The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, August 27, 1922, SPORT NEWS WANT ADS, Image 17

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    THR OMAHA nr.K:
THE COOK BOOK Uv Jane Eddlngton
WHAT eould bo mora Inviting
than lrxw two omfortaole
sat which on a crime upoa
at tba and of tha flagg4 walk
wading ta tha maia entraoc of thla
Jsutrh erJonlal bousn?
Tha skillful houoewtf who trlakU
fh cpUr to this rTnr1e bona,
bold, and wtu haan't bad Uma to tidy
rp bafor Mra. Bnrttli run la of aunv
aner'a morning for a few mlnu'' nhat,
will dtala bar nelghx- her. In tba
green air, and tlraa praawnra tintar
snslied bar reputation spick and
pan buuarkasspor.
To balajiaa tha aitracrttvo arrang
Bant Just dorrtt)d. fhara la a glaaad
t side porch on rha oppoalio and of
Cba bouaa, Wanes donra flood fhta
BHVs parol) with a wealth, of sunshro.
AIo, U t aa. IdaU rainy daf puu for
tba children. It It ba floored with six
Inch by lis tncfa avruaro red Ula art
lib Inrg dark mortar Joint, tba
porch la doubly attract Ira and ui
tawdily ba tidied.
Tba living room, upon which ono
gains dlract ontraw from tha main
antry and which connect with tha
porch Just daarxlbed try mean of
Vranub door. 1 -carefully proportionod
and wall lighted.
Facing tha entranc la a Urea brick
and til flraplara with a Ula hearth
ta whlcb a bed davenport la a fit com
panion ptoca. Poor lar- double hung
windows, each with a large number
f small pane, a good puiea fur a built,
tn window ecat, land cheer to thla ar
fanroroent Ju'tlng off from dim living room from
rhlch It la quUo arparala, aa only an
ordinary stxod door connecta, la a 14
foot I Inch by 14 foot dining room, ana
aide of It opening on tha glazed tn
port previously described, another
fHng a simple bnt decorative garden
arrangement, and another leading to
the kitchen from which It la separated
by a butler's pantry. ,
This sour rats that a hinged table
which can ba folded down against tha
wall would ba a handy article to place
up against the wall and undnr the small
window which lights the pantry. When
gliosis are expectod, the side dishes and
desserts can be placed In readiness on
the table, a built-in china cabinet being '
within easy reach.
A small boy looked longingly Into a
tore window where a shining new
bicycle was displayed. Bhyly he en-
tsred and. approaching the proprietor,
eald. " If you'll keep that bicycle till
I'm growed up to a big man 111 buy
ft of you." C. I. C
Jerome has command of an un
usually large vocabulary for a child
of his age and also Is In tha habit of
doing things thoroughly. On a recent
occasion, his uncle came into the house
and found him crying.
He said to the baby: "Come play
With uncle."
To which Jerome answered: " I cant."
t'nele siiknd: "Why cr.n't you?"
Jerome enswcrKi; "I'm busy cwy
trig," and went ot with his self ap
pointed task with all tha vigor at hi
aommand. E. J S.
Frank's sister can ImMIa about by
persiUf, but Jo a brother la still at tha
seeping stage.
The othnr day Frank was visiting
at Joe's house, and when he returned
bnm Ms HKithrr a&ked, "How big is
Joea brother?"
In a superior tons Prank repllel,
(', hs Just one of thoee unlt-ifoot
tabits that yvu slumbla ov.t."
k. u n.
Pcersw rSAl hfi-n reprlirmnJr i
is' ict s f ir rrrrplng and wearing
:n h-s ' .'... ,.
Uj t, hi he his grandmutlisr
VsaAav 'rJ ,4V
ieretng si grJi If :ht' ka, b
Su I l-i .. t !.. "U'tn.H. Ha
H, I- t I' t t't t 'X t t,
g trnt Hr sa
... t
; -y l. rf,t. b
- .. t ' 4I B.
a- ( t (
! ', .
