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Tulsa Trounces Omaha in Double-Header George Boehler Wins Both Games
Buffaloes Lose
First Contest
After 10 Innings
Herd Outliiti Indian, Hut
That' All Savage. Cop
Roth ly 8-7 ami
7-2 Srorri.
Tula. Okl., Aug. 6. Tulta de
feated Omaha twice today, 8 to 7 in
10 innings inj 7 to 2 in seven.
Boehler wai credited with both rif
tntiei, making him 27 for the if a son.
He went in in the 10th inning of me
first same, which was t thriller, and
held the BufTaloei tafe all the way
in the second.. Score, first game!
Ural gum I
(.l.taeoa. tb ,.
Itatee, rf
I.rantham. lb ,
Manueh, rf . ...
(.riffla. If
Herman, lb . ..
IVIIras. aa
Horneer. 4)
Tipple, p
Ofcrle. p
( ( flndef fer, p
4 11
l a
Tctele 44 1 ISill
flatted far Tlppla In eighth.
eat whea winning rua wna scored.
A iff rv. wit
Bennett, If . . .
Thompaon, lb
Iiavle, rf
Jamb, cf
Lrllvelt. lb ..
Ha urn an. 2b , ,
Stuart, aa ....
Reaeell, p ....
lloehler. p ...
MniitonU ....
10 0 0
l a l
S 5
1 It
1 4 0
a a a
l a a
o a
0 o t
1 o e
Total aa a it ao is a
Han for Mrfllnnle tn ninth.
Hatted, for Huesell la ninth.
'gcor by In nla n I -Omaha
! 00 00 0 "
sio ooo 001 l-a
Nummary Earned runt Omaha, 7
Tulsa, 7. Left on bases: Omaha, 111
Tulsa, P. Two-Kane hltal Bates, Spencer,
Lamb, Stuart (t), Bennett. Home ran.!
l,amh. Lclivelt. Stuart, Hannah. Maerlfie
hMt Hanman. Rase on ball.: Off Kuaaell,
It off Tipple, 4 off Okrle, It off Coffin
daffrr, 1. Struck out! By Russell. S by
Tipple, St by rofnndaffer, a. Hit by
E Itched ball: Wilcox, by R used I. Ram and
! nff Tlnnle. A and a In 7 Inntnget off
Okrle, 0 and 0 In 0 limine: off Russell, 7
and 13 In a Innings. Winning pitcher:
Rockier. Pasaed ball! Spencer. I'mplres:
Holme and Crosby. Tina of game: 2:15.
Second gam.
AD.R. H. PO.A.K.
fiblason. tb ..A 4 1 t 0 0
Rate, lb a
(irantham, Sb a
llanuab, ef . ...S
Griffin, If S
l o
o a
o o
0 o
a l
1 o
o o
a o
Herman, rf
UIIcot. aa 3
Kpeneer, ,
Tfcall-v i
...3 O
...0 o
Okrle. s 8
Total - 2 9 18 91
AB.R. H. PO.A.K.
Bennett, If . . .
Thompaon, 8b
Ilavl. rf
Lamb, cf
Lrllvelt, lb ....
Hanman, tb ...
Stuart, a
rreabr, a
Boehler, p
1 o
a l
a a
l l
o o
0 0
o a
o o
Total 88 7 7 18 8 0
Scot by lnnlnga
Omaha ,
lata .'
.100 000 11
.800 400 17
(Seren Inninga.)
, Summary Earned rum! Omaha. Ji Tul
La, . lft on laie: Omaha: 4; Tulaa 8.
Homo runat Dal, Lamb. Stolen bate:
t.Nlnaon. Bane on ball: Off Wnlley. 1;
off Okrle, 4. Struck out : By .Okrle, 1.
Ran and hltn: Off Palley, 8 and 8 In 1-8.
Itoeing pitcher: Dallcy. Double playn:
DaTla to Stoart to Thompaon. Lmplren:
Ormsbr and Holme. Time! 1:20.
Wray Brown Wins
. Interstate Honors
Sioux City, la., Aug. 6. (Special
Telegram.) Youth triumphed over
age in the interstate tennis tourna
ment on the Shore Acre courts
Saturday when Ray Brown, Mis
souri valley champion, defeated John
Barton, South Dakota, racquet title
holder, in three straight sets, 6-2,
6-3, 6-0.
Brown, tha captain of the Wash
ington U tennis squad, -who started
his racquet career on the St. Louis
muny courts, was never in danger,
although hia 45-year-old opponent
took the first game of the match
from Brown's service.
The St. Louis youngster defeated
Bartdn at his own game, namely,
driving from the back court with un
failing accuracy. But Brown took
advantage of the slow, wet court by
chopping and cutting every ball. 1 he
Dakota player depended on his
Brown had little trouble with Bar
ton' easy service, which he shoots
over for position and not for speed.
Brown speeded up after the first
game and took the next three, only
to let Barton take another game be
fore he completed the set.
"I'm ready to meet Ralph Powell
at any time," said Brown this after
noon. "I'm willing to hear from
Guy Williams now. It would make
a great match,' all right."
Carl Meyers and Joe Jackson ot
Kansaa City lost the feature doubles
match of the meet in the semi-finals
to Hitchison and Johnson of Minne
sota. 6-8, 6-1, 1-6, 6-2, 6-4. The lat
ter meet the two Brown brothers,
who won from Barton and Hanson
of Sioux Falls, 6-3, 6-1, 6-4.
"Fop" Geers Will
Drive Sanardo at
Mississippi Fair
Davenpart, la., Aug. 6.-The
first appearance in the west this
year, and the first appearance off
the Grand Circuit for many and
many a year of Ed (Pop).
world-famous veteran of the turt
will be at the Mississippi Valley
fair and exposition here August
14-19, when "the grand old man of
tlwejrack" will drive Sanardo in a
special match race against Johnny
This race will take place on Wed
nesday, August 16, and will be but
one f the daily appearances of
Pop Geera on the racing program.
He is bringing a stable of an even
dozen fast steppers from Toledo a
Grand Circuit meeting, and wUI
drive in practically every harness
ce during the week.
