The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 01, 1923, Image 7

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W. P. I'pnny, prominent morchnnt of
flcndcrsonvtllo, X. (, nnd n leader In
tlio civic nml business affairs of hi
section, gives unstinted praise to Tan
Inc. wlildi, ho stntos lins restored hie
health nnd overcome troubles that had
(lolled treatment for years:
"For tunny years,"' stated Mr. Pen
ny, "I was a grcnt sufferer from Indl
gostlon and stomach trouble. Ulcera
tlon set In and necessitated an opera
tlon. Utter Inch of digestive power
over n Ions: period so weakened tnc
that 1 was hardly able to attend to my
"Tanlne seemed to reach the seat of
my troubles at once nnd now I have
normal strength and activity In everv
vvoy. Tanlne Is undoubtedly the best
fltomneh medicine to bo had."
Tanlne Is for sale by all pood drug
gists. Toko no substitute. Over -K
million bottles sold. Advertisement.
Unfriendly Friends.
A young man who had cone for a
week's vacation overstayed his time.
On his return to the city n friend
who knew he was none too (lush of
money sit Id to htm:
"Why did you remain away so much
longer, Jim?"
"My friends kept me there," repllee
"Your friends? Why, I didn't know
you had any friends at the seaside,'
said his companion.
"I haven't," he answered. "M.
friends are all In town, and they re
fused to send me any monoj for the
trip back home." l'.altlmore News
Say "Bayer" and Insist!
Unless you see the nnme "Bayer" on '
package or on tablets you nre not get- ,
ting the genuine Bayer product pre
scribed by physicians over twenty-two
years and proved sufe by millions for ,
Colds Hcndnche
Toothache Lumbago
Earache Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
only. Each unbroken package contains
proper directions. Handy boxes of
twelve tablets cost few cents. Drug- '
gists also sjjll bottles of 24 nnd 100.
Aspirin Is the trade mnrk of Rayer
Manufacture of Mononcetlcncldester of i
Scllcyllcacld. Advertisement.
What He Wanted.
lie luifl held stock in the company
for n number of years. Once n year
ho had received u letter giving glow
ing accounts of the company's pros
pects, with the usual proxy Included
tor him to sign.
The other day he replied to one ol
these letters as follows:
"(lentlenien: 1 have grown weary
of signing proxies. What I should like
now lb the pleasure of Indorsing a divi
dend check."
Harmless Laxative to Clean Liver
and Dowels of Baby or Child.
Even constipat
conctipatr jv
ms, fever- T7 v
sick, colic V i Ol
nnd Chll- r re
,-e to take Ai
"Collfor- J -75'
ed, bilious, fever
ish, or si
dren lov
tola Fig Syrup."
No other laxative
regulates tho ten
der little bowels
so nicely. It-
n u-a p t e ii h the
Btomnch and starts the liver and
bowels acting without griping. Con
tains no narcotlcB or soothing drugs.
Sny "California" to your druggist and
avoid counterfeits! Insist upon gen
ulne "Ctilliornln Fig Syrup" which
contains directions. Advertisement.
' Explained. ,
Roston Lady How much art these
string beans?
Roston Huckster Seventy-five cents
a quart.
' Lady Isn't thnt rather altltudl-
Huckster Yes. nindam ; hut these
are very high-strung beans. Yale
To Have a Clear, Sweet Skin
Touch pimples, redness, roughness
or Itching, if any, with Cutlcurn Oint
ment, then hntho with Cutlcurn Soap
and hot water. Rinse, dry gently and
dust on a llttio Cutlcurn Talcum to
leavo a fascinating fragrance on skin,
Everywhere 2fe each. Advertisement.
Insect and Reptile Stowaways,
Spiders, tree frogs, lizards, nnd
enakes nro often found concealed In
cargoes of p!nenpplcs, bananas, and
ether fruits from tho tropics-
Ajc ".
I Copy tur Thin Dtpartmmu Supplied by la
American I.nlon Newi Service.)
Working Hand in Hand With Re-
bpcctivc Communities Results in
Membersh p Increase.
