The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, October 04, 1923, Image 3

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Given Up to Die, Mrs.
Harris Gains 35 Lbs.
Back to normal In every way, with I "Tmilac rid me of Indigestion, sleep
a gain of ,." His. In weight after a se- lossness and nervousness and revived
vore attack of flu, Is the remarkable (
record of the Tnnlac treatment In the
ease of Mrs. Ettu Harris, 2&51 X. 12th
St., Lincoln, Xcb.
"Following n terrible nttnek of the
llu," declares Mrs. Harris. "I wns so
utterly weakened and emaciated thnt
I wns Just about given up to die. I
could hardly stand on my feet, much
less wnlk, and had n bad cough. Sleep
ing and eating wns almost out of the
question, nnd pains In my back and
dizziness added to my suffering.
Disgraced for Life. t
.Mr. Wmiibut was well liked In the i
Miburb where he lived. So when a
neighbor saw a moving van bncked up
In front of the Wombat home, he
Mopped to express genuine regret.
"Where are you going to move 7"
"Have to get out of the neighbor
hood," explained Mr. Wombat. "My
boy feels disgraced. He wns licked
by another kid on the block."
"No disgrace In that. Hoys will
light, and somebody must win."
"Hut the kid who licked Mm wears
we Relief
According to Father.
Willie was doing penance In tho
corner. Presently he thought aloud
"I can't help It If I'm not perfect."
he sighed. "I never heard of but one
perfect boy, nnyway.
"Who was that?" aske.t his mother,
thinking to point n moral.
"I'upn," came the silencing reply,
"when he was little." Chicago Trib
une. H&M's Catarrh
will do what we
claim for it
rid your system of Catarrh or Deafness
caused by Catarrh.
Sold by druggist! for ortr 40 yiari
F. J. CHENEY &. CO., Toledo, Ohio
ICtiiicura Soap
For the Hands
Soap 25c, Ointment 25 and 50c, Talcum 25c.
RmoTFDai)aruft-8tPpeUalrr ailing
Reatorea Color and
Beatify to Gray and Faded Half
awe. ana ii iKjawrrurriiia,
nivnx Cnrm. Wka. I'atrhtmm-. M. T
HINDERCORNS nmon, core. ou.
Imi.ri. ate., alnpa all fain, tmii.'ri rnnifort to t'J
fret, makra walklnc raar. Uu. by mall or at Drug'
Clta. Jlltcoz Chemical Woraa, I'atcbune. N. Y
1123 O Street n Lincoln, Neb
Creamery and Crearr.
Station Supplies
Milk Dottlci and Dalrr Suppllei; Hgt
Caics and Chicken Coops; Bollcrt.
1309 JonoiSt. 11W. Third St.
'INCOLN'S Rooms for $1.50
' Lunch Room In Connoctlon
Wiintrd IjkIIih to Sell mid Dimnnntrulo n
ilRli-Krudc article useil dally In every homo.
Write us for Infortnntlon. Kugpnlcnl I.nborn.
torlcs Co,, 401 I'luntero DUIk., Ht, Louis, Mo.
W. N. U., LINCOLN, NO. 39-1923.
Silver Lining.
There had been it blowout, anil the
father of the family was perspiring
l anil profanely changing tires.
"I don't see why you hnve to talk
that wi.y," said his wife reproach
fully. "You act as If It were n total You never see tho good In
"Well, what good Is there In this?"
"Why, It tickled the baby so. He
mughed right out loud when It went
bang!" American Legion Weekly.
Dreamers won't
letter entertain.
work j so they'd
Is only pretty In pic-
Black - Tan - White
LQ-l Hot water
gggstq Sure Relief
SillftOlA w made of the finest wax and oils.
It softens and preserves leather. Makes shoes
wear longer and look belter.
SiilNM'A is quickly nnd easily applied - shines
in a iiffy. Keep shoes trim nnd tidy.
