The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 18, 1923, Image 3

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Especially for women
who live on farms
Aunt Jemima Pancakes thousand- of
farm families have them regularly these
days. They're so easy to get and their old
time Southern flavor makes a hit with
Now, in response to requests, Aunt
Jemima Pancake Flour comes in larger
packages, nearly three times as large as the
regular cartons. More convenient ; more
economical. No waste from spilling as with
sacks. But the same flour Aunt Jcmima'a
famous Southern recipe ready mixed.
Ask your grocer for the big Aunt Jemima
"I'm In lotvn. Honor i3"
Auiw Jemima
Pancake Flour
iCr miA,
Black - Tan - White - Ox-BIood - Brown
ShMKOlA preserves Icnllier as paint preietves buildings.
Quick and easy to use. Xz''22Z"K JmBw Shinei in a hurry.
SHINOLA HOME SET d&j&rT.J t ,, , , '
Makei Shining Easy JWJSS Lmb ' W Pol,,"s'
Genuine Brutle Dauber ''55lifjWj? jUrf ti the hand. Brings
eleant oround the tole and F'mil' the brilliant ShinoU ahino
ppliei the polish thor. tl 1amfcg? .., . .. .
oiighly. s a "f0"-
Th Shine for Mm f- '
Captain of Steamer Sights Lartje Mass
of Ice Carrying Thrce-Masted
For centuries mystery ships hnve
Balled the se:is, guided only hy the
winds of clinnce. One of them was
found hy u .steamer cnptiiln rounding
the Horn recently. While groping his
tray Into the open, n gigantic mass of
Ice carrying n large tliree-ninsted
echooncr, with Its bouts still In the
clefts, was sighted. Kfforts were made
to tlnd the survivors, hut no trace of
them was discovered. Another sea
tragedy was added to the already long
llfet of those as yet unsolved when a
Greenland whaler came upon a strange
looking derelict, battered und weather
worn, apparently built In the last cen
tury and Ice-hound for years. A hoard
ing crew found In the cabin the body
of a young woman, preserved by the
arctic frosts. Near u long-dead lire
was the remains of a young man, still
holding a Hint and steel. I'opular Me
chanics Magazine.
Odd Musical Instrument.
The ordinary handsaw has appeared
as a musical Instrument. One seeker
after novelties uses a saw us n violin.
After long experience and untiring
practice he has actually succeeded In
getting an agreeable music from the
lie holds the saw handle between
his logs, holds the tip of the saw In
one hand, and works the usual violin
how with the other. The vibrating
steel blade emits soft, appealing notes,
the pitch of which Is varied by chang
ing the curvature of the blade. All
sorts of queer effects can be got by
adept manipulation of the blade.
.Sometimes the music resembles the
human voice; ngaln It has the weird
wall of the Hawaiian ukelele.
When All Signed With Cross.
In olden times the signature of the
cross, now mnde by persons who arc
unable to write, was not ennflued to
the Illiterate class. Among the Saxons
the mark of the cross, as an nttestatlon
of good faith of the person signing,
was required to bo attached to the sig
nature of those who could write, as
well as to btnml in the place of the
signature of those who could not write.
Detroit News.
It Doesn't Last Long, Though.
Itudin Do you know what n make
up box Is?
Kan Yes, n box of chocolates.
Telling an Alligator's Age.
The width of an alligator's nose be
tween his eye teeth Is proper place for
determining the reptile's age, accord
ing to the experts on such subjects.
Afior the reptile Is ten feet long tho
nose widens one-quarter of an Inch for
each fiO years the alligator lives. Oek
lawaha, the largest alligator In captiv
ity, weighs 1,400 pounds and Is lll'a
feet long. He Is estlmnted to be sev
eral hundred years old.
Convert OkF Buildings
Into Houses for Fowls
(Pirpattd l) the I'll I tut Stntra Department
uf Acrlculturp )
Many f-rms have old style closed-tip
poultry houses, with poor light and
eutllatlon, or old sheds and other
buildings of little use for other pur
poses, that can be remodeled or built
over with little dlllleulty Into satlsfue
toiy poultry houses for the Hocks this
winter. The size and the shape of tho
buildings makes little difference, says
the Fnlted States Department of Agri
culture, but the essential factors are
dryness, good entilatloa, freedom
from drnfiM, plenty of sunshine, and
oom enough to allow tl e birds to move
about with freedom and comfort.
