The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 01, 1923, Image 8

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    Kansas Pickups
UnwiilpivKlio'rer Ih finite poorly at
tills writing.
.Soiiip of the furiners Iibvc started
orUililtif corn.
I.oN Liitinlxftn Is spamlinj, the wi'ek
with lu-r sister, Air?. Ilex lMllnui.
Mik. Mao .Tones spent Siituliiy nnd
Min'lny with Mrs. CI1119. Wray.
Jim) Abbott mid wife spent StiiKlny
w.t'j Eluiur Spurrier and faintly.
Dinging potatoes seems the order of
t in ilny, every one reports a good yield
Mr. K. il Snnw hail it eleaiiup miIh
1'ist week mid is soon to k' to Cnllfor.
n I ii
Ml. ami Mrs. (Jim-. Wruy lire the
p oti I parents of a baby tflrl, born last
Mis. Uleiitiette I'tiynu Is spomlliiK
the week with her uncle Albert Must
ermitii Htid wife.
B K Spurrier mid Karl Abbott at
tended the .lesue Itice hog sale In Ken
smjjion, Mutiiiduy.
Mrs K. E. Spurrier and her fatuerln
law antoou to Green, Kas,, where the
latter went to see a dootor.
Mis. B. E. Spurrier and daughter,
Mrs. Earl Abbott spent Saturday in
Smith Center the guest of Mrs. E V.
M s Emily Million, who is teaithlnp
the liellalro oehool, spent Saturday
and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. (leorgo
'J'. S. Spurrier Is quite poorly at this
wilting with rheumatism, not bolng
nhi" to lie down at night for the past
six weeks
Mi. Minnie Maddeox returned to
her home In Ftnlleld, Nebr., after h
weeks visit with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs (Jporge Matson.
Mm, Ilarve lll.ilr is at S.i.itli Center
taking treatments lor rheumatism. She
ha been having quite a seige wllh
rheumatic fever for the psst two
Klble school fct 10 a. in.
Morning seivlee at 11 a in., Subjeot:
"1 Modem Civilization Christ tun or
Evening service at 7:110. Subject;
"A Lesson In Economy."
Mill-week meeting for Klble study
aud conference pn Wednesday evening
a' T::tO
l'lie Ordinance of The LortlS Suppi r
on Sunday morning,
Choir meeting on Friday evening at
the home of the Pastor.
Coulial Invitation to all of above
The County Ministerial Association
is e tiled to meet at the IlaptUt church
at (titide Itouk on Monday. Nov. 0th, ut
"2 o'clock p. in. Ministers and their
wivts liie invited to 12 o'cloulc lunch,
'eon at the chinch.
.S. P. (lowland, of Juniata, twice a
veteran of the V. S. and an early plo
neer of Adams county, enroute from a
visit in Kansas, called at the home of
the Pastor on Monday.
I. W. BDSON, Pastor.
Regular services every first and third
Sunday i.i the month in the Advetitist
church at 11 a in.
The public is cordially Invited to at
teud our services.
0. K. Heinitz, Pastor
Geo. W Hutchison
Bonded Abstracter
Real Estate Farm loans
and Insurance
Red Cloud,
Dr.R. V. Nicholson
Red Cloud,
The Margin of Safety
Js represented by the amount of
Insurance you carry.
Don't lull yourself Into h funded
security xx ' '"
Because lire has nover touched you
it doesn't follow that you'rciminune
Tomorrow -no today, If you have
time and you better llnd time
coino to tho otllce and we'll write
a policy on your house, furniture,
store or niMrchaudlsH
o. c. tel
R.eliatble Insurance
Methodist Church Notes
H. (1. Wilcox. Pahtok
That was a suiiittuoii.scafi'teilti sup
per which wis rved by the west illv
Islou ol 1 1 1 h I 1 1 .-. nl I hot Kinlny night.
Judging fivni the wy the ehieken
disappeared liieio aie n-iiiio bi'sbles
preachers uln have iipfelu I pt oneness
for that purliiMilar kind ot fowl,
The Epwnrth I.e.iglH1 held a masquer
nde linlhiVeii soeUI In the Hunch
purloin mi M"inl-y night nl this week.