SillNOlA Home Set mokw the home care oi thoei easy
"The Shine for Mine"
my strength In u few weeks so I wns
healthy us beforo the llu. Every uch
and pain left me, whllo my weight
went up from 111) to 1-13 lbs. I give
Tnnlac full credit for my recovery."
Tnnlac Is for sale by all good drug
gists. Accept no substitute. Over H?
million bottles sold.
Tnnlac Vegetnblo Pills nre Nature's
own remedy for constipation. For sale
A bride entered a market and wan
dered around for a while.
Finally she began to poke gingerly I
at some hen fruit.
"Are these eggs fresh?"
"We have them brought 'n by fast
airplane every morning, madam."
Still she seemed dlssntlslb'd, where
upon the proprietor brought a radio
headpiece and suggested she ndjust It.
"For what purpose?"
"We also broadcast the cackles of
the hens that laid em'. No charge for
listening In."
Say "Bayer" and Insist!
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on ,
package or on tablets you are not get- ;
ting the genuine Bayer product pre-
vr. ?i y?? r T.1" nMnty r
years and proved safe by millions for
Co,tls Headache ,
Toothncho Lumbago i
Enrncho Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pnln, Pain
Accept "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
only. Ench unbroken pnekage contains
proper directions. Ilnndy boxes of
twelve tablets cost few cents. Drug-
gists nlso sell bottles of 21 nnd 100,
Aspirin Is tho trade mark of Buyer I
Mnnufncturo of Monoacetlcncldester of
Sallcyllcncld. Advertisement.
Just Like the Girls.
Miss Squirrel Oh. dear, this shower
will take all the curl out of my tall.
l( You Need a Medicine
You Should Have tiie Best
Have you ever stopped to reason why
it is that so many products that are ex- '
tensively advertised, all at once drop out .
of sigkt and arc soon forgotten? The l
reason is plain the article did not fulfill
the promises of the manufacturer. This
applies more particularly to a medicine. '
A medicinal preparation that hns real
curative value almost sells itself, ae like
nn nnrilpKn rhnln irntrm thn rmrdv is
, recommended by tiiose who have been
ticncutcd to those who are in need of it.
A prominent druggist says, "Take for
example Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a
preparation I have sold for many years
and never hesitate to recommend, for in
almost every case it shows excellent re
sults, as many of my customers testify.
No other kidney remedy has so largo a
to Bworn statements and
verified testimony of thousands who have
used the preparation, the success of Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-ltoot is due to the fact,
fo many people claim, that it fulfills al
most every wish in overcoming kidney,
liver and bladder ailmenta, corrects uri
nnry troubles and neutralizes the uric add
which causes rheumatism.
You may receive a Mmple bottle of
Swamp-Root by parcel po3t. Address Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Ilinghamton, N. Y., and
enclose ten cents; nlso mention this paper.
Large and medium size bottles for Bale at
all drug stores. Advertisement.
"A popular song must bo simple."
"Yes," commented Miss Cayenne,
"even Idiotic."
Tho housewife smiles with satisfac
tion ns slio looks nt the basket of
clenr, whlto clothes nnd thanks Red
Cross Ball Blue. At nil grocers. Ad
vertisement. Everyone has had an ndmlred pho
tograph of himself which he tore up
fifteen years later.
Ilnlf n loaf mny or may not be better
than no brend. It depends altogether
on the maker.
- Ox-Blood - Brown
-"a Y7.rES3?
Parasites Fight
European Earwig
Small Pests Feed on Tender
Green Shoots of Clover
and Other Plants.
(Frtrnttil by the United Stntu Dcntrtment
of Krlcullure.)
One result of the recent European
trip of Dr. L. O. Howard, chief of the
bureau of entomology of the United
States Department of Agriculture, was
; the discovery that there exist In Eu
rope two parasites of the European
earwig which Is at present a great
nuisance, in the vicinity of Seattle,
Wash.; Portland, Ore.; and Newort,
II. I. Arrangements were made by
I Doctor Howard to have the bureau's
laboratory ut ltvcws. l-'rniwe. stuilv
the parasites and prepare shipments
to thl3 country at an early date.
