The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, November 01, 1923, Image 6

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Recent Happenings In Nebraska
.n Given In Drlcf Items For
M Rosy Renders
Mr .ml .Mrs. u wot C. Slraiton or
Pawe-o City celebrated tln-Ir liOth
WOd- Illtf lllllllVIT'lirj lllt Week.
Tin' Rcatrlce lodge of l'.lk Will pill
on n "Ininbu-oe" ni their headquarters
for three days, slatting October III.
An car f mill was t'.lillilt('(l at tin
I'.lair corn contest lost week that
measured sKteon Inches in length.
The annual "grandmothers party"
nt I'Inlnvlew was attended hy nearly
r.(l "randiniiH," live dlllorcnt states
being represented.
Hog cholera litis been doing con
sldernblo devastation among thu IichN
of tnany farmers In Cuming county
during the past few weekH.
T'le Htntu bar commission Iiiih post
poned its n(t oMinilnntlon of appll
ciiulii for admission to the bar from
November lit I to November 12(5.
The Omaha Kelall (Irocoia' MHocia
tlon, closed Saturday night with n
n cord shattering attcmlance for the
week of cmii y .'iU.OV.' paid admissions
Homecoming day at
Nelmiskii i
We.slc.Min unlveiHlt.v bun been changed !
from November Id to November !). I wo hundred incmbrrx nf tb0 Krlddera will play Oca I Alumni association of the l'tilerity
Moines unlveiHlt.v on that day. j "' NcbraHka college of medicine nru
.Mrs. I. M. Mutler of Lincoln, ami ' I'Npeeteil to alteml the fourt ( tli an
her brother. Oencnil .lohn .1. INtmIiIiik' ,l,ial ri'iiMhin and clinic to ho hold at
commamlliiK olllccr of the Culled
Mutes iirm.v have snllud for a three
luontlis' lour of I'rcucb battleilelds.
Dr. I. S. Cutter, dean of the No
nraslm rnlvurnity collejie of niedlclne,
has lieen aipolnted u lieutenant eid-
onel in the medical reserve corps and
attached to the Klphlyi.'.uth iIIvIhIoii. j
l'awneo county cillzens have been I
hnviiig a second crop of potatoes. This
is unusual for that section of ibe
" i
counlr.v, hut the fact
that the lirst
l.llllm; frost was delayed has made it
pom lble.
h he was lludithiK his pipe for a
morn.iig smolte at his home near
lliatrlce, .lohn Watjes, 87, was ser-li-u-dy
burned on the chest, left side
and abdomen when the match iKiilted
his clothing.
I log cholera has been prevalent
amoiiR the herds of many farmers
around West l'olnt during the past few
weeks. Almost every farmer in the
county has vaccinated or Is plnnnlni? '
on doing so. i
The executive ommltteeof the
Nebraska Women's Christian Tem
perance union will hold its mid-year
executive meeting in Omaha in the
spring. The next convention will he
at North Platte.
Archbishop Nathan Solricihlom
supreme head of the state church ofjII!,,n "' exceptionally good buskers
Sweden, next to the king, and eerie- "l ,,11 '"' ' to 100 bushels a day.
alasiical prince of the national Lu-1 On an Ml-acre dry land tract owned
theran church of Sweden, Is to he In j by State Representative A. N. Math
Omaha November 12 and . 'I. j crs near tiering, II men are picking
.lohn T. Cox, Jr., of Howe, attended! P potatoes behind two digging math-
full j 112 school grades without I chines and at a conservative estl
missing n' day or being tardy. Me Is ' mute it Is Ilgureil thai the crop from
an llagle scout and has :tt badges to j tills tract will total 11,000 bushels,
bis credit, lie Is the son or .lohn T. mill' of which will grade us seed stock
Cox vice president or the Hank of 1 ""'1 half table stock.