I. - f
?.l " ki i t llt
'it !"
4 !, a .-i 4
o. i. r.
. ''r . W7
. . m as-wawaawai
rtrp r i ,,M j
' (A
J 1 II av4-4 li
Off from tha kitchen Is a pantry
closet, a broom closet, and a Sf pa rate
compartment for tha Icrboz whlcb can
be Iced directly from the entry without
entering tha kitchen, lielng in a room
separate from tha kitchen, although
at tba same time, ctoee at band, rapid
melting of tha ice oo baking days will
not ba experienced. Itellcf from thla
common drawback of old atyl kitchens
will be appreciated by the economical
Stopping down from tha rear porch
at the kitchen on la greeted by a
well kept lawn centered about a sun
dial ant In a bed of flowers. Surround
ing tha lawn Is a border of flowers.
Here, too, wa find tha yard which can
be divided into a vegetable patch and
drying space, tha remaining portion
being given over to a garage and drive.
Reentering, wa find three bedrooms
upstairs. The master's bedroom, which
Vcrna is the proud sister of (In bar
estimation) the most darling baby
brother In the world. The other day
he went up to bim and, throwing her
arms around him, remarked; "O, you
little doll, you're so sweet I can kiss
all the soft off of yoi," referring to hi
cheeks, which are soft and rosy.
E. U
Henry was fond of pets and teased
for every animal he saw. When bis
baby sister arrived bla grownup friends
tried to tease him about trading her
for a dog or cat they happened to
have. He would always say he would
not trade. One day a woman who hod
some fins rabbit offered to trade one
for baby sister, but he still said he
would not trade.
" Doesn't she cry a lot? " she asked.
" O, yes, but we like her cry," he
said. E. H. M.
Nurse told Wayne ha might go in
and see his baby brother. Ha walked
Into tha room and stood by the bed
looking at tha baby, and finally he ex
claimed, "Well, when Is ha going to
get out of bed so I ran play with him? "
K M,
Th doorbell rang violently tha other
morning and upon answering It wsa
greeted by a chubby, rosy fa'ed boy.
"Say, Mr 11," h asked, "us kids
would Ilk awful we", to borrow your
llttl boy's big ie. Can wr
Well, )s " I answered, rather an
willingly, " If you promise not to break
It and lu bring It right bark."
"Hv, lis'en," tho youngster retartml
ror.Uy, if w bust It, ws ll either
piy f"T It, er mend It. or buy a asw
oc., that's guaanteodr T, C. It
fn dsy eung aunty lu fl In
el4rge . f th anW) aartmn aad tha
w rtllldren,
"Iw going Into ti klti Hen I pr
r' ! ) f ', mv," a said
lmvrtMlr; ao aura t rail an
hn h wski dp
-X yu'll kr him fie years.:?.'
K iir. "thai k-l tnra hiive;f
nt I 'is Hiftu' k kt us -he hi
a'arwi " . J
wu t.i --si r.4 h sjtv'.k
w. ft' 4 U ta ram bttffi
! MeV "I SiB.elh-S "
i .ikr 4 hrt a I
" i kr 4iiM Iratka s w
a tt,
la 11 feet I loch by 1 fet Incbna,
haa large window aeat butlt-tn. If
made of red eadar or other mothproof
rood It makr-s a convenient place for
anaeasonable clothing.
Earl) ef the ether hndrooms haa fair
atsad rloaet, and aJI are only a atep
from Ihe bathroom, which contain a
linen closet.
mwq In tha basement we And fur
nana and real room and a laundry. Tba
eoaj room haa mn unusual fmlura,
I La bottom being bopper shaped to
facilitate onai ahorellng. Another In
teresting point wbleb should ba men
tioned la that the ceilings over tha
eoal and furoar room have been p!aa-
VmL 1 1 kit I f a Tbs f tea
lota I CfPlfrt
C kits ,
n MviiL,
f IA
fered on metal lath for added protection
from fires at these point where fire 1
most apt to originate.
