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How to Keep Well
. DR. , A. EVANS
QlMtllMt IMUtllil kpfMM. paaite
tIM t4 prMIUMI ! diMAM. )1R-
aHitaa la Pr. Coaae by twam el
Tae will tea aaavarae par MaaUjr
ukMl prapar lunltallaa, aere a
Unpad, aaeraawe eavalepe U ea
taaaa. Dr. Evaee will pal aiaka
4iateale ar preacriaa la laglviaual
aiaaeaae. Aaarttt Ultars ia car al
Ike Sae.
Copyright! J:i
Dr. William H. Porter consumes
nsny page in the Western Medical
finirs in giving the reason people
hould not luc on in exclusive diet
of lurched corn.
I know a shorter way to state the
It is: "Breatie they don't hive to.
Nobody ever lived on an exclusive
met of parched corn unless he had
The ttori'i aliout members of ex
neditioni forced to live- on a few
graini of corn are supplemented by
utatements at to conditions ot starva-
tion and bodilv wasting.
"Give me three graini of corn,
mother, give me three graini of
cornf whtyi drpitsasi in "Ten Nights
in a Barroom plays, is acted by a
thin, emaciated girl.
Dr. Porter doe not ay that parch
rd corn, as an ingredient of a mixed
dirt, is not all riant.
The main reason for drawing on
his article is in the information it
contains as to nitrogen and protetds,
and especially as to how the body
gets rid of proteid and nitrogen
Almost all the important tissues of
the body are chemical compounds,
built around nitrogen. The wastes of
the body wear and tear are com
pounds, most ot wnicn are duiii
around nitrogen.
If any reader thinks of nitrogen
as a dead, inert, forceless, powerless
chemical as his school chemistry
seemed to teach, I advise that reader
to go to the library and get Slosson's
"Creative Chemistry." It is up to
date and the presentation is simple
and easily understood by such folks
as you and I.
Of the wastes containing nitrogen,
73.5 per cent are thrown off by the
kidneys, 21.8 per cent by the' liver,
and the remainder, about 4.7 per cent
by the lungs, the skin and all other
There are those who think that if
the amount of protein food eaten is
excessive and if this is kept up for
a long time the kidneys are worn by
the excessive work of elimination.
Of the total elimination of nitrogen,
two-thirds goes off as urea, most of
VaJaable Dhutrated Book Sant Free.
Row tbeanaas of woman, br tha simple
SMbaj ef an amlaaat phyeleiaii. have.
Saarnlilail ee.tueJ. ai e
.kT ZZaIZTZJ -"- wwn many
amaaat Baby has ar
rival to fully explained
to. tha Tamarkabla book.
ouirBooa ana the
Baby.- Talla alao what
da before and after
aay coaas, probable
data ot birth, baby
taka. ate., and about
j srcnerauena or
ere store eremrhara.
Vo4hara Friend" ia
evaJU4 antomallw tm
aKfiwa from nareotiea. permits easier
invwnin ox muaeiea ana nerval
anrlac expectancy pud child-birth. Start
oalaf it today. Un. E. X. Karcar. Slayton.
jUan, aayit It pulled me throuch." Send
ar book today, to Bradflald Regulator Co.,
R-SS, 'Atlanta. Oa. "MataarV rnA"ii
add at aB aruc atom.
If yo are suffering from eczema,
ringworm or similar itching, burn
ing, unsightly skin affection, bathe
tha tore places with Resinol Soap
and hot water, then gently apply
a little Resinol Ointment. You
will probably be astonished how in
stantly the itching stops and heal
ing begins. In most cases the sick
akin quickly becomes clear and
healthy again, at very little cost.
