The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, August 26, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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    fllK OMAHA liKK: SATL'KPXV. Al'til'ST ',
Plan lo IiiKiiii't
Slock Tmlustrv
Ouflio Drjirn.lrnt on (JoyJ
Pajirr Jlul Can lie
(.unliil, Ilrml of r
Corporation ',n.
JJi'nvrr, Am, KugrDr Mi-yfi
ir, of WiHliiiiKton, rli4irinii ni the
i' t luniii f rriot4li"ii, in mi ad
lrr Iwloif fhe Aim-nun Salinrul
I iVMturk oi UliiiH ir Hiiflyrif
inll hrrr, 1.111I111..I pri4l
l r lie irriii4iirnt 1111,1110114 of tlir
!. t.n I, ii.ii.rt I ! (.romiurd all
llip an) within In puwtr lit'l iiik-
Ktrd tftil .rrul rmiiriiitfri. of
ll'r unci) uke II i 111 nlijn(
'. iih new lo K'li ijiulrly financing
Mr Mry.f r.4iiin u ,c V4f
I lunre ir;ini.iltn i.nly a friii
orary 4ml ue it pur.
iiiiiiy f.j mrrl mi rimr
'0'. N' uriiiUr irgjni4lioii of
I onmi. nt Hjiii.. lit- 1011I1J Imp
' rmnc the ii-iiii'ullnii and i-f.
lorn tif th itir 11 wli.i li;f tuliiii.
lrrn ( rrvur, i other Iiii.i
and !f.iiri vuilM tiol rout
'luiii i, duoir inuih cl their lime
lo tlir orpiuliin.
Dependent on Good Piper.
' I In- ln.r (irlinn of livMlntk
tinaiii'injr lit i. m iii'( nt ii.,ii joi.d
Pirr iImii caii .r f ciji.i -uiiiurit."
id Mr. Mnfi. 'The artivitir (,f
flic r fuunrr rorpiniinn jnnf (lie
oiidilioil of tin- livcloi t, iinlu.lry
Im ihimn tlir- ( til tmnc pUn
llmt will Ar t.irr u( utile irntii the
lrfrf)iii(( tiini. to tin ir maturity.
I hrrr nvr liirn A Inlllilirr r. plan
lri.prrd, I htlirir- tlut 411 amend
iiiciit to the Odin! retrivr 41 1 with
4 irw minor rliaiiftm will make it
f.osilile to clric a pUu wlirri liy thit
permanent financing may he arconr
I .Juried.
" J li Tapiier l.ill in the umate and
the MtKadili'ii bill in the limine are
two mraurri aimed at a nolulion nf
the prolilem. 'i'liene trill propone
rattle loan rompaniri lltar rould
iue nrciiriliri (hi rattle and would
reulf in hr ux'mg out more money
lor the iti'liiMty.
"(Vrnjcrest lis aKo plan for
rontiniiiiiK the war finance irnpora
'inn undrr anothrr designation, but
I do not tielieve that thin in praetie
alili for a permanent trlirf, If v
an finance thi industry tlironli rhamirl. it will lr not only
I r ii in ,ihlr, Imt far more natiifartory.
Innpection Neceanarjr.
" To k 1 n adrijiiiite capital for
fiiMin'iiiK the livetorc indiMirv vou
unci rniiince capital that the indiin
tryiia iiiiiml; you nitit give eonfi
ilfinp to 1 he iinlinilry and thi ao
riaiion rn n'ir thi ronfidenee.
I here mint h"- iroper Miprrvinion of
hipnirnt ami, almve all, there mint
lip adi'iii3fp lii"M-ction."
'I he war financp 1 oriioralion lian
loaned a total of $X5.(XKUKMI, of tvlm l
$.ti 1 ih lO.lH H I wan thriiiiKh hanks and
55.H)(I,IMKI through rat tie loan coin-
"mnicn, Mr. Mi.ycrsaid. Mont of thee
loan coiniianie', he added, are new
"I liclirve that an aniindnirnt to
the' national liankiiiK act can be ob
ta;npd that would permit a national
b ulk to .subscribe for Hock in a cattle
lo;.ii company, he continued, under
the Kdgc act a national bank ran
nilincribe for ntock in an institution
finaneing import-,."
o.ii.rrrd on i.eoige A McCtll.