Turn In Best Cards at Golf
Left Fred Vette. I'pper right, Jack
Fred Vette. youthful golfer of the
Omaha Field club and Jack Hughes,
also of the Field clug, veterans of
several tournaments, tied for low
score in the final round of the an
nual city golf tourney at the Happy
Hollow course yesterday. Each
turned in a score of 330 for the 72
Ruf Wins Class" A" Shoot at Gun
Club in Sh'oot -
Joe Dawson Places First in
Doubles Event With
Score of 22.
Tie scores were in order at the
regular Sunday shoot at the Omaha
Gun club grounds yesterday after
noon, no less than two divisions of
the trophy shoot ending in tie counts.
In the Class "A" shoot, L. J. Ruf
and Thorpe each broke 49 out of SO
bluerocks. However, in the shoot
off Ruf got rough with the targets
and smashed 48, while the best
Thorpe could do mith his gun was to
break 47.
The Class "B" shoot ended in a
tie, which was not shot off. "Pete"
Simpson and "Vierling each scored
46 hits out of SO chances. In Class
C" Reasoner won with 42 out f
SO targets.
Joe Dawson placed first in the
doubles event, Joe plucking off 22
targets out of the 12 pairs hurled
from the trap. Bruce Thorpe ranked
second with 21, while L. J. Ruf got
an even 20.
Results of the trophy and handi
cap shoots follow: '
( All contestants shot at 50 targgts):
Ruf, 49; Thorpe. 4: Dawson, 27; McDon
ald, 47; Jeep, 47; Simpson, 46; Vierling,
46; Moore, 45; Myer, 44; McCaffrey, 43;
McNamara, .43; Reasoner, 42; Furry, 42;
Johnaaon, 40; Sanders, 39; Otto, 33;.
Handicap shoot (All contestants snot at
25 targets); Thorje, 24; McCaffrey, 21;
Johnason, 17; Sanders, 17; Vierling, IS;
Reasoner, 9.
A registered target shoot of 10O1
targets will be on the program at the
... . . . T
club next Sunday, weather condi
tions permitting. k
Thirty Rounds of
Boxing at Fremont
Thirty rounds of boxing are on the
program to be staged at Fremont
Wednesday night by the Modern
Woodmen of . America, Fremont
In the main event, Sid Sokyn of
Lincoln and "Young" Goldie -of
Denver meet in a 10-round mill,
while "Hap" Malone of Omaha and
"Battling" Strayer of Lincoln meet in
the semiwindup, an eight-round af
fair. Gorilla Jones of Sioux City and
Jack Taylor are on the program,
while Young Roscoe and "Jinks,"
Baier meet in the opener. t
Q. What is the rule In the following
case: In a medal qualifying round a
player drives over a bill. Coming up be
finds a ball that he takes to be his own.
and on his second stroke plays It out of
bounds. He drops another with which
he plays out the hole. When the caddie
brings him the ball driven out of bounds
he finds that he made a mistake in play
ing It, as it was not his ball?
A. In a case of that kind the player I
Q. In match play, A lies seven feet
from the cup In two strokes and B two
feet away in three. A putts and his ball
stops three or four inches from the cup
opposite B'a ball. Without waiting he
putted his ball in, picked it up and started
walking off tha green. B, thinking A
meant to concede his putt for a half care
lessly hit the ball, and failed to hole,
whereupon 'A claimed the bole. Who wonT
A, I'nlraa A meant to concede B his
putt, both players are disqualified under
Rule L. special rule for match play. If
ha meant to concede tbe putt tb hole waa
halved. In view of A'a claim. It would
appear that he did not mean to concede,
bene both players are disqualified.
Q. With two balls lying less than six
Inches from each other on the putting
green, on player lifts. After replacing his
ball, he carelessly touches it with bis
putter and moves It, Is this a stroke?
A. Tea, wheat tb ball I replaced it la
gala la play.
Q. Is a player In a tournament match
allowed to have bis club professional cad
die for him?
A. Tea.
Q. Is a plsyer penalized In a medal
round if his ball rolls into the hole with
the fiacstick in position, although it does
not touch the stick?
A. There 1 s penalty of tw strokes.
If tb shot la played frosa M yard or
lea of the bale. The rale Is Intended to
keep player free playing far tb hoi
with the (tick la paettioa.
I Safe or Out
Hughe. Lower right, Illaln Young.
holes of the tournament.
Hughes and Vette will play an 18-
hole match next Sunday, probably
at the Happy Hollow clubTto decide
the winner of the city tourney. .
Blaine Young, state champion, tied
with I. W. Kedick for second place
with 331 for the 72 holes.
Off With Thorpe
1922 Football
Rules Contain
New Problems
Officials Must Be Better Than
Ever to Handle Game
This Season Many
Twelve drastic changes have been
made in the 1922 football rules.
The new rules have cut out many
objectionable features which made it
possible for teams to draw out the
games over longer time than was
necessary, by making the penalty
greater. The breaking up of the for
ward pass has apparently been made
more effective by a new change made
in the rule governing the pass.
The new rule coverinsr the forward
pass is regarded by local football
coaches as being especially import
ant. It says that there shall be rfo
interference with defense men while
the ball is in the air and puts a 15
yard penalty, with the loss of a
down also, on violations ot trie ruie.
Screened Forward Pass.
As a result of this new ruling, the
screened forward pass will be more
difficult to reel off. By the screened
pass is meant the sending of two
men down the field as if for a long
pass and the shooting of the pass to
a man behind them, the men farthest
out having taken out the safety
meantime. However, the screen pass
is bound to be tried by the coaches,
but tfle timing of the action of those
players out in front is going to make
the play fail a great many times.
Another important ruling has to
rln with the fhovine end. Creighton
university used the moving end sev
eral times last season. The rules this
year make this form of play more
difficult, all shift plays being cut out
in that the men shifting must not
only have their feet set, but must
also not have their bodies waying at
tho time the hall is oassed. If
Creighton uses the moving end this
season the player , will have to be
five yards back-of the line of scrim
mage at the time the bill is passed
or else be offside.
Duties of Referee Increased.
