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Giants Beat Cards in Third Game of Series While White Sox Trim Yanks
i Lt
i A
(Toney Keeps
St. Louis' Hits
Well Scattered
New York's 3 to 2 Victory
Over Opponent Puts Giants
One and Half Garnet
Ahead in Race.
St. Louil, July 17. St. Louis' de
feat by New York, 3 to 2, in the third
game of the series, put the cham
pions Vt garnet ahead in the league
race and prevented the possibility of
the locals taking the leadership in the
present four-game aeriei. Masterful
pitching by .Toney, who kept the
eight hits allowed the locals welt
icattered, featured the game. Mc
Curdy was replaced by Clemons in
the fourth because of his inability to
hold Doak.
Ban ff. M Silt
STark. rf
4 I I
Rswl's. lb
rrlaeh. lb
M.U..I, If
Younc. rf
Kelly, lb
Kob'on, rf
E S'lh,
Toney, p
J. S'lh. cf
Horn y, ib
Mueller, If
Four1 sr. lb
Stork, Ib
MX'tir1. e
1 II
; demons, e
Lavan. ss
lioss, p
Tolala It 1 11 1
ToUla 11 S IT 11 for Lavan In ninth.
New York l"t "( a
I. Louis 00 (1( 0 1
Summary Rom: Bancroft (1), rrlscn,
Clemona, Lavan Error: Robartaon. Two
baa hill Tlaok. Slolan baaaa: Vriach (SI.
Toanf, Bancroft. Saerlflea: Does. Doubla
piaya: Horaaov 10 ivan in rourmsr m;
Jtebertson te Kail. Laft en baaaa: Nw
' York. S; St. Loula, t. Basra on bmlla: Off
Tonay, l! off Doak, 1. Hit by pltehar: By
Tonay (Doak). Balk: Tonay. struck out:
By Doak, S. Paaard ball: MoCnrdy, Urn
plras: Hart and O'Day. Tims: 1:4S.
Cahs Beat Pbllllra.
' Chirac. July 11. Chicago stated an
isma-innins rally in wnira piirnrr
llsadowa, who had allowed only four scst
tarad nils, wan bunted off hla fart and
Philadelphia loat lta flrat iimi of tha
eon in thia eltjr. Tha acora was a tq 1.
Bears: 1
lb S 1 1 1
Frlbarr, lb I I 1 I
Hol'har. aa 1 0 1 t
Tarry, lb I 0 4 S 4 10
Haat'ta. cf 1110
Csl'han, rf I I I 1
Kru, lb 110 1
O'Far'ell, e 1 S
Jonaa, p 1 ( ( 1
Totala 14 117 15
P'rk'n, Ib S
Wll'me. of 1
S 1
1 4
1 4
Walker, rf
Laa. If
Flat'ar, an
Laalla. lb
Hanllne, o
Mea'we, p
Totala 14 1114 11
xRan for Laalla In ninth.
xBatted for Meadowa In ninth.
floors by Innlnsa:
Philadelphia ..SOI 000 9011
Chicago 000 000 01 I
Summary Runs: Fletcher, Henllne,
Strug, O'Farrell, Jonta. Errors: Meadowa.
Two-baee hits: Rapp, Fletcher. Sacrifice!:
Meadowa, Hollocher (2). Heathcote,
O'Farrell. Jones. Double piaya: Terry to
Hollocher; Terry to Hollocher to Frlberc
Left on baaea: Philadelphia, S; Chicago, t.
Baaea on belle: Off Meadows, 1; off Jones,
1. Struck out: By Jones, 6; by Meadowa,
S. Hit by pitcher: By Jonaa (Williams).
Umpires: Stpraa and Rigler. Time: 1:45.
Be da Win In 10 Innings.
Cincinnati, July U. The Beda won from
tha Bravea In 10 Inninga, 8 to 1. Both
..Couch and Watson were knocked out of
"the box early In the game. Tha Reds
won on Daubert'a triple and a, alngle by
Plnelll, after McQuillan had purposely
paaaea two oaiiera. ooore:
Burns, of (110
Powell, cf S 1 0
Nixon. If
I 4
D'bert. lb
1 11
1 s
1 1
1 I
1 s
1 4
0 0
( (
0 0
CrslM, rf
Mofke, lb
Ford, aa
Kopf. Ib
Gibson, e
Watson, p
L'alng, p
Duncan, If
Harper, rf
Bonne, lb
P'elll, Ib
Cev'ey, as
Wlnso. e .
Couch, p
Oll'ple. p
Schnell, p
Totals 401(11
Keck, p
Totals 44 IT 10 IT
on out wnen winning run scored. .
Batted for Gillespie la sixth.
sBatted for Schnell In eighth.
Boaton Ill lit 010 (7
Cincinnati ,000 101 S10 1 S
Summary Buns: Nixon, Cruise, Boeckel
f 2), Qtbion, Watson, Lanatns. Daubert
J). Duncan (1), Harer. Bohno (2), Pl
nelll. Errors: Kopf, Plnelll. Two-base
hits; Duncan, Nixon, Holke. Three-baas
hite: Daubert, Harper, Duncan, Watson.
Home rune: Bohae, Cruise, Olbeon. Sacri
fice: Hoik (1). Doubla play a: Caveney
to . Daubert to Caveney, Keck to Plnelll,
Ford to Holke, Kopf to Ford to Holke.
Left op baaea: Boaton, S; Cincinnati. 17.
Baaes on balls: Off Couch. 1; off Schnell,
1: off Watson. I: off Lanalns. St ott Mc
Quillan. 4. Struck out:. By Couch, 1; by
Lanalng, 1. Hits: Off Couch, S In S 1-1
inning.: off Gillespie, T In 4 1-1 Inning.;
off Keck, 1 In 1 Innings; off Wataon, 10 In
( Innings; oft Lansing. 1 In 1 S-S Innings;
off McQuillan, S in 1 1-1 Innings. Win
ning pitcher: Keck; loalng pitcher, Mc
Quillan. Umpires: Sentell and McCor
mlek. Time: 1:15.
Pirates Beat Robins.