Feeds on Plants.
Tho European earwig In Its several
stages feeds on very tender green
shoots of clover and grass, dahlia
plants nnd blossoms, nnd the stamens
und pctnlB of various dowers. Mellow
garden soil, lawns with a southern
exposure, or similar places mnke fer
tile breeding and hibernating grounds
for thu earwigs, which multiply rapid
ly, tho female laying from 50 to 00
shiny white eggs each season.
Tho adult ennvlg Is rich reddish
brown with the wing covers and legs
dull yellow brown, nnd the wings three
fourths of an Inch In length. In late
summer thu adults gather In large
numbers In crevices or behind vines
for mating. At other times during the
day they lildo In any crevice, folds of
clothing, or even behind a convenient
leaf which offers protection. Ttiey
may bo found In large numbers on
porches, behind chair cushions, under
rugs, nnd In folds of awnings. The
European earwig was first noticed at
Newport In 1011, at Seattle In lDlo,
nnd at Portland shortly after. It was
undoubtedly brought In from Europe,
where It Is very common, nlthough
not considered of great economic Im
portance. In this country, however,
the enrwlg has multiplied rapidly In
tho Infested areas and has become a
serious pest nnd caused much annoy-
onnii T la .wvoatMt. tti.i If lnnt unril'lit
', ' , ' f , not
, ,' , , , wh,c,,
avc een discoveredthere are other
cnemlC8 of Ul0 ettrwg To.( wU tho
iurva0 readily. Hens devour tho adults
rVWioiiHlv. hut tint onrwlirs are so
hidden during the day that fowls can
hardly be considered ns an Important
factor In controlling the Insect. Poi
soned bnlts and sprays furnish other
means of control.
Lousy Pigs Make Little
Profit While Growing
Hogs cannot make both pork und
lice, and the lousy pig can seldom eat
enough to make n hog of himself. If
he hns to contlnuo boarding myriads
of lice. This has been tho unvarying
experience of good live stock men
Lice mny be destroyed on hogs by
dipping, the use of crude oil being
highly recommended by those who
have experimented widely. Let the
water In tho dipping tank be covered
with n layer of crude oil at least nn
Inch thick. The oil mny be npplled to
the bodies of the hogs with a sprink
ling pot or a swnb, If care Is used,
but It is not ns safe as we would like,
nnd, In nny ense, It Is n method recom
mended for nsc only In cold weather,
when dipping Is out of the question.
Also there nre a number of other
remedies which mny bo used, such ns
equal parts kerosene and machine oil,
or one pnrt turpentine to two parts
machine- oil applied to every pnrt of
the body by means of either rag or
brush. Be enroful In the use of such
remedies, of course, or they might be
almost ns hard on the pig as they are
on the lice. Do not lose sight of the
good high-grade conl-tar dips, which
are certainly vnluablo when applied
nccordlng to directions. The olhjr, or
oiled rubbing post, hns a place on
every hog fnrm, or farm where hogs
ore raised.
Ingredients for Mash
for Growing Ducklings
A good miiBh for growing ducklings
enn be made of 2 parts comment, 1
pnrt middlings, 1 part brnn. Then 10
per cent beef scrap can be ndded and
a liberal sprinkling of green feed.
There Is much vnrlatlon In the euro
of ducklings, depending on the condi
tion of their range which may supply
very llttlo or nenrly all of their food
Roughage Is Important
Feed for Dairy Calves
An Important matter to look out for
In the rnlslng of dairy calves Is tn feed
them so thnt they will develop n
capacity to handle n largo quantity of
roughage when they come to maturity,
ns roughage furnishes the most econo-
mlcnl part rrf tho ration In tho pro-',
ductlon of milk.
JudQe Work of Hen.
The past work of n hen may bo
Judged by the yellow pigment In benk
nnd stinnks, the season she begnn
molting, nnd her physical condition nt
culling time.
I Clean Up tne Garden.
