The Red Cloud chief. (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) 1873-1923, August 16, 1923, Image 8

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Cholera Kills Hogs
Many fatal diseases CAUSj")
li WOHMS arc mistaken . r
Cholera. Rid your hogs i 1
worms with Kamarika. Avoi i
losses. S2.S0 size will treat 61
lios weighing 75 pounds each.
At Collins Drug Store
Newrock's Kamarika
Arapahoe y Ncbr.
First Vice-President, American Bank
era Association
Every banker
and business man
in tho country li
interested In the
farm from nnoth
or vlowpolnt than
mcroly a place to
ralso farm prod
ucts and live
stock. Above all
tho farm Is ono
of tho places
Walter W. Head
whore wo can
best bring up our boys and girls.
Thousands of men and boys each year
aro flocking to tho city. Clorks In tho
city are barely eking out an c.xistonco
and Uioycannot expect to recolvo
much more In tho way of compensa
tion. Hut back on tho farms aro men
working for a reasonable return, and
In addition they linvo their houses,
tho wonderful sunshlno nbovo In
tho daytime, tho wonderful fresh nlr
and nil the things that tho soil pro
duces. Tho boy who Is ralsod on tho
farm will have an entirely dlfforent
aspect of llfo and approach tho vari
ous problems with which ho hns to
deal in later years In a different way
from tho boy who is raised in tho
In this period of unrest wo aro cer
tainly vitally Interested In rearing
both on tho farms nnd In tho cltlos
boys and girls with tho proper out
look for tho future, Imbued with tho
bollof that tho activity in which thoy
aro ongaged Is, after all, something
that will provldo them both with the
necessary things of llfo and with hap
piness. For inhnpplness Micro is con
tentment, and in contentmont In
America thoro Is safoty for our insti
tutions. Every single banker should fool
that tho problems his farmer custom
ers havo to contend with aro not only
tho farmer's problcmsDut his prob
lems as well. He should feel not only
that tho farmer must bo prosperous
so that ho can deposit more in his
bank, giving tho banker moro to loan
and thoroby Increasing his profits, but
that also thero is something which
cannot bo measured in dollars nnd
cents. It Is tho thought of rendering
such sorvlco to tholr customers re
gardless of whether they aro farmers,
or men working in tho shops, or big
business men of tho cltlos that will
bring not only prosperity but con
tentment ns well. Tho banker should
tako as his motto: "Who servos best
profits most"
Thouejht and Habit.
Life, In a wny, seems to be nn ac
cumulation of habits; physical habits
and mental habits. Wu do thlngi one
certain wny for years and we think
certain thoughts for years. We think
oftentimes, Jiiht because it is u habit,
that what we do and what we think Is
the right way to do and think. We
may have contracted a bad habit and
never bnvo known It. We may have
been wrong for forty years. .larvls S.
That's All.
One day the small son of an execu
live In our firm made his father n
visit. On arriving homo lie Informed
Ids mother, "Mamma, daddy doesn't
work down nt the olllcc. Ho Jii'd sits
there and first a man comes In and
sits down nnd he talks to htm n long
time and then unother man comes In
and he talks to him, nnd that's all he
does all day."
Will Hansen mid Will I'ejjg left Sat.
urduy for North Dakota where they
will work (luring tho hatvost.
Regular services every first nnd third
Sunday hi the month in the Adventlst
church at 11 a. ni.
O. II. Heinltz, Pastor
The tMargln of Safety
lb represented by tho amount of
insurance you carry.
Don't lull youruolf mto a fancied
Because lire has never touched you
it doesn't follow that you're immune
Tomorrow -no today, if you have
time aud you better find timo
come to tho ollleo nnd we'll wrlto
a policy on your house, furniture,
storo or merchandise.
FLeliaLblo Insurance
l I
Rl if P2J
a If v .
r - I " '" '
If you wrr.t nil the scraps Have;
let daughter wash the dishes.
Horseshoe pitching enn never be
come popular. It doesn't, cost enough.
If your liiio is worth nnythinR nl
nil don't wnfito any of it tclliiifr j'irl;
how to (ll'CFS.
One wny streets don't mean nothinu
to mo because I never do jo but one
wny nt n time.
A Harvard j;irl got so mnd rccentlj
when her beau stole n kiss thnt &v
made him put It riht back.
A Gerinp uinn says ho would he
willing to diet if it wasn't for miss
ing so mnny good things to cat.
Tho reason I never tell nbout my
own shortcomings is because my
friends attend to thnt Job for me.
A woman doesn't consider tiint r
letter is complete unless sho tells
about everything she has that is now
Let's quit blaming everything or
the wnr nnd begin to placu some oi
the blnmc on ourselves, where it be
longs. It ii? always possible for n fool tc
attain u prominent position but un
less he quits being n fool ho ncvci
ctnys long.
