a 1 OiM'D'lel, lb
0 2 DO'lardl, If
1 2 4 i Windle, si
I 4 2' Moore, cf
Oil 8 t.'hlte, e
0 fl i Yde, p
10 1 Love, p
1 t IjzLong
1 1
1 10
2 1
1 4
t 7
0 4
Totals nil27 1.1l Totals 12 27 12
i.tiatted for Lov In ninth.
Hear by inning:
St. Joseph Hi Ht 10 t
Oklahoma City 004 131 0417
Summary nuns: Olson IS), Corrldsn
(2 ), Pieties, McDonald, Orabewikl, Hlrd,
lirover. Krileger i2l, t'elber, Mi-Danlst,
UO.glarill Ul, Errors: .Nuf.r, Felber (S).
Two-base hlte: Nufer. Olson. Windle,
White, Three-base lilt: Corrtdrn. Home
run1 Orover rlacrlflr hits: (Maori. Fisher,
Corrldi-n Htolen base.: K.-lber. (Ilnglardl. on bll: Off Yde, J: off Love. I!
off Hlrd. 7; off Oeover, J. Hit by pitihe.l
ball: Nufer by Tde. Felber by Uroeer.
Klruck eut: y Lov.. I: ht Hlrd. ; by
Oiuver, S, llur.e and hllel Off Yde, and
I In I I I. off Love. 3 anil I In t $: off
llird. I snd t in I; off AtUnis. t and t
In 1.1: off (trover. I ard I In I ) l win
ning put her: Hird: losing pitcher, Tde.
lioulie plays: More lo White ta Km.,
gee, Nufer l (" l't en
,'h, III i'a,!eniiie ('lly. II. klara.w
roo.: Ht ,I.i,sS 4. (iil.h,nis Cllv. e
Drawn for The
Ul W Ml4St.S M4.M
eoHi. px,- cotU4
VvAtWINftYOI OH VlvmtiiJtb.
Tett f tOV. btCUt k4 V)
A-sw , VIdn. TVUkl C4 ktM 1bf
as0O M4Vl VH.H 1 ''OM 14)
yj o Mat boviM?.m wivui
tiew iM
S. a nil ike fn.t Sevseiea t 'a.lusl
lews kureg g.a.s (tatu be laiuia, I le 4. .
ieare . f
It Killi ) UMlNVaTI. j
annua1 annua 4 I I leerne rf 4 ( t
TatMic.reas t I l-.aieel. Ik 4 III s I 4 In,, en. if 4 I I
nasi, Ib III I K..u.ti. till
Slack. Ik 4 I I Hour rf 1 I I
S'.ei-ll.i, . f IS 'l..i...e .all I I
s hum, ,f t i Kiiiu.i s f I S
MiadM. If I I l-in.lll. ib 4 I I
(, 4 I S Siaettee, as 4 11-
heru.l, e ; e e tK.noi.oe. it I I I
.ck p 11
I SB-Hue., r I I ) Tots Is It It ST I
I sllasn
r.i His, p I I
Tet. I II I (. Ill,
in.n.d far I'.i.l. in egli'b
.Nan fur li"iuinlM in e gtiih
tt laul.
cifirliinail , f 10 )I0 Ha 1 i
1 1 no ts J i
.umaterr-Muiis: Tavn.f f, ragreisr. j -c-"-llialr.
tsnbeit, Hum .n (f I, liara... fn- the ffatmrs Ol the le-COtld 04T fl
era. Ilatgrava 1 1 I fi lore: Tuporv.r. Dae fjr I'jrrllit fSCMia this kl'tefllOofl
IS", ainuilt iwe-vaee one: I ib. i-
Ii. guoek Tlir...-l. .a but uune.a, imii
ib ouee.a. etltK-k
r, siniitb. Kouitiiee. Iiowii e' I'svenej,
l-'owaerl. DsMbart; lureier, Hure.ny: f.--borcer.
liem.lij'. Keurnl.r (II l-ef!
eaeee: fl t.e ile. II; C.n. Ini.eO, Hs en
1 belle: (iff Donahue. I ; off Kh.ldelt Ii aff
Dusk, I Stru'k .mi- H, Ditiiohue, 4 , l r
kh.i.le', I litis: Off ken. ici. .j in 4 1
l-.nir,g.; of I'oa'i, i Ir II 3 lanieg., off
renics. la I lan.ri fill l.y ).it..a an
Hy Iioaohee Oteumi.r I l,o.i g ptiibet'
Iter44. I'ldiire.: (g'Haley end f. b
1 ll,ve If.