iiid lri!'r t)' or', under da'e ot
July H. id be now rauki the nn'f
1 a apcond lieutenant, nhile enjo
11 j the dmiinfiiou of bit newly ere-
id MIp
The tun of Company I, Lincoln,
bate diexed up the ground in front
of thnr kiuhen with a border of
irtitt.ed roik and (be lettering
"Con'paily I, ji!i Infantry, liil-it.n. wba In 'd ihem m i 4
coin, 111 the renter, o it reiemlilri ; hourt and tlru tunit d lUrm I xi-r
the familiar railroad tUtiou groundi.J with in.irm in.n. 1,1 grt out ot loan
, . , A Itraiiger w ho approaclird the i aui(i
home ciapihno.eri from Onuha , ,iuray mfht a-tempniig . .ell
MMted the camp tught m-lhootcli van al.o turned to the
tending to tr,m up the boyi. but in-; f jt ,, ,uu,e.tie. who relieved b.m ol
tead o trimmed lliemrle, lhey!4 jk) )ip,t
then atarted to gel rough, but werei
taken into tow by the military guard Clireme Flmbup. liu'n oi,
and turned over to the city authorUi Company P. llarnngtou, ba been
1 ii I jt 11 tfmii ntl bfadliKitrri a ' av of Onuha rt up l ta'a'C talo
the ! .1 bugUr 01 the i.iiip 'ouiM. uiili .run itvri ot ampli-1
.. . 'fnaiioii. at the lecieatmn trin lur a
lb. cirai,4 . M. 1 A. m n'ei ; ,r,mMl. ,,, ,, lhg l,,4l
tailed to a;t lwit burUv wabt ,t- ,,, 4(, ti ,u, llf ,,lfi
annum.!, d t.uo.gli ladgie of one ot,,,,, nig ,, llliui1 , ,,,. I
t'l.-il mi n,l. 1, .j return I11011 4 tup' 1 1 j
ill the ! it e.rittd. I be men 1 Supply Ken'. I.r..iae S, llriiief,'
enterla-nnl tlifilitrtir t Mii(i ,r.
gum ol ii,iiu I r !) 1 gll
tin Id uunenlal I lraduartrr mm.
('.mil. any I., ( i.naha, u another nun
w be ban tent long ern.e with the!
N'atutnal guard. He botdn JK jratn'j
rontmuuui riilutmriii, pait if the
tilt a a tunmnttione 4 oifurr, and!
lb enli.lineiit nlnpn on hi coat!
1 a r grown in number until tin y j
would iv4e ren a eteran con.
duitor green w iih en), I
Mm Sergl llany HobbirH 01 j
rompaiiy I. nil a men aergtant
with the beadU4iteta company
tatalry, Iowa National guard, gt the!
etuamfmrnt at !' Mo eei Uityeat.
lie it an o'd tuner mt the rr and
villi Ja.'a lu'.e, (Aiiipaii) (op4. h"
been fetd'ng the men o.i aimy
tiiUK in manner thai hat rtU't
rver)on( 4 booer for the chow. In
tl.t morning tour of kitchen m,'.
lion their ! neter been rated b
low "tery r'ei"" and mot of tb
t;m "exctllent."
National Guard Notes
The boy of Company L are proud
n( ilip rpcorrl made bv Morlimor A.
Morriion, 49 out of a possible 50
with the automatic rifle, on the 500
ard raiiRP. Morrison, who ii an
employe of the lleatou Drug com
pany, Omaha, enlisted but a week be
t'orr tlie encampmetit. His first nine
-hots wrre "Mill's eye." while the
lOtb dropped into the No. 4 circle.
A special guard detail has been
tent after an A. V. O. L. prisoner
apprehended at Fairmont. Tlii
make the 13th rac to come before
the upecial court-martial board dur
ing the encampment. Surely an un
lucky number for some of the boy.
Scarcely will the guardsmen get
off the rifle range when it will be oc
cupied by regular from Fort Crook
and Fort Umana. une nattanon,
roiiMSting of three companie from
Fort Crook and 1wo from Fort
Omaha will arrive Monday forenoon
i..r three weeks firing practice, f hey
,ill camp on the government-owned
land adjoining lb"' range instead of
(hp site of the guard encampment.
Major Pruytn, who has been one of
the regular anny men as.signcd to
instruct the ntliccu in terrain prob
ltni the pat two weeks, will re
n.aiit line and be in charge of the
troops at 0'e range.
I ompanv K claim the tecord tor
( ,nii cnl .iiiu-iii. A feiv iU4 ggn a
1 oe.-fr Kemper Military aiademy
I;. .vUiaii- fioin Omaha tisited the
. .mt and the following day came
l.a.k and Hgntd up with the crack
Omn outtit, Thu gives K fmir
liirmcr Kemper studentn in it en
Imled peuoniul,
"The l.-abh of l!if triuip at
lamp Harry li I be but that can be
lointd 111 gathering ' I
mwbeie," sa Mai. P. H lUt
litulonitn, 1 Join nil'ae.'n, " erv
irw fifutiiig lientment have
Ken iep,.rif. at the camp innmi
aiy and t!'ee have been of . lght
a ntnr a not to b iwm.
