The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, June 28, 1922, Page 3, Image 3

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Custafsou Will
) dianu on ncconi
in Senate Race
I'moml Meant Will Not Per-1
m it (lampsipn. Say Camli j
iUtr in Statement
lucl Here.
Three Men Killed by
Terrific Heat on
California Desert
U Inle inAing a brief iit m
Omaha TucttUy, C. II. tiuUlon,
irpubhcan candidate lor United
utr trnator, iucd the following
Mutrnient through hi trieud and
upitorieri, who urged him to accept
t lie noiniiutirvi ami who have now
organined to promote hii campaign:
"In accruing the (ding made in
my behalf lor the republican nomina
tion (or United State senator. I feel
it necctsary for me to frankly nay
to those who have collided and
trusted in me, tint if the people of
Nebraska sincerely feel I ran ef
fectively rrpreient (hit ktate in con
grcDi, I khall do all in my power
to prove worthy of that confidence.
"My personal mean will not per
mit my making a campaign for this
or any other office, even were I in
clined to do o. I have Riven my
time for 10 years to advancing co
operative marketing. 1 have not
aved any money for myelt from
thai work. My profit has hern the
keen personal tatUfaction of ecing
the certain development of aound,
afe and conservative producers'
marketing agencies which ultimate
ly mean prosperity and better con
ditions for all classe in Nebraska.
Standi on Record.
'The people of Nebraska have had
an opportunity to know me and my
purposes a; id achievements from my
activities in this state. I believe
that what little 1 may, have ac
complished during my more than 52
years residence in Nebraska offers
the public better information as to
my worthiness of their support than
could any mere words which 1 might
speak or-Avrite at this time.
'I believe that the gcne;il pros
perity of the producers is of first im
portance to the prosperity of the
untirc people of Nebraska. I do
not believe that the farmer' can
solve his problems through special
legislation for his special advantage.
1 do not believe in special legisla
tion or special privileges for the
fanner or for any other class.
T.very occupation, whatever it
may be, constitutes a part of some
class of business. Each has its
rights and should be insured its equal
and just consideration; but none
should be given any special ad
vantage or privileges over the other.
I have been called before many con
gressional committees and I am
afraid that sectional representatives
in legislative halls too often think
and vote wider the influence of sel
fish home influences and too often
forget the needs of the great mass
,of the unorganized public.
Keeps Interests in Mind.
"Without attempting to sgecify or
enumerate any specific evils or rem
edies for them, the voters in Ne
braska may be sure, should I be
elected to represent this state the
senate, I shall want to keep upper
most in my thoughts the equal
needs and interests of both the pro
ducer and consumer as the basis of
general prosperity and contentment
and always act to their joint in
terest. "All of my time during the past
years has been given to the develop
ing, as best I could, together with
others, the organization and estab
lishment of producers' marketing
agencies. And it is no little satis
faction to me to know that the pres
ent congress and also the administra
tion, has recently announced that
these marketing agencies must be
recognized, encouraged and pro
tected. Depends on Supporters.
" want my friends a.'id supporters
to know that my immediate and per
sonal thoughts and efforts are con
centrated on the completion of these
organizations. Until these agencies
are in operation I c?,nnot neglect or
refuse to give my constant attention
to my olli under
takings, even though my candid
suffer from my nonatten
tion. "Majny important and vital ques
tions are now before congress. New
ones will come up as these are dis
posed of. On all such questions I
shall act as my knowledge and in
formation of the best needs and in
terests of Nebraska shall dictate. If
chosen to represent Nebraska in
the United States senate, it must
come to me through the efforts of
appreciated friendship and confidence
of the people of this state."
nman Hilps Milt fn nail
Via, u i - -
Election From Her Home
Columbus, Neb., June 27. (Spe
cial.) Mrs. John Janicek of Colum
bus filed a petition in district court
asking that the Farmers' State bank
of Columbus be restrained from
ejecting her from her home under an
ouster writ issued in county court re
cently in favor of the bank' and
against her husband. Mrs. Janicek
alleges that some time ago Mr. Jan
icek told her he was placing a mort
gage on their home and wanted her
to sign the papers. After she had
signed, she claims she discovered that
the papers were a conveyance in fee
simple of the property to the bank.
She insists that she had no intention
of deedina- away the residence and
asks the court to protect her in her
homestead rights.
Pawnee City Students at
Peru Form Pawnee Club
Pawnee City, Neb., June 27.
Special.) Students in Peru State
Normal summer school who hail
f-orn Pawnee county have organized
a Pawnee club. The following of
ficers have been elected:: President,
Ralph Slemmons; vice president.