Xeaael Oabaant sad Kttinol Soap alio
clear away staples, redness, took hscaa and
eaadrt. SoldbreUeraffiate,
Works for Child
Must Keep Well
Mothanina Like Situation
Should Read This Letter
sToni Mrs Enrico
Chfcsgo, Blinoia.-"I took Lydia
pipkkam'a Vegetable Compound
tor a serious trou
ble. I had tried
doctors and all
said the same an
operation. At first
I only felt the
pain on my left
aiue, dui later i
seemed to feel it
on both sides. I
am a power sew
ing-machine oper
ator and have a
little srirl to sun-
I work in a tailor shop and that
of work haa been very slack this
r ar and I am home part ef the time,
do not bice to take any chances,
an I erBsnlted mr friends, and one
lady said. Take Lydia Pinkham'a
roextfeine,' so I did. I have felt bet
ter right along and am in good enough
health to go to work. I recommend
your Vegetable Compound and San
ative Wash to alL" Mrs. Mart En
rico, 469 N. Carpenter St., Chicago.
Often the mother is obliged to sup
port her children and good health is
hi i sea sir Lydia E. Pinkham'a Veg
etable Compound is just the medi
cine you can depend upon. It is a
medicine for women's ailments and
the relief it brought Mrs. Enrico it
may brine to you.
f 'lit
which it separated outby the Lid
To supply the nitrogen lost the
body need a minimum amount of
proteid. Lukk uvi this miniinum
amount a d-y is J) grami, or about
one ounce, if the protein comet from
meat or eggi, or is more if from
other sources.
In supplying the human body .TO
grains of meat protein is equal to 31
grains of milk protein, 34 graini of
rice protein, 38 grains of potato pro.
tein, 54 grains of bean protein, 76
grains of bread protein, and 102
grains of Indian corn protein.
While we speak ot protein as
though it were a single substance, it
is in reality a mixture of amino acids.
some 20 or more in number.
If the protein contains a good deal
of amino acid called tryptophan, it is
excellent to repaid the waste in the
human body.
Indian corn protein is a combina
tion of amino acids that is not so rich
in tryptophan, but does contain a
good deai of rein, an amino acid
which is not very useful in repairing
human waste.
He says that proteins like those of
0 X
Ginger Ale JSiF
AnthiraLcite Coal
E Available Now
Since we are unable to predict the outcome
of the coal strike, we take this opportunity
to protect our friends by calling attention to
our supply of Pennsylvania Hard Coal,
In the event of a prolonged strike and con
sequent coal shortage, a supply of coal placed
in your bins now may be a very welcome
protection later, as our supply is not unlimited.
Lommbeir & Coal
Indian corn and gelatin, which con
tain but tittle tryptophan, have little
nutritive value in fact, are harmful.
I doubt if others will ga with him
at far as saying that gelatin and In.
diao meal are harmful.
Nap's Epochal Glands.
L. S. writes: "In your section 'M.
P.' wonders if the physiological con
dition of Napoleon had direct effect
on the history of the world. Especial,
ly 'M. F.' refers to Napoleons low
pulse and the pituitary glands, neith
er of which, in my opinion, had any
direct effect on his actions.
"Instead of 'M. F.' concerning him
self with Napoleon's pituitary glands
it would be wiser to investigate Na
poleon's thyroid and adrenal and pi'
neal (lands, which were much more
vital to his mental and physical char
acter than the pituitary glands, for
the last control the hair and bone
growth chiefly.
"Napoleon alo had cancer, which
might have had an effect of an ab
normal balance of gland secretions.
"I hope this information may prove
ot aid to M. r. and any of the pub
lic who may have been misled by
Coffee for breakfast
Clicquot all the time
Clicquot Club Ginger Ale the
friendliest, happiest beverage. There
is no particular time of the day that
it calls its own. You can drink it
morning, noon, or night, letting your
thirst dictate when.
Clicquot never varies in taste ot
quality. "Always it is pure as the
spring water from which it is made.
The ginger is the finest that Jamaica
can send to us.
Get Clicquot Club by the
case for the home. If you
prefer variety, you can get
Clicquot Club Sar
saparilla, Birch
Beer, and Root
MiUia, Mass., U. 8. A.