Pittsburgh, July 17 Tho Plttaburgh
Plratea defeated Brooklyn here, to S, Ip
a hard-hitting contest. - Yellowhorse el
. lowed seven hits and five runs In less
than four Innings and was replaced by
Hamilton- who stopped further scoring.
Mamaux waa wild and gave way rb De-
atur, who la turn was relieved by Vance.
M'vllle,es S 1 0 1
Olson, lb 11(1
Myers, cf
Wheat. If
M'chell, lb
Carey, cf
S 1 S 0
Blgbee, If '
s s s o
( 0
4 0
5 0
B hart, ib
i o
Tler'y, lb
Miller, rr
Sch'dt, lb
Gooch, c
Y'wh'rae, p
Ham'ton, p
Hlsh. Sb
1 1
Ward, as
Peb'dy, o
M'aux. p
Vance, p
Totala 1 12 17 10
' Totala 17 11 24 11
' i Ren for Deberry In ' ninth.
Butted for Vane in ninth.
Brooklyn . 200 200 000 5
Plttaburgh . 001 111 SOx S
Summary Run.: Olaon. Wheat, Mitch
ell. Schmandt, High. Maranvtll. Carey
(1), Blgbee. Tlerney, Grimm, Gooch (J).
Errors: High. Miller. Two-base hit.: Big
bee. Ward, Barnhart (2). Gooch. Deberry.
Saerlflcea: Mamaux. Tlerney, Hamilton
(1). Double play: Maranvllle. Tlerney and
Orlmm. Left on bases: Brooklyn, (;
Pittabura-h. 14. Bases oa tails: Off Ma
maux, S; ft Vane, 1. Struck out: By
u.iMMt. i: bv Yellowhorse. 1: bv
Hamilton. I: by Vance, 1. Hits: Off
Mamaux. S In 1 1-1 inninga: off Vance,
4 In S 1-1 innings: off Yellowhorse. T la
5 1-1 Innings; off Decatur, 4 In 1 In
nlngs, none out In sixth; off Hamilton, S
Is a 2-1 innings. Hit ny pucnea nsn: dj
Vance (Carey). Paased ball: Deberry.
Winning pitcher: Hamilton; loetng pitcher,
Vance. Umpires: Kiem and P firman.
Time: i:ei.
Chinese Nine "Wins.
Honolulu. T. H.. July li The
all-Chinese baseball stars took an
other extra inning contest from
Stanford university yesterday, win-
nmcr 8 to 7 in II innings. Man
fotd scored a pair in the ninth to
tie the game, five all. Each team
added two more in the 10th, but the
Chinese drew one ahead in the 11th
snri held the advantage.
afArit ................... T 1 S
All-Chine .......S 11 4
Teague, and Holston; Luckyee and
Baseball Records
Made This Dale
July is, 111 Meat bom Tone, with
& ..... a . t. . vtn
three. F. M. Schalte. Chicago Xl. L-)
csmpMeS hi record this date. Other
date. Jen . July 4. Record also held by
1 iige I. Kefir, new ira
National 'eatree reeord- The rerord is four.
Ben or w. n. item, -osioei w -.
Here's Why the St. Louis Teams Are oh Top
f , U
Bogers Hornaby.
Sioux City Packers
Wallop League Leaders
"Chick" Mattick's Crew Wins Sev
enth Straight Game by IS to
11 Score Two Homers
Clouted Out.
Sioux City, la., July 17. Sioux City
walloped the ' Joalea hare again, winning
b the acora of IS to 11. The victory
mads five straight from ths league
leaders, and seven wins In a row for the
Packers. Score:
.AB.H.O.A. i 1 IS 0
H' S 1 S S
C'rltlen.lf S
1 0
FHher.rf 4
B' S
Stev' 4
M'D' S ' 4
0 10
1 16 0
O'b'skl.c S
Llndberg.p 2
G rover, p S
- Totals
40 IS 17 IS
Totals 40 11 14 14
Score bv innlnsa:
St. Joseph 030 000 (02 11
Sioux City 030 (24 OOx IS
Summary Buns: Olaen. Corrlden. Fisher.
Bonowlts, Stevenson (2), McDonald (2),
Hufer, Grabowakl (2), Hemingway, Mats
(2) , Palmer (2), Ostergard (4), Robinson
(3) , Query, Davis. Errors: Fishsr, Steven-
aon, Hemingway, Palmer (2). Two-baae
hits: Ostergard, Fisher, Grabowakl. Home
runs: Davla, Hemingway. Sacrifice hit;
Nufer. Stolen baae: Hemingway. Earned
run: Sioux City, 14; St. Joseph, S. Double
plays: Palmer to Mets. Hits and runs:
Off Llndberg.. 11 and 11; off Grover, 4
and 4. Left oa base.: St. Joseph. S;
8loux City, (. Bases on balls: Oft Llnd
berg, I; off Davis, S; oft Grover, ,1. In
nings pitched: Llndberg, S; Grover 1.
Struck out: By Llndberg, 1; ty Davis, S;
Grover, t. Wild pitches: Grover, Davis.
Umpires: McOloom and Anderson. Tim:
Bears Beat Indiana.
Denver, Colo., July 17. - Despite . poor
support, Steengrafe tucked away a vic
tory for the Denver Bears over Oklahoma
City her this afternoon. 10 to S. Denver
connected with Payne's offerings and
drove him out of the box in tho third.
Pitt, rf
Gomes, If -4110
Kerr, as
Tate. Ib
Long, rf
P't're'n, lb
O'Brien, cf
Parker, e
Sallsb'y, p
Cartwrtght '
Hall, p
S 1 1
4 Sll
4 11
10 1
5 2 T
4 11
M'D'n'l, lb
PI. her. o
Wlndel, as
Moore, cf
Payne, n
Young, p
( 0
Totals 41 IS 24
Totals 34 14 27 IS
xBatted for Young In ninth.
sBatted for Salisbury In aeventh.
Score by Innlnsa:
Oklahoma City 10S lit 101 (
Denver SOS 001 (Ox 10
Summary Bun: Pitt (2). Felber (2).
