The Omaha morning bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 1922-1927, April 01, 1922, HOME EDITION, Page 5, Image 5

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V Musser Makes
7 Denial of Fraud
in Oil Iiiul Cac
Company IlraJ Talt- 2?Uud
; and Kilin I'litfrprUe
(iomuiiifiit DrrWc.
M'm Fair.
.4 III H, Mu.r, CutMrlliJattt Will)
KVIurl Mti. lljii'l. on in U&.
(ml lomt on a rlurce ti u.iim the
it a'U lo l' lci'l. look lite itnf
umi jr.tculiiy atirrnown 1114 de-iril'c-d
in dcuil the formation and
tlrtioii of iht American liroktr-
lue ami Uevt luiniirril ronuutiv.
"ili Mn.kUnJ lu.J iu horny to
sn irnrii lor we,- ne mm, in trie
t'Uie tt li tr.iinmnv. Mu.rr de.
iiiiil ftiiti lie h4I mail any iintt.iif.
ivri -iiinit the tat trrtk IM firl.l
I ml in an rlTott to rl .t.nk. He
ailmiitr.l luting a .utrnirnt
10 the r.MiNtrrrt roiuuiiy, wliicli
iiitrmliuH by tlie roM-vuion.
Mr. ), V (liUon, one of tlie lulrv
women for the American ((mUrage
riiil Drvrlippini nt inny. tctificU
hail not riraril either Murr or
Mi SlriikUml tell other !
leoole (or the company w nuke nii
MatmenK ). C. l o.lrr, m called laot
WeHneilaf an a witnm for the
wcunori. was retailed to the stand
"Artnse yeterdav. lie alo
'he ever had heard Mimtrr or
SSlrkklaiul trll their nalemen
o inireprecnt the Montana land
or to tell prospective purchasers that
there was a drill working on the
. The trial was adjourned V 4 yes
terday afternoon until iMo...ay aft
ernoon, v
Kiwanis Club Settles
Business Problems
Everything was strictly businoss at
the regular meeting of the Kiwanis
cluh at Hotel Rome yesterday noon.
Various business problems were
discussed and settled.
. ; Several new members were wel
comed by President K. D. White and
given instruction in Kiwanis spirit.
Will lleatherington and his Ki
wanis orchestra plaved several special
selections. Singing was led by
Harry Disbrow, one of the club's
Majority of Cops Prefer
to Walk Beats at Night
Only 44 out of 106 patrolmen pre
fer to walk their beats by day. ac
cording to assignments for April an
nounced at police headquarters yes
terday. A ruling effective today permits
senior officers to choose any of the
three eight-hour shifts.
Shotwell Will Ask Death
Penalty for Slayer of Hahn
County Attorney A. V. Shotwell
stated yesterday that he would ask
y, in acam penanv m me case 01 utto
-raOCie.TChargedtth shooting and kill-
' ing KftXyL.tfahn, pawnbroker, in his
i Shotwell-will personally conduct
the prosecution, assisted by Chief
Deputy County Attorney Ray T,
Coffey. 1 ,
Brief City News
1.K4 II
Bcddeo Goes Kast Elmer Beddeo
will go to New York eity on Saturday
night, to be away . about two weeks
on a business trip.
To Attend Congress Six Omaha
physicians will attend the American
congress on internal medicine at
Rochester, Minn., next week.
Robber Sentenced Joe Knapper,
charged with robbing, was lined $1
and given a sentence of six months
in the county Jail by District Judge
Leslie yesterday.
Divorce Granted Chester P.
Flag? was awarded a divorce decree
In the district court yesterday. He
alleged that his wife deserted him
In October, 1919. , 1
Wrestler Makes Arrest Mike
Stine, professional wrestler, turned
policeman Thursday afternoon and
arrested Vincent Starr, charging him
with stealing a woman's cape.
Brooker Stricken Goodley Brook
er, 80, former city councilman, suf
fered a paralytic stroke on his right
side yesterday. He was rushed to a
hospital and is expected to recover.
Held for Car Thefts Charles E.
Cherry, charged with stealing motor
cars, was bound over to the district
court under 12,000 bond after a
hearing in- Central police court yesterday.
