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Society Sail for Europe Personals
MtH JUsd to U Hostm.
Mim Tfigr R1 will entrrtein it
movie party followed by damuig
.i iht Athletic club Friday rvtnmg
when the honor guests will ht Mi
f anise Fort o( Bonim and Mis
Virginia WalUt of Washington, la.
The other member of the party will
he Mi Elisabeth flarker, Mi
Krna Keed. Allen CUrae, Floyd
Smith. George Metcalfe, Ted fro
foot n4 Dudley Wolf Mi,s Keed
M ill ltfrf Am inf Armaltv eutinr
undy evening at her home (or '
mim name.
For California Visitor.
Mrf. F. M. Johnson and hrr 2
? car-old daughter. Fhylln. have ar
lived to be the turtle of Mrs. John
'n'i parrnti, Mr. and Mrs. k. J.
Match. Thry live in Oakland, t.'al.
Mr, and Mri. John Bexton enter
uined it dinner last evening comoli
ttientary to Mr. Johnton, Juis
Helen Hatch will give a bridge party
Naturday (or hrr litter and on Sun
iUy Mr. and Mr. F.ric Martin will
entertain at a (amity dinner,
Miai Cowell Honored.
Mm. Irving Benotken entertained
.Hi guests lit tra Thurday, com
plimentary to Mitt Mona Cowell.
Assisting were the Nfetdamet Thro
ilore Livingston of Plattsmnuth, Al
len Tultev, Robert Cowell, Mile Me
Fayden, Mark Leving and H. W.
Benolken, the Misses Nora Living
ston, Eleanor and Kathrrine Kax
ter. Emily Keller and Elizabeth and
Virginia Barker.
For Mii Fort
Ted Crofoot entertained at dinner
Thursday at the Brandeis restau
rant complimentary to Mi Louise
Fort, who i the guest of Miss Eliz
abeth Barker. Cover were laid for
Mr. and Mrs. Letter Klopp, Mr. and
Mm. Henry Luherger, Mis Eliza
beth Barker, Mist Fort and Jack
Peacock. Next Sunday Mr. and
Mrs. Klopp will give a swimming
party followed by dinner for Mist
Benefit Card Party.
A benefit card party will be given
Friday afternoon, 2 o'clock, at Happy
Hollow club under the auspice of
the educational department, Omaha
Council of Catholic Women
Ticked are $1 and may be ob
tained from members of the or
ganization or from Mrs. Alvin Som
m a r, chairman on arrangements.
Ueservations for tables may be made
:,t the headquarters of the council,
AT. 3804.
Bridge and Dancing Party,
Dudley Wolfe will be host at a
bridge party followed by dancing at
the Athletic club next Saturday eve
ning, honoring Mr. and Mrs. Rich
ard Mallory.
For Miss Veda Samuels.
Mrs. Victor M." Shewbert will en
tertain at luncheon Saturday at -her
borne for Mist Veda Samuelsof Mc
Kinney, Tex., who is her guest.
American War Mothers.
The American War Mothers will
itvf Friday afternoon at the Belle
vue Vocational school. Members
are requested to meet at Twenty
fourth and M streets at 2:45 o'clock.
Each member will bring needle,
thread, thimble and scissors.
Birth Announcements.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Cheney an
nounce the birth of a son at Nicholas
Senn hospital on July 4.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schmelen
berger announce the birth of a
daughter Wednesday at St. Joseph
A daughter, Lucille Frances, was
born Wednesday to Mr. and Mrs.
Albert S. Moore at St. Jsseph hospital.
Mi Bc Hoell, teacher of French
at Central High school and member
of the Omaha College club, sailed for
Europe Thursday on the Kocham
hcati to attend the international coin
frrenre of university women which
will be held in the Paris club house
for America,'! university women this
Representatives from all countriet
will be tent to this meeting, the ob
ject of which is to bring about a
closer relationship in public school
The use of the club house where
the meetings are to be held was
donated by an American woman,
Mr. Whiti-law Read, for a term of
three years to a group of American
university women. During the sum
mer months the rooms will be at the
disposal of transient university wo
men from the United States.
Other Omaha teachers who plan to
attend the convention are the Misses
Bess Shackell, Eunice Stcbbins,
Helen Clark and Clara Sicvers.
Folldwing the conference, Miss
Rozell will remain in Paris for six
months, where she will resume her
Study of French.
Music Outstanding
Feature of
The General Federation oi Wo
men's clubs contributed $102,000 to
ward the recently purchased national
club house in Washington, D. C, at
the biennial meeting of the federation
in Chautauqua, N. V., last week. Ne
braska s share of this amount was
$1,500, according to Mrs. Philip Pot
ter, first vice president of the Omaha
Woman s club. The money was
raised in one-half hour.