McDanlel (2). Flahen (2). Moore. Gomes,
Kerr (1), Long (3), snanley 2), Patterson,
Rodcers. Errors: Fisher (2). Kerr (2).
Snanley, O'Brien, Rodgers. Earned rune:
Oklahoma City, S ; Denver. 10. Stolen
baae: Patterson. Three-base hits: Patter,
Pitt, McDanlel, Rodgers, Snanley. Home
run: Fisher. Sacrifice hit: Parker. Sacri
fice flies: Gtnglardl, Gomes. Passed ball:
Psrker. Struck out: By Steengrafe, 1; by
Payne, 1; by Young, S; by Salisbury. S; by
Hall, 2. Bass on balls: Off Steengrafe. 1;
off Payne. 1; off Young. 2. Double play:
Tats to McDanlels. Wild pitch: Steen
grafe. Buns and hits: Off Payne. ( and
S In 1 Innings (none out In third); off
Young, 4 and ( in ( Innings; off Steen
grafe, ( and 10 In S 1-1 Innings; off Salis
bury, S and 1 In 1 2-1 Innings; 'off Hall,
1 and 1 In 2 Innings. Left on bsses: Okla
homa City. S: Denver. S. Umpires: Orms-
by and Holm. Tims: 2:00.
Boehler Beats Boosters.
Des Moines. Ia.. July 17. Georr Boeh
ler, Tulsa's star hurler, held Da Moines to
three hits tn a pitchers' battle with Cross
todsy and the Oiler won. S to (, by
buncning nits in two inninga score:
Genln, cf 4 1 4 (
Wagner, 4b 4 111
Horait. rf . 4 ( 2 ( 1 0 S (
Graney. If 2 1 a (
Gorman, lb 1 0 1 S
Turseon.aa S S -1
Bonnet.' If S 2 10
Baum' t
Davis, rf , 4
Lamb, cf V 4 S
Stuart', lb v 2
M'Q'nla.aa S
Crosby, e 4
Boehler, p 4
OlWIlaon, e 1 0 S 1
Cross, p 10(1
xfToooer 1 0 A
11 ( 17 71 Wolf ram, p ( ( ( (
t . Totala 10 S 17 10
xBatted for Cross la eighth.
Spore bv innlnss:
Tulsa ....10 001 0002
Des Moines 000 000 000 (
Summary Runs: . Bennett. Davis. Er
ror: Gorman. Two-bass hits: Lamb. Ben
nett. Graney. Sacrifice hit: Bauman. Left
on baaea: Tulas, t: Des Moines, I. struck
out: By Cross, 1; by Wolfram. 1; by Boeh
ler, T. Bass on 'balls: Off Cross. 4; off
Wolfram, 1.- Earned runs and hits: Off
Cross. 2 and S In S Innings. Losing pitch
er: Cross. Double play: Turgeon to Gor
man to Graham. Umpires: Day and Fitx-patrlck.-
Tim: 1:11. ,
Past Week's Record
in Major. -Leagues
New York, July Id. The week's
record in each league ' of nmes
played, won and lost, together with
runs, hits, errors, men left on base,
and runs scored by opponents, in
cluding games ot Saturday, is as fol
lows: Americas Lema-se.
P. W. U R. H. E. LB.OR.
St Leal ....(' S 4 1( (4 1( S( t(
New York ....S 1 S IS SI S 4T S(
Chleag S S S 14 IS (IS II
Detroit ..'....7 S 4 S 7S 1( 47 4(
Cleveland ...I I I 11 71 S 4T IS
Washington ..I 4 1 II l S IS 11
Boaton T 1 ( 1 (1 1( ST St
Philadelphia ( 4 I SO SS I II IS
Philadelphia ,1 I I !l II II II IS
P. W. L. R. H. E. LB.OR.
New York: ,...T 1 4 -41 SI t . it
8t. Loul ( 1 31 77 t U !i
Chicago 7 4 1 21 14 11 SI 1L
Brook Ira .. ..7 1 I 17 It I 4S 1
Clnrlanatl ...1(1 3 (I I 41" 21
Pittsburgh ...I 2 1 S3 (t 1 ST ' 4
Philadelphia .111 It IT. la (2 it
Boaton . ....I S 4 It 41 S 2S 17
0r .s if 'lit.
Joe Buah.
Above are four - reasons whv the
Giants and Cardinals and the Browns
snd Yanks are running neck and neck
for the leadership in their respective
leagues. For the week ending July
15, tabulation of figures show that
Joe Buah, Yankee pitcher, is leading
the American league hurlers with
eleven victories and three defeats;
Phil Douglas, the Giant's slabman,
tops the National league with ten
triumphs and three setbacks. Rogers
Homsby is leading the National
league in hitting, and his home run
clouting is keeping his team in front
George Sisler, the Brown's first base-
man, has the highest batting average
in both league.
Ruf Wings 49 Birds
in Tourney Shoot
Competition started Sunday in
the three divisions of the Ak-Sar-Ben
Gun club trophy shoots when 21
shpoters winged the "clay birds."
In division A, Lee J. Ruf won the
first leg on the prizewhen he shat
etred 49 out of 50 targets. Moore
placed second wth a Score, of 47 out
of 50, while Bruce Thorpe and Beard
tied for third with 46 hits out of 50
Three guns, Adams, r' Riley and
Hunter tied for first in Division "B",
each with a score of 47 out of 50 tar
gets.. Hunter emerged victorious,
however, in the shoot-off;- -Marshall
and Johanson tied for second with
46 "birds."
Swearingen won the first leg on the
Division "C" . prize when he. broke
45 out of 50 targets. ' Meyer was sec
ond with 43.
"Bearcat" Wright to Meet
Sam H Langf ord Tonight
Ed (Bearcat) Wright, Omaha col
ored heavyweight : fighter, and Sam
Langford of Boston are scheduled
to-meet in a 10-round bout at Tulsa,
Okl., tonight. . V V- " -
Tonighrs battlewill be the third
between? these two .' heavies. Lang
ford won a. decision in the first and
knocked out Wright in their second
meeting. ' '
Omaha Ramblers Lose
Nehawka,' Neb.;- July 16.-(Special
Telegram.) The Nehawka baseball
club defeated the Omaha Ramblers
in an'interesting game here this aft
ernoon, bv the score bf'3 to 1.