The Dutch colonial style, used by
Architects Schwab and Cameron of
New Tork City, who prepared the plans
for this house, is handsomely executed
In clapboard andt ahlngle or may be
carried out in stucco.
As Billy came Into tha house aunty
exclaimed: " Why, Billy, where did you
get that great scratch on your face?"
Well," Informed Billy, " I Just bad
a fight with Wally, and he got tha
worst of It even If I didn't Irave an ad
vertisement on his face like he did on
mine!" K. J.
I . ' 1 ' f ,
"T S !' "
r, ,r,fRi.
rUGt.NOl) COME. IN N AM :?V ,
i ootrr cAAW AND rAAYK r4l(AvK
Wbsvtavar favurtto earaal wa may not
ba able to 0n4 In the mast on a
given day, rVe wtTI bo there a!n to
a aortainty. Wbrrher you want to pro
para tha simptoBt ? meal, or tba timet
Uborata, TV ma bo ttael from the
snap t rhoowoeia. Whatever I your
phyetnal enndlrUm you can oat rtc. It
la often tha first fond given to Hue
who have been dnera to d-Lh. Ier
bai tf they bad, eavtwn mar rlc Ihef
would never bar raced down that
If jmu want to make a msnu highly
reprtaerrtaiiv ef aome country you
ssui almost auraly use rl.w appropri
ately. Tha Indian rurry and the kl
g n-i, tha Turkish pllsf or ptUu, tha
Chlnaea dtshea f Uia tVI of chop
auey, the Italian rtco dishes tika the
saffron rl or rteolto of Milan, the
Hpsnlsh rlc dlshee with prpier and
bwiate, tlia y'rench and Herman milk
flcea," and tha Krench "gateau de
ri" which la Ihe tarn t our old
fnahlnned rlc pudding bsJK'd In a great
iieel-hea are a few of tha nation-
r?y ehsracteiistlc things tnad fnm
Ha Mny l-oaslbllluVa, ' '""
If ynu want o extend soma meal or
Ash or even a gravy, make It go a long
way, use aom rina with It. If you
want a rlc dish that la fully equal to
MHSLt, up rheoso with the ri-e. If you
want the most elegant acting for any
creamed preparation, serve It In
rlc border, formed In a ring mold. If
you want something almost equal to
an It cream, stesm rtc In milk and
chill It fur a pudding to be erved with
a preferred snui or crrum only. If
you have to bo economical, and still
wont to have fine seeming fllshes, (her
Is nothing that will aerv you so well
a rlc.
If you want to eat th alinplrst foods
for health's rak, for religious motives,
for thrift niotlvra, or boraus you have
time only for preparing th simplest
things, us rlca. 1earn to us It In all
Its wondrous variety, and first lrn
to cook It simply. Tf you want to mok
rlc water f'r a aoup, make It, but do
not cook rice In a lot of 'water. It Is
not necessary. Th rice Is then mor
than likely to be soggy, perhaps gray
and repulsive looking, and unpalatable.
Tou have wasted some of It, and this la
not necessary.
If you or using th oven, you can
cook your plain rlc In It for a mold,
for us with cheese, and for topping
with a number of preparationa which
may be added to it after It Is ao cooked
and further baked to finish. A creamed
mixture. If not too thick, will combine
with It excollently.
Oven Uollrd Rice.
Butter baking dish of right size.
Put thre times as much water to
boll aa you are intending to use of
Why I Told
What Became of Oie Other.'
A 11 that will be ever groen in my
memory I told when giving a lunch
eon. I eihibltod some of my fancy
work and a strip of crocheted lac was
admired so much I gave it to one of
my guests. Turning to my dearest
friend and perceiving the Injured look
on her face, as If to say, " Why, that
should have been mine," I hantlly tried
to make amends by saying, " Ther
used to be two of thess strips, but I
do not know what became of the other
or I would gladly give it to you,"
I bad Just put tho other strip bock
Into a cabinet, as I thought.