WA Inut 0300
the suggestibility of 'M. F.Y theory
bout the pituitariri."
There may bt tome literature on
the subject that you, somehow,
(ailed to read,
Acid Urine From Eggs.
M. I". C. writes: -I, tto eggi,
cheese, and milk produce acid urine
or alkaline?
"2. Will dotes of common baking
sod neutralize the aridity of the
urine in any marked degree?
"J. Is acidity influenced bv the
state of the weather? lnet cold or
heat affect it?"
I. Acid urine. Kggt particularly
are rich in lulphur. Foods rich in
sulphur make an and ah,
2. Yes, the urine can he made alka
line by the ue of soda.
J. r. The more urine the Ictt
its aridity, fold weather increases
the amount of urine. There are
other factors.
Consumption After 18.
llht M. m. writet: "I. It is the
theory o( a well know Chicago tub
f aVf
SV ' Jtl le MBOBM.-,-
r' oi uonnern Wisconsin
S Plan your vacation in this great outing region $
6 where you can camp, canoe, fish, hike over pine- &
scented trails or just loaf.
Following greatly reduced fares in effect gj
tickets on sale daily return limit October 31st.
From Omaha II From Omaha
o to r
Cable, Wis. $28.75 Lake Owen, Wis. $27.00
Cumbariand.Wla. 23JI0 Shall Uka, Wis. 24.15
Gordon, Wit. 26.20 Solon Springs, Wla. 26.60
Grand ViewJWU. 27.75 Spooner.Wia. 24.50
Hayward.WU. 255 Turtla Uka, Wis. 22.50
Conopoodiagly low farea to
Virgin forests, winding, woodsy
a" I l . t tt
fy-v gamy tun wiu test your skill won rod and reel.
Iv-N. FoWer "Out'Of-Doon in Vppn Wlieaimn''
ttttt beat it
Our representatives wul take pleasure in giving further infor
mation, advising you of our excellent train service and assisting
In W
arranging travel details
Chicago &
ay . eer ftT Ji7
1416 Dodge St
Tettpkae Daalu4M
U a A.ea .
erculosis specialist that consumption
cannot be contracted after the age
"2. In consumption when dors the
temperateure ne and ueually to what
j degree or degrees
I. I he statement at quoted it an
exaggeration, but it contains a lot
ol truth.
2. In the main in the afternoon.
It may range from W to 104.
British Entry in Air Derby
Hopes to Fly 4 Miles a Minute
London, July IJ, Four unlet a
minute it wliat C. F. l'p'int expettt
to make in the aerial derby ou
August 7, in hit new Bristol biplane
equipped with a 5lX)-hore power en
gine. Sadi I.erointe of France will com
pete in a KciMport, believed to he
capable of doing 500 kilometer (312
unlet) per Hour. It it taid it lands
so fat that the Groydon airdrome
will have to he enlarged to handle it.
Very Low
Fares to
the Great Tourist
Fishing District
1 II7
ethet adjacent tourist detdaatient.
trails, cool, restful days await you
. f I
of your trip.
North Western Ry
Farnam St J
"Canned Heat" Used
for "Jag" Producer
J'UtUinomli, Neb , July J, (Spe
cial.) A new kind of jag producer
his been found that rivals lemon ex
tract, hair tonic and othrrs,
A stranger, employed as a cook in
tlie (iresr railroad camp here, Mas
found hy police in hrlplns condi
tion. I'pon being removed to the
ji to recuperate he poured forth
the story of hit undoing.
The man h?d purrhaxed five cant
of the "canned ftrat" used by mo
toritik,' separating therefrom the de
natured alcohol hy straining it
through a towel.
Cow Killed, Auto Wrecked
Keatiice, Neb,, July I.'. (Special.)
During a heavy rainstorm, an auto
occupied by James Barnard and Will
Fuehrman struck a cow and killed
her. The machine was put out of
commission, but the occupants es
caped unhurt.
