The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, August 25, 1922, Page 3, Image 3

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    For Mrs, Nelson.
Mn l.aird Nelson of Kanst City,
tijirrly i'( Omaha, who i vintm
inrudi an rrlamrt in th. city, ha
l.rrn honor guest at many aflair
s tu c lirr arrival. Mrt. (.'harlr Verity
Ka' a incrtie and iMinitnititf party
in hrr honor Tuesday at Carter Lake,
the Hlowintjf 'Ihursdsy altrrn'in
Mr I. Will Nevonni entertained in
formally for Mrt, Nrlson; Mr. Fnnl
J'rttck gave lutx hrnn Friday it hrr
hoin. and Mr. Ague llarri'Mi en
trrtinned a( supper .unilay. Mrs G.
I.. Trary euterta.neil at IimIki"'
lunrl.r'in Wednesday Slid Mrs. l,r
veille DUon gave S n'rlock
Thursdjy tor Mrs. Nelson, tsho
Iravri (or hrr hnme Satyrday,
Sets Wsddinf Dats.
Tin wedding n( Mitt Lurilif Kly
and Mr Willard J, Orr will take
place Wednesday fvrninif. Srptrro.
irr ft It will he celebrated ft the
4 rntrrfl I'tiitH I'rrsriytrrian church
at H o'rlork.
'Hie Krv. Paul Calhoun will trr
fotni the irrrmnny, A wedding re
rrptiou will follow the ceremony at
the hme l the bride't aunt, Mrs.
). i;. i)M
Picnic for Ea Service Men.
Council liltitT American l.rjjinn
atiMlury will ruterteili ex srrvirt
turn from the lirllevtir Vocational
M'hul at a ('kmc Sunday at Lake
Manama, Spciial rart have hrrn
ilurtrred to transport the inrri from
Jifllrvue to the lake.
Country Clubs
At the Field Club.
Mr. W'.'ll. Huff riiUitiinrd eiht
(.'iieti at luncheon ThurUy at the
Field rluh and Mr. OorKf V.
font had five. Mr. F.. V, Arnold
ha made rcervation for ix xuet
fur Fridav luncheon and Mr. I'.. 1',
lioycr will enfrtain ev-n Fridav.
Mr. J. K. Hainhart will entertain 17
fcucsf for the rnatinrc danre Friday.
Happy Hollow Club.
Mr. K. I'M Oder entertained 14
Ructti at luiu liron Thumday at the
Happy Hollow cluh; Mr. C, C,
llelden had ; Mr, (jiiy Adamn, 4;
Mi Naon, 4, and Mr.
Thonu I ill, 4.
A J Jutt h treat luncheon Thursday
a ccmpoc4 of Mrwlanie W. K,
J?hoadr, Simeon Jour, L, M. Tal
niadge and Joseph i'ulcar.
At the Country Club.
Mr., Herman Kountze entertained
eight jtuftt at luncheon Thursday at
the Country club, and Mr. J. V.
Flack had tight Kct.
Auta View Ret.
W. M. Clark entertained three
guet for dinner W'edncuday at Au
to View !ei,t; J. T. Zimmerman had
right. Thursday evcniiiK Harry
Menold had reservation for ix.
Poke bonnet in natural traw are
much worn w;th midsummer organ
die frock.
Wo are offering; aome wonderful bargains in new and ukc1 intrtf
mrnts this week. Every one ia guaranteed and the used one have
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case they are absolutely aa good as new and the prices and the
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Uuys a brand new Irving
Upright in mahogany or
oak. Guaranteed for 10
years. Complete with
utool, ncarf and FREE
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real bargain.
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"' 1 ,"5H
r m
in ?r 51
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.tuM,jr sa MmII
5tr a . , .
Kortim) ,,,,,,,
HI 15.00
n io.oo
Terms on the shove, ft.OO to $2.00 per week
If you live outside of Omaha
Omaha bargain prices,
Aa, , . .
