The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, August 28, 1922, Page 8, Image 8

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    R OMAHA ri'H: MONDAY, AUGUST 28. 19:
Up-to-Bate News and Gossip of Interest to Sport Fans
Play in State
Golf Tournev
to Start Today
Tho 1)4)1 ! H Dfvotrd ti
Fin. Twihih' Irt Off
t A. M.
NEAKI.V itollrt Will attempt
to whip M Hufd 'i4 Uf.
Hunker into .ubmi.einn mi n
tr ll.f M'H ihMllploillll
IHili annual t.furnammt Hatting Ihi
morning i Hit Omaha l 'l'i
Hie fml ioin it tlatrd t'
ill in the iU4!itina found at 8 . '
I'tnii.tiMl yrelrniay ht 11
would be g'"i l fihe championship
Two Dy tot Qualifier.
Two iv Hill be denoted to the
.lav tig of I e .Id hole ijuahfymn
round, vu'll I b"l' I'l- 1
u'l nndwan iJilie final 18 Titred.iy,
Omaha' ifu,lrr were, arrayed in
"mule I'Hiiulii.ii lo repel ide charg
I fultatrrt, 75 of vvhotn ire taped
- J , u "'I '" mornirg,
Final Tournament.
Jl,my tonrnainrnl golfer Mere out
in the I ' lil iiir yesterday put
fug llie (nut ton. h to llinr imc.
No ur mon wr-re turne'i in yrttrr.
lUy, hoviivtr, -nil the majority were
lovtr (tun S.t'ir.lay,
Jsatlt 1't yi.M, who Ill-undated the
.lime in j ur 7J Satuiilay, had 77
j i-it'I iy.
lihtne Voting. prrarnt champion,
j.:,, r.J around with linn and had tlx
laiil ii'orf.
Hate ( Uk, I inroln "pro" 'ok
"7 and m:!le I two on llie JfjS-yard
o. ft, )iir four hole. 'lhi in the
tint l ine a two ever made on
l ltl rnur r to far at Field member
Mini offit i-ili recall.
Make Long Drive.
I'lark't tluve put him about 100
.ird fri'ti llie 1 1 1 and her holed out
a inaithie hol.
Si vi i tl thrift have ben made on
!l i bole.
M, H. I.a Douceur turned in the
low mute with a 70. lUy Sllieldl
I ad tin 80 alter getting away to a
h d atari.
Mis Lillian Stoddart
Wins Marathon Swim
Philadelphia, I'a Atiir. 7.7. Mis
Lillian Stoddart of the VVomcn'a
Swimming a-iotialion of New York,
li'd.iy won the annual three-mile
marathon race for women, held under
li e autpirc of the Kiverton Yacht
tluli on Ihe Delaware from Uridyl
lo Riverton.
Tomes Slams Out
Three Home Runs
Hastings. N'eb., Aug. 27. Hasting
drubbed Grand Island in their last
Sunday home game by 19 to 5. Tome
hit three home runs with men on
each time. I'ritchard dislocated hi
left knee in the third inning and was
carried off the field. The Kore:
AllH.M.A. AM.ll.OA.
Krnr.t,3b i
ol Plf r, !b
Jtntieit, I'D t
;i, I
Hi.enktr.rf 4
l,rltth,.rf I
Mri . rf 1
) 4
V.liu,rf 4
llinll-). g 1
SjTuinu, rf
Oi WIll, 3b
OlWIIIrti, o
li7.flRn., rf
IMPrlffln, h
0; Ki htiT.. 1
0' rttrnon,p
t II
2 0
h Biiupe.p 4
1 Totals ' 4t 11 17 II
Totals it t : 111
Scuro by Innings:
rirunfl laland ,,' .
....1011 000 013 t
414 iZD 0! IS
Hummury n.un: Krnmlit (2), llmi, E.
EUiuf. 1'lirr, (li), Mooller (2), Tomn
161, Will 12), WlllcU (2), Zcl(enblr),
(Irlffln. Kchtermryrr (2), I'etenon. Er
ror: Flnlmii, aicukrr (2), l'rltrhsrd,
lirawpr, flrur. lloin rum: Tom 2),
Krandit (2), Witt. Two hni hita: Orlf
fin, Kulsenbuln, Hontl-y, ;. Hhupr, Will.
TlKer. Haitea on bulls: Ciff l'ctrMon, 3;
off Hhuie, 2. . Hti)l.n bui-t: 1'lzer, 2;
Hrhlermycr, 2; Tomes, 2: Witt, Mnel
1T. Uoublt filuym : lirawer, llnnt
l y. Htruck out: liy l.t(iri,on, 0; Hhup, 7.
J.fft nn bun: (liHtiU JnIu till, 4; HaHtlnRH,
tt. Wild pitch: !viernn. V.urnvd runs:
Hjntingn, 12; llrxnU Julnnil, I. tmplre:
Wood, Tlmr: l:Uli,
Links Beat Elkhorn
I.lniuln, N.'b., Ana. 27. Llnrolii won
tho tnnt stuns of tb rl hora loilay
(mm tli Iruituo-lradliia Ncirlnlk tssm by
m scon. t IE. to 2. Lincoln bunohttl hits
off Hilton and Cofflnditfffr In ttis second
lunlna f.r nlns runs. Tli n.uirr:
NOHrMI.K. I LIM'iil.V.
All II O Af AH It O A
Ath t'n. ss
Mite l. 2I
Marr, 2h
H.tusiN If
Knapp. rf
I'Urk, u
t!mvw, rf
Mxa'iy, lb
union, p
Cd'fr, p
2i 8nr'-r. st
3 I'atill, ct
, Dy. 2ll
u c'onky, fl
Uioiiwon, rf
II llnol, If
U: Mn'oy. lb
I U l V.mkor, lb
Oil llalle)', p
1 '
1 Tolsli
41 V 27 13
Totals 14 10 14 U
Mrora by Innlntsi
,rf..ik ia lis inti s
l.lmln , l'l lj :' 14
Munimsiy Huns: Win lull, Kuuas.
i'lik., xprsnstr, i'arrls Ol, I'M. Cuu
K.y iJl. il Hi.. hi ill. Horn, MiC.iy (it,
lukrr 19), luilny, Krrors, Ailnrinn in,
Mlii-hll, tUrr, iitavr, i(fln4Kff-r,
iiraiir, flilHiuti, )U-i oy. Ilutns rons:
l(..uv. Crin T-i hiia nilKim
131. Illly, t'lSlk, 1V, .N-anltV. Iluul-.
Itnua lukr, 4',ihky. l.ati un b.iav;
Nutfuik 0, l.tiisuln 4 flout., iy ' l'y
I,, M.t'oy. i tlM I. li- iiii-t.
Ni raiiar aifO' a out; liy ltlly t. by
i 1 1 i lost 1. br l'u(f,HdAffr 4 Iish'S on
I -II.: tiff ilail.y i-ll t(,ti.llr I,
Una: fit llii'" 4 in inniiis .(( i ,tu, .
alvr 11 lo f iiininits I "auiff pitcb-i;
liiitoa, I'mplts, !... f'nia ,( J. in.,
i -4.