The rlnrir.c. of the referee have been
increased by a lot of important and
minor changes in the rules. .
For instance, a referee chooses the
men who shall hold the yard sticks.
The referee also has the right to
blow his whistle indicating a touch-'
down whenever he is convinced that
the ball has crossed or touched the
goal line or a forward pass has been
completed.. He -can, providing he
gains the consent of the captains, cut
the game short before the second
half starts, if it appears that dark
ness" will fall before the game is
Another interesting change made
is that it is not necessary for the
referee or official to notify the two
teams thre minutes before the second
half shall take up. It is up to the'
coach or captain to have his team
on the field ready for play when
the whistle blows or forfeit the op
tional choice of kickoff, goal de
fended or receiving of kick and loss
of 25 yards besides. In other words,
if a team is late getting on the field
the opposing team can choose to
force the other team to kick off from
the kicking team's 15-yard line.
Several other changes are included
in the new rule book, hut the above
read as the most important, , j
Saints Divide
Twin Bill With
Denver Bears
tt. Alt. H.
n, ph
Herat, Omaha ...
I labor, M. Jaaepb
r4, Utrblla
Maaaab. Omaha
Met, kto I tUf....
M III 44 l .4M
III el III ,114
III 41 lua a .111
10 414 ! I4S 110
St. Joseph, Mo., Aug. 6. Tbe
Saints ani the Grijilici split a
double bill here today, St. joeeph
winning the first game, 4 to 1, with
Denver taking the second. 9 to 6.
tiust ijrover pitched shutout base
ball after the first frame in the
opener, but Denver batted Bird
Maid and Mangum for a victory in
the second game.
first same:
All It O A I AH II. U A
O'nrlen. cf 4 I I ClOlaun. lb I t
Korr. ss
! 1 a 4 car dan, If 111
4 I HKiahar.rf 4 14
Hhen'y, lb
Long, rf
ilm. If
Pat'ena, lb
Csrt'ht. lb
I'erkcr, e
Vour'rs, p
III 01 itun'its, rf 411
41 S MiaVson. lb 4011
4 t Nufer. lb 4 11
4 111 S Hrowne, a I I
5 S lldrsb'skl. a 11
S 1 l Oruvsr, p 1111
Totals SS I It I
sk-cira by lnnlnaal
Total II 1ST
Denver 10 eat 1
Ml. Josspb I0 tol SOs 4
Summary Runs; Karr, Corrlden 111.
Fisher. Itonowlti. Krrors; domes. nno
wits. Ksrned runs! Danvar. 1: Mi. Joseph.
4. Ilaar en balls: (iff Urnver. I; off
Voorhire. t. Struck eut: By Orover, I; br
Voorhies, 1. Left on baaea: Henver, f; ft.
Joseph, . Two-base hits: Fisher, f'art-
weight. Home run: Hnnowlis. Macrifices:
Olsnn. Browne. Corrld.n. Htolen bases
Karr, Corrlden. Vniptrtsi Held and l'ona-
hue. Time: l:so.
gecund gam.
O'Brien, ef 4 0 S 0 Olson, lb 4 111 1
Horn If-rf S
1101 1
1 I 4; Fisher, rf
S I 4inono'lts,rf
0 lRtevens..3b
S 1 4i Nufer. lb 4
I.onf-lf S
Patter. Sb I
Kerr, sa 4
(' S
11 0 Browns, ss
Kiinuuen.a 4
1 1 OIKandler, e
Ballahurr.n 1.1 O 1 Bird. D
lfiM' Donald
Totals as 12 IT lOJHald, p
sBatted for Bird In fourth.
sBstted for llald In eighth.
3(11 IT IT
Kcore by Innings:
101 129 010
000 S00 1104
O'Brien (1), Onmcs,
St. Joseph
Summary Runs:
Shunley, Kerr (2),
cartwrignt, uison,
Corrlden, Stevenson,
Nufer, Browne (2).
Rrrors: Btevenson.
Nufer, Brown (2).
Hald. Huns and hits: Off Bird. S and T
In 4 Innings; off Hsid, 4 and S In 4 In
nings. Earned ' runs: Denver, S: St.
Joseph, S. Bass on balls: Ssllsbury, 8;
Bird, 3; Hsid, 1; Mangum, 1. Struck
out: By Salisbury. 1: by Hsid. 4. Left on
bsse: Denver, 6; 8t. Joseph, T. Wild
pitch: Salisbury. Two-base hits: Kerr,
Corrlden, Kllhullen. Three-base bits: Kerr,
Kandler. Double plays: Kerr to Stan
ley to Cartwrlght; Kandler to Nufer to
Olson; Kandler to Nufer. Sacrifice hits:
Ssllsbury, Olson. Stolen base: domes.
O'Brien, Kandler. Umpires: Donahue and
Held. Time: i:t.
Indian Win Two.
ntiiabnma fMtv Aur. (. Allen and
hoy pitched great ball today and Okla
homa City defeated Dts Moines In both
game or a aourie-neaaer, to i ana a
to 1. Error were responsible Tor two
Des Moines runs in the second game.
Score: i
Genin, cf
0 2
1 3
0 0
1 10
Pitt, rf
a s
W'ner, 2b
Tate, lb
Felber, 2b
McD'ls, lb
Long, c
Wlndle. as
Moore, cf
Allen, p
l i
0 1
s s
1 in
0 3
0 2
t 3
Horan. rf
Cham, lb
Oraney, If
T geon. ss
CTolly. 3b
Wilson, o
Lynch, p
Totals 2T T3T10
Totals 30 4 24 15
x Batted for Lynch In eighth.
Score by innings:
Des Moines 000 100 000 1
Oklahoma City 100 100 Olx 3
Summary Kuns wagner, rut tzj, mc-
Danlels. Error: Tate.
Second game:
Oenln. cf 4 17 0
2 2
W'ner. 2b
Tate, 3 b
Felber, 2b
McD'ls, lb
Fisher, c
Wlndle, s
Moore, cf
Love, p
1 3
Horan, rf
G'ham, lb
Oraney, If
C'n uy.3b
Banner, o
Cooper, p
Totals 34 T 24 8
Score by Innings:
Totals 30 10 2T I
000 000 1203
201 110 OOx S
Wagner. Graham,
Des Moines
Oklahoma City ....