I a t .4 Iks I
t,.-a Kia tk kHl
I .- ,, tm I ln
ITM tS W Dod SL. . OrttstU
A on l""n Tuesday to Mr
and Mr. Juhn llcefry,
Dr. W. W. Iavlawl family hv
returned from the Minnesota lakri, J
11 in Mariiarrt Kellngg returned
Wednesday from vnit in Corning,
Mr. and Mrt. Joe Curry of Corning,
la., are trn!nig a frw !) i'lt Mr,
and Mn. William KiIIokk.
Mrs. Mark l.v.i:-,'i, lm lui lrn
visiting hrr sister in Srat'l". Wah.,
i e peeled home about September
A daughter wai turn TlwrsJay to
Mr. and Mr. ( enl K. William t
.St. hospital. Mr. William
a formerly Mis Anna Anhrurrr.
A ilaiiglitrr, Mary Clare, wa horn
Thursday at Si. Joseph hospital to
Dr. and Charlei V. limb. Mr. H
rult w formerly Mil Km Mo
Mr. Fred Clarke and daughter,
; , . , , . i tt-.aJl
Mr. I.loyd Smith, Murnrd Wt4
neday morning from Kurope where
they have been traveling inre
June IS.
Mr. Karl W. Atkinion will ai
for Imloii, F.ngland, in September,
where he will reide, Mr. Atfcifnon
will join her in tendon after fettling
hi huiine affair hrre.
Mi Itelle IMim ha returned from
a motor trip to Kte I'ark, Colo.,
where he viMterl her iter, wr.
I'rjnL I'.ntiiM and Mr. I'.riKK of
Sutherland. Neb., who are iprnding
irveral werk at Kte.
Dr. and Mr. 1 . F. Tulver and
daughter. Mary Irene, and Jane;
Mr and Mr. C. M. Fuhrr, Mr. and
Mr. II, W. Vendland and ton I'ren
tice, will return Friday by motor
from everal week pent at Mmne
ota resort.
Mi Verda William ha relurned
from a motor trip to Jlellefontaine,
(). She via arcompamcl home iy
her iter, Mr. Ralph A. Fiher, and
Mr. FUIer' children, Ralph and
Martha, who have rome here to re
side with Mis William.
A. H. Xabstedt ha rclurnrd from
a three-weeks' motor trip to !)e
Moine and Davenport, la. Mr.
Nabstedt will remain in Pr Moine
a week loneer vifcitmg tier iter,
Mr. Harry I'urvi. who wa her
guot during J iily
Mm. Fdward Frtrrion anil chil
dren, Robert and Fllcn, and Mi
Neva Barne of JJe Moine, la., re
turned Wednesday from a nine
week' motor trip to Salt Lake City.
Yellowstone park, Lo Angelc and
other western point. They drove
nearly 7, WO mile. Mis Uarnr left
Thursday for htr home in De
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latatss Ms. rts ml a v
fmt auk. k.L
Iks ISIS Pt4 S a. I ,
My Marriage Problems
AdcU Garrison.
tCvrmaat :t
The Way Junior Banished Madge's
It wai one thing 10 be elatej orr
n v t.ahv irrlerrnce oi me to hi
m.niliimihrr it was amilhrr to be
tray the conwifusnr tf my tri
umph. Rrndr there wai the '
riplme of my little lad to be ton
Mdrrrd. I Vntw that , be mul be
taught deference to hi elder, 0
reluctantly I mine my voice nern a
I pulled hi clinging hand y
Iroin inv neik.
"luiuiir. tlut wa a tuunhiy thing
to av to araudmother. l) l' her
now, nicely, and tell her you do aut
her, and that you are orry you poke
(hat Wkv."
lit uut hi flighted hand behind
him and faced me with a funny htlle
air of defiance, distinctly uggeitivc
of a milled bantam rooster.
uormer not aorryi ion i wani
nan ,,, W4n, y, ,,, w,,
'Uooner not orryl Don! want
daddy, don't want anybody. Uooner
diin iiownstair to lane.
Strangely enough, hi grandmother
bad not interrupted my admonition
to the child. 1 guested that secretly
she hud hoped my appeal would tend
her beloved Richard Second into her
arm. Rut at hi funny little speech
she turned to me with a gesture
which washed hrr hand of me for at
leat a quarter of a century to come.