KaiM lur-ifrree.
Hoaion, Hepl. -IU!n i.iiiop.tlrd
ins off i.f ouCi e, me. a heiiui.-l b.tweea
liueten and Sw Torit aflar five lenmgl
f the opening ism bed b.n pleed. 'I he
core wee I Iu I. eai b team ni.VlI f Us
(ally In Ibe w-Mi.g lintlrg an a pae si.a
two elnglee, T e lei gemes el l be pi.t'-l
st lb etc', of lhe In Jw Turk
fei'iftnbar K'r:
ar.w TnnK. i hocTnv
AW M A' ell Ii a
ll erofl. si I I I Ii f'oa.Jlif 111
liroh. Ib fit ,kupf. Ik
r"iSs'h, lb I I J i.rulse. rf
Yeueel, If 1 J I I Ks.r. If
Tuing. if till ll.rk,,,. lb
Kelly. Ik tC U f .on Ib
Itel.n.l. f J e'f or.l,..
Hmllh. c 2 I t I'll Nclll, e
J lie r neap I KJWu'sen, v
I 1
t I t
5 2 1
2 11
i a
Tots' II 4l
New York . .
Hoeton ,
Tl'.ls f 4 14 I
...o 1
Ill 10 1
Nuiumsry Runs: ijrt.h, Liulee, rrrns:
llancroft. lloser. Two-bss. Mts: nltth,
Koser, base: kouf. Deuble pay
(l'aon to liar bare. lft en Usees' New
Jork, S: Doator,, . Hens un bails: off
Barnes, Si iff Watson I. Wruik out:
Hv J. Htriies. i: by Waieen. 1. I'.ia.ed
ball: Nrelili. Implies: Hrnleiie a n-1 Klem,
Tune: 1 04. '
rhIUle Heal Usalgera.
Friladlph!. S four home runs
featured Ptilledelphln's I It 1 victory
over jfrookiyn here In Ih final game of
th series. Horn run srco-inted for all
bul one of the runs, f-v Wlllisms smash
ed h Hi ot ih niosn, while Ctdoii
Waiksr and 01sn m. oe Ih other ilr
cult wailors.
Sure t
BrtrKJKt.rv ( I'Hf'.ADEI.PHI.
Oler. 2b I It I sm'rlght .ss 4 1 112
.fohns . ss S 4 t 4 Kspp. ib 111
Tflrlff., rf 1 2 DiWiilla' t ! 1, If I I t : Walker, rf 4 2 I I
Mrere, cf 4 12 otW.-i!tn,c t I 2
ri-hm ,b 3 1 I' I M. lb 4 i 17 4
If-e-ta, lb 4 1 t 1'bt.kall.lf 321
liePSerry.e 4 I S HFerl:.. 2b 44
Cr.lore, f, ft JIHuhbell.p till
xB.Orlff,, 144' rLebour., 1 e
'iters p 4
Totals 4 l?4 1?
Totals 12 11 IS
e. Batted for ('adore iu ninth.
sHatted for Klubell in eevenllt
Brooklya IM lot 1044
Phllsdelpkia 0 :t 1
Summary "un: Olson, ,Ttinton, High.
Cadore, V. rlflintun-. Happ, Wlllisms
in, Wslker (!) Two-bar hit: (irlf
fltt). Wlllisms. 'Vri.-htlone. Myers.
Home ruas: iadore. Wi-lher, Olson, Wil
liams. Double p!ave: Johnston, Olson,
Hchmandt; Farl:irjaon. TVrigl.tetons. Lee;
High, Schmnr)dt. Left on bases: Hrook
lyn. 4. 1'bllidelphla, 4. IJs on balls:
Off Hubblll, t; oil ('.done, 1; off Win
ter, 1. Struck out: By Cadore, !, llli:
Off Cedore. I In S inning.: off Hubbell.
t in 7 innings; off Winters, 1 In 2 in
ning. Hit by pitched ball: By Cedore,
Kapp. Winning pitcher: Huhbelt. l"m
pir: Hrt snd McCormlck. Time:
i r,e.