Summary Runs :
Cooper. Pitt, Krueger, Tate, Moore. Er
ror: Wlndle. Two-base nits: ritt, mo-
Danlels (2), Banner, Wagner. Three-
base hits,: Graney, Windle. Sacrifice
hits: Fisher, Love. Stolen bases: Tate,
Moore. Base on talis: Love (2), Cooper
(2). Hit by pitched ball: By Cooper
(McDaniels). Struck out: By Love, 4;
by Cooper, 2. Double plays: Wlndle and
McDaniels. Left on bases: Dee Moines,
Oklahoma City, 0. Time: 1:25. um
pires: Lewi and Anderson.
Hennessy and Wesbrook
Win Doubles Tennis Title
Chicago, Aug. 6. John Hennessy
of Indianapolis and Walter Wesbrook"
of Detroit won the doubles cham
pionship in the western tennis tourna
ment today from Ralph Burdick and
liiiz Bastian ot Indianapolis, -5,
8-10, 6-1, 6-3.
Western Figures
(Including Games of Tuesday, Aug, 1.)
G. AB.
R. H.
Tulsa ....
Sioux City
St. Joseph
. .108
Oklahoma City .109
Omaha 109
Denver 108
Des Moines ....105
W. L. PO. A.
Sioux City ..60
Tulsa 65
St. Joseph .69
Wichita 6
Okla. City 4
Denver . ...38
Des Moines .,89
Omaha ..56
Individual Batting.
Player and Club. G. AB. R. H.
Hermann, Omaha . . 66 224 44 98
Manush, Omaha ..109 433 108 163
Grantham. Omaha 108 399 104 142
Burch. Omaha .... 41 a 16 19 ai
J. Griffin. Omaha 102 370
Wilcox. Omaha ....97 354
62 11
63 109
S 21
43 61
7T 121
25 66
20 44
Darrough, Omaha .. 39 72
Wilder, Omaha ......69 210
Glslason, Omaha ...105 441
Spencer, Omaha .. 16 214
O'Connor, Omaha . 49 171
Pitcher' Record.
Pitcher and Club. G.
W. L. Pet.
1 0 1000
l a iooo
1 0 1000
13 2 .867
11 2 .146
10 3 .769
3 1 .750
24 .717
10 4 .714
10 4 .714
6 1 .714
IS 1 .
11 S .118
8 4 .(IT
2 1 .6IT
S .141
S .141
12 T .131
15 S .125
13 S .(01
10 T .188
10 T .ill
18 13 .181
3 .121
12 11 .622
7 T .600
T T .500
1 1 .104
l i .loo
Steengrave, Denver 4
Donnelly, Denver 10
Mangun, St. Joseph ... .. 1
Tlple, Omaha , 24
Maun, Wichita 11
Grover, St. Joseph 21
Cooper. Des Moines ..... t
Boehler, Tulsa 43
Hsughland. Tulsa 30
Wilson, Sioux City ...... 2T
Davis. Sioux City 13
C. William. Sioux City ..39
Darrough. Omaha 34
Dalley, Omaha 16
Hald, St. Joseph I
Roettger. Sioux City ..,.37
McDonnell. Wichita ....24
Hovllk, St, Joseph ..,..31
Allen, Oklahoma City ..33
Black, Tulaa 39
Bird, St Joseph 3T
Adams, St. Joseph .'....11
Tesar, Sioux City 19
Lindberg, St. Joseph ...29
Gregory, Wichita .......28
Sellers, Wichita 19
Payne. Oklahoma City .11
Shahan, Oklahoma City. 3
UcBte, Oklahoma City .. I
w Lri i w i, tvt.
Bt J soph Tl 4 .its BafTaloea SI M .40
Tula Tl 44 .111 Okla. fur tl tl .441
us Cllf tl4l,ttl. Moiae!
Wicblta tt 11 .Uli Denver II It .111
ysalardar' aVasMll.
Tulaa, a-Tl ttaffalaaa, ?.
Oklahoma City, !; I 'a Main, -,
Hi. Joeeph 4 4; Denver, l-t.
Slav I'll at Wlihua. rata.
Tad at 'a (i asses.
narrate at Talaa.
ls Maine at Oklahoma Cltf.
Nous, my at Wiihlt.
Denver at bt. Joseph. ,
W.LMI . WLPet.
Baalric . IT II .4101 Falrbury 1111.444
Norfolk III.toii. Island 1114.111
Lincoln II 13 .ll"l Itsstlngs 10 II .III
loeterdaj' Heavlt.
Norfolk, I; Urand Island. I.
Beatrice, 14; fairbury, 1.
Lincoln, 1 Hastings. I.
Tad ay 'a tiant,
Norfolk St Palrbury.
Heatrlre at Lincoln.
No other gam scheduled.
W.L.Pct.1 W L Pel.
NawTerk l 41 .III Pittsburgh 1147. Ill
St. Lout tl 43 .Itilnronklyn 4H.O0
Chicago tl 41 .UIIFhlla, ID it .171
Cincinnati tl 10 .ttlinnstnn 31 tt .11?
seeterday's Heaulle.
Cincinnati. 4; Brooklyn, I.
Chicago. 10; New Tork, 3.
Ne other scheduled.
Today's Game.
St. I.ouis at H'xton
Cincinnati at New Tork.
Chicago at Brooklyn,
riltsburgb at Fhllsdelphls,
M Louis S3 43 .6
Clavalsnd II 14 .too
Wsah'gton 41 14 .474
Phlla. 41 to .403
New Tork S3 44 .Mr
Detroit IT 41 .11
Chicago S3 tl .110
Boston 40 14 .314
leaterday' Results.
8t. Louis. 3: Waehlngton, 4.
New Tork, It; Detroit, I.
Cleveland, 3; Boaton, 1.
Philadelphia, t; Chicago, 1.
Today' fiame.
Philadelphia at Chicago.
Boston at Cleveland.
New Tork at Detroit.
Washington at Bt. Louis.