I hope you re aatislied. Mar
garrt," she began in the phraseology
so familiar to my ears, "now that
you've gotten him all worked up in
to a temper. Indeed, 1 think the
child ha made a wise selection a
long a you've managed to prejudice
nun against in lamer ana me. nan
a Katie is, I don't think she'll work
on the child' feeling hv threatening
to leave him. I should think after
that awful lime when we nearly lost you'd"
Her reference to that agonizing
nightmare was the last straw, i took
a step toward hrr, and 1 suppose my
fare must have been drained of
color, for she stopped talking abrupt
ly and looked at me with widened
"Mother. I said slowly, feeling for
every word, for fear I should not be
able to control the anger rising in
me. "I must ak you to leave my
"Why. Maragaret. you're hysteri
The next instant she had sone into
the corridor, and I locked the door
after her. Then I threw myself on
the bed, relaxing suoinclv from the
control I had put upon myiclf.
A Natural Weaknets.
Without knowinsr it the had
touched lipon a parental problem
which had been occunvinir mv mind
for teveral week. My little lad i
just at the age when habit of obedi
ence and control or of their onnosinir
qualities arc most easily formed. Rut
I wa guiltily consciou of the fact
that for month I had allowed him
to have hi own way with practically
no discipline whatever.
It wan criminal weaknes. i often
had told myself, for I alway have
scored mother who jeopardized the
character-building of their children
because of a entimental reluctance
to subject them to judiciou disci
pline. Rut after the awful exoerience
of hi kidnaping, when for day I
had not known whether he wa living
or dead, I never had been able to do
anything worth mentioning in oppos
ing nis oaoy tyranny, for the tirst
suspicion of tear in hi big eye
wa enough to bring me to surrender.
For hi grandmothers take to e-
cure his deference to her I had
spoken to him sternly for the first
time since he had been so nearly lost
to me. And my reward had been to
have her accuse me of heartless for
getfulnes of the experience so in
delibly engraved on my mcmoryl
I he self-control for which I had
battled while my mother-in-law was
talking vanished as my imagination
went back to the dreaded time she
had recalled, and I succumbed to the
Problems That Perplex
Answered bf
.Study anil Crow.
Dear Mine l'alrfax: My mother
became nick during my freshman
year In Iilnh school, and aa I was
tho only Klrl in a then larpi" family
I l-f t achool to help out. Was un
ahln to return, so my cl.iss gradu
ntd without me. Iireanis of a buBi
ne t mining faded Into uothingne,
I am now koIiik on 26.
Have long wanted tn take up
r.ui'Nlnir, but my l ick of high srhool
training l ngainat me, a It lit very
hard to get Into a good hospltnl
without one. Have bun engiiKed to
be murrled for n year, but lo not
fuel aa thmnth I want to gel married
until 1 have been out a. little "un
my own " Will you pleawe rrlve nie
your viewpoint? liltATKKI.'I
Van are not eipilpprd to go out
Into the world and do Ihe sort of
work of whl h you ilrmm. Itut you
ire eoulpiird to iMudy and glow.
Hon I yoti
home of y
think that Uv and
ur n will nturv you,'
I hV Shuiild vou srrnpe alter the put eerVlr ven ir oil like her Into
I of fold at the end of Hie rainbow j oiir home ss.un And on the . ore
hfii love I waiting to snard,"' liundllns Ihe luii, ) hi ned lrrsl
no t protert yoiif No one run nnjeid Why Sul ronsult a lawyer? It
iaa luine, and all the romantic I 'H worili your wlilln t find ihe
j )it.srtln you hve toward a career riahl method of pro'eiting voor
jiiitaht be endrt) with your liret at-j Uauahler. Iin't repr-uii h her linn't
lempt at work Try In l.-rn bow lu.- "''! he. Just da all in your power
run home IntviitarnUy Thel In J to help hr,
Itself I is fine t arter, end otl will j
f.ii.l the pruhlem if adtuetmenl lo
i riarrUe aiid t.i mekine a tu.
o( uur h'isl en.1 ll'e lntiorlnl I
a ihe seemingly ihriittna siertic
of ' belli on ue fn" II, iisi
U u believe tbl atot feel eat. 1
f.e.l l Sle t bl it ir hits-
betid, soit'il bnr a" cut and ,rj
rtn.oe ihen itienv IU a fcfiKia
tbti 4 are itn uu 'ir ftnlm
aid ) Hni t'r man
Wbnf Hull rt.