McConnell and Kimbira composed
the battery f6r ; the winners, while
Simpson pitched and Volk was be
hind the bat for the Umanans.
Amateur Standing
City Leagae.
X. . Pet.
S .641
( .671
7 ,.S00
S i .301
11 .114
North Omsha Boosters .
Knights of Columbus . .
Nebraska Tire .......
Metropolitan League. ;
- - i. W.
South Side Merchsats ..11
Woodmen ot World 10
Lake Street Merchants .......10
Thomas Cu.acks (
W. O. Clarke ................ S
Bees .- (
.' Aaerleaa League.
. - W.
K. of C Colombia ..10
McKenney Dentist S
Carter Lak club I
Betsy Ross ................... 4
Northwestern Bell .... 4
Postoftlc Employes S
V - She Laacue. '
, Pet.
IS .000
Naples Bank-............
Social Settlement.
Star Furnace ..... ...
Brawn Park Merchants -..
Y M. H A., ... . ..
Christ Child. Center -"..'.'.'."
Kianey Shoes-..
South Bids Sokols ......
Paae's All Star .... .'. .".
Mdeta Wewdsaeai
L. Pet
1 .IIS
X .!(
4 .m
( .441
s .1SS
5 .1((
L. Pet
S ' .10
Rock Spring S
Omaha Camp (
Magnolia camp ..............
South Omah. .... S
Beach S
a and M. 1
Gate City lVeagae. -
- - W."
Whlatle Bottler S
Barker Clothes (
Carr Electric. .....7
Leavenworth Merchant ......
William Street Mftxhanta .... S
hnn Child CeatV. ...,... 2
Cuming Street Merchants V.. . .. ( -
' : - i:-' ' '
S .447
4 .((
4 . .40
5 .SSO
7 .11!
a .((
Oeerg Sleler.
Kranda's Homer Beats
Grand Island Club, 3-0
Pritchard's Hurling and Fairbury's
8upport Defeat Islanders Nor
folk. Trounces Beatrice
Links Win.
Grand Island, Nab, July 17. Prltchard
not only pitched tight ball but had fine
support In'" ths pinches. Kranda's horn
run In th sixth scoring Plorc ahead of
him cinched th gam for Grand Island
! I to (.
Roonsy.s sill
Roben.rf 4 1. 1 (
Willy, p
1 I
( ( 1
( S (
I 0
1 S (
2 S 1
1 7 01
1 1 aKranda,lb
4 (I
Roberts, a
0 10
Totala 14 S14 S Total SI S 27
Score by Innlnss:
Falrbury ' 000 00( 0000
Grand Island Oil (01 OOx S
Summary Buns: Pierce, Kranda, Prltch
ard. Error: Speaker. Horn run: Kranda.
Two-iaa hits: Wlmbush. Sacrifice hit:
Goodwin. Bases on balls: By Wllley, (1);
by Prltchard. (2). 8tolen base: Rooney.
Double play: Kranda (unassisted). Struck
out:- By Prltchard, 2: by Wllley, S. Left
on baass: Falrbury, 10: Grand Island, 4.
Earned rune: Grand Island, S. Umpire:
jonnson ana nmitn.
Elk Hons Win.
Norfolk. Nb.. Julv 17. Clean hits and
plenty of them did th trick for the Elk
rrorns. who defeated Beatrice here, S to I.
- AB S0 1
D'lag.ra, lb 4 1 1 1
K'chner, lb 4 2 12 0
Wlns'na. rf 4 1. 3 0
lAtherton, ss 4 1 (
Mitchell, 2b S 1
1 I
Marr, Ib
4 4
B'm'n, cf, p 4 1 1
B'm'n, cf . p 4 IS 0
Ulark, c
Rouse, If
Rider, rf .
4 1
5 1
a o
4 2
1 (
MoonSy, If 1
0 0
2 1
( (
Qulnn, aa 4
Graves, cf
Hegsrty, lb
iDidler, p
Parker, is 4
Unser. oil
( t
4 1 17
4 1 (
4 2
SPrt's, p, cf I 1JI
33 12 27 IS
Totals 21 '7 24 13
Beatrice ..' 101 100 (00-j-l
Norfolk 100 104 00x&S
Summary Runs: Delaguerra, Kirchner,
unser, Atherton (2), Mitchell. Mair, Clark,
Rouae, Hegarty, Dldler. Error: Parker.
Three-base hit: Norton. Two-bas hits:
Rome. Marr. Dldier, Mitchell, Bowman,
Qulnn. Sacrifice hits: Kirchner, Blder,
Bowman. Saeriflce fly: Mooney. Bases
on balls: Off Did er 4. off Norton 2.
Double pley: Parker to Qulnn to Kirch
ner. Hits: Off Dldier 7 in v, orr Nor
ton 11 In (. off Bowman 1 in 2. Struck
out: By Dldier (. by Norton 2. by Bow
man 2. Hit by pitched ball: By Norton
(Mitchell), by. Dldier (Unser and Norton).
.Winning pitcher: Dldier. Losing pitcher:
Norton, umplrs: Wright (ot Denver),
lime or same: i:i.
Unks Wis) Blusfcst,
Hastings, Neb., July. 17. Lincoln won a
slugging match, II to 11, from Hastings
hers today. Eachtermeyer hit a home
run with two men on bases. Gibson was
put out of the park for disorderly conduct.