VNalfbury 4aa).
ttlibilit ,-a. ' k iiii !
first t-oi "f His s-fira it n,s i
SH4 Inilil IB i," I'V a i of I to 4 1t
U'a ft.4 (bra m bs it tk ttita
al-k ob 41, Ml l4i ft l ivO.. a ka
I unm i.r
il H '
All II o 4
v.S'sf I I a - (,, sa a t 1 I ;
kvK.kf Ik I III iW., it I i II' I
j,n,a, H 14 4 I u l-Mi il Its'
' s. . 4 I t .. fills.
,.,., I I 4 I I f ilia
I am a. I I It .-i 4, Ik
w k... f l a a ... --a i. :
i r i
Ui'i I I i i ,f a )
i4.(, pl) Juan, a 4 I Hit ill,
ft- - k tail Hs
tMliHI ,
I .- aa.y
., ,.,, i n
i , , 4 I I, ...
I h ... k .
a " i i a
a,ia 1 a,.a a. as k
.l tv
. a. i.i a I ii
aaiaS'SS, ft.i-ha-f
4a ak taiia, l''t
a .;S4 baaa. Mi
li,i,ai, I, a .'.a.
(ja, I l.r a.
itfta.a b. It
Tj' 4 4! If II
bl i' -4
i a 1 1 l a a i
k li Sii4 ii. :
III W ,:, II
i , .5-.a. ,4.,,. . I .
II I - ,
,,. a, ( a, ,.a.t
k a. 44a J. a i
it ,-k at. i -mii. j
Iwim,. Ita.a. I
I i4. I, H J. .... '
israMa l-aai. t'a.a,
, a, t tt, . . t a
a a.-aa b.i,. a, ,
i. bi I la,
al . ta to -sat l
4-1 i.i. II
Bush Leads Pitchers of Major Leagues
((r)l'U.i;T JOU- BUSH, lb.
f l"'d ball art.! of I ha New
YuiU Yankee, icored hi
f'Jlh ,iiiiry recently when he de.
Ieated lh Athletic, liutH li now
leaitniil the pitcher of bottt
leaitue. II hi ! but (our game
I lhi rifin.
i Three year ago Bullet Joe" puh
m on lh brndi of ih Uution Kd
j S", diconulat (igure with little
-iore nnu rrrii a mna; one way
trip to Ihe bu.htt, Hi ahouldrr Ha
to ioic llut he cartely could rait
hi arm above hit head, and a for
developing anything that approxi
mated ipred, it wa quite beyond pot
nihility. The llrainerd Bullet wa
kpcni, it termed, and one of the
game' picluret'iue character wa
aboi to pat on to other tcenc. Joe
wa in cliued to agree with the major
ity, although he would not admit it,
even to hiintelf. He aort of held the
thought that perchance he might
rome bark.
New York Giants
Increase Lead in
New York, Aug. 27. Playing bet
ter baseball at bat, on the bates and
in defense than at any time during
the season and overcoming three of
their most Stubborn obstacles to the
epnnant Chicago, Cincinnati and St.
Louis t,he New York Giants in
creased their lead over the second
place club to seven games.
McGraw's men took one game
from the Cubs, two from the Bed
and three from the Cardinals. They
played almost perfectly on Ihe de
fense and converted their compara
tively small number of hits into just
enough runs.
American Race Close.
In the American league, New
York and St. Louis continued the
nose and nose sprint for the leader
ship, each club winning four and los
ing three games, leaving the Yan
kee in the lead today by the margin
of half a game. Through their three
straight losse to the Giants the Car
dinals today dropped from second
place in favor of the Cubs.
Yanks and Browns
to Play Today
New York, Aug. 27. Today'
scheduled game at the Polo grounds
between the New York and St.
Louis American league clubs, pre
vented by rain, will be played to
morrow, an open date.
In an effort to even the series and
to regain the leading position in the
pennant race, the Browns will start
their pitching ace, Shocker, on the
mound. He probably will be op
posed by Bob Sliawkcy,
The Yankees, so far, have the
edge on the scries, having won yes
terday's game, 9 to 2, and broke
even in the double encounter of Fri
day, when Shocker turned them
back to defeat in the first game. '
sMnas-r At Hatrhsn. of lbs Booth SMs
Merchants aimouncsd ysttsiday thai ths
Mouth id aim-hunts have tuhnlultd
fsmra al Mannliif and t.akovlsw, Is. Ths
Mrrhama will play al Mannln nut tun
day and al 1 ww Muny
ladilarilals. lu , il cro.a bait with, ths
Marchaiita si Mannlnr. vahlla Ystlsr, !.,
HI pity His turn Hi 01.1a rluti al laiks
VI liar. A. lima, vaiiawiwn Omaha hall
nlta.r. will j.riiay down m Markal,
la., 10 il.y iu play wild Ins i.iata l am
'.f Ins till! rlrnlt plajs firai baas for
lbs Saw tlark-1 cub.
Tha t alon l'.fl Tpartinanl
baa-lall laain islil play lb fuil-ilua iliib
st D'uiiariiin th a lnnn n Ths tl
luh hat all Mundsot la ptiiik and
I ai a .lay npan for faiua auk Iks
I l', ift,.i i-,sii wills nr wtta P. I.
II,.. I nii.a I'aarta aiars AapaHmsat,
itia t'Hiaht skis Omaha. Kh
Major League liecord ;
New York, A J7 Th week'
fi,-(.fd in a,h Iraajue of gatiirt plav
tl. and .ni tirhrr with run.
hi4 and rrini. inrti Irll oil hatrt j
n,l lull am led htt ppjionrnlt. Ml- i
. !!-'H; IHi. till Sltllliial, tiilllltt !
V alaaaaal I
r i n
I n
! l
tl II
4 II
II 4'
Vast f.'k
a I a . a
t k...-...
' '
t i.... .a
s !a
I ,l .
4 - a
t II
I t
,t a
t tt 44 t II t
w U
I tt it
i ti li
tup lo Ihe b' Hi ahouldrr Ha V
to ioie mat ne caririy couia ran r'ar-
s. i 4 j
- .. i
-a .- . a- . t
tl, , . t
tt I
41 tl
It 4 14 14
4 II JJ 14
- y '
When the leaton of 1919 doted,
Buth did not worry himtelf over
Bonrtettcr Kerne and his magic touch,
which restored lout apeed to many
a big leaguer' arm. Joe hied himtelf
to 1'hiladelphia, and ceking out a
competent boxing instructor, did
nothing all winter but box. Starling
at three round, Bullet Joe and the
profettional darted tepping, until at
last they had worked up to 10 and 12
round every day. Not once did Bush
Play Good Ball,
National League
The Pirates' winning ttreak wa
broken Friday by Brooklyn, which
defeated them in both end of I
double-header. The Superbas broke
even on the week and the Phillies
and the Brave failed to shake off
their losing habits. The Reds played
good ball, taking fourth place from
the Pirate by winning two game
today from the Braves.