All was forgotten until they got
ready to don their wraps. They
stepped Into my room. Ther on th
floor lay my other strip, twice as long
as It originally wan, it eeoms to me.
Everybody smiled as I tried to ex
plain, but no one believed me. A. B.
Too Overcome to Explain.
I told my kuit lie about ten days
ago. About a week previous to this
my husband had presented me with a
gift In honor of our first wedding anni
versary. On this particular afternoon
when the personal property man came
to the house I waa putting on my hat
preparing to go to on afternoon bridge
game. It waa my first experience with
a census man and, being In a fever to
get away, I was somewhat confused
In my answers. After questioning me
PIGTAILS "By Mildred Burleigh.
rlca, f'trb over rv and wash well,
then drain. Iut drained rlc into
baking dish, puur th bulling water
over it, add aalt to laMa, and ek tn
hot oven. Th water will be eu rapidly
alattsMl tliat tba uvm will n be
pteamed up any more than In baking
vld faslilitnad rlca pud ling.
Ueole IkoUed lUrsv.
Pick over and wh rtc and put It
to drain b'fr putting water to boll.
I so Hire time inu. h water aa rice
Kur cna cup of r put thre cup of
water to boll In a k.til of tha right
else: add sail and any other arsumnlnga.
Ilk butter. If you want them In. Add
tha drained rtr slowly, so that th
water dum not stop bulling, If you
want th moat p"f"rt effect. 1 t cok
for Ov minute with th rover eff,
than cover and cook over a small
amount of fir for fifteen mlnutea i n
cover and dry off fur fle or ten mln-'
utea. It should b sparkllngly whit
and dry, and nnt Jellyiik a bit on to.
If you hav tieen careful. I s it in no
end of ways.
Vrgetarian llica,
Pefor putting th rSr Into th boll
Ing water prepared for creole rice, you
may put In soma green pepper rut fine,
carrot sliced thin or grated, onion, and
some bacon UU lie aura tha water
ba dolled up again bfor adding rlc.
Iloriler Mold of ICle.
Thla may be called a halo for a dish.
Tot a border mold nine Inchea acrpss
on rup and a half of boiled lie will
be required This mold is large enough
for a Urge chop platter. It may b "
th liaJo for curried elm ken. or curried
lamb, creamed fish, plUf, creamed veg
tabloa, and for other nmlures. lunse
nut th Iiordnr mold with cold water
tcfor pwklng In th boilwl rtco, pat k
' th rlc Into it aolldly, and Invert
Witb a spoon one may hank rlc
around on a plat ao a to make a
crater for a creamed mixture, If a
border mold 1 not at hand.
Aolld Miild of fUna.
A melon mold of aolid rice, with a
gravy or creamed mixture around it,
may he quit elegant, or th mold may
he of any shap preferred, fur
creamed fish It might hav th shap
of th flrh.
Olbrr Molda of Itic.
I .In any mold with bulled rice, pack
ing It down slightly ao as to leave a
well In tha oentor. Kill center with
prepared meat or gravy, cover with
rice, aet mold in hot water in oven,
cover with a plat, and bak for half
an hour until the mixture is boiling
hot at center. Berv from dish or
mold, or turn out Many of th Turk
ish pllaf recelpes call for th burying
of cooked chicken in a great mound
of ric Ilk this.
UoruYr of IUi for Slew.
On of th loost expendv of stew
recipes I know of camo to me, with
othersone In which plain boiled and
My Last Lie.
In rt gard to mortgages and bonis, ha
asked if we had any pots, to which I
absent mlndedly answered no. Hut
Just as he reached the door, to my
uttnr shamo and confusion, a succes
sion of sharp barks carried from Ilia
rear of the house.
Th man opened his book and drily
remarked, "A bark In this case Is as
good ss a bite."
I was too overcome to explain that
I had forgotten, and later while put
ting on my hat I began to laugh weak
ly at first and then In btirats of almost
hysterical merriment when I remem
bered that the gift had been two do?s
Instead of one. M. C. O.