IT,. 1. w W
. nMr !. e IK ee ul t mar
fi-i e ,04,y eeSks i ;
! . siiSni.t n. i ishhI r l' .1 nf
I,., I ih. Stun e IKel lime, eel
it, t I.. ),e t I !'' lite h .. I H
t.,, e i f k n. .'
Kit... i.Hir . r k I . il of she
bs SH 1'l.iKI :4 ! br t .
end ifc.n t ii fc i, 4 hi..'.4
si Ifnw I. ii s she u!4 si4 i
lit iio "ie 1 br siMitt ssi
Ike his ln a.iioe - li
New Phue o(
tear which I always have mentally
despised, even although I sometime
am weak enough to yield to thrni.
There wa t ru.h, a scramble, and
my little lad precipitated . hiimcll
u;on me, tugging frantically at my
lira I bunrd in the pillow,
"Pleats Don't Kyi"
"Mammal Mamma!" he pleaded.
"Don't ky, Uooner will be dod.
Seel Me not naughty any more.
I'lease don't ky!"
Jli von held a frightened tremolo
which told me that he wa rut lie
terg of tror htme!f, and that
knowledge quickly brought me up.
right with my arm close around
"Look st mother, weetheart,H I
reassured bun. bcel She's not cry
ing any more.''
lie eyed me gravely,
If Dooner bad boy, Mamma ky,"
be said at last with the air of one who
has lust (ulvrd difficult algebraic
proble. "If Dooner dood boy, Mam
ma laugh and km Dooner."
I fulnllrd hi prediction promptly.
It wa too good an opportunity to
lose, although 1 knew child psycholo
gist would frown sternly upon me
"Ves, darling," I said miing down
at hi adoring little face, "whrn
you're naughty you make mother
cry, but when you're good she's very
'Dooner be dood boy," he reiter
ated. "Me go down tell Danne me
And a I gave him another bug I
reflected with whimsical dismay, that
though I always had prided myself
upon never using the feminine wea
pon of tear wiih Dicky it would be
a great temptation not to wield it in
the management of hi small son,
PY -
it ii
A Clinking and a Clanking.
"Kphraim! Ephraim!" cried Mr.
Eear. "Wake tip! There's a terrible
sound outside!"
"Go 'way I Leave me alone!" he
growled sleepily.
Don t you - hear that dreadful
noise.' Mr. Rear asked him.
He listened for a moment: then he
sprang up quickly. ',
xoud belter tten out at once and
see what it is," he suggested. "I-er-
Will Ms nd to H on sm onea.
tontfar?" M gap4
it' hard for me to walk, for I cut my
foot today."
i0 Mrs. Bear hurried to the door.
Somewhere off in the- woods wa a
strange clink, clatter, clash. And the
sounds were growing louder every
'It's coming straight toward our
den. F.phraim!" she called.
Dont let it come insider cried
of this, and becauxe of some Influ
ence he exert over her, aha has
ngiiln returned to him. Now he nun
her living with him In the some
room with another couple, and I am
fenrlnir that h may be trying to
lend her Into wrong wnya, 11 In
niraln out of work and she wishes- to
come back to me. What I ahould
like to know I this: Do you think
I ought to take her bnek, or should
I let her remain with this formor
tniMij.inil of her In order to learn
her a lesmin? And what steps enn
l lane in rum pel htm to lenve her
Un If I do take her back? lie Is
not of a fine tvpe, but la dlehonest
and liny In fuel, bna quire Ihe ap.
Iienranee of a rosvdv. . MHH. ('.