If new houses are to be built or old
buildings comerted Into poultry
house', locate them on IiIkIi or sloping
ground if possible, but nlwu.vs on dry
and well-drained soil. The amount of
floor space to be allowed each fowl
varies soiuewl at with conditions, hut
on a latnfor where the bin's can he
out of doors nearly every day the de
partment has found that about 2V&
square feet of floor space per bird In
Hocks of 'JO Is enough. In a vlllago
or city or In a climate where there
is a good deal of snow, making It nec
essary to conllne the bltds closely, 4
or fi square feet per bird Is needed.
The Interior of the house should l.e
simple, convenient, and easy to clean.
The converted poultry house may or
may not have a floor. If the house U
on dry. sandy soli a dirt floor Is usually
quite satisfactory although often morn
damp than board or cement lloors.
Fresh gravel and sand must be added
from time to time to keep them sani
tary. If board lloors are used, make
them tight and smooth so as to make
Hiimii ilt-i- unit p.-isv to ! ran. Ir nos-
slide, build hoard lloors 8 or 10 Inches
from the ground to allow a circulation
of air and to prevent rats from har
boring tinder them. Cement floors, es
pecially for large houses, are quite
satisfactory, as they keep rats out and
last much longer than board floors.
They must be kept well covered with
Utter, however, department workers
say, to make them warm and com
fortable for the flock.
For One.
Tho speaker waxed eloquent nnd,
after his peroration on women's rights,
he said : "When they take our girls. n3
they threaten, away from the co-odu-catlonal
college, what will follow?
What will follow, 1 repeat?"
And a loud masculine voice In the
nudlence replied, "I will."
Few men are able to appreciate tho
humor of n prnctlcal Joke that comes
nt them point first.
Why take
tne riSKY
MANY have found by their own
experience that coffee's effect ia
harmful. Health authorities warn
against risking the growth and devel
opment of children with the drug ele
ment in coffee.
Why take chances with your health,
and thus risk comfort, happiness
There's both safety and satisfaction in
Postum as your mealtime drink. You'll
thoroughly enjoy its delightful flavor
and aroma. Postum contains nothing
that can harm you. As many cups as
you like at any meal with no penal
ties to pay in wakeful nights and day
time dullness.
Your grocer sells Postum in two forms: Instant
Postum (in tins) prepared Instantly In tho cup
by the addition of bolllne wntor. Postum Cereal
(In packages) for thoso who prefer the flavor
brought out by boiling fully 20 minutes. The cost
of either form is about one-half cent a cup.
" ii
- MtJC-SX.XU m 'J m
. t't.
1 tM U w
-. ,-w.i
"Uom my, long experience as a nurse
I do not hesitate to say that I con
sider Tanlac Nature's most perfect
remedy," recently declared Mrs. I. A.
notion, 4i!5 l'ontlu- Ave., Seattle,
Wtf-'i. Mrs. Harden Is n graduate of
the National Temperance Hospital,
Chicago, and her wide experience In
caring for tho sick lends particular
emphasis to her statement.
"I hnve used Tanlac exclusively for
Beven years In the treatment of my
charity patients," continued Mrs. ltor
den, "and my experience has been thnt,
for keeping tho stomach, liver, kidneys
and bowels functioning properly and
for toning up tho system In general,
Tanlac hns no equal. Recently I had
n woman patient who could not even
keep wnter on her stomach for Hftecn
minutes. Six bottlea of Tanlne Hxed
her up so she could eat absolutely any
thing. Another patient, a man, seemed
tini'.ile to digest any food at all. Three
hot i les of Tanlne put him In such line
shnpo ho went back to work. These
two cases are typical. My confidence
In Tanlac Is unlimited."
Tanlac Is sold by nil good druggists.
Take no substitute. Over -10 million
bottles sold. Advertisement.
Yv P Mm
SAY "BAYER" when you buy. Insist I
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Colds Headache Neuritis Lumbago
Pain Toothache Neuralgia Rheumatism
Accept only "Haver" package which contains proper directions.