Progress of the pin's of the Ameri
can Legion Is founded on the lelatmns
with the community in they are
located, according to tludliigs of the
national olllceis of the organization
fiotu it survey of posts shotting regu
lar membership Increase.
This survey was made In 22 states,
principally those of agricultural re
gions, and represented reports from
040 posts In towns with an average
population of 1 1 . 1 J;t persons. Kuril of
these posts has shown membership In
crease over that of the preceding vear.
Membership growth of these posts ha?
not been sporadic. It has been steady
and sure. Of the .'lO.i pusts fo nied .
101!), an average of :t(5 members win
shown. In 1!-( this average for .'S.".7
posts had dropped to 2S. The nest
year !1!M posts added one more to Hut
avoniire. In lit"-, the average for ti it)
posts Jumped to fiM and thus far tlio
(5)0 posts show an average of 02 mem-
hers. I
Reasons assigned for this growth
nre primarily due to Interest In civic I
affairs. A majority of post oiiircrs
say that membership has grown be
cause "they have sold the Legion to
the community!" Such posts have en
countered little opposition In their
live-year progress In Legion activity.
Actual accompl'shioents of the Le
gion show a multiplicity of move
ments, and a keen observance bv the
veterans of the needs of the commu
nities. The questionnaires show that
posts have built tourist parks nivl
camping grounds; thev have caused
city parks to be opened: some build
and mn'nta'n baseball parks and
clubs; others build cntnmuivJtv bathing
pools; a large number of posts have
caused plnvgrounds to be opened;
many have erected public memorials;
n few provide free band concerts by
T.eclnn musical orgiin'zatlons; some
plant trees ns n part of n conservation
program and for memorial purposes;
others mnlntn'n burlnl plots for de
censed ev-servlce men; most Legion
posts mnke efforts to obtnln employ
ment for former service men; they
direct bov scout movements nnd
nnimnr trnons! thpv nnrtlclnnte In
Amerlcnnlzntlon of aliens, nnd nffonl
Instruction In citizenship for boys and
plrls; nnd the mnjnrltv perform serv
ice work for disabled men through the
posts nnd In the hnspltnls. Other ac
tivities ns'ened ns the recnlnr lot of
Legion orgnnl7ntlnns include the legis
lative ncpompPsbmonts for the voter
nns, servlcp work for the dlsnbled In
compensation, participation In lord
fefps. pageants, athletics, nnd other
movements developing community In
Potta of Veterans' Organization In
Seventeen Foreign Countries;
New York Leads In U. 8.
The sun never sets upon the Amer
ican Legion. Veterans of the World
war, scattered to the four corners of
the world, have joined other comrade
In forming posts of the veterans' asso
ciation. The annual report of tho
Legion's national treasurer shows that
the Legion has chartered posts In
seventeen foreign countries nnd In
five territorial possessions of the
United States. In addition to the 43
suites nnd District of Columbia.
The Mexico department leads nil
foreign countries In membership.
Posts hnve been established In the
following nntlons: Argentine, Rrnzll,
Rrltlsh Isles. Canada, Chile, f'blnn,
Culm, France, Gcrmnny, Ountemalu,
India, .Tapnn, Koren. Mexico, New
Zealand. Poland nnd Turkey ns well
ns In the territorial possessions of
Alnskn, Cnnnl Zone, Ilnwnll, Philip
pine IslnndH nnd Porto Rico.
New York Is tho Inrgost home de
partment of the Legion. Its 07.417
members gives thnt state a representa
tion of 03 delegates to the national
convention, Illinois, Pennsylvania,
Iown and Ohio following In relative
Legion Auxiliary of South Dakota It
Breaking Ground for Soldiers'
Wing to Institution.
In the henrt of the Rhiclc hills,
where the air Is stimulating nnd pure,
the American Legion auxiliary of
South Dokota Is breaking ground for
the erection of a soldiers' wing to tho
Fnnltarlum for tuberculosis at Sana
tor. Here the men who contracted the
dreaded white plague In tho service
will have an opportunity to light their
way buck to health with the advan
tages of tho best climate and sani
tarium facilities in the state.