Cobb's Tiger had the best record
of the week in the American. They
led the other clubs in the hitting
column and displayed a sterling brand
of play in the field.
Tiger Ready to Spring.
Their loss to Washington today
was their second defeat in a week of
eight games. Detroit is in a position
to take the lead should the Browns
and Yankees crack from the strain of
their long battles.
The Athletics and Red Sox ran into
excellent hurling, fell off in their hit
ting and fielding miserably, dropping
a majority of their games.
Europe's Cue Stars
to Invade U. S.
Omaha lira Iaad Wlrs.
New York, Aug. 27. It is now
virtually assured that three leading
professional balkline billiard play
ers of Europe will compete in the
international 18.2 championship tour
nament to be held in this city early
in November. Word has been re
ceived that Roger Conti. the young
champion of France, will not have
to undergo another term of mili
tary service, and that arrangements
may be made for him -to take the
examination in this country as he
did last season.
Erich Hagenlacher, the champion
of. Germany, is making preparations
to come here early next month. Edu
ourd Horemans of Belgium, the
champion of Europe, did not leave
this country during the So-called off
season, but has been entered in ex
hibition matches.
Loses to Vaughan
Lsaaav 'rtSTS
lr bhltyti(h itiampiull.
hip el it NtbMtat Ntiuial
guaidi ti I'liiitiftuiiiih tamitUy
Mil Tommy VHatH tf OmiKt
o low fount, tUtittiM in Vom
Jytrrtsad fur lh taajhivtighl
h4aHtaMttfiy ! lha) HlHM
(Vast lata
CtiaB,i ai. (mm hiih t4iiim
m4. t trtiaij pa itaa!;. M J,,.,
ill I a s- ar
il " la
do inyihing that remotely reiembtrd
throwing. Ilia thoulder repondcd
wonderfully lo the new treatment and
gained ttrength. 1 he cercie iiici
ilrntal o hitting and blocking brought
new niuiiln into play and alter a
while the oreue departed from the
thoulder altogether.
Shoulder Improve.
In 19.1) Joe w oiktd along tlowly,
iiilching only few game, and with
indilferent turret. How ever, he re-
ported that hi hou!drr Iclt tronger
than in the spring prrvioun, and the
management gave him every chance
in the world. Toward the end of Ihe
year Joe alarted tripping a few fal
one through, and wa delighted
with the retull. He then announced
that the arm had come back, but
bateball men are tkeptical and they
wanted to be thown,
Buth gave the demonstration last
year, He Marled easily and began to
develop bit famous "screw ball,"
which they declare to be inott decep
tive. One thing it certain, he blazed
through the doting week of the sea
son scoring nine victories out of 10
start. He was fatter than ever be
fore and instead of railing Buth the
"Bullet," with a maximum velocity of
a few thousand feet per second, J" i
now the "Brainerd Meteor," and h
certainly flashes brilliantly in the
baseball iky a he set down one op
ponent after the othrr.
Now the "Whole Show."
Joe i now with the Yankeet and he
hat taken the place of Babe Kuth "a
Ihe whole how." Hit "comeback" i
one of ihe most remarkable on rec
ord. Uui-h scored hi 18th victory of
the season two week ago, and is
leading the league, with no one really
dote to him. He noprovr with
every game, it would eein, aid un
lets be suddenly hits the skids, he
may tcore the 30 notch in games won,
Not only i Joe leading the league in
pitching, but he is leading the Yank
in hitting.
Hanson Signs to
Wrestle McGill
Charlie Hanson and "Pat" McGill
are going to mix again.
Yesterday the
Ak-Sar-Ben Ex
position com
pany succeeded
in signing the
two heavyweight
"bone -crushers"
to the dotted
line for a finish
wrestling match
to be staged at
the Ak-Sar-Bcn
field, September
21. The bout
will be held in
the evening.
King Ak land
ed the Hanson
McGill match
t liar I la flansoa
with the umlcrstading that within
00 days after Hanson and McGill
tossed each other around the padded
surface Gene Mclady, manager of
McGill, would allow Earl Caddock,
former champion, to go to the mat
with Hanson. All of this, of course,
will be carried out providing Hanson
wins the match.
Hanson and the Wisner (Neb.)
wrestler have met before within a
J4-toot arena.
The first time
they tangled
Hanson won,
but McGill
yelped that he
had a bad shoul
der and that was
the reason Han
son won.
King Ak tried
to match Han
son and Steelier
for a finish
mutch, but was
given to under
stand by the
managers of
both parties that
Pal' Mcdlll
the American Legion had the match.
When Hanson and McGill meet
here September 21, the winner of
the bout will receive 75 per cent of
the receipts and the loser 25 per
Triple Tic for First
Plate in Medal Play
A triple tie with net 69s developed
in the medal competition at the Field
club yesterday, Kay Hart and A. R.
Rogrrs shot 8.1 apiece, which, with a
hundirap, netted them a tVJ to lie
Sam Reynolds with a "J and a han
dicap of i.
V. K. Fredman won the second
flilfht with a ttore of Ki.!H 6M,
Othrr good icorei in the first
flight: ,!ip, t
W l Craltliaail M II- Ts
ijfiiah , , t K tl
rra4.lihu If II- 11
M A lla r,l if ,
Hay anisld ,,,, i t II
Maaaaaa, ftaaak ,. tl lal t
last, Mtaklia t lt
laiaa. Hkl I III ,. t.1 14 II
II la
II tl
141 ,11
last III
aala, kiaat I Ml , I ' lal
Haaaili, tNaawtta It l t
awast lltak I.. IR, II r-l
Hxaaaks, t 1 1 1 1 tas ll
lisaaaaa. Put , tl I aa fa III III
lniWn I "la lit a4 tat 1. 1 if a laak 11 !
Mlaaoa, 4 haaaaga 11 11 I III Ml
ksaa I Wk H, Ik. M tt p.t
tktaaas laa l 4 14 ll HI
I a, laaa. , III lt tl 1 1 4 tat
aaba. I ta 114 4t tt 144
ktMlwaaa. Itaaaaat ill Ail tl It
wraTrav n ioir,
klaaallaf a,
WtKI ' W I. tvt.
Tulsa 14 II .t.'l Huffalias W la). 41
Mi -lua-pk I II .lliniki, a ity al II ,41
Withlis 7a II ,111 lias Mollis II II .la
mutiny tl II lllli.nv.r II I .ill
lasiaadsi'a Us suit a.
Haffalaasaa, -l Wlaklla.
i.aiah.uiia i'H. I I, I -a Mmnta, t I.
I.sut.r. aj 1 1 a IM I I,
k.oui I lly, f Tulsa, t ,
Ti lal 't ihism,
oklaaioiria l ny al Das Ho, ass.
Tulsa al Uluut Lily.
Isa sihsra athsdulsd.
I M-HKiiKTrvrR i.r..i .
w I, fct w i. rn
Noif.ilk If It .at! Katlbuiy fl tl .! is It .III llaailnaa It l ,4
llaslrua Itil.lllii. Island 1111,14
arslM-dai't at avails.