Them won' ulttiur llfty who were pies
elll. l'lie eveiitng wits spent 111 piny
lug viii Inns rit ies lollowlng which the
committee in charge .served refresh
It, Is quite probable that, special
Evangelistic meetings will be held in
our church in the prudent mouth Our
Evaimollst will be Mrs Wilcox whom
you will be please! to have lend us
These moetlngs will I'nnilnuc through
two weeks so be prepared to stait with
the first service.
Another of our esteemed momb rs
hns been called from our midst in the
passing of Mrs. Ell.ibth Potter who
was ono of the eailiest to havo her
name enrolled upon our record. He
cause of her extreme suffering for
many months death enme us a sweet
release. The sympathy of our people
is with her bereft husband and child
ren in their loss.
The east division served lunch outat
Mr. Hunt's public sale on Wednesday
of this week.
The parsonage family are entertain
ing the choir and Its ft lends this week.
We are pleased to have these folks
with us for an evening.
Two or three little birds hnv told
us that something Is going to happen
tonight In the church parlors We
shall wait and sen.
A very pleasant sin pi is came to our
congregation last Sunday morning Mil
tint himgliiu on the wall of the audi
forliini iii attractive clock which was
the gift (if Mr. and Mm. Crablll. Doth
pastor and people endeavored to ex
press In a public nnmiier our spirit of
appreciation to tbe-e good friends for
their magnanimous gift. The time is
here to begin serving the Lord.
What do you say to the proposal
that wo start out with Sunday School
und'ehurch next Sunday morning to
the time of the new clock You arc
heartily Invited to both of these tiinrn
lug services xml to the services of the
evening dft, well. AVe hlgldviippremute
tho hearty response that wc are ha-
ingHnd Mthet) cordiality , manifest on
every hand in the opening our pas, oral
work here In lied Cloud. We begin to
feel decidedly at home and that are
now pretty weir broken In.
OINCK the beginning of time men
hav wasted millions of yenra of
energy In tryln to naive the unknow
able. Tim mysteries of life and death, the
puir.le. of space, theso things are be
yond the grasp of the human mind.
Let them alone. There Is abundant
knowledge that can be learned, useful
knowledge that will help you with
your career. . '
Study that kind of knowledge. Take
mental food thut your mind can digest.
Tuke It In abundance. Work hard to
get It.
Hut do not torture your mind with
problems that are beyond your reach.
A scientist, searching for truth, de
termine us soon as he can In whut
directions he can inuke progress. And
his researches follow In these direc
tions. Where he sees it stone wall set up
tigalnst him, he turns aside.
There U no use trying to travel any
further In that way. There Is plenty
of wyrk to do that can he done. And
that li the work thut occupies the
Investigator's mind.
The average man will need all his
brains and ull his energy studying
things tht can bo found out. We do
not mean things that are already
known. If you stopped with these, tho
world would forever remain In Its
present Ignorance, which Is vast com
pared with what It will know In the
Rut where life conies from, why It
flickers for a brief space nnd dies,
and what Is beyof d the stars Is some
thing that until we receive hitherto
unheard of light, wo shall never know.
Waste no time on these problems.
They are as vain iin tho efforts of the
alchemist to turn base inetnls to gold,
which occupied brains that might have
been bettor used on loarniui; more use
ful things.
Learn first the limitations of the
subject that you study. That will
dispose of much puzzle and worry, and
enable you to go ahead and give It
the time and thought that may ndd
to the world's store of wisdom, nnd
will certainly mid to your own.
l by Julm HUke )
- o
Nowhere to Go hut Heme.
'.Mid pleasures and palaces though
we may roam, they all close nt last
and we have to go homeSun Fran
dsco Curonlcte. ,
, W5D CLbtTD, , tfJSBRittti CHI1F
J C (jJlOX HZ" p -A 3: IL, IE .rfflff
The use of g118 wns new In war II J L IvitfltflQ RED BAND V MADE BY I
mil it Is old muff In politics. ) ffrAnt T nCAtr f AMAnnts r YJHELAR3EJT PENCIL FACTORY
When you get
your store teeth
it (TOtjcl ball.
Lincoln Joy riders arc certainly
giving that staid old burg u icpiilii
lion In this part of tho Mute.
Tho fact that you have mi
celpts doesn't prove that you
pay your shuro of Hie taxes.
lux re
do not
Four-wheel brakes uiny make auto
middling safer but they won't do the
domed fool drivers any good.
Lot's all try .spending less money
and minding our own business. Tho
world will he better off If wo do.
