The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 23, 1923, Image 3

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Motor to Church
't ttlttmhli Tr,,1tl!)t
1 VCn "Mj ,
5-Pass. Sedan
f. o. b. Flint, Miclu
1 rTnTYl JSr,-f"
M if mi IKE
Chevrolet Motor Company
Division of General 3Iolors Corporation
Detroit, Michigan
Linoleum Truly Cosmopolitan.
Six co n u trie, thousands of miles
Distant, aid In providing materials for
the finished Iliinluutii. says tho Detroit
News. The manufacture of linoleum
depends on three main materials
tork, linseed oil and hurlap. Cork, the
thief Ingredient, comes from Spain,
Portugal nnd northern Africa, where
thousands of people are engaged In
harvesting It from the trees. The Un
seed oil Iu pressed from the llaxsecd
from the Argentine republic, which
produces (he greatest nmount of Max
Feed in the world. Hurlap Is made
from Jute grown In India, but woven
n Scotland.
Caa't Be Improved.
The Humble Worm Yes, you're
(ootl to look at with your gaudy
jlngs. But wait till I'm ti butterfly.
4ly wings will be as beautiful us
The Enrly Bird We won't wait for
.it. You look good enough to eat
s it Is.
Douglas Fir for British Ships.
In one of the two Inrge battleships
iiw building for the British navy,
noughts fir has replaced teak, accord
pg to advices received by the L)cart
ient of Commerce, presumably be
cause It- Is much lighter In weight In
omparIJon to Its strength.
t:ver stop
think of this ?
We are what we eat!
It's a startling fact, yet a simple truth.
This is the reason every one should know that
his food is really nourishing not merely filling.
Grape-Nuts made from wheat and barley is
one of the few cereal foods that includes the vital
mineral salts so necessary for supplying proper
nourishment for nerve and bone structure.
In Grape-Nuts, too, is retained the important
vitamin-B of the wheat.
No food has greater influence in strengthening
Ahe body of a growing child than Grape-Nuts. And
remember, children need the very best there is in
the way of nourishment.
Grape-Nuts is just as delicious as it is healthful,
whether served right from the package as a break
fast cereal with milk or cream, with fresh or
stewed fruit, or made into an appetizing recipe.
Try the suggestion given below.
rjMroi rjn i urn l mil Q TEalKllJJ. ft iV&r 'tlwafr v?Siii
Prepare plain flavored ice
cream in the usual way. Just
before the cream hardens in
(rcczini!,(iild Grnpo-Nuts as
it comes from tho package,
in tho proportion of one-half
cup of Grape-Nut to one
quart ofice cream. If you buy
ico cream rcariy-made. add
Grape-Nuts in place of nut
meats. You'll find the result
ing flavor unique,
in Comfort
Tho Chevrolet 5-Passengcr Sedan 19
most popular for family use, becauso
it affords comfort, weather protec
tion and the homo atmbspherc all
the year 'round for five people yet
may be economically operated with
only one or two passengers.
Its power, reliability and low up
keep appeal to men. Women like ita
handsome lines, fine upholstery,
plate glass windows with Ternstedt
regulators, and fine finish.
Everybody appreciates its great
value at $860, f. o. b. Flint, Mich.
Prices f. o. b. Flint, Michigan
SUPERIOR Roudst f .... $510
KUPr.HIRTourlnft . ... 825
SUPERIOR Utility CoUfO . . . 680
.SUPERIOR Scdanctlo ' . . . 8M
SUPERIOR Sedan .... 860
SUPERIOR Commercial ChatsU . 423
SUPERIOR Light Delivery . . . S10
Utility Express Truck CIiumU . 579
Unconvincing Object Lesson.
"You are encouraging your boy Jot.ta
to leave home?"
"Yep," replied Farmer Corntossel.
"I reckon that 'ud be fur the best."
"f'an't you persuade him to work?"
"No. I do my best to persuade him
that hard work and economy is tho
makln' of u young man. Then he jes'
looks me an' the mortgage over an'
then looks at me In a way that makes
me feel like I wasn't nothln' In his
eyes but n bad example."
No Danger.
Old-fashioned Uncle BUI, Just back
from a long sojourn In Australia,
called his little nephew to him on tho
morning of the Fourth. With fond
recollection of his own prankish
youth, he hnnded the boy n dollar,
patted him on the head, and told him
to enjoy the day, but not get hurt.
He was somewhat surprised by tha
lad's response.
"Hurt? Me get hurt? Gee wills,
Uncle BUI. I have enlisted with tha
Boy Scouts to render first uld." Louts
vllle Courier-Journal.
It Is excellent to appreciate thosa
who excel.
Many n man Is unable to believe
word he says.