Howe. j Thomas 1). Dorn, Logan Center
Miss P.ertba Itryant, of Orand Island farmer, who was forced by three rob
was elected president of Hie Nebraska j hers to give up Ids money when they
nurses' association at the meeting held compelled his two sons, Thomas anil
in Lincoln last week. Miss Ilryant is ' Hiram, to act as shield, has announced
superintendent or the training school j he will give a .fC.OO reward for the
for nurses at the (iraml Island general
Resolutions asking the city coun
cil of Columbus to take steps toward
the erection of a viaduct over the rail
road tracks In the business district
was uuuultiiously adopted at a recent
meeting of tho Sipiare Deal Improve- j
incut lab.
A. C I'lirwell, Dul'.olii, trapped a
pair of white pocket gophers on his
farm and they luixe been on exhl
'iiliin in a local store. This sped
nu n is very rare, the only other
opner oi .similar coloring caught lu
'Inn torrltor.v Inn lug been captured
tl.ree .ve.irsugo by Irani; Kliiua, rest- ""km xu'" " ,,sl'" ll' ll l"0,lt'1 '
dent of the same locality. , BTeiit many of their confreres In other
Students fiom all parts of the ('ltl,,fl- '' ' Sllewskl, No 171.
country are udmlt'cd to the Cnlverslty llllSh,,,l his ear and his dinner hy us
er Nebraska's College or Medicine at Bls,l,l il much hewildered blind man
Omiiba this semester. accordiiiL' to ,0 ''"l"' the taugleii nmss of tralhc
nlllcials of the colli ge. Of the elght.,--lour
students who have been admitted
to the college this .semester, ihlrtj
elglit came from tho I'nlverslty or Ne
bruska, unci the reiualulng t'orly-six
come rrom tlilrty-one colleges and
universities in nil purls or the country.
Joseph Spilkor. a runner near Rout
rice, has lost several head of lino
ct.ttle, which veterinarians say weio
poisoned from eating tho forage of
alfalfa after It had been frozen.
Hunters In Pawnee cmnty are iiciug
ncouiaged to shoot timber squirrels,
TI e base become so numerous thai are compkiinlng about the
in lount of corn being taken b. tliem.
A series of meetings are being held
..t i be Methodist church In Table
It ' k under the leadership of a re
i.i! t, Rev. latrnesi A. Knight, as
s still by the pastor, Rev. (Jeorge P.
't I lis
A bU- stock sale, accompuuled by a Willie walking along the rnilroij
b.irbei ue. put on by connalBSion ' tracks nt Lincoln Mrs. .luvlc i'piiiiu,
firm ii (iraml Maud resulted In the ' .V.2, was struck by a Northwest! ra
sale of marly .?IOO,000 wortlf of breed j pussenjicr train and litBiantly kllli-i.
Ii-p and feeding stock Mrs. .1. D. Collins of l.'ncoln .,
Tbe (iirl CadelH of llnstings were re-elected president of the H.ipti-t
miiili in evidence at the lirth annual women of Nebraska at the net n il
ooi. volition or the Ameiican Legion at session Just ended at oinaha. Mi
Sm rianclsco, and scored tlieir greit- W. W. Cornell of I'awni'e Cii wis
esr triiluipb when they were decorated re-oWrted vico-pri sldeut.
with the legion emblem, by Alvin ' Kort.Ntlve carloads or grapes were
owsiey, national legion commander, on handled In oinabn one day hist week,
tho convention platform, l.'.ooo leg. and this Is said to he not an uiiumi.iI
icn.iiirs and visitors witnessed the uuniboi'. Ten or twelve of those card
drill work and maneuvers of thojworo destined for Omnhu, while thu
cadets. h I others, wero routed for others; points.
Have Made a Stonily Climb Since Or
gnnlzatUn of a In to
.State taxes for Hie present year aro
fear and a wdf million il(jni. l .' tl mi
In 1921, when tln I lulicHt it-H m in
blHtury were tniule. " i i mi""Hhi i
Win. II. Kmltli lias Immmi Iii' hi: ever
(lie re ''inlH of tllOH levied i.nn III'- or
Kanl.'ill'ili of Die Mate, me Hi.' f illo 4
ma talile shown t lit' totcls r"r all ivir-
'!. ear iv year. hIiicu 1M7:
1 K07
$1,1 Ml 27fi
i ir,-i 2fi7
i. -".. 'U
1.1 t'.tlM
1..M :tin
1 rl.t li.Ti'm
2.1 M.IJl
2,:iii.". H'i I
2.i.,ii r. i-i
2. en r,!:i
n.usi ms
:i 277.1311
3i.-,r, din
I, Oil '!