Lost Man Found Louis Damuth,
.. 407 South Twenty-fifth avenue,
mlsstne since last Monday. was lo
cated by police at Missouri Valley.
a., yesterday. He was injured m
a; fall not long ago.
Guilty of Liquor Charge: Sabas
tine Valande was found guilty of
three liquor charges by a jury In the
district court yesterday. This is said
to be the first conviction in liquor
cages for the last month.
Rob Filling Station Motor ban
dits robbed the Standard Oil com
pany tilling station at Thirty-sixth
and Center streets at 2:30 yesterday
morning. No estimate of the loot
could be made yesterday.
Gives Corn luncheon Members
of the agricultural committee 01 me
rhimhpr nf Commerce attended a
i-nrn luncheon at the home of C. C
Beltlea. a member of the committee.
yesterday. Three Kinas ot corn
bread were served. .
Crelgliton Suggested Charles H.
i'rihton. son of the late John V,
Creighton, and the first trust com
panv, have been suggested as ad
ministrators for the Creighton estate,
according to a petition filed in the
county courthouse yesterday.
Operates on Dog A night opera
tion, performed by r. O. F. Rei
hart. saved the life of Tlby, pet dog
in the home of Mrs. Alice Jones.
S007 Franklin street, Thursday
nifrht. it consisted of removing a
pork chop bone from the animal's
Vnb 'Fmlniiiu Siiicidc Mrs. O. T.
:imer. S5. Tsortn iweuucui
feet, killed herself by drinking car-
c acid to avoid going to a nos
1 Thursday morning, according
o an anonymous note tnat reacnea
he iolice yesterday. Her husband,
a salesman, could not be found.
Showever With Presents So
manv presents were received by Mr.
and Mrs. John Jaeobsen, 49. Ave
nue K. at a celebration of their sil
ver wedding at the Swedish audi
torium Thursday night, that a van
was needed. The presents include
vnholKtered chairs, huge china cabi-
r.'ts. a library table, several sets of
ihina and miscellaneous articles.
Free Movies for Kiddies
Wing Toy" with Shirley Mason.
9 A. M. and 10:43 A.M.
ttrf-Nli Au4itaritM Filth TlMr
Nash Cm
Gladioli Bulbs
Mixed color. Special Saturday,
2c e ach.
itfM-NMrwauirt Ur
Candy Specials
Bittcriweet Chocolate
Larger than the ordi
nary cream, with heavy
bitternwcet coating. Spe
cial Saturday at, lb., 56c.
Cream Brazils
Brazil nuts covered
with soft maple or vanilla
fondant, lb., 56c.
Jumbo Salted Peanuts
Large sired selected
nuts, fresh and well
salted. 2 lbs., 35c.
Kum Back Balls
Pasteboard ball on rub
ber string filled with fresh
candy, each, 10c.
Burf MS-Nctfc Miiitnlnt Flor
Drug Specials
Yeutk Craft Hair Tonic, 89e.
Cram La Moo, a lemon cream.
Pussy Willow Face Powjer,
"Shie" for eyelashes, 39c.
DoubU Vanity Casa, 69c.
Cray's Glycarina Tonic, $1.39.
Millar' Antiseptic Oil, 39c.
Aksorbant Cotton, lb. roll, 69c.
Ammonia, pint, 15c.
Watarbury's Compound, plain
or with creosote, 89c
Dr. Hobsoa's Pain Dispeller,
D. D. D., medium size, ordinary
strength, 49c
BurfM-Nuh Mala Floor
Silk Tassels
Large tassels of pure
silk in black, brown, navy,
taupe, green, orange,
jade, and combination
shades that are of a qual
ity ordinarily much higher
in price. Our special
offer, each, 20c.
Burfi-Nh Main Floor
New Vestees
The success of a suit de
pends upon its immaculate
freshness. And what is
crisper and cleaner than
a vestee freshly laun
dered? Of net, lace, linen,
gingham and pique, in
smartest styles, $1.00.