It might l a ntl lessen fur you!
to lt your dnughter remain with
limn of whoa enarnrter you have:
such rav dimbta licit, unlesa you
ran inak the girl riliae how she
' throwing her life away on this
man, vuu Hunt ! doing her much
Rend This
Tt te a aiti wse i )l
Sseetlskl welSsie Wk.e ti l.lll
s'i.Mk ese asie lltt .. I
' 1 1 tet shi
'met ihi
(ilea ISsa i.a ks
t ! (,tt4
a eeiiiMM !
!, ) l Iklt
u. tksee
Ike , . t
te tie il4
ke OmI lam-m 1 .
i',t., V' .
Ul. I'. 1 lUlli
L ii , r.
SSI s Hit! be
etlMiee I U l a (Ve
to as a ii'm ea I
k i k4 1
ttiMel, Sil m' I"'
kaarae I h T.Mel s
is 4 eeir iiimi ee 14 I l
t ai.i ns.k i .
ebk-eaiy ael ss Mi4j i.
,. Se Sue Siw). eSAt-., ..-I lh.
. Many affairs ate being given for
Mi" Margaret Joy of Marshall,
Mich., who is visiting Mr. William
R. Wood.
Mn. V.. 1'. P.oycr will entertairv St
luncheon on I rivlay at the Held club
for this attractive visitor. Mrt.
Marshall Walker of New Yoik, who
U visiting her mother, Mr, A. D.
Merriott, will share honor with Mis
London policewomen pas through
rigid physical examination before
they are admitted to the force. They
wear blue uniform of the same
cloth a the men and helmets re
sembling in shape those worn bv
the "bobbin."
Mr. Rear. "It' a pity I can't help
you. Rut my foot's so sore I can't
ttep on it."
And then he heard Mr,' Rear ay,
"Cuffyl You poor child! What ha
happened to yoi) '!''
Then Mr. Rear came rushing out.
IU seemed to have forgotten about
hi injury.
"You've frightened your mother,"
he roared, "What do you mean by
making such an unearthly racket?"
' "Don't scold him, Kphraim!" Mrs.
Dear begged. "The poor dear's foot Is
caught in a trap. Didn't you hear the
chain dragging behind him?"
"Come inside," said Mr. Bear gruf
fly. And Cuffy limped into the den
behind hi father.
' "I stepped into this Pcar trap
down in the pasture," he moaned.
"Will you have to cut my leg off?"
9lei t (,
til to
tVlhseb t..,
P fc.
Jffl liifiKlusiiessIa
ml .
1 1 M
He had heard terrible ta!r about
bear trap and how cvir must r.evrr,
iirsrr step into Jiein.
"Lie down!" ad Mr. Hca. "Now
vou tit on him!" h ilrekird Mr.
l.uify groaned a hi mother
nbeed. She wa almost a big a hi
father and it she sat on you, )oii
wouldn't jhiuk it any joke.
Mr. Rear then srurj the trap and
gave it a mighty pull,
"Oh! Oof! Ou.h!" Cuff Mrked.
"Are you cutting my foot off"
He oon saw that hi father had
simply pulled the trap off hi ((
ft had rioted upon only one toe, any
how, And when Cuffy found that be
still had all 1ii !rg and feet, too
he began to feel better. He would
have breathed a ilgll of relief had he
bren able to. Rut In mother mil tat
on him, making it very bard for hint
to bteathe at all.
''Will ma nerd to tit on me much
longer?" he gasped.
"1 drilare, I was o upset I hardly
knew what I wa doing," she said.
"You poor lambkin I It' bad enough
to be taught in a great big bear trap
without having your mother it on
you a oon a you yet home," Then
she brgan to pet Cuffy and tell liiin
what good child he wa.
All this snuggling displeased Mr.
Resr. To tell the truth, he did not
like to have hi nap disturbed, Re
side, the strange noise had scared
him. Private'ly, he thought Cuffy de
served nothing better than a spank
ing. "That' no Rear trap." he told
Cuffy. 'lt' a woodchuck trap. And
the next time you come borne with
one, don't fail to bring a woodchuck
inside it!"
rpyrlM. ISiJ )
Prayer Each Day
l..t nor in rum In your mortal bmiy.
limn. .!?.