!,;. I M Inrbti ll r-f I'miipauy
i. It4. bat been aligned at
,. .U..I i, the iital lu.lge alsat,
Vl t ,Ht , a'1.1 .1 lltmg
it 1
11 ,..,S t I'Jl'.'s !.
r, . 1 1 oii.-ai .at i.f.'gi not
.t .mi .i t 4i I : ni t.
I'.l.c. .. !.'.! 1 !. It .-
I ! ' ! !.' 1 ' 0, t' UH
. in n... 41 ..I t i iiv , llmal nit
li ng -l I ini ' t' nt.. it mil
n.4 in ! innfll. I Si 01 t
Suntbv WW
f .UTVru Until
I 0 l M.
.JL-.-,J.-i.X. - J-
Department Managers' August Selling Event
How Warm Is It?
Aren't there timen when you are curloun
to know? There in an entirely reliable
thermometer; just outside of the Sixteenth
street entrance of the BurgeM-Nanh utore.
BumesstBIash MfM.
a ii. a, 1 1 r nr i . i I r . rr. r- .. i. - , ., . . , . ,. - .1 -m-m
Shop in the Morning
When lha heat ii leia intense. Sale
people are refrenhed and eager to
please our patrons; stocks are freshly
displayed and lines are more complete.
Saturday Is the Last Day of This Great Event
A Successful Event
The Department Managers' August Selling Kvent
mms a marked success. We realize that it could not
have been successful without the support of the public
in general. We, the department managers of the
Hurgens-Nafh ('ompany, want to thank the public for
their earneHt support, which was manifest by the
readiness to respond and by the eagerness to purchase.
We trust that we have proven to the public the
efficiency of the Burgess-Nash Company's department
managers. These same managers stand ready to serve
yon at all times, whether it be during their own selling
event, or in the course of general merchandising.
The Burgess-Nash policy of "The Greatest Serv
ice to the Greatest Number" was responsible for this
event. It will continue to be our slogan.
August 25th, 1922
Fibre Silk Sweaters
F or Sports or For General Wear
Slip-on and Tuxedo Styles
Of medium and heavy weights in
close weaves. Sweaters that will
hold their shape and that will
wear well. Exceptional quality at
$1 1 50
Light, bright, and dark
Red New Brique Blue
Green Orchid Taupe
Brown Apricot
Biraaaa-Naib Swmtar Shcp Stond Flwr
0 0 0 w-
George R. Watson Offers Remarkable Values in
Women's New Fall Dresses
For 1h! cloMiitf day of the Department MaiuK'r.H' Augut
N-lling Kvent; I have made a ppccial urt'hartc of 200 silk
dressi-M, and I have marked them regardless of valuo, at the
one price, $25.00. Women who see these, dresses will feel that
they cannot afford to. lose the opportunity to buy dresnes
such as these at so low a price.
Manager Ready-to-Wear."
i 4;, ! ir
if i-
I r
lib i
"i if
Two Are
Delightful Frocks, Modixhly Cut oj
Crefe (k Chine or Canton Crejw
Straight lines, flowing sleeves, and parid that hang below
the hem-line, mark them as fashionably styled.
Some are trimmed only with soft folds of self ma
terial, pleated ruff'lings or hand-made roses; others
arc elaborate with gro?s-grain ribbons, beading or
monkey fur.
Dresses that one may wear two seasons now with a
bit of fur choker, and throughout the winter season.
BurM-Nih DrM Shop Tfclri Fkwr
Fall Silks and Woolens
Adapt Themselves to New Models
Middy Flannel
Fine all-wool flannel in the
popular ahades of ararlet, em
erald green, delft blue and
white. An exceptional quality.
Yard, $1.45
Novelty Dress Goods
64-inch all-wool plaids,
stripes, plain jerseys, velours,
sergei and other woolens.
Yard, $1.50
New Coatings
54-inch coatings: tweeds,
homespuns, plaid backs, revers
ible chevrons, Camaline, Velor
ine Thibet, Chantilly, yard
$2.25 to $9.50
Wool Eponge
64-inch all-wool eponge in
navy, brown, tan and gray. A
favorite, autumn dress fabric.
Yard, $3.95
Burnasco Crepe
A Sfl-im-h knitted crepe in new fall shades, fog gray, brick
duit, rricnt, liberty, scarab, muffin, autumn and whirlpool.
Special, yard. $2.95
Changeable Taffetas
;!t.iuh changeable taffetae in tint for evening and in rich
color torah nations for daytime wear.
Triced at, yard, $1.95
aur,ti Silk 3kp A4 Plr
New Fall Millinery
At These Special Prices Saturday
$750 ( $Q75 $J250
liats of Lyons velvet, and satin solcil, or of these
favored fabrics in combination. Fascinating new
styles, in black and the Autumn's every shade.
