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    thk omaua mu TIK4)AY. AUilM' w. lyjJ.!o(liran
lo Retire Aflrr
.1(1 Years' Service
ii I'miu lri atf in Dii-iiri
(!(.iiiiiijinler Himuilfil l'p
Jiniplc Hand in
How to Keep Well
r PR. W. A. CVA.M
Quaaiiaaa atcBiaf krfiaaa, Mai.aa aa riamiua ml 4mm,
la Dr. toaaa ar raaaWe ! Ik Km, anil tea aaaa-aaad afMII, attaias! l
near tmiiaitaa. aa a fmp4 44i4 Miilta la amslaaaat. Dr.
taaaa ill aa ata 4 ! m aaaasria la as tissual timw,
A4 las tat la Ik. Im,
Cwr'Ml lM.
I'ol. William IS, ('othrall, 1 1.
inniliiif Miirtr .( ihi I7ih ji,i..n
try, I-or I (.rook, ssh.i ri-e Im.ih the
Kradr rf privatr lo the rank (
( r ( u j ! i r Rrnrtal in i miiitiam! o( a
ilivisiun, ui!l te r. i,r l at his rniirl
N'niilrr Ml, iiltrr ,t(l rar' srrsiic,
Cii, (inlirill, thm a lirulrilklil,
Cutiuiiattji-'l g rollipaiiv of liioillllrd
inluntry in thr riiiliiiiiu I r out
MW li J'ii2 ami tssislnl hi round
iii af up jungle (jaii-t n( insurrrrtos.
Trained Division.
At the iiiitlrrlc of the vurld
1 1- was ass unci) In the cimiiiiaiul of
tUe I .'Dili infantry at atiiji Srviir,
Smth Carolina, ai"l lh- tuxt yrar
was iioiiiiitil y lr:K4lirr,
and i.rvnii"! uinl Ira-Hf ! llir IiHMh
iiiviiiii tit faiiip liovvir, Trxat. In
I'lUt I if ' 4 a-spird to loiiitiund
the I7lll infjlitry at fort Mt'intnsh.
Trxrts. wtirrr if lin.illip llir rititi-r
trriinmif trymrut of tie Kijjhth
corps.. HVil'irtirm of tic army fol
low rd iiml l !s- 17lli was rrortuninl
as a 'Hii! ;il unit anil iiiMird to
I ort Cron' .ni-l 'i,t Oiralia, l.iit
iluc lo lili k of funds only 1 M I mlist-
ti mrn win- nr.irrol srnt M Omalia
Ratlirr than he M-aratrl from Col.
I oihrtn. the mm of I he I7tli
try aiMioord a ! t f -r lo lurn ask
ing i rmnMon of tlie W ar d'oarl
imrii M iay l!iir own raiVoad fare
la Omalia, rr rn tr a!k.
Treniiurti Letter.
"Of all il'K iiiiu ii! rrre iveil hy me
in 3l) yrars' fif in rviic," Col, Cor'i-
ran a today, "ihat Irtti-r i the
oni I lia'l a'vvav trranrif mo.t."
I hi. Coi lirriti will li ave l ort Crook
Si'itrmlirr II to ava l liimdf of ar
trurd Iravi. He will to Mon
tana to vi'it rr'.nivr of Mm. Corh
ran ami tiny will tln-n go to Now
York to m..l.e tl'.rlr homo.
Parents' Problems
Should parent rnju're umjiirntion
in ohcit .ice from their children or
kluuiM they explain the reason for
tiie foniniaiidii hey give?
Tlii di pciidt upon the child, thf
occasion and the child' aic. The
very yo.wK child must he lauKht to
ohcy hccaiise told !, and without
reason. There are certain occasion
ill ;iIoii(? the line when implicit
obedience nittkt he deinandrd for
otherw ise it miht not be possible
to save the child o other from ac
cident lint that much depend on
the child is shown in the cafe of
thoe vbo early see the reason for
thin?, in contrast with children who
Itnjf remain rebels. The rebel can
rot be n a.-orrd with, but must be
dealt with. On the other hand there
are children in whom reason rather
than the will is already beginning to
jiryiched very (l itcrcntly.