Handy "Ilnyer" boxes of 12 tnblota Also boltlca of 2-1 and 100 Druggist.
Atptrln U Uie trail mark of llajcr Uanuraelur of alonoacrUciclJcattr of Billejllcada
Voting man, If you can't marry a
girl with dollars you are lucky to mar
ry one with sense.
"Incidental expenses" may
multitude of sinful Items.
cover n
A man usually gets what he deserve
In the end, but he manages to get a
lot of other things In the meantime
Prolonged visits are apt to deal hos
pitality it death blow.
l.oe may laugh at locksmiths, but
be who laughs last laughs best.
"There are three classes of families
nowadays. They're either one, two or
three-car parage families."
Tho prices of cotton nnd linen hnvo
been doubled by the war. Lengthen
their porvlro hy using Hod Cross Hull
nine In the laundry. All grocers Advertisement.
Numaer Makes It Good.
lie Do you think late hours
good for one?
She No. but I think they are
right for two.
Comfortable Houses for
Ducks Quite Important
In cold weather ducks should be
kept In the bouse because their feet
nro so tender that when they come
In contact with the cold ground they
suffer greatly nnd hobble along ns If
their backs were broken. However,
they should not bo kept boused more
than Is really necessary.
If the roof Is good the rest Is easy.
If the weather boarding Is not suf
Hciently close to keep out draught!
in cold weather, cover the outside with
tnrred paper or strip with inth.
A board floor Is better than an earth
floor because the ducks will often stir
up the ground In it very disagreeable
manner when there Is the least sign of
Provide sultnhle houses If you wish
to be successful. The houses need not
be verv expensive, but they should be
substantial so that they may be mod
for the same purpose several years In
Ducks, both old nnd young, should
hnve a dry, comfortable place to stny
In at night. If forced to sit on the
damp ground they are llnhle to be
taken with cramps nnd colds In the
head. The latter are almost certain to
turn to croup.
There Is usually some shed or build
ing that can be converted Into a duck
house at small expense. Whore only
n small flock Is kept this plan Is advisable.
Directions for Making Coffee.
' Several hunters In the Canadian
woods had so enjoyed the coffee made
by their guide that when the trip was
over they asked for the recipe.
"Ver" easy," ho said. "Here bin
only one way make coffee. Take trip
Into voods, build lire vld pitch pine
knots, put on quart water and two
handful coffee In pot, an' hit on cover
so she no can boll over. Veil cover
get too hot for seat of pants, coffee
the done."
Ifeast Foain coiSVIad
Bread making
is easy to learn
and is in itself
an education in
other cooking
Send for free booklet
"The Art of Baking Bread"
Lucky Dcqs.
A Detroit dad who Is In the market
or was for a dog, visited one of
the numerous kennels near the city re
cently. Almost slmiiltnneouily, as he
filtered the yard, :tf dogs', ranging
from the grown-ups to pups, let loose
a wild barrage of barking, yapping
and whining, lie picked the least
noisy of the dogs and left, hut not be
fore he bad asked: "What do you
feed all these animals?" "Well," the
owner of the kennels replied, "we feed
them bread, meat, rice and milk. They
get better food, I suppose, than some
poor children, and more of It."
Northwestern Yeast Co)
1730 North Ashland Ave.
Chicago, 111.
Corn Fodder as Litter
Is Excellent for Hens
Litter Is nlmost Indispensable In
every henhouse where eggs are desired,
as well as healthy and contented
fowls. Some farmers complain nbout
using good wheat or oats straw for tho
hens to scratch In. In this event, cut
corn fodder makes an excellent nnd
lasting litter for the poultry house
and even If one inuct pay to have the
fodder cut, It Is cheaper than other Ut
ters. When cut up, ten bundles or corn
fodder makes enough litter to cover
400 square feet of floor space. For the
same space, when straw Is used, nt
least two hales would be required, and
this would cost several times as much
ns the corn fodder. Fodder Is good not
only because of Its cheapness, but also
because the hens like to eat the pieces
of leaves, thus obtaining somo bulky
food, which Is often lacking In poultry
The People Themcelves.