' Cnltlvnto and clean up ground where
! vegetables hnve mntured. Decnylng
vegetables and plants nre likely to
Increase dlseaso und Insect damage
next season.
Bees Need Overcoalf.
t-. . , . . TTT ..
During Cold Weather
Plan to Make Colonies Snug ,
Before Winter Sets In.
The careful wintering of his 'jccs ts
one of tho things to which the success
ful apiarist gives clone attention, say
the bee men at the New York College
of Agriculture In tthacn, In pointing
out that the tlniu to plan for making
the colonies snug la before the cold
weather Is at hand.
The college authorities, In n state
ment Issued recently, explain the two
ways of wintering most used In pack
ing cases and In cellars.
Those who use the packlng-cnve
method seem to agree that each case
should house four colonies nnd should
have four Inches of Insulntion on the
bottom, eight Inches on the sides and n
foot on top of the hives. The cases
should be prepared late In September,
or early In October.
Beekeepers In northern nnd central
New York find tluit the cellar is most
satisfactory as a wintering place. Tho
hives nre put Into cellars before tho
bees have lost nny of their vitality by
freezing usually not later than tho
middle of November nnd nre left un
disturbed until spring. A uniform tem
perature of between -15 nnd fit) degrees
Fahrenheit Is maintained, the cellars
nre kept dark nnd little ventilation Is
Collins below the frost line, uhoro
the temperature never drops below 40
Fuhrcnlielt, are lecommended by the
txiorts, and they say that the bees
should never be confined to the hlea
by screens, as Is sometimes done. They
should be taken out of doors again
curly In April.
Propagate Currants and
Gooseberries in Autumn
Currants and gooseberries are prop
agated by stem cuttings. As these lira
both woody perennials the roots start
most readily from the youimobt or
one-year wood. Currant cuttings are
made by cuttings erf the previous sum
nier's growth. The upper end Is cut
n trifle above n bud and the lower
end straight through a bud. In case
of vnrletlvs that root readily, the cut
tings nre made about eight or nlmi
Inches In length; of varieties that
root with dllllculty, they are made
three or four Inches longer than this.
Currants root quite readily especial
ly when started In well drained sandy
or sandy loam soil. They are planted
11 few Inches upnrt In well prepared
soil, being placed about six Inches
apart In the nursery row and tho
rows three or four feet apart. As
soon ns the lenves drop in the fall the
cuttings mny be made and planted
or they may be made In February,
stored In n cool cellar and kept from
drying out until time for planting In
the early spring.
If planted In the autumn, the cut
tings should be set with the top ends
Just covered with soil. A mulch of
straw should bo placed over these Just
before the ground freezes to prevent
their being pulled up during the win
ter by alternate freezing und thaw
ing. Most vnrletles of gooseberries aro
much more dilllcult to propagate than
are currants and they are generally
stnrted by mound layering the young
shoots In July or when they are about
eighteen Inches In height. This Is
done by shoveling soil directly Into
each hill until there Is a mound of well
packed soil nbotit a foot deep.
Early the following spring tho
mounds nre removed nnd the shoots
cut off near the ground. Short roots
will have formed near the baso of the
shoots nnd one cutting, about a foot
In length, Is mndc from each shoot.
These are planted the same distance;
nnd In the snme way ns are currant
cuttings nnd cultivated and hoed.
Nurserymen sell currant and goose
berry plants either when they nni
one or two years old. The two-yeal
plant Is very much superior to tho
one-yen' plnnt duo to Its hotter de
veloped root system.
Make Cuttings in Fall
for Best Vineyard Start
Those wishing to set out vlneynrtK
will profit by making grnpe cutting!
and getting them ready for tsprlnj
planting this fall, says tho Farm Jour
nnl. A number of cuttings mny bo
made from one vine, nnd after one
year of cultivation In n smnll nursery
lot the young vines nre ready for
Cuttings should be taken from new '
wood, each cutting Imvlng two to threo
buds upon It. Tho cuttings nre from j
eight to twelve Inches long, the bottoir? I
being trimmed close to the first bud,
while tho top of tho cutting hns two
or three Inches of wood abovo the top
hud. These arc tied In bundles and
I placed In dwnp snnd In the cellnr or I
burled out of doors and covered to pre
vent Injury from severe freezing. I
In the spring the cuttings nre set In
rows three feet apart and four Inches '
apart in the row. Only the upper bud ,
of tho cutting is allowed to extend 1
above the ground, so that the other
buds will dovelop roots.