Labor unions would soon go out oi
business if housewives nnd mothers
would organize and de.nnnd extra pa
for overtir.'e.
The idea that too mnny of us have
nbout work is to put in overtime
scheming out wnys and means to work
the other fellow.
If athletics is the only reason why
young folks attend high school, as
seme sny, they had all better get jobs
nnd go to work.
The hnppiest two hours I've spent
for a long time wns when I had n
chance to go thru a stack of Nebraska
exchanges recently.
If crime were ns rampant ns lots
of folks think it is the newspnpers
would print fenturc stories about folks
who behave themselves.
Harry Dobbins is convinced that
lots of money is wnsted in the build
ing of front porches. No one ever
stays home to use them.
Ono reason business Isn't what It
should bo is bocniiHo bo ninny men
think they must take two hours fur
lunch and spend every afternoon play
ing golf In ordor to keep themselves
When a certain prominent editor
Baw his first sugar boot ho yelled
"Lookut the big reddish." Now lie
tiles to make It appear that ho hns
had beets fried for breakfast all his
Bixby objects to buying his winter's
supply of conl now because he may
not bo alive to use it. Perhaps lie
thinks that in that bourne to which
he is headed he will not need to worry
nbout the fuel question.
It is unfortunately true that the
fellow who hollers the loudest about
giving "service" is apt to gouge you
tho worst when ho gets a chnnce. This
word, like pep and live wire, is badly
Someone remarks thnt the reason
Eve didn't spend a lot of money for
clothes is becnuse there wns only one
mnn in the world nnd she had him.
Don VanDousen says that when n
mnn promises to let you know whnt
ho thinks in tho morning it mear.3
thnt he must ask his wife.
According to my good friends,
Overturf and Bixby, my pipe is likely
to become a political issue next year.
Hnnk Lepjgett opines thnt its re
moval will not cause nny great moral
A burglar broko into the Hnrting
ton News office recently nnd stole 99
cents. Pell Bnrrows demands an in
vestigation. He wants to know how
so much monoy hnppened to bo lying
around the place.
If I would wash my neck every dny
The Boss would havo nothing to kick
nbout nnd if I would quit smoking
Bixby would be in tKe snme fix. Be
cause I wnnt both of them to be
happy I slinll do neither.
Fred Howard says that in times
gone by men showed their suspenders
nnd women their belts. 'Now, men
show their .belts and women exhibit
their shoulder straps.
When tho National Editorial asso
ciation visited the New York stock
exchango Frank Edgecombe wanted to
buy tho Union Pacific railroad for a
souvenir but discovered that ho had
left his checkbook at homo. And it
took three ,raen and a boy to drag
Joe O'Furey away from tho bathing
teach at Brighton.
itsL UHiJ ouliL
Tfie Advice of Honest Mon Who Know, and Willingness to Be Con
tent With Reasonable Return, Declared Only Safe
Road to Assured income.
"Success In life depends upon the investments made of
tnlcnts and time," says an article on investing prepared by the
Committee on Public Education of the American Bankers As
sociation. "Future return will be gain or loss, according to
these investments. That i3 a law of life which controls in
vestment of money, just as it controls investment of talents."
The article, which is particularly timely in these days when
so many are being robbed by fake investments, continues:
In tho business sense, the word in
vestment relates to the use of money
in acquiring ownership of property.
Ownership may rcpresont entire pos
session of property as of a homo;
partial ownership ns holding stock In
a corporation; or conditional owner
ship as In the case of buying a mort
gago or a bond. Whon a person makes
an Investment in bonds, he is really
loaning his money to the government
or corporation issuing them. He will
receive tho interest which they earn
as long as ho owns them, or until
they are paid off.
Ownership of great corporations is
vested In Individuals who have Invest
ed money in their stock or bonds.
Many people regard tho ownership of
the United States Steel Corporation,
for example, ns differing from the
ownership of, say, a small workshop.
Yet Investors In shares of Steel Cor
poration stock are entitled to the samo
rights, under the law, an the owner of
tho workshop. In the corporation, tho
owner hold certificates of stock ns
evidence of their Investment, whereas
the owner of the little workshop' holds
a deed as title to his land.
Capitalistic Laws Protect Investors
Because the laws stand for tho
equal protection of all investors. It Is
possible nnd profitable to make good
Investments. It gives nn incentive to
work hard anil to invest. The person
who wishes to Invest must first work
nnd accumulate funds with which to
do so.
Bonds aro always secured by mort
gages on tho lnnds, buildings or other
property of the corporation for which
the money has been used. When a
bond matures the money must bo re
paid to the owner of tho bond.