I IXS6. ....'.
; ia: i
!(.'.. U'lil I (fill
:i.i, nn
ii,7"a moo
r.i2.i:::j pina
r.ia.'itB i '"i
nn. rji: no'.
ni7.(.o l'liui
Cii.i' i i;
Il.'ii, IHO't'iM
fi"' n(ii; I'ldt
xis.fisi rni
i.o..itis.nn pit-,
i.n.-,iK7i nits
i.i!M.r,:t2tui7 i'iis
1.217 million
l.l'lll.'iRI I'i.'ii
i-:i C,:i37.l33
The Women's Hoard of Missions of
twentj-throo Slatca will meet, at Oina
ha October .'!! to November 12. with au
estimated iittcniiiuici. of over lilt).
The high price or corn bus produced
a new sort of criminal, according to
farmeiH. who icport that much corn
is helm; husked mid Hlolin from thu
Ih'lds during the nlht in various parts
f I'odjje county.
Omaha November 1 1 mid 1."
.More limn (he hundred prl;a aro
offered in the premium list for tho
lirst ti ti ti i iti I dog show to he buhl at
the Auditorium at Omaha November
K5-I7. Inclusive, under the auspices
of tin? Nebraska Kennel club.
Harvey lllakor, farmer near liar
ueston was seriously Injured while
hunting near tho farm I le with two
boys. A ritle carried by one of the
i.... i.. i . . ..
J "Ml-"1 """ "s uiHcnargou, ino
iiiiiici Mining r.iiiKoi' m me nip.
Spedal election to vot on t Ii Is.
suance of .S".l)(i,()()() school bonds for
the erection and oulpmont of n new
seal ir high school cariylug Interest
at !',: per cent will be called In Co
lumbus about the middle of Novem
ber II. .f. Wick, a trapper near Iteatrlco.
brought !ii2 gophor scalps to the County
clerks olllce, for which he received a
bounty of 10 cents each. Last season
ho lnil'l''d l.V.i. Ite-hlcs the bounty
,,(' r''',,lves 1.", cents per head for thosu
lu' lnl,s lor farmerH.
Many cornhiiskers In Platte county
are refining to work for less than ill
per cent of the market price per
bushel, farmers are complying with
their demands nnd paying wages of
SS to $10 a day lu cases whero the
capture or the holdui s. Mr. Dorn
will split the reward Into J?12t)l) for the
capture of each robber or JfiitMl in nil.
One of the largest macaroni mills
in tho west, doing a business of alnuM a j ear. is located In Omaha
eoi-Ko W. P.onnell. city ticket
ugent for
over 'J 5 years for the l'.ur-
llngtou at Lincoln, died last week. He
bad been in the employ of the mad
for lirty-ihc years, beginning In ISO!)
at Kurt .Madison, In., us a telegraph
Omaha policeman are girted with a
W"T of ,,lirtl'sy ''' politeness that
on n crowded stieet Sattirdaj, ami
thin piloted him to the door of tho
store he was vainly tr.ving to reach.
To a lady who tendered him congratu
lations on his act, be said, "oh, any of
the hoys would huvo done the same
I thing."
Rtrglnrs entered the W'nfrey &
Sou store at Stella b, prying open a
rear window and escaped with SIS in
. ,,,IB" Miiantlly of ovendls,
sacks of potatoes oth t articles
' 'lvv0 l01'14 pouches stolen from the
depot at Alma were found hy the
seitlon men under a tallro'id trestle.
, The pouches had been cut open and
all letters torn open.
Frontier (ounty will have the bug
est corn jlebl in itu history this tall,
according to Count.v Agent ('anipb. it
Not mil will It be the largest lehl p, r
acre, hut moro acres wire plaund
i then than ever before.