Margaret Kreuger: secretary and
treasurer. Joe Minnehan; cheer leader,
Irvin Settles, and reporter. Miss Ida
PI on
Seward County Campaign
Seward, Xeb.. June 27. (Special.)
Erie B. Smiley, republican candi
date at the primary ior representative
from Seward county, visited nine of
the 11 town in his county and dis
tributed 1.000 cards in a little less
than 75 minute.
Mr. Smiley drove his own a'rplane
and. so far as is known, is the first
(candidate owning" and driving; a ship
in tnaloog his catppiifOj
Buwley. Cat.. Jun 27. Death
from "htat prostration" was th
vtrdict reached by coroner's jury
hers at in inquest over the bodies
of three men who died in the desert
few miles southeast of Nilsnd,
Cat., last Saturday,
The men were J. J. Everharty
and Henry C. Brown of Los An
gcles, and David Wilcox, an aged
prospector who had lived in many
western mining districts.
Wilcox's body was found about
10 miles from Niland beside a small
wsgon drawn by two burros, which
were standing patiently in the in
tense heat.
It wss estimated the temperature I
where the deaths occurred was be
tweea 132 and 152 degrees.
Counties to Get
$596,068 State
Funds for Schools
Superintendent Matzen An
nounces Semi-Annual Ap
portionment of Land
Rental Monov.
Lincoln. June 27. (Special.)
John M. Matzen, state superintend
ent, announced the regular semi
annual apportionment of school funds
to counties. The money is received
from rentals of state lands and
amounts to $596,068.87. The appor
tionment follows:
Adams, $9,058.51; Antelope, $8,
226.71; Arthur. $901.40; Banner, $1,-.
061.47; Blaine. $1,261.59; Boone. $7.
178.42; Box Butte, $4,422.70; Boyd,
$4,992.95; Brown, $3,974.95; Buffalo,
$10,688.58; Burt. $6,146,72; .Butler,
$7,432.22; Cass, $8,290.49; Cedar, $8,
773.94; Chase, $3,129.21; Cherry, $7,
J36.44; Cheyenne. $4,504,64: Clay,
$6,714.34; Colfax, $5,715.78; Cuming,
$0,807.29; Custer, $15,013.41; Dakota,
$3,486.25; Dawes, $4,929.84; Dawson.
$7,611.92; Deuel, $1,812.22; Dixon,
$6,030.98; Dodge, $9,871.11; Douglas,
$56,773.38; Dundy $3,234.89; Fill
more, $6,587; Franklin, $4,607.53;
Frontier. $5,444.63; Furnas, $6,300.78;
Gage, $13,074.63; Garden, $3,023.15;
Gartield, $2,287.49; Gosper, $3,013.60;
Grant, $677.64; Greeley, $4,756.70;
Hall. $9,122.74; Hamilton, $6,406.30;
Harlan, $4,876.55; Hayes, $2,235.45;
Hitchcock, $3,752.83; Holt, $10,138
.37; Hooker, $610.35; Howard, $6,-
183.01; Jefferson, $7,825.74; Johnson,
$4,955.99; Kearney, $4,351.42; Keith,
$2,yil.y0; Keya Paha, $2,114.57; Kim
ball, $2,487.42; Knox, $10,488.77;
Lancaster, $30,352.82; Lincoln, $10,-
493.26; Logan, $1,333.07; Loup, $1,
431.47; Madison. $10,005.54; Mc
pherson, $1,169.50; Merrick. $5,203-
.42; Morrill, $5,751.14; Nance,
$4,673.34; Nemaha, $4,863.38; Nuck
olls, $6,407.63; Otoe. $8,875.30;
Pawnee, $4,951.85: Perkins. $3.-
038.83; Phelps, $4,680.51: Pierce.
$6,053.97; Platte, $9,630.68; Polk, $5,-
073.38; Red Willows, $8,703.88; Rich
ardson, $8,967.46; Rock, $2,725.80;
Saline $8,222.49; Sarpy, $4,003.95;
Saunders, $9,760.37; Scotts Bluff,
,150.11; Seward, $8,150.11; Sheri
dan, $5,179.10; Sherman. $5,236.81:
Sioux, $3,415.16; Stanton, $4,034.11;
fhayer, $6,168.19; Thomas, $851.74;
Thurston, $4,533.11; Valley, $5,277.98;
Washington, $5,786.07; Wavne, $5,
595.55; Webster, $5,476.98; Wheeler,
$1,820.78; York, $8,027.65. .
Endicott State Bank
Closed by Directors
Endicott, Neb., June 26. (Special.)