W.L.Pct.l W.L.Pct.
St. Paul S3 40 .110 Kan. City 85 IT .411
Milwaukee tt 4 .6701 Louisville 13 5T .413
Tndlan'lla 43 4T .B Columbus 40T1.1SO
Mln'apoll 40 41 .65lToledo It 73 .lit
xeaieraay' xteraus.
T.nnlsvllle. 14; Kansas City, IS.
Milwaukee, t; Indianapolis, I.
St. Paul, s-S: Toledo, l-t.
Minneapolis. IS; Columbus, I.
Today's frame..
Ne game scheduled.
Memphis. 2-7; Mobile, 1-1.
Atlanta. 4-0: Chattanooga, l-t. (Second
gams seven Innings).
riasnviiie, 11; new urisans, i.
No other games.
Oskland, 1-1; Portland, 1-3.
Salt Laks, T-S: Los Angeles, 0-1.
Seattle, 3-4; vernon, l-o.
Timely Hitting
ef W
Wins for Phillies
Chicago. Aug. Timely hitting ly
Philadelphia won against Chicago, S to
1. making the fifth straight defeat for
the White Sox. Courtney started for the
locals and fanned five batters in tne urat
thre Innings. Then he weakened and
was hit freely. Naylor went the rout
for the Athletics and held the Sox to six
bits, thre of them in the ninth Inning.
AB.H.O.A. . AB.H.O.A
4 2
Dykes, 3b
Welch, If
3 1
I 1
4 1
4 0
S 1
4 1
3 1
3 0
M'ligan, lb
Collins, 2b
Hooper, rf
Strunk, cf
Falk, If
Sheely, lb
Sohalk, e
Taryan, s
Hodge, p
31 0,
9 1
Miller, rf
Perkins, c
Naylor, p
Totals 31 8 27 11
Totals 34 S27 I
iBatted for Courtney In eighth.
Philadelphia. 000 120 110 S
Chicago 000 000 001 1
Summary Runs: McGowan, Dykes,
Galloway (2), Perkins, Hooper. Errors:
Dvkes. Calloway (2). Three-base hit:
Calloway. Stolen bases: Mulligan, Tar'
van. Sacrifice hits: Calloway, Dykes,
Double plays: Johnson to Collins to
Sheely; Galloway to Calloway to Hauser.
Left on bases: Philadelphia, 3; Chicago,
8. Bases on balls: Off Courtney, 2; Nay
lor, 2. Struck out: By Courtney. T; by
Naylor, lj by Hodge, 1. Hits: Off Court
ney, 8 in 8; off Hodge, none In 1. Wild
pitch: . Courtney. Winning pitcher: Nay
lof. Lolng pitcher: Courtney. Umpires:
Nallln and Connolly. Time: 1:42.
Bed Beat Dodger.
Brooklyn, Aug. 6. The Cincinnati Reds
bunched all their runs In the fourth In
nlng when they knocked Burleigh Grimes
out of the box and won the final game
of the series from Brooklyn, I to 3. Dau
bert's homo run spelled the exit of the
Dodger ace. Keck was, bit freely, but
saved by sharp fielding, and especially by
Burns, cf 4 2 2 0
Olson, ss 3 2 12 4
Duncan, If 3
Harper.rf S
Fonseca,2b S
PlnellUb 4 4
1 1
Johnston,2b 4
B.Grtff., rf 4
Wheat, If
Myers, cf
High. 2b
Miller, e
Shriver, p
1 10
0 0
0 0
Keck, p
Totals 3T 13 27 14
S 0
1 0
' Totals 34 10 2T 12
zBatted for Mamaux In eighth.
sRan for Ruether In eighth.
Cincinnati ? 000 600 000 S
Brooklyn 010 000 020--3
Summary Runs: Daubert. Fonseca;
Pinelli, Caveny, Wlngo, Keck, Wheat, High,
Miller. Errors: Harper, Olson. - Two
base hits: Burns, Wlngo (2), Miller. Horn
run: Daubert. Sacrifices: Burns, Dun
can, Olson. Double plays: Fonseca, Ca
veny and Daubert (2), Miller and High.
Left on bases: Brooklyn, 6; Cincinnati 8.
Base on balls: Off Mamaux, 1; off Shriver,
1. .Struck out: By Grimes, 2; by Mamaux.
5; by Shriver, 1. Hits: Off Grimes. S In
2 2-3; off Mamaux, 4 in 4 1-3; by Sbrlver,
0 In 0. Passed ball: Miller. Losing pitch
er: Grimes. Umpires: O'Day and Ems
lie. Time: 1:40.
Jack Herman May
Get Crack at Greb
Omaba Bee Leased Wire,
New York, Aug. 6. A match be
tween Italian Jack Herman and Harry
Greb for the American light heavy
weight title hinges on the outcome
of Merman's bout with Al Roberts
at Port Richmond, Staten Island, to
morrow night. Three large outdoor
clubs have offered Herman the match,
providing he whips Roberts.
Since Het-man arrived from Italy,
about a year and a half ago, where
he won the light heavyweight and
heavyweight titles, he has compiled a
fine knockout record.
Operation Performed
on Johnny Black
' Entirely Successful
San Jose, CaL, Aug.' 6. An op
eration performed yesterday on
John Black, nationally known
golfer, was entirely successful,
his physicians announced tonight.
The operation was to reduce a
fracture near the right shoulder
joint. It now is expected the in
juries Black received in an auto
mobile accident recently will not
impair hia golfing.
You Can't
h mm .
n rf il ir
Rich Stakes on
Circuit Race Menu
Cleveland, C, Aug. 6. The
feature events on program for the
season's second Grand Circuit har
ness horse meeting, which starts at
North Randall track, Monday, Aug
ust 7, are the championship stallion
stake for 3-year-old trotters, with
an estimated value of $11,000, and
the North Randall sweepstakes, lim
ited to two one-mile dashes, a $5,
000 stake.
In addition to these events there
is the Plain Dealer stake for 2:08
class trotters, the Press stake for
2:16 class trotters and the Leader
stake for 2:08 class pacers, all $5,000
Nearly every good horse that
raced at the opening meeting of the
Grand Circuit at North Ran
dall in July will again perform at the
second meeting.