BurgMi-Nash Main Floor
Collars : Cutfs
Many a dress is attrac
tive because of its collar
and cuff sets of filmy lace
or linen. Both Peter Pan
and Tuxedo styles are de
veloped in - white and
sports colors and in un
usual combinati ons.
Priced, each, 59c.
Burcesa-NMh Main Floor
It's the little things well
chosen that make the
whole attractive. Ker
chiefs are not the least of
these. The conservatism
of white linen and the
radical sports colors plot
against one another for
public favor, while the
colored border around a
center of white forms a
liberal medium. Priced
5c to $3.25.
Burgeis-Naih 'Main Floor
Easter Cards
that convey the senti
ments attached to the day.
Dainty cards are made
attractive with hand
painting and engraving
appropriately illustrated
and thoughtfully written.
- ' Burcess-Naah Main Floor
French lawn, a good
quality package paper
that is moderately priced.
Box of 60 sheets, 25c.
Envelopes to match, pkg.,
Bur(s-Nah Main Floor
Hair Nets
Gainsborough Hair Nets,
double mesh, in cap and
fringe, every color, 2
for 25c; dozen, $1.35.
Carmen Nets in cap shape,
with elastic, all colors,
3 for 25c
The New Vaglo Nets, dou
ble mesh hairpins to
match the hair with
each net, 2 for 25c.
Cap Shape Hair Nets of
human hair, all colors,
dozen, 50c.
Bmr(sa-Nuk Main Floor
Suits : Coats and Wraps
Are Here for Easter Choosing
The Coats and Wraps
Are you choosing a cout or wrap this
spring? The timo has come when you
must decide. To le sure there's little
choice in smartness between the free
swinging lines of the cape, and the deep
enveloping folds of the wrap. Marvclla,
Veldyne, and Corona, in brown, navy,
black, .Mohawk, and Sorrento Uluo fashiun
the smartest of these.
Priced at
Tailored Suits of Tweed
The aristocrats of fashion for town and coun
try wear. Mannishly tailored straightline tweed3
are more engaging than ever in shades of Copen
hagen blue, brown, tan, and rose. Long as to
coat, and straight as to skirt, these suits contrive
to produce a jaunty out-of-door air, and offer
most unusual values.
Priced at
$25 - $2950 - $35
Burftts-Naah Third Floor
Easter Togs for the Girls
Youth Will Be Served mid Smartly
The kind of apparel that shares with little maids a disdain for
"the same old thing every day" and yet is as simple as th most con
servative mother could exact.
New Taffeta Frocks
$10 and $15
Perky ruffles and bouffant flounces
arc made more gay with tiny flowers of
silk thread embroidery and with bits of
ribbons. Uqual to almost any occasion
arc these charming practical frocks
priced so moderately.
Wool Crepe Dresses
$10 and $15
These frocks may be chosen at a price
which meets with mother's idea of
economy. They are of wool crepe, a new
fabric which promises unusual wear
ing qualities. In such lovely combina
tions as navy with red, light tan with
jade, henna with tan and brown
with tan.
Coats and Capes
$10 and $15
By a colorful lining or a bit of silken
threaded embroidery one knows these
wraps for this spring's very own and
by the same token the choice of youth.
Plaided and plain capes, swaying fr6m
the shoulder box coats, trimly belted
about slim girlish waists and the "regu
lation" tailored style.
Bloomer Dresses
Priced 25
Every little girl goes light-heartedly
out to play or even visiting in a dress
with bloomers to match. Of checked
gingham with collar of white that
boasts an edge of blanket stitch and
corner motifs of hand embroidery.
The waist is long and belted; the skirt
full and pocketed. The bloomers are
'made with elastic at the top and
knees. In red, tan, blue, and green.
Sizes 6 to 10.
BurfM-Nak Junior Shoo TkM Floor
Silks-Dress Goods
For the Easter Wearing
Marinette Crepe
A beautiful crepe the season has brought forth.
Periwinkle, Flame, Canna, Radio, Marabelle,
Serpentine, navy, black; 40-inch width;
yard, . $2.95
Printed Crepe de Chine
A favored silk for summer dresses and lingerie.