All investors aro a part of a great
financial system which gathers up and
puts to work the wealth of tho coun
try tor tho mutual benefit, prosperity,
nnd well-being of nit. In America, It is
posslblo for any ono who Is willing to
pay tho prlco of self-denial and hard
work, to be an Investor. Good Invest
ments mndo in early llfo by saving
such small sums as may bo posslblo,
lay the foundation for providing tho
comforts of later years, whon It is
harder to earn a livelihood and when
poverty often becomes tho condition
of thoso who hnvo not practiced
thrift in youth.
It Is not wise for thoso without ex
Tho best story of tho taming of a
radical I have ever read is told by A
II. Farquhnr In his book "Tho First
Million the Hardest." It throws more
light on the monn'ng of capitalism
and the futility of socialism than a li
brary full of books on sociology, eco
nomics and rolltks. Hero it is as
Farquhnr tqlls It:
"The best antidote for acute eco
nomic Insanity Is ownership of prop
erty. My favorlto example Is Otto
Stelnlnger. Ho was ono of my first
employees and was a rip-roaring an
archist. Ho insisted that all wealth
crme from tho workers and therefore
shouM-go back to tho workers. Ha
pt particularly bitter against his
la.:d'urd and hardly a woek went by
Unit ho did not nnnounco that ho had
definitely decided thnt ho would Ilka
to shoot tho landlord tho next tlmo
he camo around for tho rent. Finally
I asked him smilingly after ono of
these outbursts:
Buy, Don't Shoot ,
" 'Why don't you buy your own
house Instead of shooting your land-,
lord? Thon you would not have to
pay any rent. If you do Bhoot him you
may get Into trouble."
"Ho did not think much of tho Idea
apparently but in a day or two ho
asked mo how ho could buy tho house,
I nnswered: 'That house can bo
bought for ?S00. You nro getting good
wages. I will buy that house for you,
tako $1 n week out of your wages, I
and in less than four years you will
have It paid for.' I
"Ho wont off again. The next time
bo camo back it was with his wife.
Ho said. 'Wo nro going to buy tha
houro but since wo havo no children
you can alio $10 instead of 1 a week
out of my pay envelope.'
"I bought tho house nnd then Otto's
chief concern was to got It paid for,
which ho did in a little moro Uk".i a
year. There was another house next
door to him. In a short while aft-r
he had paid for his first Iiouko, he 'but thoy are also helping to spread n
Bulled up to mo and said: hotter understanding of financial sorv-
'"I can buy that house next door 'lco and economic fact and theory up.
for a i'.oi;!nr.d do'brs. Now that wo: Jon which solid business relations can
havo no rent to pay wo aro goln;,ibo built. Francis l. Slason, Journal
along good. What would you thluk ' of tho American Dankors Assocla
ft!ut tuo lmyln tint: I'tJon.
perience to undertake to make invest
ments of their money without guid
ance by those who know. Many com
panies arc constantly being organized
to promote unsound schemes, referred
to as "wildcat." There are always
solicitors ready to relievo pooplo of
their savings by tho promise of big
returns. Tho luro of great wealth is
always a temptation by which thou
sands of thrifty people are deprived
of hard-earned savings every year.
Widows and orphans who havo In
herited money aro frequently sought
nnd made the targets of these fake
stock salesmen. Misery and suffering
are the usual results.
Greed Defeats Safety
Many people with small means also
lose money because they Insist on a
high rate of Interest on their invest
ments. Safety of principal should bo
considered above largo returns in In
terest or dividends. Small Investors
should never buy high-rate, specula
tive Investments, in which thoro Is a
great risk, but should stick to thoso
which pay a fair rate and which nro
known to be safe.
To know whether an investment Is
worth buying tho Investor should go
to a banker, or a successful business
mnn In whom ho has confidence, get
his opinion and act In accordance with
it. In nil probability this will mean
the dlfferenco between successful in
vestment and total loss of his monoy.
The banker deals with investments
every day and desires to give all tho
help and Information bo can, nnd the
business man has learned by experi
ence the need of caution and careful
Judgment. Thoy bellovo ono should
have a clear understanding of nn in
vestment before it is purchased. Thoy
know tho need for avoiding stock pro
motion schemes nnd gct-rlch-quick
propositions which In many cases
havo brought poverty and suffering.
While many states have passed laws
aimed to protect the public against
promoters of fakb Investments, thou
sands of people annually tall victims
too their wile3, because they fall to
seek advice of those experienced in
making investments.
Good advice and tomporato expec
taUons mark tho only road to safe
Investment and an assured Income
Thero is no other cortaln way.