('harming evening headdresses of
pearls, like Juliet's caps, have pend
ant jewels over the cart like ear
.tut t:iiUst:MKT.
Woman Restored to Health bj
Lydia E. Pinkham'i Vegetable
Compound Makes This Offer
Cumberland, Md. "My mother
gave mo Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound
when 1 was be
tween thirteen
and fourteen
years old and was
point; to school
because I Buf
fered with pains
and could not rent.
I did not have any
more trouble af
ter that until I was
married, then I
always was trou
bled in my buck while carrying a
child and could not do my work until
I took the Vegetable Compound. Iam
strong, do all my washing and ironing
nd work for seven children and feel
fine, I always have an easy time at
childbirth and what it did for mo it
will do for other women. 1 nm willing
lo answer any woman if she will
write asking what it did for me."
Mrs. John Ukikk, 63 Dilley Street,
Cumberland, Md.
Mrs. Meier's Vane is but one of
many we conntantly publish recom
mending Lydia E. t'inkham's Vege
table Compound. She is willing to
answer your letter. Write to her.
l ocate 1 deep in the abdomen i
a tty important itUnd known lo
t-f. an ijms and th)mulogitf a the
pjiiirrat. The butcher tall it kwttt
bn-4d from the Ik lly.
lhi fland hn hornontally in the
aij.joinrn below the ktotiuwh, Inm.t
directly b( hind the uinbilitut, and it
will (fivercd by the omani of Jkc
lion, which are placed in front of H
It irrrete a fluid rallrd Ihe nam if
'ic juice, winch ii poured into the
null inteitice along with the bile,
but a short distance from the oprn
in v- out of the stoinai li.
This secrrtum mines with the food
soon alter it escape from the stom
a h. So far a the chemical processes
of digestion yn, it i more important
in digestion than is either the gastric
Juice or the bile.
Hut in addition to secreting pan
erratic jmir, the iliKctlant, the pan
creas secretes , another chemical
which absorb directly into thr blood
stream. 1 he organ, therrfoie, it
' in t k'and, and has. in addition, the
function of a ductlrst gland.
I'lii ductless gland secretion of
the pancreas serve to hold down the
percentage of sugar in the blood. It,
therefore, prevents diabetes. Were it
not this secretion a person would
invariably develop fatal diabetes.
Of course, suiar in the urine it
only a symptom and may be due to
several causes. Ihe most Irequent
cause it some disrase or rrror in thr
Dr. lijntiog is experimenting in the
hope of curing the disease, and is re
porting some success, hot It experi
mental and cluneal. When the tan
rrea is wholly removed, death from
diabetes speeifily occurs.
Why not cure or relieve diabetes
by iuiectiiig an extract of the pan
creas? That seem simple. So sim
ple, in fact, that many people tried
it and all failed, T'ie question was
why the failure? The answer to
this question was, the other ingre
dient! of the pancreatic extract over
come the secretion which got rid of
the execs of ugar in the blood.
Next, the question arose what is
a feasible, practical method of re
fining the pancreatic extract, to at to
fi t rid of all parts of it except the
part which acts on blood sugar? This
)i-. Hauling has done, though he
n ay not have gotten hit refining pro
cess on a satisfactory, practical basis.
The treatment of tome of hi rases
wa interrupted because he tempor
arily lost the art of refining.