Our Heavenly Father, we thank
Thee for Thy mercies to us in the
past, and for Thy watchcare over u
during the night. A we stand upon
the threshold of a new day, we look
to Thee for help and guidance. "We
need Thy presence every passing
Make us ttre'V to resist tempta
tion, and give us courage in all
What will
Good Housekeeping
New Fall
m i
V '
$24.50 to $35 Values
$9.75 to
14 RO New Sperl Model
Fall and YYintee Coets
Ntw Fall Wool
)2S and $39.50 Val.
X U Cor, Itilh ttiul
tl-mg, to do Thy Holy Will. Open
our eye itut we may see every (
poriiuuiy lor trrving Thff and serv
ing our Irllowmru. Iltlp u o to
I've as to fomiiiriid the rclitiinn and
service of Christ to all about us,
t.nalile us to live ' lives that tie hid
wed l In 1. 1 m God" Mav vv daily
grow m grace and in the knowledge
of our I oid and Savior, Jesus I brut.
Rriurmlrr with tit ail for whom
we should ptay the tick, the sor
rowing, the distressed and the
needv. Rles all effort put forth
for the extension of Thy Kingdom,
snd hasten the diy when sll men
shall love and serve Thee.
Graciously forgive all that Thou
bast seen amis in our lives, Supply
all our nerd according to 'Iby riJe
in glory,
Rlrss id and make u a blrsting to
others, we ask in Christ's name.
l unula. N i.
G)mmon Sense
Are You "Coodnatured" to Fault.
There is uch a thing a being loo
gooduatureil, so that you really do
not try to improve in your failure,
which are so exasperating to othrr.
You laugh at your unfortunate ex
perience, and feel complimented
when other say that they with they
had your good nature.
Rut instead of good nature, is it
not laaiiie and mditferrnce a to
results, due to your efforts?
You hate to apply yourself; would
rather be mediocre.
This may apply to any game you !
play, or it may apply to any senou
stiidy you start, or to making your
Is it not true tlut f hroiiahout vour
f life you have chosen to expend a lit
tle energy, physical or mental, a
You have managed to get along so
far, but what of the future?
You cannot go on indefinitely, good
naturedly, as some call it, thinking
and saying that it doe not matter.
It should matter to you enough to
make you put your best eifort fofth
to turn failure into success, and be
a hundred per tent man or woman
instead j( a good-natured piece of
fOipyrlaht, li:s )
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Douglas Mrccta
Fashion Notes.
Jeweled twit buik'.rt IJ wrar en
white leather sport belt are new.
i ape dl union titit are liiinmr I
wiih fur collar ln-avy silk
Raihitig rape inanh the l
jersey imi tie shown in a'l cuiln
nation of rotors,
Here' AV u You'll
Ik Intended In
We havo just re
ceive a shipment
of this Fall'
They are tailored by
men alonsr mannish
lines. They are fash
ionably correct for
outdoor, street and
sports wear.
Dependable fabric,
authentic designing
and perfection in
tailoring are Ihe
three reasons why
Tweed-O-Wool Suits
and Coats have won
an enviable place in
the fashionable
woman's wardrobe.
Twecd-O-Wool fab
ric is woven express
ly for manufacturers
of Tweed - O-Wool
Suits. It is uaed ln
every garment they
make. Ask to see
these smart gar
ments; you will be
delighted with their
quality and agree
ably surprised at
Moderate Prices
Wilcox & Allen
Northeast Corner
17tb and Harnay
New Fall
$49.50 to $69.50 Val.
$23.75 to
New Trieoliet Dresses toil Polret
TwilL Worth two and three
timet thi oris
i te) rtik Cess, krt eeile.,
se sl-4 o4 lltt Sit ess
ptMek, (ms hm seltest eM
i"i ti t f MH
rWstj Ceelt, aat t4
toll, te e st tat It
le Meet,
ID to I
OtW, si
lf ttssel
t 'm s sua s ler r. ! -
I . .t. t in s. ui m.i j
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s ' 'kwemt Is a I
iHs VI It tsMles, IS) tHj HM