Ilaatrlca, I: ralrbury. I
llastiiias. II; iirsn4 laisnd, I,
.lunula, 111 Norfolk, I.
Tutlsy 'a (iamaaa.
Orani laland at llaslints. al l.lninin,
Jisatrua al Isirbuiy.
W I, vi i w I. pn,
N.ts Toik 71 It ,ll7riii.lniiall II II .III
I hlisao tl 14 ,417 Hrooalya tl tl ,471
Ml I.UUIS 47 14 .144 I'hlla tl 71 .111
I'ltlab rib tl II .IIIiMosior 1111,121
laalarday'a tUsulla.
fhl'-ata, I; fhlltdalphia, I.
Natr vik, l: m. I.oiala, l.
'inrlnnall, I I: lifwiun. ,
Jirouklyn-I'lltsliurvhl rain.
Tndsy't llamta,
ll' sinn al t.'lnf irnail.
lirouklyn at i'lilaliuiab.
fail olhais m btdulsd.
aaWKMK A' j.rCilE.
W.L.Prl.1 Wt.M
ra. lorn 71 to .tat t nictaa t tl
It. I.milt 72 II ,ll Wsslitos II ft
Jiatrolt ta 17 .1411 I'hlla. 4
74 llX
vitvsna ti ti ,toi itoston
Vrslardsy't Hasull.
Washlnaton, 1; Dstrolt, S.
N.w Vork-kl. Ixiula; rain.
No otbara at hadultd.
Today's bttiM,
fhlraao at fhlladsiphla.
I'lnvaland at ' lioston.
ht. l.ouis al Nsar York.
No oihria abaduld.
W.L.Prf.l W I. Prl
f. Paul II 47 ,IH'K. Cliy li tl .lit
tlpnlla 71 II .llllliillavill It .411
Mil an 72 tl ,44IITldo II 7 .117
luilpla 17 II .Hf.Coluiiiba it H ,211
Vrslatrday'a Haaulta.
Minnas polls, If. I; Mlltraukaa, t-l.
Ht, Paul, 1-1; Kansas city, 1-7.
J-oulsvlll, 14-1; Tolado, 0-1.
Indianapolis, 7-14; Columbus, 4-7.
Today's iaani.
Tnlsdo at Ixiulsvllls,
f'oluinbua at Indlanapolto,
Ht. Paul al Kanasa City.
Minneapolis at MHwaukaa.
M-mphla, 4; I.ltlls Bock, I.
Msmphla, I; Luna Hock, aacond
Chattanooga, 4; Nashvlll. .
Port Worth, I; Han Antonio, I.
Haaumont, I; flhravoport, 4.
Wirhlta Palla. 13; Cisltaaton, 1.
Iiallaa, J-4; Houston, 1-1.
Oakland, 4-1: firtttla. i-.
Han Krannlsco, 1-4; Salt I.ak. 4-1.
Lot Ananias, 1-2; Sacrtmsnlo, 1-0,
American League
bona to ra Uaat Tignra.
"Waahlngton, Aug. 27. Ily tmlsly hit-
ung Washington woo aaally from Datrolt,
7 to 1. Mrors:
niua. Ib 4 0 1 0 Rtct, rf till
I'uts w, 2b 10 1 IjHarrla, th 441
t'obb. cr I I 11 Judas, lb S 1 1 0
Vsacb. If I
0 (loslln, If 4 110
0 0 rirowsr, rf t 1 S 0
Plag'ad, rf 1
llaney. lb 4
Kit-nay. as 4
Woodall, o 1
PIII'iltR, p 1
Moors, p 0
Olaan, p 0
Hol'way, p 0
gManlon I
0 HOhar'ty, e 4 111
1 1 Pack'ali. aa Sill
0!'tla, lb 4 111
0 OlMog'dga, p 1 1 1
0 0
0 1
0 II
4 0
Totalt 21 10 27 12
Totals 17 12 24 10
xllatt'd for Olaan In tlghth.
Scora by Innings:
Datrolt ...010 100 0002
Washington 100 102 2! I 7
Summary Hunt: Ifanay (2, Rica,- Har
ris, Judge, Ooslln, Oharrlty, Packlnpaugh,
MogrldKo. Krrors: Flagttrad, Hanay, Rig
noy, tlnrrla. Two-bass hits: Hanay. La-
mntta, Klsgsteail. Stolen bssa: C'obb. Hsc-rifli-Fs:
Klgnay. Woodall, Mogrldg. Judge.
lioubla plsy: Hnney to Culshaw to Blue.
I.rft on basest' Detroit. 14; Washington. I.
Hnses nn balls: Off Mogrldg. 4: off Pll-
lette, 2. Struck out: Hy Mngrldgs, 2; by
I'lllette, 1; by Holloway. 1. Hlta: Off Pll-
lette, 9 In Innings; off Moore, 0 In 1-1
Inning; off Olson, 0 In 2-1 Inning; off
Holloway, 1 In 1 Inning. Hit by pitched
hall: Hy Plllctte. 1; by Moors, 1; by Clean,
I. Winning pitcher: Mogrldge. losing
pitcher: I'lllette. Umpires; Ratlin and
Owens. Time: 1:10.,
Iowa Athletes
Enter Big Meet
The state of Iowa will be well
represented in the first annual Mid
western A. A, U. track and field
championship event to he taRed at
the Ak-Sar-Ren field next Saturday.
Anions the entriei from the Uni
versity of Ipwa i Charles U. Book
in, champion hurdler and renttiry
man who can run the distance in
nine and four-fifth second. Craw
ford, fierhard, Noll and Shope will
also fly the Hawkrye color next
From the I'nivenity of Dei
Moinra will come Robert Greenman,
champion bii'h school hurdler of
Iowa; Harold Kochn, Viltim Lyon.
Farl Kennedy, lieorge Simpton,
Kuliard laxti-r and Harvey Sprout,
tl.cli and lift I evrnt men.
Argcntinas Polo Team
Beaten by Americans
Riniiion, N" J, Auir, 27 Arfen
titui'i potti t' Jni which cam to th
1'niteit State 10 day H'i fih
troni iriumihi in Kiif'ind, wi Inn
inatrtl from the Herbert Memoiial
cup toutn.imrnl Indav hy the Oii(
t iiiiiiiy c!uH, !! 1,1 I'V the handicap
ol f,v t In ho ,mewin
t-e !; ti muth l r h Latin fltvrfi
li tifffiomi,
Wheeler Memorials
Beat Lincoln Team
! h In 4.n "7 - ( Sitt. at Tt'-t"antl"-he
Kbrlfr Mrinun al
tluft'i liin of (iinaha iliiri l ih
t,i ii i. (iii)i u( thit tiiv ti
Una !! II H hi ih tune 4 II
Ite tittf f tatit l4 kttM7
la.'.Uat i
Wliaalaa , t lll-ll I I
Ha a al . ii lit III
an-, as bl.j ist I t.aaaa Ma-t
aa4 I iii !- , H'ia, Ii
las 'a , a a.