Floyd Johnson Knocks
Out McCann in Sixth
Omaha Bee leased Wire,
Xewark, M. J., Sept. 6. Floyd
Johnson of California knocked out
Joe McCann in the sixth round of a
scheduled 12-round bout here last
night after a hard and bloody battle
in which McCann was sent to the
floor for the count of nine on five
different occasions. The contest was
Flopped hy the referee.
2:30. Vmvlves- Het sad Dona-
Oiler Trounce Wltihes.
Tulsa, Okl.. Hept. 6.--T'i!s turned th
tablna on Whhlta end took a batftat, 1.".
to 7. Holh Mann and House of Wichita
were hit hard, while errore behind Dan
forth accounted for four if Ih visitors'
runs. Score:
Smith, cf f. li Ben'stt, If 6 1 '. 1
Hlake'y. If I j a I Xhnm'a. Ib
4 I X
Wssh'n, ib I 2 1 Davis, rf 3 S
Kast, rf 4 01 lamb, cf 4 2
Berger. ss 4 1 2 s Letleelt, lb i 3
Butler, I 4 1 1 31 n.u'sn. !b I
Bre.n, e " 3 I 01 VCGIn ls. ss I 0
Orlffln, c I 1 1 l! Crosby, c I 2
M'Oo l, lb 4 3 14 SIDan'th, 3 !
si sun, p a r v 3
House, p t
Totsls SIH 24 11
Score by tunings:
Titils 'I4HS7 10
Wichita 601 . SuO T
rule -:tl 1S1 14x 14
KummsryRuns: Blekeel.y (j), Wash
burn. Berger. Breen (J), McDowell, Den
nett, Thlntor (II. Davis (). Leltvell
(l. Reuman (!). McO'.Bnls (!, Croeby.
Teiforth (5). Krrnrs; Washburn. Tbomp
een. Mcdlnnl. Plarn.J runs: Wichita, 4;
TuUs. II lfl on baeee: Wichita. :
Tulsa, 7 Two-ba. hlte; Oavls. McDowell
2t. Dsitfntth, Thomt.son, Croeby. Thrae
baa hit; B.uman Horn mne: Thompson.
Denfiirih, B.raer, l, k.erlfu hlta:, I.amh, Bee'. Stuten bssee:
I -ami) ?, MiOlritle, Hss-s ol balls: Off
Maun, 1 ; off lieu. a. i gtruek eut: Hr
Haiifoetb, I; l.v Maun. S: by Hetue. t
wild pn.h; House Mu'is aid bus: nff
laun, is si. 1? In 1. Hie iigs I'saa.-I
II unfile Double -slay: Wa.fcbiirn le
Berger to M llowe'l t'nspire., Hdl-iee and
tVtnetiy Tim 3 U
Omaha Bee by Sidney Smith
IC-eiirigM Ittiil
wt ho
- ACwVt - to
COM lttMCt 0 TVSi
Tblkt ow nt 713
rvwi H4V fUT ak
-n Mufct leoi
,-, fn,t TVlsys, sjoI
"sovm. vvnt
ktH slAMt.
lseb4t Mil A ttC
at Hartford
Ji tli-uij'iiiii Tnitlrr of VwlJ
Shallfr Trrl. Mark f
lilfni War Slstiuling '
Haiti S'luim IUctl.
. 1 1 arilut d Coup,, ept. fi.-.lln
I btiltisnl vidofy ui T!iomtion Ilili ii
over ii 2-jr ti)d oitnournti in the
"Nulling tints" and fht hrrskii'I !
f , . c .m i.i i
. im I
tVam slopped the taut al the eom
p'riiuii itj tie J-yfr-old trot, Iravittn
two of the event iirniniihed sm1
another, the ! US trot not trlrd
Peter Manning' trip in l'5'(.M
broke a record ol II year 'auridin
Feeir rhlan's lark oi .'01 14 list
ing hrrtl lite'lr in I V 1 1 .
rhoiiipsnit IMiiKi vai ratily tin
. ... . II l al. I - ..I.I
tilts ill lite iiein in ine --yrgr-inu
trot, dfawmg away Irom the ret iu
tbe Mt rich Aluiadin Onward '
Kobrrl Diri.t turn nhed the large
crowd a couple of teal (imViri in tin
tv.-o hrati roiiteied in the IM pace
Aliiiadei) Onward won the fnt h'at
by a lirid and Robert Dueet tool,
the M-coiid hy about the same margin.