At un agricultural show In Dublin n
pompous member if parliament, who
arrived late, found himself on the out
skirts of n huge crowd.
llelng anxious to obtain n good view,
and presuming that he was well known
to tho spectators, he tapped a man on
the shoulder and ordered: "Make way
"Oarnl Who are ye pttshln'?" was
the unexpected reply.
"Do you know who I am, Mr?" cried
the Indignant M. P. "I'm n representa
tive of the people!"
"Yah!" growled the other; "but
we're the bloomln' people themselves."
Absolutely Honest.
Robert W. Chalmers, whoso vivid
portraits of the modern girl have made
him famous, said at a dinner party
In bis New York homo:
"The modern girl has many faults,
but nt least she Is open and above
board. There's' nothing of the deceit
ful puss about her.
"On a moonlight winter night In
Florida a modern young man passion
ately kissed a beautiful modern girl
under a palm tree.
'"I'll be frank with you,' tho young
man said after tho emb-ace was over.
'You're not the first girl I'vo ever
kissed, by a long shot.'
"She lit a huge and costly clgnrcttc.
"'And I'll be equally frank with
you,' she answered. 'You've got u
great deal to learn oven nt that.' "
New York Mall.
A Difference.
"I low long is It going to take to get
through with this case?" asked the
client, who was under suspicion of
housebreaking. "Well," replied (he
young lawyer, thoughtfully, "It'll take
me about two weeks to get through
with It, but I'm afraid It's going to
take you about four years." Green
Downtown Food.
A good wife is gratified by hearing
her grownup folks scold about th
food they "have to cat" downtown.
Soldiers' Insurance Problem.
Several hundred men In the army
nnd navy of the United States In tho
World war named as their bencflclnrlwn
for government Insurance their par
ents living In Uussla. The vetcrunsT
bureau cannot pay this Insurance, be
cause we have not the necessary ma
chinery In Itussla which would he con
nected with consular service In that
state. It Is presumed that tho fam
ilies of these soldiers who have died
for their country are In a bad wujr Lav
soviet Itussla. ,
To Build New Electric Line.
It Is reported that an electric rath
way will soon be constructed from
Dultith to tho International bridge,
nnd probably extended through to Ft.
William, and that the falls on tb
Pigeon river will bo developed to pro
vldo power for operating It. The
project will require co-operation be
tween the governments of Canadu und
tho United States, tho Pigeon river
being an International stream.
"I thought you said your wife would
never smoke cigarettes."
"I dhl say so, and somo one told her
1 nnhl so" Life.
Much Ammunition Destroyed.
During the last threo years fiOO.OOO
tons of ammunition from Rrltalaw
Amcrlcn, Belgium, Rcrmany nnd Rus
sia have been broken up In France.
Pure Air Is Essential
i to Health of Laying Hen
'yi It has been estimated that the hen
consumes twice as much air ns n horso
does, pound for pound of weight, nnd
three times ns much ns a cow, and yet
we seo hen houses with no menns of
getting uny puro air Into them except
through cracks, which may give n dl-
rect draft over some bird. With other
conditions favorable to the develop
ment of germs, thero soon are colds,
roup and brouchlnl disorders of many
qA Simple Guide to
Proper Food Selection
r j
Nourishment Grape-Nuts with cream or good milk contains
every element necessary for perfect nutrition.
Grape-Nuts is partially pre-digested by 20 hours'
baking. It is easily assimilated by child or adult.
Grape-Nuts, made of wheat and barley, is sweet
with natural sugar self -developed from the grain
in the making. It has a delightful, nut-like flavor.
Grape-Nuts is real food the kind you can de
pend upon for strength and energy. Its crisp
granules invite thorough mastication, thus help
ing to keep the teeth and gums healthy.
Grape-Nuts is so compact that a package con
tains many servings; and each serving provides
unusual nourishment. A portion for the cereal
part of a meal costs about one cent.
GrapeNof s for health
"There's a Reason"
Made by Postum Cereal Conipany.c,Baule Creek, Michigan.
m -JJJHr
- """Ow ... i,,'
2 Tlirr-"
M Ml .t ftbri Ml