Why Not a Successful
Business Man for Governor?
The business affairs of Nebraska require
the steady hand of a tried executive like
Senator Charles H. Randall
Of Randolph, Republican Candidate
Hi3 Knowledge of
Business and Agricul
ture Gained in a Suc
cessful Banking Ex
perience and Active
Management and De
velopment of Farm
Read What Senator Randall's Neighbors
Think of Him
The neighbors of Chas. H. Randall, who have known intimately of his career from the
time he landed in Randolph in 1888 with empty hands and a spirit of invincible industry, unite
in recommending him to the people of Nebraska as a full-sized candidate for Governor.
His knowledge of agriculture, gained as a farm hand and owner; his knowledge of busi
ness, gained in a successful banking experience; his knowledge of economic and political affairs,
gained as council member, school officer, mayor and state senator; his native ability, his untiring
energy and his fine personal character make , it certain that the executive affairs of Nebraska :an
be safely placed in his hands.
We recommend him to those voting citizens who think the executive affairs of the state
important enough to be entrusted to one who has successfully conducted his own business affairs
and won and kept the esteem of all his fellows.
C. C. Bacon, Farmer
W. H. Stageman, Real Estate
W. R. Cain, Banker
August Huwaldt, Farmer
J. H. Gilman, Merchant
F. R. Stewart, Farm Produce
S. E. Strom, Farmer
W. H. Shoaf, Minister
Martin Buol, Garage
George Hill, Farmers Union
G. 0. Mengshol, Merchant
W. H. Burney, Farmer
George I. Parker, Banker
P. O. Olsen,. Farmer
J. C. Robinson, Lawyer
S. S. Morten, Real Estate
Adolph Matson, Farmer
F. 0. Robinson, Co. Treasurer
M. K. Pollock, Farmer
C. M. Jones, Clothing
E. E. Collins, Banker
O. G. Ritchie, Real Estate
Linkhart Bros., Real Estate
Frank Specht, Farmer
Charles Gallagher, Implements
F. G. Dewey, Physician
C. D. Young, Banker
Jesse Lowther, Farmer
Dean Mohr, Furniture
Geo. A. Gray, Banker
Thomas Berge, Merchant
H. J. Candor, Station Agent
Byron J. Hoile, Merchant
H. A. Harper, Farmer
Guy Wilson, Banker
F. P. Voter, Lawyer
D. D.- Coburn, Automobiles
A. D. Felber, Druggist
0. A. Johnson, Lumber
P. K. Tolles, Farmer
E. E. Burns, Farmer
G. G. Westrope, Merchant
F. E. Harper, Farmer
C. E. Montgomery, Editor
J. G. Myers, Hardware
J. C. Busby, Physician
J. V. Harper, Merchant
A. R. Collins, Banker
W. H. Delozier, Farmer
Chas. G. Bugenhagen, Farmer
O. W. Hegstrom, Farmer
W. E. Delozier, Farmer
Jas. G. McCIure, Farmer
Rob't. Lynn, Banker
E. E. Snygg, Gen. Merchandise
R. E. Jones, Grain Dealer
Art C. Nelson, Garage
Theo. Clausen, Farmer
The Favored Candidate of People Who Know Nebraska's Needs and Have
Reports of British Plan to
Tay lf. S. War Delit Doubted
Washington. July II. (By A. P)
Keports from London of arrange
ments being made by Great Britain
for the payment of that government's
debt to this country of $S,IXIO.OOO,(X10
in a tump sum within a short time,
were received lat night with con
siderable iurrrdulilv by the tressury.
High trea-ury officials were inclin
ed to view the report as "a wild news
paper story."