The ndditlon will cost 5.10,000. Tho
snnltnrlum Is located In a natural park
of 1.10 acres entirely surrounded by
forests of Black hills yellow pine. The
auxiliary expects to complete the
structure next spring and next sum
mer will see 48 veteranB In the ward.
Detroit Legion Worker Won Trip to
National Convention for His
Rapid-Fire Hustling.
John Knss, a member of the Chnrlcs
A. Learned post of the American Le
gion In Detroit, made the Legion na
tional hall of fame recently when ho
enrolled S.'i new members for his post.
As a prize for winning the contest ho
received a trip to the Legion national
convention In San Francisco with all
transportation e.pcuscs paid by the
The most formlilable rival ius de
veloped In the eonti t which lasted
about two and one-half months was
"Pete" Uolbe who obtained (!.' mem
bers. I'.ntli of the contes'tants worked
loud during the 1.1st four days of the
i me. Uolbe obtained 1". new inein
iiers, but this record was beaten by
Knss who speeded up the home stretch
anil recruited .'111 Legionnaires, or nlnu
u day during that period.
The two bucccWuI membership
John Knss.
gi tiers" obtained some valuable In
foi uiation during the contest. One of
the surprising bits of iuloriiiutlou was
(lint the reason why many veterans
have not Joined the Legion Is because
they have never been asked to enter
the organization. Legion olliclals cite
this fact as a demonstration of the
necessity for a more uitlve canvass
of former service men.
Roth Knss and Kolhe signed up
scores of veterans for the Legion In
previous membership contests.
Owsley Favors Permitting Germans,
Austrians and Russians to Enter
Veterans' Federation.
Alvln Owsley, natlonnl commnnder
of the American Legion, created-n sen
sation In veterans' circles when he
asked allied veterans to dismiss pas
sion nnd hatred from their hearts and
plan to admit (ionium, Austrian and
Russian vorld war lighters Into the
Interallied Veterans' Federation.
"Surely there must be some way In
which we can speak to the men wo
fought and make tliem realize there Is
it better way of living among nations
than continuing battling one another,"
Commnnder Owsley declnred at the re
cent convention of the federation In
Rrussels. "How enn we wish to deal
with our former enemies if we haven't
the moral courage to get together In
peace? Maybe there has been no
change of heart nmong our former
enemies. Perhaps there never will be
unless we are men enough to under
take to carry to them our peace mes
sage. France and Relgluin positively
nre entitled to reparations, but hoard
ing and keeping In our heart ancient
prejudices will not bring the peace wo
earned by our victory."
Charles Rertrnnd, president of the
federation, representing the views ot
I-ranee and Relglum, Indicated that
he would favor admittance of tho men
from the enemy countries as soon as
they evinced a deslrts to pay repara
Almn (Kan.) Organization, With Only
Twcnty-five Members in Small
Town, Seta Example.
A memorial home, for use by all
townspeople Is the objective of a
unit of the American Legion Auxiliary
In Alma, K.m. The building, which
the women workers of the organiza
tion propose to erect will contain an
auditorium, a gymnasium, and a serv
ice kitchen, on the second llonr, quar-
I tors for the Legion and for the Auk
, lllarv will he established. While the
erection of such a homo Is not un
usual In auxiliary circles, It Is an ex
traordinary undertaking In the case of
this unit, which has a membership of
2.", In a town of only 78!) Inhabitants.
The women own n site for the pro
posed In me purchased at u cost of
$!00. and plan eaily erection of tho
immunity memorial.
A La Carte,
tVo linel rpi.-irrnlpil nt our dlntinr,
ThoitKh f onliTP'l qillto n Hnict.
"It's tln woman iIoph the paylnu."
Sln hnneypl. "vhiMi nil In snlil,"
i Thru I tosscil tho chrck rluht at nor
Ami I loft licr In n dii7.i.
'Hnvo your vv:iv," I curtly snnrtcil.
"Horn's one time tho woinnn pnyfl."