Whore you don't find Crepe-Nuts,
you won't tinii people.
there's aReason0
iCT rtT. ff'Vrt l-v'it.!
(Copv for Tl.l.i Iippnrtmpnt Htippllcil b7
tlin. Aini'iMi'nn Tallinn News rtervlcn.)
Letters for Legion Post3, by National
Commander Owsley, Dropped
From Dig Ucgo.
Messages from the ulr were literally
showered on posts of the American
Legion from National Commander Al
vlu Owsley recently when letters were
dropped from the basket of one of the
entrants In the national elimination
balloon race. The messages were re
ceived In a number of Eastern states
over which the balloon passed on Us
400-mlle Journey over the country.
Anticipating the general direction
the balloons would trnvel from the na
tional headquarters city, a number of
personal messages from Commander
Owsley were mnde ready, and tho
pilots planned to throw these from tin
basket, attached to tiny parachutes, as
they passed over the towns and cities,
inter to be delivered to the commander
of the Legion post In that locality.
The balloon which carried this mes
sage wan entered as "The American
Legionnaire," and was piloted by Capt.
0. E. McCulIough, vice chnlrman of
the Legion's national committee on
neronnutlcs. Captain McCulIough waa
nttuched to various balloon schools
during the war nnd mnde many flights.
Ho Is now division pnssenger agent for
the Pennsylvania railway, and In this
capacity handled transportation ar
rangements on the occasion of tho
vlsltB of the king and queen of liel
glum, Marshal Koch, the prince of
Wales nnd other European notables.
Assisting Captain McCulIough was
Lieut. Carlton I liond of the army
air Konlce now stationed nt Aber
deen proving ground, Maryland,
os n Legionnaire. Lieutenant liond
has participated In u number of
balloon races, being In the basket with
Major West over, who won the 10212
diminution race, which started at Mil
waukee. On this trip the bag landed
In the Province of Quebec. I'anadu,
850 miles from its starting place, 'nils
victory entitled them to competition In
the international race for the James
Gordon Hennett cup, which started
from Geneva, Switzerland, but they
were forced down shortly after cross
ing the Alps.
The ballpen used by Captain McCul
Iough and Lieutenant Bond, and from
which the messages from tho Legion'
head were dropped, was of SO.00O cubic
fOet capacity. It was of the army typo
Md had been supplied by the com
manding officer of the Three Hundred
nnd Eighty-second airship company, G.
H. Q. rPM'rvos, Third corps army area.
The balloon safely landed nt Frank
fort, Pa., a few miles west of Pitts
burgh, in this race, after being In the
air for nearly 24 hours. The aeronauts
were forced to land when they encoun
tered a terrific storm.
Thousands of Acres of Public Lands
Are Thrown Open in West
ern States.
American Legion members nre urged
by national headquarters to consider
filing entries on more thnn 110,000
acres of public land In four Western
states which have recently been thrown
open to entry to ex-service men.
Tho nren comprises the second
lnrgest offering of public domain for
homesteadlng In several years. Lnnds
thrown open under the order Include:
California Thirty-six thousand acres
In San Ilernnrdlno county, near Kelso,
nnd In San Diego county, near Cnmpo.
Colorado Eighteen thousand ncres
In Costilla county, near Itussell.
Ncvnda Twenty-two thousand acres
In Nye county, near Carrara.
Utah Forty thousand acres In
Washington county, near Central.
More than 11,000 acres In Juab coun
ty, near Mona, Utah, will he opened to
Veterans after the state has made se
lections from tho trnct In accordance
with public land grants to It.
Omaha Legion Members to Urge Stata
Legislature's Action on Pigeon
holed Bill.
Omahn members of the American Le
gion plan to submit the bill, providing
bonus to World wnr veterans to the
people by Invoking the Initiative at the
next general election.
Sponsors of the measure, which will
bo patterned after the Iowa state bo
nus, say the bill will provide for tho
payment of r0 cents per day to every
service man or woman who, at the time
of enlistment, was a resident of Ne
braska. There will be a maximum
clause of $:!,'(). No distinction will be
nimto between domestic and foreign
The state bonus measure has been
before the Nebraska legislature three
times. In 1010 tho legislators dropped
the bonus and passed an emergency re
lief bill for nervleu men and their fam
ilies. In lOlill the bill passed tho lower
house by nn overwhelming majority,
only to ho hold In committee In the
senate without being reported out for
a vote.
Wcut. Gen. rUmiir Liggett, In Charge
of Arrangements, Doing Assisted
by Many Other;.
With n powerful former lieutenant
peneiMl. who commanded :he Hist army
of u million fighting mm In France, at
the liel'ii, ami Important committees
ticnili'd by e-oillrt.'. and "buck pri
vates" alike, preparations for the
American Li-gloti's llflh annual conven
tion, to be held In S'an Francisco net
October, are progressing.