AIU Qnrtt won the only heat rarnd
in lhe 2:14 trot when Wesley R
in lit lead, went to a break and
e as running undrr lh wire.
Sufiimarifi ;
i'-el pjee,
'iih St. til, three b'aia
Alinaten Otiw.rd. be . try Aitusden
Ii li.lle Onward (i o-lei 1 , .1
F..l.eri, ib g (Kay ,
etunfla.h. hlli g C t "4
Hilly Wli.ur. f.l.r llrnly. dlstsnie
time- J lil'i. I tt-t '
Twu-)ir old (rot, puis I :,, Iw in
Thompson Dillon, blk. r, by Ml loo "
Akuorthi, Mlse I' IHsrrllil..! -I
Mrsnilywine. b. f, iKiimeal I a
Harvest Todd, tl. e. IWrlgbM i
Th Ker.ator, th (McDonald) I 4
Progi-eee. b. o n'ro-leri I t
i;ih.llnda iso siarted.
e-M.. t.iiiu f-isl.
! if 14 trot, purs II, 0I. ib re hests lua
Alia guest, br. I, by Aflanil Capras
tiulselta (Dlckerson 1
Blnque. b. h, IM Honeld 1
rinv.rrs. br. h. (tl Klniin
W eelcy R, br. g. (Cr..sier)
Mona'que. Ii g (Wade) , ....:. I,
Major Hlser. Felee Willlell, Ll P).
Zombra Dillon and r)aoi' Piter atse
Time: 2-stti. ' tl
Kshlbltlon mile, lo belt Id:
I'eler Manning, b. g , f Aeoff, Oien
do-a (1 (Mmphy), won.
Time: l:f.4. .,!'
Time reeorda lo beat, ?:! psclrii.'
Peter Atrlper, b. ,. by Plr Th Oresi.
Pumma (Cri-eler), won.
Time: 2:14.
To h.-nt !:10 irottlng: .,
Rosy L.e, be. f, by l-e Atwiiita-
(Crosier), won. if
Time: J.12-4.
Class C Title Series 1
Will Start Saturday
The Barker Clothes Shop and tV
Central Park nine will clash .in -a
double header Saturday afternoon for
the class C championship at Thirty-second-
and Dewey avenue.
The Barkers are the champs of the
Sunday Gate' City Class C league,
while the Central Park went through
the Sunday School league season
without a defeat, thereby clinching
the pennant,
Columbias to Play
Settlements at Fort
Fort Omaha will be the scene Sun
day of the deciding game in the city
class B championship series between
the Columbias, American champs,
and and the Social Settlements.
Southern- loop gonfalon winners.
The. two learns divdied honors in a
pair of games last Sunday. ."
Ttandolph, Neb, Sept, 4. (Special.)
The local baseball -team lost to th
Hartlngton club her by th scar of I
t 14.
Franklin Taam Whs.
Franklin. Neb.. Hept. 8. (Speetet )
Prnklln defeated Smith Center, Kan. ai
the Smith Center county fair by Hie nor
of t to I, Haul, on th mound for- th
locals, held th loser to thre Mattered
IrankUn Mini Another.
Frsnl-hn, N. , Hapt, , (Spicti! ) ,
i-raoKiiti won ano:nr gama when It' de
feated th tluld llock club by ths seen
f 11 to I.
Oaklond Ilefeett HenaM.
Oakland, deb.. Kept. tnpeelal )
Oakland defeated Ih fan Harmaa team
her by the cor of 11 lo t. Hsrman
used thre pitchers. Hurdlck. McKerchle
and Si. t. gil, while th winner used villi
van and Waterman. Oaklind won from
the Wiener leaiti ( Lyons Labor Say b
th sciira of it (a
tl lallea'e Tewm Win, '
llr.heyt N-,, Rap! a (Special V The
O-rsllaei'e baseball tam defesled tbe
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