When you get real mad and toll a
friend what you think of him the
chances nre you don't really think
About the last end or nothing In
tho way of nu occupation would be
lo engage In counterfeiting (lermaii
If you uro (ruining your children
properly you always tell thom(o run
ahead mid pick flowers when your
uto stalls.
A Harvard man sighs for the good
old times when ho could get u real
man's size chunk of chewing tobacco
for a dlnio.
..Mini men steal automobiles In
Omaha. TliU In proven by the fact
that someone Htole a car belonging to
E. L. Walters.
Some folks who don't believe in
Sniitu Clans still believe It Is possible
to make the big corporations pay
most of the taxes.
A Fairbury man Is so stingy that
ho buys roasting ears with yellow
kernels so his kids will think they
are already buttered.
Already some Nebrasku men nre
beginning to treat me much nicer
than they used to. They expect to
run for otllce next your.
Ono Nebrasku editor remarks that
If1 Henry Ford Is really sincere In his
doslro to cud poverty he will Imro to
stop selling automobiles.
There is no such thing us an inde
pendent newspaper unless Its editor
Is satlslled to merely record the news
and nover express nn opinion.
Someone remarks that when n mil
lionaire's son starts nt the bottom to
learn the business he only .stays long
enough to get his picture taken.
I used to turn my grandchildren
over my knee when I whaled 'em. Hut
they got to biting my log so bad
that I had to turn 'em over u barrel.
Some highbrow
only four people
have good sense,
never been able
rises to remark that
out of ii hundred
Mohbe so, but I have
to llnd tho other
A Oonovii man refused to take his
wire to the hnspitul when the doctor
advised It. Ho said he could get a
brand new wife cheaper than he could
repair the old one.
Pool tables, picture shows nnd other
such things may be desirable addi
tions to the modern church, us nmo
advocate, but It 1-. dllliciilt for us old
fashioned folks to think so.
A minister ut tho recent Methodist
conference snj.s that what the church
needs most iiou.iilay.s Is fewer men
at doks aud managing drives nnd
'Hi re men preaching the gospel.
How much merchandise did you
ever buy from a merchant on account
of Ids plastering the highways with
road signs As a mutter of fact, you
are more likely to cuss him ror muss,
ing up the landscape.
In some sections of the country
child labor is nu evil but most child
ren, nowadays, don't labor enough.
A cynical Nebraska editor says a
prominent citizen Is a man who nl
Ways has a speech concealed In his
system nnd Is ready to let It off any
Mother gives the young ones their
own way so she gets the ilowers mid
the poetry. ad wants them to show
a streak of sene occasionally. lie
gets the roasting.
l.ver. person who .seeks tho free
use of .space In newspapers Is horri
lied when ho discovers that "they
don't want to print the news."
I acknowledge the fact that I
a bone-headed old grouch but
notion is thut the natlnual. state
iiii-l ncri""it enough t
looking after
goieral wolfait to tell lis
without providing n
loii'llttle Wlllle'r.eeds a tooth filled
or supplying us with swimming pools,
dance pavilions -lnd other publicly
owned roerc.Ulou..
n berry seed und'T lt-!1 ' ' ' ' -Jy r I
It feels bigger than ' ''"i--J--uJBiJriJts, fiia
In the County Court of
Webslep County, Nebraska.
Vi:ns ri u ' eix-n. s
In the iiim' ter of the estate nf Michael
Dniiovati, i ceued.
('editor i, f Said Estate Will Take
Notice, thi.t Hie time limited tor pres
etiUtlou Hint iilli.g of caiiiia against
the same I IVbriinry 15th, I'.VJL und
for the psjmetit of debts Is October
2()th, 1021. i inn I will t ut the county
court room In ald county on the llliii
day of Febiniiiy, 1024, at 10 o'clock, A.
M , to recolve, examine, hear, allow, or
adjust all chums and objections duly
IP' d
lUted tin 2oth day of Octob-r A. I)
(Seal A. D I.ANNEV.
County Judge.