Entry returns show 337 horses
have been named and arc eligible to
start in the twenty-one events for
the five days racing, with Saturday
held as an open date in case of
postponement because of rain. In
two of the events, thirty or more
nominations have been made, and
it appears almost certain those'races
will have to be decided in two di-
Blues Hit Hard
and Beat Fairbury
Beatrice, Neb., Aug. 6. Beatrice
made a clean sweep of the series
here today, by beating Fairbury, 16
to 1. Heavy hitting by the Blues
., r-. r ir t
was me. main ieaiure. ivicrvec al
lowed onlv four hits, while Lovich
and Bittendorf were pounded for Its.
Bowman's batting was a feature.
getting five hits out of five times at
bat. Score:
Rooney, ss 3
Ferry, 3-2b4
M'D't, c-rf 3 3
Dela'ra. 2b 6 3 4
1 Klr'ner. lb 4' 2 10
0 Quinn.'ss 3 0 4
0 Bow'an, cf 5
Wlm'eh. lb S
0Mooneyi If 3
II Labarge, 3b 3
Blsacf 4
G'ln, Sb-rf 8
Cleve'd, Sb 3
Bohily, rt
5 2
linger, c
McKee, p
4 1
6 1
O'Con'or, e 1
Lovich, p 1
Blt'dorf, p 3
Totals - 38 18 2T 16
Total 30 4 24 llj
SrnrA hv tnnlnes:
Fairbury 100 000 000 1
Beatrice 115 203 Olx IS
Summary Runs: Ferry. Delaguerra,
Klrchner 12). Qulnn (2). Bowman Z)
Mooney (3), Labarge (3), Bonnelly (2),
Una-er. Errors: McDermott. Reicble, O'Con
nor. Three-base hit: Mooney. Two-base
hits: Bowmen. Delacuerra, Labarge,
Mooney. Sacrifice hits: Mooney. Labarge,
Reichle, Klrchner. Stolen bases: Bowman,
Unger. Wild pitch-: Bittenoorr. Btrucx oui;
Br Bittendorf. 3: by Lovich. 1: by McKee,
4. Bases on balls: Off Bittendorf, 2; off
Lovich, 2; off McKee, 3. Winning pitcner:
McKee. Losing pitcher: Lovich. Umpire:
Meyers. Time: 3:10.
Walter Hagen and Joe Ktrkwood have
won six straight matches on their tour of
the world and done some remarkable
playing. Perhaps the most Interesting
match In which they participated recently
was at the Youngstown (O.) Country club,
where they had as opponents Emmet
French snd W. C. Fownes, Jr.
Fownss captained the American amateur
International team and French tbe pro
fessional team which competed last year
in the matches with Greet Britain played
at - Sandwich and Heylake. They formed
a strong amateur combination and only
because Hagen did a course record were
they defeated. I and 1.
In the morning Hagen did a tt, two
strokes lower then the former record held
by French and which h equalled twice In
tb match against Hagen and Klrkwood.
At Hamilton, O,, at the Butler Country
club. Klrkwood took a turn at doing
a 66.
Hagen and Klrkwood detested Francis
Ouim-t snd Jesse Guilford. '3 and 2. at
the Engineers' club, Roslyn, Long Island,
and Klrkwood plsyed a brilliant round of
o. The engineers course is one ot tne
most difficult In the metropolitan dis
trict. The national amateur championship
was contested over it two yesrs sgo.
Hagen and Klrkwood will olay mora
than 60 matches before tb first ot No
vember, I
Even Ty Cobb
After 18 years in the baseball
woria iy cobb it leading tha Ameri
can league in batting, with an aver
age of more than .400. Hera are
gome record! he haa established:
Highest batting average, .420; life.
rune average, J 72; leading batter, 12
times; batted over .300, 17 years;
batted over ,.400, two times; has hit
consecutively in 40 games; haa made
more than 3,200 hits and stolen 96
bases in one season.
t!,,c"0!, n) Henries tey of
Indlanaoolla and Waitar Wuthb t-.
trolt will meet tomorrow for tb en men'
tiianipionsnip in tn western ten,
nla tournament aa tb result ot semi
final victories todsv.
Hennessey eliminated Walter T. Hayes,
ranking player of the Western Tennis as
sociation in three desperately fought sets.
I-, 6-3, 6-4, Westbrook defested A. L.
.".' ,'T-J -n'cgo in lour sets, 1-4,
0-4, 4-6, 6-1
Chicago. Aug. g. Mlaa Amarlea. ntuH
by Gar Wood of Detroit' u.-a ih. ,1
Lake speed boat ehampionshlp rao over
, i-vuiow ... ion mcago, ownea
by Sheldon Clark of Chicago, second. Ths
.i.i.a n no ub iiiiicb BD OOUr.
Chicago, Aug, . Vandycke, Third, an
B.vansvllle, Ind.. speed boat, attainine
speed of 37.9 miles an hour In the riv.
mil race for class 130 boats, crossed the
finish line first at the Pageant of Progress
mjs auernoon, ctoseiy followed by. Ethel
Tenth, and P. D. J., Third. Miss Ethel
naniey ot Muicstlna, la., piloted Ethel,
St. Louis. Mo.. Aug. . W. Tesner.
president of the St. Louis Chamber nf
ommerce, toaay received a letter from
Baseball Commissioner K. M Landls In
which the latter said he would suggest at
the next Joint meeting of the American
and National leagues that the final date
ror inter-ciUD exchanging or players shall
be July 1 Instead of August 1, aa now
in euecc.
Buenos Aires, Aur. S. Louis An!
Flrpo. heavyweight champion of South
America, is to meet Jim Tracer, A us
tralian champion, here on October 8,
it was announced today by Jos Agustl,
boxing promoter. The bout will be of
lb rounds with slx-ounc gloves. The pro
moters hope to arrange a match In this
city between Bill Brenan and Flrpo for
next -warcn.
Saratoga Sorlnrs. N. Y.. Anr. . Thlrtv-
eight head of thoroughbred yearlings were
sola at auction here last night for 1107,
750 an average of 13.838.42 each.
Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, owner of
the Green Tree stable, outbid a number
nf the sharpest Judges of thoroughbred
horseflesh In the country and paid the
top price, 19,600, for a yearing colt by
umar unayyam out oi Alary Aiaua.
Philadelphia, Aug. . Paul V. Costello
nf the Vesper Boat club of Philadelphia
today was crowned American amateur
champion In tha golden Jubilee national
regatta, when he beat Hilton A. Belyea
of St. John, N. B., champion of Canada,
by five feet in a grueling struggle. Cos
tello's time was 7 minutes, 27 1-5 seconds.
Walter M. Hoover, diamond sculls hero
and national champion last year, did not
defend his title, although he was present
and took part in an exhibition with Jack
Kelly, world's retired sculling champion.
MrDermott of the Fairbury club of the
Nebraska State league has advanced from
fourth place In the last week to first
place in the league batting with a per
cent of .349.
Rouse of Norfolk and Tomes of Hastings
are tied for first place in the number of
home runs.
Chicago, Aug. S. Helen Wainwright ot
New York, swimming over a two and a
quarter-mile course, today won the Chi
cago Journal's second annual river swim
rrom a field of 34 contestants. Her time
was 40 minutes and 45 seconds.
Randolph, Neb., Aug. 6. (Special.)
Harry Townsend won the city tennis
championship on the local courts by de
feating S. F. Browne, 4-6. 6-4, 6-4. S. F.
Brown and Frank Glllispie won the
doubles championship from J. L. Court
ney and N. Townsend, 6-3, 8-6.
Oakland, Ta Aur. S In the finals of
the city tennis tournament played here
yesterday, A. M. Cleveland defeated
Ralph LinSer, 11-9, 7-5.
Gothenburg, Neb., Anar. 6. (Special.)
The Gothenturg city tennis championship
was won hare by Dana E. Harper, who
defeated Otto Janssen in the finals, 6-2,
2-6. 6-4. The finals in the doubles be
tween R. Holmes,-D. Holmes and B.
Rlch-O. Swanson was postponed on ac
count of rain.
'Wood lake. Neb., Aug. S. Benjamin
H. Mickey, one of Wood Lake's most
prominent exponents of golf, has Joined
the elect ot ths game. Mr. Mickey gave
a demonstration of his prowess with the
little ball the other day, when he shot
the eighth hole In one, a distance of 169
Columbus, Neb., Aug. 6. (Special.)
Members of the Columbus Gun club held
their last practice shoot yesterday with
the Fremont gunners for the Reece
trophy, which Is slated to take place at
Fremont next Sunday. Scores out of
possible 100 were: Schroeder, 95; Nel
son, 96; Dubrava, 94: Gutzmer, 94; Kauf
man, 93; Kavanaugh. 93; Phillips, 9i
Bray, 91; Malone, 89 Gardiner, 77; Fluck"
tger, 67; Graham, 17 out of possible 25.
Norfolk, Neb., Aug. S. 1. T. McKln-
non of Norfolk defeated Frank Morgan,
champion of the Wayne Country club,
for the championship nf the Northeast
Nebraska Golf association in th finals
of the premier round ot ths annual
tournament here.
Creaton, I., Aug. S. Cleo Sari, who
Is said to be th youngest licensed rac
ing auto driver In the world, was In this
city visiting with bis brother. Harry.
Searl, who Is yet but a mere boy, has
been In the racing game for more than
two years and ha besides won purses
against the most famous experienced
drivers of today, holds several track rec
ords In various states. ,
He exnects to leave Creaton shortly for
Chicago, where he will enter the races
which start at that Place th coming
Brown Brothers
Win at Sioux City
Sioux City. Autr. 6. Wray and
Woodward Brown, brothers of St.
Louis, took the interstate doubles
championship here today defeating
M. Hutchinson of-St. latil and Les
lie Johnson of Minneapolis in three
straight sets, 8-6, 6-3, 7-5. Wray
Brown's play was the feature in all
Browns Knock
Walter Johnson
Off Mound; Win
St Louis, Aug. Tha Unions knurled
Walter Johnson off the ruttbrt and retly
defeated Waahinglnn, I i , fur their
fourth straight victory Two hi tue runs by
Tnbln, on in tha third inani aiih the
liaaea filled, and another in tile atiii
lea lured
II II ti A
4 113
U II tl A! Ucrher. ss
4 I t "I Tobln. rf
Hloa rf ,
Harris. fh
Juilsa, lb
ilo.lln, r ,
Drawer, rf
I'erkph, sa
Plmlch, e
Jnhneun, p
Hrlthart, p
aMmith ,,
(Milan ...
? Staler, lb
tl Wlllms. rf
0' J a, bsiin, If
if Mrllua. tb
llCnlllna. r
l! Austin lb
l Hhorker. p
Totals .16 1117 11
Total .,15 I 14 I1
xlintt.,1 for I'lrinirh In ninth.
x Hatted fur Brlllhcart III mnili
ETAolN.xillll.M! ST. I.Ol'IS.
Score by Innings:
Washington ml to 0104
8, Louis mi oun lot t
Summary Hum, nice, Harris 131, Oea.
Iln, Uuber, Toliin m, Mialer. Jarnbeon,
Austin, Shocker. Krrora: Shanks tl),
Ilrlllheart, Uerbar, Two baa hue. Har
ris. (Joalln. Horn runs: lioslln, Tbln.
Stolen hoses: Harris, Htsl-r. Saerlflrra:
MrManua. Double plays: Mclfsnus. Oar.
ber. Slater; Grrber, McWanua and ftleler.
Lett on baaesT Waehlngton t; rlt I.oula
Hrlllheart, I. Hits: Oft Johnson 10 in 3
l-l Innings: Hrlllheart, I In t 1-3 Inninga
Hit by pitched ball: By Hrlllheart, (Tab
In); by Shocker, (Browerl. Balk: Brill
heart. Losing pitcher: Johnson. Umpire
Dlneen and Morlarlty. Tims, 1:1. .
Indian Win In Twelfth.