Endicott State bank was closed
Monday on request of .the board of
directors. Endicott State bank was
formerly a branch of the College
View bank, cashiered by C. H.
Hodges a brother-in-law of S. J.
Quantock. cashier of the College
View bank. The bank at Endicott
had some financial troubles and a
controlling interest was sold to C.
W. Slaughter, present cashier.
The indirect cause for closing the
bank dates back about a week ago
when the College View institution is
alleged to have attempted to force
a $3,000 collection from its offspring
at Endicott which Cashier Slaughter
alleges was to remain as security
for an indefinite time. This was
$3,000 of a $13,000 claim held by the
parent bank. The draft was turned
down and Slaughter through his at
torneys started action in the courts
for damages for misrepresentation
and a refund of his purchase price.
State Bank Commissioner Hart has
been notified but has not taken
charge. From a standpoint of de
posits this was the smallest bank in
Jefferson county.
Howard County Pioneer
Dies at Grand Island
Grand Island. June 27. (Special.)
Mrs. J. B. Williams, 75. of Palmer,
Neb., died at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. C. S. Lyle, 604 West Third
street, Monday.
Mrs. Williams was a pioneer set
tler of Howard1 county, having lo
cated on a farm near the present site
of Cushing during the later 70's.
Her husband was prominent in pub
lic affairs of the .county and took
an active part in republican politics.
She is survived by four daughters,
Mrs. Lyle, Mrs. A. L. Kellogg of
Haigler, Mrs. C. W. Holm of Palmer
and Mrs. Clark Perkins of Beatrice:
seven grandchildren, the eldest of
whom is Mrs. Charles Laughhn of
Grand Island, and two great-grandchildren.
The body is being taken over
land to Palmer where funeral ser
vices will be held Wednesday after
noon. Burial will be in a cemetery
near Cushing beside that of her hus
band who died tour years ago.
Architects Offer Services
for 'U' Athletic Stadium
Lincoln, June 27. Special.) John
Latenser, Omaha, and Ellery Davis,
Lincoln, have volunteered achitec-
tural services free for drawing- plans
for an athletic stadium at the Univer
sity of Nebraska. Their services
were offered at a meeting of alumni
called for the purpose of making
plans for the stadium, which may be
built this year. The stadium pro
posed will seat from 25,000 to 30.000
peoole and will cost approximately
Thin Blown' Glass
Tumblers 8-oz. sizt
in a fine quality of
plain glass. 7A
Dozen, lC
Fifth Floor East
GUm WsUr IMcher Thill
blown etas utihrri in a
' beautiful crape rutting.
2 quart aicr, 1 QQ
lfi ially priced, wO
Fifth Floor East
Wonderful Assortment Attractive Outint? Tops
o o
That Will Make Outings More Enjoyable
We have a very large selection of outing
clothes for women, misses and children, all in
khaki color. All sizes.
The garments arc made of washable mate
rials: Cotton gaberdine and khaki cloth. Knick
ers have one or two-button cuffs. The blouses
have, long or short sleeves, and most of them have
sailor collars. Many have smoked pearl buttons.
Exceptionally well cut, well made and well fin
ished garments.
Knickers Riding Breeches
Hiking Skirts Riding Skirts
Blouses Middies Hats Norfolk Jackets
Priced from 1.25 to 7.50
Second Floor Center
Wednesday Special Selling of
Mohair Sweaters
Tuxedo and
Slipover Styles
Mohair is a lightweight wool
yarn and is peculiarly adapted
for sweaters "for summer wear.
These sweaters are cool, com
fortable, the ideal garments for
sports wear. In all the fashion
able shades
Jade Mohawk Orchid
Scarlet Copenhagen
Navy and Black
In all sizes from 36 to 44.
Second Floor Center
Wednesday Sale
Plain and lace effects.
Semi-fashioned, silk to
tne Knee witn rein
forced heels
and toes. Pair,
Misses' and
Children's Rolled
Top Socks
Many styles in solid colors
or striped tops. Cool,
cute and comfortable.
Sizes 5 to 9i2. OC
Per pair, a-dC
Main Floor North
Unique Lunch, 60c
Our unique lunch, served in
the Men's Grill, has an unusual
feature that is making it popu
lar with all Omaha business
men. Try it once and you will
come here daily.