Amerlc-in Legion Weekly.
Masced Bands nt Convention.
Massed bauds from eight Ohio
cities f mulshed music nt a special
concert nt the nnnunl convention of
the American Legion held In .Spring
field. Store than .'1.10 musicians participator..
s? jte&" wm
Rich Fur Trimmings
Many New
Till! richness of each season's offer
ings In fur garments seems to
eclipse the offerings of the previous
season, and the same may be said of
the coats that use fur for the major
part of their decoration. The fact
that fur coats are onl.v comfortable In
extremely cold weather and that thev
areoiteti not at all practical for every
day wear, has made the demand fur
fur-trimmed cloth coats grow every
onr, and the designers have devel
oped these garment to a point where
they are the equal In point of rich
ness and beauty of the allfur coat.
In the Illustration are shown two
Coats of Camel's
coats of entirely different Inspiration
and use. The coat at the left Is a
semi-sports garment of camel's hair, In
a wide, brown plaid. The trimming
consists of a deep heaver collar and
lurge galallth buttons. The coat at
the right Is a more dressy model, of
brown chinchilla with collar, cuffs
and facing or brown squirrel. The
braid embroidery Is done In the same
color as the fur. The treatment of
the cuffs In this model Is woithy of
particular notice. This Is a develop,
ment of the mandarin sleeve and car
ries an ornament of galallth and braid
In addition to the fur.
For fur trimmings, fox. In various
colors, Is easily the favorite. Squirrel.
MEi 4lHnr fnFijR KjFFMo.
IJSTT f? bHJBHHrj it
ti Ay ' &&, f
Latest Dress
chinchilla, mole and other soft furs
are favored for sports wear. Beaver,
monkey, marten and kolinsky adorn
dress models made up in the darker
weaves of rich pile fabrics.
In the wake, of the season's style
offerings In garments and millinery,
I came dress accessories, inking their
' cue from the colorfiilnes and ulabora
j thui In other modes. Kverythlng Is
j more or less Intricate In design and
nothing, It seems, Is .regarded as, mi-
) Of bags and vanity rases there are
i many types, with those of leather In
I greatest demand. Bugs have a rival
' In envelope purses anil the latter are
for Coats;
Dress Accessories
often made of colored suede to match
the street hat In color. In bags
and vanities are small or medium
Tokyo leather, In rich blendlng.s of
high oriental colors, suede leather,
trimmed with steel beads or embossing
of gold leaf, In different colors, nnd
calfskin bags, bead emhrWdcrcd, nre
among the novelties shown. A hand
some new model Is made of beaver
calf and adorned with Ivory medallions.
Shapes In bags and vanities are odd
and round, oval, oblong and Irregular
outlines make opportunity for clever
decorations. Rags of moire and fancy
silk, many black ones among thctn, are
Hair and Chinchilla
mounted on all sorts of fancy metal
(Roves, and especially fabric gloves,
are reveling In a fad for much-decorated
turn-over wrists and gauntlet
wrists, (iloves of duplex fabrics hav
ing the lining In a contrasting color,
make the most of this feature with
fancy turn-over cuffs that display the
lining. Many of the glove backs, vuff
and gauntlet wrists, are embroidered
and pique kid gloves follow the same
fashions. Often little llnvver motifs re
place the straight stitching on hacks
and there are both tab and all-around
wrist strops for fastening, ns well as
the usual snap fasteners. In n word
I gloves arc much adorned, even, heavy
knitted woolen gloves, for sports anil
outdoorlng tlnunt wrists thnt are
"dolled up" with stripes, checkers and
other designs.
Necklaces, bracelets, collars and
head hands of pearl beads, us shown
In the picture, are counted upon to
harmonl.e with any evening toilette,
wiilb- bracelets and necklaces of col
ored stones lead the pretty procession
of costume Jewelry. They have n subtlo
value us finishing touches.
I I'iS3. VVVfctern newspaper Union.)
Hall's CatarrJi
Medicine SLK
tid your system of Catarrh o Detfne
caused by Catarrh.