Dainty patterns on white ground. Fast col
ors. 40-inch width. Priced, a yard, $2.49
Showerproof Foulards
Not to be cast aside for the newer and more
frivolous fabrics ; foulard in patterns of light
and dark colorings. 40-in. width, yd., $2.95
New Sport Silks
Crepe Iowna for sports garments. A rough
Qrepe adapted to capes, suits and skirts. All
the newest shades. 40-in. width, yd., $3.95
Satin Charmeuse
A rich, heavy quality in black, navy, brown,
Japan, henna, taupe, pimento, tangerine,
jade, pumpkin, Venice. 40-inch width.
Yard, $1.95
New Tweed Suitings
Suitings of tweed and homespun in the rough
weaves and soft colorings so much in demand
for spring suits and tailored capes. In 54
inch width these are exceptional values when
priced as low as, yard, $2.25 and $2.49
New French Serges
The ever-favored blue serge has found that
nothing can replace it. We are offering all
wool French serge of a rich navy shade in a
fine weight quality that is suitable for spring
suits, dresses and lighter weight wraps. 54
inch width. Special, yard, $1.95
Burfcn-Naah Second Floor
A Remarkable Sale
Hundreds of New Hats
$5 and ?75
A remarkable group
of hats whose style,
quality and workman
ship justify a far
higher pricing. They
are of soft straw, glossy
haircloth, and colorful
Canton crepe. The col
ors are:
On some clusters of
bright flowers bob
gayly, others are be
decked with patches of
vivid embroidery, and
still others are trimmed
with ribbons, crisp and
novel ornaments.
Burgesa-Nash Hat Shop Third Floor
Newest in Blouses
For Tailored and
Sport Wear
Very Special
Saturday $2
With youthful suits of jaunty cut, one must
wear a blouse that is equally naive and ingenue.
What could better convey youthful simplicity
than white dimity with collars and cuffs of
checked gingham in the color that best suits
one's complexion. All white blouses boast
narrow pleated ruffling.
The popular Peter Pan, the becoming "V"
and flattering Tuxedo collars are developed as
illustrated. Sizes 34 to 46. .
BurfMi-Nath Bloutt Shop Third Floor
Sale of Art Needlework
. Of Interest to All Women
are these extensive assortments of crochet cotton, knit
ting yarns, stamped bedspreads, pillowcases, towels,
scarfs, centers and scores and scores of other articles
that are sure to interest the lover of needlework. And
at these prices, exceptional values. '
100 Bed Spreads
Stamped on the best heavy quality unbleached ma
terial in designs adapted to cross stitch or applique
Special $3.95
1,000 Balls Yarn
Shetland floss in summer shades. Special value.
"A lightweight yarn that suggests filet sweaters, slip
over sports sweaters, scarfs, baby blankets, etc. "
Special 25c
. BurfeM-Naih Art Shop Sccoad Floor
Imported Lisle Hose
Plain weaves, light and medium weight.
Varioi u l'e fVio cnino nf Hfo an iVin fnllnworc nf fl
Dame Fashion will welcome this new shipment of im
ported lisles. In plain weave in light, medium and chif
fon weights, also in lace boot or allover patterns or the
hand-embroidered clox are here for your selection at
moderate prices.
One popular number in lace boot effect
is priced, pair, $1.00.
Hand Embroidered
Clox Hose, pr. $2.00
Fine lisle hose with hand-embroidered
clox in the various sport col
ors on shades of brown and gray,
also black and white, are distinctive
in their newness. .
Pair $2.00
BurftM-Naah Main Floor
This Store uses no comparative prices they are misleading and often untruei
New Oxfords for Spring
Priced Unusually Low
m " 1 ,.
Comfort and smart
ness meet in the sturdy
lines of these oxfords
that bid fair to continue
their fashionable way
throughout the entire
Semi-Brogue Blucher Oxford of patent colt with
medium military heels, all sizes, an unusual value at
$8.50. '
Patent Colt Lace Oxford Blind eyelets with gray
quarters; assuredly smart for street wear.
Priced at $8.50
Others of the season's smartest styles for street
and dress wear are priced $7.95 to $13.50.
Burfot.-Naah Main Floor