No official word of any such plan
SoJe ZfcrlllFANTSciltlVALIDS
t.t. i...aa. mmA ftmariaa CUUraa
Tto Orlstaal food-Drtak For AS Aat
G. H. Renard, Banker
C. A. Holmquist, County
R. E. Cook, Banker
S. J. Larson, Garage
G. B. Sellin, Merchant
Theol Anderson, Merchant
F. E. Anderson, Editor
E. P. Lingren, Retired Farmer
A. P. Larson, Farmer
W. D. Funk, Lawyer
P. A. Tulleys, Banker
C. T. Heckt, Banker
E. C. Prescott, Furniture
H. F. Cunningham, Mayor
M. E. Richmond, Minister
J. B. Gossard, Ford Garage
J. H. Gesler, Telephone Mgr.
W. H. Weber, Insurance
H. R. Van Anken, Mgr. Butter
Ed B. Fanske, Jeweler
Henry Klug, Farmer
Harry Srinewald, Farmer
H. J. Manske, Oil Business
M. Inhelder, Banker
L. P. Tonner, Banker
S. M. Durfee, Clothier
Herman Otto, Farmer
T. C Andersen, Garage
W. S. Butterfield, Farmer
R. L. Senift, Jeweler
Burt Buchanan, Well Man
Jim Hamer, Merchant
A. J. Hoehne, Impl'nt Dealer
Henry Huwaldt, Farmer
Herman Lorenz, Farmer
Frank Stedry, Farmer
Pete Petersen, Farmer
W. L. Mote, Banker
E. Phillips, Farmer-Stockman
S. W. Mosher, Farmer
F. C. Holbert, Banker
P. D. Corell, Stockman
en the part ef the British fevera
ment has reached the treasury, It wag
Wat Ioiaots ltd CkUdrtt
In Um For 0vr30YMrt
1 lor lick's
r aaap waaaaaaw
i gflck ailBr. auttaal araia attract la I
Ha Caatlag - NawiahW - PtfatlUe
His Knowledge of
State and Economic
Affairs Gained in Two
Terms in Nebraska
Senate and Member
Nebraska Loan Com
mittee of War Fi
nance Corporation.
H. G. Corell, Retired Lumber
man. W. M. Dutcher, Farmer-Stockman
H. M. Scott, Auto Dealer
J. D. Alexander, Stockman
Chris Lerum, Farmer-Stockman
W. E. Cook, Farmer
R. C. Harper, Editor Plainview
L. J. Jensen, Cashier
Lars Jensen, Farmer
Otto Saathoff, Firmer-Stock-man
C. E. Greene, Hotel Proprietor
H. H.' Hahn, Dean Wayne
A. B. Carhart, Hardware
J. G. Mines, Jeweler
Harry Robinson, Farmer
D. E. Brainard. Banker
Ervin Auker, Farmer
Alex Jeffrey, Farmer
Claude L. Wright, Real Estate
I. 0. Richardson, Farmer
A. R. Davis, Lawyer
Walter Gaebler, Merchant
A!. H. Schmale, Merchant
J. C. Schmode, Merchant
G. A. Mittlestadt, Merchant
W. H. Brune, Merchant
Herman Fleer, Merchant
I. F. Gaebler, Banker
A. W. Dewey, Banker
V. B. Dewey, Banker
Matt Jones, Hardware
J. V. Francis, Implement
Joe Jones, Hardware ,
Otto Black, Retired Farmer
W. R. Thomas, Garage
M. S. Whitney, Manager
Farmers Union
Ralph Finley, Grain and Coal
C. E. Burnham, Banker
Rev. J. H. Andress, Pastor
J. B. Gibson, Banker
Geo. W. Phelps, Insurance
W. J. Kruetzfeldt, Hardware
Chas. Schrain, Real Estate
G. W. Evans, City assessor.
S. E. Martin, Lumber & Coal
Asa Hepperly. Farmer
C. A. South, Retired Farratr'
Paul Buol, Retired
Fred Dederman, Farmer
Burr Taft, Farmer
J. E. Sullivan, Banker
A, W. Malcom, Farmer
R. R. Ross, Farmer
F. L. Philips, Farmer
W - J -v