Buttermilk Mashes Are '
Good in Chick's Ration
Buttermilk mashes are the most '
populnr elements In tho growing
chick's ration nmong commercial poul- ,
try breeders nt the present time, for ;
they havo found that It stops and pro
vents bowel trouble In the young stock
and nt the snme time makes a greater
growth possible than can b ma do with
anything clc.
c 7h'nk of Poor, So'' , , .
Some of the sun spots are snld to
ho thousands of miles In diameter,
and yet think of the fuss n girl makes
over an ordinary freckle. Huston
Dyo or Tint Worn, Faded Things
New for 15 Cents.
Diamond Dy
Don't wonder whether you can dyo
or tint successfully, because perfect
home dyeing Ik guaranteed with "Dia
mond Dyes" even If you have never
dyed before. Druggists have all colors.
Directions In ench package. Adver
tisement. Surprise In Sight.
"I don't know what we arc coming
to." "All the better. You'll have a
nice surprise when we get to It."
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Lz?- "i g?
Fterfect pancakes evmjttme
Good pancakes one mornlnn, i poor ones
the next. Be done with such disappoint
tnents, wasted materials nnd work. Just
add water or milk to Aunt Jemima Pan
cake Flour, mix nnd bnke
turn out right every time.
pancoics with that old -time Southern
flavor. Try it I
Aunt Jemima
Pancake Flour
YeAst Foam
What a girl learns
about oven temper
ature when baking
bread is valuable
when it comes to
baking cakes, pies,
meats, fish, etc
Said for free booklet
"The Art of Baking Bread"
Foolish Advice.
The fussy dentist was examining the
teeth of his patient, and assumed an
air of great wisdom.
"Do you ever clean your teeth?" ho
Inquired, as he pried nnd poked.
"Yes," replied the patient.
"How mnny tluso n day?" pursued
the dentist.
"Twice," wns the answer
"Hnve you hid nny ml vice beforo
with regard to your teeth?"
"Yes, I called on n doctor last night."
"And what fotllgh advice did he
give you?"
"lie told mo to come to you."
Brevity Instead of being the soul of
wit Is at times an Indication of the
poverty thereof.
One likes his home better If ho enn I
take two or three vacations from It 1
In the yenr.
WM W iP M. L 1
Port inn Cereal Com
m v A universal custoa
AltCr thai benefits every-
Fvprv body-
71 Aids digestion,
PlCcll c'canscs tno teeth,
S soothes tho throat
a good thing
to remember
Sealed in
its Purity
your pancakes
Light, tender
"Vte tn totvna
Good breadMafcers
everywhere preterit
Northwestern Yeast Coi
1730 North Ashland Ave.
Chicago, 111.
Origin of Halibut.
The halibut is a name of interesting
and unexpected origin, uays Nntiira
Magazine. An approved spelling of
the name Is "hollbut," and the deriva
tion of the llrst portion of thu wont
Is tho English "holy." "Butte" was
tho old English name of the llounder,
and the imriio "hollbut" or "halibut"
was formed from "holy" and "butto
ns Indicating that this Important food
lish was much used us an article olj
diet for "holy" days or "holidays."
After Thirty Years.
Magistrate After thirty years ns a
husband do you say that your mur
rled life Is n failure?
Husband, guardedly Well to tell
you the truth, I do not remember any
other kind of life.
Poets are diffident
and sensitive.
, Don't bo harsh.
"G .
agw..v msmmm
ny wiVTa MkmtLiWkW
Xcwtg IF W
$y intf w
"i " ' ' ZZ-0 1