Lloyd George Is Warmly Greeted
8 MS! ' iMkWSmW&m
a a wmm!m3&m umwiM A&mtmm&J3ffi7M$&m
1 1 SCfSiP i
crowds tur
from the n
Lloyd (icorgo and bis wife
nlng out to greet them and
ill way station to the hotel.
Gifts From Hungary to America
m m
6f45 VK Ym I
TJiese beautiful, brought us gifts to this country by Hungary's
greatest statesman, Count Appnnyl. show Washington and Kossuth, American
and Hungarian patriots, with symbols and emblems of both countries.
Pretty Chinese Celebrant
When San Francisco's picture .(pie Chinatown staged Its night celebra
tion of the twelfth anniversary of the Chinese republic -the celestial I'ourth
or .Jul.v- score of tiny maidens in while, euro lug picturesque lanterns,
marched through the streets. Here Is Dorothy Ylm, Red Cross lantern bearer.
Gov. Pinchot Buys Peace Stickers
pf vrrwf ttrr?"&ys&vtt?z&&CZ2tesrBBSvi
it t &i&. 7
bl& ill i
VK fvM crrr a
I H t si a j""!iww 4?
IP V-- I JmM
j i w 4 m?0m 4&k S
kWmtf P Hit
ami daughter were given u genuine middle welcome to Chicago, Immense
to hear the famous Welshman speak. Tho photograph shows thu procession
1.1 ov. iiiiioro i inciioi in i-emisyivauia
buying from Mrs. Maud Wood Park the
first of the "peace stlckets" which the
National League of Women Voters Is
selling to llmtnee Its "iuteriiatlonul
co-operation to prevent war" depart
ment. ..... "... V. I.. ....... . A I, .. . ..
in Chicago
y . , m vi
A heautiriil view or a burning ves
selout this one Is being purposely
destroyed. The sip. tbe Octorara,
like niaiiy others, was one or the
wooden ships built during the wur by
the United States shipping board Tor
he Kincrgenc.s Meet corporation.
Tbe .ships hae been purchased by
the Western .Marine ami Salvage
company ami are being dismantled
and then burned In the Potomac river
near Quantlco, Va.
Abraham Ilerge new premier ot
Norway, succeeding Otto I'.lelir. He i
heads the Liberal Conservative party
of his country, and is a ory able
boe is hi.ovui Wolf, an anlniai
Into of ihe World war and one of the
most conspicuous in attendance at the
National Convention of the American
Legion in San e'ranclseo. Wolf la
holding In his mouth the medal given
him by Marshal Koch of I'rance for
conspicuous bravery In action.
Cling to Old Friends.
I'p to middle age, a man Indefatlg
ably seeks new friends. After that
he clings affectionately to those he has
Home of Chestnut,
The homo of the chestnut Is in the
Mediterranean region, where chestnut
trees have been cultivated from early
yji-tv" i r.
.Si,. i .
v &? ...u ' :
m . K-fl2fi 2. a
I life)
lp If
(Dy ItHV. I', n KITX.WATMlt. D. D..
Tcnrher of Knglisli Hilile In tlio Mooily
Illlile IriBtltiitf of Cbliago.)
( i) 19S3 vi-prii NHWuimSPr tlnlnn.t
I.KSKON TRXT t's. 10J 1-S; l'rnv.
23 29 -.,:.
K)Ll)i:.V TKXT "t will vol no
wicked tbiiiK before my eyes" Ph.
101 X
PRIMARY TOPIC Taking Cure of
Our Bodies.
.TPNIOR TOPIC Tiie Effects of Al
IC ProKicMs of Prohlblttou M liornr
anil Abronil
Tbe FlRht Against UiwIckhiich.i
I. Principles of a Righteous Llf
(Ts. 101 :J-S).
'lids Is a psnlm of D.nld tbe king,
ami therefore shows '.ic t-miiluct of a
ruler, it is divided into two sections
--the lirst, verses 1-1, refers to person
al conduct, and the second, H-.S, to the
government of others. This part of the
lesson can oiih refer to the destruc
tion of the saloon lu the sense that all
evil is to be uprooted and destroyed.