Vhcn Ihe properly refined extract
of pancreat wa injected in proper
dosage all tugar disappeared from the
urine; tht blood sugar fell to Ihe nor
mal, and Ihe liver tugar roe to its
In the rsperiiuriiM, if too much
of the extract was given the blood
sugar fell loo low an. I convulsions
Whrn the p4in rr4 of a d"g it ie
moved the animal dies rather prompt,
ly from diabetes. When properly ie
filled, if paiKiiatic cxtiatt is given
to such dogs, life is gtrally pin
lnged. Whrn Ihe p4ticrratir ex
tract was being used analysis of the
expired breath of the annual showed
hi in lo be using tugar about at a
normal animal should.
The theory it that tomehow the
pancreatic rxtrail altera the tugar
and makrt it burnable into energy
and gases, wlinli latter the lungs
throw off. Perhaps tltit it because
the sugar is first changed into
itns is about all that lr. lianimg
has th report at this time,
Diabetics who take the fniectioii
are able to eat a lair amount ot
bread and sugar without teeming
harm. If they trel drowsy or sleepy,
or feel a "blanket over the braui,"
or have cravings, they rat freely of
( here may be a little tugar in the
urine at times. Ihe theory it that
the use of thit pancreatic extract
restt the pancreas and permit that
organ to "come back," at least in
tome laiet.
Let tts hope that the experiments
may pan cut wen in me long run
and the every day.
Vacation Moral Dangers.
Mr, (i. G. S. writes: "A your
column is so widely read and quoted,
I am writing to ask you il you will
ukase publish an article warning
mother of the mental and more es
pecially the moral danger that be
set children during the long summer
So many children are entirely
trusted by doting mothers to roam
for hour at their own will and re.
quired to give no account of their
doings, that they constitute a real
menace to all children of ihe com
inunitie in which they live.
Experience at a mother, investi
gation and conversation with teach
in all convince me that mothers, as
class, are not alive to the real sit
One teacher herself a mother
aid to me recently: 'We alway have
more trouble with moral problems
after vacation than any other lime.'
And another said: It take week
M get l,,!.Iu i! I ,o iiil'i lul.:t i f
-plu tini al'.K stint ion'
, "Music, hebnng mother, iiatme
sit:.! k , ftc, all 41 4 i liange It . 1 1
school woik, and set otter iitnun
for actnity along rea'ly ronstnii me
hues. Thr "iKiii.e of prevention i
worth much effort along the I nr
ot mnral and mental refoini.'
Let Mania. Wtit,
Mii I'. S. writes: "I am going
with )oung man who it .'1, whose
brother died of consumption about
a year and a half ago.
Is there any danger in this, as I
shall probably marry him?"'
If lie ha developed no symptoms
of consumption it it probable that he
never will. However, wait a while
and see that the ouug man gel
plenty of sleep. Ai least, send Inm
home tally when be calls on om,
1 1 Unit (be h f tlut 1 lioii H'll
e 1 lime angels tluige oter us
to keep up in li our W4)n. If it be
Thy uill, keep u thioiigh the ilav
(.oid ii,Kl.t Iioiii and death
j.f4y wc be pirn- in heait tint we
mair see tioil. May our tpeeili be
I .in h as beiomrilt those who hair
named the name of I hrisl. May we
dwrH in the seiict Use ( the Mom i!.,ie t-'i lite ibti.cHiaiii iioiiuiiaiion '
High, tlut we nuy nio.ty the l.. .Kir. II, sn io )rteitUy lor
l'4.o i the Almighty, and In nig ' ihini t e by I'm I H. Miannou. Mis
us alt at la.t in pi ace to the I allot l.jciu.i !!rgrs rslirm iliell
House in HeauM. Atom.
riltt'l lll. K V SI VII. I IV, t. (1,
i'im ll.tiatl. I Ttw
Shannon Sunl fur Divonr.
.toll il ). Shannon, dclealed undo
HI Jritrr, No-
i I hi were maiiu'd
Vi lion f C. ivlt.
I'linng the civil war .'t'.lJo union
and Jil.l.SJ umlrdefai sl.iei died
' 1 1 iis.inrit of war.