Pachers Beat
Boehler in
Siou City, Aug, .7 Siou City
ami Tulea divided a double hradrr
hrre today, the I'acker winning the
fint game in 1J inning, J lo 2, while
Ihe Oileri grabbed the second ron
tct in seven innings, 0 lo J.
Score, fint game:
Tt't-a nn x ftTr
All II OA' A It If ll A
Hsnitatl rr t llarnllt , as t I I I III I llniiii,, 4 411
r I' If 4 I t rf I t
I. Sink, If I I I ,. f 111
Una, lb III I Mala, lb fill
llaum.Jk I ) gu.n, 117 4
MHina.aa 114 li'ai-ig. If 7 1 I
Orosby.a I all l l'alin-r, IU I I I
lloahlsr, p I I I 4 Maiiirk.if III
aMl, p 4l
Total II II 17 lj
To'aia 41 II HI II
ra by lanlnm
'II Inulnta )
Tiil ,.,..,,, Jo s l
mut t'l'y , .out to loo I I
Nummary Ituna, Davis, lamb, Jlsin.
Inawsy. Mhanilina. Mattlrk. I.rtois- Han
nian. Palmar 1 wo baaa hits: Haumsn,
llsminswsy, llsnntlt, Ousrry. laaii, Mm
Ulnnla. Thraa l.aas hill llsmlnaway Msi
riflra hltst Thompson, l.svia III, tau-rry,
Vtolsa basrs lisuinan. Thomphon Maui.
I""sy, tliilliiru. Ilamllion. ftnuola
plays: llsinlltoti-Mala; Ilamllion I'alinar;
llaminf way-I'sltnsr Mats' l.aft on
lulsa, II; Minus 'ity II. Haaa on ball!
(Iff lloahlar, I; nff liavla, I. Hlru-k nut:
liy H.talilar, ll; by nana, a wild i ll, hi
lloahl-r, Passsd ball: tvuarry, MM by
pllrli,l Hy I'avla, tfwiinnla. t'niplrra:
Ltwls and Andaisun, Tims of asms; ;l,
All If O Al All II O A
tVnatl, rf I I at Iflton. at 4 111
T psna, lb S I I II away. 5b 111
I'avla. If III Oi CI. lint, rf 4111
lamli. if I t ll Mats, lb t I 10
I. llvslt, lb 4 I M'alm-r, lb 1111
ll'man. 2b 4 I t 4 gu-nv, III
ll'il nis, sa 4 I I I.Msitlrk.if 11
Crosby, a 114 rita'i'd. If III
nuaaall, p 111 I, M"all.r, p
l Wilson, u I 1 I
Tolsli 11 II 11 li tTrsar 1
Tolala 7s"l2i7I
Rsltad for Wilson In 7th
ihavsn tnnlnas by arinsnt )
b.oro by Iniiima:
Tulsa II III) 71
lout City too Of I 01
ummarr Bunsr Jlnn-lt, Thnmnaon,
riavlt. lllvalt, Hamilton. Msta, pslm-r.
Errors: M'Ulnnla 121, l'alni-r Two-I.a.s
hlia: Hua.ali (7). Palm-r, l.allvalt Thraa.
basa hlls: Davis. Kuaa-ll, Hairiflia
hits: llannstt. Hiolan bssas: I.a nib, l,a
llvslt. Doubla play: Thompson to fjsu
msn fo ll!vlt, Hits and runs: Off
Hosttgar I and I, no Innlnaa tnona not
In flrai I, off Wilson J. and I In 7 Innings.
irf-rt on bsass: Tulaa 10. Bloiif ( Itr I
llaaaa oa balls: Off Hussal I. off lloaiir
I, off Wllsun I. Mtruik out: Hy Hus
ton I. by Wilson t. Losing pli.-lni:
Hosttgar, t.'mpir-ai Andaraon and l.tutf.
lima or (tint; 1
Ilnara Mill Houlilo-Hraulrr.
Uanvrr. Aug. 77 Ilalivar outplaysd HI
Josapta bsra and won boib gsiua.a of
doubla-liaitdsr, ths first, to 2, and ths
aacond, l to , Ths horns tram piled up
jf nua in tna sac-ona,
Scora first asms;
All H O A I AH H O A.
Olson, lb 4 111 OO'Drlan.rf 4 11
drovsr, If 410 Karr, ta 4111
Flshar, rf 4 1 Mhanl.y, Ih 4 1 I I
Hono'ti, rf 4 I 01'atiar'n, lb 4 I 1 I
M Ho d, lb 4 . 1 I lli'art't, lb 4 0 11 1
Nufar, 2b 4 1 Ii Wright, rf 4 1 1
Iirowns, Mill J Oroas. If 111
Orab'skl, e 4 1 4 0,1'arkor. c 111
Msngum, p S 1 Hail, p lie
Totalt II 1 24 I
Totalt 11 127 12
cor by Innings;
t. Joseph .074 OH) 0002
Denver 020 lit 00a I
Rummary Runs: Drowns, Urabowskl,
O'lireln, Kerr, Hhanley, Patterson (2),
Oross. Krrors: Olson, Plsher, Kerr li),
Cartwrlght. Stolen baaes: Patterson il.)
Rsrned runs: Henver, 6; Ht. Joseph, 1.
Two-baaa hlta: Olson, Brown. Three-baa
hits: (liabowekl, Wright, Nhanley. Hears un
balls: off Hall, I. Htruck out: Hy Hall, 2;
by Msngum, 4. J.-ft on basest Denver, I;
t, Joseph, 7 Doulilt play: Hhanley-Kerr-Cartwrlght.
L'niplrss: Held and Uonahus.
Tims: 1:27.
AUH.O.A AU.H.O.A, 4 11 llO' I I 2 i
lirovsr.lf 1 1 1 0 110 1
PUhsr.rf 4 11 0hany,2b 1114
J)witl,l f 4 1 1 01 1'alaon Jh ting
eiumu, v i lli
Nufer.ab 10 1 4l Wright. rf
Urowne.aa 10 4 4,(lomes.lf
Knadlr.a 4 1111 I'arkcr.p
Klrd.p 0 0 0 llUrost.p
Lshm.p 4 0 1 C
1 Totals
Totala 11 24 17
4 2 110
4 0 4 0
4 110
4 10 2
19 11 27 14
cor hy Innings:
Ht. Joseph 600 Oil 000 2
lnvsr 070 iul 01011
Nummary Huns: McDonald, Knadler
0;Hrlen, Kerr, Ulianley s, paiterson.
Wright, Oomea til), Parker (J), .Dross,
I'.rrora: Olson, Knudler, Hhanley, t'stter
son. Stolen basts: Kerr (2), Wright,
tinrned runs: Denver, 10; 8t. Joseph 1,
-i'wo-bas hits: lliover, Parker. Three
base hlta: Patterson, Oross. Hnses on
balls: off Oross, 2; off Hlrd; 2; off I.ush
ens, 2. Struck out: Hy drone, 3. Rairl
lice hlta: Kufer, Wright. Doul.l plays:
Olson (unassisted-; Kerr to Hhanley to
I artwrlght. Deft on bases: Denvar, ;
St. Joseph, I. Wild pltoes: Oross, Hlrd.