11 ABH O A
D'lsrra,2b 4 1
Zelnker, 3b
Carrlg, ct
Dye, as
S lCrann, rf (110
1 OlUo'ler, lb. If S 2 4 2
4 ( Amen, cf (10 0
Gibson, rf
Maxwell, p
Conkey, c
0 0 Tomea, If, p 1 0 2 1
0 0 Serb, lb 4 112
7 O Z'genb'n, a 4 12 4
Bool, If
1 0 E't'r, lb, lb 4 1 g 2
McCoy, lb
Carr, Sb
Scott, p, rf
S 0 Wlllets, e 3 ( S 0
4 2 Peterson, p 0 ( ( 0
0 O PIier, 2b 4 12 1
' Total 41 IS 17 1 Totals 3S 10 17 11
Lincoln 430 000 40212
Hastings- ....001 021 10311
Summary Rune: Zlnksr, Carrlg (1),
Dye (3), -Gibson,. Conkey (IV Bool (2),
McCoy- (2). Carr. Crann. Moeller. Amen.
Tomes. Serbt(2),-.Zeigenhelra, Echtermeyer
u;, wiueie, riser, sirrors: zinxer, Moei
ler, .Tomes. Home" run: ' Eehtermeyer.
Three-base- nit: Carr. Two-baae hits
Zlnker (2), McCoy,- Crann,. Amen,. Conksy,
Serb, Zelgenblen, Dye. Sacrifice. hit: Dye.
Bases , on balls: -. Off Scott 4, off Tonys 4,
eir axwe Btoi.n oases: uooi,uye,
Glbsofi, Carrlg.'Plaer. Double plays: Zeis-
fnbeien. to "Eehtermeyer, Carr to Dye to
Mcuoy. una ana niu: orr Peterson 1
and S, In, 2. off'Scott S and ( In -4. off
Tom and. s in.7, off Maswell s and 4
in a. BtrucK out: ur scott . oy.Tome. 4,
by Maxwell t.- Left on -bases: Lincoln 7,
Hasting S--Bit by pitched ball: By Maxwell
(Zeigenbaln). ;Wild,' pltche: ' Peterson.
Scott. ; Maxwell (2). ''Earned runs:. Lincoln
1( Hastings-S. . UmDlre: Wheeler. Time
sot. gam:' 2:25. .
Q. Batter hit. 't 'shortstop. , Th lat
ter throws to flrat and .the -first' baseman
muffs -the ball. Ths' batter goes to sec
ond.. If the flrat baaemsa '. had stepped
off the base he could -have caught the
ball -and the batter could not have gone
to aecona. snouia tn . batter - be called
back, In that cass? --
A. - K. Th batter east make an he
can aa m paw throw af that character.
- Q. Bases : all occupied. Two are out.
Pitcher has two strike oa batUr. Man
on first baae run down to -eecond. H
went past It but did not touch It Was
he outr -
A. .IT. If th ptteferr was determined
(a ge( th batter eat and did an amake aay
play , for - (ha rssaer th latter was aet
eat althaaurh he weald sum had tm n.
-verss la srogas aroer u a paaseel
' O. SuCBoaa tha batter hlta ' twa tin
foals' but th catcher does not get either
ef them. Are they strikes 7
A.. Yes, 1 If lh hsWer has sutt already
Q. If a batter ts substiruted - for an
ether does th battsr who Is subatltuted
hav to play la th field!
A. B (m swt He aa gw aat e the
mm mmm a a m ini ga wna nis
Q. Batter strikes out but doe not
ran. The catcher, thinking he ts not
going to try to run. throws th ball to the
pitcher. The batter then goea to first
and make It. Ia "he safe?
A. Yea. H did set hav as raw laa
ssedlaSrly. -
j Safe or Out.
Chicago Wins
Out in Eleventh;
Ruth Gets Homer
Pale Hose Cop Third Straight
From Yankees, 8 to 7
Hooper and Montil
Knock Home Runs.
New York, July 17. Chicago won
its third straight from New York,
taking an eleven-inning battle in
which both clubs used tour pitchers,
8 to 7. Ruth rapped out his fifteenth
home run in the seventh ana in tne
eighth -Hooper and Mostil drove out
circuit blows on successive pitcnea
J'eaaaaa SIS SlWitt.ef 1 ( S
ll' 114 S 1 11 SIS 41 Ruth. rf 111
Pal k. If
Blank p.p
( (
0 ( (
11( aisH'fm'n
( ( (IsKewater
y iM'M' 1
41 IS 12 mO'Doul 1
May,p 1
Totsts SI IS II2S
xSrhanc out, hit by batted ball.
xRan for Taryan In eleventh.
xBatted for Blankenahlp la eleventh.
Batted for Jon In eighth.
sHatted for McNally In ninth.
sBatted for Baker In ninth.
Ran for Hermann In ninth.
sBatted for Murray la ninth.
Score by Innlnss:
Chicaco ((.4( i
flew TorK viv avu it. vv .
Summary Run; Johnson, Collins (I).
Hooper (if. Mortll (I), Tslk. Plpp, Ruth
(1), Ward (I). Scott. Errors: Tarysn.
Boott ' Two-bas hit: Sehanv, Ruth,
MsuseL Horn run: Ruth, Hooper.
Mostil. Stolon ba: Muael. Saerlflcee:
Collins. ScbanS. Multlsan, Sheely. Left
on bases: New York, 1S Chlcaso, (.
Base on balls: Off Hoyt. 1; off Bobsrt
son. 1; off Schupp. 1: off Blsnkenshlp,
1: ff May. 1. Struck out: By Robert
ion, 1: by Blankenahlp, 1; by Hoyt, 1:
by Jonaa, l. rrns: uii noy, v m
Innlnss: off Jonaa. S In 1-1 Inning i off
Murray: Non In 1: off Mays, S In S nl-nin..-
nit Robertson. 14 In S VI Innlnsa;
off Schupp. non (fseed only one batter):
off Blankenahlp, 1 in 1 1-1 inning ; off
Leverette, 1- In I inning, raseea emu.
Schang. Winning pitcher: Blankenahlp.
Loalng pitcher: Mays. Umpires: Evans and
Dlnoen. Time: 1:40.
India Blank Athletic.
PhiiaAainhia. Julv. IT. Clcvslsnd de
tested Philadelphia In the second game
or tne aeries, s to w. unie .