Twenty-five delegates attended the
Nebraska banquet which was held
June 28. The delegation presented
Mrs. Edgar Penney, state president,
with a gold General Federation pin.
Mrs. Charles Johannes, president of
the Omaha Woman's club, who was
unable to attend the biennial, was
presented with the national pin by
Mesdames Philip Potter, Edgar Allen
and Charles Hempel at a meeting of
the executive board Wednesday after
nooon at the home of Mrs. Potter.
Reports of the national meeting were
given at this time.
Music was one of the oustanding
features of the convention in the
opinion of Mrs. Potter. Programs of
American music were given daily
from 5 until 6 p. m., under direction
of Mrs. Marx Obendorfer, national
chairman of music. The playing of
Alberto Salvi, noted harpist, will long
be remembered, according to Mrs.
Potter and Mrs. Allen.
The Mir Lillian and 1 tin
I lUrcu left Saturday to spend two
rk in l hit ago am tti the Ukc.
Mr. and Mr. Herbert Roger and
daughter, M Helen, left Sunday
tc peiiil a mum li in Michigan.
i Mit Flmore Schrayer of Chicago
j it spending the ummcr wi:h her
j mule and aunt, Mr, and Mr. A. M.
U row sr.
Mr A. R. Ferkui and her (athrr,
Mr. I'atc, f( i Urlkkonville, la., are
vinitiug Mr. Perkins' titter. Mr.
Henry Boyce, for two week.
Mr. and Mr. Frederick Ernst of
Katuas City are visiting this week
at Carter Like club. Mr. Frntt
wa formerly Mis Grace Mahaffey.
- -
Mr. Frank Pepper and on. Wal
lace, left lat Saturday ,tnr Tampa,
Ma., where ihev will join Mr. Pepper.
The family will make their home in
Mm. Frederick Sand, lio. with
hrr two daughter. Jeane and Fran
ce, has been visiting her parent,
Mr. and Mr. II. E. Gunner, left
Thursday for her home in Kantai
City. .
Mrs. W. J. Hislop and her daugh
ter. Irene, arc leaving next week for
Lot Angeles, where they will tpend
two mouths on account of Miss
Irene's health.
Mii.s Viola Muldonn is leaving
Sioux City, where " she Has been
spending two weeks with Mrt. W. F.
Schultz. for Lake Okoboji, where
she will he with a party of four at
Mr. Schultz't cottage.
My Marriage Problems
Adela Ctrriton'i New Phasa of
Dog Hill Paragrafs
Hy George Bmghm
S'.Mit 'h knit h iow .inr til
ttttuLmtf ,'uairu All lie Utk i.tiw
Problems That Perplex
Answered by
Mother and Fiance.
Dear Miss Fairfax: I am a widow
of 29, with a boy of 4. I love a man
of SO, at whose home I now live,
caring for his Invalid mother. We
planned to marry, but the home be
longs to a brother whoiwill not work
and who lets my fiance pay rent,
bills etc. My fiance in stuck on ac
count when we marry the mother la
to go with us. Three other brothers
do not contribute anything: to the
support of their mother.
Do you think this fair when we
are trying to save toward our future
home? BILLIE.
Don't pick flaws In the attitude of
the other sons. See to it that the
man you love does the considerate
thing where his old mother Is con
cerned. Suppose It does take you a
few months longer or even a year
to save fur the future you two plan,
won't you 'feel happier and more
blessed If you have not climbed to
your happiness over the wounded
feelings of an old woman? If there
are constant discussions concerning
who ought to do what don't for a
moment suppose that your fiance's
mother won't feel that she Is a bone
of contention a nuisance and a
burden? Surely you don't want to
make her unhappy.
Can She Reform Him?
Dear Miss Fairfax: Am 18. About
six months ago I was introduced to
a man of 23. I think a lot of him
and am sure he thinks a lot of me.
The last time I was out with him
he said it would be best for our
friendship to cease, as I was too good
a girl to go around with him. He
said he had several reasons. One
was on .account of drinking, which
he tried to but could not give up. 1
F. M.
If you think you can be a good in
fluence in this boy's life, then per
haps you would do well to give him
your friendship. But don't Idealize
a man who doubts himself. There
is an old saying, "He who doubts
himself will achieve only such re
sults as to Justify It." Unless you
have plenty of common sense and
self-control, it may be best to accept
his verdict without too much effort
to win him over to ideals which he
doesn't care to struggle to obtain.
( The Way Mother Oraham Awak-
tned Madge for a Buy Day.