The Unexpected llappem.
I had been disturbed several times
from my work by agents that morn
lng, so when a man walked Into the
fltce, handml me his card, and asked
mo If I were Mr. Morgan, I said, "No,
ties out of town; won't bo back for
na nannea me an envelope, nd
walked out.
Five, minutes later this Is what I
read: 5 Dear friend, four years since
you staked me on that proposition.
am giving me money io this man
which he will hand to you in person,
with Instructions to return it to me
If you are absent."
There was no address. I have reat
reverence for snd try always to speak
the tram since this affair. L. S.
miied beans wrre sn4 with
border nf rtr-4ldnf y bn in a
noxint of luiui'1 atlh r bat t"n
murh u.d by lb rrenln for i hildren,
Th rup fur th t in iuriiin
resuls: Two rup of poisio. (. i.nioii,
two tablespiions lama fsl, ) tren
af, nna rup carrot, one small turnip,
on )vl teosB-tftn flour, water to
rover. Kike or dir th vteb',
and cook until trnder with lh lenib
fat, covered with water. When dona
drain off liquid for us HI ii
ahska vegi labtea ovsr flr for mmut.
ThU ken liquid with th flour, an I let
tha vegetable simmer In It a few
minute, ferv en hot patter with
teft-der of plain boiled rt' Instead
of thla Inripenslve mixture Ihe nor. t
nf rhicksn fricaseees msy be served in
lb m way lerfet!y co. kJ ri
and chkken gravy ar a most
tshle mlitur.
I lili ken Curry .
On pound of cooked chicken, rut
In small piece, on onion, two table
sp..ns of butler, or aur appl. fn
fourth cup of groun4 fresh rmoaiiui -If
you can get II five i rd irtmm seeyls
six rloveo -theee can b diened
wtth-on tesspoon of rurrv powd'r.
one half lesspiw.n sail, a knife point of
cayenne pel'P"r- '' lublcspoona of
browned flour, on cup uf water. Try
th onion and chicken and appl gen
tly until the chicken Is brown- Iwen'y
minute to one half hour- stir In Ihe
flour with which hss been mixed tn
curry powder, Mlu-ll cardamoms, and
tla them with tha tlovr in a bit uf
new well rinsed rherae cloth, and s il
with the water to lb fried mixture,
atlrrlng until lha sane bolls end Is
smooth. Add th riMininut, end s.m
mer for an hour. Herve with boiled
rice and aondlments.
Kb and lirese.
A lit Its less than on cup of rlc
put Into on cup of cheese suio e snd
used as soon as the two re blended,
or baked In Ihe oven, nsiy make a
mt palultilila dish, but the sauc
must not be too thick. Mor than this
measure, or hn!f, may be used. In
combining rice and cheese by this
method, the cheese Is evenly and per
fectly melted, as It Is not by oilier
m-t Ik!, In every rase. Hy this
method tho cheese seems to go twlr
s fur, and every rice kernel will be
soft and savory. A tiny bit of curry
powder may be used In seasoning lliu
oauco. The combination should bavo
tha consistency of a heavy bailer. If
Practical and Taney cAeedleWork
OH this good looking knitted
sweater tn balls of mercerized
cotton, No. 6, 'and on ball of a
darker, contrasting color will ba
needed. I sa No. I knitting needles.
Cast on 104 stitches. K ribs even.
13th row: K 4, over, 2 tog, repeat
from to last t stitches and k these.
14th row: K 4, p to last 4 sis, k these.
I&lh row: K plain.
l:h and 17th rows: Repeat 14th and
15th rows.
18th row: Repeat from 13th row till
thero are 12 patterns.
I Repeat 13th row.
Next row: K 6, p 4, k trepeat from
to last 4 sts, k these.
Next row: K 10, p 4, k 4, repeat
from to )at 10 sts, k these.
Ri-peat th last 2 rows for 3 in.
and bind off.