. .......H Ktta mrhlU tlla
iHia lu iuvi " , ........
teammates pounded Harris hsrd. Score'
Jam'on. If S 2 4 (
Youn. lb 4 14 4
Wem'y. 2b
S 1
Gal'way, as
0 2
0 1
0 10
0 2
1 1
1 1
0 4
0 (
Bp'ker, ct
Wood, rf
t 1
1 s
2 1
0 (
2 10
( 4
1 (
Walker, if, lb
Miller.- cf
Perkins, o
Welch, rf
Dykea, lb
Harris, p
J. Sew'l. aa
Gard'r, lb
MTnls, lb
n'Nelll. e
Uhle, p
Total IS 14 17 10
Score hv Innlnsa:
Totals 10 41714
Cleveland 000 001 0225
Philadelphia ooo ooo ooo o
Summary Rune: Jamleson (2), Wamby,
Speaker. Wood. Errors: rerxins (ij.rwo-
base hits: wooa, Mcinnis, jamieaon,
Sneaker. Three base hlta: Mclnnes. Welcn.
Speaker. Wamby. Horn run: Wood. Stolen
baae: wamby. Double piaya: uysea to
Hauaer; Dykes; Young to Hauaer;Young
to Galloway to Hauaer; unie to wamoy
to Melnni.. Left on bases: Philadelphia,
7; Cleveland, S. Baaes oa balls: Off Har
ris, 5; off Uhle, S. Struck out: By Hsrris,
1: bvDhle.4. HI t bv Ditched ball : By Uhle,
(Dykes). Umpires: Chill, Walsh snd Nal-
lin. Time: i:
Cobb's Batting Feature.
Boston, July 17. Cobb' batting wa the
feature of Detroit's vlctorv over Boaton.
IS to 7. He mad five hit In five time
at bat including a aouoi ana a nome
run. score:
Blue, lb 4 0 10 01 B. S'lth, rf I I I t
Haney, 3b 4
4 2 0 TTMenoa'y, If s 0 1 0
Cobb, cf
Veach. If
s a 3 Hurne, lb
SIS 0 Pratt, lb
4 111
4 1 S
Hell'an, rf 1
( 01 Dugan. lb
5 1 S S
Flag'ad, rf 10 2 V J. Co'na, cf S 1 0 0
Clark, 2b 4 J 3 b o'Ro'ke, a 4 z l
Blarney, ss S I 1 - Z Ruel. c
10 0 0
Oag'on, ss 0 0 0 01 Lynch, e
10 0 1
Manlon, e
4 o e v auinn. d
Dauss, p
0 ( 0 O Piercy, p
.110 2
Ehmke, p 4 10 3 Ful'ton, p
10 0 0
Joh'.on, p
0 0 0 iHarria
x J ones
0 0 0
1 Totals
IS 10 27 13
Totals 39 1( 27 13)
xBatted for Dauss In second,
sBatted for Piercy In sixth.
Score by Innings:
Detroit 060 312 (103 18
Boaton 500 000 020 7
summary Runs: Blue (2). Hsnev (Z)
Cobb (3), Hellmann (2), Clark (2). THx-
ney. m anion, isnnuc (2), Jonea, smitn,
Menosky, Pratt, Dugan, J. Collins,
O'Rourke. Fullerton. Errors: Clark.
Manlon, Menosky, O'Rourke 3). Two-base
hlta: Cobb, Ehmke, E. Smith. Three-base
hit: E. Smith. Home run: Cobb. Stolen
baae: Cobb, sacrifices: Blus. Hsnev (2)
Veach, Manlon, Clark. Menoaky. Double
piaya: unmae to uiarK to Blue; Dugan to
Pratt to Burns. Laft on baaea: Detroit 7-
Boaton, S. Bsses on balls: Off Dsuas, 3;
ott junrnKs, z; orr nercy. 2: on Fuller-
ton, 3. Struck out: By Ehmke, 2; by
Johnson, 1. Hits: Off Dauss, 3 In 1 In
ning; orr jsnmke, 7 in 7 inninga; off John
son, 0 In 1 Inning: off Qulnn. 4 In 1 in.
nlng, none out In second; off Piercy, 10
in s innings; oir Fuiierton, a in s innings.
Winning pitcher: Ehmke. Losing pitcher:
Piercy. Umpires: Connolly and Owens.
Time: 2:03.
Sig HaugdaJJ Breaks
His Nebraska Record
Edmonton. Alberta. July 17. Sie
Haugdahl broke his own "world's
record for a mile and a half on a dirt
track here Saturday. His time was
1:01 1-.S. a fifth rt( 9 eernti,! ketfe
t'ian the mark h- made at Calgary,
and sp!so on a Nebraska track.
Golf Fjcis
Q. Where a slaver has lifted Kali
and .rAnn.fl 1. l.h .M.lh, -
is. no entitled to lirt and diop again If
th ball happens to roll Into a bad lie?
A. 'rt. Hawaeer- If th. hall h..
lifted according to th rules from a haaard.
and when dropped rolls In4 the haaard
swain, is may oe urtea ana dropped again
without penalty.
Q. What la the record for the grestest
number of holes ever plsyed by a golfer
in a single aay 7
A, Charles M. Daniel, former champion
WlBSmar. la believed ta hnlt tha vaMrrf.
He Dlaved 22S holes atartlur at o'clock
w an aaaraimr ana rimsnea at 7: IS in
the evening. His performance was over
a nlaa-aol course, measuring 1,174 yard
and hi average ace re wa a fraction aver
ss stroKe per mM.
Q. What Is the longest extra hole
match over played in th national ama
teur T
- A Twice matches In the championship
hav teqaired five extra bale ef play. Ia
1SOS, Walter J. Travis defeated H. H. Wil
der oa the (1st creea. Chirk Kvans and
Rraiaald St. VrwU tied this rernrd in th
KtO championship, Kvaa winning.
Q. What is th rule where two player
la a match are looking for 'on of th
hall and on or tn player step en ItT
Av ir (aa player Masing rar ewa aali
u, aa la a
atrake. If th Dlarer :
his appaaewt'e (all, tha ball la replaced
and there Is a peaalty.