Take SeTenteenth Street Expreu
Elevators to Tenth Floor.
for the Glorious
Fast Color Cotton Flags
on sticks with gilt
12-inch size, each, 5t
18-inch size, each, 10t
24-inch size, each, 15
Silk Flags, on black sticks
with gilt spearhead :
12xl8-in. size, ea., 50$
16x24-in. size, ea., 75
Unmounted Silk Flags:
2x3-ft. size, each, 1.50
2i2x4-ft. size, ea. 3.00
3x5-ft. size, each," 5.00
Bunting Flags for poles or
1.00 to 10.00
8-inch Sparklers, 10 to the
pkg., 5
Or 6 pkgs. for 25
10-inch Sparklers, 10 to
the pkg., lOtf
Or 3 pkgs. for 25
Scout Pistols
A scout pistol and three
boxes of ammunition,
Main Floor Arcade
A Beautiful Array of New. Summer Hats
Baronet Satin, Taffeta,
Horse Hair Braid,
Ribbon, Ribbon .gfi'
White hats of
every style and
every type. Baronet satin
is the material that predomi
nates and with its richness gives a becom
ingness that is unsurpassed. There are
also black hats and black and white
combinations. Such a variety is seldom
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Priced from 4.95 to 8.95
Black,White,Small Sport
Hats, Large, Hats,
Turned Up
Brims and
Soft Rib
bon Hats,
Clearance of 100 Early Hats, 2.95
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Wednesday Specials in Curtains and Draperies
Crisn white curtains or cheerful cretonnes are helpful in making the hoi
Crisp white curtains or cheerful cretonnes are helpful in making the home
homelike. These are all fresh goods, reduced for Wednesday selling.
Novelty Curtains.
Fine voiles and mercerized
marquisette, some trimmed
with lace edgings, others with
cluny and filet pattern lace
insertion and edgings. Per
pair, 1.35
Curtain Materials
Mercerized marquisettes
and voiles with drawn
work borders in white,
ivory and beige. These
materials require only
hemming to make
beautiful curtains. 35c
per yard,
' Cretonne Pillows
Filled with floss and covered
with beautiful stfmmer cre
tonnes. A supply of pil
lows on the porch or scat
tered in the living room and
two or three in the ham
mock is what every home
needs. QQ
Each. OUC
Sixth Floor East
Quaker Craft Net
Beautiful allover designs
in white, ivory and
beige.' This nationally
advertised product is
recognized for its ster
ling quality. Makes a
curtain that will look
well and wear well.
50c values. Specially
priced, OQ.
per yard, Liti
A wonderful assortment of
beautiful patterns for dec
orative and furnishing use.
For chair covers, draperies,
cushions, table covers and
other kindred uses. OQ
50c values. ne"r yd.. aG57C
Ruffled Curtains
Sheer scrim with full,
narrow ruffle and ruffled
tie-backs to
match. 'Pair,
Wednesday Great Purchase and Sale of
Gotham Elastic and Semi-Elastic Corsets
These garments will be sold at the lowest price in
three years. A one-day sale, Wednesday, each
The Regular Price of These Girdles Ranges From 6.50 to 8.50'
There hasn't been a time since 1918 at least when the prices of rubber cor
sets were as low as they will be here Wednesday. This sale is to last for one day.
Only perfect merchandise, no seconds and only late, wanted models are
included. Only select materials are used in the three different models vhich
vou have to select from. '
These girdles are designed f"""
for golf, tennis, riding, motor- t
ing and dancing.
Two models are 14-inch gir
dles of firm elastic webbing
with flesh-colored silk broche
and satin reinforced sections
over the abdomen. Finished
at the top with a dainty band
of shirred satin ribbon and
bow. A third model, 14-inch
girdle is semi-elastic, for those
who prefer them, with insets
of elastic webbing combined
with strips of silk broche, fin
ished at top with shirred pink
satin ribbon.
Third Floor North
oummer lumens
A big supply of
towels are the cheapest
in the end, and Wise
housewives choose
Turkish towels. They
require no ironing and
are easily laundered.
For Wednesday Only
Turkish Towels
Big, heavy fellows with
blue-striped border. These
are irregulars, 'showing
perhaps an oil spot or
some small irregularity of
weave. A 49c
value for
Heavy Turkish
Bath Rugs
A heavy quality in
ental designs
Colored Turkish
A big lot in fancy colors
On sale Wednes-
day, each, Jt
Attractive Sanita
Table Sets
Attractive for the break
fast porch. 13 pieces,
24-inch centerpiece, six
9-inch doilies, six 6
inch doilies, all with at
tractive stenciled 1 AA
designs. Set, l.UU
x Main Floor West
Kodak as You Go
, B ri n g us
your films.
free. Finishing that's right on
time is our specialty. Work
left before 10 a. m. may be
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Main Floor West
Buy a
or icy
Quart Size, 49
Two-Quart Size, 69
For Wednesday Only
Bathing Caps
A special assort
ment at Of
In the Drug ZsmtC
Main Floor-