For fronts cost on 44 s's and work
same as back.
tipper part of sweater Is knitted In
the opposite direction. Cast on 40 st
and k for 32 ribs, bind off 35 sts for
srmhole, k 12 ribs even, cast on 25 sts
for armhole, k 63 ribs, bind off 25 sts,
k 12 ribs even, cust on 35 sts, k 32 ribs,
and bind off. Sew shoulder seams,
leaving 8 center ribs of back free for
Sleeves: Cast on 68 sts. k 40 rlhs,
and bind off. At end of sleeve lift 33
sts and k 20 ribs.
Ne.xt row: Over, 2 tog to end of
row. r one row, k one rw, p one row,
k one row, repeat from twice.
Join sleeves and sew Into armholes.
Collar: Cast on 20 sts. K 5 ribs.
11th row: K 4, over, 2 tog, repeat
from 4 times, and k to end of row.
12th row: K 4, p 12. k 4.
13th row: K across.
Repeat the last 2 rows till collar Is
the desired lenjth, finishing with 5 rlhs
plain. Hew In place as Ilium rated and
finish edge of collar and cuffs with 3
rows of s c In shade No. 1219.
Crocheted belt: Ch 21, making 1st
d c In 8th ch from hook, 1 s m , 1 o m,
1 s m, 1 o m.
In rriilosuiort ef the olltnring Ut
ter U lj ecceuarn for me to toy that
I Kai formri rtmdiaip with a ma
ei'crul peon my irnior, and, partly
through a apinl of miscAwf and purl.
ly te. aujs really did Hk Aim, de
lermiird Io nak him lot' me. II
veil I itow ta rrjipond and in reply la
ny aJcancci would point out th In
equality ur affes, A is dVmr for
Quid som hv, ami my ail (no p.
pares! JiAirnj fje J.isocj, lAeolers, rtc.
pertMtrd. A.mmwr, and 'fee several
Winers u ycaflW rul full
frttrAirnrxl I e lAdt A traj lr
esrfkly is lui wits, si. TAisjt cos-
liNkcd Kstuvcn u ft kfc g
eu fcayrr, Aa reeled 11 a
Ineyer hu.i eve a frwMy eeisy foe
Aim, so f wvefs klm a teller raria
IA retara U say lll-r d pk-
lr a4 lerweiaotHHt r e fred.
M U4 e-e fviftr:
DKAtt CHHWTT: I a. eivdoer
an yur rnitat. 1 am r.iurn
le sH ef jotir i..n-.s
wuh yuur pu-tur and ik liu,
'seat hu h giv it a.
Thara ta aHiong am .1.. ai
lliu Ilk tii, ist.e, Mn suf
IM rwi tt t sy a fw things M. ft
Suy l ef th, i afe
I e t ttA sy k , . a
kli4(t.' I fuitt ,f oi Jeihiun
lrn N ;.' fait h rt.
tt SHIM.
I am k.I tr tM.
, ai l . (.-. War
w l lut.r-f II t li s e !. tt mr
to bo finished in the ov, butler ft
twkir g dish, put in mlitur. ror wi'H
bread ituiiiI and bk looniy mm
Oubk (rvam Kao TaaVltng.
Uk unto ti e ra a4 rh t ih'a
Imiutiuo of th brg bk4 I4 fash
lme. rl'a pudding- Msfce a wl.H
MU4 nf on kvvel laHleSien of but
ter. ol level Uhir"ri fcf flour, end
on up of mnk, ailh a bit "f aai. and
peer'eii It l'h two labUapnort of
ugr. r'istur sun nuuei or any
other lUvnr A Hula preserved ginger
Is good HUr lulu lh rtii4
hi cup of roll bulled fh-, breaking
up lha Utter If peiessary, so that tha
two will form a homogeneous bum,
and rook aa gently a p.ble for fif
teen minutes brv hot or rold If
rulj. use whlpd rrm and gs'OUn
It with a bit of fruit or candy.