Notice of Final Report
In thei t'niintv Court i f tt'clistm-
Couuty, Neluiiskw I
In the matter of the Eo'ii e of Swiu '
H. Johnson, Deceased.
All Persons interested lnSnld r.Hte,
are hereby notified that tho Execu'rlx
b9 tiled herein a tinal Recount hihI re.
port of her a Iministratinn, and h peti
tion lor the final settU nient of such
account aud report, aud for a decree
or distribution of the residue of said
estme, und for the assignment of the
resl estate belonging thereto, and a
discharge from her trust, ull of which
s.ild matters have been set for hearing
before said court on the 9th day of
November, 1 J'2;j1 at the hour of 10
o'clock. A M W hen AH Persons Infer
esteifMuy Appear nud i ontest the
Dated this 27tb day of October, 102.1
(seal). A. D RANNEY,
County Judge
In the District Court of i
vswu.w vvuillj, HCUltUAU,
Diivtd lA Mummert, Plaintiff
Charles E. Eddy, Etntrm It. Eddv. his!
' Wife,
Clarence Jone. Lillian It. .lone, his
Clarence Reeve, Kuto Reeve, his wife,
First National Batik, llolyoke, Colora
Lot Two (J) in Block One (1) in Vance's
Second Addition t Guide Kock, Web
ster County, Nebraska.
The above nauieu defendants and
each of them, a well n the unknown
claimants to the real estate above des
cribed, will take notice that on thei
.59th. day of October 1923, David 7.
Mnmuiert, plaintiff herein tiled his
action in said court against baid de
feudants, the object and prayer of
whichls to foreclose h certain tax sale
certificate Issued against Kitd real es
tate ly the County Treusuier of Web.
ster Couuty, Nebraska, on the ', day
of November 1018 and subsequent tax
es paid thereunder, now amounting to
$12200 to have the amounts so paid
with iuterest thereon decreed a tirst
Hen against said real estate aud for a
8,ile'of said real estate to satisfy said,
lien. Y6u are required to answer said j
p-tflion on or before tho 17th. day of,
December lOi'l
David '. Mummert, Plaintiu",
By Fred Maurer, His Attorney
163 Acre Farm For Sale
Located 5 miles from Wheeler, Kas.,
and 7 Miles from St. Frauds. The
farm is practically level, 85 acres
being in cultivation, balance pasture,
all fenced. Good well water. CO acres
of corn that will yield '.io to 50 bushels
per acre, 20 acres of feed in shock, 4o
acres in tall wheat that is up. All new
farm machinery, 8 head horses, Jl good
milk cows, 2 wagons, 2 sets of work
harness, 12 hogs, 50 chickens, und
household furniture goes with farm,
Farm cost $10,000 but owner will take
$0,000. Can give time on $2,700. Write
llox 10, r. f. d 2, St. Francis, Kans.
You are reading a complete news
paper when you read The Lincoln S ar.
You have the satisfaction of know
ing that the news facilities and the
newspaper fcatiues arc tho best ob
tainable. Two leased wire services
carry tho news of the world to The
Star Tho Associated l'reis and The
lnii'in.uiuiiai ois oti vice, providing
the strongest new facilities possible.
The woi'loV gieati st newspaper ear
tiiiinsis and 'e itni'c write is ate em.
tilbiilois to The Mai.
The Star is a 21. hour uowsiiaper, all
the news complete in each edition.
You can always llnd something good
In tho Star, it will till all your news.
piiperMwniits. It Is the paper for your
homo. Adv. .
1 1
That's just what Dr. Hess Poultry
I 1 85 t , .f. mm. -Jy - -v?y4PEI - J -s. . Ti. u
As we are changing location, we will disperse
practically all our herd on November 6, con
sisting of:
Boars, Gilts and Tried Sows
To be held nt Form
w - ...... yj
2 and A mi. Southwest of Nora, Neb. 2
IS boars 17
S tried sows
All have double treatineiitjor cholera' except fall pio-s
O ' :
GUARANTEE: All animals are guaranteed breeders.
If any prove non-breeders, 20 of purchase price will
be refunded: providing this does not bring animal be
low market price. Notice to be given within 30 days.
TERMS: Cash or bankable note bearing 9 interest,
fames from- a distance, please make arrangements
with your home bank.
Col. W. C. Henderson, Auct.
Yes, We Have No
Bananas Today
Mr. Business Man
Try Hammermill Ripple and be Convinced
The Red Cloud Chief
Help your Moulters
If you want your hens to
moult naturally
If you want them back oti
the egg job promptly-fall
and winter laying
Then you must make sure
that your moulters are heal
thy and hungry.
They must cat lots, and be
able to digest what tbev cat.
does for your moulting flock.
The Druggist
Cadams State Bank, Clark
. m
If J
u- 'toil -... , -u,
A " i'