(! 4 Mm1 rA
mm m tk fl0 laty
f liilaV Uf4 Ml Ml f
Swl (HMit mtmn, tmmm V iMa.
M Sims. as ) twna Sar 9
Ul tl. AI tAtllie M4
Prayer Each Day
Tha Iai4 It III irant'h f mt
rs. ii.i.
Our Heavenly l ather, Thou bal
promised us thai a our day our
strength shall be. We thank 'I bee
for 1 by sustaining grate through the
day that has been, and we teek.'Ihy
favor and Thy help for the day that
is to be. Help lis to be kind to one
another, and In all with whom we
have to do. Suiter us not to be
tempted above that we arc able. May
we be helpful to our fellow-lravcleis
on life's way. May our lives be
guided by the spirit of Him Who
said, "The ton of Man came not to
be ministered unto but to minister,
and to give Hit life a tansom for
many." May we not be stumbling
blocks lo any, but may we walk
worthy of the vocation wherewith
we have been called. May we put
const ience and heart inlo the per
forming of our several tasks. We
Don't cut
Don't cut corntnrcallouses.or fool
with corrosive acids. Such methodt
are dangerous and don't get at the
Dr. Scholl't Zino-pads, new
discovery, ttop hurting; intrintly;
start healing at once. They proteit
while they heall Thin; antiseptic;
waterproof. Abtolulily tatt
Special siiet for corns, callouses
tnd bunions. At druggist! and
thoe dealer'i,
DS Scholia
2! no -pads
Put one on tha pain is gone
It -J
'I 1 a
I Wfv
mA sttslskl
aawiaal, aj
aa4 sitae la
liuliii su4
iia,ss IS ac
sua. Hum .s
tu.Js. sa aai ttil
S..Msa, a a 1 1 1 I
. .... . ,
Ham Prices
Are Down
Ham Boiled, Baked (Hot or Cold),
Broiled or Fried is one of the most appe
tizing and savory foods that the market
The wholesale price of ham is fifteen
to twenty per cent lower than it was. six
weeks ago.
The U. S. Dept of Agriculture in an
announcement dated June 19, 1922, in refer
ring to vitamins found in meat said, "Var
ious cuts of meat were tried, and in every
instance pork was found to be relatively
rich in vitamins. Pork tenderloin, fresh
ham, smoked ham, and pressed boiled ham
were tested and the results were much
the same with all of them."
Swift's Premium Hams are always of
a uniform high standard of quality, regard
less of price. A special cure of sugar and
salt, and smoking over hardwood fires
impart a flavor that has made "Premium"
Ham the world's standard.
Summer time is ham time. Insist on
having "Swift's Premium" sec the blue
identification tag.
Swift & Company
U.S. A
At )
Bikes Ash mwm.
The Downstairs Store Offers
Many Items for "School Week"
Tomorrow h the second day of school -that is at tlio UUI.dKSS-XASII Company. Hundreds of
Kiddies aim their parents enjoyed viMtinj; .Jeremiah Snoiltfiu and his Tumjikiii Centre
School" in the HurcsR-N'nh Auditorium todav. You may visit again tomorrow and every
day this week at U p. in. Ask your mother or your daddy to bring you down. There is nr
for admission and you'll forget all about the hot weather when you watch "Jeremiah"
school kids with their pranks.
no charge
and his
Barber Bill's Shop
Hair Bobbin,?
Threw Imbhy horte barber chairs
fa widen it's fun to rt one's
hair cut,
Boys' Hair Cut
Th tame kind of hair cut dail
fis and lo ih same shop.
Darbrr Shop Mrtuuiln tfaar.
Kiddies' Cotton Vests
50c and 65c
White cotton vents ami separate panties, f
medium weight with lipht fWce. Priced
.Sizes 2-4-6 50c
Sizes 8-10-12 65c
ItaJTaM Xaah Mala flaw.