I rrained II U arlaia.n.
To white asm a and rice, romblnesl
a in ric and rheeaa and In irosmy
ilie pudding, may b added a bit "f
.f lover rhlekrn, ' leftover flnnan
hsdd.e, eom rsiined salmon, ete- Tia
saue in such cases should ba aeaaonede
with onion JuU Instead of sugsr,
l lilllrd Kir.
A dessert sppfolmtieg ne rresrn
may b msdo by foMlng hlpi4
' cream Into ro d rl, e an ronked that
each grain Is rapsndrd to the utmost,
and then packed In Ira and aalt as In
making a mousse. Her with thick
mapla sirup or something of that na
ture. Itlc steamed perf-cMy in milk
Is perhaps th most ideally co"k4 for
this dess'-Tt
Milk Hire.
Wnsh one half iup of rlc thre
'time in boiling wsirr using a pinch of
soda in Hi first, Holier a pint and
a hnlf mold, with a hermetically
scaled rover, put In lh rice, and add ta
It two cups of milk, fasten on tha
tight cover, and scl on a wire stand In
boiling wuter which comes to two
thirds the bright of the mold In a
kettle which ciin be closely covered,
keep ihe mater In the kettle Just hoik
ing for two hours. 1-ct the whole root
a bit before turning out tba rlca,
whli h should b si most us spongy
whipped rrenm. This prt of lh ma
reputation, getting lha ric out of lh
mold, Is perhaps lh bard thing. Tt
should come out without breaking. It
Is excellent hot wilt some favorite pad
ding sauce or pluln cream sweetened
and flavored.
I 'i
Courtesy Btr Needlework Joomal,
how York..!
2d row: 1 a ra , 1 o m, 1 s m, 1 m.
Repeat these 2 rows for desired
length, finish ends with tassels, and
tack In position as illustrated.
Knitting alibrevlatlons: Knit, k;
stitch, st; purl, p; stitches, sts. Th
asterisk means that whatever direc
tions are given between them must b
repeated bei'ore proceeding further
with directions that follow. A row la
to knit once across tha work when
two needles are used. The terra rib
Is generally used when speaking of tha
garter stitch, or plain knitting on twa
needles, and la two rows of plain knitting.
Ufa. As you know, I Uv a rather soli
tary existence, and since leaving bom
I hav not been much In tha society
of women, much Ins had I aver formed
anything in the nature of a sentimental
aUacbment for any on until you com.
I cannot blam myself for loving
you when you brought your bright,
cheery waya, your sunny disposition,
and your Utile mannerisms which I
hav learned tn love so welt Into my
lonely life. Whet other result eeuld
have bun possible?
Had you not Hilled otherwise, I
would hav kept my lov locked In my
breast and never given It utteranc,
for I retir.ed tha disparity In, our
year and our different Idoala Hut
whn you showed m ao plainly that
you found pUwuur in my com sea y
and p.n;inu.t th differenca in ur
e I grlu!'y kxnet tho bona
on mv will and my better ludgmant
S'i.1 allowed tti)srlf to form an aUarft
n 'il tir )u that will MiitlaiM as loag
aa I live.
hl make It partleulotry d'stroaa.
hig to m l i resits, a do, (nai
" aevse bs. ..v 1 k. for ma,
Just why ynu should baro dor. this
thing la a mjsl.if me, sw, trtdeod,
d it omh autttsr It is d lea
. r'i'y. sw that it t too oxa,
U UnloiMnnl t )nunrity Kat
bsa rrtai. leriud sj f 1tvr aetiwaa
wnr hi I it f u wr.o, g baiea
i I fully turgtt y,. an4 alt oil
t wtsh vu4 srett,
I aK.i nI ll my lea for ta
lr wfc-eio l-r, wt l arvil V
Ik eu f my Utug an ta.t1.4M4
l'""i I" buia aif., and pa.
i in Hi )., u I eu km.
1 1K41 I an s'.l I k yv
In t. ar I d't Alwat