"Margaret! Do you know what
time it i?" ,
My inollirr-in-law'a vone tpokc
impatiently outside my door, and 1
gave a little mental groin at ! strug
gled to wakefulness from a most re
freshing lumber and held my writ
watch up to my eyci,
"Ye. It' only half after is." I
ttrettnl the adverb, though I ni ght
a well have aved my breath, tor
Mother Graham repeated the em
phasis with another inflection and
'Only!" islie exclaimed scornfully.
"Have you forgotten that you are to
drive me to Eatthampton thi morn
ing, that Junior it to be dretted, and
that we have to get breakfatt?"
There were many thing I could
have told her, among them, that out
breakfast hour was at 8, and that it
would not take an hour and a half
to dress myself and my child for a
drive to a neighboring village. But
I reminded mytrlf with a little 'gh
that there wat no use amwering my
mother-in-law in any fashion other
than absolute agreement, especially
when the had a shopping expedition
on hand, to my response was a do
cile: "I'll get up at once."
An Irresistible Demand.
"See that you do," she retorted,
and I heard the sound of her re
treating footsteps as I put my own
toes out of bed with a reluctant little
shiver at the crisp morning air, and a
sybaritic wish for another nap. .
I took my inevitable look at Junior
in his crib close to my bed to see
that he was all right, and found him
just stretching into wakefulness. As
I bent over him in admiration until
he opened his eyes, he smiled up at
me and demanded:
"Dooner turn in oor bed."
I knew that I was risking the
vials of wrath, but this appeal was
one not to be denied. So I swung
him high from his crib, crept back
with him into my own bed, and for a
rapturous few minutes cuddled him
to his heart s content and mine.
Then I played, "This littlep ig goes
to market" with his pink toes, tossed
the 'pattycake high m the air." re
peated for the thousandth time
more or less his favorite tale of the
wolf who "puffed and luffed and
blew the little pig's house in," and
But every mother worthy the
name knows by heart my reper
Madge Is Apprehensive.
"Margaret! What are vou doine?"
My mother-in-law's- voice outside the I
door wat rni with diI(4mt tint
tune, and 1 tlui.kmi tor Junior's
drlightrd call of "l.umet Panne!''
which diverted her attention for the
tecondi it took me M gr noie Iritly
out of bed, throw uu my bathrobe
and lipi-r(. and I'tKit the d.vor,
"Ye, Usune't ru." the wat
calling fatumitly, but a he taw mr
he held up her hand" in horrilird
indignation. "Margaret I You haven't
done one tingle thing, and it's been
a good half hour time I railed ymi,
Well, I might have known tl! You
don't care to drive me over to
hanipton, that all. I might hate
known it, our ear and Richard'
are ready for anybody rle in the
world except inc. That it what it it
to be old and"
Her handkercliirf wat lulfway to
her eye, and I knew that martyred
tear would be the next reel. I dived
into the bedclothing. brought up a
rapturouf, quealmg junior, and put
him swiftly into hi grandmother's
"Tell Dansie you made Mother
late. Junior,' 1 said quickly, "with
vnur insatiable demands for stories.
I'll be ready in plenty of time,
"If you don't want this child to
catch his death of cold, put a blanket
around him," she said tartly, ignor
ing the fact that I was already ad
vancing to her with a woolly crib
blanket in my arms. But I knew
that the martyr-like outburst was off
and the day saved.
"I'll dres him a soon a I get
some clothet on," I said, knowing
well what her answer would be be
fore the tpoke.
"You'll do nothing of the kind!"
she taid loftily. "You'll have enough
to do to get yourself ready and Rich
ard's car out by the time breakfast
is over. There's always sure to be
something wrong with it at the last
minute, and I want you to get it
out a soon as you get dressed, so
if there is. we can go in yours, al
though I'd as soon travel in a cpring
wagon. But if I'm going this morn
ing I want to get started. Give me
Richard Second's clothes!"
I handed her the articles she
wished without speaking. Indeed I
could not have uttered a word with
out showing my resentment at her
words. It was not the first time she
had tpoken contemptuously of the
car my father had given me, and I
was in terror for fear he would hear
her slighting reference. I had heard
his door open a minute before and
was not sure he had not heard her
far from subdued tones.
Mrs. Wilhcmina Scott of Birming
ham is visiting her cousin, Mrs. J, S.
Haw ley.
Prayer Each Day
f irinK jk Uiule it curing hit dvrby
! on the tide 'f hi head.
Sup Spradlen, of the Calf Rib
neighborhood. wa in our midtt on
Thurtday of this week. He reports
thry are needing rain to bad over
there that hit umbrella ha gone to
Mr. Teff Pollock ay the men
on the farm can tit down and wait
till it rain before thry work, but that
a woman can't set the dithes out and
wait for the rain to wash them.