I. Personal Conduct (vv. I-I)! (1)
Kindness and Judgment (v. I); (U)
wise behavior (y. 12) ; (,t) ail malice
put away (v. .".) ; all wickedness put
as'de (v. !).
12. fiovornnicnt of others (vv. o-S).
Only as one. is right In his own heart
and lii'e is lie fit to rule others. As n
righteous man lie will be against (1)
the slanderer (v. 5). He will not tol
erate such in Ills presence. (12) The
worker or declt (v. 7). The deceitful
man and the liar are to he removed
from his sight. (.') All workers of in
iquity (v. S). It Is the duty of rulers
to see that all workers of wickedness
of nil kinds be cut off. Tho manufac
turer and sel'er of liquor should be re
garded as notorious workers of Iniqui
ty. Those who blight manhood for
sordid gain nre grossly wicked.
II. The Awful Ruin Wrought by
Strong Drink (Prov. li.'i :'.!!):.").
I. Woes of Those Who Indulge in
Wine (vv. 2, HO). (1) The awful pain
which causes one to cry out, "Oh!"
Many, Indeed, are the pains wdilch men
mtffer hecutip of strong drink. Rodlly
Ills innumerable can he traced to Its
evil Inlluenee. (12) The bitter remorse,
which causes one to cry out, "Alas!"
Many are the expressions of hitter re
gret which daily come from the lips
of the dninkard. (8) Contention
strife and quarreling. Much of the
fighting among men Is directly caused
by their passions being Inllumed by
strong drink. The drunken man ts al
ways ready to take offense, as well us
to give it. (!) Rnbbllngs and com
plainings. The wlnebibbor complains
of everything HI luck, loss or friends,
of fate und of (Sod. lie sees every
thing wrong hut himself, (fi) Wounds
without cause. These are wounds
from lights in which a sober man
would not have engaged, ami from ac
cidents which ure purely the result or
intoxk alien. ((!) Redness or eyes.
This lias reference to the blood-shot
eye of the tippler which dims his
vjslon. All these woes come upon
those who lurry long at wine.
II. The AUltude Enjoined (v. 251).
Look not at It. Do not put yourself
into the way of temptation. The only
Fnl'e atlitode toward strong drink Is
total abstinence, and the only way to
total abstinence is not to even look
nt it.
III. The Drunkard's Bitter End (vv.
1. Acute Miseries, "it bitetli like a
ncrpcut und stlngelh like an adder."
Strong drink, like the poison of a ser
pent, ponneutos the whole system and
ends In the most fatal consequences.
2. Perversion of the Moral Sense.
This excitement cause thu eyes to be
hold strange things. This denotes the
fantastic lie ages produced on the brain
of the drunkard. Kvon when delirium
tremens does not result, there are aw
ful fancies which are beyond the pos
sibility of realization. Then does his
heart utter perierse tilings. His moral
sense being perverted, his utterances
partake of the ij.'iine. He tells lies; ids
words cannot le relied upon.
.'. He Is Insensible to Danger (v.
I'M). lie Is foolhardy, even as one who
would lie in the top of a ship's must,
wliero there Is the greatest danger of
falling o(T.
'4. He la Insensible to J'aln (v. :5."i).
The drunkard Is utterly Ignorant of
what happens to him while under the
influence of strong drink. Man
bruises and wounds the drunkard has
which he cannot account for.
0. Ills Abject Rondiige (v. .'!.ri). After
nil his sufferings, sorrow and disappointment.-,
bo goes on as a bond
slave lu the ways of sin.
tt. Hell at La.-it. No drunkard shall in
herit the klug.lum of heaven (I Cm'.
Whole Sum of Human Life,
Of the whole sum of human life no
small part la that which consists of
a man's relations to his country, and
his feelings concerning it. (Jladstone.
If you will show mo the style of a
man's amusements and recreations, I
will tell you what are his prospects.
Do Witt Talmnge.
Largest Slave-tiolder.
Mniumon Is the largest slaver-Jiolder
In tho world. 1 Saunders.