Q. Is there any difference In the rule
tor match and medal play where a player
tee and play his hall eut.lde of th
limits of ths teeing spscsT If there any
A. There Is a dlffereaer. Ia a match
play ths ap pan eat may recall th strait
bat there Is a penalty, la medal play,
the Player aaast tea aeher ball within
the limits, tsaatlag (aa pie .less srreke la
for the Kale, rail are M so
bivalves dleaauUfleatlaa.
W.UtVt I W L P-1.
Si. Je Hl.iulffl 4S (S ASS
Mteus Clly SI 17 .Hoi Okie. CUf 4(14.414
Tulaa II ! .Still Mnlnas II t .III
Wichita I 41 .1411 Denver 1111.117
Ya4rday"a Reaalt.
Paaver, 10: Oklahoma I lly, S.
Tula, t: Dee Mnlnra. .
Sinus City, II: HI. Jaaepb, II.
Wlrhll-Hffslra, rain.
. Today' flames,
Wichita ai Omaha (Iwa gsmea).
St. Joseph st Hi.iun I'liy.
Tulsa st les Moines.
N other game K-heduled.
W.L.Prt I W.L.Prt.
Bestrlr 4 S .I7li(t'd leland 1 1 .10
Lincoln 4 S .lll falrbury 1 4
Norfolk 4 S .1711 Healing I 4 .III
YesterdayM Result.
Lincoln, 11; Haalinga, II.
Norfolk. I; Beatrice. I.
Grand leland. 1, Falrbury, 0.
Today' (lames,
Beetrln at Norfolk.
Falrbury at Grand leland.
Lincoln st Hatllng. v
Standi net.
W. I Pctl . W. I.. Pet.
New York 10 10 .(111 Brooklyn 4141.414
St Loula 51 IS ,6ll Plttaburgh 11 44 .47
Chicago 44 40 .524lPhlla. ,, 10 41.115
Cincinnati 44 41 .5231 Boaton . 30 41 .170
Yesterday 'a ' Result.
New York, S; SI. Ixiula. 2.
Pittsburgh, I; Brooklyn, S.
Cincinnati. S: Boston, 7.
Chicago, 1; Philadelphia. 2.
Today'a Games.
Boston st Cincinnati.
Brooklyn tf Ptltaliurgh.
New York at St Loula.
Philadelphia at Chlcaso. -
.-', Staadlnga.
W.I Pctl W. L. Pet.
St. Loul SSSS.MllWsshlngt'B 40 41 .41
New York' 41 l( .557('leveland 41 44 .411
Chicago - 45 41 -SHI Phlla. - - 24 41 .424
Detroit 45,42 .IlllBoston 15 50,411
Yesterday'' Basalt.
Chicago. S; Mew York.- 7.
Cleveland. S; Philadelphia, (.
Detroit, 1: Boston, 7.
St. Louls-Wsahlqgton. rain.
Today's Games.
Chicago at New York. -St.
Louis at Waahlngton.
Detroit at Boaton.
Cleveland at Philadelphia.
W. L. Pctl W. L. Pet
Ind'n'p'll 64 34 .6141 Louisville 41 44 .SIS
St. Paul 50 34 . 661 Kan. City 4153.434
Milwaukee 63 42 .653l'olumbue 37 53.411
Minn'p'lla 46 41 .623Toledo 31 61 .351
Yraterdny's Results.
Kansss City, 16; Milwaukee. S (called In
eighth, rain).
St. Paul, S-3: Minneapolis. 4-7.-
No other games scheduled.
Today's flame.
Toledo st Minneapolis. -- -
Columbus -st St Paul, . v.- -.
Louisville at Milwaukee. -
Indianapolis st Kansas City. . - ,
Play in Omaha
George Duncan.
Abe Mitchell.
American Lea go.
a. AB. R. H. Pet
Sleler. St Loula S4 1S 7S 14 .41(
rvihk Detroit 71 57 51 111 .114
nealcer Cleveland. 74 277 SI 119 -1SS
Hellmann. Detroit.. o 111 1 111 -3
Miller. Fhila. 7e i as
National Leaxae.
G. AB. ft H. Pet
Hornaby. St. Loula. It 334 71 111 .11
Hollocher. Chicago. 14 321 4 111 .l(t
Blsbee. Plttaburgh . l lis St 11 ,H!
Johnston. Brooklyn. 7! II S 114 .147
Grimes. Chicago ..! JJ1 at
Cracks to Oppose Duncan and
Mitchell Ovec Field Course
Rudy Knepper, Newly Crowned Trnsroisisippi Champion,
and Goorgo Von Elm, Runner-Up, to Play Famous Pro
in Afternoon Sara Reynold and Blaine Young
Paired Against Them in Morning Round.
ABE MITCHELL and George Duncan, famous British proa,
will be confronted with some stiff opposition in their
exhibition 32-hole match over the Field club course
Blaine Young, state champion, and Sam Reynolds, who
mashed the Country club cpurse to smithereens in the Trani
mississippl tournament last week, will oppose the Britishers
in the 18-hole morning round, while Rudy Knepper, newly
crowned Transmississippi champ, and George Von Elm, runner-up,
will play them in the afternoon.
Knepper will make a special tripl?
ft? VE'wSt SS Caord and Hunter Beat
to Reynolds, consented to remain I Fred Wright and JohllBOn
Over for the match. ' n.i.sor. lulv 17 Tessa. Guilford
The scores of the British pros will
be wstched with keen interest, for it i
. " ".. "!
is tne nrsi i me goners oi ineir ca is-
ber have taken a shot at the Field
club speedway. Mitchell and Duncan
were here last year, also Kay and
Vardon, but they played over the
Country club course.
Par on the Field course is 73 and
the course record of 72 is reld by
The players will tee off in the
morning; at 10 a. m. and in the after
noon at 2:30. '
The affair is being staged under
the supervision of the Junior league.
An admission fee of $1 will be
charged and proceeds will be dis-
Jensed in charitable work by the
unior league.
Amateur Games on
Muny Lots This Week
Rlvervlew. 0 P. M. Christian Cuba
against Parks.
Fsntenelle. ( P. it Clifton Hill S. S
sgalnat Bethany 8. 8.