Cleveland, Aug. I Cleveland took tb
first game ot the Boaton series, S to 3,
in 13 Innings. Boston failed to score after
tha first Inning, when It bunched three
hits with a paas for twa runs. Cleveland
acorad on In the asm inning, while a
home run Br speaker In the eighth tied
the count. Two base on balls and two
bunts forced In tb winning tally in the
Jamlas., It 4 1 1 0 13 3 4 ISIS t 1 1 6
Letbold. rf I 1 0 1
Mitchell, s I
Burns, lb I
1 3
I 10
I'ratt. 3 b t
Harris. If I
1 I
J.SwII.b 10 2 4
Miller, cf 4
Wood, rf S S 1 0 4 1 It I
O'Nslll. e J 1 3 1
Fewster,3b I
Water. S
Reul. e 0
Covaleski.p 4 S 4
Qulnn, p ' I
xMenosky 1
a s
Total II It It 38
Total 46 13 13 13
xNon eut when winning run (cored.
xuatted ror Walter In ninth.
1 Ran for O'Neill la 1,3th.
Score by Innings: ' v
Boston S0A SOS Old AOS 3
Cleveland 100 100 010 001 3
1 Summary Runs: Mitchell. Burns. Warn.
by. Speaker, Evan. Errorsi None. Two
base lilts: Burns, Lelbold. Btepbenson,
Wood, Wnmby. Homo run: Sneaker. Stolen
bases: Fewater, Pratt. Saorlflcee: Miller,
Coveleskl. Double plsy: Mitchell ana
Fewster; Qulnn, Burns and ..Walters;
Mitchell and Burn. Left on bases: Bos
ton, 11; Cleveland, 11, Bass on balls:
Off Qulnn. 6: Covslsskl. 1. Hit by pitch
ed ball: By Qulnn, Gulsto. Struck out: By
Qulnn, 4; by Coveleskl 3. Umpires: Evan
and Guthrie. Tim: 2:27.
Cubs Beat Giant.
New Tork. Aug. t. A Chicago battlnr
rally in the tenth Inning yielding eight
run, enabled the Cubs t defeat th New
York Giants in the fifth gam of their
aeries. 10 to 3. Osborne pitched brilliantly.
rfest. Cf 6 14 0 B'nerofts 4 2 3 8
H'cher. ss 5 0 14 Grnh. 3b
Terry, 2b 6 13 6 Frlach, 3b S 0 13 0 Meusel, If 5 3 1 0 Young, rf
C'ghan. rt 3 13 0 Kelly, lb
Krusr. 3b 4 3 0 1 Stengel, cf
O'F'rel, o 3 3 3 1 Smith, o
Osborne, p 4 10 llRyan, p
Totals 39 12 30J2 zRobertson
I JjBnes.p
Total S3 I 30 31
zBatted for V. Barnes in seventh.
zKan for Robertson in seventh.
Score by Innings:
Chicago 020 000 000 110
New York 000 100 010 1 3
Summary Runs: Heathcote, Terry.
Grimes. Frlberg.- Cajlaghan (2). Krug
(3), O Farreil, Osborne, Bancrort, Frlesch
(2). Errors: FrlOerg. Bancroft (3).
Young. Two-base hit: Callaghan. Three-
base hit: Heathcote. Stolen base: Young.
Sacrifice hits: Young, Callaghan, Meusel.
Double plays Frlsch to Kelly; Hollochsr
to Terry to Grimes; Hollocher to Grimes;
Frlsch to Kelly to Groh; Banoroft to
Smith to Bancroft; Grimes, unassisted.
Left on bases: New York, 8; Chicago, 3.
Bases on balls: Off Ryan, 2; off J,
Barnes, 1; off Osborne, I. Struck out:
Uy Ryan, 2; by V. Barnes. 2: by J.
Barnes, 1; off Osborne, 3. Hits: Off
rtyun, 3 in 1 1-3; ort v. Barnes, 1 in
2-3; orr J. Barnes, 8 In 3. Hit by
Itched liall: By Osborne (Frlsch).
asset! Ball: O'Farrell. Losing pitcher:
. Barnes. Umpires: Qulglsy and Moran.
Times: 2:20. ,
Nebraska Horses
Entad in Meet
The annual Mills County fair opens
tomorrow at Malvern. Ia with the
j annual harness meet starting with a
full entry list on the following day.
Several Nebraska trotters and
pacers have been entered in the vari
ous races. In the 2:14 trot, J. D
Curtis of Stella, Neb., and James
Kastner, Nebraska City, have enter
ed Lyndon C and Anton Fosota, re
spectively, while in the 2:20 pace,
Lawrence, owned by Earl Beezley of
Auburn, and Rody Patch, also own
ed by Beezley, will compete.
Beezley has entered Brigham in
the 2:16 pace, scheduled Wednesday,
while Patsey Ferman, owned by
James Kastner, Nebraska City,
will also compete.
Another Auburn horseman, Frank
Baily,. has entered the 2:25 pace,
Thursday. Baily has entered Con
stapou, jr., in this event. Dillon
Reaper, another Beezley pacer, is
among the entries in this event.
The 2:28 trot will bring together a
fast field of trotters, among which
are Eleanor K, owned by Beezley,
and Anton Posota, James Kastner's
speedy trotter.
Two of Beezley's pacers, Cecil
Boy and Sis Barton, have been en
tered in the 2:12 pace, scheduled
Joie Ray Easy
Winner at Boston
Boston. Aug. 6. Joie Ray of the
Illinois A. G. easily won the Walter
Scott mile race at the annual games
of the Boston Caledonian club Satur
day in the slow time of 4:43 3-5. J.
J. Connolly of Georgetown univery
sity and G. M. Marsters of the Bos
ton A. A. came in second and third,
Read The Omaha Bee all the way
through. You will find it'interesting.
Save Money.
$5.95 for Fresh,
New Tires
At the Spragua Factory,
18th gad Cnming
4 0 1 S
4 S S 4
4 12 1
I 1 S 0
5 0 13 3
10 0 0
4 0 6 3
0 0 10
3 0 11
110 0
0 0 0 0
10 10