Hit by pitcher: l)y Oroes (McDonald,
Htowne). Passed ball: Knailk-r. Innings
Pltced: Hy Hlrd, 1 1-3, runs 7, hlta d;
by Lushrns. 7 2-3, runs 4, hlta 13. I'm
pires: Donahue and Held. Tims: IM.
Indiana Unit llovalera Twice.
I'ea Moines, Aug. 27. Oklahoma ("Ity
ilrf-uteil lies Moines In both ends of a
double-header hero, 2 to 0, and t lu 4.
Th hurling of Yde, who held th lo
cals to fiva hlta in the first game, and
a wonderful running rallied by illnglardl
to deep left un (,'ullops hit In the ninth
wera tha features. Allen pitched effective
ball In tha second gam, allowing the lo
cals seven hits.
Hears, first gutnt:
AllllOAl AHM.OA.
Put, rf lio ti (lenin, rf 440
Kregsr.Jo too 1 iWtgner.ih
0 I
1 0
r'elher.Hi 1 I I 4 Itorsn, if
M Dan , )h 4 o
Olnglnr.,lf I 0 I I
7 llt.'
1 O'Oraney.lf
1 0 t'oniiul , Ih
4 0 Manner, o
t 9 l ollop, p
Moor, rf 1 I e 1 1
White. I 1
Yde, p I 1
I tvt lit, HI
i oit it it t i
Tolala 11 117 17
altan for Conbolly In ninth,
slutted fur n. mil In ninth,
hiora by Innlnaa.
Oklahoma City ,,, a tut ,'n.-3
lies Muliiea ,. , ...out oo too a
nummary. Ituna: Hindis, Moots. Kr
rors. I alher. Wludla til, l'.o,r. Two.
bsia hlls; Mnora, long, llraan. lad mi
baaa; Oklahotna fill. I; lies Molars. 10,
Hir.,. k out: liy TUe. I: by Tuiiop 4
11. aa on ball: Til- 4; l ull' P. 4 l amed
runs nklahoin I'nv, l.oing toi.h.
ii t'ullup. Winning piiiher: Vde liunkie
plavsi t'uMtl-l'!'o,ar-t',.rtnut!r I'ltiiiileai
lllat.alma ami Hi. an. lima. la.
sV-ore aai-'oail ganvet
OKI. I ITT I I I Moivt'b
AllllOAl A II II tl A
PHI, If Ilia ileala. al 4111
kru ar, Ib
Wetter I I I I 1
Palt r k III lll-.ail. If 4
M Daa, Ib I III t . - , h 4 14
tlint .11, ll 4 1 I .1,..,. If
Wl.Jie a III I tii'l.-n at I I I
VI i a. af
4 I I I -a H, Ik t
! -.
Ai.aa. p
11 Mils., t 4 111
111 Uaa a,
. v t ,a a
II "l II It
I Tat'
I a. y 1st tit
nek- mr ,. Ill lt ! -I
I at al.iaa ,, ,.,,M4 I at H-I
l,i.a, pill III Kiwagaa ill,
re..., 4 ,aa.-i4 ll.a'a4-. Il-aa,
.lam l'. toaat1 V,,.-.a, 'i.aa.
k). .a t a at ill ra a a !
aaa k,t i.-m 4e la. a hue It .,..1
i w-.aa. ('-. fni I- t,.., ai I ,,. a
fall aa ta.-a 1-. VI , a-s I tel. a ,.a
. ... . w a a, a-a . . a - a .
:,a ..... a ':r.. . " . la.aa a.l ,. a...ik. .1 f.t ,
a ..a a a- a I....... ".a a . a '
t I-....' .,. ... ,.. i ..a
p a.- t-a- i ' i - a"-a- ini-laiu-b
ta I b-a Jl i 14
A Itl-ltlt l4 btUS I tfWf J'
fl It at tnttttt ftl twl
In 4 41 !'. Mit v
Hial aaa
Mil HIT..
AH U H TM )! l lO.A. tl.
I am It b rf 4aiil!ltf
lll.k-l-r. M !',! !
W l.rlllla. lb...
4 ft, rf 4
,11ms. r, ss I
I Hollar, Ik 4 a I t
I Ital-l, I I
llavtaa, a 1
a llra , ... I
Tolala Il""i"iil7lTl"l
tllrawai giwuadral out fur Itawb la Math,
III 1 1 nan a.
All M If 111 ft II. Mil PO.A. K.
I.Mnaaa, lb.,, !
Al.prraaaa. If ... I I I I I I, 4b . 4 I I !
I . I.tiinii. rf !
Haauah, rf I I I
MassuM, ll,, I I I I I I I I I
Wilroa, sa I
iMiiarsir, t ..... I I I alt a I
III man, p 4 a I I a I I a
Talala aaHalIil7""l
Vara by tunings!
W I'hlla htm w
llaffabara ! II lot a
Horns Nona i f,raalham It. I piaraad rwiast
W I'hlla. l Omaha, . Ihrra-laaa hill Mm
aiiah, I wa-baaa. hllai Manual!, ,rii rr, Mr.
lauwall, llanias, Mil by pll. l.rd ball I liy
Htntua knilth I lioubla play I llilllar la
l.rlffla la M. Ihiwril. Mraak aul I Ity llr
man, ll by llaadaa, I, llaaaa axi ballat off
II a man, Ii off ltb, a, lfl baaaawt
Hlrhlla. 11 Omaha, I. I aiplrm llolaira
and llrniahi. Tlmai li&a.
arornl gamol
All. ft. II TM all all I II r.
amllh. rf .
I a
I 4
Illahralry, If .
W. I.rllfln, lb.
Mat, rf
Iiaraae, ta ...
Iliil Itr, lb ...
ItraaH, a , . . .,
MrlM.wrll, lb .
tl.OonaJd, a..
I a a
l I I a a
I I I I a
I t
4 I
41 li l ia l t il la I
All. H. II TH all (all lt 4 Y
f.lalaaoa, th
AuiM-rawn, If
a 4
a a i
a a
a II
a a
l a a
a a a
t.raiilham, lb
lirlflln. rf .
Manuab, rf .
Ifrrman. lb
Hllros, aa .
hjianrar, a
KHulirr, p .
nana, p ...
.Totals M 4 1 II I 11 IS
. illiilea tiutterf tot Ukrla la plnlh.
ex or by Innings I
Wichita ; bun i1 Mil II
ll.ilf.loes ex Ik 110 4
hsmmar) Karned runsi Hlrhlla. S
Onmlia, f. rhrra-baM bllsl Maniiab, l.ran.
tluam. Twa-haaa filial It', I.rllfln, llullav,
P, i.rirriil, lllabealer. IHI bal-niaal Mr-
Donald by rinrner. inillliM piaai oria
fham to l.lsluauti ta Herman. Man anil
l. ii. i mr and a In Innings! ff
Okrle, 1 and I In 4 Innings, blrnek ouli liy
MiMher, l by Okrle. ll by Mrlmjualil. 4.