Miller, ( P. M. W. O. W. sgalnat
Omaha Bee.
Thirty-second and Dewey, ( P. M.
Iten Biaculta 'against Union Psciflc Au
ditors. -
Miller, S P. M. Federal Reserve Bank
egalnat Guarantee Fund.
Fontenelle, ( P. ' M. Klrachbraun
Creamery sgalnat 16th and Leavenworth
s Thursday.
Thirty-second and Dewey, 8 P. V.
Bethanv S. S. against Plymouth S. 8.
. Carter Lake. S P. M. Swedish Miaaion
agalnnt Hirat 8. S.
Miller, S P. M North Preabyterlan
S. S. agalnat Central Park S. 8.
Fontenelle. ( P. M. St. Mark 8. 6.
against Clifton Hill 8.. S.
Thlrty-serond and Dewey Ave.
1 P. M First Presbyterian (gainst
First M. K.
4 P. M. Wheeler against lloCab.
4 P. M. U. P. Auditors sgalnat Guar
antee Fund Life.
! P. M. Hirat S. . 8. agalnat Clifton
Hill 8. 8.
4 P. M. Iten Biscuits against Klrscb.
braun Creamery.
1 P. M. Bethany 8. 8. sgalnat Csntral
Park S. 8
4 P. M. Federal Reserve Bank against
16th and Leavenworth Merchants.
East Elmwood.
1 P. M. Christian Tigers sgalnat
Grace S. S. '
West Elmwood. ,
1 P. M. Swedish Miaaion agalnat North
Preabyterlan S. S. '
4 P. M. North Presbyterian agalnat
Hirat M. B.
Carter lake.
4 P. M St Mark S. S. against Ply
mouth 8. 8.
. Thirty-second and Dewey. '
1:30 P. M. Williams St. Merchants
against Whistle Bottling Co.
3:30 v. M. umana ate againat usi
St Merchants.
1:30 P. M. Brown Park Merchants
against Kinney Shoe Co.
,3:30 P. M, W. O W. against Thomas
Cusack Co.
1:30 P. M. Christ Child, Jra., against
Leavenworth St. Merchants.
8:30 P. M Drive-It-Yourself against
K, of C.
1 :30 P. M. Omaha Camp sgalnat-. B
& M. Camp. M. W. A
3:30 P. M. Murphy-Did-Its against Ne
braska Tire & Rubber Co.
Fort. Omaha.
1:30 P. M. Christ Child Center against
star r urnace.
3:30 P. M. North Omaha Boosters
against Townaends.
Carter Lake Club.
1:30 P. M. Carter Lake Club against
Post Office Employes.
Athletic Field.
1:30 P. M. Y. M H. A. against Social
3:30 P. M. W. O. Clark's against So.
Side Merchsnts.
East Elmwood.
1:30 P. M. N. W. Bell Telephones
againat Columbia.
3:30 P. M. Betsy Ross againat Colum
bia. West Elmwood.
1:10 P. M Betsy Ross agalnat Mc
Kenney Dentists.
1:30 P. M. Rock Springs Camp against
S. O. Camp. M. W. A.
Christie Heights.
1:30 P. M. So. Bide Sokol sgainst Ike
Pane' All Stars.
Carter Lake. ,
1:30 P. H. Beach Camp againat Mag
nolia Camp, M. W. A.
3:30 P. M Barker's Clothes Shop
against Cuming; St. Merchants.
Hundreds of Birds Killed
by Storm at David City
David City, Neb., July 17. (Spe
cial) High winds here , Sunday
morning broke limbs from trees ajid
blew off the tops of brick chimneys
and prostrated telephone and electric
light wires. The Gates ice house was
demilished. There was a heavy
downoour of rain after the wind sub
sided. A Targe barn full of hay,
west ot town, owned by ueorge
Zahler of this city, was struck bv
lightning, and after the storm streets
and yards were strewn with hun
dreds of dead birds.
Farmer Hurt When Seat
of Cultivator Falls Off
Falls 'City. Neb.. July 17. (Spe
cial.) Evan Dunn, a farmer near
here, was seriously injured when the
seat of the cultivator upon which he
was riding fell to the ground, throw
ing him underneath. Dunn's feet
were caught in the stirrups. The
horses lines were tied about his
back and he was almost doubled in
two, receiving three fractured bones
in his right leg, a wrenched back and
severe injuries to his chest and neck.
Dunn s farm is one mile east ot the
city. He will recover.
First Potato Shipment
from Gibbon Brings $1.80
Gibbon. Neb.. July 17. (Special.)
Bayley brothers have made the
first shipment of potatoes from the
Gibbon district, five cats of first
quality that brought $1.80 were con
signed to Chicago markets
'"--ri af -J --
of Boston, national amateur rham-
mon, witn O tor two rounds oi tne
.hole Lincoln park public links.
and Willie Hunter, formerly British
amateur champion, with 78, yester
day defeated Fred Wright of Los
Angeles and Harrison Johnston of
St. Paul, 3 and 2, in a best ball four
somes Wright equalled Hunter's
78, but Johnston took 80, having
slumped in his game during the open
championship last week.
The Bee Want Ads are best busi
ness boosters. '
Baseball Today
Double Header
Omaha vs Wichita
First Game at 2. Ladies, 10c
"By Right op
Thursday Friday - Saturday
Moon' Summer Prices :
Mats. ..15 Eves. .20S
Twa big stars ia a thrill-swept
romance of the frozen north
"Over the Border"
then for amusement ' and a
hearty laugh
We servs hams-made paatriea, soft
drinks of all kinds, milk and coffee. Sc.
Just Try Us Once
1508 Harney St.
in a scrssn story of a lovely young wo
man, who fall under tha hypnotic
power ef a Hindu doctor, entitled
"For the Defense
and the triumphant revival of
1922 edition of "A Dog's Life"
as an American sightseer in the
Orient finds an American girl in
a secret slave market then
well see him in
'The Prophet's Paradise"
N'sw Plaw.
And Other Star Vaudeville Acta
-The Man With Twe Mathers"
A Photoplay Rare Chans.
aasaaaaaBsasrasr m