"Ho bought that house and Jolnort
tho hated landlord clas. Some years
later when It was reported that a
band of strikers wore advancing to
sn'tit nil the factories, Otto rushed
Into my ofllce nt tho head of an ex
cited group of men from tho shop
" 'Get us a lot of shotguns and we'll
koep those fellows out of here! Thoso
fools expect a man to work and savo
and then walk In hero and take what
ho has got without paying for It!'
"And that," Farquhnr concludes, "I
think, Is nlways tho way to develop a
Advertising first established Its place
as an economic factor as a sales aid,
but as unders'anding and use of It
have increased, its possibilities In oth
er fields have developed until today
wo find it employed In many forms
of service hitherto unthought of. Ad
vertising has long been hampered In
Its use by precedent, tradition, con
ventions, and prejudices, which, tin
der analysis and experience, find lit
tle to warrant their exlstenco. Gradu
ally tho falsity of tholr claims Is be
ing proved.
We were told for many years thnt
it was undignified for a bank or fidu
ciary institution to advertise and this
edict, born of some superstition of the
past, was accopted without question
until finally it was intelligently chal
lenged and it was discovered under
analysis that thero was no sufficient
reason for Its support. Tho Inevitable
conclusion of logic is that, whatever
is of genuine use to human bolngs,
whether It be goods or services, can,
with truth nnd dignity, bo ndvortlsed
and sold, and that It Is Just as proper
to merchandise forms of servlco as
.various kinds of commodities.
In the logical development of this
,now understanding of tho power of
advertising during tho last decade,
wo have seen many of our banking
, fiduciary and investment institutions
'actively employing tho sales valuo of
advertising In the marketing of their
sor'ci-j In tills ::;;in; uso of
publicity they nro not only Increasing
tholr own Immediate tnnines3 return,
Why Pay Excessive Rates
The Great Northern Steamship Company
Announces that Arrangements are Now
Being Made for Monthly
$ 1 1 0 Round Trips to Europe
Boston Southampton
One Way $65
Connecting for
London, Liverpool, LeHavro
Uanzlg, Kiga, Copenhagen
The Company plaus to carry approximately two thousand passengers
monthly. Make your plans now for a trip during the coming season.
A round trip, with all expenses on
shipboard included, at no more ex
pense than a vacarion right here at
home! To meet the ever increasing
demand in this country for an in
expensive and at the same time
thoroughly comfortable and enjoy
able trans-Atlantic voyage, is the
pi imc object of the Great Northern
Steamship Company. Organized
by progressive business men who
realize the exceptional opportunity
offered for inexpensive travel in
Europe, the Company will cater to
the thousands of intelligent persons
Wo have an oponlng for an energetic representative in your locality. This
is an excellent opportunity for a person of character to build up a
permanent business both for himsolf and tho Great Northern.
Z3 Cut out and mail with your name and address C
A. Wikstrom
Information Dcp't.
Edmunds Bldg., Suite 54
Boston, Mass.
I am interested in sccuriug full in
formation regarding a trip to:
(Mark a cross) One way Round trip
England .
France -
Germany ......
Noaway ,
Baltic Provinces
Russia .
Name .
Street or R. f. d.
City or town ...
The Malone
rir -
I MMtiN jI I Y cents on
incomparable in (An indication of the progress of the State's citizens
ITS wealth OF EX- for fhe Dast vear aorfculfurallv Industrially and
NEBRASKA AT A measuring rod of the States Vealth.resources.
A GLANCE land possibilities
Ifte Slate's Expression ofifs Citizens' Ideafs and Purposes.
Boston Gothenburg
One Way $75
Connecting for
Chriitianio, Stockholm, Helslngfors
who wish to visit the battlefields of
France, the Shakespeare country,
Scandinavia, the Land of the Mid
night Sun, etc. A chance of a life
time! So it would seem; but it is
more than that. The company will
build for a permanent busiucss.
planning on setting a new standard
of high-class ocean travel on a one
class basis. That this can be done
at a fair margin of profit has al
ready been proved and is further
outlined in our prospectus. You 11
find it extremely intcicstuig.
United States Service, Inc.
Head Office, Edmunds Bldg.
Boston, Mass.
( Check )
Enclose find P. O. Order for
( Draft )
as payment
units of the shares of The Great
Northern Steamship Company. Inc.
Price per unit $50.00.
(Four Preferred aud two Common
Shares to each unit.)
Have Certificate aud Receipt issued
in the name of:
Street or R.f.d
.City or town
The above price quoted for immedi
ate acceptance only.
When buying ou installments 25 per
cent of purchase price must accom
pany order, balance may be made in
ten monthly paymcutc.
- Gellatlv Co.
irr. B-irruw
ifcrir - :ijif
kpilli -J
Dollar Investment RclurninqaHundred
me uoiiar in oenents every year.
II.. '