II em nn ballet lrr linrrer, l on yar,",
1 1 uff Mi lionald, I. la-fl "Hi l.a-eal Mlrli
lla, I0 (linalia, I". I aiplreat tjrmabf
and Holmes. Tims af gam I I :.
National League
fardlnale Drop
fit, Jiult, Aug. 27. Near Tork tana tha
third straight gam from Ml. Iui hr
today, 11 lo I. and tha l arotnaia oropvan
m third tilaca In Ilia lensue. due to hl-
ruao's victory ovr Philadelphia, Th
.n.a was a hea vr -hi 1 1 In Histrb, tha
locals getting 14 ssfetles and tha vlsltora
II. Hornsby got rtts tin noma run m
th season, tying Ken Williams of lb
Drowns for Ih season rscoro.
Hr ore:
Vt'.lV VOMIC I HT. LOt'lff
A 11 II.O.Af AH H O P.
ftanrro as I 1 II 4lJ.mith.rf I 1 II
(Iron, lb 111 1 Htork, Jh 4
Krlar h, b I 2 S 4 Horns., IB 4
Meusal, If 4 1 1 I -Bottom,, Ib I
Young, rf 4 I 1 0 Mualler.rf I
Kelly, lb 12 1 0 Xrhulta. If I
1 I
7 I
I I 10
4 14
( 12 4 llAlnamlth.o I
Mleng-I, cf 2 I 0 0ll,aan, as i
King, cf 0 0 10 OjToportar.s I
i lo o
flnyder, 0 4 2 1 0 Hherdal, p I
Mcgulll .p 12 0 O! North, p
nailer, p v
Totals 40 11 27 12;Fournlr 1
Tottit 41 14 27 10
ensiled for North ia tlghth.
Hi ore by Innings-.
Vew York H 11 10212
Ht. I.OUIS 201 100 013 I
Summary Buns: Bancroft, ilrob (2),
Prlsch (51. Meuset. Young (3), Kelly,
Cunningham, Mcquillan, J. fttiilth, block
(71. Hornsby, Ilottnmley jlu-ller til,
Hchulta. Krrors: Hnncrnft (2), Htock,
Hchultt. Two-bsaa hits: Torporaer, Muel
ler, Hchultz, McQuillan, Btengel, (iron,
Ctinnlngham, Threa-basa hlta: Frlsch,
htock. Horn runs: llornany, young.
Hchultt. Mueller. Btolen base: Bancroft.
Hacrlflces: Meusel, (Iroh, hnyder. Doubt
plays: Davan, Hornsby, notinrolry; Wut
lomley end l.avan; Stock, Hornsby and
Iloltotiiley. Deri on bases l Ml. l.ouis, s;
New York, 7. Hase on bslls: Off Hherdel,
2: off North. 1: off MrOulllan, 2. Htruck
out: Hy Hherdel, 4; by Nbrth, 2. Hits: Off
Hherdel, 14 in li, nona out In 7th; off
North, 1 In 2: off Pfeffar, t In i. wild
pitch: McQuillan Losing pitcher: Hher
del Umpires; Klem and Ssntolla. Tlint:
Tuba Heat Phillies.
rhlraan. Ana. 27. Chicago defeated
Philadelphia In the final guiita of the
aeries, 3 to 1,
He ore:
Mnkan, If
It ii I, li. 3h
li H'hcota. cf
l-'rv ii, cf
W'lier, rf
i H'l'cher, tl
Hi Terry, 2b
6! Orlmes, Ih
OlC'I'han. rf
:' Miller. If
0 Krug. 3b
3o'K'rll, a
li I'heevea, p
01 Osborne, p
Pk's'n. an
J. Htiilh, :b o
Fl'h'r, ss 4
eslla, Hi 4
Henllite, e 4
Uln't. p 2
gW'tal'n 0
al.eo 1
27 1 27 i
To'ii's 11 I24U
a Ha I led for Ptrklnaon In th.
i Hatted for King In lib.
Hear by Innings;
Philadelphia 1 t i0 t
Chicago 010 100 oot 1
Summary Huna: Mokan. Orlmea (S).
fa 1 1 a han Knurs: None, Two-base hits;
Pletcller IS), Lebourveau, Miller. Itoln
tun: (irlmet. "a"illn-e: lleatliiote. left
nn haaea: Phllail-lt h: I, Chicago I.
Hasea on balls: oft King 4, oft I'heevea
I. Hlru.W null 11) hrlng 4 by L'heeves
I, hy I. litis: Off I'heevea
In 7 l-l innlnga, off ostium nun in I I I
Imilnas. Hit by pitcher: Hy Oeborn
t WrigbittDtiei. Winning t.lleheit Cheevea.
Implies: Hart and Higler. Tim of
game' I SI,
Heala Ml Har'tala Mill.
Clnrlnnati. Aug 17 The Iteda riada
It four stia glil from II. oil. hi In l" data
bv winnina Loth games of Ilia doubia. t 1,1 and I to I,
kurr, f (al gniiie.
l',-H rf I I I Huiiis, rf I 4 I a
h. if Jb
till n l.-rt. It. t t
till It if II
) I l.uiae. a. lb I I
441 ll'a.a.e, alt
I I I I I' a-nl. Ik 4
I 4 e C tenet t I I
I 4 t V l oat h, g 4
Ci ulaa, if
II', ba). b
Motel, If
II hale, Ik
I. ..! at
ll 4
"ti ail p
a 1- !
Ii-Vai.nt, a
(tee .. . .
I , t ta . It tut 11
I tl
t i
T.ta't 11111 It
aati-.-.a-t- t..a tliat-vt 1 1 1, r-e-i V'!
Ill t'-.H aa lit, lloua', a- aa. , I llia
lin-ar, lu,.. llvtada, ,litaliwati Ta tieet
In l'aa aa. una.., i i.'ta, l..d baa kit rt i.aa, ttuatlv bi.'a
taaa, liiat, t4uii, I'.niaa -I.,
a It -aa ttiabie k'i l'a I
Uliiui I fl aa kaas ll-sCti. t, ft.
eiaRett f, llaaaa aa l !'f Mat
.."I I lf km a I lf iiak I
at., a.l H ktaioail I tv -... I
li, ,a i, It Via' i.i u (a I ... -aa 'l
ei.H.a I I laaiaat, I -tin I t-ka.
laH,4l I aitM al-i-'liMaia
O l'i fit al ai I
ll.Uf.iV I IIMIilH,
Alt II t A I A a 'til I
.fill 1 ... aa I 1
f lll ,, il It
i .
I , a .. ,. , ia, I I
" ' J ' " S
" 'a I I I I tlla.,..
- 4
vis ,, a I I j t I I
a ..a la I I let a 1
I'.ti .a. 4 4 4 1 1 .... t
I t..-. I 4 tui i i'i I a
- - -I !.
at II t 14 II
Buffaloes and
.Witches Split
Two-Game Hill
Ueiy II) nuti Hurl Shut
Out Hall iii Initial Cuiitr't
Win Oser Viior, 6 In 0;
I.of Serontl, 4 to 10.