Girls, Dresses nnd Coats
School Dresses
Trlcotlne Paine Tresslaln Serge.
Blouted and straight stylos made with
long or short sleeves, gay embroidery and
buttons trim them. Navy blue and black.
All sizes from 14 up.
Gingham Dresses
$ J39
I retty little ginghams In plaids, stripes and
plain colors. Mads with long sleeves,
poekcts and novel collars, and trimmed
with embroidery and contrasting colors.
Sizes 7 to 14.
Coats for School
Swagger styles of mannish mixtuies In light, medium and daik browns.
Three-quarter length bolted coats, mads with raglan shoulders, box
pleated back, four pock.Hu and notched collar. All sizes upward from 14
Boys' Knickers
Pair, $1.00
Soys' worsted knickers In strlpea
md mixtures. Sizes 7 to 17,
4 laiaajajBg55iB5I5iJ2Ji
1 f V
y) "School A )
Week" Jj,
Jo l Store" I 41
School Suits
645 to $9
Boys' Blouses
45c to J55c
pray and blue chambrays and per
cales In small patterns.
Boys' Caps
Each, 69c
plain and fancy mixture In a num
ber of mannish styles.
Burifaa-Nash Pownstalr Star.,
For Boyt Who Wear
Sizes 7 to 17
Sturdy suits that will stand
the wear and tear that boys are
bound to glv them. Well-made
suits of serviceable woolens la
solid browns or In fancy stripes.
The pants are fully lined. Boys
will be able to choose a fin
suit at these reduced prices for
"School Week."
Burta-Nah Pawita4r Star.
Dress Gingham Romper Cloth Wool Dress Goods 36-Inch Satine
1,000 yards of 32 Ini'h gingham
In checks and plaldt. Makes
cool druses for those first warm
ii t of school,
Yard, 18c
Hrtaa.aah IVaaailalr. Start
32 Inch width. A serviceable ma
terial lu light and dark colon.
Tor kliMlet' drwuat and romp
en. Triced at
Yard, 22c
Mill ends In 1 to 5 yard length.
VII wool tret materials. A
romplet line of color. Kicep.
Initial at
Yard, 85c
llwrtsaa a.K.h.aaaialn Star.
A full line of colors and pleat
of black. A aerflceabl cloth
used etpecially for bloomers
Special at
Yard, 37c
!a'tas-Ma.a-.aaaI, aa
Children's School Shoes
Misses and Children's
All-Leather Footwear
Huh tf lio uf t.Uk roll n. .ih 't.itli' rlf
t. t' ! II, Hi; U't to i. (II),
I re t'nt o( -int .t, tur t h. tr itrr.t matr,
Hn. 1', to U. Ilfli ', lrt J. m
ti h'$H Uft tliu wild m.jitim .t f tai
suit, la. k. r II an ) ! ' ir t. - i , f t,
p id, II
Na l vt -l.nt tall attl ii uti litvitt ra f
)t,tr haalt SlUih.J tlsl.t !,,. ht. lit , h a ...
t J' l T, a M r, i
' I'"' t"'" " f kiea st t s,i,i , f.
" I I II M, tn.s tj 1' l;i ....
fta S as - Is. -M,a
Women's New
Fall Felt Slippers
Pair 99c
M s.i i-u wpf, iaii iI J. .,,
n lt"nnti wKH ,ha..t ta4 , t
lint f sa'f r.l..f. !i, J , , ii kaS) tt -
ttaar 0'4 a IttfH" tt'tt
' MS ttsatt ast tattie 4 A tts
S. I H tl
S . tsM iaat
a. ,.
Va stA
Omar HrarcH, D hl LaMvtnwtarUi iMrtt
J. N. J.WVM, lUratft
ft W, Witfcr, Mnif
M atflslsi.kiioatl
wals. 4 ta .'s. as
Msat lM4 ttH.
tast, Ss t t a S
aat a4'ta
dKtrisi A MtCssnntll