Women who desire excellent quality and dis
tinctive style will find both at moderate price.
100 Smart Fall Hats at $5.00
Duvetyns and velvets in black and an excel
lent selection of shades. There are a variety
of styles from which you may select a
hat that you will really enjoy wearing.
RurfiffNath Hat Mi op Third Floor
New Fall Footwear
Pleasing Styles At Attractive Price
Definitely longer
sl(irts demand
higher heels to
rnal(C lithe lines
more graceful.
Beautiful Satin Pumps
A plain vamp with brocaded quarter has a wide two
button strap and high French heels. Black or brown.
fair, $10.00
Hoffman Ward robe Trunks
We Feature One Model for Saturday.
A. P. W. Toilet Tissue
Nil IMIlhlll'I'IISSIlll'IU
(imply ask for A. l W.
u "' j"' atin tissue. Sold by the
,'t,,, 42c
fivSWfi. (,rton ( 1
Ideal for college people,
for it is a full-size, lift-top
trunk covered with three
ply veneer and ulcanled
fiber, and l fitted with
drawbar lock and heavy
Su, tt Nm.-- I utl, IImi
i.-iii- I,
V . llltfi
Patent Pumps
A number of styles all
"better" footwear. Hiffl)
French, Cuban and Junior
Louis and Spanish heels.
New and approved. Pair
$8.00 to $12.50
Women's Oxfords
Patent, black or brown
kid, black or brown calf,
have designed oxfords built
on pleasing, comfortable
lines. Priced, a pair
$7.60 to $12.50
Conveniently equipped
with five wood-bottom draw.
rr, a spacious hat bo, shoe
tun, right coat hangrrt,
three drrat hanttr and one
scarf hancer,
Priced at
Striped Outing Flannel
Vi' 1 IV2C
Si-inch outing (luiiHcl in itripcd i!ctgm f pink,
blue, or light gra, IhU i an rxci'lUnt nuabty,
heavy in Wright and t ""it ftiuh,
' N V l rM Cl4r
.. R.4 IW . tla
Toilet Goods Specials
Beeeham's Toilet Preparations
have gained the approval of discrimi
nating women.
necham't Auto Cleansing Cream,
Lady Teasel Wonder Cream, $2.00.
Udy Teasel Face Powder. $1.00.
Are three of the most frequently
used. Heeihaiu's special representa
tive will tell you of the many others.
ht Oiw Pt ! Mhi tlMf
Special : Hair Brushes.
Vni'ilii'i' piiliil uuha of l tie hair bruihei
enabb'a n t wfftr thi-ni 'aiu foi' hatuida), Piirf
bint ti. t and tl-rovv bruihee wh tlimiy, natural
ebony and n bola backs, iVr Saturday, ft. IS,
Hour Sales
A 5l for Every Hour
i h 10 A. M.
Women's Pumps
Three tylei In black A er
patent leather. Corered Cuban
and Louie heeU. Broken tliee,
Limit of two pain.
Rurfwa-rVatfc DvaUJre Sire
10 to 11 A.M.
Japanese Pongee
Yard 89c
33-lneh, 12-momie, first jut-
Ity genuine Japanene pongee in
natural color. Heel for firep
erlet, rlreuei, lingerie.
SHrfni-huk Afrni Vtfr
II A. M. to 12 M.
36-Inch Voile
Yard 15c
36-inch woven it ripe and
plaid eoije, one f the irmon'i
most popular fabriee. In a wide
range of colon.
urfWf'NMh Dnratulr Stare
12 to I Noon
Women's Sailor
Mad of hatter'i pluth or
Zebeline in many attractive.
tylei. Colore are brown, black
and navy, Special.
urftM-Nfk lUr4 Flttr
to 2 P. M.
Women's Hose
Kirnt quality pure thread
eillc hone, full fashioned. Re
inforced feet, carter tops.
Black, brown, navy, gray.
BurfMi-Muk Miia Flr
2 to 3 P. A.
Men's Ties
35c 3 for
An exceptional value in four-
in-hand tie. Wide range of
patterns and colon that men
like to wear.
BifrfMi-NuMia FImt
3 to 4 P. A.
Wash Suits
Kach 69c
Roy' luita of madrai and
percale. Two pieee and com
bination style. Tlain white or
trimmed in re lore. Sltei 3 to I,
Bur-K Ptlii iw
4 to 3 P. M,
Turkish Towels
Kach 18cs
:0i40 and liSlnch eiie
Turaieh tU, lain hli.
some ita blue berdere. Very
trpt,on ii, each, S,
Iimi VhUImmI ftM
j ri r, st,
Luces Insertions
Yard 5c
Kn tiirttl Ue in !
a4 uriiii There are
rerlir li leierel vidtke.
rrie4 . )d. If,