) M 1-1 1 1 1 IN t likf
S.OXJ of th
great national pa
lime trickled throunh
the turnttilei at th
Omaha bateball park
Sunday sfternooii
only to te (he Huf
faloe and Wichita)
Witrhe uo SlJ-Sfl in
a double header. The lirrd tpture.l
the initial Kimr, 6 to 0, tliaukt to the
Kood iMtchiiiar of Samuel Hvman,
while Gregory athltte copped the
filial coiitnt of the icrirt, Id to 4
1 he fint K;ina wat the bettrr rf
Ihe Ivvo. Neil bi-cantc the fluffa
lot i emrrnetl mi the long end of the)
count, but tlttc In the stellar bur
hnif .f "Lefty" Jfyman, late cf the
Detroit Tijier.
"I-rfty" lame itithitl five itrike
oult of Ptlablitbinif a in-w league
record and four whiff of lying; Hav
Hanforth circuit mark of JS trikr
out. VVIiiff. II Witche.
Hymin not only ttrmk out
in lie, but held the lVJI rham.
pioit of "IV 1 earney' Krii Brom)
to f.v-e mattered hit and no icore.
winch it a pnity Kood feat. It wa
U-flyt fourth MraiKht win for the
Jtif aloe in at many tiarl and he
celebrated the on avion by giving the
native on band exhibition of
Kood hurling. He .trolled only two
visitor,. One walked in ihe first
and the lecond went to f,,t ,a,e vja
baje on ball )n the aevtnili mnina-
1-vcry member of the Wichita rlnb
waj whiffed by Jfvnian except .Smith
frieatV.i.We,,-"Lt,v" wa
at Iiii curve and tw tiers
In the fint intiifijf Smith got to
third base, but that wa the oniv
time dtirinK the initial contest "hat
? Ka";' I'layer Kot that cloie to
ho ne plate. Very few Witche. eve
fhird " P"e 01 ,CCOm, ,ct
Beebe on Hill.
Jhe veteran iiccbe oppoted llv.
man . but the old-.ier wK m S
for the youngiter, who outbitchef
him throughout. Gregory wa. oounrf
ed hard by the nuffaloeand poinded'
at opportune time. Member, of the
here cathed their hit. hr run i. he
Mcond, third, fourth, fifth Jnd .ev.
enth mnmK,. They made eleven hitt
off Gregory. Two of ,heie were
homer, by George Grantham, whi e
one wa, triple by Manu.h and three
bur S2dAd?.,LW',k Vin,e
out he didn't hava ih .L '
afe that Ifymin had. n'
Ja .KOre' a",hou h ,h ""d riecl
hard to come cloie to Wichita', .cor,
i.?.6 r,vrr"t.h, e'Rhth frame.. '
I 91) " I alalia .11 a Wa -
ine anort end of a 10
Ifnminla at,. I I . .
V eiBh,n "ami
Cat). Lrtrlv lii1.J lr..i
. . j -.i.vmikiA aiurjc
!?-r ' n '.if moUn.'1 in ,he ,eco"J
-r-. uciaiica Hurler I-in-
r 10 the mound in ika j
nig iiiii' . ivvzr '
lot and ,Ii,h,'t have anything but
ftll1'd a-,mi'f- After he wm
touched for nine run., three of which
came in the third and ix in the Tfth
Lcidy finally decider! fhaf ;? I.. .11
the'bS C''angC' icnt 0krie to
Wichita got to Okrie in the .ixth
tally rU" a" m thc nn,h for ano,ne''
ct- .. .Te. the Buffaloes,
Slim" McDonald -a.ri L
m such ipeedy fashion that the Buf
faloes went acorelei, until the .ev-c-nth
inning McDonald wa. work
X,!nh "C form,u"til the .eventh,
when he was nicked for three run
on a base on balls and a trio of fa
amoung which wa a ieir,u i... '
nush his second of the afternoon. The
i i "I,al "Core in the-
f-tioi1. )ViMu ,hl,rler ,,cld tht
ItUoes to one one a note ...,.;i .l.
aeventh. " '"
.Ha.'te",'! er (?,',N'mr "v.Dth.
anatted for Caveney, In elabth
Hatted for Kllle.pi, in aigifh
htora by Innings: ''n.
Huston ...
Clncl n na il "I0 tl)0
L"'t"1"" 4u0 001 011 ?
Summary Runa; Barbara. Ford (Jl nn,j
rin'iW- lLW'"f- ''rna. l.aub.'r. 'Dun- '
'an (.'), Hnush (7), Fonsaca. Error. Ko,Vr
Wing... Two-baaa hit.: floush nowdo
Threo.baae hits; D.ubert, Cavens, Tt?r
bare Ha. riflc, hlta: Fnnaaia W ma I I
on baa.a: lloatnn, 4; Cincinnati '"j0- ''
Plav: Ford to iH'iV.Ton bsll." ?
McNaniara, 3; off llra.tnn. ! off Viiarl,
gr. 1: off Keck. I; rr i ...,f.' V1 .f?' h."
out: Hy MrNanara. I- bV kw ,. .J
Hr.Vt'on""l ,,i"r,,,l 1 '''". ""
I'lnni.T'o nIfU"ii"",t,.i 'iT,, ," 1
hi. b, p.,,hd bai.h,,"v VZ.1 n?,c r::!:
aaaart CrN'a.l. Winning l.llcbsrl
uoue, I.o.l i, i,li,,i,.,, rt C
O 0.y and MeiaViauV. Tim" J II. "
Miske Matched With'
Roper for Labor Day
St. I'atil. Minn, Aug, :7.-Cloie on
the hcrli (.( hi. victory ovef I'
I tiltun. cam announcement ttinitthti
that Hilly Mitk of St. faul, Jtfavya'
vtriiihl, had been rutin, n niret Cap'
Urn filth Hper in a i round no de
cition cmttrat t tlkUhoin 1'ity i.nj
l atmr day.
fJruliiiin t!mti ru!i!i,v
(ilf l!oure 1'iiilfr Vt
Tt'kdit, o, Aii. i h putiiie
t4tn tl (Mtiw 'tk. lthr( tl
(ml hi'inuil Blithe biilv t(.t loiirn
niritl will fit belt it,-1 1 ftV wi
t't ' 'r. lit tliul, r t af ligift Jf
V I.I.I t.llla) lla Iii toUM Vaal
i t' litt,' 1 1 t u , il.
t lw ti t I'liitue ...! t,ii,v.f
4t Utile t, H nun, (ualialll ,
I' M.', nt,, h 1 Jl nil i.J
Ih I ivjntaii t ,.l, a iS i,a,lv I I
tiniiti In. in ,J ,ailt . lh af I
Sta, tot fi.Hii i i ta l, .hi It,
.!! t..g n at-.n l.y aanaib as 4
HH! al " K..I.I. e 44.1
t..t II ll II t
tsl la titli la ami.
a, Vaas .a. I
liaatt la,
ii 4.;ii i! mi
ljia4, rkaia ,M II in 44 it
i J ar, li will )i 4tt I aa I f