Gen. Hunter I.Uv-'ctt, a favorlto
among l.iuinniuilrcs because of his ef
forts lo build up tlw I.eglnti in San
Fram Ken, ilntls the important tusk of
direct mi: arrangements for the big na
tional pothering a pleasant, though
busy and comprehensive Job.
Not all of the work of preparing for
the comentlon Is being handled by
Legionnaires. San Francisco has made
n systematic study of conventions and
tho result has been the development of
an flllcient corps of prominent busi
ness men, who, originally "hobbylng
It" as convention workers, got Into the
hang of the nctlvlty so well that they
tlud themselves galled Into conference
'. lfi
. (
every nine a muor conclave comes t
the eitj. Many of these distinguished
citizens, staid business men, whosn
"bit" dining thu war may have been
tho selling of millions of dollars in
Liberty bonds and thousands of other
fiplendld deeds, are today "drafted"
into the committees preparing for tho
national convention. Their ability to
handle elllclently and well the "short
cuts" that have been ferreted out
through the staging of more than one
hundred conventions each year, will
serve the Legion convention workers
most effectively. Their part Is certain
to add to the already tentative program
that Is now In the making.
San Francisco expects 1H0.000 vis
itors to attend the convention.
Numerous War Vessels and Men U
Represent Department to Attend
Legion Convention.
Nine battleships, ,'18 destroyers and
numerous auxiliary vessels will par
ticipate In the nuvnl show In conjunc
tion with the national convention of
the American Legion In San Fran
cisco October 15 to 10. The personnel
attached to the ships will number 000
commissioned olllcers, 100 warrant of.
fleers mid 10,000 enlisted men.
Authorization of the battle fleet'i
presence was granted by Theodora
Itoosevelt, Jr., assistant secretary of
the navy. The ships will anchor off
San Francisco October 12 nnd will re
main until October 28. Included In
the licet will be the battleships Cali
fornia, Maryland, New York, Texas,
Arizona, Pennsylvania, New Mexico,
Idaho and Tennessee.
Legion convention officials are en
deavoring to emphasize the naval pro
gram of the gathering to a greater ex
tent than has been attempted In previ
ous years. To that end, the nnval au
thorities of ii number of countries al
lied with the United States In th
World war have been asked to send
American Legion Indorses Washington
Land Settlement Project for
Former Warriors.
Indorsement by the American Legion
of a land settlement project of the
state of Washington has made It pos
sible that the tract may be completely
peopled by veterans of United Stntes
This, the Whlce Uluffs-Hnnford land
settlement project, was considered for
opening in the spring at m'' ami snr.
i llclent applications were received at
that time to settle the tracts with vet-
erans as homesteaders, but preliminary
work delayed the opening and only n
few were granted land. Tho legisla
ture in 102.'l Increased tho npproprla
thin for the settlement project ana
made available 100 tracts for veterans
who, under tho state law. aro given
preference In settlement. Further aid
was extended to the aspiring agricul
turists by provisions for loans from the
state with which to stock thu farms.
Complete colonization by veterans of
tho trnct Is tho hopo of Legion men,
who offer every co-operation to the war
fighter who seeks to tnke advantage of
the opportunity for homesteadlng.
Cuticura for Qoro Hands.
Bonk hands on retiring In thu hot suds
of Cuticura Soap, dry and rub In Cu
ticura Ointment. Kemovo surplus
Ointment with tissue paper. This Ir
only one of tho things Cuticura will do
If Soap, ointment and Talcum aro used
for all toilet purposes. Advertisement.
l'.y gaining round after round of
npplauso the orator climbs tho I ud
der of fame.
lied Cross Unll lUue :s tho finest
product of Its kind In the world. Ev
ery woman who has used It knows
this statement to ho true. Advertise
ment. Criticism, llko charity, kuchIc: begin
nt home.
Prepared Especially for Infants
and Children of All Ages
Mother I Fletcher's Cnstorln has
been In use for over .10 years as n
plcnsnnt, hnrmless for Cas
tor Oil, Paregoric, Teething Drops nnd
Soothing Syrupfl. Contains no narcst
Ics. Proven directions nre on each
package. Physicians recommend 1L
The genuine bcnrB slgnnturo of
There's a Difference.
Most people like candor applied to
everybody and everything except iiiein
selves and their affairs.
For many years dniftRints hnvo watched
with much interest the remarkable record
maintained by Dr. Kilmer's Swarap-Root,
the great kidney, liver nnd bladder medi
cine. It is a physician's prescription.
Swamp-Rot is a strengthening medi
cine. It helps the kidncjH, liver and bind
der do tho work naturo intended they
should do.
Swamp-Root haR stood the test of years.