Seld by drvtt'uli for ertr 40 ytan
V, J. CHENEY fit CO., Toledo, ObH
Influcn:a,Counin, Colds, Heaves nnd
Worms nmong horses nnd mules.
Used nnd endorsed by lending stock
farms, breeders nnd drivers of United
Stntcs nnd Cnnndn fur thirty years.
Sold In two sires at all drug stores.
Method of Measuring Ozone.
Before long It is likely that among
ether attractions of a seaside resort
may be Included announcements of tho
proportion of o.ono In the njr.
Kxpei'lmcntK have shown' that It Is
possible to discover the amount of
ozone In the air with fair accuracy.
Slips of white blotting paper are
soaked In a solution of iodide of potas
sium and starch. ThcM. protected
from sunshine and rain, are exposed to
the air for it delinlte period Accord
ing (o the amount of ozone present so
Is th( pape:- ooloicil In varying shades
of .vellow If o.oue Is i.bumlant tho
paper will lie of a very deep shade.
Tliniinnndu of women hove kidney nnd
bladder trouble mid never nuspect it.
Woiaen'it complaints often prove to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or tbo
result of kidney or bladder divcime.
If the kidney nre nut in n healthy con
dition, they niny cause tho other organi
to became diseased,
Ruin in the bark, headache, lonn of am
bition, nervousness, arc often times symp
toms of kidney trouble.
Don't delay fstnrting treatment. Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, n phymcian's pre
scription, obtained at any drug utore, may
be junt the remedy needed to overcome
such condition.
(let a medium or large fizc bottlo im
mediately from any drug otore.
However, if you vvlnli first to test this
(rent preparation Fend tencents to Dr.
Kilmer A Co., Ilinglininton, N. Y for a
Mimplc bottle. When writing he tuiro and
mention this paper. Advertibcmcnt.
The Test of True Love.
A bride who had bobbed her tintr
read a fashion Item which thoroughlf
frightened her. Her husband win
reading In the library and when she.
managed to reach him she was shak
ing visibly.
"Why, my deur," ho asked, "what Is
the mutter?"
"Freddie, do you love we since I
'lobbed my hair?"
"Of course."
"Ru! this magazine," whimpered the
iirlde, "says that bobbed hair Is rapid
ly going out of fashion."
"It may not know. But what of It?
"Freddie, will you love me If I go
nit of stylo?" ,
Every department of housekeeping
rieeds Rod Cross Rail Blue. Equally
ood for kitchen towels, table linen,
sheets and pillowcases, etc. Adver
Isement. The Superman.
Mr. Flubdub, after trying to read
the paper while his wife gubbled, laid
It down.
"I see a registration of motorist
visiting the national parks shows
there Is an averuge of 3.45 persona
per car."
"What nbout It?" snapped tils bet
ter half
"Nothing; I was Just thinking." he
"Well, what were you thinking?"
"Nothing much, my dear. I guess
am the .4.1 person per cur."
Why He Stopped.
"I thought McMisor had taken up
.'olf. lie doesn't seem to he playing;
iow" "Yes, he started, hut he has
civeu It up. lie lost his bnll." Bos
ton Transcript.
Mrs. Eliza Teeter
What This Woman Says is of Vital
Interest to You
Gohcn, Ind. "I hnd coughed night
and day for n wholo year and had lost so
much flesh I begun to look like a walking
skeleton. Two of my sisters hnd died
from tuberculosis and I felt ccrtnin that
my timo hnd como. Finally, n friend re
commended Dr. I'icrco's Golden Medical
Discoycry to my hush:md, and it made
mo feel new strength and vitality right
from tho start and in a year's timo I woa
just as strong and hardy as ever. I
linvo novcr suffered with a deep, hack
ing cough sineo (that was about 20 years
ago) nnd hnvo nlwavs felt very grateful
to Dr Pierco "Mrs. Eliza Teeter, 413
Middlebury St.
Whenever you feci tho need of good
i confidential medical advice, uddrcss Dr.
1'icrcu, president Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo
N. Y., and answer will bo returned with
out chargo of any kind.
f I .