Aged people ein be permanently
relieved from constipation worries!
Serve Kellogf'i Bran, cooked and
krumbled, to aged sufferers from
constipation and results will prove
astounding! Here is nature's most
wonderful food not only sweeping,
cleansing and purifying the bowel
tract without any irritation or dis
comfort, but stimulating and ener
gizing brain and nerve cells!
Give the aged Kellogg's Bran with
every meal. Serve it as a cereal,
sprinkle it on other hot or cold
cereals or make it up into the most
delicious muffins, raisin bread, gems,
macaroons, pancakes, etc., you ever
tasted. And all the time it is doing
wonderful health work. The value
Of Kellogg's Bran cannot be over
estimated! Bran Is a vitally necessary food
on every family table. Its regular
use at least two tablesoonfuls daily;
in chronic cases with each meal
will not only free you from the dan
gers of constipation, but it will ward
off disease! Authorities tell you that
90 per cent of all illness is caused by
constipation, ttemember that!
Don't' wait for constipation to
"get" you or some loved one! Start
with Kellogg's Bran tomorrow. Serve
it every day as a cereal, sprinkled
over other cereals or in countless
bakery batches. Bran will add years
to any one's life!
Children grow strong and robust
when given Kellogg's Bran in their
diet. It keeps the little ones in prime
health, allowing the organs to per
form normal functions and the body
to grow in a healthy way. Bran will
sweeten an offensive breath and
clear a pimply complexion. Buy
Kellogg's Bran, cooked and krum
bled, at all grocers. Start eating
Bran today!
1519-21 Douglas Sired.
'Style Without Extravagance.
Extreme Clearance Prices Prevafl On
Summer Footwear
Milady may well come to attention at the announcement of such
wonderful values. Your interest will grow by leaps and bounds
when you see the smart, clever styles of footwear offered in these
two big feature lots.
Values to $8.00-NOW
Values to $10-N0W
Selections are almost without limit. Your every need can be per
fectly met. No matter for what occasion you may need footwear,
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In many styles, almost complete
fise ranges await yon; in others
only a f e pairs still remain. It
is the part f. wjsdom to be here
White shoes, sport combina
tions, patents, calf, wonder
ful varieties and easily Oma
ha's most remarkable foot
wear values.
Uri i Ttr fukwln t . 1 II I
Mir we nrtrr Uinet to be thank
ful to Thre, our I attier Thou ilot
i 1 1 v IimJ us with britrfit i lion I
ait teiiiiinually tliiiiinic (or our wel
fare; we air iiuluieient to 'I'hv
ureal ioudnri. We pray, and oik
praters ate aiuwerrd, but we (omet I
t'llru to m). Hunk vou
Make us mote iiiimiitil il I lire, oi
iur tlrprmlrnce upon 1'hrc, ami ol
1 liv rc4iline to mipply all our
nenli. Then nuy we moie lui
tiirsk our iraie: mv we hie "ir
14 r, anil show our loe to I lire
iv our acts
He ntoftit with us in out home.
fetch ii to lrut Thee, to litn to
Ihy Word, lo do 1 hy will. ImcIi
us the joy ol serving Thre, When
ilmibt ilitiiih tit, tut we lute .
vitinu ol Thee that will uke aay all
iluiirt, -'oihid it that we ohoulil
darken the dJ) of other by iloubt-
iiiir worii.
rniKive our im ami uukr u
more erucM in pra)trt, m Kills in
tervice. Let our home be reiilcr
from which Meeting ao out to
neighbors near and ur. And show
ut how to live alwa to the praitc of
I hy llolv Name. Amen
John t ranin. i d .
I'hllt'ltllihia. !'
Carter Lake Club. i
The Carter Lake club announces
tlut during July and Angus! there
will he rl.iiiciiig at the club on Tlmr
day night, at which guests of club
members w ill he welcome. The rcg- j
ular dancet on Tuesday and Satur
day will alto be continued.
, The Greatest
Luggage Values
In the City
Buy luggage but not until you see Greater
Nebraska's vast showing and compare this
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Here's Model No. 23
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Indestructo Wardrobe
SBlBlMHMBm aBiHsisMBasa
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m $3750
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strate this wonderful
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Unapproachable strength and unassailable quality
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Black Crepe Grain
Traveling Bags
Made of genuine black crepe
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Special Value Cowhide
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Black Enameled Suitcases
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Special Traveling Bag
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Leather-lined cowhide trav
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Famous Non-Sag
Gladstone Cases
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Matting Suitscasas, light $025
in weight, durable, at O
Greater Luggagr Section Entire Betement Seleereom Main Building.