It is sold by nil drupgists on its merit nnd
it should help you. No other kidney medi
cine has so many friends.
He suro to get Swamp-Root nnd start
treatment at once.
However, if you wish first to test this
great prrpnrartion send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer &, Co., Ilinghnmton, N. Y., for a
ample bottle. When writing be sure and
meation this paper. Advertisement.
Temptation never falls to come t
thoso who wait
Say "Bayer" and Insist!
Unless you see tho name "Unyer" a
pnekngo or on tnblets you aro not get
ting tho genuine Bayer product pre
scribed by pbyBlclans over twenty-two
years and proved safe by millions for
Golds IlendachQ
Toothacho Lumbago
Earache Rheumatism
Neuralgia Pain, Pain
Accept "Buyer Tnblets of Aspirin"
only. Each unbroken package contains
proper directions. Handy boxes of
twelve tablets cost few cents. Drug
gists also sell bottles of 21 nnd 100.
Aspirin Is tho trade mark of Bayer
Manufacture of Mononcetlcacldcatcr of
Sallcyllcncld. Advertisement.
A mnn who never mndo n fool of
himself Is unable to apprcclato humnm
"feast Foam
Every girl
should learn how
to make
good bread.
It should be the
of her home
cookery training.
Send for free booklet
"The Art of Baking Bread"
ffrcam .. - ' ' "' ,if .
Sl7A Tar iTjWv- Ss.
Will Be Interested ia Mr3.Hookcr's
Recovery by Ike of Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound
St.rntil.Minn. "Iwascoinffthroueh
the ChunRO of Life nnd suffered from a
run-down condition
nnd tho troubloa a
woman lias to ro
through ntthat tlmo,
hot tlushcu, nervous
ncss and hondaches.
At times I was not
nblo to do my work,
but since taking;
Lydia E. Pinkhnnva
VcBotnblo Com
pound I am gaining;
.everyday and can do
mv work with more
easo than I hnvo for five or six yonxa,
I owo it nil to your prcat medicine."-
Martha IIookeii, 114 College Avenuo,
BL Pnul, Minn.
When women who nre between tha
ngcsof forty-five nnd flfty-fivo orobesoi
with ouch annoying symptoms as ncr
vousness, irritability, melancholia an
heat flashes, which produce headache,
dizziness, or a sensoof sufTocation.thcy
should take Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vogo
tablo Compound. It is especially adapted
to help women through, this crisis. It
is prepared from roots nnd herbs and
contains no harmful drugs or narcotics.
Write, in T.vrlin V. Pinkhnm Moriirlnn
'Co., Lynn, Massachusetts, for a fro
copy of Lydia E. Pinkham's Privato
Text-Book upon "Ailmcntu Peculiar U
Women." .
There to Stay.
Two aunts hud come to visit nt
Esther's home nt different times this
summer, nnd each brought a smnll
bnby. Esther's surprise and chagrin
was great when they left, taking their
lmbles away again.
Then one day 11 new baby sister
came to Esther's house.
When they told her the news she
hurried over to our house nnd an
nounced : "We've got a real stay baby
now, 'cause this one vus horned to
Describing It.
"What kind of 11 place Is your neigh
boring hamlet of Slapdaddle?" Inquired
u recently arrived guest.
"Well, I'll Just tell you," replicsl tho
landlord of the tavern at Grudge.
"That outfit of tarraplns aro so far
behind that they are Just now taking
up the roller skating craze for the
first time." Kansas City Star.
liquids or Pastes
1 Damva& r.iu AKj
BMtrty lo Cray and Faded HaM
nmrnx Oirm. VtktL Htf horur, W.TJ
JaoH. tc. itAp all rain, n
RmoTH CVmit. ft
trtt, snake waiting run, ltd. tr mall or at Drue-
I kin
cuta, uueoxmamiaai woraa,
Sell 30 bottle perfume, 10 cunts eaoh. Bend
name nnd uilOrenK. No munny PACIFIC
W. N. U LINCOLN, NO. 33-1923.
Small Town Bright Lights.
The 100 per cent electrically lighted
town of the United States Is Johns
town, Colo., according to 15. A. Thomp
son, manager of tho Fort Lupton Light
and Power company, that supplies the
current. Every home In town Is wired
for electric lights and with few excep
tlons all these lights are used.
Of the Vikings' Brood.
He Yes, I suppose tho sen must be
In my blood. You see my grnnfnther
was vice president of a marine Insur
ance company. Harper's Magazine.
Their Busy Season.
Townley Hello, old man; thing
hutninlng out your wny?
Hubbubs Yes, mosquitoes.
A lot of worry comes to thoso wha
good bread
Northwestern Yeast Cov
1730 North Ashland Ave.
Chicago, 111.
mm 1 1
' -Jt'tVAJUyC f - -t!f-